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Awesome / HeartCatch Pretty Cure!

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  • Any and all appearences of the mysterious "Tuxudo Megane" count...and in episode 32 it's revealed that it was Coupe-sama all along!
  • Yuri's untransformed fight against Dark Pretty Cure.
  • In episode 22, Kumojacky averts Villain Forgot to Level Grind by inventing a new move: Typhoon Punch! And Blossom manages to tie with it but countering with her own move: Blossom Screw Punch!
  • Episode 23. Cure Sunshine's debut.
    • Followed next episode by her actions in the fight against Dark Precure:
      • First, warning Blossom and Marine away as Dark Precure fires an energy blast at her, and when the smoke clears, being shown to have thrown up a force field to deflect it.
      • Second, reflecting the Dark Forte Wave with her Sunflower Aegis... and then immediately following it up with a Macross Missile Massacre.
      • Third, teleporting the Heart Tree away from Dark Precure.
  • Episode 31 has two in the same scene: When the girls are in a pinch, the fairies immediately go to protect them despite the fact they would very likely be killed. Spurred by this, they break out of their CD binds on their own power, then debut Shining Fortissimo to defeat the Desertrian.
  • The entire episode 34 is one for Yuri/Cure Moonlight as she returns to action and not only defeats Dark Precure, but the Desert Apostle trio her comrades were struggling against as well.
  • The ending of episode 36 debuts the ending image song Heart Goes On as the two victims of the week rejoin their band as they perform the song with the fashion clubs presentation, ending the school festival and all the work everyone's put in the last 4 episodes on a high note.
  • The four Cures combining their powers to defeat Dune's Messenger in episode 37, followed by Itsuki, Yuri, and Erika overcoming their Secret Test of Character. That just leaves Tsubomi who...
    • in the next episodes realizes that she can grow past her shy side. With all four Precures, they create Super Silhouette, enough to obliterate a Desert Devil, one of the strongest beasts up to that point.
  • The fashion show probably wouldn't been quite as awesome without Aya Ikeda and Mayu Kudo literally singing Heart Goes On in the background.
  • The return of Cure Flower in the Christmas episode, wiping the floor with the Desertrian fused with Kumojacky and Kobraja. Though she lets the quartet finish the job.
  • In Episode 39, Erika slide tackles a bunch of Snackeys without even transforming.
  • In Episode 45, we finally get to see Coupe cut loose, the bulky yet sedate & quiet fairy roaring like a raging beast and rushing at Dune when the Big Bad kidnaps Kaoruko. Unfortunately, Dune is still too strong, but Coupe isn't down for long, coming with the main quartet in the assault on Dune's headquarters, where he helps put the fear of God into a horde of Sunakies.
  • Episode 47 the fight between Dark Precure and Cure Moonlight. Blossom stopping and nullifying an attack from Dark Precure and giving Yuri her will to fight back, and the ensuing scene set to Moonlight's image song Moon~Gekkou~ATTACK which ends in Dark Precure's ultimate defeat.
  • The second half of episode 48 pretty much consists of Dune getting caught on the receiving end of the most righteous, one-sided ass-whooping four angry Magical Girls could ever deliver.