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The Series

  • Hana's failed attempt to give herself an Expository Hairstyle Change on the first day of school.
  • At the beginning of episode 2, the class is talking about how impressive and dreamy the new Pretty Cure is, and Hana almost lets it slip that she's Cure Yell. In fact, she wants to blab to everyone about being a Pretty Cure, but Harry managed to convince her not to by telling her that having a Secret Identity is cool. Hana would also rather be the only Pretty Cure around so she can have all the glory and fame.
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  • Hana getting compared by Saaya to a mountain bluebird, and the face she makes that prompts this comparison.
  • Saaya quotes a statement by Mother Teresa. However, the phrase she referenced is actually one of many quotes that are commonly misattributed to her. At least one fansub noticed this and added a translator's note saying, “it's totally not, but whatever,” when she claims it's a quote from Mother Teresa.
  • The fact that, despite being a Bishounen in the same vein as Coco and Natts, Harry's handsomeness is only treated as a big deal by himself and no one else is impressed by him.
  • Saaya's Adorkable enthusiasm when she sees a display of power tools at the store.
  • Hugtan getting picked up by a toddler when Harry's not looking. Adult Fear of losing a baby aside, this leads to plenty of adorable antics as they search for Hugtan around the store.
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  • During the girls' search for Hugtan, the intercom asks Hana to come over to the missing children center. When they get there, the lost child they were called for wasn't Hugtan, but Harry, who is crouching on a stool and bawling his eyes out after losing Hugtan, while the actual kids are patting his back to calm him down.
  • The face Hana makes to mimic Saaya's "angelic" expression.
  • Ranze Ichijō, a very petty girl with a grudge against Saaya, shows up. Her jealousy of Saaya comes from how they both appeared in the same vegetable commercial as child actresses when they were younger, but only Saaya got to reap the benefits of her Star-Making Role as the Vegetable Girl while Ranze was merely wearing a leek costume in the background, and she blames Saaya for her own lack of fame. Saaya can only offer, "I like leek," in response to this story.
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  • Homare is incredulous that Ranze seriously leaves the scene with a Noblewoman's Laugh.
  • Each episode starts with a recap of the events of the previous episode narrated by one of the Cures… except for episode 9, which is narrated by Hugtan.
  • Emiru Aisaki's Crazy-Prepared paranoia about everything that can go wrong with the mountain hike. She ends up making Hana freak out about the possibility of turning into a kappa, and she ends up grabbing Emiru and falling into the creek.
  • Harry lampshading the ridiculousness of some of the choices made for the pajama party, from asking why the girls have to change into their pajamas when it's still light outside to wondering why the party was held at his place without him knowing beforehand to calling out Hana when she reveals that the only movies she brought to watch were horror movies.
  • While Hana is initially elated that Hugtan calls her mama as her first word, this joy soon turns to jealousy when Hugtan starts calling others mama, including Saaya, Homare, and a pair of takoyaki.
  • Homare going Laughing Mad with fright and nervously stuffing her face with popcorn after seeing the horror movie. Saaya, meanwhile, seems more keen on the movie's special effects than being scared by the film itself.
  • After being purified, Charalit apparently became a YouTuber.
  • At the recap in the very beginning of episode 13, Hana introduces herself in English, much to the bewilderment of Hugtan and her fellow teammates.
  • During Ruru's welcome party, they serve temaki sushi. Hana's mother reminds her to put cucumber in hers, but Hana, remembering what Emiru said in episode 9, is afraid of it turning her into a kappa.
  • Hana's "Mechokku!" turning into a Borrowed Catchphrase when Ruru starts questioning the inefficiencies of the party's eating methods.
  • Hana's mom asks Ruru to get Hana out of bed. Ruru succeeds in doing so, and though we don't see how she did it, the end result is Hana on the ground with her bed in an upright position beside her.
  • Saaya is revealed to have a competitive streak and spends most of the episode competing with Ruru over trying to win the affection of the babies at the day care center, to the point where Saaya starts changing the way she speaks. Hana and Homare are understandably surprised to learn about this.
  • The girls take turns lifting babies into the air and Harry decides that he wants to have a turn. Ruru decides to oblige his request, only for her to toss him so high up that Harry briefly enters the stratosphere before plummeting back down. Both his and the Cures' reactions afterwards really sell the scene.
  • At the end of the episode, Ruru tries to help Hana go to sleep by petting her like a baby. Hana says that that's not going to work. Cue Hana falling asleep shortly after.
    Ruru: "12 seconds. Even faster than a baby."
  • Episode 15, in which the super serious Ruru embarks on her first shopping trip and meets the scrupulous yet eccentric Emiru. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The entire Nono household with the exception of Kotori have a massive freak out about the sale on eggs.
