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    Princes of Hell 
The Princes of Hellmembers , Unholy Quartet of Supernatural Gold Eyes (King of Hell (Azazel and Asmodeus), "Yellow Eyes"/Yellow-Eyed Demon (Azazel))
Top to Bottom - Azazel, Ramiel, Dagon, Asmodeus
  • Overdeities
  • Symbol: Their signature yellow eyes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness, Demonic Possession, Princes of Hell, Unhinged Demons, Demonic Equivalents to the Archangels
  • Domains: Ruling Hell, cattle mutilations, virgin killing, and demon blood
  • Allies: Lucifer (Azazel, Dagon, and Ramiel only), War the Horseman, Famine the Horseman, Pestilence the Horseman, Satan (Paradise Lost), Satan, The Beast, Samael, The Master, Cronus
  • Rivals: Hades
  • Enemies: Lucifer (Asmodeus only), Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Crowley, Bobby Singer, Chuck Shurley, Gabriel, Death the Horseman, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Pit, God
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lucifer
  • Opposed By: Wielders of holy weapons, such as Link, Samurai Jack
  • Fears: The Hall of Fire and Heat and any deities with power over fire ( Dagon and Asmodeus only)
  • Centuries ago, a version of Lucifer created four demons after he created Lilith, the first demon. They were tasked with ruling Hell while Lucifer was trapped in the Cage and Lilith in the darkest pits of Hell, but eventually, Ramiel, Dagon, and Asmodeus grew bored and retired, leaving Azazel as the sole Ruler of Hell.
  • In 1972, after decades of searching, Azazel was able to find a doorway to Lucifer's Cage. Lucifer then told Azazel to find him a Special Child, so that Lucifer could have a vessel to walk the Earth with in order to bring on the Apocalypse.
  • A year later, Azazel met a time-traveling Dean Winchester, and a young Mary Winchester. Dean tried to stop Azazel, but Azazel was able to make a deal with Mary, in which he would come ten years later for something of hers. He kept to his word, and ten years later, on November 2nd, 1983, Mary walked in on him feeding her younger son Sam demon blood, with him killing her and tearing apart her family.
  • Eventually, in 2007, Sam and Dean found out that Azazel had been feeding other children demon's blood, in hopes of finding Lucifer’s one true vessel. Azazel managed to open a Devil's Gate in Wyoming, thus freeing Lilith and the armies of Hell, only for the Winchesters to kill him shortly afterwards with the Colt. Despite his death, Lilith and her demons were able to break the 66 Seals and free Lucifer from his Cage, thus starting the Apocalypse.
  • Ten years later, Sam, Dean, a resurrected Mary, and Castiel got into a confrontation with Ramiel, who possessed the Lance of Michael, and unbeknownst to all but Mary, the Colt. He nearly killed Castiel with the Lance of Michael, but he himself was killed by it, with Crowley destroying it afterwards and undoing Castiel's wounds. This encounter, however, caused the Winchesters to discover that Azazel had siblings, AKA The Princes of Hell.
  • Some time later, Dagon was assigned by a then-imprisoned Lucifer to guard Kelly Kline, who had unknowingly conceived a Nephilim with Lucifer. While Dagon at first assumed a friendly facade, she later revealed her true colors and kidnapped Kelly. When Kelly managed to escape with Castiel, Dagon tracked them down to a portal to Heaven, killing the angel Joshua, destroying the Colt, and handed the Winchesters' asses to them. However, before she could recapture Kelly, the Nephilim was able to link himself to Castiel, who was then able to kill Dagon.
  • After Crowley died and Lucifer was trapped in a parallel universe, Asmodeus finally came out of hiding to take the Throne of Hell until Lucifer returned, quickly establishing a return to the "good old days of fire and brimstone", and killing the "corporate lackeys of the Crowley era". He then tried to trick Jack, Lucifer’s son, into freeing the Shedim, but Jack turned on him, and Asmodeus fled. Later, when a grace-drained Lucifer returned from the parallel world and met with Castiel, Asmodeus tracked the both of them down and captured them, deciding that he wants the Throne of Hell to himself. He was later revealed to have been feeding on the grace of a still-alive Gabriel, torturing and keeping him captive for years. Asmodeus met his end at Gabriel's hands by way of incineration, and now avoids the Archangel wherever he goes.
  • Upon their ascension, the House of Angels went into uproar, while the House of Demons welcomed them with open arms. Sam and Dean were furious to find out that their mother's murderer had ascended to the Pantheon, while Castiel was fearful of them due having a near-death experience at one of their hands and being captured by another. Crowley keeps his distance from them, especially since he betrayed Ramiel to the Winchesters.
  • Azazel is permanently banned from entering the House of Childhood and Adolescence and Offsprings, and all Good Parents in the Pantheon are on constant lookout for him. Azazel, for the most part, is amused by this. Likewise, Ramiel is banned from The Great Treasury because of how he nearly killed Castiel with the Lance of Michael, and Dagon is banned from the Hall of Mothers due to her treatment of Kelly Kline.
