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Nightmare Fuel / Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!

If I need someone to turn into a Notrigger, here's a candidate-ttsuno~!
Aiwarn decides to threaten Fuwa's life, episode 19.

  • The evil trio being infused with power has a lot of scare factors to it - the green aura, the evil guys grunting in pain, and the aftershock pain.
  • Episode 10 the practically first time this season where things are at their darkest: We finally get a first look at how a Dark Pen is made: it is inserted into a machine and the darkness surrounds the pen. Hikaru tries to use the Aries Pen, but Kappard is able to snatch it before she can make it work. And then he makes a gigantic strike at the Cures. Worse, Tenjo has the other three Cures surronuded with Notraiders. They would've been dead meat if it weren't for the rocket's intervention.
  • If Episode 10 wasn't bad enough, Episode 11 finally gives us a first-look at what exactly happens to a Star Princess when Aiwarn turns the associated Pen dark: she shivers with black dust.
  • Only in her second appearance are that somethings are off about Blue Cat. First, she only answers that her "eyes are sharp" when Hikaru answers about how she knows about the Cures. Second, Lala points out she is "toying with [the Cures]"
    • Perhaps the scariest of all the #17 traps is the Space Kerberos. After all, we do see those three eyes in the dark!
    • We also have the scene where Drams destroys the treasures. For no apparent reason other than stop Blue Cat from doing what she does best.
    • The ending. Looks like Blue Cat's story isn't gonna end there. There's also the dramatic shot with her orange eyes.
  • Tenjo's form of summoning an upgraded Notrei: having her goons dogpile on someone and forcibly turning the victim into a Notrei themselves. Even worse is that the first two people Tenjo performed this on were family members of the Cures. Imagine seeing your little brother or mother get surrounded by mooks, only to reveal once the mob clears that your family member's body has been replaced with mechanical parts. Uh...yikes?
  • Episode 19 is full of this! Planet Rainbow. Every bit of it! The land is very barren. The people turned into stone. Worse, the reason the Planet Rainbow demise is a mystery is because it was not part of the Space-Starspace Union.
    • Not to mentioned the planet's demise: Aiwarn used the Dark Pen prototype against the denizens who refused to give her the Star Pen, and when prototype went haywire and created a purple cloud, she left the planet to be eaten by the purple cloud that turned people to stone.
    • Worse she sold all the treasures of the planet to get enough money to create the Dark Pen. You know, the Dark Pen that's turned people into Notriggers long before this revelation.
    • After that, Aiwarn decides to threaten Fuwa's life with the Dark Pen. Good thing Bakenyan takes Fuwa, because...
    • The end. Blue Cat's treachery. She steals Fuwa and the pens. To be continued...
    • Then keep in mind that so far there are only two planets we have visited that is not part of the union: Planet Rainbow, and Earth.
  • In episode 20 Blue Cat has a PTSD moment after her smoke ball accidentally hits a Rainbowperson. Also Aiwarn becoming Notrigger has a lot of fear inside it.
  • Episode 21
    • Darknest's resurrection at the end of the episode might one of the terrifying moments yet. The music that accompanies it also helps.
    Tenjo: Awesome.
    Kappard: No, not yet. His power is nothing like this.
    • And before that, Aiwarn screaming in pain as a result of Darknest inside of her is just so eerily... realistic.
  • Episode 28 has Kappard fire water at a Planet Plasma person, knowing it would destroy him. In short, Kappard was attempting murder.
  • Episode 29:
    • Lala and her friends being accused of being thieves and advertised everywhere on wanted signs
    • Aiwarn's return appearance in her hood and flashing an evil smirk.
  • Episode 30 is about Aiwarn hacking into Planet Saman's computer systems and taking over the Mother. Even Tenjo is surprised with what she is doing.
  • Galogre retreats at the end of Episode 31 when the power Darknest granted him fades... not because of the Precures, but because he won't be able to breathe without it.
  • Episode 36 has Don Octo plan to incinerate Blue Cat and Mary Ann. What makes this worse is that Mary Ann is a cop.
  • Episode 37: Kappard having his hometown ruined by another alien species and then proclaiming to the cures that Lala or Yuni could possibly do the same to them.
  • Episode 38: Yuni has another PTSD moment when Aiwarn burns the grass, replaying the tragedy of her home planet's fall and freezing up mid-combat.
  • The battle between Galogre and Cure Selene in episode 41 where despite putting in her fullest effort, she develops a sense of helplessness.
    • Taken up a notch where she gets a flashback of her father saying that she can always count on him for everything before she gets taken out.
  • The Darkest Hour started in Episode 46 only grows right at the end of Episode 47, and opens Episode 48. The ritual to end Darknest/Ophiuchus's terror was All for Nothing, Fuwa's sacrifice stripping the Cures of their power and giving the villain what she wanted to erase everything to make a new universe. Having your home taken over is one thing, but the thought of everything being destroyed and returned to zero with no way to fight back is awfully chilling...