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These WMGs covers the Precure Series as the whole. For entries specific to a season, go to the following:

Pretty Cure will soon be involved in another Crisis Crossover, SNK Style!
Somewhere 20 Minutes into the Future, Cobra Commander, under his alter ego, Corporate Commander, after finally obtaining enough money to build an army, he begins to Take Over the World. His first target is the Pretty Cures, and he almost instantly Curb Stomped all of the Pretty Cures thanks to the recruitment of all the villains of Pretty Cure. In response to this, a Fan Fic author creates an Author Avatar to recruit Xiao Xiao, a Mad Scientist, Jin Kazama, and Natsuru Senou, and Don Pygolesis to combat this threat. Oh, and both the Author Avatar and Corporate Commander are SNK Bosses. Unbeknownst to many, however, there are plans to capture Oni and to make him into the ultimate weapon!
"Pretty Cure" is a title akin to "knight" or "Dame" given by the royalties of the magic worlds to extraordinary female warriors
Even if the All Star movie is not canon, it's likely that the series all DO take place in the same universe. There's probably at least a dozen magical dimensions out there which collectively hide the world's greatest energy-sources. The "Garden of Rainbows" (as it's called in the original)/"Land of Greenery" (as it's called in Splash Star) is the hub between them.

The title "Pretty Cure" has probably been out of use for a long time. But when the Queen of Light suddenly named two new cures (due to the movement of the forces of darkness), other higher authorities started naming Cures again as well. We just don't get to see most of the other Kings and Queens.

Mobile Suit Gundam is the true enemy of Pretty Cure!

Long, Long Time ago, there was once a peaceful world between the Mecha no Sekai and the Mahou Shoujo no Sekai, all was fine...until the death of Lalah Sune. The forces of Zeon began diving to occult research to revive the first newtype with terrifying success

Lalah, reincarnated, became two halfs, the mentoring Luna and the evil Queen Beryl. Amuro learned of this and became Tuxedo Mask, promising to help Luna in fighting off her evil half. And thus the great Gundam War began. The first Magical Girl Invasion Force consisted of Lowe Guile, Garma Zabi, and the deceased Psycho Mantis. Amuro knew that however darker days were ahead as he lost his memories after being corrupted by Beryl. Having a memory of him fight a Crossbone Vanguard and Preventers before reawakening as the legend, he returned to see that Garrod Ran, and a good deal of Zeon (Kycillia and M'Quive) continuing the war. However, the sailor senshi recruited many allies, Shinji Ikari and Rain Nakamura joined the allies of justice. During the Death Buster War, Quess, Puru and Tifa naively joined the forces of Nememsis and was summarily defeated the Sailor Senshi. Haman Kahn, devastated that so many have died, declared war using the Dark Circus as a front and first used Kai Shinden, Trieze and Athrun. When the first trio fell, she used a clone of Rain, Katejina Loos using two constructs as her means to destroy the magical girl universe. The final war ends with Rei from Blue Comet SPT Layzner possessing Elle from Gundam ZZ and Aina Saharin being the sole members of Gundam leading the final war. In spite of their final defeat at hands of the allies of justice. They corrupted Sailor Venus, who will go on to terrorize the Precure no Sekai. During the course of the first great mahou shoujo war skirmishes (movies), Christina from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket had heard word that Heero Yuy had been seduced by Cecily Fairchild of Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (under the control of her father, in exchange for Seabook's life) to deliver a deadly biological weapon that was to follow up with the Bugs as well as a jilted lover of Amuro's who was assisted by Kamille Bidan, the other would had played a song to Cure Flower, telling her of grim times ahead

The War intervention Force consisting of Sumeragi, Relena, Lacus and C.C, had heard of the dreaded Gundam Army invading this world to bring never ending war they ordered the Precure to be formed. Granting the ability to stop the conflict, the gift of Precure was given to three girls aided by Domon Kasshu who teaches them how to actually fight. They were able to fend off an attack force consisting of Kira's father, the corrupted Sailor Venus as well as Garrod Ran and the first Great Leader Zengar. In Zengar's dying breath he orders the formation of the true Great Leader: The man who ordered the gassing of 300 bunch, Jamitov Hymen.

Realizing the first wave of gundams failed, he forces Henken to invade the precure no sekai aided by UNE Commander Jaggia Frost. Sophia, a friend of Kira. Heard about the impending invasion, Kira told Sophia to choose two random girls as Precures. Despite the limited resources, they prevent what could have been an age of eternal strife, but the real precure war was about to begin...

