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Awesome / Yes! Pretty Cure 5

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  • Cure Mint's Kamehame Hadoken moment in the original and powered-up Emerald Saucer in the sequel.
  • In this series, Hadenya seems to induce these just by being around:
    • After Cure Aqua was thoroughly beaten up by Hadeenya and her latest Kowaina, Hadeenya went on to take out the other four Cures in about thirty seconds... after which Aqua got to her feet, produced a sword from her Aqua Ribbon, and proceeded to take Hadeenya down in a medieval-style swordfight on horseback.
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    • Later on, Hadeenya finally pushed Cure Mint too far. (Beware the Nice Ones, they say, and Komachi's the nicest and quietest girl in the cast.) Mint's response was to convert her Mint Shield into a gigantic Kamehame Hadoken that carved out an interesting new feature in the landscape.
  • "I am not giving in to despair!"
  • The entire Pretty Cure versus Dark Cure sequence in the first movie. Picking one character's confrontation with her Enemy Without would not give the others justice.

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