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Recap / Yes! Pretty Cure 5

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This is the recap page for Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and its sequel.

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    First Season 
  1. The Pretty Cure of Hope is Born!
  2. Full Throttle Passion, Cure Rouge!
  3. Who is the Pretty Cure of Effervescence?
  4. Cure Mint of Tranquility!
  5. The Qualifications of Pretty Cure
  6. Pretty Cure 5 All Together!
  7. The Close Friend, Nuts, Appears!
  8. Rin and Karen Have the Worst Compatibility!?
  9. Pretty Cure's Been Exposed!?
  10. Help Out the Starving Nuts!
  11. Nozomi and Coco's Hot Air Balloon
  12. Protect Urara's Stage!
  13. Rin's Club Decision!
  14. Karen, the Troubled Student Council President
  15. Hustling Nozomi's Assistance!
  16. Komachi Gives Up on Being a Novelist!?
  17. The Pure-Hearted Girl's Love Story
  18. Assault! Karen's Private Life
  19. Uncovering Urara's Secret
  20. Pretty Cure 5's Singing Debut!?
  21. The Apprentice Caretaker Milk Makes Her Entrance
  22. The Uproar Over Milk's Running Away!
  23. Big Crisis! The Nightmarish Invitation
  24. The Five Girls' New Power!
  25. Pretty Cure's Big Boarding Home Plan
  26. A Resort Life Full of Romance!
  27. Rin Has a Date With a Handsome Ghost!?
  28. An Account of Komachi's Summer Festival Efforts
  29. Nozomi's Day as Manager
  30. Milk's Decision and Everyone's Power!
  31. Nozomi and Coco's Love Letter Incident!
  32. Rin's Happy Wedding
  33. Big Scoop! Exclusive Coverage on Pretty Cure 5!
  34. Protect Milk! White Knight Karen
  35. Nuts' Key and Komachi's Heart
  36. Aim for the Finish! Marathon Rally
  37. Coco's Healthy Plan!
  38. Pretty Cure 5's Cinderella Story
  39. Terror! Despariah Appears!
  40. Investigate the Board Chairman's True Identity!
  41. Feelings Understood, Komachi and Urara
  42. Rin and Karen's Secret Promise
  43. Komachi's Decision and Nuts' Future
  44. What Kind of Person is a Caretaker?
  45. Nozomi and Coco's Christmas Vow
  46. Kawarino's Heartless Tactic!
  47. Take Back the Dream Collet!
  48. Hope vs. Despair, the Final Showdown!
  49. Pretty Cure 5 of Hopes and Dreams!

    Go Go 
  1. Revival! Pretty Cure 5!
  2. Nozomi and Coco's Troubling Reunion
  3. Delivery Boy Syrup's Friend
  4. Deliver Urara's Script
  5. A Letter to Student Council President Karen
  6. King Donut Awakens
  7. Let's Go! The Palmier Kingdom!
  8. Syrup and the Mysterious Letter
  9. Great Detective Komachi's Entrance!
  10. It Has Appeared! The Power of the Blue Rose!
  11. Magnificent Transformation! Milky Rose!
  12. Mimino Kurumi Has Arrived!
  13. A Nightmarish Fairytale World!
  14. Milky Rose's Secret
  15. Rin and the Bean Stalk
  16. Karen and Komachi's Sweets House
  17. Tamuken's Treasured Item
  18. Send It to Everyone! Urara's Singing Voice
  19. Fisherman Karen and Turtle Milk!?
  20. Komachi and Madoka's Dreams
  21. Full of Friendship, Making Lunch Together!
  22. Teacher Nozomi Does Her Very Best!
  23. Syrup Has Betrayed Us!?
  24. Pretty Cure 5's New Power!
  25. The Midsummer Nightmare Duo
  26. Pretty Cure in the Big City!
  27. Rin vs. the Monsters of Edo!
  28. Coco's Bride Has Arrived!?
  29. Tennis With a Cool Guy on the Plateau!?
  30. The Kings' Powers and Nuts' Troubles
  31. Milky Rose's New Power
  32. A Teeny, Tiny Grand Adventure
  33. Hustling Urara and the Curry Shop
  34. A Tearful Farewell! Crepe's Confession
  35. Bunbee's Shocking Proposal!
  36. Dangerous! Five de Chance! (Part 1)
  37. Dangerous! Five de Chance! (Part 2)
  38. The Power of Two! Dream and Rose!
  39. Save King Montblanc!
  40. Take Back Urara's Singing Voice
  41. Rin Has a Date With a Cool Guy!?
  42. Komachi's Decision and the Arabian Nights
  43. Terror! Eternal's Director!
  44. Deliver Them! Everyone's Presents!
  45. The Door to the Cure Rose Garden Appears!
  46. A Desperate Situation! Imprisoned Pretty Cure 5!
  47. Our Feelings As One! The Miracle of the Blue Rose!
  48. Towards the Future! The Eternally Indestructible Pretty Cure 5!

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