In Yes! Precure, Precure fought against Precure, Gundam prepares their invicible legions to invade and to do that, they demanded OZ to contribute their warchest to the effort, forming a corporation based in SE Asia to plan the war.

The Yes! Precure no Sekai war effort was a huge one. Hiring several veterans from the first gundam conflict and bringing Garrod Ran back to destroy the world as well the Man from Jupiter. They also gotten a few female gundam aces on duty. Neena, Kiki and Paula aided in the war. However Saji refused to accept the fate of Gundam and joined Precure with of G-Gen Original Billy Blaze. The war was won but with great cost, Jamitov overthrew Zengar as the leader of Dai-Gundam and ordered an invasion on the Fresh Precure no Sekai...

The Fresh Precure no Sekai had another old Ace back to invade the world, Coroner and Shinn Asuka. Who was told to invade the Precure no Sekai, after the invasions hit a stop gap. They sent in Vancuria to try and finish what they started and Jamitov personally led the charge. The great leader was defeated when Shinn refused to join Gundam and reawakened his Kamen Rider spirit to stop Labyrinth and Vancuria's efforts to make a field base for Infershia. However, the Infershia's invasion is about to begin...with Shinn's father...

Dai-Gundam's main forces, in shock of the betrayal of Shinn and Ryuutaros, took their anger out on the main dimension of Super Sentai, Shadam. The Big Bad of Dairanger, told many of Dai-Gundam's forces to attack Super Sentai, led by Kamille Bidan and aided by many Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam cast members, Kamille earned the priviledge to invade the Goseiger's world as Bureidoran. This is the explanation why no major characters from Gundam is lending their aid to destroy Pretty Cure, except the women. Unfortunately Kamille was able to capture Honoka and convert her to an agent of Warstar by using a Xenomorph (And using her remains to turn her to a Greeed and later converted Love as well. However, Johan, wishing to wishing to redeem himself from his sister, assumes the mantle of Gosei Knight and along with the Goseigers defeats Kamille.

Dai-Gundam w/ its new allies, Infershia and the Org tribe (led by Loki), planned an invasion of the Heartcatch Pretty Cure no Sekai. Luckily, new allies of justice rose in the form of Fate Testarrosa, Gidget with Kid Salsamille. In addition to the Pretty Cure commanders such as Sumeragi, Lacus, Tessa, and Relena, Lindy Harlown also joined the group, adding to the force was Stellar Loussier who Shinn when working secretly for Labyrinth had rescued as Kamen Rider Den-o and giving her the powers of Cure Sunshine before going off to fight off members of gundam. But Dai-Gundam has its newest superstar in the form of another commander: Kati Mannequin. Chosen for her fighting and detective skills and also a brilliant strategist, she also took Nena Trinity's "Dark Lemonade" DNA and used it to transform into the Dark Pretty Cure. As soon as Shinn saved Stellar from the clutches of Gundam, Heero Yuy, corrupted by the Xenian Flower and Negataros was turned to Heat convinced that Sera was kidnapped by the Cures and declared himself leader of the invasion after suffering from Saaya's infection. The betrayal of Athrun Zala was a devastating blow to Dai-Gundam itself, which it also leads to his murder at the hands of Kati. With this heartbreaking news, Lindy Harlaown decided to lead a team of scientists to research and create new weapons, including the RahXephon, to put and end to the war and even then Heat was able to bring forth Ali Al Sarchez to wreck havoc on humanity and had Zaspine attack them in the grand crossover.

In Suite Precure, new heroes arise from the vengence of those who lost loved ones to Dai-Gundam, Meyrin Hawke recovering from the grief of losing Athrun rises as Cure Rhythm while Kallen who was disgusted at how Kamille goes so far as to not only create one kaijin but two from C.C's body became Cure Melody and Mirallia, part of the Gundam SEED pact, becomes Cure Beat and fights to stop Masshymere. Both vow to defeat who will rise up as the dark forces of Dai-Gundam who are led by Masshymere Cello (In reality, Agent Abrella is the true mastermind behind the plot), while at the same time, the Goukaiger now fight off Garterbelt, Winter One, a resurrected Cobraja and a corrupted Aina...

