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Even if this wasn't a badass group attack, this Southern Cross STILL looks amazing...

Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!

Episode 1

  • Fuwa is able to sense Prunce and Lala in danger and summons a portal to bring the ship to Earth.
  • Hikaru stands to Kappard and tells him that Fuwa is not an item and that she wants to protect her, causing her to become Cure Star.
  • After turning into Cure Star, she gives it her all against the Nottorei army Kappard launches.
Episode 2
  • After turning into Cure Milky, Lala talks back at Kappard's "saying that miracles don't happen twice" by saying the previous episode's transformation was Hikaru's miracle, while this one was her miracle.
Episode 3
  • For her first attack on Earth, Tenjo organizes a battle position for the Nottoreis. Whatever planet she's from must have invested a lot in militaristic strategy.
  • The Precure duo shield themselves against the Nottorei blast.
Episode 4
  • Lala's species has AI instead of school.
  • Erena excels at the gymnastics routine. This evens gets people to ask her for the gymnastics, swimming, and track-and-field clubs.
  • The Star Color Pen reveals another ability: to feed Fuwa - in this case, a cake.
  • Elena jumps in the giant smoke-cloud and rescues Fuwa from the mooks. Next? The book gives her the pen and she becomes Cure Soleil!
  • Elena's acrobatics pay off in her first fight as Cure Soleil against the Nottoreis. In fact, her Soleil Shoot nukes all the Nottoreis.
Episode 5
  • Sakurako's speech reveals a truckload of Madoka: father is government official, mother a world-famous pianist, Madoka excells in nationwide piano/archery championships, has awesome skills at Hanamichi and Chado, top grades at school, and is student council president.
  • Hikaru's Armor-Piercing Question to Madoka, which helps her decide to become Cure Selene.
    Hikaru: I understand about your father, but what do you think?
  • Cure Selene manages to dodge all of the Nottorei’s attacks. Astonishingly, her Selene Arrow flings all of the Nottoreis away.
Episode 7
  • The power of the pen: it drew a bow and star like an iPad! AI says that accessories are unneccesary though.
  • The look of that new paint job on the rocket is cute and pink to say the least.
  • Lala staying just "lun" blasts away all the Nottoreis.
  • The Cures finally see Earth from an outer space perspective.
  • Fuwa's ring ears react to the Libra Pen by generating a lot of spinning.
Episode 8
  • We finally have another eyecatch: Prunce in a donut!
  • While it might be hilarious, the fur coat tonic shields Prunce from Kappard's attack!
  • The Libra Soleil Shoot throws Kappard and Nottoreis into the sky.
  • Just the fact all of this episode takes place outside of Earth!
Episode 9
  • Since the Notraiders found their last spot, the Rocket has moved to a new spot. Good idea!
  • Another food came out of the book - a parfait!
  • Elena attracts a mob of admirers just for speaking an English sentence - "Excuse me, but what page are we on?"
  • After reclaiming the Capricorn pen, Madoka powers-up the Selene Arrow to purify the Notrigger.
Episode 10
  • Ryo's lesson on the Southern Cross has a lot to add to, including a flashback and a two book pages showing the southern cross on Brazil, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Australia, and New Zealand. The flags even have the full country names attached to them!
  • We finally have a battle with all three of the villains at once.
  • Fuwa might be a baby, but she easily stands up to the villains just as things are at their darkest.
  • Lala is able to summon the rocket and beat the heck outta dodge! Not to mention Prunce is able to grow big and carry the four cures and Fuwa at once!
Episode 11
  • The Rocket has a carry mode that turns it into a ball.
  • If you thought Hikaru's speech was something, you ain't seen nothin yet! The cures finally withstand the Notrigger punch and tell them that they will protect Earth. The cures finally activate the latest power: the Twinkle Stick which activates the first group power: the Southern Cross Shot, and finally relaim the pen. Cure Star even says "Star Twinkle". Now you know what that four-point star from the OP is. Ryou and Fuyuki even see the star from afar.
Episode 12
