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That's Gotta Hurt

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"Hot damn! Anyone else feel that?"
Krillin (after seeing Cell take a particularly vicious kick to the gut from Gohan), Dragon Ball Z Abridged

A character catches an anvil with their face or finds themselves under a piano that has just fallen twenty stories or at the receiving end of the biggest can of whupass ever opened. Count on an observer somewhere piping up with "Oooh! That's gotta hurt!"

A favorite stock phrase indicating a character has absorbed a hit so hard that the people watching it felt the pain. Used in live action, animation, color commentary and frequently in Real Life. Used especially often following a Groin Attack AKA Share the Male Pain.

Alternate phrases with the same idea are: "That's going to leave a mark!" or "He'll be feeling that in the morning!" or a simple "Ouch!". This Is Gonna Suck is the expression of the victim before it happens.


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  • Kate Spade New York has produced a series of online-video ads called Miss Adventures. Miss Piggy guest-stars in the episode "To the Top," riding with Zosia Mamet in an elevator on the way to a party they're attending at the top of the Empire State Building. Miss Piggy, though, is in a snit because it turns out that she and Zosia are wearing the same outfit. The snit escalates into an argument, growing more and more heated as they try to outdo each other with accessories.
    [Zosia pretends to offer Miss Piggy a glittery Kate Spade purse, then pulls it away. Miss Piggy jumps up, trying to get it, but only lands flat on her face.]
    Zosia: Ohhh, that's gonna leave a mark.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • Calvin & Hobbes: The Series:
    • From "The Transmitter Conspiracy Part 1", we get an alien sports commentator saying this:
    • Jack remarks "That's gonna leave a mark." after becoming Half the Man He Used to Be in "Thunderstorm".
  • In The Great Alicorn Hunt, Scootaloo and the Nobody's Fools share a moment of bonding by swapping tales of their crashes and ouching in sympathy at each others' stories.
  • In A Hogwarts Christmas Story McGonagall accidentally drops an unconscious Hagrid onto the dock while levitating him.
    Red-haired girl: Now that's gotta hurt.
  • In Recnac Transfaerso, Snape discovers broken glass stuck in Harry's back. Harry tells how he tried to summon it out with the spell Accio, but the spell pulled the glass in the wrong direction. Snape forgoes his usual vitriol and disdain to sympathetically observe "Well, that had to hurt."