In Kamen Rider Fourze, Kumojacky has succeeded in taking Lacus' DNA and turning her into a Horoscope, a superior form of the Zodiarts which given to a man. While he does that he takes over the body of a female teacher in the faculty to further the purposes of Dai Gundam to confuse the forces of only Cure Black remains uncorrupted by the forces of Dai Gundam. But currently in Smile Precure world, the Precure side increased in power as new members joined in: Yoshika Miyafuji, a former Strike Witch, joins the group as Cure Happy; Ika Musune, abandoning her plans to invade earth in favor of peace, turns into Cure Peace; Dark Dream has also become Cure Beauty, as a change of heart allows her to use her powers for good, albeit at a small cost as she no longer has Cure Dream's powers. But the unexpected is that they have found a new superstar who will rise among the legends. It was none other than Metal Alice, a former agent of the Matrinis Empire, who fought the Goseigers. Alice, seeing Kamille's cruel experiments on Honoka and Love and her discovery of the power of friendship, she becomes Cure March and defects to the side of justice and stop the many incarnations of Buredoran from capturing more Cures to become kaijin servants! The war with Gundam reached a truce when Masshymere Cello joins the side of good and the Cures only to see the conflict rekindle as Dozle Zabi rises from the dead.

The war soon erupted again when Yazan Gable and Katejina reforms the order of Dai Gundam with the help of the vengeful spirit of Yuca Meilasch, bringing the war fully back in motion. To fight them, Fram Nara and Raynelle was cloned and reborn as precure to serve their penance against the forces of Gundam. Suzaku Kururugi also joined in the conflict but in the side of Precure and finally, Nena Trinity. Sought to redeem herself for her past sins, she took the mantle of Cure Ace.

Furthermore, the Precure finally have four new recruits. Three known names and one unknown, they form the Happiness Charge Precure. First is Bianca Sazanka, who took the mantle of Cure Lovely. But the biggest and newest superstar to come into the Precure ranks is none other than Asuna Yuuki, who is one of the valiant heroes of the VMMORPG Sword Art Online, along with her lover and husband, Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito. But she suffered a cruel fate as she was kidnapped by the Deboth Army, who are allies of Dai-Gundam. Along with the other poor girls, Asuna was brainwashed, altered her memories, and turned her into a kaijin servant known as Candelila. Luckily, Kirito finally saved her, along with the help of the Kyoryugers and the Precure. Sought to avenge on what Deboth and Dai-Gundam have done to her, Asuna finally joined the allies of justice as she took the mantle of... Cure Fortune. Their new enemy is led by one of Torin's most ardent followers Yumi Francois as she was unable to find members of Dai-Gundam sought out Mr. Blonde as his notorious reputation for cruelty.

  • I declare this theory Made of Win.
  • Bah. Just mindless blabber.

Pretty Cure will become the Super Sentai of Magical Girl anime.
Isn't it already?
  • In addition, the crossovers would soon be limited to the previous season and focus more on the bond between the teams. And if Digimon is successfully brought back, maybe there'll be crossover movies between them...
  • Technically Sailor Moon was already this, since it was the first to introduce the concept of a team of magical girls who were color coded.
  • Nah, Sailor Moon had the color coded team going, but Pretty Cure has the rotating cast and premise per season.

After the next iteration has another Shrinking Violet main character, the next two would be Kuudere
Think about it. The first two leaders were tomboys. The next two were Genki Girls. The current leader is Shrinking Violet, so after we have a second Shrinking Violet leader, the next two leaders might be Kuudere, or some other personality.

The heroines of Suite Pretty Cure will be Expies of Tsubomi and Erika
A la Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star.
  • So that would make Heartcatch the true reboot of the series?
  • Probably jossed; Hibiki and Kanade sound more like a longer-haired Nagisa and a blonde Honoka than anything.
    • Really? With their description, I'm seeing Tsubomi and Erika... but with the lead as Erika Mk.II instead of Tsubomi.
      • Nah, Erika isn't as good in sports and Tsubomi probably isn't interested in baking.

The next season after Suite will have a sweets theme.
Heartcatch had a flower theme with some musical elements, Suite has a music theme with some sweets-related elements... See where I'm going with this?
  • Jossed; Smile appears to have a fairy tale thematic, judging by the recently leaked info.
  • And confirmed years later. Kirakira went full-on confectionery.

The next series will have (a) male Cure(s)
Think about it. Since Yes! Pretty Cure 5, the Cures always have males as helpers and/or joke Cures, or at least suspected to be one.

