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Admit it, you were laughing your ass off as soon as Lala made this face.

Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!


Episode 1

  • Hikaru's fangirling over meeting aliens. She goes all starry eyes when she first met Fuwa, Lala, and Prunce and she even went excited when she first met Kappard before she realized Kappard's intentions.
  • Hikaru was all energized to try chase after the fleeing Fuwa in her bicycle. Cue a Gilligan Cut of her getting tired because she hasn't eat her breakfast yet.
  • How Lala is introduced. After landing on Earth, she was first shown as a Sinister Silhouettes figure alongside Prunce... Until it is revealed that she stumbled out of her ship dazed due to motion sickness. She's so dazed, she ends up having to cover her mouth and vomit off-screen.
  • Fuwa's real name is revealed to be Spegasus Pulalan Mofpit Prinsewink. Hikaru is not impressed by how long it is.
  • After Star did the yearly Running Gag of the lead Cure jumping too high in their first battle:
    Star: "I jumped too far!"
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  • Apparently car sickness exists IN SPACE!
  • The fact that Lala's rocket is shown to have a band-aid on it after the window got broken by the Notraiders' attack.
  • After Cure Star's first battle, they were all feeling happy and Lala and Hikaru had their first friendship bond moment... only for it to get interrupted by the rocket crashing down to Earth because it suffered too much damage.

Episode 2

  • Despite the rocket was shown to explode at the end of the previous episode, the rocket is shown to be mostly intact (albeit damaged massively). Either the animators forgot that the rocket had exploded or the technology in Lala's home planet is so advanced, they were able to built a metal that won't get destroyed even after crashing towards a mountain at terminal velocity.
    • Speaking of the rocket's damage, there's more band-aids on the rocket this time around. In addition to the one on the window, there's now another one just to the left of the window band-aid and another band-aid on the upper area of the rocket.
  • Prunce getting scared when he had to meet Hikaru's dog calling it a beast.
  • Hikaru's grandfather came in to Hikaru's bedroom right when Lala and Prunce is still there. Because of their Alien Non-Interference Clause, they proceed to hide by clinging on the roof. Later, Prunce hides Lala by tying her to the ceiling.
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  • Prunce calls Hikaru's books "analog".
  • AI tells Lala's chances of being Precure. The answer: 0.000000012%. Later, AI tells Lala Hikaru's possibility. The answer is the same.
  • Lala's first experience with Earth food. She at first confuses an onigiri as rocks and refuses to eat it. Eventually she relented, and despite has to force herself to take a bite, she would find herself liking it so much she goes all-starry eyes after taking several bites of the onigiri.
  • Lala's antenna's have electric currents on it and can be useful for things such as giving Prunce a massage.
  • Hikaru's Loose Lips almost blew the secret that Lala is a space creature to Ryutaro. Thankfully, Hikaru was able to backtrack her statement before Ryutaro realizes it.

Episode 3

  • Lala's Exhausted Eye Bags after she and Prunce had to do an all-nighter to examine what is going on with Hikaru's Star Color Pendant after it glowed up at the end of the previous episode without success.
  • Prunce is turned into a balloon. In fact, AI claims that it has no match in the disguise database.
  • Kappard's waterfall scene. That is all.
  • Hikaru's Loose Lips strikes again as she proceeds to ask Elena about how to find the Star Princesses Pens. Thankfully, Lala was able to cut her off before she blew it all.
    Elena: "So, what's going on?"
    Hikaru: "W-well... T-the power of Star Princes..." (gets cut off by Lala who put her hands on Hikaru's mouth)
    Lala: "It's nothing."
  • Hikaru excites over the noise the device makes, but this annoys Lala.
  • When Fuwa talks, Hikaru has to cover it up by talking very squeaky.

