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  • Episode 2: Tarte is about to explain about Labyrinth...
    Tarte: By the way... do you know what a parallel world is?
    Tarte: That's right, it's a world where many umbrellas need saving - wait, it's not parasol, it's parallel!
  • Episode 4: Inori speaking with Love and Miki via cellphone... while in the same room, just so she doesn't have to look at Tarte (who's a ferret, that she doesn't like). Love and Miki just looked at her with a look of "Dude, just cut that out already..."
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  • Episode 10. Everything that has happened while Inori and Tarte have switched bodies.
  • In episode 11, Miki and Inori get blocked from reinforcing Cure Peach by some policemen who've declared the area off-limits. They take their time to transform somewhere else into Cure Berry and Pine respectively... and immediately get a free pass because they're Precures, with the guards all saluting them and wishing them luck.
  • Episode 12. Just about all of it, since it does also have some Heartwarming Moments mixed in.
  • In episode 14, Inori was trying to speak with animals due to awakening her Pickrun. She asks a hamster... which instead of being friendly, the hamster goes on a Motor Mouth rant which scares Inori, when all he's trying to say is "I don't know. None of my business. Good luck anyway."
  • In episode 15, the girls and Setsuna take photos and Setsuna's face is always stoic.
    • When she found out that Tarte is a rare talking ferret (she knew it already), she tells the girls she will keep the secret. While showing a friendly face, she thinks with a snarky voice:
      "I want to steal the Linkruns quickly and then go home."
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    • And when Chiffon with her psychic powers show up and Inori does not know to explain:
      Miki: "Don't tell anyone about this."
      Setsuna (with a cute, high voice): "I-I understand."
  • In the beginning of Episode 22 the girls are discussing the situation with Miyuki, and still believing Miyuki might be the fourth Pretty Cure, they wonder how to get Akarun to appear. Tarte then recalls how the other three Pickrun showed up when each of the girls were being attacked by Nakewameke.
    Tarte: "Miyuki, please get attacked."
  • Episode 26 is full of this:
    • Miyuki tells the girls to come and meet together to inform that... she can't be the fourth Pretty Cure. The girls promptly realized that they haven't told Miyuki about Setsuna being Cure Passion.
    • The teleportation mishaps. It starts off with Tarte accidentally getting left behind, and the reasons for the teleportation gets more mundane the more they have to teleport back and forth.
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    • Westar taking a train with the intention of going to the beach. Problem is, he boarded the wrong train and the train he boarded in is actually heading to the mountains, much to the bewilderment of the other passengers when they saw Westar and his beach equipment in the train.
    • After finally finding a beach area, Westar summons the Nakewameke... only to realize that nobody is there due to it being already evening. Frustrated, he then tried to go somewhere else to find some sorrow to fill the Misfortune Gauge. Problem is, said somewhere that Westar would go turned out to be the villa that the Cures happened to reside in...
  • Episode 33 on the Labyrinth's side starts off with Westar starving and complaining about the lack of food that the Labyrinth mansion have, forcing him to go out to get something to eat. As soon as he went out, Soular promptly pulls out a bag of chips out of his jacket.
    • There's also this face Miki made after the takoyaki stand they passed by showed her a live octopus, prompting Miki to freak out massively due to her fear of octopus.
  • At the beginning of episode 34, Love and Setsuna are out grocery shopping, when they notice that the store is currently having a sale on vegetables. Love starts filling up a bag with green peppers, while Setsuna complains she doesn't like those. When Love doesn't listen, Setsuna retaliates by starting to fill a bag with carrots. The two keep going until the bottom of the plastic bags break and the vegetables fall out.
  • Episode 39:
    • Miki, Inori and Setsuna all land on top of Westar after teleporting with Akarun. They then proceed to transform while still standing on top of him.
    • Minutes before this happened, Setsuna gives a call to Miki and Inori to ask where they are. Just as they walked off-screen after telling her that they're at the park, Setsuna immediately teleports to the park and runs straight at Miki and Inori to tell them the urgency of the situation.
      Miki: "Hello? Oh Setsuna! How's Okinawa? Having fun? Now? I'm at the park. I'm with Buk-"
      Setsuna immediately teleports to where they are
      Miki: (startled by Setsuna's sudden appearance) "Setsuna!?"
    • Right after Miki, Inori, and Setsuna teleports to Westar's back:
      Miki: "Not the most perfect landing..."
      Setsuna: "Love! Are you all right?"
      The shot cuts to Westar's back
      Westar: (in pain) "I'm not all right at all!"
  • Episode 49 : Once Westar and Soular are seen coming Back from the Dead with Heel–Face Turn to go, Westar seems to bond quickly with Tarte, then on the introduction on Kaoru-chan's doughnut that Tarte brought, they start fantasizing their own team, parodying the Cures, "The Doughnut Bros", featuring Tarte, Kaoru-chan, Westar and Soular. Soular's reaction? "I am NEVER going there."

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