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Being that Hugtto! Pretty Cure was the Pretty Cure franchise's 15th anniversary season, this show contains many examples of this trope:

  • Hugtan crashes into Hana in their first encounter, a common first episode event for the lead Cure in many of the Pretty Cure series.
  • Aki Momoi wears a sweater around the waist of her school uniform, just like Akane Hino.
  • Saaya's rival, Ranze Ichijou, is similar to Kirara's rival Ichijo Ranko. Both have similar names, wear hair accessories as well as the color pink, and have the same color hair and eyes.
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  • Emiru Aisaki resembles Reina Itsutsuboshi in her hairstyle and theme color, though Emiru has brown hair and is younger. Both also are from rich families.
  • The titles for several episodes have references to past Pretty Cure seasons.
    • Episode 9's title includes "Let's・La・Hiking!", rather similar to Ichika's Catchphrase "Let's・La・Cooking!"
    • Episode 10's title starts with Nagisa's Catchphrase, "Unbelievable!"note 
    • Episode 11: There is mention of a Melody Sword.
    • Episodes 12, 13, and 14 outright use the words DokiDoki, Fresh, and Smile in their titles, respectively.
    • Episode 24's title begins with "An Energetic Splash!".
    • Episode 28's title begins with "Catch That Girl's Heart♡".
    • Episode 30's title includes the phrase "GoGo!".
    • Episode 35's title contains the phrase "Inochi ga Kagayaku" note , similar to Shiny Luminous' introduction phrase "Kagayaku inochi".
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    • Episode 36's title uses "Daishuugo" note , which was used in the first three Pretty Cure All Stars theme songs.
    • Episode 38's title begins with "Charged With Happiness!".
  • Harry uses another one of Ichika's catch-phrases, "I just had a bright idea", in Episode 12, complete with the appropriate imagery and hand gesture.
  • One of the babies prominently focused on in episode 14, Chii-chan, resembles Cure Black in appearance, having her eye color, hair color (but it's a darker brown than said Cure) and hairstyle. Her shirt is also orange, the same color as the jacket she wears with her uniform in her civillian identity. This is likely justified as it was probably doubled as an animation test for the Non-Serial Movie, where Cure Black briefly turns into a baby.
  • Episode 19 has Ruru and Emiru directly saying "Futari wa Pretty Cure!" Turns out they need to be together to transform into real Cures, similar to how Nagisa and Honoka needed to be together to transform into Cures Black and White.
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  • Emiru expressing her frustrations to Ruru in episode 22 may have reminded fans of Nagisa and Honoka's fight in episode 8 of Futari wa Pretty Cure if the girls themselves weren't there to directly reference the event, even to the point of directly showing a clip from that said episode at the exact moment Nagisa uttered those damaging words.
  • In episode 34, one of Hana's classmates imitates Cure Yell by saying "I'm Cure Yell! Adieu!" as a beautiful, older-looking Cure Yell is shown. This is referencing Cure Ace, a Cure who looks older physically and has "Adieu" as a catchphrase. Also, both Cure's names are spelled similarly in Japanese.
  • When Love and Ruru show off their dance moves in episode 36, Ruru is dancing The Robot like in the beginning of Fresh's second ending H@ppy Together (which is playing in that scene).
  • The nearly two and a half minute fight featuring all of the Cures battling Dr. Traum in episode 37 arranges the Cures in such a manner that ones with similar attacks or abilities work together. These include all barrier Cures blocking an attack, Pine, Peace, and Custard running away in fear, pairs of Cures with multiple forms attacking in sequence, Star-themed Cures, the 17 and above squad, and the musicial instrument wielding group that happen to also be Heel–Face Turn plus Emiru, etc.
  • Manzai comedian Haranishi (best known for his "Cure Gorilla" skit in Smile) turns up again as an audience member for Henri and Homare's skate competition in episode 42. The man who made a crack about himself becoming a Cure comes back just in time to watch Henri's debut as Cure Infini.
  • When the heroes realize they've been transported into Saaya's movie in episode 44, Ruru says a catified version of one of Mirai's catchphrases and Emiru chirps "Cure Up Rapapa!". Doubles as a continuity nod to the big crossover a few episodes ago.

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