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Fresh Pretty Cure! will have a total of seven Pretty Cures.
The fifth Pretty Cure will be green for the center of the emblem. The sixth and seventh Pretty Cures, who have their own shamrock emblem, will be trump card Cures, colored purple and orange so they can form a full rainbow.

Miyuki is the fourth Labyrinth member, Northa.
The real reason she's giving Pretty Cure dance lessons is so that they will be too tired to defeat the monsters.
  • This was Jossed; Northa already has her own human identity, Nayuta Kita.
    • Hey, who said she's limited to one?
      • Practically every Pretty Cure villain has had only one human identity, and Northa is no exception.
        • "Practically every" is not 100%, it allows for some exceptions
          • Well, I haven't seen any Pretty Cure villain in any series that went under more than one human identity, and also Misty wouldn't dare voice a total villain, but would instead leave such voicework to Nefertari Vivi.
            • While this obviously turned out to not be true, Poisony had a different human disguise every time.

The denizens of Labyrinth are brainwashed humans.
Many years ago, when Labyrinth was first formed, there were only Moebius, Northa and Clyne. Moebius felt sad and lonely: how could he rule if he didn't even have servants? So he decided to kidnap many babies and infants in Yotsuba Town and raise them to think they were born in Labyrinth.

Among these toddlers, one of them was Moebius' favorite: a little girl named Setsuna, whom he nicknamed Eas. When her original parents found out about her absence, they were so sad that the mother died in a few months and the father ran away...

Back to the subject. One day Moebius felt that Setsuna was a little lonely, and so he picked two of the oldest infants, Hayato/Wester and Shun/Souler, to be her companions. But, as you might have seen, Setsuna will only find real friends in Love and the other Cures.

Setsuna is a human-Digimon hybrid.
Specifically, half-human, half-Silphymon.

Think about it: Cure Passion and Silphymon both have something red on them. The wings on Passion's tiara are reminiscent of the Gatomon ears on Silphymon's helmet. And when she transforms, the screen of Setsuna's Linkrun glows magenta/bright pink; Silphymon's Static Force attack is a pink and red ball of energy. And both powers were granted by large beams coming from the sky.


It's possible that Setsuna's Digimon features only began showing up when she became Cure Passion.

It's also possible that Setsuna's original father was an Aquilamon (Silphymon is officially part of Hawkmon's evolutionary line, even without Gatomon) who was living in Yotsuba Town for a while. When he and Setsuna's original mother found out about their daughter's absence, the Aquilamon returned to the Digital World in grief and promised himself to never mate with a human again.


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