  • Their opinion on the Pantheon's Lucifer (Lucifer, NOT Satan) is conflicting; while they appreciate that he oversees all form of Chaos, they are a bit disgruntled at how all forms of Chaos includes Chaotic Good deities. Asmodeus is a bit weary of him, seeing how at his time of Ascension, his reality’s Lucifer is in his custody.
  • While still devoted to the Lucifer of their world, the Princes of Hell have found a new father figure in that charismatic Satan who reigns in Hell. He is planning to convince them that he and their Lucifer are one and the same.
  • Wielders of holy weapons such as Link and Samurai Jack always keep an eye on their weapons when around them, and strongly oppose them due to their bad record with powerful weapons.
  • Considering that Dagon and Asmodeus were burned to death in their reality, they naturally both avoid any fire-associated deities.

Greater Gods

Dune, God of Eye Colour Changes
Weakened Dune on the Left, Regular Dune on the Right
Click Here to see Dune’s Final Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A lifeless, barren planet covered in desert landscape
  • Theme Song: Dune, King Of The Desert
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eye Color Change, One of the Darkest Villains in the Franchise, Big Bad, Giant Final Form, Made a deal with a mysterious entity for his power, Destroying Planets and turning them into desert wastelands, Ultimately plans to destroy the universe, Lean and Mean, Monochromatic Eyes, Slasher Smile, Humanoid Abomination, High Collar of Doom, Having Serious Issues, Faux Affably Evil, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Having a Complete Lack of Comedic Traits, Would Hit a Girl, Dissonant Serenity, Cute Is Evil, Bishōnen, Gaia's Lament
  • Domains: Deserts, Cruelty, Evil, Destruction, Death, Eye Colors, Power
  • Heralds: All Desertrians and Snackeys, the Desert Devils
  • Allies: Goyan, Queen Beryl, Death Phantom, Joker, Dyspear & Close, Death Busters, The Dead Moon Circus, The Lich, Griffith, Dark Gaia, Lord English, Kefka Palazzo, Porky Minch, Lavos, Dr. Robotnik (Sonic The Comic), Nightmare, Chaos (Sailor Moon), Dr. Fetus
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Moebius
  • Rivals: Rosine, Azula
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone, especially All Ascended Pretty Cure, The Sailor Guardians (Especially Saturn), Tuxedo Kamen, Guts, Viridi, Gaea, Lucifer, Zamasu, Goku, Crono’s Party, Sunny, Ozai, Zuko, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname, Incubators, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, Kyoko Sakura, Oriko Mikuni, All Heroic Kid Icarus Deities, Sonic The Hedgehog, Light Gaia/Chip, Shortfuse The Cybernik
  • Dune is the leader of the Desert Apostles, a group bent on destroying life on planets they come across by turning them into wasteland deserts. Long ago, before becoming what he is now, Dune was a child who was horribly mistreated by his Abusive, Homicidal, Power-Hungry Dad. He decided to make a deal with a mysterious entity for power, and had to fulfill a condition: Kill his father. Dune did kill his dad to complete the deal and get what he wanted. Now coming to loathe all life, Dune decided he would destroy any planet he came across, but was sealed away by Cure Flower. Having been sealed away, he’d have his minions do the dirty work for a while while he gradually regains his power, eventually returning in the present. Once his minions are out of the picture, save for Professor Sabaaku who was brainwashed and was now helping the HeartCatch Cures, he begins making his move on his own. He kills Sabaaku and effortlessly defeats the Cures, who would eventually respond with a Heroic Second Wind, causing Dune to go One-Winged Angel. With the help of the Infinity Silhouette, they managed to put Dune down for good.
  • A long time ago, Dune was in the Pantheon. However, some of the Magical Girl villains, namely Goyan, Queen Beryl and Death Phantom, have come to the decision that they want to increase their numbers. Death Phantom and Goyan would track down an asteroid belt somewhere else in the Pantheon, where Dune, during his first visit, had been killed by Sailor Saturn’s Silence Glaive. The Silence Glaive was actually the cause of the Asteroid Cluster, as it destroyed the planet that Sailor Saturn and Dune were fighting on. The HeartCatch Pretty Cures had managed to get Dune’s position as a deity revoked before he revived in order to put an end to the conflict with him. But Death Phantom and Goyan made sure that didn’t last. Taking what was left of his body that they found in the Asteroid Field to Planet Nemesis, they would begin work on resurrecting him. When nothing they did worked, Death Phantom revealed his trump card: A batch of Queen Metallia’s power that Beryl had lended him for this occasion, having spoke to her beforehand. Using Metallia’s power, this would end with Dune being completely resurrected.
