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  • The Pretty Cure franchise's Les Yay could fill a whole other wiki. High points include Nagisa and Honoka sharing a bed and The Movie of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star almost in its entirety.
    • The Futari wa Pretty Cure queen of Les Yay, however is a minor character named Yuka. Her first appearance vaguely implied that she might have a slight crush on Nagisa. Her third major appearance was kind of like that, except that instead of vaguely implying a slight crush, they stopped just short of outright saying she was in love, vaguely implied that Nagisa might return her feelings to some extent, and topped it all off by turning their emotions up to the maximum and sticking them in a bedroom together, after which they walked out together discussing who fell asleep when.
  • In Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Tsubomi develops a crush on the "handsome boy" Itsuki...who turns out to be a handsome girl. Tsubomi is heartbroken, lamenting that her first love ended so early. Then subsequent episodes give us Tsubomi almost slipping up and describing herself as attracted to Itsuki, the two acting very close as they fly towards the Heart Tree, Tsubomi fangirling over Itsuki with hearts in her eyes, a Sleep Cute scene, and a few instances that could be construed as Itsuki shyly flirting with Tsubomi.
    • There's also minor character Naomi who became victim of the week. Anxious to be friends with Itsuki, but considering that her flower is strawberry, which means love and admiration, friends could easily be replaced with lovers.
  • The first episode of Suite Pretty Cure ♪ has the two main leads Hibiki Houjo and Kanade Minamino. Even without wearing any Shipping Goggles, you can see their argument as more of a lovers' spat than a dispute between childhood friends.
    • Kanade's father says he bakes cakes for his wife. Kanade repeats this almost word for word about Hibiki. The subtext isn't particularly "sub", and the show's barely started.
    • Hibiki and Kanade's Crash-Into Hello in the start of a episode could be interpreted as a Accidental Kiss by some fans. And then there's the Siren-Sakura episode, who tries to focus on friendship but ends looking like a love triangle between Hibiki, Kanade and Seiren/Sakura.
    • Kanade tenderly touches Hibiki's fingers with hers during their transformation. It can be seen as rather intimate.
    • This whole opening.
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    • Suite also has some of the weirdest Les Yay in the series with the on-and-off friendship of Hummy and Seiren, who are both mascots. The crowning moment of their Les Yay is when Seiren's Heel–Face Turn and transformation into Cure Beat happen specifically because the other villains were trying to torture and brainwash Hummy.
  • DokiDoki! PreCure has its own page.
  • In Happiness Charge Pretty Cure, there's Hime, who describes her feelings towards Megumi as "warm and fuzzy", holds hands with her all the time and even blushes around her. All the cures are touchy-feely, but those two take it to the next level.
  • In episode 9 of Go! Princess Pretty Cure, there's a ball at the academy. When Minami is scared of the Monster of the Week, Haruka takes her hand and tells her she'll be her knight and protect the academy's princess - and Minami, of all people, blushes. It ends with the student council vice president asking Minami to dance, who refuses and instead dances with Haruka.
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  • In Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure, Mirai and Riko have their moments.
  • In Kirakira★PreCure a la Mode, Ichika has a crush on Akira, not knowing that she is a girl until Ichika's father mentions it.
    • Not to mention the relationship between Yukari and Akira.
  • In Hugtto! Pretty Cure, Emiru and Ruru seem to get a long with each other. Even saying that they love each other very much. Plus, their transformation sequence says it all.
    • One episode shows that when Ruru tells Emiru she loves her, Emiru said that it made her blush.
    • Then there is Henri Wakamiya and Masato Aisaki, especially in episode 33 where Henri makes a flying kiss to the audience, leaving the female audiences with hearts in their eyes, but for Masato's case, his left chest has a glowing heart.
    • Episode 42 really takes it Up to Eleven featuring George Kurai and Listol and some moments with Henri and Masato.
  • In episode 7 of Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure, Elena and Madoka are seen clasping each others hands while floating inside the rocket — furthermore they're blushing.


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