    Films — Animation 
  • In Balto while the title character is fighting Steel, one of the Mooks comments "He'll be feeling that in the morning" when our hero takes a particularly hard hit, to which another says "I think he's feeling it now".
  • In Chicken Run, after Rocky's Disaster Dominoes-fueled entry culminates in the feed trough falling on his head, one of the hens can be heard saying, "Ouch!"
  • In The Lion King 1 ˝, when Pumbaa is pulling quills out of Timon's back.
    Pumbaa: Guess "Bowling for Porcupines" wasn't the best idea, huh?
    Timon: Yeah, gotta be right up there with "Bobbing for Snapping Turtles." [howls as Pumbaa pulls another quill]
    Pumbaa: Ooohh, that's gonna leave a mark...
  • In Tarzan, when young Tarzan hits his body hard against the water, Mungo comments "That one hurt him."
  • Toy Story 2: When Woody is searching for his hat in Andy's chest of drawers at the beginning, Buzz gets his attention by calling out to him. Woody straightens up, hits his head on the open drawer above him, loses his balance and falls to the floor, hitting every other drawer on the way down. Buzz and Rex have this reaction.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) hit a criminal with a Toyota Tripwire in 48 Hrs.. Then he hits him with this: "What's happening, Luther? I'm sorry about the door man. Did that hurt? It looked really painful when you slammed into it."
  • Ash invokes this trope word for word after seeing a skeletal warrior get smashed in Army of Darkness.
  • Dragonheart. Bowen is able to latch onto the dragon with a rope, only for Draco to fly—with Bowen dangling beneath—through a dense forest for a game of Watch Out for That Tree!
    Draco: Come! Visit the woods! [...] Look out! (Bowen dodges a tree) Well done! (Bowen fails to dodge the next one and smacks right into it) Oh, pity. That must have hurt! (smack) Again! (smack) And again! How do you like the ride so far?"
  • In Flubber, during the first half of the basketball game, one of the Medfield Squirrels runs smack into one of the Rutland Rangers, and falls to the floor with a thud. The Rangers coach says this line, and Coach Barker calls foul over it.
    Rangers coach: Oof! Ooh, baby, that's gotta hurt.
    Coach Barker: He fouled him! He threw his hip into that!
  • In the live-action version of George of the Jungle, the chimpanzee hoots and winces with sympathetic pain during George's failed entrance. Ditto all the humans on the tugboat after a para-sailing George slams into one of the tug's windows.
  • Hellboy - "I'm gonna be sore in the morning!" After blowing up the Space Cthulu monster by getting it to swallow him and the explosives. He also says the present tense variation "this is gonna hurt" just prior to it.
  • Kick-Ass. Sporty Goon says this as he narrates the live-on-the-internet beating of Kick Ass and Big Daddy. Kick Ass then meta-narrates the fact that yes, it does indeed hurt.
  • In The Mask, The Mask says this after repeatedly slapping police officers Kellway and Doyle.
  • Meet the Spartans, during the dance off Leonidas slides on his head only to split it open. Everyone groans trooper-like, but Leonidas simply gets back up, snaps his neck in place and says to his opponent, "You got served!"
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: when the crew are rocking the ship, a Chinese sailor looses his grip and falls onto a net and is crushed by a cannon. Quartermaster Gibbs winces as to say the trope name.
  • In the blooper reel of Rush Hour 2, Chris Tucker's character comments on the Big Bad having fallen out of a window onto a cab several stories down.
    James Carter: DAMN! He ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3.
  • Spaceballs: When Barf tries to get up way too fast while his seat belt is still buckled: "OW! That's gonna leave a mark!"
  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: a particularly nasty crash during the pod racing prompts Fode to exclaim, "Oh! I don't care what universe you're from, that's gotta hurt!"note 
  • Thor: Ragnarok: When Thor activates the obedience disk that he strapped on Loki, anticipating his attempt to betray Thor, and Loki falls to the ground convulsing, Thor mutters "Oh, that looks painful!" as he's walking over to him.

  • Paris is a Bitch. John Rain thinks this while inflicting the damage himself on a mook who wanted to kidnap and rape his Love Interest. On that occasion however there's a distinct lack of empathy involved.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel gets run over by a pick-up truck in "Epiphany". He survives, but we immediately Smash Cut to Gunn examining Cordelia who's been infected by demon spawn yet again. Gunn of course is saying the trope line.
  • Doctor Who. In "War of the Sontarans", a Sontaran was captured after being knocked unconscious with a cannonball. The Doctor says that must have hurt, whereupon the Sontaran indignantly denies knowing what pain is. The Sontaran then sheepishly admits that it did hurt. A little.
  • In an episode of Seinfeld, George yelled this out while watching a movie about the Hindenburg, after the vessel exploded, getting a big laugh. His attempts to repeat this are foiled when the audience laughs at the guy who brought a laser pointer to the theatre instead.
  • Stephen Fry said it in the "England" episode of QI, in reference to the myth of Prometheus having his liver pecked out by eagles every day. Funnier than normal, just because it's him.
  • Even Svengoolie has that sound bite in his show, along with a big screaming "OOOOWWWWWW!" and "Ow-OWWW-OWWWWWWW!!!"

