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Recap / Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star

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This is the recap page for Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star.

  1. A Surprising Reunion! You Two Are Who...Exactly!?
  2. The Welcome Party at Panpaka is a Premonition of Storm
  3. A Head-On Match! You're the Ace!
  4. Are You Kidding!? The Scenery of Spring and the Cries of Cicadas
  5. What Will Kenta Do!? Saki and the Cute Older Brother!
  6. He's the Best After All! Cool Father!
  7. Ultra-Serious! The Wrath of Karehaan!
  8. I Love You! Minori and the Two Big Sisters
  9. Don't Interfere With Our Recital!
  10. Super-Dangerous? On the Sea is an Uproar
  11. The Great Pinch of Dizzy Flappy!
  12. Choppy is Homesick, Chopi?
  13. It's Too Hot! Moerumba Dance!
  14. The Riddle Exchange Students! Michiru and Kaoru Came!
  15. Softball is the Bond Between Parents and Child
  16. Dream, Hope, and Kenta's Worry
  17. The Broken Haniwa! What Will Mai and Mother Do?
  18. Today is Special Sale! Michiru and Kaoru Come to Help!?
  19. The Important Thing is What? Saki and Mai's Wish
  20. If Someone's Singing in the Rain, it's Dorodoron!
  21. Shine in the Night Sky! Friends of Starlight
  22. Super-Surprise! Michiru and Kaoru's Shock Confession
  23. A Showdown at Last! Menacing Akudaikaan
  24. Moop and Foop Make the Entry! Who?
  25. Business Flourishing! Help at the House of Sea
  26. Keep It a Secret From Saki! Exciting Summer Camping!
  27. I Love Everyone! The Summer Festival of Memory
  28. Trip! Electric Train! Big Adventure!
  29. Flappy and Choppy are Driven Into the Corner
  30. The Power of Miracle! Pretty Cure's Big Transformation!
  31. Is It Really Decided? Kenta's Buddy is Who!?
  32. Too Difficult! Ms. Shitataare's Homework!
  33. Muscle Full-Throttle Kintoleski Appears!
  34. Moon-Viewing Meeting Is the Smell of Romance
  35. Now's the Final Round! Fight, Nagichuu Softball Club!
  36. What Will Mai Do? Mai's Distress and Culture Festival
  37. Everyone is Comrades! Jump to Tomorrow!
  38. Idol Has Born, Hyuuga Saki! Really!?
  39. The Great Rebellion of the Rare Animals, Miminga!?
  40. You're Noisy! Kintoleski and Birthday!
  41. Princess is in Danger! The Stolen Carafe!!
  42. Welcome Back! Michiru and Kaoru!!
  43. It's Not a Dream! One Day That Has Everyone
  44. These Two Will Disappear? Painful Michiru and Kaoru
  45. Cake, Kazuya and Christmas!
  46. Counterattack! Akudaikaan's Menace Power!
  47. Big Reversal! The Black Curtain is Who?
  48. The Last Decisive Battle! The Stolen Land of Greenery!
  49. Reach to the Top! We're Forever Friends of the Starry Sky!

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