Episode 4

  • Hikaru and Lala got into trouble again multiple times for nearly revealing some of their secrets related to aliens and Precures, although this time none of them are caused by Hikaru's Loose Lips. To wit:
    • When Hikaru and Lala first met Elena at the school grounds in the morning, Prunce and Fuwa came out after they realized that Elena's the girl that help stopped the two's bickering from the previous episode. Lala had to push Prunce to a bush as a result.
    • Then, as class started, Lala and Prunce secretly takes a look at the classroom to see how Earth's education system works. Sakurako then noticed the two of them on the window, forcing Lala and Prunce to back out immediately.
    • Like in the previous episode, Prunce calls Hikaru's paper notetaking "analog".
    • Later on, they met Madoka when school ends after mistakenly thinking that it's Elena. Madoka then told Lala and Hikaru that Elena had went back home, so they run off to meet Elena... but not before both Madoka noticed Lala's antennas and Fuwa getting out from Hikaru's school bag, leaving Madoka suspicious.
    • When Hikaru and Lala met Elena at her flower shop, Elena's siblings managed to get hold of Fuwa, thinking that Fuwa is a plushie. Understandably, they went concerned until Prunce covertly gestures to Lala that the situation is under control when he realized that the siblings are all convinced that Fuwa is a plushie.
  • One of Elena's younger sisters mistakes Fuwa for a plush.

Episode 5

  • While at school feeding Fuwa, Hikaru and Elena are confronted by Madoka, who demands to know what they're hiding. The two girls are able to successfully hide Fuwa and leave, saying goodbye... just as Fuwa says goodbye as well.
  • After Fuyuki mentions an alien sighting, Mitsuki says she thought it were tsumiki note . Madoka corrects that the word is kimitsu note .
  • Just the fact that this year's Reina Itsutsuboshi, Sakurako Himenojo, says that Madoka Kaguya's skills at hanamichi and chado put masters to shame!
  • Lala's reaction to Sakurako showing up and talking about Madoka is to ask Hikaru who the girl giving exposition is.
  • Because Lala used her Verbal Tic which could give away the alien secret, Hikaru says "lun".
  • Prunce's disguise is Lala's backpack. Hikaru accidentally whacks him down the ground.
  • Meta: Over-time forgot to sub Sakurako's line after her Noblewoman's Laugh before she left. Does anyone know what she said?
  • Madoka is a little suspicious about Hikaru, and Fuwa accidentally gives her away! Guess what happens by the end of the ep.
  • The cures have a little fight over Japanese naming conventions after Lala prefers to call them without honorifics.

Episode 6

  • Aiwarn insults Kappard and Tenjo calling them "ancient", also calls Hikaru "boring".
  • Aiwarn is very angered after Elena calls her a "brat".

Episode 7

  • AI's analyzer reduces Hikaru to a cleaning job.
  • The rocket job as a whole:
    • One hour elapsed: The Cures start being sleepy.
    • Two hours elapsed: The cures are even sleepier.
    • Three hours elapsed: The cures are even sleepier. Hikaru finally cleans the floor but the wind blows all the leaves. And Hikaru brags that she is bored.
    • Four hours elapsed: The others catch Hikaru in the act. Hikaru was drawing the rocket prototype design. They finally add a bow.
  • The pics AI takes of the rocket have an outdated filter to say the least.
  • Tenjo calls the rocket "gaudy" and even questions that it's a rocket at all!
  • Prunce says the donut machine "might need adjustments" and stops Hikaru from eating the donut, much to her annoyance.
  • AI says that the ship leaves "Sunday morning", a nod to Precure's timeslot.
  • Elena points out that they must be home for school before Monday, and Hikaru says no problem.
  • The rocket blasting off pushes the Cures down to the ground until it leaves the atmosphere.
  • When Lala turns on the rocket's gravity, causing Hikaru, Elena and Madoka to fall to the ground

Episode 8

  • Hikaru is in awe of the Starscape until she learns that she's blocking everyone else's view.
  • Hikaru has some boredom face when she sees the bone-shaped planet.
  • Hikaru attempts to take the first step when the team lands on the planet (just like Neil Armstrong on the moon) only to face-plant out of the ship instead.
  • Elena wonders if the many bones on the planet belong to victims of a ferocious monster. Cue Prunce having an Imagine Spot of him being cooked over a fire by said monster as he shakes in fear. Elena then wonders if Prunce even has bones.
  • After the dog alien says "Wan. Wan! Wan!!" Elena says it's not "1, 2, 3", but the dog says they were.
  • Once again, Hikaru goes through Cuteness Overload when the team comes face to face with the planet's inhabitants as she forcibly snuggles them, rolls them around and then plays chase with them using one of the bones.
  • The dog aliens seem to be racist against people without fur. Just look at Prunce.
  • The yellow alien calls out Elena for having hair only on her head and brag that their fur is "lustrous and beautiful"
  • Hikaru is told to introduce herself by the locals. Cue her doing her usual introduction that we see at the start of each episode before being told that it's wrong as she falls into yet another face-plant.
  • Upon being shown how to properly introduce themselves (Which Lala bluntly refuses to do), Hikaru, being the Plucky Girl she is, attempts to replicate it with mixed results. She ends up hand-standing for the rest of the scene.
  • The rain is made of small bones, man! Yep, the perks of being a fur alien and the downsides of not being a fur alien.
  • Doggy shows the Cures a bottle of "fur tonic". Then an imagination spot of the Cures made of fur! Hikaru decides to try it but Prunce stops him.
  • Doggy looks kinda weak compared to Kappard.
  • Prunce uses the hair tonic on himself to help the Cures win the fight against Kappard. He's still hairy when the team revives the Princess of Libra, which results in her outright refusing to acknowledge his presence. Heck, the awesome music stops in that exact moment.
  • After Prunce's fur tonic wears off, Elena gives her an extra one Doggy gave her. Prunce freaks out!

