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Hugtan will be a fourth Cure.
The light-blue barrette on her head resembles the ones that Cure Yell and Ange have. Additionally, merchandise shows a white Mirai Crystal with a heart symbol on it.
  • As of now, this theory is somewhat questionable since Cure Macheri's civilian name is Emiru who is set to debut as Kotori's classmate in Episode 9.
    • Jossed. She was a Cure, but after trying to escape to the past via the white Mirai Crystal with Harry, she reverted to Hugtan.

Harry Harryham will be a Chick Magnet.
Considering that he's described to be an ikemen.
  • What appears to be his human form in the opening (red-haired guy, same color as Harry's) seems to check out with this prediction.

A former villain will become the fourth Pretty Cure.
Because it wouldn't be Precure without this occurring every other season. Practically confirmed with the revelations that Yukari Tamura is voicing one of the villains (high profile VAs voicing female villains have a tendency to become Cures), and a leak from the toys has dialogue for a Cure Amour, who sounds very similar.
  • My money is on Ruru jumping ship since she is the one said seiyuu is voicing and she has much more prominence on the intro than the other villains similar to Julio which means she will have more plot importance than the others.
  • Confirmed in episode 20: Ruru is Cure Amour.

Alternatively, there will be NO fourth Cure.
This would be the first since the original series, considering this is the 15th anniversary. Toei might want to return to it's original roots.
  • Jossed: People have hacked the toys and there are not one but two extra Cures coming along.

There is already at least one active Cure besides Hana and her friends, who will eventually join them.
The villain in the first episode seemed to be expecting a Cure to show up when he attacked the school, yet was surprised when Hana became one. Could mean there's already another Cure out there that the villains know about.

Harry, Hugttan, and the Cryasse Corporation are from the future.
The whole point of the series is that the Cures must save the future and everyone's tomorrow. If the villains win, then tomorrow is gone. Well what better way to end tomorrow by making it never happen in the first place. The villains' corporation building has a futuristic look to it, not to mention the first scene of Ruru suggests she may be an android. When Charalit first appeared, he had a hologram-like device when scouting for the Mirai Crystals. As the theory above puts it, Charalit was expecting a Cure to come, why? Because if he is from the future, then he would know that a Cure existed in the past, or our present. And then there's Harry and Hugttan. Harry tells Hana to "get with the times" when he is in disbelief to realize that animals don't talk in Hana's world. Also Hugttan seems to be an actual baby (granted with magic) rather than a fairy and Harry never confirms that he is a fairy. The way he was expecting Hana to help them out since the beginning makes one wonder what is actually going on.
  • Confirmed in episode 12.

Kaori Ishihara will have a role in the anime.
Given that Yui Ogura is in the anime as Homare/Cure Etoile, this is inevitable.

Ruru is a Robot Girl.
Or at least part cyborg. On top of her already emotionless behavior, she was briefly shown with electronic circuits in the first episode and talks about searching a database for information in the third. If the above theories about the fourth Pretty Cure prove true, it's also likely that Ruru's Heel–Face Turn will revolve around this fact.
  • Confirmed to be an android in Episode 16.

Charalit is going to get quickly killed off.
Because he's the only villain attacking the Cures for the first five episodes, that, or he'll get fired and disappear.
  • Alternatively he will become Ruru's fairy.
    • Jossed: He's purified by the Cures, Put On The Bus, and makes a reappearance in episode 24.

Hugtan is a Good Counterpart to Homura Akemi
There have been shows that have intentionally and unintentionally placed the archetype in a genuinely heroic light. And Togo who is a Destructive Savior at best. But Hugtan's time powers, importance to the plot, and possibility of becoming a Cure could make her a straight played antithesis to Homura unlike Rei Kuroki who was more of a unfortunate coincidence.

Takahiro Sakurai will have a role in the anime.
Well, given that Junichi Sato is the director...

