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Pantheon / Pretty Cure

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In the Trope Pantheons, the following were chosen:

Futari Wa Pretty Cure (Max Heart)


Yes! Pretty Cure 5

Fresh Pretty Cure!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure

Suite Pretty Cure ♪

Smile Pretty Cure!

Doki Doki Pre Cure

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure

Go! Princess Pretty Cure

  • Princess Pretty Cures, Quartet Goddesses of Grand Princesses (Haruka Haruno: Cure Flora, HaruHaru; Minami Kaido: Cure Mermaid, Minamin; Kirara Amanogawa: Cure Twinkle, Star Princess; Towa Akagi: Princess Hope Delight Towa, Twilight, Cure Scarlet, Towa-chi, Princess of Hope Kingdom) as Intermediate Goddesses under Heirs (House of Royalty)
  • The Zetsuborg as an alternate form of the Cicadas, Insects of the Coming of Summer (Those Damn Insects You See in Every Anime, Cicadoidea); the Zetsuborg are Lesser Gods under Insects (House of Beast); the Cicadas are Quasideities under Insects and Nature Preservers (House of Nature)

Kirakira★PreCure a la Mode

  • KiraKira PreCuresmembers , Goddesses of Desserts (Ichika: Cure Whip, Anthea Bunny; Himari: Cure Custard; Aoi: Cure Gelato; Yukari: Cure Macaron; Akira: Cure Chocolat; Ciel: Cure Parfait, Kirarin; Pekorin: Cure Pekorin) as Intermediate Goddesses under Meals (House of Food)



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