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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned.
There's more pressing matters than gushing over cute clothes, Hinata!
  • The tradition in Precure of first-episode Crash-Into Hello continues... this time, human-to-human as Hinata knocks over Nodoka while the latter is checking out the town.
    • During her time walking around town, Nodoka takes a picture for two foreign tourists, who get a picture with her between the two of them. She is flummoxed.
    • While trying to find a partner for them, the Healing Animals try to talk to random passersby. Not only does no one stop, no one seems to really notice that a bunch of animals are talking. Except for a group of boys who chase after them and a woman who ends up smacking poor Rabirin after mistaking her for a bug.
    • It takes Nodoka until the end of the episode, after she's transformed and defeated the monster, to ask, "Wait, how is this rabbit talking?" Cue freak-out.
  • Rabirin tells Nodoka it's important for her and the other fairies to keep a low profile, accompanied by a few flashbacks from the previous episode of when Rabirin was out in the open trying to get the attention of humans passing by in order to find a human partner.
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  • Hinata fangirling when Nodoka enters the room as the New Transfer Student until Chiyu manages to calm her down.
  • Nodoka's multiple failed attempts at high jump and tennis during PE, after watching Chiyu perform them flawlessly.
  • When the Megabyogen attacks and Rabirin is away, Nodoka suggests that she transform with Nyatoran. The transformation sequence with Nyatoran plays for a moment... right until he tries to go into the wand and bonks into Nodoka's head.
  • The things that Nodoka, Rabirin, and Pegitan had to do in trying to keep the Precure-related activities a secret. This includes Rabirin and Pegitan having to hold their breath, underwater, in a hot water pool when Chiyu suspects that Nodoka (who only showed herself and Latte when entering the place) brought in other people to her family's hot spring.
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  • When Hinata meets Nyatoran for the first time, he accidentally talks in front of her after returning to her something that she dropped earlier. Her reaction is to gasp in abject surprise and bring him to her veterinarian older brother to show Nyatoran off.
  • After Hinata finds herself in the middle of a Megabyogen attack and discovered that Nodoka and Chiyu are Precures, the first thing that she did upon discovering these facts is to Squee! on how cute Nodoka and Chiyu is as Grace and Fontaine, something that surprises everyone there from the Cures, Guaiwaru, and the Megabyogen.
    • Not long after, she then realized that she was supposed to be scared that she was powerless in the middle of the Megabyogen's attack... causing the Cures to Face Fault in response as if they were saying "Are you serious?" to Hinata.
  • Hinata's reaction after transforming for the first time?
    Sparkle: "Ehh?? Super cute! Amazing!"
  • After the fight is over, Hinata meets up with her friends and sets off to go to her family's cafe to have a chat, only for the Healing Animals to come up and say that they forgot to tell Hinata to keep the Precure activities a secret. Cue panic from Nodoka and Chiyu as they run to Hinata, fearing that she will be a Loose Lips if left unguarded.
  • Remember the ending of the previous episode? Well, Nodoka and Chiyu's fears are proven to be correct in the very first scene, as Hinata almost blew the secret of them being Precures, when, during another discussion on the monsters appearing in the town, Hinata told her friends that they worked together to defeat it. Fortunately, they were oblivious enough that Chiyu was able to backtrack and drag Hinata out of the classroom before Hinata can blew the secret completely.
  • During a biology class, Hinata became so distracted with looking at Nyatoran on the window that when the teacher asks Hinata on the necessary components of photosynthesis, she flat out said "I don't know!" as an answer. Cue immediate exasperation from the teacher.
  • Chiyu laughing uncontrollably over Hinata's puns during their visit to the aquarium.
  • Hinata and Chiyu find Shindoine holding Pegitan in her hand. Chiyu tries to negotiate, but Hinata runs to Shindoine and goes to fight her untransformed in what is essentially a catfight.
  • Speaking of poor Pegitan, he had an episode full of Butt-Monkey moments:
    • First, she somehow sneaks away from the girls' attention only to get chased by the security.
    • Then, he tries to hide inside a bunch of penguin plushies. The security runs past it, but a kid notices Pegitan's movements and he runs away in panic immediately after.
    • Later, when he finds out there are monsters appearing, she rolls straight to Shindoine's feet.
    • Finally, during the fight between Hinata and Shindoine, Hinata throws her bag in Shindoine's direction. It hits dead on to Pegitan's face.
  • Hinata scaring Michio, the School Newspaper News Hound, with a classroom skeleton.