Episode 9

  • When Prunce says the "Prunce Donuts" machine needs adjustment, Lala snarks out.
  • Madoka reveals that she has not been to the shopping district and therefore has no idea what a Star Donut is.
  • Sakura is taking advantage of Madoka's emotional condition to get ahead. She even spies at the cures
  • One of the odd things Madoka does is wear unmatching socks - only one of them has a stripe.
  • "Lun" being the new yes must have stuck since #5.
  • Some highlights from the mall montage:
    • At the clothes store, Hikaru is exciting over her two dresses, Madoka is holding a purple dress with a crescent moon, and Lala is wearing sunglasses.
    • At the toy store, Lala and Madoka are holding plush toys while Hikaru is excited over hers - which is Prunce-colored!
    • Madoka is trying to ride a bike.
  • The young Amamiya kids are squeeing at Fuwa eating donuts. The Cures say it's fine as long as they don't find out.
  • After being defeated, Aiwarn chews out Bakenyan for not being at the battle.
  • If you look, the circular formation of the Star Princess Palace looks like a trapezoid and the edges are colored the same as the main four Precures.

Episode 10

  • Hikaru sheepishly realizing how caught up she got in her own nostalgia while helping Ryo sort through some books.
  • The whole reason as to why the group even goes to space this episode is because Hikaru wants to try to find the Southern Cross constellation, which is Serious Business for her, as Prunce learns the hard way.
  • Once the rocket blasts off, there's that gravity-push feeling again!
  • Hikaru's wagging the rocket just to find the Southern Cross.
  • Where there's an episode with a different planet, there are bound to be funny moments:
    • Hikaru's expectations for what planet Kumarin's inhabitants look like versus their actual appearances.
    • Kumarin's gravity is twice as strong as Earth's, as the group finds out, making walking a challenge and ultimately forcing them to stop for a picnic not even a few feet from the rocket.
    • As Prunce mentions, the conditions of Bearsea are intense enough to make the plants as hard as gems!
    • Upon stumbling upon a bunch of gems, Hikaru thinks that she's hit the mother lode and promptly gets Yen signs for eyes for a bit until Lala informs her about how they're as common as rocks.
    • Ayewan's complaining a lot not being able to find the pen in all of those diamonds!
    • The Notraiders are very worn out from the battle because of the gravity.

Episode 11

  • Lala, Prunce and Fuwa's collective Oh, Crap! reaction to being caught in plain sight by Ryo. A little bit later we have Prunce's reaction to Ryo agreeing to be the group's Secret Keeper.
  • After Aiwarn suggests fusing into a collective Notrigger with Kappard and Tenjo using the Taurus Star Pen, Bakenyan immediately opts out of joining them. Kappard and Tenjo... not so lucky.

Episode 12

  • It's a Breather Episode, what did you expect?!
  • Abraham speaks a lot of Gratuitous English!
  • Abraham yells out "Tokusatsu" (no not that one) with that special effect touch!
  • Abraham is actually a Minaturian, resulting in a very shocked reaction from the girls.
  • Abraham is disgusted that the Cures let people know about the aliens and decides them self away, even demands the deportation pod to be sent in a week, and at Hikaru pointing out that he hasn't had any hits lately.
  • When Lala says "de gozaru", Hikaru questions, and Lala says "I'm nervous-lun~"
  • Apparently Lala can't read.
  • For what it's worth, the Cures' acting is very stale, to say the least.
  • Abraham yells CUT! because
    • Hikaru said "Kirayaba" and Lala said "lun".
    • Madoka, wanting to make a good impression on her father, gets nervous and starts reading out the entire script.
  • Abraham accuses "kimitachi" of trying to destroy the movie after Hikaru's shuriken lands at the hat. After the Eyecatch Director's hat is bandaged.
  • After seeing Aiwarn, Abraham asks "Huh? Did we make a youkai costume like that". As usual, she is outraged. "YOUKAI JANAI-TTSŪNO~!", indeed...