  • We see Lala as Hagoromo! Guess what her surname is and what will happen in the next episode.
Episode 13
  • After the Cures celebrate Lala being allowed on Earth, Hikaru asks Lala if there's something to do there? Lala answers "I want to go to school". Yep, continuing the tradition of non-Earthicans from Cure worlds going to Earth School. Who helped her? Abraham!
  • Looks like Ayewan's not the only one who can take imagination. Kappard uses it to power his new weapon and turn it into a hoverboard!
  • Lala's standing up to Kappard to protect the school for the sake of the knowledge of the Earth - a planet that's really alien to her.
Episode 14
  • The way Elena's dad introduces himself: playing some guitar, coming out of the van, and saying "Hola, senorita-tachi!"
  • Look's like Tenjo's not the only one Darknest-sama gave a power-up to: turning a person into a giant Nottoreider.
  • Elena retrieved the Scorpio Pen and her new attack breaks that mace hard. She was able to get it thanks to a pep talk with her brother. Been a long time since a new Princess joined the ones the Cures have already reactivated.
Episode 15
  • The concert. The special effects are too hi-tech for Earth.
  • Prunce's flashback where he is clinging to a truck when she finally founds Mao's song energizing him to find the Precures.
  • Madoka convincing the aliens that Donuts are extremely valuable and bluffing her way through the auction.
  • Blue Cat swiped away the pen and the entire vault!
  • Cool for Aiwarn to appear out of nowhere... without Bakenyan to be a source of annoyance for her.
  • Cure Selene vs. Blue Cat. It all ends in Blue Cat simply giving her the pen.
Episode 16
  • Madoka's so good in archery she made the papers!
  • Sakurako talks a very long speech about the National Archery Tournament. She talks so long everyone else have left by the time she is done. She has a new nickname to match it up: "Veuns of Mihoshi Middle".
  • One of the signs reads "Madoka Ganbare".
  • We get a new item: the Fortune Capsule Maker that makes good-lock charms called Fortune Capsules. If you see the ending, it pays off!
  • Madoka arrives quickly to strike the Notrigger's arrow... nose at nose! BULLSEYE!
Episode 17
  • Drams claims that his money "makes people talk".
  • Blue Cat has a trick or two up her sleeve - tell that to her sensor-detecting shades.
  • Elena's acrobatics pay off - and this time in a real battle against lasers.
  • How do the Cures get rid of the Space Kerberos? Hikaru rubs him!
Episode 19
  • How did Blue Cat bring so many treasures from one place to somewhere faraway?
  • We get an epic laser bable between Aiwarn's laser gun and Lala's antennae.
  • Apparently being turned into stone don't stop people from being turned Notrigger.
  • The Reveal of Blue Cat being Bakenyan this whole time, playing Aiwarn like a fiddle.
Episode 20
  • Again with the giant Prunce!
  • Blue Cat disguised herself as Hikaru to make the Cures hold back even if they knew it was a disguise.
  • Cure Cosmo? KIRAYABA!
Episode 21
  • The fight scenes throughout this episode are visually stunning, especially the one pitting Selene, Soleil, and Milky against the Nottoreis.
Episode 22
  • The Notrigger turns berserk because of 's feelings.
  • The Precure Rainbow Splash attack. Not to mention her hip-hop background.
  • Cure Cosmo keeps disappearing every time...
Episode 24
  • Two days for Madoka to finish summer homework?
  • If Madoka can piano, then she might as well icicle piano.
  • Uni's Cosmic Mystery Girl song being played by Icicle Piano.
  • Yukio asks Madoka if the glowing nose can revive Irma. It works.
  • The speech Aquarius gives to the Cures.
Episode 25
  • Hikaru's skill at Goldfish scooping.
    • She knows enough to teach Yuni how to play it
  • Madoka shooting all the toys off the shelf.
  • Elena's ring toss win. Good for her siblings.
  • Lala and Hikaru win at fishing.
Episode 27
  • Prunce is accting as a sail. Afterwards we see him tired and deflated. Also the fact that Yanyan reenergizes him with some talk.
  • The Cures' transformation into mermaids; the first time in five years. Also Hikaru says kirayaba twice!
  • Prunce says she is reminded of the Pisces Princess.
  • Though they're out of mermaid pearls, the Twinkle Book put Fuwa in a bubble.
  • The huge scene of the cures swimming with the fishes. No pun intended.
  • Cure Milky, Cure Soleil and Cure Selene combining their attacks against Aiwarn
