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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned.
The advent of something Tropica-shining...
A Pretty Cure season is never complete without any amazing moments. This season has its fair share of such, now with 100% more motivation.
Episode 1
  • Manatsu Natsuumi, our main character, is able to carry a huge and heavy luggage on her back, and the whole thing's hog-tied with string! Yes, she struggles at first but she manages to carry it and then complete a leap. And if that's not enough, she did a pole leap on the ferry from a lower deck to a higher one! And she's not a Pretty Cure yet!
  • Manatsu's sheer determination. She knocks on Chongire's Yaraneeda, demanding it to release Laura...only to get knocked back. Finally, Manatsu, despite Chongire's discouragements, repeats her mantra to do the most important thing immediately. The result: Laura's first Tropical Pact opens and grants Manatsu the power to become a Pretty Cure! Determinator, much?
  • Manatsu's first fight against the Yaraneeda as Cure Summer. It's topped off by an anchor throw that's more than enough to rescue Laura. Chongire thus commands his Yaraneeda to suck out Manatsu's motivation...only for Manatsu to resist and break free. Her motivation is unbreakable, indeed.
Episode 2
  • Manatsu coming to Laura's aid, despite missing her club orientation. Determination to save a friend at work here.
Episode 3
  • Chongire catching on to Manatsu and Laura's strategy and getting his Yaraneeda to attack the mermaid. Had not Sango intervened, things would have gone down the drain.
  • Sango resolving to believe in her own choices and thus became the second Pretty Cure. Her power? Making X-shaped shields. It's enough to block the Yaraneeda's attack.
Episode 4
  • Whenever Minori gets discouraged, the others keep trying to lift her spirits despite getting brushed off. Finally, there's Laura's speech of motivation. It finally helps Minori to believe in her own abilities once again, symbolized by Minori stepping out from the shadow of a statue and towards Laura and the power of the Pretty Cure.
  • Minori's battle against the Yaraneeda, especially her Eye Beams to the monster's eyes.
  • For the villains, Numeri managed to make her Yaraneeda strong enough to give Manatsu and Sango a run for their money; it even breaks Sango's shields instantly!
Episode 5
  • Asuka confronting a trio of bullies. She makes two crash into each other and tackles the third one.
  • Asuka coming to Minori, Manatsu, Sango and Laura's aid. She said it was her own decision to help them.
  • The teamwork between the four Cures defeating the Yaraneeda with Asuka leading the way.
Episode 6
  • A minor one. The four girls managing to successfully locate a penguin ornament within a day. And then there's the short but sweet battle against the Yaraneeda of the week, showcasing the four Cures' abilities. Good thing the Yaraneeda didn't sap out any motivation today...
Episode 7
  • The battle against Elda's Yaraneeda. That monster overpowers the four Cures until they decide on a plan to stop its rampage. Said plan involves rope. As a result, the four Cures pull on the rope and force the monster to get tangled by said rope. Now that's a strategy.
  • Minori's determination despite Elda's taunts. Also earlier in the episode, her analytical thinking on how Kururun arrived at the beach they were jogging on.
Episode 8
  • Asuka's plan to stop Chongire's Yaraneeda when they all get hungry. They trick the monster into freezing itself by jumping onto a currently frozen object and getting it to aim at said object. They then take advantage of the brief respite to dig into their bento before getting back to the battle.
  • Earlier in the episode, the four girls somehow managing to hide Laura from their headroom teacher.
Episode 9
  • Minori's plan to stop Numeri's Yaraneeda of the week. This monster is based on some studio lights, so while Cure Coral stalls the foe, the rest of the team brings in some mirrors to reflect its light and blind it, allowing Laura to salvage its motivation and the team to defeat it.
Episode 10
  • We must give the villains credit where it is due. Specifically, Chongire being the first general to summon a more powerful variant of the regular Yaraneeda, a.k.a. a Zenzen Yaraneeda. This new monster not only withstands Cure Summer's finisher, but also owns Manatsu and steals her motivation power. Had it not been for his food being done, Chongire and his monster would have defeated the Pretty Cure in one fell swoop in one battle.