Episode 13

  • With Lala going to Earth School, there are a lot of funny parts:
    • AI questions that Lala is not wearing the glove.
    • The students feel alien (no pun intended) about the new student. A duo even gossip about the new guy.
    • After taking a pause (unintentionally of course), Lala lets the "lun~" Verbal Tic go off puzzling the students.
    • After Karube "Fleetfoot" Tatsunori arrives and sees that his seat is taken by Lala, thanks to the Verbal Tic Lala is called Lalalun. Check out this conversation:
    Fleetfoot: Who're you?
    Lala: Hagoromo Lala-lun~.
    Fleetfoot: Well that's my desk, Lalalun.
    Lala: Not Lalalun-lun~! Lala-lun~! I like this one-lun~.
    • She questions that students can't choose desks.
    • People ask about Lala's language "lun~". Hikaru claims it is local dialect.
    • Sakurako is back. Need more be said?
    • Hikaru is leaking out secrets subtlely. "Excellent as an AI", anyone?
    • In chemistry class, Lala has an imagination spot of herself being shocked by lightning. Why? Because she questions that a human can calculate double-digits. Why? AI tells you everything back in Lala's planet. Yes, there's a downside to that last thing. In fact she questions that people go in one place together to study.
    • After she and Lala are caught running to get Fuwa food, Hikaru has to read the "No running in corridors" sign to cover up Lala being illiterate.
    • Lala is a little puzzled by the concept of school cleaning, and so decides to ask AI. Of course... she forget that she left the glove she needs to talk to her back at the ship. So she decides to dump the water on the ground and sweeps the dry part of the ground.
    • Lala sums it all up: "School is weird".
  • Lala has a new nickname "Lun-chan".
  • "Lun" is said in this ep way too many said times to count.

Episode 14

  • The greeting Elena's dad Carlos gives Elena's mom.
  • The party stuff: fake glass-and-nose mask for Madoka; blue afro for Lala; alien mask for Hikaru. Though this is all rendered moot by Elena's mom revealing that there will be food instead.
    Prunce: I don't understand Earthlings' sense of humor.
  • Prunce eats a weird dark-green food, which Elena reveals to be jalapeno. It doesn't go well for him.

Episode 15

  • Prunce has an unhealthy obsession with Mao. There's a scene where Prunce obsessively wants to give Mao a box of Star Donuts even though they were at the planet just to get the Pen. And eventually Prunce squees around Mao the second they meet.
  • The lesson where Madoka gives on auctions, complete with five Prunces.
  • Fuwa and Mao have a conversation with their Verbal Tics in check. Sounds weird, eh?
  • Lala comments that one unit of the alien currency shien is one yen.
  • Drams-sama is getting all the auction stuff. So much he thinks the Pen is unnecessary.
  • Hikaru brags that she can get the pen... until the others generate bigger bids.
  • The Mafia Boss Don Octo argue with Dram-sama who changes his mind about not being interested in the pen because it would replace that broken light in his bathroom.
  • When the girls realize they don't have enough money to buy the pen at the auction, Madoka convinces everyone that what they have instead is even more valuable: Star Donuts. It works. And the Cures duke out the auction with donuts against Drams-sama… until they run out.
  • Hikaru comments that the fireworks are too bright.
  • The Selene Arrow went right in the Notrigger's mouth!
  • In the last scene, Prunce is loading himself with Star Donuts! When Hikaru asks how much, Prunce remarks he is binging to relieve stress. It all ends with Prunce and Madoka doing an auction: 10 billion a person, 11 billion, 12 billion, 13 billion, and 14 billion.