    Video Games 
  • Erik Stream says it when the player character falls in Backyard Skateboarding.
  • The Blood Bowl video game gives us two sports commentators and upon witnessing a random takedown that knocks down a player, one of them will go: "Wow! I can tell you straight, that hurts."
  • This is one of the quotes that Bug! may say when he successfully kills an enemy. "OW! That's gotta hurt!"
  • In the multiplayer mode on Conker's Bad Fur Day the squirrel soldiers say this after doing something particularly gruesome to the Tediz.
  • Played straight in Duke Nukem 3D: you can sometimes trigger this when you overkill an enemy.
  • Tim Kitzrow took this trope to fantastic levels as a commentator for NFL Blitz. Most recently, he assumed triple voice duty as the commentator team for Mutant Football League (straight as "Grim Blitzrow" and color as "Brickhead Mulligan" and "Bricks Jr."), slinging gory, hilarious takes on this trope only made possible with the extreme violence of mutants, such as "Oh, they'll be scraping his pieces off the field for months after that hit!"
  • One of the phrases that the commentator in Pokémon Stadium is prone to saying.
  • Arena matches in the second, third, and fourth Ratchet & Clank games were punctuated with the commentators saying things like "He's gonna feel that tomorrow!" or "I don't care what galaxy you're from, that's gotta hurt!"
  • Several of the Have a Nice Death messages in the Space Quest series had lines like "That had to hurt!" or "Now this is a pain that'll linger!"
  • One of the stock phrases blurted by the announcer after a player gets a headshot in TimeSplitters.

    Web Animation 
  • In RWBY, during the first battle we see of the Tournament Arc, Reese slips on the ice and lands on her butt hard enough to make the entire audience (and Blake) wince.

    Western Animation 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: During "Lake Laogai", the Gaang is attempting to infiltrate the Earth King's palace. As Katara is fighting the Dai Li with her water whip, she can't help but cringe and lightly apologize as she sees offscreen the pain she has inflicted.
  • Beast Wars: Despite being a Maximal, Rattrap couldn't help but comment on Predacon Tarantulus literally getting caught between a rock and a hard place (a cave wall) with these Exact Words.
  • In a funny scene in Code Lyoko's "XANA's Kiss", Hervé smashes his hand into a sink, never landing a hit on the more experienced Ulrich, leading the brunet to say "Ouch. Now that has got to hurt."
  • Referenced in Donkey Kong Country by DK himself.
    Donkey Kong: [groaning] That had to hurt... and it did. [faints]
  • This trope is built into the theme song of George of the Jungle the series, in the movie and in the various animated versions.
    George, George, George of the Jungle... Watch out for that— Ow, Ah— ...tree...
  • In the Kaeloo episode "Let's Play Red Light, Green Light", Bad Kaeloo beats Mr. Cat up into the shape of a frisbee and throws him in the air. He crashes into Quack Quack, causing Stumpy to remark "That's got to hurt." (though it isn't clear whether he was talking about Quack Quack or Mr. Cat).
  • The Lion Guard: "The Rise of Makuu:" Early in the mashindano, Pua throws Makuu quite hard, leading Fuli to remark, "He's gonna feel that in the morning."
  • Mutant League: Often shouted out by Bob Babble whenever a player gets injured in a gross way. During an "awards show" episode, one award was for the most grievous injury inflicted during the season, and he put it pretty succinctly as the candidate clips were shown.
    (First clip shows gory injury) Ouch!
    (Second clip shows gory injury) Double Ouch!
    (Third clip shows gory injury) Triple OUUUCH!
  • In the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Unbalanced Load", the washing machine in the laundromat comes to life and starts hopping down the street, so Rocko follows it. It comes to an oil spill and Rocko gets burned and the construction worker says, in a Brooklyn accent, "Dat's gotta hoit."
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: In "I Had an Accident", Sandy has this reaction when SpongeBob literally shatters his butt.
    Sandy: Ooh, that's gotta hurt.
    Patrick: Do it again! I wasn't looking!
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), the Turtles are forced to fight in Gladiator Games by the Triceratons, while the fight is broadcast by two guys named Zed and Raz. When the Turtles are put up against a huge monster called a Spasmosaur and fool it into crashing head-first into a statue:
    Zed: Ooh, that's gotta hurt!
    [statue topples over and crashes on top of the Spasmosaur]
    Raz: No, Zed, that's gotta hurt!
  • Taken Up To Eleven in the Total Drama series with the Show Within a Show Total Drama Aftermath that has a montage of these moments appropriately titled "That's Gonna Leave A Mark".


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