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A bald character is not happy about being bald. They used to have hair, only to lose it. Often they cover it with a hat or a wig. While they may be Prematurely Bald, they might simply be getting older (Truth in Television for many balding men, though some eventually learn to embrace it).

Sometimes caused by a Traumatic Haircut. May lead to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Subtrope of Appearance Angst. Contrast Bald of Awesome. Sister trope to Fake-Hair Drama.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • One-Punch Man: Apart of being the most powerful being on Earth against whom no opponent can last for more than one punch, maybe except Boros, the other thing that produces angst in Saitama is the loss of all of his hair, which eventually came with his superstrength and is one of the things he misses most from his previous life.
  • Osomatsu-san: In the episode "Chibita's Revenge", Chibita tries to kill the sextuplets because one of them pulled out his only hair, leaving him bald.
  • In Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, high school student Kagero Usui's partial baldness is pretty much his only distinguishing trait, but because he is so self-conscious of it and tries to hide it, other characters stop noticing him completely when he does.

  • In basically any continuity, Lex Luthor lost his hair in a traumatic event. In the original Superboy comics, his reason for hating Superman is that he lost his hair in a lab accident that Supes saved him from.
  • In Robin Tim's friend Ives is embarrassed when he loses his hair due to his follicular lymphoma and its treatments and does all he can to hide it from his classmates.

    Comic Strip 
  • Foxtrot: Bumbling Dad Roger isn't entirely bald yet, but it's definitely thinning out. A few strips point out this aspect of his character:
    • When Peter loses a bet and has to shave his head, Roger celebrates that he's no longer the one with the least hair in the house. Peter gets even a few days later by remarking how awesome it is that hair just grows right back.
    • Andy says she's worried about Paige, as her final exams have her ripping her hair out. Roger tells her he used to do so as well.
      Andy: Why do you think I'm worried?
      Roger: (rubbing his head) Hm. You may have a point.
    • Roger walks in on Peter trying a quack method for growing chest hair, involving rubbing his skin to get blood flowing there and stimulate the follicles. Roger starts to claim that's the stupidest thing he's ever heard when he suddenly develops an itch on the top of his head.

    Film - Animated 
  • In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, King Neptune insists his hair is just "thinning", despite his head being so bald its shine hurts people's eyes. It's implied that this is the main reason he goes ballistic when his crown is stolen, and he wears a paper bag on his head in the meantime.

    Film - Live Action 
  • Inverted in Black Panther. The Dora Milaje, the bodyguards and elite soldiers of the Wakandan army are all shaved bald. They eschew wigs and dislike wearing them. They don't mind using the wig as a weapon. Okoye does this when a fight breaks out in the Korean casino.
  • The Craft: The Alpha Bitch messes with Rochelle's dive and says something racist to her. Since the girls are dabbling magic, they cast a spell on her. They find her a few days later sobbing in the shower with her blonde hair (which she of course flipped and primped) falling out in handfuls. Rochelle ends up regretting having cast the spell in the first place because the punishment is too disproportionate.
  • In the Body Bags segment "Hair", the main character's fear of losing his hair is what leads the main character to try out an experimental drug that gifts him with a massive mane of hair overnight. Then it keeps growing, and he realizes that the "hair" is actually a living creature.

  • In the Bill Peet book No Such Things, the wig-tailed mopwoggins are bald on the tops of their heads, despite having long fur everywhere else. They're said to be embarrassed about it, and, as their name implies, they use the tuft of fur on their tails to hide it.
  • Appears in The Dresden Files short story "I Was a Teenage Bigfoot" in a rather surprising way. While attending an elite school for the gifted, The magically endowed life force of Irwin, the son of a Bigfoot, is being mysteriously drained by black magic, making the scion weak and ill. Turns out Dr. Fabio, the dean of the school and a retired Venator, was insecure about going bald and using Irwin's excess energy to empower a hair growth spell.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Addams Family: In "Uncle Fester's Toupee", Uncle Fester has a Love Interest and wants a toupée as she is said to hate bald people.
  • There is some second-hand baldness angst in Babylon 5 with Michael Garibaldi's rather noticeable hair loss over the course of the first couple of seasons. While Garibaldi himself doesn't angst over it, one of the stations smugglers really does feel guilty and bad about it according to the episode "Racing Mars" because he accidentally exposed Garibaldi to some alien goo which caused it. He's also scared about Garibaldi finding this out, just in case he does feel some angst or need for revenge.
  • In the final season of Cheers the hair-proud Sam Malone reveals to a disconsolate Carla that he's been wearing a toupée. She's sworn to secrecy, of course.
  • In The Dick Van Dyke Show episode "Coast to Coast Big Mouth", Laura is tricked into blurting out the secret that Alan Brady is bald on live television. She is extremely nervous about how he'll react to this, and indeed, Alan is very unhappy, but he is eventually convinced that bald can be beautiful and the conflict is laid to rest.
  • Parodied in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. A newscaster is blackmailed with a photo of his bald head (he usually wears a toupée) and eventually comes clean. Turns out nobody cares.
    "People like people with hair! They've done studies!"
  • 21 Jump Street: Hanson and Penhall rip a toupée from a school principal's head and he reacts very embarrassed at his bald head being exposed. Subverted when the guy next day shows up as his bald self without his toupée, saying "I decided to go for a new look!".
  • Eleven in Stranger Things has some angst that her shaved head makes her not "pretty".