  • The many disguises used by Michio on his attempts to try and question Nodoka. This includes:
  • Chiyu approaches Nodoka and Hinata in the middle of her practice. Miciho, who was there to tell about the rival school who had broken the prefecture's records on high jump, tried to interview Chiyu only for Hinata to push him into the fence, knocking him out instantly.
  • Hinata freaking out when she realized that they're going to be late for school during their morning jog on the beach.
  • Nodoka and Hinata freaking out after they realize Nyatoran made a spelling error on their banner.
  • Cure Sparkle blushing and running off embarrassed after the girls thank and comfort her.
    • She has the same reaction at the end after Nodoka thanks her for arranging the hangout and why she did it.
  • Chiyu calling out Hinata's reason why she organized the day out and photoshoot together. Her intentions also double as a Heartwarming moment.
  • Nodoka getting excited about riding a train for the first time in her life, with Chiyu and Hinata saying she's almost like a little child.
  • Definitely counts as Black Comedy, but Daruizen comes up with lines that essentially mock the Precures as their attempts to treat his flower Megabyogen fail.
    "Oh well, I guess that's Healin' Goodbye for the Precure"
    "You gonna be okay? Think you'll be able to treat this?"
    "Take care now, hehe."
  • Having come to Byogen Kingdom, what’s the first thing the newly anthropomorphized Batetemoda does? He begins getting very affectionate with the three generals, calling them his family. They’re completely caught off guard by his proclamations.
  • The different poses the girls end up making during their sync training.
  • Rabirin, Pegitan and Nyatoran's reactions when noticing the girls haven't got in sync once during their training.
  • The girls enter a shouting contest at the mascots urging for the prize of 100 manju buns. Nodoka and Chiyu respectively shout the phrases, "I feel so alive!" and "The Sawaizumi hot springs are the best!" What does Hinata say? "I want a new smartphone!"
  • Hinata's reaction at the thought of a Human being created by the elements.
  • The spirit attempts to take Latte back to the Healing Garden to safeguard her from further harm and jumps off of Nodoka's second-floor balcony...until she realizes that she can't fly without the Wind Elemental Bottle and promptly falls to the ground.
  • Upon receiving her name Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata all call her "Asumi", "Asumi-san" and "Asumin" causing Asumi to get confused and ask which is her name. The girls got stumped and stuck to Asumi.
  • Nodoka's increasingly frantic attempts to play off Asumi's behavior.
  • Hinata's attempt at distracting two men when they see a transparent Asumi so Chiyu can get her away from them.
  • After Hinata says she's full, Chiyu calls her out that she's still eating gummies. Hinata responds by saying there's always room for dessert.
  • Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata find out the hard way that Asumi can't make another portal yet because it used up too much of her power and are horrified they have to take the train home.
    • Hinata's reaction takes the hilarity up to eleven when they discover this.
  • Pegitan reveals that Chiyu secretly wants to see him rap, but since he misunderstood her he ended up practicing his skills at wrapping bowls in plastic instead.
    • Following that up is Asumi's attempt at rapping, which is complemented by her monotone voice the entire time.
      Asumi: Yo! Yo! Latte's smile is brilliant. The moonlight is radiant. Both are nice and excellent. Check it out!
  • Hinata constantly getting distracted when she was trying to focus on her studies. Even when putting all her games away, she still got distracted by laying down to sleep.
  • When Nodoka and Chiyu try to help Hinata study, they give her the idea of using mnemonics to memorize English words. It doesn't work.
    Nodoka: When it comes to images that remind you of "hundred"...
    Hinata: Hand! "Te!"
    Nodoka: Yeah!
    Hinata: And on your hand you have five fingers!
    Nodoka: Yeah!
    Hinata: That sounds like coughing, so think of a cold!
    Nodoka: Huh?
    Hinata: Then from cold, think of a fever! Which also means high temp, so hot water! Then hot water means a bath! And a bath means shampoo! And shampoo means conditioner! And conditioner is part of your daily treatment! And treatment means...!
    Hinata: Huh, what were we talking about again?
  • Hinata's dream sequence at the beginning of episode 39. It involves the Byogen generals doing a 180 and now doing community service to clean up the town and make everything healthy. The Pretty Cure are given high honors by the mayor, and Hinata ends up with a 1000-year supply of tapioca balls! Hinata being Hinata, even her dreams are hilarious!
  • Hinata asking Asumi to pinch her cheek after the final battle against King Byo-gen. She pinches her pretty hard much to her shock.


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