Episode 16

Episode 17
  • Elena remarks that Zenny looks the same as last time.
  • Behind the cures is a jackpot slot thingamajig which scores three Dramses
  • Prunce turns into a parachute-balloon thingamajig.
    • When the girls land on Prunce, Hikaru lands on her head while the others land upright
  • "Prunce got shot-purunsu~!"
  • When the Dragon Heidan introduce themselves, Hikaru says "What an exciting name!"
  • When Blue Cat asks if the Cures could morph, Madoka replies this:
    Madoka: "Our power doesn't exist to be used against those who are merely doing their job."
  • Once they reach the top, Hikaru slips and hits her head.
  • Hikaru remarks about the tail and Fuwa remarks that "Blue Cat" smells good. Turns out it was Blue Cat in disguise.
  • Soleil's new attack: another fireball again! This time Kappard throws it off. Good thing it hit the Notraiders instead.
  • The ending: the Cures are now in the Dragon Corps. Why? Because if Blue Cat returns what she stole, Drams could have Precure in the Corps. Good thing they have other commitments.

Episode 18

  • Terumi reacting to getting a new spot at the big manga magazine is OUTRIGHT CRAZY SHE FALLS DOWN THE STAIRS! Complete with comedic sound effects. She even has fire in her eyes.
  • Terumi came up with that idea too fast!
  • Yumeo Oikawa chews up the scenery with his exposition.

Episode 19

  • Harukichi notices the rocket and they think they're shooting.
  • The cures call Planet Rainbow pretty the first time they see it.
  • Hikaru decides to take a break and sit back, but then falls into the transparent wall.

Episode 20

  • This conversation:
    Blue Cat: Can't believe you slept; guess you're not a scaredy cat-nyan~
    Fuwa: Fuwa? Scaredy cat?
    Blue Cat: Um, you're a hostage, you're supposed to be scared-nyan~
    Fuwa: Blue Cat not afraid-fuwa~
  • Fuwa is hungry. Blue Cat won't give her the cookie.
  • Cure Milky's new power is generating forcefields with her antennae.

Episode 21

  • After Eyeone wakes up, she at first sees Bakenyan before it turns to Cure Cosmo. Then she steals Cosmo's ride.

Episode 22

  • The way Hikaru's dad appears out of nowhere: he grabs Fuwa!
  • Youichi's reaction to seeing Lala, Fuwa and Prunce
  • Hikaru's dad almost caught the Cures in uniform. How did they disappear?

Episode 23

  • The whole thing!
    • Fuwa stealing Yuni's cookie and getting hiccups from it is funny and cute.
    • Every time a Fuwa clone is made.
    • Hikaru is excitied that catnip exists in space.
    • The Overly Long Gag of Hikaru feeding Fuwa. Yep she's tired.
    • The Fuwas leave the ship.
    • Uni and Elena are surrounded by Fuwas!
    • Prunce trying to promote that his star donuts are made of a special recipe, but gets ignored by Hikaru who's informing Elena and Yuni their plan on finding the real Fuwa, causing him to get frustrated.
    • The Donut Machine overloaded from feeding the Fuwas.
    • Yeti licks Prunce.
    • Lala and AI's confusion when Madoka explains Fuwa has the hiccups
    • Old ladies Fuwas walk past by argue if it is a cat or a dog.
    • Uni's diversion. She disguises as Mao to distract the people. Which raises the question as to whether or not some big time record industry executive will discover her.
    • Kappard sucks up a thousand Fuwas at once.

Episode 24

  • Hikaru complains about Earth getting hot.
  • The planet Aisuno looks like a SNOWMAN!
  • The Icesnow people have no idea what a snowman is.
  • Yukio uses a spoon and a weird brown spiky thing as a nose. What does he use next? A Star Princess Pen!
  • Hikaru begs!
  • Yukio is at first repulsed at the concept of kakigori since he's made of snow and all, but he does eat the kakigori anyway.
  • Yukio is fascinated by the snowball fight.
  • When Madoka and Yuni are performing to make Irma smile, Yukio trips and falls over, causing her to run away.

Episode 25

  • Someone said they've never seen Yuni. Since she's clearly same age as them, shouldn't they report her to the welfare department.
  • The scene between Sakurako and Yuni, with Sakurako as the dragon and Yuni as the tiger.
  • This conversation. Unikitty anyone?
    Fleetfoot: Oh! Atarashii tenkosei?!
    Uni: Nyan~
    Fleetfoot: "Nyan~"?
    Hikaru: Konna ko wa watashi no shinseki no...
    Fleetfoot: Oh! Sou da no! Yoroshiku na nyanko?
    Uni: Nyanko? Watashi no na wa Yuni yo!
    Fleetfoot: Sou ka!
    Uni: Banyan Uniko!
  • Prunce falls into the toy river. Fuwa gets into the cotton candy.
  • Yuni wants to eat the goldfish.
    • Yuni struggling to catch the goldfish when playing Goldfish scooping with Hikaru until she helps her. She has a Badass Boast moment when she manages to successfully catch a fish
    • Yuni's reaction to seeing the Goldfish scooping for the first time. Being a Cat Alien, she thought the fish looked delicious which embarrassed the other girls. Hikaru had to explain they are not for eating.
  • It looked like they were gonna turn Cure Cosmo into giant Notraider. Turning innocents like children is one thing, but this...