Notice the progression. From just helpers, helpers with Cure-like power, Cure costume and catchphrase, and finally transformation sequence. Just add few things that are necessary for Cures and we're now ready for a male Cure.

Of course, this theory can be applied to further series in case the next one after this Jossed it. Even though there could always be a Sixth Ranger...

  • Or they could tease us further with this by having Faux Action Major Guy Characters or pulling off a Kamen Rider Double or Choujin Barom 1, with a boy and a girl combining into one precure, with the girl being the dominant body and the combined precure herself being female. And finally, during an anniversary special, Word of God will conform there will never be true male precure, as an ultimate Troll of the internet.

  • Doki Doki! PreCure doesn't have a male Cure...but it does have a guy fighting alongside them.
    • Cure Sebastian in Episode 25, though that was a short-lived stint.

  • Additionally, the first official male cure may fall into a Dating Catwoman situation.

All of Pretty Cure's magical lands are located inside Braneworlds from Engine Sentai Go-onger.
Most of them are located in Magic World, with the exception of the Great Heart Tree (Grass World) and Major and Minor Lands (Sound World).

The first male Cure will play with fire and avert Damage Discrimination
Because some men just want to watch the world burn.

After Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3, Toei will start to focus on crossing the franchise over with their other superhero shows to fill the gap.
  • Jossed. There is another All-Stars movie in the works, Spring Carnival.
  • And now that Dream Stars has replaced All Stars as the annual crossover, the likelihood of this happening has gone down even further.

If a Precure series based in Japanese Culture happen...
It will be inspired by Yuugen Jikkou Sisters Shuu Shuutorian, an old tokusatsu series.
  • Or it could be themed after ninja and/or samurai.

There will be a Precure movie that will not immediately air to the theaters but instead goes direct to home/TV...
With the plot being the enemies are Genre Savvy that Miracle Lights usually work greatly as a Deus ex Machina for the Precures, and thus makes sure that there won't be any Miracle Lights to save the Precure from their plan, and it's up to just them without Miracle Lights to save the day. Because Miracle Lights are often used as an audience-participation tool, it eventually causes the movie not to premiere in the theaters.
  • Technically this happened, but in the format of a multi-part episode written in All-Stars format.

The next precure series will be written by Gen Urobuchi
Considering this season is magic theme, maybe...


There will be a Pretty Cure series airing on Amazon Prime.
Following Kamen Rider Amazons, there will be a very Darker and Edgier (and more cynical) Pretty Cure series aimed at hardcore fans. Expect Bloodier and Gorier Japanese Delinquents approach with Amazon Brigade of enemy Cures.

Future Precure motifs:
MermaidsSemi-confirmed with Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure


  • In a way similar to Sailor Moon. Which is no surprising given that Pretty Cure is Sailor Moon's Spiritual Successor.
    • Feels unlikely as Toei will want to avoid theme clashing between their own shows, since that almost guarantees viewer confusion. Also it also seem to me that Toei is sick of the Sailor Moon's unyielding popularity to the point of stopping licensing it out, and having a Pretty Cure season based on that idea would just throw gas on to the fire.


Western Zodiac

Eastern Zodiac


  • Four of the main cures will be named Cure Ruby, Cure Sapphire, Cure Emerald and Cure Topaz, like a Mythology Gag from Maho Girls Pretty Cure!.
    • Cure Emerald is still unlikely, given that Green Cures are rare. A better deal is Cure Amethyst, a Purple Cure.
    • But what about the Pink Cure's name?
    • Bonus points if a Cure Pearl is introduced. My guess is that she starts as an evil Cure (like Dark Pretty Cure) before pulling a Heel–Face Turn, as in the black and white pearl. Extra points if Cure Pearl's color is white, and her evil form is black.
      • Not necessary an evil Cure, just a female villain.
      • Black and white are two colors sort of permanently burned for the Cures by the OG. Even OG Cures are not considered Cures of the colors they are named after really. (Cure Black is pink, and Cure White is blue.)