  • Manatsu is able to regain her motivation power on her own, the first person to do so in the season, and helps the team unlock their group finisher, Mix Tropical, which takes the form of a giant bird that eats the Zenzen Yaraneeda.
Episode 11
  • Remember last episode's ending where Manatsu failed all of her tests? Well, here, Manatsu reveals she retook her tests and passed all of them! She still doesn't forget to thank her friends.
  • The second day of the sand art contest is met with a heavy downpour. As the others lament over the inevitable destruction of their artwork, Manatsu looks at Laura's photos from yesterday...and gets an idea to use the parachutes to shield the sand art pieces from the rain. For an energetic powerhouse, Manatsu's quite resourceful.
Episode 12
  • The Tropical Club's sand art contest from last episode makes it to the front of the school's newspaper! Now that's how to induce good club publicity.
  • Laura's plan to reclaim her Aqua Pot. How? First, she and Kururun go on a skateboard to the Disciplinary Committee's office. Then they search for their jar. While Laura does get noticed by the committee's head, Masami Kakuta, she manages to disguise herself with a long skirted version of the school's uniform while standing on her tail fin and talk Masami out of suspicion. Then she escapes the school via Tailfin Walking and hides back in her reclaimed jar before Masami can possibly capture her. With that, Laura can finally join the Cures and salvage the Zenzen Yaraneeda's stolen motivation.
Episode 13
  • One person from the broadcasting club has a stomachache, forcing her out of the day's broadcast. Manatsu's response? She and her friends would cover for her...and that response came immediately. Too bad hosting the talk didn't go smoothly.
  • Laura salvaging the broadcast with her Q&A with Manatsu and the others. And then, there's her singing talent to wrap up the show. It's so amazing, people want to hear her sing again! Oh, and did we mention she disguised herself and went on her tailfin again?
Episode 14
  • Laura approaches two preschool kids who initially try to save a Chrysalis they found, encouraging them to cheer the Pretty Cure on to victory. This mermaid's not just salvaging motivation now, she's helping little children to believe in the Cures as they fight the Zenzen Yaraneeda.
    • Earlier in the episode, a boy, Wataru, sneaks out into the battle to aid a girl hiding from the crossfire. This takes guts to do so.
Episode 15
  • Crossing over with funny, Laura (in Minori's body) going acrobatic, twirling and leaping around in celebration of being human. The other students' reaction is of confusion.
  • Minori, despite being in Laura's body, still wants to help and save the day...and her ring swaps her and Laura back to their respective bodies!
Episode 16
  • Once again, the villains are doing their job. First, Numeri suggests capturing Laura when the Witch and Butler mention of a mermaid helping our heroes earlier in the episode. Chongire follows that plan, summoning a Zenzen Yaraneeda to assist him and steal some motivation along the way...and the two capture Laura.
  • Laura's quick thinking kicks in to help her friends find and rescue her. The plan? Leave a trail of bubble photographs as the villains drag her off to the Witch. The four Cures follow that trail to Laura to rescue her.
Episode 17
  • Laura's quick thinking is shown out again, this time, when she gets Kururun to help her escape her prison. While Kururun gets caught, Elda forced to chain her up with Laura...who knocks the shrimp out. Laura also tries to get her jar, but gets caught by the Witch and her butler. However, she rejects the Witch's offer and bites her finger to break free.
  • The villains appear to be in top form today. To wit:
    1. Chongire and Numeri go out to summon two Zenzen Yaraneedas on a cruise ship, forcing the four Cures to halt their rescue to deal with them. The cherry on top? The Cures think Laura's there until they find out otherwise.
    2. The two Zenzen Yaraneedas start to overwhelm Papaya, Flamingo and Coral with a smokescreen and lifebuoys.
    3. Chongire gets his pincers dirty as he engages Cure Summer underwater, brute strength, rock projectile powers and all. And he beats her in combat!
    4. Butler being the more observant between him and his Mistress, alerting the Witch of Laura. When the mermaid escapes, he decides to bring in the big guns, specifically, bring in his cane and launch a hydro-beam to knock Laura out cold.
    5. By the time Laura gets back, the two monsters have not only defeated the other three Cures, but also drained their motivation!
