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Awesome / Futari wa Pretty Cure

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  • When Cure White is captured, Cure Black takes on an army of Zakennas to save her.
  • Also, The Queen has her own moment in mid-season, getting up from her throne (for what may be the first time in history!), shrinking to human size, and channeling all her power through Black and White, complete with kickass background song Shining Star.
    • Which was also foreshaddowing to Max Heart, where she would go on to doing this all the time... as the Third Ranger.
  • The dub accidentally gave the Girls one in episode 5. While finally snatching Mipple from Honoka, in the original, Pissard returned Mipple in order to repair his bruised ego; after he tried every flashy trick he could think of and still got his butt kicked every time, it didn't seem right to him to kill Pretty Cure when they were defenseless, as he'd forever remember that he was a coward. This is all changed in the dub, by having Hannah and Natalie state that they would fight him, even without their powers. This display of courage impresses Pijard so much that he gives Mipple back to them as a sign of respect. And taking acount of not only how they were powerless but how terrified they were of him the first time they met, this is IMPRESSIVE.
  • Nagisa and Honoka taking down an entire platoon of Zakenna-possessed suits of armor without transforming in the School Play episode.
  • Episode 46 of Max Heart gives the villains an awesome moment. Circulas, Viblis and Uraganos take the full brunt of Marble Screw Max Sparkle. Uraganos takes more of the blast so Circulas and Viblis can travel up the beam, returning to the darkness as result. When Circulas and Viblis are surrounded by the Marble Screw, they go over to Cure Black and Cure White and they (temporarily) destroy their bracelets before they return to the darkness. The end result is a Pretty Cure is left severally weakened and wide open to attack by Baldez (who was the reason Pretty Cure went to get the bracelets in the first place). He attacks them.