  • Bonus points if is released in a Milestone Celebration.
    • So we have Cure Pink, Cure Blue, Cure Green, Cure Purple, Cure Yellow and Cure Red?
      • If not Cure Purple, it will be named Cure Violet.
  • Technically we have this already in OG.
    • I don't find it likely. OG Cure Black and Cure White have sort-of burned the two colors forever. Cure Black is now consistently considered a pink Cure using her secondary color, and all three main white Cures fits the positions of blue Cures (Cure White and Cure Egret, both using their secondary color) or purple Cure (Cure Moonlight) better. Given the current character color stereotype, it would not be a good idea to burn pink, blue and yellow in this way.
  • The Cures will all be named after unconventionals. For example, a red cure won't be called Cure Red, but Cure Crimson (a shade of red).

World Tour

  • Cures with a different country-motif.
  • Think big, Five Cures representing five continents.
    • My guess is four plus two: Four cures representing Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. And two more cures representing North America and South America.


  • It will be fantasy themed, a la Glitter Force, but with a Final Fantasy-like motif.
  • The Cures are named like RPG-esque jobs, like Cure Knight, Cure Thief, Cure Cleric and Cure Wizard.
    • A more likely name for Cure Thief would be Cure Rogue, seeing as how Rogue could also cover Assassins (especially since I doubt "Cure Assassin" would fly in a kid's show)
  • Bonus points if the Big Bad is an Evil Sorcerer. Extra points if the Greater-Scope Villain is a dragon.
    • It would be nice also a female villain with a Dark Knight Motif. When she pulls a Heel–Face Turn, the becames a Paladin-like Cure. Bonus points if her Cure name is Cure Paladin.



  • Themed around battling viruses and diseases, with each Cure being a different doctor.
  • The Local Hangout will be a hospital.
    • Or a research lab. Bonus point if OG Cure White comes back as the mentor to the team.
  • Confirmed in Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure.


  • Themed around electric cars and the green movement, the Transformation Trinkets are car keys.
  • They will be the first Precure team to get a Cool Bike for each Precure.
  • The Precures will be sightly older than in most other seasons, given that the minimum driving age is higher than most Precures' ages.
  • Token Male Cure will be fully armored, complete with a Hot Paint Job. Bonus points if he can transform into a car himself.

Decorations and Accessories

  • The Precures start off with the plainest dress ever, and then have add-ons that augment their powers.
  • Cure names would relate to jewelry/decore i.e. Cure Barrette or Cure Scarf.


  • The Precures each have a fairy to take care of, like Virtual Pet.
  • They can also be enamored with powers of the pets they take care of. Compare this WMG with the another one at Digimon, where a senshi-mon is powered-up by other Digimon, be it his own or other tamers'.
  • Confirmed in Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure, as a secondary theme.


  • The Precures will each be themed around different fruit, with fruits that have variants of different colors (i.e., apples, grapes) having their corresponding Cure be multi-colored with said colors (i.e., an Apple-themed cure would be Red and Green, and have a Golden Super Mode)
  • Isn't this Fresh Pretty Cure!?


  • Each Cure would represent a different sport (albeit not every sport would be represented) - essentially think Squadron Sportranger as a magical girl show.
  • Cure names would be Cure Pompom (a cheerleader), Cure Flip (gymnastics), Cure Dive (swimming), Cure Net (volleyball) and Cure Racket (tennis).


  • The powers are hereditary.
  • Darker and Edgier.
  • Similarities to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
  • The logo will be written in Kanji (even the Precure name) and/or calligraphy and/or up to down.
  • In accordance with the villain-turned-Precures-always-get-instrument-weapons trend (As seen in ep 37 of Hugtto), the Heel–Face Turn Precure might get a shamisen weapon to purify MOTWs.


  • The Cures would be called Legendary Baristas instead of Legendary Warriors.
  • The enemies would be based around minerals, like salt which causes dehydration.


  • The cures would be themed around different international holidays i.e. Cure Cupid for Valentine's Day or Cure Pumpkin for Halloween.
    • Which holidays get to be represented will be evenly distributed across the year. More specifically, at one holiday per season.
  • In lore, a specific date, known as a "Holy Day", is reserved as a break from work. The cures in-universe are based on deities who represents those dates.
  • Villains will be based on black companies as a concept.


  • The cures are all themed after different dinosaurs.
  • The mascot is a feathered dinosaur.
  • The Local Hangout is a museum.

Alternatly Prehistory in general

Ancient Egypt

  • Each Cure will be themed after a different god (mostly the females), and overall be magic users, as magic and magicians did have much prominence in Ancient Egyptian culture and mythology.
    • At least one will have either a North African parent or an archaeologist one.
  • The mascot will be a cat.