  • Kururun not only gets to go all out when breaking Laura out of her captivity, but also brings her back to the Mermaid Queen when the little mermaid was unconscious. Yes, we don't see how they did it, but still!
  • Laura's grand debut as Cure La Mer. Her transformation sequence is a show-stopper, with this mermaid doing her nails, face, outfit, hair and lips.
  • Cure La Mer's debut fight. She swoops forth underwater to bring Manatsu back to solid ground, salvages the stolen motivation from the monsters while everyone's stunned by her unexpected appearance, returns said motivation back to all of their victims, especially Asuka, Minori and Sango, and leads everyone against the foe, overwhelming the two monsters.
  • Cure La Mer's finisher. She spins the wheel on her device before directing a stream beam from her makeup stick to one of the two Zenzen Yaraneedas. A short but super effective finisher. Oh, and just for kicks, she does a ballet high kick and bends backwards while declaring victory!
  • Crossing over with Heartwarming, Laura becoming a human due to her transformation during the battle. It's always been her dream to be a part of her friends' world ever since she met and befriended them and now she can live it...and she didn't even need the Witch's offer!
Episode 18
  • Laura's first day of school has her imagining becoming queen and blatantly declaring it...leaving everyone confused until she covers it up on the spot about being queen of swimming.
  • Laura's second battle as Cure La Mer. She arrives late to the brawl but breaks her friends out from the Zenzen Yaraneeda's grip with a spin and a kick. Then she engages the monster with more blows and another kick.
  • That being said, the other Cures aren't left out from the fight. When said monster curls up and tries to crush La Mer, Coral brings out the shields to deflect the beast's attack, Papaya and Flamingo disassemble the monster's wrap and Summer stuns it with her solo finisher, allowing La Mer to salvage the monster's stolen motivation and finish it off.
Episode 19
  • While there's not many amazing moments, Manatsu, ever since meeting the haunted doll in the abandoned mansion which told her to bring her food everyday, slowly overcomes her fear of supernatural horror material. And then she bonds with the doll (unaware that Elda's providing its voice). This culminates in her singlehandedly pushing back the Zenzen Yaraneeda to protect said doll and the mansion it's stuck in.
Episode 20
  • A minor example but Manatsu winning the Premium Tropical Melon Bread on her first attempt in the completion when Asuka mentions she has entered the competition multiple times but has never won once.
Episode 21
  • This episode's brawl is nothing short of amazing. First, Coral deflects its volleyball for the rest to hit it back at the Zenzen Yaraneeda. Then, Summer notices her suitcase key and intends to lock the monster shut. Papaya keeps it busy with her finisher, Flamingo lands on top of the monster to slam its lid shut and Manatsu locks the case. The result? Teamwork incapacitates the monster, allowing La Mer to salvage its motivation and finish it off.
Episode 22
  • Apparently, the villains decided to up their game today, specifically, the Witch of Procrastination makes a new yellow orb to summon a new type of monster. Numeri gets the honours of rolling in the new Zettai Yaraneeda. It's so powerful it can tank the four Cures' Mix Tropical no sweat! And it didn't even sap any motivation!
    • For the Cures, they still pull off some good old teamwork to smash the monster's attacks, owing to it being made from a torchlight.
  • Laura gets separated from her friends and finds the Perfume Shiny Brace. She then heads back to her comrades who are fighting the monster with difficulty. Then she brings it in for her new finisher, Ocean Bubble Shower, by compressing her bracelet into a ring, attaching that ring and a stick to her Transformation Trinket, and firing on the Zettai Yaraneeda, finishing it off.
Episode 23
  • Laura wailing on the Zettai Yaraneeda solo. You heard it right. No help from the other four Cures. No Eye Beams. No shields. Nothing. It's just Laura smacking the monster around before finishing it off...all by herself. Even Elda is shocked.
  • Elda herself gets one for actually gathering a ton of motivation without the Cures suspecting a thing.
Episode 24
  • Minori's analysis for the first round. That round involved a question on how long a crane can live which is 1000 years. However, the cards dropped don't have the number 1000. Minori, however, puts two zero cards behind a "10" card to get the number.