Hugtan was one of the previous Cures
It would help explain why her instinct when a monster appears is to try to confront it, and why Harry dodged the question of who her mother was. Hana's nightmare implies the previous Precure were killed or greviously injured, which might help explain why she's in the form of an infant. Perhaps she's an instant reincarnation of a dead cure similar to Sailor Saturn or the result of some sort of fragmentation similar to what happened to Marie-Ange.
  • Or it could be that going back in time caused Hugtan to turn into a baby. Moving through time seems like it could be a strenuous process on the user. So when Hugtan took Harry and herself to the past, her time was reversed as well.
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  • Confirmed. Including the 'going back in time caused Hugtan (or rather Cure Tommorow) to turn into a baby' part.

Ruru is getting the Aguri screwjob
A variant on the first theory. Basically Ruru will get screwed over much like Regina and the position of Sixth Ranger will be given to Emiru. While Amour is the white Precure.
  • Jossed. Leaks confirm that Cure Amour and Cure Macherie are Ruru and Emiru respectively.

Charalit's dead, now what?
Well Charalit died as pathetically as he lived. But he left some major questions unanswered. Criasu did something royally fucked up to him before giving him his final marching orders. And his death seems to have to sparked some interest in Ruru making it personal for her. Also was he killed off real? Will he come back? And if he does on what side will he be on? Honestly I hope he stays dead the Precure side already has Harry and Henri to fill the Bishonen quota and Henri could easily fill any role Charalit could conceivably occupy within the Precure faction unless Charalit keeps his evil powers like the Kiryuu twins.
  • Jossed. Charalit makes a brief appearance in Episode 12 on a phone screen.

The Precure will get Loony Fans as the series progresses.
A subset of the above theory. The Precure actions will get them fans as part of the supporting cast asides from Emiru. They will range from annoying yet potentially useful such as Henri. To a Heel Face Turned Charalit who hero worships Hana and is a pain in the ass to everyone.
  • Partially confirmed. There is a Cure Yell fan club, and the leader is slightly loony, but for a good reason.

Homare and Harry will fall in love with each other.
The two have quite a bit of interaction with each other and Harry tends to rest on Homare's shoulder in mascot form.
  • Several key episodes allude to the idea that Homare seems to definitely have feelings for Harry, and quite a bit if ship teasing occurs.
  • Ultimately proven to be unrequited. Homare loves Harry, but Harry has his heart on someone else.

Ruru will briefly die and then come back to life by the power of the Mirai Crystals.
Taking a page from Cure Passion, Ruru will be sentenced to death by the villains but will then revived by the White Mirai Crystal, resulting in her becoming a new Cure and pulling a Heel–Face Turn at the same time. To go even further, if the above theories about her being a Robot Girl are true, then this process can turn her into a human.
  • To go one further, the White Mirai Crystal will either turn purple or split into a purple and a red crystal so that Cure Macherie can get her crystal at the same time as Amour's.
  • Another possible theory is that at the end of their fight in Episode 17, the Cures' Trinity Concert will transform Ruru into a full human, seeing how she has grown past her android roots. Alternatively, because Ruru's an android, the Trinity Concert might not have its intended effect at first, resulting in it possibly killing or severely damaging her.
  • Jossed. Ruru was damaged and disabled, but repaired and brought back online later, both by Papple.

Ruru did not start out life as a Criasu member
It's clear that she is a Robot Girl, That she is far more competent than her fellow low ranked minions, and that she has a very low ranking for her threat level. And from the looks of the preview her Heel–Face Turn in occurring far too quickly compared to Setsuna or Regina. Which suggests that Ruru is neither evil nor truly part of the Craisu group but was stolen by the Craisu company maybe from the Precure's themselves. Maybe she was meant to be Cure Amour from the very beginning and since the invasion ended before she could be turned on they stole her as war plunder and turned her into their minion.
  • Jossed. Ruru has always been a product of the Criasu Coproration. Her serial number is RUR-9500.

Cure Amour and Cure Macherie will debut during the 20-29 episode gap.
  • Confirmed. They appear together in episode 20.

Cure Amour will debut before Cure Macherie
Knowing the patterns from Doki Doki! and Kira Kira!, which the Purple Cure debuts before the Red Cure.
  • According to promotional material Amour and Machiere are a duo and will debut together.
  • Jossed, both Amour and Macherie debut in the same episode.

Hugtan will be a 11th-Hour Ranger.
In a way similar to Candy and Pekorin.
  • Jossed. Hugtan is always a baby.