Visual Effects and Flairs

  • Main batch are in an idol group similar to Fresh.


  • Probably "classical" (e.g. Tengu) vs "modern" (e.g. Urban Legends)
  • Tengu (Pink), Kappa (Blue), Kitsune (Yellow)
  • The Local Hangout is the local shrine

Past themes

  • The Cures would have finishers themed after previous seasons (e.g. The Leader has moves based on Futari Wa, Heartcatch and Go Princess)
  • Either that or Power Copying previous attacks and finishers (Think of Miden as a Cure)

The genre in general

  • The Cures are Shout-Out to other shows of the genre
    • The objects are as well
  • Lighthearted jabs at darker Magical Girl Genre Deconstruction shows, perhaps a deconstruction of the trope itself (Double Deconstruction!)
  • The franchise itself would exist in-universe and at least one Cure is a fan of it
    • She can recommend shows to watch to a new member
  • Self-Deprecation


  • Instead of being associated with one color, each precure will be officially recognized as both. The two contrasting colors, each representing different aspects, combine into an overall theme.
    • For example, the lead pink will also be a green cure. Pink flowers plus green leaves makes her garden-themed.
    • Blue waters and orange seashells makes an ocean-theme.
    • Yellow stars and (dark) purple night sky makes galaxy-theme.

Specific Demographics

  • Each cure is designed to appeal just towards a specific demographics.
  • Or, to a smaller extent, the majority of the team are designed to appeal to little girls, while the minority are for adults.

Ice Cream and other Chilly Treats

  • Takes place in a hot, tropical setting

The Milestone Celebration season will be the 20th/21st or 25th/26th
It may possibly air in 2024 or 2029, possibly counting Futari wa Precure and Max Heart as the same but keeping Yes! Precure 5 Go Go separate from the previous season.
  • As a nod to the first series, this season may have only two Precures or better yet, start in Futari wa.
    • Or a Distant Sequel to Max Heart with the OG's daughters as the Cures
  • First time in a long time either Aya Ikeda and/or Mayu Kudou sing either the OP or ED.
  • There may be several similarities to Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Kamen Rider Decade, and Kamen Rider Zi-O:
    • The Precures being able to access the powers of the previous Precure seasons.
    • The Transformation Trinket will announce what name Cure the Precures transform into.
    • Nearly all Precures will reprise their roles, where they will assist this season's Precures in their battle.
    • Theme Music Power-Up will be very common in this series.
    • The Super Mode will feature the insignia of every previous Precure season at once.
    • There will be one episode arcs for the less important Precure seasons, and two episode arcs for the more important ones. If this is the 20th or 21st season, all arcs will be two-episode.
      • In some sort of Book Ends, either the first or second tribute will be to Heartcatch (whereas the other will be the season before this) while the final tribute will be to Happiness Charge.
      • The tribute arc of Futari wa Pretty Cure will be one of the first three while the second-last may be Splash Star.
      • Apparently, the placing of each tribute story arc may depend on the associated season's popularity.
    • The Monsters of the Week will be those from the previous seasons.
  • If this is the 21st season, the 1000th episode will air as this season's (approximately) 18th episode.
  • A meta season that is a love letter to the genre in general

The 2019/2020 series will be Olympic themed
Specifically, it'll have a sports theme, and it'll feature 5 cures, with each ring color represented by a different ring. Japan is hosting the Olympics, and considering that Precure is already one of the representatives, this would be just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Plus it would give them an excuse to add another Green Cure.
  • Jossed.

Change in timeslot
In the event that Sunday Live, the program that took Super Sentai's original 7:30am slot in October 2017, stops airing, Pretty Cure will most likely move up to the 7:30am slot, thus ending TV Asahi's long-lasting tradition of magical girl shows airing at 8:30am.
  • Unlikely. Pretty Cure + Kamen Rider + Super Sentai has always been airing as one concrete hour and half block since Pretty Cure came on air as the "Sunday Morning Kid Show" block. Should the show be moved all three would be moved together.

Toei is already getting closer to casting a Sentai Ranger actor as a Precure seiyu
Apparently they're trying to counter Precure seiyu voicing Sentai villains(as shown with Aya Hisakawa (Cure Moonlight and Madame Noir); Megumi Han (Hime Shirayuki/Cure Princess and Izayoi Kyuuemon); Minako Kotobuki (Cure Diamond and Nalia); and most recently Eri Kitamura (Cure Berry and Madako).