  • The gameshow's final round. Asuka and Yuriko are neck and neck and seem to touch the finishing button at the same time. Come the slow-mo camera moment...and Asuka is revealed to have hit it first, mere seconds before Yuriko!
Episode 27
  • Numeri's plan to sap motivation was admittedly really clever - she infiltrated an aquarium and turned a ball into a Yaraneeda which was used as part of the dolphin exhibit. As many people were excited to see the exhibit, they all got their motivation drained and felt out of it afterwards. Numeri herself even hid inside of the aquarium too, only being caught by Laura when Manatsu and her group decided to investigate it. No giant monsters (at least until they decided to attack), no purple domes, just a show being used to drain motivation.
Episode 29
  • It's only the day after the school's Cultural Festival...and Manatsu and her friends' club booth (a makeup class) is ranked second in a festival survey. Seems like people are really digging the makeup shenanigans.
  • Butler finally decides to get his fins dirty...and summons a Chou Zettai Yaraneeda. It's so powerful it gives the Cures the fight of their lives. It even can survive La Mer's final attacks!
  • Manatsu gets washed out into her school...and sees Kururun still in her club's room with a monster trying to seize them! She instinctively tries to protect her. Mama Bear much?
    • Manatsu get whacked around like a ragdoll and drained of her motivation again. Unlike last time when she goes all out lethargic, she's more determined, seeing everyone around left slothful and tired. Then she tries to break free from the monster that engulfed her. When her friends try to contact her, Manatsu reassures them and induces her mantra again...only for the monster to silence her. That's the moment when her comrades cheer her on to victory. With that, the dresser her club made during the festival transforms and restores her motivation, allowing Manatsu to transform again and break free!
  • The sheer determination of the Cures is high on this one. After the group gets reunited, they face off against a huge swarm of the Yaraneeda. How do the Cures respond? Just constantly go in and fight through every single one of them until they find the host. Hell, even when the Chou Zettai Yaraneeda is able to shrug off La Mer's finisher, the Cures don't feel defeated and are just as determined to defeat the water monster and get the motivation back to the city.
    • Coral even makes good use of her barrier attack to use as a support as she and La Mer take on a group of them.
  • Just as the Chou Zettai Yaraneeda has the Cures on the ropes, the Legendary Pretty Cure Manatsu and Laura saw in their dream appears and gives them the land ring. The result? The Cures do their second finisher with their new Tropical Heart Dresser, the Land Beat Dynamic, which involves an elephant obliterating the monster with a Diving Kick.
Episode 36
  • This episode serves as a peak for all of the villains as a whole.
    • They borrow the Witch of Delay's illusion magic to trick the Queen of the Gran Ocean into thinking that her people are being hostages and take over the palace from there. They invite Laura and the Pretty Cure under the pretense of assisting her to find the Marine Ring.
    • When Laura finally suspects something is up, all of the three villains reveal themselves. After retreating outside due to the inside being too small to fight, Numeri does her usual summoning of a Chou Zettai Yaraneeda, but here's when things get crazy. She uses it on a live being (an octopus in particular), which is something they've been strongly advised not to do due to them being dangerous. The new monster is really strong, being able to withstand all of the attacks of the Cures. It can not only just No-Sell Laura's techniques, it even tanks the Land Beat Dynamic as if it was nothing. It also didn't have to sap any motivation either to become powerful either.
    • The Cures are then held by the octopus monster. Their sincerity to protect the Gran Ocean finally manages to reveal the Marine Ring that they've been looking for ... only for Butler to come in and steal it right in front of them. That's right, they expected all of this to happen too. If the Gran Ocean Palace didn't get flooded right away, the Pretty Cure would've been obliterated right there. And from the looks of the preview, this octopus monster gets to stay too.
Episode 37
  • The Cures get their newest move after recovering the Marine Ring and promptly use the Marine Beat Dynamic, defeating the Octopus Yaraneeda once and for all. The new finisher involves a whale shark which first swallows the Cures to allow them to control it and ram the monster.

