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  • In episode 30, when Mizu Shitataare, angry that Gohyaan was able to capture Flappy and Choppy before she did, goes to where Saki and Mai are, and claims that she's just thinking out loud, but that they are welcome to listen to her as she talks about how she just happened to be passing by and now she intends to pay Gohyaan a visit, before creating a portal and jumping through it, leaving it open for Saki and Mai to use. She even repeats that she is heading to where Gohyaan is just before she leaves through the portal, as if to make sure Saki and Mai would get the hint.
    • Shortly after, when Gohyaan asks Mizu Shitataare about how she knew where his secret hideout (an island shaped like his head) was, she points out how it isn't really all that difficult to figure out, as the architecture pretty much gives it away.
  • While Saki is trying to make a drawing of Mai to give to her as a birthday present, Kintolesky shows up while she is drawing by the Sky Tree to give her a letter challenging the Cures to a fight the next day. When Kintolesky notices Saki's drawing, he promptly starts criticizing her drawing skills when he realizes the drawing is supposed to be of Mai and even points out which parts Saki must improve on. Later on, he sends the Cures a challenge letter. In Saki's letter, he draws a very photogenic portrait of himself just to rub it on Saki's face.
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  • The interactions between Karehaan and Moerumba after Gohyaan brings the two of them back to life.

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