Episode 26

  • Lala laying on the desk from tiredness after the rocket crashes.
  • Hikaru dosing off after putting Fuwa away in her book
  • The way all the girls react when Hikaru brings out a video for them to watch. Madoka is quite impressed and entertained, Elena is terrified, and Lala is flat out bored from how archaic the movie is.
    • Additionally, none of the girls appear to have heard of a video before (apart from Hikaru)
  • Elena panicking and hiding under her pillow throughout the horror movie which confuses Lala and Yuni
  • Yuni falling asleep during the Pyjama party. Elena asking how she can sleep through the movie.
  • The countless times Madoka tells Hikaru not to spoil the movie

Episode 27

  • The cures see that Fuwa is asleep.
  • Another day, another weird planet that is funny fodder.
    • It's a large floating ball of water.
    • Prunce says it's likek it being called to him. Makes sense since Prunce is a squid and squids live in water.
    • Prunce's speech. Lots of fire in it.
    • While the Earth has land, the planet has air bubbles.
    • Prunce makes another fiery speech.
    • He does it again after looking at Yanyan.
    • When Hikaru suggests they transform into Yuni, she suggests merman. The other are nah-ish. Also Yuni's transformer doesn't give people the ability to breathe underwater.
    • After the cures and Yanyan turn into Mermaids, Prunce gets the last turn and becomes a bigger version of himself, much to their disdain.
    • Hikaru accidentally hitting herself on the coral.
    • The rip tide yanks both the rocket and the Prunce it's attached to.

Episode 28

  • Hikaru calls the planet's core "like a jewelry box"
  • Yuni is about to eat the crab alien. Good thing it doesn't go far.
  • Flare-san's shop is very hot it burns Hikaru.
  • Elena saying "Ika" and Madoka "Tako" and the scene where they collapse from exhaustion.
  • When Yuni asks if Planet Plasma is made of fire, Lala says yes.
  • Kappard bragging that water planets are the best.
  • When Yanyan kisses Prunce on the cheek, he blushes and turns into a puddle.

Episode 29

  • Hikaru sees the giant building.
  • Hikaru thinking every resident they see at Planet Saman they meet - Kuku (Lala's boss), Toppa (the ambassador) - is Lala's brother, which becomes embarrassing to the others (especially Lala, who even has to interrupt the Hikaru introduction twice)
  • Kuku says that he's never seen aliens like the Cures. And later Prunce has to stop Hikaru from revealing they are from earth because Earth is not in the Starscape Alliance.
  • Hikaru's reaction when she and the other girls are scanned by the AI so Lolo can make a dessert for them.
    • Upon seeing it, she gets overjoyed which results in her saying "Kirayaba"
  • Everyone's reactions after they eat the dessert they receive from Lolo on Planet Saman
    • Yuni goes from serious to surprised with how good it tastes (in contract to everyone else being more excited)
    • Hikaru and Elena getting all excited with how good it is
    • Madoka looking like she's in heaven with the taste of it

Episode 30

  • Because the residents of Planet Saman are too reliant on their hoverboards, they are incapable of running, much to their disdain.
  • Kaka and Toto's expressions upon finding out Lala is a Pretty Cure.

Episode 31

  • Lala and Prunce's reactions to Toppa telling the cures they are banned from space travel for 100 years, along with Abraham's bratty reaction to Toppa demoting him.
  • Elena and Madoka sounding like they have excuses to turn down the alliance offer.
  • In the scene where he's shown by Hikaru a pile of onigiris (the one she showed Lala in 29 eps back, Toppa asks if Earthlings eat rocks.
  • When Hikaru shows Toppa the moon, he says it's noting compared to Fuwa's warp powers.
  • The look on everyone's faces when the Pisces Princess tells the cures to feed Fuwa. She responds by saying she is not hungry which makes all the princesses shake their heads. And finally the looks of the Pretty Cure's faces after seeing Fuwa transform.