Episode 42

  • Butler has finally decided to have enough with the Pretty Cure and takes the whole situation rather seriously. When Laura is trying to use her Mermaid Aqua Pot to get the motivation back from his Monster Whale Yaraneeda, Butler personally shoots the pot down and damages it, disabling it and preventing Laura from getting back the motivation.

Episode 43

  • The fight between Cure Oasis and the Witch of Destruction (just before becoming the Witch of Delays) is none short of epic. The two are evenly matched, with both evenly trading blows at each other. The fact that Oasis can also summon both the Land Beat Dynamic and the Marine Beat Dynamic as if they were just normal attacks is pretty awesome. What's more awesome is that the Witch was also able to counter both of these attacks with her water attacks. Both combatants obviously didn't want to hurt each other either, especially the Witch, who retreated saying she'd finish the fight tomorrow, and from there, she constantly delays it.
  • The sequence of the Witch delaying her battle with Butler constantly reminding her about it deserves some props on how nicely animated it is. We get to see a clock constantly tick in the background as it becomes distorted, similar to the clocks in The Persistence of Memory.
  • The Cures were able to deal with the Witch of Delays peacefully and it worked. Not once did they attack her - no physical blows, no special attacks, no finishers - just them talking sense into her as an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight ... and it worked. Cure Summer manages to get the spirit of Cure Oasis to finally meet her, and she deals with the Witch peacefully. The Witch then cries tears of joy and smiles as she's able to reconcile with her new friend, and she vanishes.
  • Butler himself gets one too. He was far too loyal to the Witch of Destruction that he can't accept the fact she "got bewitched by a human" (in his own words) and proceeds to use one last remaining Yaraneeda orb on himself to transform into his One-Winged Angel form. Unlike Chongire, he's capable of speech and thought too. He continues being a No-Nonsense Nemesis as the first thing he does is drain the motivation of his three subordinates before proceeding to do the same to the Pretty Cure by knocking them out.

Episode 45

  • Even though the blue whale Yaraneeda in Episode 42 sapped a ton of motivation, there were still people who were spared. This includes Yuriko and some of the student council (who volunteer to shelter students during what would've been an apocalypse), Manatsu's mother, and an aquarium employee.
  • Remember when Butler sapped the motivation from Chongire, Elda, and Numeri? See, those villains are awfully lazy to begin with ... they're barely affected by it because they don't have a lot of motivation to steal from to begin with. This also explains why their motivation contributed very little to the Fool's Casket in the last episode.
    • That's right ... these three villains are immune to the Yaraneedas sapping simply due to being unmotivated. Butler on the other hand, isn't lazy like them. This comes to fact when an unmotivated Butler is reduced to a shriveling zombie.
  • Butler unleashing the Kowasunda mooks makes this season dethrone Go! Princess Pretty Cure in upgraded variants for their Monster of the Week (Zetsuborgs), which had four upgrades.note 
  • Remember in the intro in during the Pretty Cure segment where the Cures were shown fighting against Numeri, Chongire, and Elda? Remember how in the series proper, we never got to really see any of that with the exception of a fight between Chongire and Cure Summer (which Summer lost) in Episode 17? Well in this episode, all three of them fight Butler's Kowasunda army with those exact attacks shown, and they're shown kicking ass!
  • The final attack doesn't just include all five current Cures...Cure Oasis also gets her hands dirty to defeat Butler.
    • An extra level of Fridge Brilliance occurs over this. Aunete is effectively the earliest example of a Cure in this particular setting, and was recruited by Gran Ocean to defeat the Witch and Butler. In the final battle of this series, she also was there to END it, being the first Cure, Legendary or otherwise, to both be there to see the beginning and end of the main villain's reign period.
  • Finally, the Cures use their magic to destroy the Fool's Casket and give everyone back their motivation, ensuring it can never be used to threaten humanity again.

Episode 46

  • Laura's memory is wiped, with her studying to become Queen. She then randomly gets a thought to return to the surface, encountering Manatsu in a parallel to their first episode meeting, until they suddenly realise they know each other. Moments later, the memory machine literally explodes as all the erased memories are returned to her.
    • During the credits, Laura is shown teaching mermaids about humans, presumably due to said loss of the memory machine.
    • The (former) villains themselves get another minor awesome moment as well. Since they're neither humans nor Gran Ocean fairies, their memories weren't affected at all. Laura knew this and got them in to remember why she had to visit the humans in the first place to do so.

Collab Dance Party!

  • The short's premise is that the Tropical-Rouge Cures are rushing to arrive at a dance party held by the Healin' Good Cures that's scheduled to start in three minutes. They end up arriving with just seconds to spare.
  • Despite being in a state of free-fall, all the Cures save for Summer are able to fight off several missiles launched by a Yaraneeda backed up by some incredible animation, with Flamingo punching away some flying at her, Papaya jumping across and then throwing them and Coral blocking them with her barrier.
  • After getting knocked underwater by a missile, Laura is able to wake Summer up as the latter quickly gets her groove back, determined to make it to the party by running on the water's surface. While she naturally eventually begins to sink, Laura's able to call upon several dolphins which give them the speed boost they need to beat the Yaraneeda and get to the party.