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  • A slight one in Episode 26, but when Towa suddenly falls ill, Aroma phones the Cures to tell them what happened. What's the first thing they do? Stop everything they were currently doing and run back to the school to keep their sick friend company. Keep in mind that Haruka and Minami were spending time with their family and Kirara was working when they received the word, and that Noble Academy was likely a long distance away. The fact that they don't care and manage to reach the school just in time to fight the Monster of the Week really shows just how much they care for their new friend.
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  • In episode 33, Miss Shiamour gives Shut a special make-up lesson because he admits he's feeling down, has a string of bad luck and feels nobody respect his feelings. Aroma and the girls are initially shocked why Shiamour is so nice to their enemy but she replies that no matter friend or foe, a proper lady should treat everyone with kindness. It certainly worked - not only Shut left the scene in much, much better mood than before (even though he has been defeated) but also Kuroro got inspired by Shiamour's dream to learn as much as she can on earth so she can teach people in Hope Kingdom about it and got over his depression.
  • In episode 39, Towa and a freshly-recovered Kanata are truly reunited for the first time in years, complete with Tears of Joy from the former. In the following episode, Towa goes into little sister cuteness overload, happier than we've ever seen her. It's utterly adorable.
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  • In episode 45, Minami confesses to her parents that she has decided to abandon her old dream of joining the Kaido Group in favor of a new one. Instead of being angry, they openly congratulate her decision and agree to support her no matter what path Minami takes. Cue Tears of Joy from Minami.
  • In episode 46, Towa, excited at the sight of seeing snow for the first time, decides she wants to build a snow castle in the shape of the Hope Kingdom's castle. Her friends join her, promising that they will rebuild the real Hope Kingdom someday. That's heartwarming in itself, but what elevates this to a crowning moment of heartwarming is when the other Noble Academy students come to join and help build the snow castle with the boys bringing shovels and the like to help, Yui drawing the "blueprints", the cooking club offering warm food, etc. After a long period of work, the castle is finished thanks to everyone's efforts, and Towa's beaming face makes it all worth it.
    • Later on, Towa displays some degree of sympathy for Shut's sudden descent into insanity as the Cures fight him. She then tells him that back when she was Twilight, she didn't think there was anything else beyond being "Noble, Sublime, Beautiful" and was always alone. Now she isn't, and now she wishes to change and grow with him; she then extends her hand in friendship and offers a second chance, but unfortunately, Shut refuses and leaves. Fortunately, he's not all that rejecting the notion, as he accepts Shiamour's scarf.
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  • The complete restoration of the Hope Kingdom in the final episode, plus Towa reuniting with her parents at long last. Even Kanata is moved to Manly Tears.
  • The epilogue, which has each of the Cures looking at her own crystal replica of the Dress-Up key. Even after going their separate ways, growing up, and achieving their own respective dreams across the world, they are still connected.

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