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  • Cure Yell instantly no sells the first Monster of the Week's attack with just her hand, obliterating it with the traditional hand-to-hand Precure fights missing from the last season.
  • Yell and Ange use a combination of close range acrobatics and long range shielding with an Animation Bump.
  • In a shocking and realistic twist, Homare doesn't become a PreCure. However, Nono pushes herself and barely defeats the Monster of the Week with just her determination.
  • Episode 3's MOTW is an agile, powerful creature based on Homare's depression over not landing the jump, being incredibly fast and powerful enough to pressure Cure Yell and Cure Ange. As Homare watches on and remembers the faith her friends have for her, she gains the thoughts to complete the jump and flies in the air, gaining her Mirai Crystal and transforming into Cure Etoile.
  • Cure Yell and Ange propel Etoile in the air to fly, and she descends from the air with a spinning Rider Kick on the Oshimaida before delivering the coup-de-grace with Heart For You!
  • With Hana dealing with the despair of not having any skill she can call her own, and unable to transform, it befalls Hugtan to defeat the Monster of the Week in what is definitely a Dangerous Forbidden Technique moment, since until now ONLY Hana had showed the power to purify enemies, and it looks like it was Cast from Hit Points, leaving the poor baby in a Power-Strain Blackout.
  • Ange and Yell continue to battle the Oshimaida even those they lose. And Hana's cheers continue to encourage them while in a losing situation.
  • When Hana drops an order of food for some customers, Homare takes roller skates and not only catches the dish, but delivers it in a few seconds.
  • Hana regains her Cure powers and is granted the Melody Sword, which she uses to gain the upper hand on Charalit's Oshimaida form. However, she chooses not to kill him and creates the first team power up to purify him instead, keeping her promise to save everyone as a hero.
  • Ruru chooses to save the children from the Oshimaida's attack at the day care center even at the cost of defeating the Cures.
  • Ruru reprimands Emiru's brother for disrespecting Emiru's love for the guitar solely based on her class and gender.
  • While pretending to be a Cure, Emiru's passion and desire to help people has lead her to create 0.01% asu-power, the same energy the Cures use to transform. Looks like her dream of being a Precure isn't too far off. And during an Oshimaida attack, she saves a little boy from the attack when the Cures are preoccupied fighting.
  • Ruru giving back Homare her PreHeart after stealing it shows how much she cares for them.
    Ruru: "Go! Pretty Cure!"
  • The way Ruru firmly states that she has new objectives while telling Pappuru to get lost with a warning shot is nothing short of badass.
  • When Emiru's brother catches Emiru taking part for a fashion show, Ruru stands up for her again, followed by Hana and Henri arriving to support the two and give Emiru's brother a piece of their mind. Special mention goes to Henri for talking down Emiru's brother while confidently wearing a dress, affirming that just as women can become anything they want, men can wear whatever they want.
  • Cure Amour and Cure Ma'Cherie's first battle. The duo begin to sing and continue putting on a show as they put the beatdown on the Monster of the Week.
  • Hugtan summoning Cures Black and White at the end of Episode 21.
    • Counts as one for the writers too. We were expecting them to appear in the movie in October. But nobody ever thought that they would include them in the main series.
  • Episode 22. The entire episode is just made of win from the writers.
    • It all started with this line.
      Nagisa & Honoka: DUAL AURORA WAVE!!!
    • Cures Black and White joins the fray to fight against Pappuru's Oshimaida form. Not only they held their own, they are actually winning, with just punches and kicks. Not a single special attack used, AT ALL. Makes one wonder whether we're watching Precure or Dragon Ball.
      • Ruru has to call off the upcoming Marble Screw before attempting to purify Pappuru. Keep in mind that the OG duo are one of the few sets of Cures that has a destructive special attack at all, and they are ready to launch it.
    • Heck, even them joining the fight is one big nostalgia trip for long time Precure fans as outside of crossover movies, this marks the first time seeing Cures Black and White in action in a decade.
    • At the end of the episode, it was Hugtan who sends Nagisa and Honoka back. Makes you wonder what kind of power that infant has. The last time we saw someone summoning Cures like that, it was Blue, and he is a God.
  • Episode 23 puts the heroines in a bind as George reveals his true self and his power and attempts to kidnap Hugtan in front of a depowered and time stopped team. Hugtan screams out the girls's names except for Hana... whom she calls "Mama". That triggers off her Mama Bear tendencies, breaks her out of the spell, re-empowers herself and rescues Hugtan, saving the other girls in the process.
  • Episode 24: Emiru and Ruru driving away the despair spread by the monster of the week with nothing more than the power of song, not only freeing all the nearby civilians from the haze they normally fall into, but also utterly wiping away the miasma of toge-power that the monsters normally spread and replacing it with an incredible flood of asu-power. And they do all of this untransformed, without using any of their precure powers.
  • In episode 29, Nono Tampopo, Hana's grandma, deflects a giant ball of candy from the Oshimaida attempting to destroy the shot, then Hana as Cure Yell sucker punches the MOTW sending it straight through the neighborhood!
  • Despite not being as well animated as the All Stars movies and the majority of the veteran Cures going voiceless, all 55 of them fighting together to the tune of "Danzen! Futari wa Precure" in episode 37 is amazing to watch. Not to mention the finale, which involves Michiru, Kaoru, Cure Flower, Cure Candy, Cure Echo and so many more!
    • The 43-second-long take of pink Cures beating down on Traum-Oshimaida amid a fast-paces section of the fight also counts as an awesome feat for the creators. Keep in mind that most fight scenes consists of a lot of short takes cut together.
  • In episode 39, Harry and Listol fight as hamsters, DBZ style and in human form, the two equal until Listol uses his asu-powers.
  • In episode 40, Traum, purified, jumps into the fight between Gelos' Oshimada and the Cures all to protect Lulu. And Hana ends fighting Listol and comes close to purifiying him to an extent.
  • Episode 42: Three words: First. Male. Precure. That's right, Henri becomes the first boy to become a Precure, Cure Infini!
  • From the All-Stars Memories movie, the amazing fight scene between the Precure All-Stars and Miden's duplicates. Among the moments:
    • Amour and Macherie going Gatling Good to blast away numerous creatures.
    • The Kira Kira team creating a gigantic sundae to mow down the creatures.
    • Cure Flora using a crystal and swatting them away like a baseball bat.
    • Cure Princess being strong enough to pull off a Hawaiian Alohaloe without switching to her usual form.
    • Cure Lovely's insane Lovely Beam attack, with smoke pouring from her hands doing so.
    • Cure Happy doing a kiai before unleashing a barrage of blasts.
      • And one has to realize that this was part of the reason why the movie was put on the Guinness Book of World Records as everyone, yes EVERYONE gets a speaking role.
  • In Episode 47, the redeemed Dark Tomorrow Company members assist the Cures in fighting an army of Oshimaiders commanded by Ristol and Bishin. Highlights include Daigan lifting a whole host of Oshimadas and Dr. Traum piloting a Giant Mecha.
  • Episode 48. Everyone in the entire cast turns into Pretty Cures- even the former bad guys!