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Who says a Long Runner franchise like Pretty Cure couldn't be a Fountain of Memes?

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[labelnote: Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • Futari wa Pretty Cure:
    • "You should be able to solve this." Explanation 
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  • Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star:
  • Fresh Pretty Cure!:
    • "The Fourth Pretty Cure is You!" Explanation 
    • Precure Boobs of Steel Explanation 
  • Heartcatch Pretty Cure:
    • Tsubomi's "Gag Boobs" Explanation 
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    • "Sugoi koto o yatte shimatta!" Explanation 
  • Suite Pretty Cure ♪:
  • "Meanwhile, Siren gets hit by a car…" Explanation 
  • DokiDoki! PreCure:
    • #OnduruPreCure Explanation 
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    • Rikka dancing Explanation 
    • "My sweet heart", as said by Joe. explanation 
    • Cure Batman/Cure Money explanation 
  • Even since her debut, Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword herself became a Fountain of Memes. To wit:
    • Makotonigiri.explanation 
    • A common meme associated with Makoto is the comparison between her and Kazuma Kenzaki, right down to their motif, leading to a huge number of crossover art between the two.
  • Even before the season's official premiere, Happiness Charge Pretty Cure spawned a few memes, like the friendship rock and Hime's actual full name.
  • Cure Roughly Explanation 
  • Pervert Blue Explanation 
  • Cure Unlovely Explanation 
  • Cure Peace's anniversary message. Explanation 
  • "The Super Sentai always pose at this place!" Explanation 
  • Go! Princess Pretty Cure
    • Reconguista in P. Explanation 
    • "Please do prepare yourself/Okakugo wa yoroshikutte"! Explanation 
    • Towa and Kanata's home becomes a toy. Explanation 
    • Kanata is the fifth Precure.Explanation 
    • Gokigenyou Explanation 
  • Maho Girls PreCure
  • Kirakira Precure A La Mode
    • Cure Waffle.Explanation 
  • Hugtto! Pretty Cure
    • "With your inner soul, shout as loud as you can!" Explanation 
    • "Ruru! Let's become Pretty Cure together!" Explanation 
    • Erutto Pretty Cure. Explanation 
    • "That's okay! Boys can become princesses too!" Explanation 
    • Literal-Minded Cure Yell Explanation 
    • Cure Infini. Explanation 
    • Sanpatsumae Hana Explanation 
    • Hanakappa Explanation 
  • Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure:
    • Cure Star Twinkle. Explanation 
    • Cure Milky Rose. Explanation 
    • This reaction image of Cure Cosmo from episode 21. Explanation 
    • Hikaru getting mad while a typhoon banner is shown. Explanation 
  • Pretty Cure All Stars

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