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Nightmare Fuel / HuGtto! Pretty Cure

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  • In episode 42, Homare tries to call Henri, wondering where he is. Unfortunately, he is in the car driving to a skating performance, and this causes his car to crash into a truck, leaving him injured. This may make the target audience of young girls, as well as some adult viewers, feel a bit nervous or scared, as it is a somewhat realistic depiction of the consequences of using your phone while driving.
  • All three times George nearly achieves his goal of freezing time. The world turns gray and everyone is petrified, and only the Cures (aside from the first time when it nearly perfectly works) and the villains are unaffected.
  • Whenever a villain is in their final episode (Ruru, Daigan and Ristoru excluded), they will turn themselves into an Oshimaida (some of them unwillingly). It is horrifying to see them as the very monsters they create. Special mention goes to Jinjin and Takumi, who are fused together into one and the result in nothing less than horrifying.