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Trivia / Yes! Pretty Cure 5

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  • Anime First
  • Canon Immigrant: According to this interview, Karen riding a horse was something that originated in the manga adaptation which the anime’s producer and head writer liked so much that they asked to include it in the anime.
  • Development Hell: While the series itself didn't suffer from this, Fan Sub efforts are another matter entirely: YPC5 seemed to somehow repel attempts at translation. The first season, which ran from February 2007 to January 2008, was finally fully translated in October 2012, and even then only as a hodgepodge of several distinct translation efforts. The second season, which ran from February 2008 to January 2009, remained unfinished until December 2013, as the only fansub group wiling to sub it were also busy with the other Precure series and Ojamajo Doremi. The slow pace of subbing prompted another group to start subbing the series backwards from the end so that the whole series could be subbed faster.
  • Fan Nickname
    • Nozomi: Donut (for Cure Dream’s ring-shaped odangos)… that is, until they actually introduced a character called Donut.
    • Rin: Cure Rogue, Agunimon-chan. Crap. Now she’s going to hurt us.
    • Urara: Cream Horn (for Cure Lemonade’s hair), Cure Pine-Sol, Urarararara.
    • Karen: Babaa, Honoka Bitchy Edition.
    • Komachi: Mama, Retasu
    • Chocola (from the second movie): Cure Chibi-Moon
  • Franchise Killer: Believe it or not, GoGo, while it had better merchandise sales than its predecessor, nearly killed the Pretty Cure franchise due to its poor ratings against the 2007 GeGeGe no Kitarō reboot. Had the season following it, Fresh Pretty Cure!, failed financially, it would of been the last series after this one because of how badly this one did.
  • Playing Against Type: Yuko Sanpei admitted in an interview that she was surprised in getting the role of Nozomi. She is usually type-cast as young shounen boys and tomboyish women, and she actually auditioned for Natsuki at first; eventually the role was given to Junko Takeuchi who had a similar type-cast role as Sanpei.
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  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: Though it was common before, this series, particularly with its caption-less logo, made it look quite likely that both "Pretty Cure" and "Precure" are canon, both for the name of the series and for the name of the group. Later seasons of Pretty Cure'’ after Fresh'' actually use "Precure" in the English caption.
  • Schedule Slip: A Yes 5 novel was originally announced for a 2016 release alongside the Fresh Pretty Cure! novel, but while that novel was eventually released, the Yes 5 one has yet to receive a release date, with the last official mention of it being in 2019.
  • What Could Have Been: According to an interview with the artists for the manga adaptation, they had mistakenly believed Natts was going to be Rin’s love interest rather than Komachi’s and had created a chapter to Ship Tease them that was made more ambiguous near the end when the executives cleared it up for them.


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