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  • Awesome Music: The first ending theme, "You Make Me Happy", is very well liked, especially if it has over 500,000 views on YouTube!
  • Complete Monster: Lord Moebius is the absolute ruler of Labyrinth. He wishes to expand his rule and control all the parallel worlds in existence. The people that live under his rule are forced to comply to his every order or risk death due to him directly controlling their lifespans. Labyrinth is a place where free will is not allowed, and happiness does not exist in. Moebius sends his most loyal subjects to attack Earth and create sorrow among the populace in order to find the power he needs to control the worlds. Not even those subjects are safe from him. Eas tortures herself nearly to death to defeat Pretty Cure by his command, and when she fails he ends her lifespan almost immediately. Later he tries to kill Westar and Soular in an attempt to get rid of a couple Cures slightly faster, even though they had been nothing but loyal to him the whole time. When he gains the necessary power, he takes control of all the worlds and turns the people into his mindless slaves. Eventually it's revealed he was an A.I. created to take care of the people of Labyrinth, before he decided they would be better off under his complete command, arrogantly believing that they would live more worthwhile lives with their souls controlled by him. Once defeated Moebius is asked what makes him happy. He answers that he regrets not being able to control Pretty Cure and blows himself up in an attempt to kill them.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Setsuna/Eas/Passion, big time. She's among one of the most popular Cures ever in the franchise, something that is backed with her consistently being in the top 10 on fan popularity votes, such as this Naver fan-vote from 2015, 2016, and 2017 that ranked her 3rd, 5th, and 5th on the respective years, ranking her behind fellow franchise darkhorses such as Marine, Beauty, Happy, and Peace.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Eas.
  • Foe Yay: Love and Eas, full stop. Later in the series, we have Berry and Soular.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: This particular Pretty Cure series seems to be huge in Italy, to the point where you can find more videos of the Italian dub online than ones of the original Japanese version.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Westar loves doughnuts, and his seiyuu played King Doughnuts from the previous season, dona.
  • Memetic Mutation: Copypasting the title of episode 21, "The Fourth Pretty Cure is You!", over shots of different characters, most of the time even from other shows.
    • Due to Artistic Age and how the Precures in this season are drawn with slightly bigger bust (it is not that much), it becomes a fandom Running Gag to draw every other Precures suffering A-Cup Angst against the Fresh Precures, with the latter possibly suffering D-Cup Distress to justify.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Klein crosses it by killing Setsuna. Also, Northa backflips over it shouting "Woohoo!" in her (unsuccessful) attempt to brainwash Setsuna so Pretty Cure will be one member short... and Love/Cure Peach is not going to stand for it.
    • Moebius crosses it for sure when he orders the deletion of Soular and Westar, two of his most loyal servants, along with Cures Passion and Berry just because he felt they were no longer useful to him. Love must've been quite a saint that she still thinks that after all those, Moebius still deserve to 'find his own happiness'. He does, and he decided that his happiness is 'dead Precures'. Cue a failed Taking You with Me.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Infinity!Chiffon. Those eyes. Those eyes.
    • And the less we speak to what happened to France once Moebius got a hold of Chiffon the better.
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  • Tear Jerker: Episode 23, along with being prime example of Moment of Awesome and Mood Whiplash
    • In episode 46, Westar and Soular get sucked into a hole that will supposedly delete/kill them after saving Cure Passion and Cure Berry, respectively, from having the same fate. Two episodes later, we find that they weren't dead after all.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Given Setsuna's massive popularity, any future Heel–Face Turn Cures are inevitably going to face this.
  • Vindicated by History: While overall Fresh has always been a popular and well-received series, in the English Precure fanbase Fresh had the unluckiness of getting stuck in the middle of the then-Old Guard Versus New Blood divide. For the old guards, they initially dismissed Fresh since it had discarded most of the old series' traditions, and Fresh just so happens to be the season right before Heartcatch, the series where most of the new blood fans of the franchise came. Over time, both groups decides to go back to give Fresh another chance, as its changes had also been embraced by later series, so the older fans had gotten used to them and the new fans could easily adjust to this season. It also helped that word came out that, on the Japanese side of things, the changes in Fresh were an Author's Saving Throw after 5GoGo's heavy use of filler and focus on the fairies over the humans had tanked its ratings; in other words, Fresh had saved Precure as a whole, and the fanbase owed it that.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: The Klein/Northa fusion looks like a demon, and is defeated by the Cure Angels.


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