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Trivia / Fresh Pretty Cure!

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Amusing tidbit—in interviews, Eiichiro Oda mentioned his daughter enjoys this show over his own work.

  • Anime First: A manga adaptation started shortly after it premiered.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • AnaHol-kun: The crudely-drawn dog thing on the sign of the Animal Hospital Inori's family owns.
    • Cure Babaa II: Miki at first (just for looking like Karen), Setsuna later on. Both didn't last long.
    • mktn: Miki(-tan), for obvious reasons... Expect it to be followed by knpk (Kanpeki!).
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    • Space Miki-tan, for her appearance in The Movie, wearing a futuristic space patrol leotard.
    • Nozomirara: Love (Cure Peach). This nickname is a portmanteau of Nozomi and Urara, both from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 as well, and it was earned because of Love's resemblance to both. Didn't last long either.
    • Secchin: Setsuna, naturally. A variation is "Secchan", which becomes canon later on.
    • SetsuPoji: Setsuna's pose while bowling in episode 15. Was already a meme before said episode even aired.
    • Northa Klein: The unnamed fusion of Northa and Klein.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: In-series - "H@ppy Together!!!", the second Dancing Theme, has them spelling it out: P•R•E•C•U•R•E.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Hillariously enough, Miyuki and Chiffon are Misty and Togepi.

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