Emiru's brother will be Criasu's Sixth Ranger.
The guy is a brown haired G-rated Kaname Asagiri without the subtlety. He's practically asking to be "recruited." Especially now that Charalit's gone and we're merely counting the days for Ruru to inevitably turn in her walking papers.
  • Possibly. The fact that Criasse Corporation came from the future implies that the villains are humans. Even considering that Kurai is a demon.
    • Jossed, as it seems that her brother's toned down a bit after Henri's influence.

Cure Ange and Cure Etoile's job themes are Saaya and Homare's true callings in life.
Currently, Saaya is pursuing an acting career and Homare is pursuing an athletic career. But Saaya at least has stated before that she's not too sure if becoming an actress is what she really wants to for the long-term. She's studious, good with technology, and has a helping personality; traits that would make her a good doctor. While Homare hasn't said anything about her future occupation, she has been shown to be great at customer service and she yearned to "fly" in a figurative sense prior to becoming a precure.
  • Some evidence for this is shown in episode 15 in a brief interaction between Saaya and Homare. Both ask each other how their auditions/figure-skating practice is going, to which they both try to divert the subject away from their activities.
    • Partially Jossed. Saaya went on to be OB/GYN doctor, while Homare followed her athletic dreams.

Criasu's upcoming corporate restructuring.
It's clear that the events of Episode 17 hit Papple harder than expected. And even thought it will take a while the debut of Amour and Machere will likely be the beginning of a major power struggle between the surviving minions. Papple is clearly showing that she has standards, Ristoru is a ruthless SOB, and Charon Seiga has done more in Re:CREATORS than Daigan ever did. Ristoru is quite possibly gonna get kill happy at the end taking Daigan with him and Papple will probably go running towards Ruru or Charaleet to save her hide much like Bumbee.
  • Confirmed by Episode 23 and 24, with the company having a completely new line-up of villains, complete with an entirely different set of positions as well.

Harry was a member of Criasu.
The way Harry worded his explanation of Ruru sounded way too suspicious. Harry may be a Defector from Decadence and his hamster form is actually a punishment from Kurai instead of a fairy form. That's also how he managed to rescue Hugtan in the first place and travel thru time. Criasu are the only ones with time travel tech so Harry as a former general used it to rescue Hugtan and go to the past.
  • Confirmed in Episode 25, though his Hamster Form turns out to be natural.

The Hugtto Precure are originally Criasu technology.
As part of the above theory if Harry was a general of Criasu than the current Precure use Criasu technology. The Preheart's are smaller scale versions of Kurai's method of controlling the white crystal and its power to control time which have been converted into tools against evil.

Kurai was a human in the past.
Likely a Demon of Human Origin. But how's that for starters? Simple:
  • First: The members from the Criasu Corporation are from the future.
  • Second: Kurai is a demon, and while not confirmed or jossed, it's implied that the members of the corporation are humans.
  • Third: The human which became Kurai is actually someone from the distant past.

  • Episode 23 all but confirm that Kurai was a human, more especifically, George.

The mysterious man named George is Kurai, who froze the future because he feared for the world's future.
To sum this WMG up:
  • That sexy, rain man with the cool theme is Kurai's true form.
  • Harry describes the future as perfect. In his first appearance, George tells Hana that Eden can not last forever. In order to preserve that perfect world, George decided to stop time and created Criasu Corp so that the downfall can never happen.
  • The book he is carrying must be a history book of some sort from the future. And because the Precures awakened in the past, it's constantly updating on when an event will occur in the near future. How else could he know that the "legendary sword" would appear to Hana in the exact same episode that it happened in?
  • He only appears to Hana due to the fact that she is the biggest problem for his plan. She's inspired the other Cures with her attitude, but at the same time he feels compelled by it as well.

  • Now confirmed as of Episode 23.

Huggtan will be turned evil by Kurai.
...and stay that way till the final arc.
  • Bonus points if it happens in the midseason arc.

George is Papple's boyfriend
Since in the episode where Papple is with her boyfriend, his unseen-face body is wearing a white buttoned shirt, just like George.
  • Confirmed and ended catastrophically.