As per precedent with Takayuki Godai (Vul Eagle and Akudaikahn), were there to be a Cure voiced by a Sentai Ranger actor, the Cure in question would most likely start off as a villainess undergoing High-Heel–Face Turn.

There will be a Precure spin-off entry that will be aimed at older fans similar to Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger and Kamen Rider Amazons. It will be a horror comedy.
  • It will be about bounty hunters who fight against the villains that resemble past Cures as a result of them being created from the past Cures' bad habits and deeds. Their mascots are based on past mascots from their respective seasons. Their allies will be past Cures, past mascots and past allies from their respective seasons.
  • The leaders of the villainous group will be named after a civilian name of a Cure and are based on past Cures from their respective seasons. It will have the same voice actresses as the Cures they are based on. Their designs are the same as the Cures but with nightmarish versions of the costumes similar to the Another Riders from Kamen Rider Zi-O. They will be called the Uncures. Their goal is to corrupt and harm the world via methods (each fraction has their methods based on their motifs). It has many fractions. Their henchmen are the same ones from respective seasons. They are Cures that are born from their bad habits and deeds. When a commander or a leader is defeated, they are turned into an item similar to devices from past seasons (similar to the Lupin Collection from Lupinranger VS Patranger). They also have powers from villianous team of past seasons.
    • Max Heartbreak
      • Asigan Imusim: the leader of the Max Heartbreak and supreme leader of the Uncures. Based on Cure Black. Her powers are black lightnings. Her bad habits and deeds are unsportsmanship such as cheating at sports. The item after being defeated is similar to a Card Commune. Voiced by Honna Yoko.
      • Orihsikuy Akonoh: Second in command of the Max Heartbreak. Based on Cure White. The item after being defeated is an item similar to a Heartful Commune. Voiced by Yukana.
      • Uojuk Irakih: A corrupted "life" of the Queen. The item after being defeated is similar to a Touch Commune. Voiced by Rie Tanaka.
    • Dry Star
      • Aguuyh Ikas: Based on Cure Bloom. Voiced by Orie Kimoto.
      • Uohsim Iam: Based on Cure Egret. Voiced by Atsuko Enomoto.
    • No! 5
      • Arahemuy Imozon: Based on Cure Dream. Voiced by Yuko Sanpei.
      • Ikustan Nir: Based on Cure Rouge. Voiced by Junko Takeuchi.
      • Onagusak Araru: Based on Cure Lemonade. Voiced by Mariya Ise.
      • Otomika Ihcamok: Based on Cure Mint. Voiced by Ai Nagano.
      • Ikuzanim Nerak: Based on Cure Aqua. Voiced by Ai Maeda.
      • Klim/Onimim Imuruk: Based on Milky Rose. Voiced by Eri Sendai.
    • Rotten
      • Onozomom Evol: Based on Cure Peach. Voiced by Kanae Oki.
      • Onoa Ikim: Based on Cure Berry. Voiced by Eri Kitamura.
      • Ikubamay Ironi: Based on Cure Pine. Voiced by Akiko Nakagawa.
      • Ihsagih Anustes: Based on Cure Passion. Voiced by Yuka Komatsu.
    • Heartdrop
    • Offtone
    • Frown
    • Naku Naku
    • Sadness Deplete
    • Stop! Commoner
    • Technology Tsukai
    • Yamiyami Rotten Sweets
    • Crushtto
    • Star Dim
    • Sickness Good
    • Polar Bleu

There will be a Precure entry that is intended to both attract young viewers and be nostalgic to old ones.
  • One thing this new season won't have is an overarching outsider as the Big Good, instead past Cures will be hiding in the background as people related to the latest Cures - their senpai in high school or college years, their teachers, neighbors, coworkers, aunts or even their moms, serving the role of the Big Good for the season.
    • Before the climax, the previous Cures will appear in their transformed state from time to time in episodes, without the transform sequence, out of the eye shot of the new Cures or maybe the Big Bad to remind the viewer (but certainly not the main characters) that there are multiple groups of active Cures in vicinity. However in this state the past Cures will not take active roles in order not to upstage the new Cures.
    • It takes a Big Bad attack in the climax that affects Muggles and pre-transform Cures differently to reveal the fact to the new Cures that some people close to them are past Cures. Now with the veil of disguise busted we get a second transform sequence announcing to the new Cures that past Cures have their backs. Cue epic fight.
    • To expand on this, My idea is to have this season's Cures live with everyone else, and that they learn from each other (Actually existing Cures learning from the current group as the current group has the Encyclopaedia of this whole franchise), and they are also tougher due to their living place's craziness
      • It’s like All Stars as a normal season