    • Emiru spends most of the episode dressed up in a Pretty Cure costume while trying to do good deeds for pedestrians and making various humorous poses. The problem is, she ends up screwing up a lot, from accidentally knocking over a tower of cans to giving a man the wrong kind of vegetable to not being able to lift a heavy bag for a lady.
    • Saya’s recent audition and Homare’s new spin technique have not gone well, so when they ask each other, their eyes move completely abnormal as they fake their assurance.
    • Homare gets annoyed at Emiru’s costume for being a rip-off of their Precure forms with more hilarious facial expressions when Saya comments that she believes the outfit is cute.
    • Ruru, meanwhile, has truly come into her own as The Comically Serious as she tries to deal with Emiru's antics. However, special mention must be given to the part where she launches ahead of a crowd to grab some eggs during a bargain sale, all with the same stoic expression on her face.
    • While the focus of the episode is mostly on Emiru and Ruru, Hug-tan learns to articulate the girls names to an extent. The girls instantly turn hysterical, begging for Hugtan to say their names, but Hana goes too far and accidentally makes her cry.
    • The part where Emiru reveals to Ruru who she really is. Prior to this, Ruru had thought that Emiru could be a Pretty Cure given her costume and behavior, but once Emiru changes into her regular attire...
      Ruru: "Probability of being a Pretty Cure: 0.01%."
    • Which is promptly followed by this gem:
      Emiru: "The truth is that...I am not a real Pretty Cure!"
      Ruru: "Of course not."
    • Later in the episode, Emiru decides to take Ruru to her house, only for it to be revealed that she's part of a supremely wealthy family and lives in a mansion that's practically a castle. Upon entering, the two are greeted with spotlights shining down on them before Emiru's parents welcome Ruru by singing and dancing around the room. It quickly becomes apparent where Emiru gets her exuberant mannerisms from.
    • Emiru's older brother chides her for being unladylike by playing guitar. Ruru getting angry for the first time and standing up for Emiru is more of an awesome and heartwarming moment than a funny one, but it gets funny after he leaves and Ruru makes this face to express her anger.
    • The end of the episode, where Emiru gets the idea of becoming a Pretty Cure and tries to rope in Ruru. As Ruru contemplates the idea, the episode abruptly cuts to this image of the two girls posing like Pretty Cure note . Ruru immediately refuses.
    • The duo have a back-and-forth on whether or not they're friends. The episode ends with Emiru clinging to Ruru and crying.
  • In episode 18, Emiru plants notes at Hana’s school for the Cures to meet her, and arrives to meet them in her Cure Emiru form. When she is about to reveal that they are Precure, Ruru immediately performs a Flash Step to stop her, followed by the four girls comically kidnapping her to ease suspicion from the rest of the campus.
    • After carrying her body all the way to Beauty Harry, they somehow taped her mouth shut. When she takes off the tape and explains how she saw the Cures cancel their transformation and heard Harry speaking, Harry gets mad that she called him a mouse, only to blow his cover again. He tries to immediately fake it, but Homare points out that it’s too late for him to reply.
    • Later in the night, Emiru asks Ruru to prove to her that she is an android. Ruru complies, and whatever she opened was enough to make the girl’s head blazing.
  • Episode 22 starts with Cure Black freaking out over where they are, Cure Yell confused over who these people are... and Cure Machere demanding Melody Swords.
    Cure Black: Where… are we?
    Cure Yell: You. Who?
    Cure Black: Where?!
    Cure Yell: Who?!
    Cure Macherie: Could you be heavenly messengers who came to give us Melody Swords? (approaches Cure Black and White, hands open) Gimme.
    • There's also a nice play on words when Cure Yell asks "Are you both…?" ("Futari ga…?") and Cure Black sheepishly responds "We are…" ("Futari wa…")
    • Cures Yell and Black also react to the realization a Cure team hopped universes by saying their catchphrases in alarm.
      Cure Black: Unbelievable!
      Cure Yell: Big shock!
      Cure Black: UNBELIEVABLE!
      Cure Yell: BIG SHOCK!
  • Episode 26 introduces Saaya's mother, a famous actress who is currently starring as the lead in a show about chefs and cooking. Ruru is familiar with this show and has watched it. While she talks about how the plot and character development intrigue her, the camera zooms in on the drool coming from her mouth to show us what Ruru's really interested in. And later on, the way she scarfs down all the leeks at dinner.
    • Earlier in the episode, there's something funny about how she says, "I would like to get fizzy with Saaya," after Saaya stars in a commercial for fizzy mineral water.
  • The scream Saaya lets out when one of the directors at the studio gives her a hug out of nowhere, and him subsequently getting smacked in the head by some ladies on set.
  • When visiting the studio, Hana intends to get autographs from any famous people she comes across, which Harry finds suspicious. Cue Ranze showing up and haughtily writing her name on every single autograph card Hana brought, leading to a tearful "Mechokku" from her.
