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Recap / Futari wa Pretty Cure

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This is the recap page for Futari wa Pretty Cure, the very first entry in the Pretty Cure franchise. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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    First Season 
  1. You Want Us to Transform?! I Can't Believe This!
  2. Give Me a Break! A City Targeted by Darkness!
  3. Beware the Cute Student Teacher!
  4. A Miracle!? The Living Art Museum!
  5. Serious Trouble! A Desperate Pisard
  6. A New Darkness! The Bear in the Dangerous Forest
  7. A Bitter Lacrosse Battle! A Maiden's Heart is so Delicate
  8. The End of Pretty Cure! Isn't it too Soon?!
  9. Give Him Back! The Great Mepo Mepo Strategy!
  10. Honoka Explodes! A Wonderful Birthday
  11. Save Ryouta! Gekidrago Panic!
  12. The Evil Flower Poisony Appears! Who is She?
  13. Beware the Young Transfer Student!
  14. Fake or Real?! Impostor Pretty Cure on the Loose
  15. A Really Dangerous Family Vacation
  16. Full-Throttle Stress! Being the Madonna is Tough!
  17. Get His Heart! Heart-Throbbing Farm Work
  18. Heart-Throbbing! Midterm Tests are a Love Labyrinth
  19. Too Scary! Dusk Zone's Final Trump Card!
  20. Who is Real? The Two Honokas
  21. A Shocking Date! Kiriya's True Identity
  22. No Way! Chuutaro Becomes a Mom?!
  23. Danger! The Summer Camp Nightmare!
  24. Decisive Battle! Pretty Cure vs. Ilkubo!
  25. Let's Go to the Garden of Light, Popo! Us Too
  26. Farewell, Mepple and Mipple?! You Can't!
  27. A New Darkness Closes In! Save the Lost Pollun!
  28. Regine Appears! We've Had Enough of This Already!
  29. Stormy Summer Festival! Is the Thunder God so Scary?!
  30. Explosive! Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm
  31. Did He Really Run Away? Where is Pollun?!
  32. Cheer Pollun Up! Special Carnival
  33. Get the Victory! Find the Path of Light With Your Heart
  34. Nagisa Breaks Away! The Blazing Gachinko Relay
  35. Is This a Date? Tumultuous Happy Birthday
  36. Reach for Freedom! Stone Keeper's Desperate Great Escape
  37. First Stage Performance! Don't Lose, Romeo and Juliet!
  38. It Takes Guts! Ryouta's Great Errand Strategy
  39. Glittering Tears! Pouring Sweat! A Chaotic Wedding
  40. Invitation to a Dream World?! One-Night Journey Into Darkness
  41. We Won't Lose! Blow the Power of Darkness Away!
  42. We Are One! Nagisa and Honoka's Powerful Bond
  43. Extremely Shaken Up! My Feelings for Fujipi
  44. I Couldn't Be Happier?! Nagisa's White Christmas
  45. Sing, Sakura Class! The Choir Shows Courage
  46. It's the Pits! Has the Power of the Stones Been Stolen?!
  47. The Most Powerful Warrior Appears! No Way!
  48. The Greatest Final Battle! Pretty Cure's Last Day!!
  49. Believe in the Future! Believe in Tomorrow! We Won't Let You Say Goodbye!!

    Max Heart 
  1. We Are Still Pretty Cure! The Legend Continues Through Thick and Thin!
  2. The Freshman is a Profound Mystery! But She Is Really Full of Riddles
  3. Could This Be Destiny? Pollun and Hikari's Approaching Encounter
  4. You Are Not Alone! A Premonition that Two Moods Overlap
  5. A Gallant Appearance! My Name is Shiny Luminous!
  6. Be Careful! Hikari's Errand Peril is a Defeat
  7. Fight, Nagisa! The Prodigious Power of Housework at the Scene of a Fire
  8. Let Your Worries Drive Off! Link Hikari's Ties with Everyone!
  9. Do Not Disturb! Honoka's Most Important Day
  10. On the Verge of Panic! Don't Take This Dangerous Field Trip Practice Seriously!
  11. Big Pinch! Don't Hang Your Heart in this One-Shot Turnaround!
  12. Business Prosperity! Welcome to the Cafe's Plateau!
  13. Nagisa's Great Parent-Child Battle? Neglecting a Mother's Heart!?
  14. Go for it, Fujipi-senpai! Nagisa's Cheering Flag of Spirit
  15. A Senior's Aspiration is a Great Close Friend
  16. Nagisa's in High Spirits! The Lucky Color is in the Pink!
  17. What's This!? A Distressed Honoka's Meeting for Reading Research Papers
  18. Camping 'Hoy! Becoming Reliant on Daddy!?
  19. Hikari is Worried! Nagisa's Changing Schools -- Unbelievable!
  20. Namida's Farewell!? Rina's Ponpoko Tale
  21. So soon? So often!? A Forbidden Encounter
  22. The Horror of Baldez! Pretty Cure Cornered
  23. Rebound the Dark Powers! Hope Uncovers a New Power!!
  24. Adolescent Full-Throttle! Yuka-senpai and Nagisa's Top Deciding Battle!
  25. Hikari's Summer Day, Sanae's Reminiscence
  26. Losing Nagisa! Everyone is Worried and Greatly Afraid!
  27. Don't Finish Your Homework Yet! Pears and Storms and Zakenna!
  28. Verone Panic! The Naughty Ghost-Hunting Princess
  29. No Way...Seriously...Really? Pollun's Great Babysitter Strategy!
  30. Do Your Best, Lulun! Weave the Future with the Power of Light!
  31. Baldez Reborn! Break Through with Teamwork at the Last Second!!
  32. Protect Us from Darkness! The World's Most Important Smile!
  33. Stock Up Your Courage! Nagisa's Troublesome Birthday!!
  34. Friends on a Journey! Zakenna on a Field Trip!?
  35. A Seriously Dangerous Field Trip! Lovely Sliced Fish Has a Dangerous Smell
  36. Return to the Pit! Pollun and Lulun's Great Adventure
  37. Nagisa's Flying! Honoka's Dancing! Feel the Power of the Harvest on the Great Stage!
  38. Goodbye, Honoka!? Our Bonds Will Intensify Forever!
  39. Burn Out! The Young Lacrosse Finalist!!
  40. Together, We Are the Best! Full-Powered Rippin' Roarin' Nagisa and Ryouta!!
  41. Deliver Your Spirit! A Wandering Present of Courage
  42. A Rink Full of Sweethearts? Slipping and Falling into Grave Danger!
  43. The Final Winter Vacation! It's a Special Lesson for Zakenna!
  44. The Day Hikari Disappears, The Day We Search for Tomorrow!
  45. Infinate Darkness, Eternal Light
  46. Life-Risking Attack! Dark Soldiers at Maximum Power!!
  47. Open the Door! The Story Begins from Here!

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