Masato is Armored Closet Gay and his issues with Emiru and Henri revolve around him being in denial.
It doesn't help that he is the heir to the household and is probably expected to both get married and have children to continue the Aisaki bloodline by producing more children. There's also a good fact that he may be in love with Henri and that is the reason why he bullies him.

Ruru is the Spiritual Antithesis of Gien
This is just a theory but outside the PreCure franchise, both Ruru and Gien are sympathetic robot characters, but have opposite characterizations: Ruru started out as an Emotionless Robot Girl who initally hang out with the main characters as a spy and is later influenced by humanity, ultimately pulling a Heel–Face Turn and becoming a Cure in the process. Gien on the other hand, is a Cyborg who Was Once a Man and later went mad as a result of Cybernetics Eat Your Soul, turning him from an innocent Manchild to a Robotic Psychopath who committed mass genocide For the Evulz. Ironically, Ruru's characterization leans closer to Fate Testarossa, Colon, and Chase despite being Gien's Distaff Good Counterpart.

The villain in the cell will be redeemed.
Calling the shots now, they’re wrapped in bandages and are tied up in a cell, definitely abused, possibly even tortured by Criasu, Listol in particular. The Cures will find out, feel bad, and defeat them with a hug.

Jeros has an additional meaning in her name, not unlike Close, Shut and Lock

My guess is "Jealously":

  • Jeros may be relatively "better" compared to Papple, but deep down, she suffers from Inferiority Superiority Complex. She is secretly jealous of Papple, which explains why Jeros "replaced" her after Papple's failures. Also, given that her teammates Dr. Traum and Bishin are now active members of the Criasu Company, there's a chance that Jeros will do everything to remove both (or at least one) of her teammates due to their "skills". Bishin will be one of Jeros' major victims, not only because she is "the other female", but also because of her own powers: Bishin have the power of destroying everything, making her also a target of Jeros' jealousness.
  • It doesn't make sense, but it should be noted that Dr. Traum killed Daigan. So it's not surprising if Jeros is secretly competing to be President Kurai's favorite, especially considering that Kurai is George.
  • Actually, it could be an Actor Allusion as well: Yuko Kaida also did Sae Niijima, which also have issues with envy.

Good Criasu and Bad Criasu will duke it out.
As Charalit, Pappple, and Daigan have basically become the WWW. They will probably try to stand up to Kurai and his new goons with Papple leading the charge. Leading to a Papple vs. Jelos fight. Good Criasu would lose but they would put a damn good fight and Kurai would be knocked down a peg.

The actual members from the Criasu Corporation are actually fairies.
Maybe a stretch, but looking again, three of the five fairies from Harry’s flashback suspiciously looks similar to the members from said corporation.
  • Not to mention, three of the members from Criasu have names which also brings to mind certain animals:
    • Harry - Harinezumi = Hedgehog
    • Bishin - Hakubishin = Civet
    • Ristor - Risu = Squirrel
  • Maybe Gelos' boytoys are the fairies? After all it's more or less set that Come Episode 31 the twins will be the newest victims of Criasu's "dynamic" hiring policies.
  • As of Episode 32, this is confirmed for Ristor and Bishin.

Kurai the butcher strikes again.
Once again it's time for more minion killing from the worst boss in Precure history. Who will survive?

Saaya has some form of Autism or Asperger's.
While Saaya is repeatedly noted in universe as The Ace, she's also surprisingly bad at reading people. When Ranze Ichijō appears after how-so-many years and declares herself as her rival, her spiel goes over Saaya's head, even though Homare and Hana still understand what had happened. Also, when she first meets Aya in Episode 35 she's more fixated on the fact that Aya is reading her book upside-down than asking about Aya herself. Also, her mother, despite being a renowned television actress, is rather clumsy and oafish in her private life as seen in Episode 26, suggesting that varying sorts of gracelessness run in the family.

