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Trivia pages for Pretty Cure works

General trivia

  • The series have generally been theorized to be alternate continuities; the Bat Family Crossover as well as HuGtto! Pretty Cure say otherwise, but these tend to really mess up the canon.
  • There are actually three different versions of the first Bat Family Crossover, all of which contradict one another and the series themselves. The short film, the movie and the DS game each have the teams meeting for the first time under different circumstances; only the movie and their sequels include Fresh and all the seasons after it; only the DS game takes place while the series are all running, while the others take place after they are over; and the short film just makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Apparently, as of late 2015, Pretty Cure tops a Famitsu poll about which anime franchise fans wanted to become a Musou-style game. If it happens, then it will become the first majorly female-dominated cast Musou game.

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