Episode 32

  • When the Star Princesses explain that Fuwa still isn't fully grown, Hikaru wonders what this means and has an Imagine Spot of Fuwa as a Winged Unicorn the size of an actual horse with a deeper voice.
  • Yuni getting annoyed and storming towards the Taurus Princess when they stay silent towards her question.

Episode 33

  • When Fuwa teleports for the first time, she lands upside down in front of Yeti, feeling embarassed.
  • Hikaru gives sensei a portfolio that happens to have pics of the aliens in it.
  • Fuwa's attempts to be helpful caused more trouble and embarrassment to the other girls, trampling on Hikaru's homework and getting in Madoka's way while she was organising things.
  • Kappard's weapon looks like a dog.
  • Yeti licking Fuwa's face after he is rescued and she apologises to him.
  • Fuwa teleporting Hikaru back to the school after she says she's in a rush to get her homework in. She bans Fuwa from teleporting again.

Episode 34

  • Lala getting embarrassed when Yuni reminds her she's an alien like her on Earth after she gets confident about the mission.
  • After Hikaru shows off a Japanese welcome sign, Elena suggests that the alien visitors don't speak Japanese.
  • The look on Yuni's face when the rest of the girls cheer on the idea of giving Saboro a warm welcome and good hospitality as he inspects Earth.
  • Hikaru getting excited about a world where plants evolved to be like humans.
  • Prunce trying to introduce himself to Saboro and getting pricked by his spines.
  • Saboro blushing when Elena says she also loves flowers (understanding what he is saying)
  • Saboro eyeing people's food at a cafe and Elena having to come and move him away.
  • Yuni's squeak and look of discomfort when Carlos hugs her.

Episode 35

  • The look on Hikaru's face when Madoka says she should run for school president.
  • Sakurako being on fire when she initially doubts the concept of election.

Episode 36

  • The look on Mary Ann's face as Yuni manages to free herself easily when the cures arrive.
  • Cure Cosmo feeling insulted when the other cures say she's not honest while protecting her.
  • When Mary Ann invites Yuni to volunteer with her, she responds by cuffing her with her own cuffs and walking off with the cures.
    • She then tries to chase the Rocket to stop her but goes too fast, shoots past them, and lands on the moon.

Episode 37

  • Hikaru discusses the costume stuff by imaging herslef as a witch and pumpkin.
  • "Kirayaba-lun!"
  • Hikaru and Elena's reaction to seeing Prunce's "Costume" for the Costume Party.
  • Carlos and Kaede dressed as flowers (alongside an embarrassed Elena).
  • Kappard's shock and confusion when girls keep approaching him for selfies.
  • Kappard winning the top prize, but disappearing when it is announced.

Episode 38

  • After saying that she is finished analyzing Twinkle Imagination, she says "I have lerned nothing".
  • Yuni snapping at Prunce for eavesdropping on her comment about Hakkenyan.
  • Fuwa gets another one of those hiccup cookies from many episodes earlier so the Cures chase after her.
  • When Hakkenyan introduces himself, he ends up facing the opposite direction to the girls, much to their confusion and dismay. Lala had to point out they are behind him.

Episode 42

  • Prunce's smug face when he explains he can speak various alien languages which Yuni comments about.
    • Yuni and Madokas reactions as Prunce boasts about his work as an interpreter in the Starry Sky Alliance. Yuni looks unimpressed while Madoka giggles about it.

Episode 49

  • Lolo reveals to Lala that everyone on Planet Saman has started to ditch their hoverboards and physically walk around like her. However, they still are far from used to and are shown to be very exhausted.

Miracle Universe

  • The segment where it talks about using a Miracle Light safely, all the things that can go wrong happen to Piton during the demonstration
    • Piton coming out of the curtain covered in ask and passing out
  • While Emiru, Akira, Yukari, Elena, and Madoka are cuddling into Ruru to keep cold on the hot planet, Harry tries to join and she kicks him in the face, reminding him that she's a girl android.

The Movie - Wish Upon a Song of Stars

  • Milky getting bonked on the head by a stray star at the beginning of the movie, causing her to spin uncontrollably through space.
  • Pretty much all of Hikaru and Lala's teleportation antics with UMA qualify, especially the first time when they fall out of the sky above Okinawa screaming their lungs out.



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