  • In Episode 27, Harry has his biggest freak-out yet over the Running Gag of being called a mouse, his cut-in bubble actually pushing Emiru off the screen as he throws a fit:
    Harry: I'm not a mouse! I'm Hariham Harry! How long are you going to drag that stupid joke out?!
    • Later on that episode, the Cures had to battle Doctor Traum's Mou-Oshimaida outside of a maternity ward, where there are a bunch of newborn babies, resulting in Cure Ange repeatedly telling either the Oshimaida or her teammates to pipe down so they won't disturb them. It even gets to the point where Doctor Traum explains that a giant parking cone the monster summoned was supposed to be a drill, but was instead launched at the Cures so it won't make as much noise. Of course, all of this however doesn't stop Macherie and Amour from rocking out, very loudly, to purify it.
  • Episode 29:
    • When the girls visit Hana's grandmother for the first time, Saaya and Homare are surprised with her hairdo.
    • When the girls try her baking for the first time. the look on Emuri's face and squeak of enjoyment she gives after taking a bite of it. Commenting on how fluffy it is
    • Ruru going into her fantasising phase after enjoying it.
    • Harry crying in happiness about how it is the best thing he's ever tried.
  • Episode 36:
    • Before the Kira Kira, Mahou Girls and Hugtto teams transform to fight Dr. Traum, Yukari stops everyone and refuses to transform until they get brand new clothing, seeing as they're wearing their adult clothes yet returned back to teenagers.
    • Bunbee makes a sudden appearance, having been on the run for awhile now. He essentially forces the Kira Kira girls to feed him. Ichika responds by making him work off the debt he built up eating all that food.
    • Nozomi and Hana's first meeting concludes with the two headbutting each other.
    • What dance is Ruru doing alongside Love? The Robot, of course. The others lampshade how old it is in a series that aired in the late New 10s.
      • Bonus point: said dance came straight out of the second Fresh Pretty Cure! ending, to which the background music of that scene (H@ppy Together) is set.
  • Episode 37:
    • Cure Magical saying "I didn't fall!" to Macherie after she ended up face-first on the ground after Chiffon teleports her (and those who ended up in Clover Town Street) back to the others.
      • Happened in the previous episode too. Made even funnier that this was post time-skip Riko, meaning even after becoming a teacher in the Magic Academy (and probably 18-19 years old of age), Riko still cannot escape her Running Gag.
    • Despite not having a speaking role (a first for her in a crossover), it won't be a Cure Marine appearance without her making silly expressions:
    • The big battle between the Pretty Cure All-Stars and Dr. Traum's monsters has some hilarious moments.
      • When most of the star-themed Cures have taken out a group of monsters, Cure Custard and Cure Peace race by in a panic. The scene then cuts to them still running with a group of monsters following them, seemingly panicked as well. Cure Lemonade tries to tie up one of the monsters only to end up being (quite) literally dragged along for the ride, while Cure Pine also ends up joining in on the run.
      • Cure Happy, Cure Dream and Cure Yell use their respective basic finishers to defeat one monster and as they do their own Three-Point Landing, Happy... falls flat on her face.
      • Cure Whip uses her own finisher on some monsters, creating a massive strawberry sweet in its wake, leaving Cure Rhythm and a starry-eyed Cure Honey to clap in awe.
      • The sheer and simplistic badassery and beauty of Cure Ace, Cure Moonlight, Cure Macaron and Cure Chocolat just idly slapping away monsters without a care in the world. Also, in typical Moonlight style, she did it while having her eyes closed.
      • Speaking of those four, they were grouped together because they were 17 years old/"adults" in Cure form. Emphasis on "Cure form", since Aguri (Ace's alter-ego) is one of the youngest Cures when untransformed...
      • Milky Rose punching the ground for seemingly no apparent reason as Cure Parfait complains about why there's so many enemies surrounding them.
      • Cure Beat's ahoge still makes guitar noises when she flicked it.
      • The "instrument-using" Cure group bar Macherie (Passion, Beat, Scarlet, and Amour) also shared one thing in common between them: They start off as villains, redeemed mid-way through their season and then joined the Cure's side to become a Pretty Cure themselves.
  • Episode 38 starts off with Harry and Hugtan coming in to see Hana drawing something and just making odd noises as she does. As it turns out, it's a Halloween party poster... and it proceeds to scare both Hugtan and Harry. Hugtan's so scared she screams the roof off their shop.
  • Ruru finally calling Dr. Traum "Dad" and telling him she loves him in Episode 45? Heartwarming. Traum's repeated attempts to hear it again and Ruru's steadfast refusal to do it while moving further and further back? Hilarious.
  • In the final episode, the Hugtto team meets Hikaru/Cure Star and helps her get back one of her series' MacGuffin. However, she's caught off-guard by a passing-by Kappa and she runs after in awe. When we turn back to the Hugtto team, we find Emiru clinging to Ruru with her eyes just WIDE.



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