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As a member of the Pretty Cure franchise, Fresh Pretty Cure! is certain to follow in the awesome footsteps of Futari wa Pretty Cure and Yes! Pretty Cure 5.

  • This series's characters get theirs in episode 20. The girls' intense dance training regime and general malnutrition have taken a toll on their health, so naturally, they don't fare well in battle against Eas's Second Nakisakebe. After receiving quite a thrashing, they decide to use their Cure Stick Attacks, but the attack stops and banishes midway. The Cures attempt a desperate melee assualt, but the Nakisakebe catches them in its claw. When all seems lost The Cures use their Finishing Move from inside the claw and finish it.
  • Cure Peach and Eas's Fight in episode 23 is an emotionally charged conflict between someone who believes in the friendship they made together and the one struggling to accept her change. This ends with Eas or rather Setsuna being at peace for herself before her lifespan runs out and her subsequent resurrection into Cure Pashion.
  • In episode 46, Westar and Soular perform a Heroic Sacrifice to save Cure Pashion and Cure Berry after Moebius tries to get all of them killed with a delete hole.
  • Episode 48: All Cures gaining their Angel forms to combat Northa and Klein's Fusion Dance.