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  • After Emiru’s numerous failed attempts to help people in Episode 15, Ruru notes that everyone she tried to help left with a smile, cheering her up. Later, Emiru saves a child and is noticed by her heroes as one herself.
    • When Masato, Emiru’s brother, acts like a Straw Misogynist and insults her talents with the guitar, Ruru immediately jumps to her defense, something that shocks even her.
  • In Episode 16, Hana giving Ruru a Cooldown Hug, cementing the latter's Heel–Face Turn.
  • The way Ruru tells Pappuru to buzz off is both this and an awesome moment.
  • Emiru standing up for Ruru in episode 18, telling Pappuru that Ruru does have a heart and that she's a wonderful person.
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  • The ending scene/credits for episode 18, which consists of Emiru and Ruru cementing their friendship by singing a song that Emiru wrote together.
  • A meta example: Shortly after Episode 20 aired, Yukari Tamura, Ruru's seiyuu, tweeted this:
    I don't talk about my work with my family a whole lot, but I messaged my mom on LINE, saying "I became a Precure" and she replied "I saw. I watch you every week." Hey, it tickles...
  • Hugtan consoling and encouraging Mogumogu to win the dog contest.
  • In episode 37, when the Pretty Cure All-Stars perform the "Pretty Cure For You" attack, they call on the power of the Precure. Who did they count as a Precure? Michiru and Kaoru, who had the terrible misfortune of being forgotten after Splash Star ended; Cure Echo, who started out as The Scrappy for the All-Stars movie franchise before being redeemed; Pikorin; Pikario/Rio/Julio, whom many fans considered the first male Pretty Cure; heck, even those like Regina, Westar and Soular are included! Their series denied them a chance to be Pretty Cure. This series said "They always were". In fact, Kaoru is one of them.
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  • Episode 41 has Masato's Character Development reach its pinnacle as he effectively calls out his even-more sexist grandfather and tells Emiru to do what she wants, leading her to regain her voice.
  • A minor example: the villains, after being purified, seem to forgive each other for doing terrible things to one another. For instance, in Episode 45, Daigan is perfectly okay with being at a party with Dr. Traum, who attempted to murder him back in Episode 23.
    • Also, during the battle in Episode 47, Traum apologizes to Daigan for attacking him, and Daigan accepts his apology.
  • The final shot of episode 48. With George defeated, the Cures and their allies go and watch the sun rise on a new year.
    • And prior to that, we have Hana running back into the crumbling Criasu Corp building to tell the Big Bad that they would meet again.
  • Emiru's reunion with Ruru in the last episode.

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