The White cure is Harry, Ristoru's and Bishin's adopted mother.
This not only makes the white cure Older Than She Looks. But this also piles on some major incest vibes. As this makes the hamsters brothers and Harry is not only in love with his mother but Bishin wants to kill his mother and Homare to have his older brother to himself. And to top it all off Homare gave up on Harry too soon because she doesn't know about this information. And considering Harry's state in Craisu it makes you wonder is Bishin was locked up because he was into screwing kaiju?
  • Jossed. The white cure is Henri. This is actually significant in the IRL perspective of the series, as even though he is running on borrowed power, he is still the first ever male Pretty Cure complete with a transformed dress, proper Cure name, and a transformation sequence.

Henri is going to criasu
Look at the next episode preview shown in episode 41. Also,near the end of the episode,he's shown next to a card representing Criasu Corporation.
  • Jossed. He's Cure Infini. However,during that episode,he temporarily commanded a mou-oshimaida summoned by Listol.

Woz is responsible for the events of the series
Think about it for a moment,the book George owns is not his but rather one of Woz' books,and that book fortells George's defeat at the hands of the Cures and fortells Oma Zi-O's rise to power! In other words: Woz is trying to make the Precures succeed to ensure Oma Zi-O's rise to power isn't impeded or slowed down! Talk about messing the timeline!! Poor Hana and Everybody!

The remaining Criasu generals are going to be permanently killed off.
Essentially the remaining generals are simply too evil to be redeemed and even if they are purified they would simply continue to be dangerous and therefore need to be eliminated. Bishin and Jelos are maniacs and if by some miracle they live they will end up in a mental facility. And Ristoru has proved that he is Beyond Saving by going back to Craisu after being purified.
  • Jossed- Jelos was redeemed in Episode 45, and it can be assumed the same thing will happen for the other two. Plus, if Pappuru, who crossed the Moral Event Horizon, got redeemed, than why can’t they get redeemed either?

The whole series is All Just a Dream
cause why not?

Hana is Mother’s past self.
Think about it. Every time Hana wishes for something, Hugtan always grants those wishes. And we know that Hugtan a.k.a. Cure Tomorrow was the only one who can channel Mother’s power in her future. One might think Hugtan is using Mother’s power to grant Hana’s wishes by using Mother’s power. But, what if it’s the other way around? That Mother is using Hugtan to direct Hana to make her (Mother) exist in the first place? This troper thinks this way because some of Hana’s wishes that Hugtan granted are way too specific (examples: Melody Sword becoming instruments and Cure Infini’s design). Also, Hana is the biggest believer of happy and optimistic tomorrows in the series.

George is related to Hinase.
  • Similar black hair color.
  • Both approached Hana around the same time (episode 8-11 range).
  • Both gave Hana some advices and compliments when they met her.
  • Hinase disappeared from the series as George tried to get closer to Hana.
  • Hinase reappeared as George got Hana heartbroken and returned to Criasu, and with a sudden crush on her to boot.
  • Hinase is not present when almost all of the supporting cast transform into a Cure to help the Precures against George.

There are several options for their relationship:

  • Foil to each other: The most likely option, especially as both are treated as Hana’s Implied Love Interest, one-sided crushes be damned.
  • Descendant: George gets a book that tells him everything about the past, which probably includes Hinase’s alluded crush on Hana. So, George is probably trying to make up for his ancestor’s failure by approaching the same girl that he had a crush for.
  • Future self: This is assuming that “Hana is Mother’s past self” WMG above is true. George’s plan to stop time is actually to stop Hana from becoming Mother. Also, his obsession with Mother? It’s a sign of him being unable to let go of Hana.
    • To back this up, George and Hinase have purple-ish eyes. The only difference is that George also has yellow in his eyes, though the reasoning behind it could be because of his control over toge-power.

The all-chronicling book that George owns is sentient, and is the True Final Boss of the series.
After the movie of Doki Doki Pretty Cure, sentient objects manipulating the supposed Big Bad wouldn’t be out of possibilities in this franchise. Especially when said object always latches on the bad guy all the time and gives them their power.

Ristoru and Bishin will be purified at around the same time.
At this point, the show is nearing its final few episodes, and since these two have known each other since before joining Criasu, so why not deal with them both at the same time?
  • Alternativly, one or both of them will betray George and become the Big Bad, proving that Elisio’s betrayal of Noir last season has started a trend. However, secretly, this troper doesn't want that to happen.
    • Well, the first theory was correct. Ristoru and Bishin were both purified in Episode 47.

