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Awesome Music / Pretty Cure

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    Futari wa Pretty Cure (and Max Heart) 

    Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star 

    Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (and GoGo!) 

    Fresh Pretty Cure! 

    HeartCatch Precure! 
Who knew that heavy metal influences would go so well with a magical girl anime?

    Suite Pretty Cure 

    Smile Pretty Cure! 

    Dokidoki! Precure 
  • The ending theme, Kono Sora no Mukou aka Beyond the Sky (Lyrics here), shows off its classic, endless cheer in the catchiest way possible.
  • The second ending, "Love Link", follows the trends, and some would say it one-ups its predecessor in optimism.
  • Dear sweet Lord, did Makopi's character album deliver! To save space, here is a YouTube Playlist of the eight songs, with the full cast vocal album tacked on the back.

    Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! 

    Go! Princess Pretty Cure 
  • The transformation theme, Pretty Cure Princess Engage, has been lauded as the best henshin theme since Suite, and its classical elegance is befitting for princess-themed Pretty Cure.
  • Black Princess, Princess Twilight's theme, has a dreary-sounding violin that is perfect for a princess of despair. Also plays when she uses the blackened Princess Perfume to transform.
  • Exchange! Elegant Mode!, the theme where the Precure change into their princess gowns to fire off their finishers. It is princess-like and, per its namesake, elegant.
  • Do Prepare Yourself is simply as badass as it is classical.

    Maho Girls Precure 
  • Miracle Magical Jewelry, the new henshin theme, sounds incredible and suits the complex sequence. It finishes up with a triumphant tune as the two girls finish transforming. And that's just the Diamond version!
  • The Ruby version sounds as fiery as the Transformation looks, complete with aggressive Autobots, Rock Out!. Perfect for a strength-based form.
  • The Sapphire version sounds calm and serene like the sea and sky. Perfect for the more aerial form.
  • The Topaz starts off bouncy and goofy before going into a much more extreme-sounding tune. Perfect for a Lethal Joke Character.
  • Felice Fan-Fan Flower-ley, Cure Felice's transformation theme, is beautifully composed. Perfect for a Precure who represents the beauty of life.
  • From the final battle in the movie is the group song Sparkling Vows. The sound of the Cures singing together as they battle Dark Matter makes for a truly spectacular climax.
  • Also from the movie is Cure Mofurun's theme. It's upbeat and cheerful, and one of the more distinct songs from the series.

    KiraKira Precure a la Mode 

    Star Twinkle Precure 
  • "PaPePiPu Romantic" just makes you want to go "pew pew" with the lyrics. It is also one of the few ED songs across the franchise that does not reference the title, making it suitable to be taken out of context and be used in a generic disco/rave setting.

    Crossover Movies 

     Songs from the English dubs 
Even if some despise the dubs, you gotta admit, the songs are pretty good.