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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned.

Food doesn't just bring smiles, but also lots of awe-inspiring events to feast your eyes on.
  • Yui's first moment of awesome comes from her racing downhill to stop a runaway baby carriage from crashing into Ran.
  • With how Rosemary is presented, we might assume that he's going to be deadweight? Nope. When Gentlu steals the omelet Recipippi and turns it into a Ubauzo, Rosemary's first action is to trap himself and Gentlu into a "Delicious Field" so neither can escape and to ensure civilians don't get caught in the crossfire.
  • Yui's determination to get the Recipippi back. She forces herself into the Delicious Field, rushes towards Gentlu (even initially dodging the Ubauzo's blows at first), and when said monster ends up grabbing a hold of her, Yui would rather have the Recipippi safe.
  • After Yui shares with Kome-Kome why she values food so much, she ends up transforming into Cure Precious and easily turns the tide of the battle. Her finisher, the Precious Triangle, is very straightforward but is still very visually awesome. It even brings some vaporwave vibes as well.
  • A Cooking Pot Ubauzo is able to counter her strike with its spiked lid. She simply jumps inside, before giving it several powered strikes to its side, before throwing her solo attack at the base, weakening it enough for her finisher.
  • Gentlu actually gets one for attempting to attack the school, using her cover identity of Amane Kasai, stealing some Recippins from the fried prawn special of that week, by using the "monster" rumor, and her authority as Student Council President, to get everyone to stay in their classrooms for a short amount of time. It would even have worked too if it wasn't for the fact Yui and Kokone were students at her school, and had pretended to use the restroom (so they could track down the "monster" themselves).
  • In the seventh episode, Amane takes a gamble, noticing someone mention Recipippins, namely Ran Hanamichi, and plants the suggestion which leads to her doing a discount sale, which, as Gentlu planned, attracts a larger amount of Recipippins than usual, and she even manages to avoid getting found out. meaning she can continue to use similar plans in the future.
    • In the same episode, Ran finally has the opportunity to exact her revenge for all her spoiled meals, when she causes the Ubauzo to stop it's attack to shield Gentlu when, instead of the monster, she makes a beeline for Gentlu herself!!!
  • The Spatula Ubauzo in Episode 8 is defeated when Ran uses her Crispy Cutter Noodles to strike at the ground below, so that its spatula feet get stuck and can't move.
  • Episode 10 has the Recippins forced to fight the upgraded Ubauzos, but their deterimnation to fight back has the Recippins come in with the Juicy Mixer attacks.
    • Speaking of the Heart Juicy Mixer, Pretty Cure is not above using such strange weapons although you really have to wonder how in heck the Cures would be able to use a mixer as a weapon. Well, apparently you push the top, turn it 90° turns out it's a freaking GUN!
  • Amane Kasai gets a badass moment, despite being just a presence in Gentlu's head, when she firmly declares 'Food Brings Smiles', meaning Amane herself does believe in the power of the Recipippis.
  • Episode 11 has Gentlu literally create an Ubauzo and run, only for Rosemary to send Kokone and the monster into the Delicious Field and pursue her, with Ran catching up. Cue Ran finally getting that one shot at Gentlu she's been wanting since her debut. And in great style, using the Heart Juicy Mixer.
    • And how can we forget Precious's Big Damn Heroes moment. Yui transforms, jumps up in the sky, enters the Delicious Field and punches the Ubauzo that is crushing Spicy right in the face. And after that, Spicy gets her revenge and uses the Mixer.
  • Episode 12 is full of this.
    • The girls literally tend a trap to Gentlu by having Ran post a picture of a restaurant. And it works.
    • Gentlu is about to blast a downed Precious...when Rosemary goes and shield her from the attack, showing absolutely no damage except for a ripped sleeve.
    • When fighting the powered-up Ubauzo, you expect the Cures to use their regular attacks...but instead they use powered-up versions of their sub-attacks like it's nothing. And then they use the MIX Heart Attack. And it might come to mind...that the Cures could have used this attack even the first time they obtained the Mixers. They were holding back this whole time.