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Molly Holly had her head shaved bald at Wrestlemania 20, and afterwards, she started completing in wigs to hide her baldness. If someone removed her wig, she'll get upset and even choked out the woman responsible for having her head shaved bald, Victoria.
  • Kurt Angle did something similar when Edge shaved his head bald, but Kurt wore a wig and had protective wrestling headgear on top of the wig. Once the Fake-Hair Drama ran its course, Kurt ditched it and has been bald ever since.

  • In The Goon Show episode "The Phantom Head Shaver of Brighton", the Phantom's victims tend to make a meal of the scenery when they realise what's happened.
    Seagoon: Look in this mirror.
    Bluebottle: Nooooooo, you rotten swine you - I've been balded - you've ruined my Tony Curtis type haircut! I told you I didn't like this rotten game!

  • The stage adaptation of 'Allo 'Allo! has a subplot about Colonel Von Strohm's sensitivity on the subject of his baldness. For part of the play, he wears a toupée and reacts angrily whenever he thinks somebody is making a reference to it.

    Web Comics 
  • In the now-completed webcomic Girls with Slingshots Jameson, the so-nicknamed "hot barista" at the coffee shop is so freaked by losing all but his forelock, he hides his head under a bandanna but lovingly preens the remaining spit curl. The girls tough love him into shaving his "handsome little tuft", and he's a mopey mess afterwards, convinced he's old and has lost his attractiveness. He only begins to recover when his shy and reserved girlfriend Maureen sees his bald head. She thought the single lock freakish but now finds Jameson sexy. She leaps enthusiastically into his arms.
  • The Order of the Stick: Played for Laughs in a one-off gag when Durkon, who apparently lost his hair at age fifteen, sees that Haley magically regrew her Traumatic Haircut.
    Durkon: Lass! Yer hair! Thor must've smiled upon ye!
    Haley: No, I just found a hair restoration potion in the spa.
    Durkon: I've been bald fer forty years. Thor. Smiled. Upon. Ye.

    Web Video 
  • Played With in Acquisitions Incorporated: since both Omin Dran's player and the Dungeon Master are bald IRL, Omin's baldness is treated like a badge of honor in-game, something to aspire to. It is made ambiguous, however, whether he really does feel that way, or is just overcompensating to hide his insecurity about it.
  • Mario in the earlier SuperMarioLogan videos upon finding out that he's bald underneath that hat. Because of this, Peach divorces from him. Several videos since would have moments where Mario bemoans his baldness, which he almost never does after he meets and hooks up with Rosalina.
  • Examined in The Try Guys' video on "Going Bald," where all four of them get make-up to make them look bald or balding. It's a very real concern for three of them who have male-patterned baldness run in their family, and all of them have various concerns. Zach knows it's coming since his hairline is already creeping upward, Keith has an ugly mole on the back of his neck he uses his hair to cover, Ned is afraid his wife won't find him attractive anymore, and Eugene uses his elaborate Anime Hair to cover up his insecurities. The four struggle at first with their appearance after the bald caps go on, but eventually come to terms with their fears and rock their bald states with confidence.

    Western Animation 
  • Spongebob Squarepants: Squidward the bald squid always dreams of having hair. In some episodes he manages to get it, only to lose it in the end.
  • One episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters starts with a scientist inventing hair growth that grows hair. When he uses some to rub on his bald head, the effects don't work, and he laments his failure. At the end of the episode, however, he ends up growing a head full of hair.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: In "A Friend In Deed", Cranky's self-conscious enough about his baldness to wear a toupée. When Pinkie Pie accidentally destroys that toupée, and then tells the entire town about his baldness while she's trying to find a replacement, that's when Cranky starts to really dislike Pinkie.
  • Kaz Harada from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is very self-conscious about his baldness, and there is an episode revolving him using a tonic that turns him into a werewolf whenever he drinks it and when he turns back, he has a head full of hair.
  • Eustace in Courage the Cowardly Dog is so self-conscious about his bald head that just flat-out saying he's bald will cause him to go on a rage-inducing breakdown. In one episode, he buys some hair tonic to grow some hair, oblivious to its adverse effects, and obsessively drops the hair tonic on his head every second, which only causes him to go on an earthquake-inducing rage in a sporadic manner. In the end, he only manages to grow a single long strand of hair.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: Numbuh One used to have a head full of hair until an incident involving The Delightful Children From Down the Lane. In the episode "Operation: D.A.D.D.Y.", he sympathizes with Numbuh 85 and his terrible hair-cut as he was proud of his hair before it was gone.
  • Dale Gribble in King of the Hill wears his Mack cap to cover up his balding head and tends to freak out whenever circumstances force the cap to come off.
  • In the Aladdin: The Series One of the villains resents Aladdin for Aladdin's nice, thick head of hair. He's fixated on wearing fancy hats because of his insecurity over his baldness.


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