A "beat the tradition" series
Always in my mind is a series where the Cures don't fight normally (e.g. Not focused on The Power of Friendship), and that they just do stuff that doesn't fly otherwise (Calling friends to help, Mid-Battle sleeping, not using finishers, using random objects to attack, etc). It would be great to see Toei going back to its Deconstructive Parody roots and make it go up to eleven. Worth mentioning is that they are solving an underworld political conflict.

Cures like Shiny Luminous, Milky Rose, Cure Ace (and Regina), Cure Scarlet, Cure Felice, and Cures Macherie and Amour are unique, one-time occurences within their respective universes and future Cures similar to them in their universes will probably not happen again.
  • In the Futari Wa universe, if and when a new evil arises and attacks the Garden of Light again after Nagisa, Honoka, and Hikari have moved on and they recruit new Cures, I highly doubt the Queen will ever split herself again to make another Hikari-like character. It is probably a one-time only thing.
  • In the Doki Doki universe, Aguri and Regina are also "one-time only supernaturally created normal humans." The same goes for Kotoha.
  • In Go! Princess, there are only 3 Cure personas stored in the Hope Kingdom, though since Towa's were created by Dyspear and purified, at the end of the series they were presumably added to the collection so there can one day be a new Cure Scarlet, subverting it.

Future PreCure predictions.
  • Police
  • Chinese mythology
  • Secret agents
  • Polar
  • Sports
  • Time travel
  • Military
  • Cyberpunk
  • Knights
    • Fisticuffs will be replaced with swordfights.
    • The cures would be recruited to guard a mage prince who's transferred into their school.
  • Youkai
  • Idols
  • Past PreCure
  • Martial Arts
  • Rainbow
    • The lore is that there was a past Rainbow/White cure who got KIA'd, and her powers were split into six colors (one of them would be reserved for mid-season cure).
    • When the six cures come together, they'll access a rainbow-themed Super Mode when they get to share one another's powers.

The next PreCure Special Guest would be..

A pure Slice of Life season with the All Stars format.
Come on, everyone would like to see Cures from different seasons have meaningful interactions with one another outside of the final battle.

It could be Precure’s version of Carnival Phantasm or Kaginado.

Every Cure, including Blossom and the Heartcatch Cures, do her famous Butt Punch for the 20th Anniversary.
Her attack's been featured in Hugtto episode 37, All Stars Memories, and the entire Heartcatch and Tropical Rouge teams have done it. Who knows, maybe every Cure from every season's gonna do it too.

A future series will combine the two best friends aspect from Futari Wa with the Five-Man Band from Yes!.
It will start out with two high school girls. Then as the series goes on, they will a joined by three new members, each slightly different from their peer group: one is a year junior, another is a year senior and the third is opposite gendered.

The very final installement will be about ALL the protagonists of the previous entries of the series against an ultimate Big Bad (or Greater-Scope Villain)

There will be a future entry that exchanges its blue with sentai's.
So in the same year, super sentai will have a female blue ranger, while precure will have a male blue cure.

Future color schemes by motifs
In Soaring Sky, the cures are color-coded by sky and clouds (Blue and White) followed by other sky colors by time (Orange for Sunset, Pink for Dusk and Purple for Majestic Hour). Future entries could vary their colors instead of the conventional Pink, Blue and Yellow, by basing on their own theme:
  • Ice Cream Flavors: Yellowish White for Vanilla, Brown for Chocolate and Pink for Strawberry
  • RGB Lights (mid-season will be white)
  • Hot drinks: Light Brown (latte), Green (matcha)
  • Seasons: Pink and Green for Spring, Yellow and Green (different shade) for Summer, Orange and Purple for Autumn and White and Light Blue for Winter. Between the set of two colors, the former is primary.
  • Super Sentai Shout-Out of: Red (as the lead), Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink, complete with Silver as the mid-season.

There will be a team that mixes and matches their Finishing Move.
In a twist of Wonder Twin Powers, the cures can transform on their own, but two of them are required to perform a finisher. Any two of them will do, and different combinations leads to different effects.