  • Episode 13 has Takumi, in disguise as Black Pepper, deciding to save the day and protect the Cures. Upon realizing that Yui is working with Rosemary to stop the Ubazos via her own volition, he becomes determined to protect her at all costs.
    • What made him decide to become Black Pepper for the first time? Narcistoru's meddling with the whitefish rice Recippin made his mother forget the reason why she ate it (as it reminde her of the day she met her husband Monpei). That's more than enough to make it personal.
  • Episode 17 has Black Pepper actively fighting alongside the Pretty Cures in order to fight the Motto Ubauzo.
  • Episode 18 is Cure Finale's debut, and has several moments of awesome for each of the girls.
    • Cure Spicy seals the monster shut, trapping the red hot sauce inside, while Cure Yumyum wraps it up in several feet of her noodles, allowing Yui to get close enough to free Amane.
    • Rosemary, for all he has next to no powers any more, manages to help free Amane by forcing it to open it's hand.
    • The crystal heart that arrived with the Parfait recipippi turns out to have been generated from the warm hearts gathered together by Amane's childhood promise to bring smiles to everyone 'like a parfait'.
    • Cure Finale herself kicks the monster into submission and then her finisher is essentially a piping bag that transforms into a gun!
  • At the beginning of episode 22, Black Pepper attacks the Motto-Ubauzo with his blasts only for the monster to reflect it back, with Narcistoru mocking Black Pepper for it. Towards the end of the episode, the thief create a Motto-Ubauzo with the same abilities of the one before it. Black Pepper attacks it the same way and the Ubauzo reflects the attack again...only this time Black Pepper prepared a counter-measure and deflects the attacks. Right towards Narcistoru.
    • And if that's not enough, both Precious and Black Pepper later attack the Motto-Ubauzo at the same time, with the latter showing off a new skill.
  • In Episode 24, Mem-Mem and Kome-Kome come up with a plan to save Pam-Pam from Narcistoru, due to him constantly standing on the high ground. Rosemary throws them both, then Mem-Mem throws Kome-Kome, who deliberately lets herself be grabbed as Pam-Pam is freed... only to change back into a child, the shape-shifting causing her to slip out of Narcistoru's grip.
    • Also in the same episode, Cure Finale confronts Narcistoru when he casually sends Black Pepper flying, for him to attempt one of his usual condescending diatribes to her... only for Cure Finale to reveal she was powering up her weapon and almost blows his head off from point-blank range.
  • The Cures unveil their next group attack in Episode 28 and finally manage to capture Narcistoru, ensuring he will no longer trouble them.
  • In Episode 31, Yui (who is disguised as Princess Maira), gets kidnapped and tied up by Maira's cousin Prince Sanza. So, how does Yui escape? She simply does! Yui easily breaks out of her ropes without even needing to transform. She points the surveillance camera towards the floor, and only then does she transform.
  • Episode 40 reveals that the Bundoru Gang has done something that no other villain has done - actually steal Recipepes from outside of Oishiina Town (which it's strongly implied to be Spiritoru's doing), meaning that it would be too far from the girls' watches to detect the stolen Recipepes. By the time Godatz puts his plan into fruition, they only had one Recipepe left to steal.
  • Episode 43 reveals what Ginger's secret plan was. The Accumulator was effectively storing the energy patterns for enough food to feed practically the entire planet... within the lucky cat statues all over Oshiina Town. He effectively hid a global emergency food supply in case someone activated the Recipe-Bon and removed all other food. And it worked perfectly.
  • The Cures finally defeating Godatz and removing his influence from Fennel forever in Episode 44, ensuring he will never threaten to bring famine to the world ever again.
    • Adding onto this is the huge Animation Bump as everyone including the Cures, fairies and the bearers of the Delicioustones all unleash everything in their respective arsenals to bring down Godatz, with Yui's Grandmother cheering them on the whole time, eventually culminating in Cure Precious landing a Full Stomach Punch (Which if the visuals on-screen are any indication, is an upgraded form of the 2000 Kilocaloric punch that now packs at least 1 Quadrillion Kilocalories!!) that creates a big enough opening for the girls to land the final blow on him.