Episode 28
  • The drum fanfare in the repair.
  • The Flare-san flame turning blue.
  • Prunce saving Yanyan from Kappard's water cannon.
  • Cure Solei and Cure Selene combining the Solei Shoot and Selene arrow that defeats Kappard.
  • The ending: Flare-san's fire goes extremely high and fixes the Rocket, and Yanyan is finally back in Pururun.
Episode 29
  • The Saman people are a utopia: they have an efficient way of living with giant buildings, they have a mother AI, they have everyone watch the ceremony instead of physical presence, they have women in STEM jobs, they eat only small stuff, they have a lake inside a building.
  • The scene where Lala's antenna battle against Notraider's antennae.
Episode 30
  • Lala's AI is able to cripple several other A.I.s.
  • Lala jumping in and rescuing her family from Aiwarn's attack after they are too exhausted to run any further.
  • AI protecting the cures from Aiwarn's attack by taking her attack before it can hit them.
  • AI's death breaks Mother free from Aiwarn's corruption, causing her to refuse to destroy Lala and free the cures..
  • The huge combo attack fired first against the XL Nottorei.
  • Her desire to protect Saman helps Lala activate the power of the Cancer Pen.
Episode 31
  • Garuoga finally gets a chance to personally battle a Cure. And boy, is his might a lot. The Cures are lucky to get out because Star is able to mitigate his powers with the final pen.
  • Fuwa teleporting the cures onto the moon to help Cure Star with the fight against Galogre.
  • The cure fighting together against Galogre which helps Cure Star obtain the final Princess Pen.
  • Cure Star kicking the final Princess Pen out of Galogre's hand after his teleport fails.
  • All the Princess Pens combining their powers to make a brand new pen that turns Fuwa into a unicorn like creature.
Episode 32
  • Yuni knows about the Notraider lair and how to get there. Not surprising since she was Bakenyan.
  • The cures appearing in their Twinkle Style forms which allows them to perform the Star Twinkle Imagination.
Episode 33
  • Fuwa teleporting towards Kappard and knocking his weapon away before he can finish off Cure Star.
Episode 34
  • Saboro transforming from a cactus to a flowery bush after accepting Elena's apology.
Episode 35
  • Hikaru unleashes a new mysterious power that even surprises the Star Princesses when she says she wants to learn about Sakurako.
Episode 36
  • Yuni fighting Don Octo to protect Mary Ann. However it causes them both get captured
  • Yuni managing to get herself untied after the others come to save her and Ann.
  • Mary Ann fighting against Tenjo alongside the cures because Blue Cat helped her against Don Octo.
    • Her Tingly Beam attack misses Tenjo but hits the Don Octo Nottorei, enabling the cures to defeat it with Star Twinkle Imagination.
Episode 37
  • Prunce's new look and deeper voice.
  • Elena and Madoka dressed as Cats alongside Yuni in her true form.
  • The Precure's appearing as the Mihoshi Stars and the roll call they do for it.
  • The cures all winning prizes in the Costume Competition (with Elena winning twice)
    • Elena and her family winning the best family costume prize (with her dressed as a flower again).
    • She also winning the trip prize alongside Madoka and Yuni for their cat prizes.
    • Hikaru and Lala winning the Idea Prize for the competition.
Episode 39Episode 40
  • Lala using her Milky Shock to protect her classmates.
  • Lala unlocks her Twinkle Imagination after accepting her true self (not about being a Human or Alien).
Episode 41
  • No matter how many times Madoka gets knocked down, she stands up again, determined to protect Fuwa
    • She also unlocks her Twinkle Imagination after sharing she is happiest with her friends and starts to become more independent.
  • The Selene Arrow attack she uses on Galogre after unlocking her twinkle imagination. Her attack brings the shape of her father which goes into her arrow to defeat him.
Episode 44.
  • Just before Darknest can finish off Cure Star, AI comes in and smashes him away, allowing the cures to use Star Twinkle Imagination.

Episode 48

  • The final Star Twinkle Imagination where all of their friends and family, as well as all the aliens they met and past villains all appear before them and further empower their final attack.