George was either in love with a descendant of Hana who is identical to her (which is why he now crushes on Hana) or Hana's future self, and something bad happened between them that caused him to freeze time.
Here are the guesses:
  • Hana or Hana's descendant died (least possible, may be too dark for a kid's show).
  • George and Hana/Hana-descendant were falling apart, so George froze time because he didn't want her to leave him (or she already did).
  • Their relationship was fine. George just got depressed by the idea that there would come a day that they wouldn't be together and froze time to keep that from happening.
  • George Did Not Get the Girl and froze time because he doesn't want this future. He'll mess around with Papple and Jeros, but the person he really wants a relationship with is Hana/Hana-descendant. So he wants to use Hugtan's power to get his "perfect future"; which is a future where he did get the girl.
    • Confirmed. George is Hana’s lover from the future.

Cure Yell will become Cure Aile in the final battle.
We're approaching the endgame and Hana is the last Cure who needs closure in her story line. Considering the final battle is against her future husband, it wouldn't be out of place for the battle to end up a one-on-one. Hana will probably receive a final form to counter the large oshimaida that George becomes and Cure Aile will be the name of this form, as Hana will fully realize her ability to be a supportive figure in the lives of her loved ones.
  • Well, that didn’t happen, but everyone turning into Cures is a fitting alternative, right?

A Visitor from Star☆Twinkle PreCure
Like the past three seasons of Pretty Cure, Hikaru Hoshina will make an appearance in the final episode.
  • You are correct, sir.

In the final episode...
Hagumi, the new future version of Hugtan, is actually the daughter of Hana and Homare, conceived via artificial insemination (possibly with Henri as the sperm donor, which would explain the hair color and why Henri got so much focus throughout the series even though he technically wasn't part of the main cast). While it is George carrying the bouquet, it's not due to any parental link to Hugtan/Hagumi; it's just an indicator that he and Hana are in good terms even though they didn't end up together in this timeline.

Hugtan was aware of her situation all along.
Hugtan seemed to be in many occasions capable of pulling out the appropriate Deus ex Machina whenever the Precure were in trouble. And compared to the other babies. Rarely if ever did stupid shit. I believe Cure Tommorrow's mind was intact all along since Episode 1 but it was trapped in the body of a baby. And much like Harry merely played the part of a baby to fool Criasu and because she was trapped as a baby.

Cure Tomorrow is much more powerful than the rest of the other cures.
Let's just say that from all the stuff Hugtan did the course of the show, while we never see the true extent of her powers, had Cure Tomorrow shown up during the events of the show itself, she could have possibly broken the plot over the knee.

The fate of Cure Amour.
Since the future has been changed what will happen to Ruru? The other Criasu employees really aren't relevant anymore but Ruru is necessary for Emiru to transform in Ma'Cherie and with the possibility that Original!Ruru doesn't exist anymore it basically means that Hugtto Precure is permanently down two members unless New!Ruru somehow gains the ability to become Cure Amour. This really wouldn't be a problem if the movies weren't canon. But Toei continues to shove the movies as canon down our throats. And that all the shows are set in the same universe.
  • Knowing that the team is about to split, Original!Ruru can produce a backup of all her software and data for Emiru to hold. When the new body is constructed in the future and presented to Emiru, all she need to do is restoring the backup to get Original!Ruru back within New!Ruru's body. And Emiru will make damn sure that whoever she contracted to build the New!Ruru will make damn sure that the new hardware is compatible with the software and data in her backup.

Ruru's hairstyle is a workaround to hide her antennas.
She does have those cat ear shaped horns on her head, housing her antennas for wireless connectivity and maybe even an active-array radar for environment scanning. The whole bundled-up hairstyle serves as a workaround to hide the antenna horns.
  • It does make me think that why nobody bothered giving her Wi-Fi passwords or a SIM card so she can connect to the Internet and download information at her own pace, especially post Heel–Face Turn.
    • Probably because when future Criasu built Ruru, they never bothered to add backwards compatibility to her systems, making her wireless hardware incompatible with current systems.

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