    • A few days later, Dune was ready to announce his return: Bringing his Snackies, Desert Devils and Desertrians in as Heralds, he now believed it time to announce himself. With a sick smile on his face, he forced the Magical Girl Sisterhood to Divide and Conquer by sending multiple Desert Devils onto the Pantheon to terraform it. When the HeartCatch Cures destroyed the one they fought, their suspicions were confirmed by the sound of Sarcastic Clapping behind them, revealing that, much to their horror, Dune had returned. Floating in the air, he revealed that he had been informed by three parties he decided not to disclose to them, that they were the ones who revoked his title previously. Taking advantage of the wounds the HeartCatch Cures had sustained during their fight against the Desert Devil, he quickly went on the offensive and mostly targeted Cure Moonlight, as Death Phantom had revealed that she was the one who had the idea to revoke his title in the first place. When he was eventually overpowered, rather than going One-Winged Angel, he revealed that he had made a quick stop before this fight and abducted the sister of Cure Fortune of the HappinessCharge Cures, Maria, and telekinetically pulled her in front of him, as she was pinned to the ground by his magic nearby and hidden behind a few boulders. Using her as a Human Shield, he gave them a Sadistic Choice. Either give up and let him terraform the areas, or kill him and Maria. However, the timely interference of the Splash Star Cures attacking him from behind foils this, and he snarls at them but refrains from going One-Winged Angel when he sees the HeartCatch Cures about to merge into the Infinity Silhouette and decides to retreat instead.
  • Nobody truly knows what entity Dune made a deal with to get power. There are rumors that it could’ve been someone like Black Hole to anyone in the Pantheon, like Chaos, the ultimate evil of Sailor Moon’s universe. Lucifer has claimed that he is not the one who made this deal, and while Chaos does claim it was, everyone knows it isn’t true, including Dune, yet they ally themselves with each other due to mutual benefit and goals. Still, one thing is for certain, whatever entity is responsible for Dune’s power, was never confronted, and is presumably still on the loose and very, very dangerous, despite never once having been seen by anyone, except for maybe Dune. When asked if he knew what it looked like, Dune refused to talk, outright claiming that he didn’t see the entity at all. In the end, those who have searched for the mysterious entity and its whereabouts have not earned results or had any success at all. In the end, finding the entity is rather unimportant as it hasn’t done anything since making a deal with Dune, who definitely must be stopped for the sake of all life everywhere.
  • Dune is still really, really pissed at Sailor Saturn for killing him during his previous stay in the Pantheon, and is conspiring with the Death Busters to permanently remove her. Souichi Tomoe reminds him of Professor Sabaaku, and finds Sailor Saturn similar to Cure Moonlight in that aspect. He’s gotten the idea from them to make another Evil Counterpart to Cure Moonlight and implant it within her much like the Death Busters did with Mistress 9 and Sailor Saturn. He also knows that the other Sailor Senshi, as well as Tuxedo Mask, are massive threats to his plans as well, and is working on plans to eradicate them. In the case of Sailor Galaxia though, he knows full well that’s a losing battle and is well aware that he cannot win against her, so he is opting not to fight her at all. Queen Beryl’s superior Metallia being responsible for his resurrection due to Wiseman and Goyan lacking the ability to resurrect others like she does has not slipped past him, and he has allied himself with all of them. Dune is also working on a plan with the leader and ruler of the Dead Moon Circus, Queen Nehelenia, to remove Tuxedo Mask from the picture, even if temporary, so that she can cause unfathomable damage with her Curses. And as mentioned before, Dune has allied himself with Chaos, who, like a great majority of his Allies, has a desire for mass omnicide.
  • Dune is perhaps one of the biggest enemies to lovers of nature. Gaea in particular was disturbed by the existence of such a person. When hearing of this, Dune questioned why she opposed him spreading deserts when they too are forms of nature. She replied that all other form of it would die out if his plans came to fruition, and without water, cold and food, life would eventually perish altogether. While he conceded, he also told her that the extinction of life is exactly what he wants, which she is aware of. Dune immediately went One-Winged Angel, and while he put up a good fight against Gaea, in the end he was overpowered and defeated, forced to retreat, but not before leaving behind a few parting gifts. Namely, four Desert Devils, Six Desertrians, and six hordes of Snackeys. She’d proceed to fight the four Desert Devils while Captain Planet and the Planeteers arrived to deal with the rest. After they were defeated and the Desertrians were changed back to normal, Gaea explained the situation and who Dune is to them, and they’ve become his enemies as well…
    • Viridi very much loathes Dune and is much more vocal about it than Gaea is. Launching a Reset Bomb didn’t do much as he simply broke out of the foliage prison he found himself trapped in by going One-Winged Angel, and yet it has also been found that these are effective ways of reversing his desert terraforming that his Desert Devils perform just by being there, albeit with more concentration and specification regarding what nature was there before. Of course, Dune has not taken kindly to her reversing his work and eventually managed to intercept and disarm a Reset Bomb, with the intentions of making “Desert Bombs” to better aid in his plans, though he hasn’t been able to get far enough for this goal to come to fruition at the moment, much to her fury, and has found himself clashing with Pit and Palutena, and Hades just enjoys the show.
    • Dark Gaia is an Earth entity that is far more his style, as it shares his goal of Omnicide, even if it is way less sapient. He tends to try and direct it and its minions towards people he absolutely despises, and the HeartCatch Cures were not happy about the alliance between them. Of course, Sonic The Hedgehog and Chip, AKA Light Gaia, have also become enemies of his and he’s well aware that the both of them are strong enough to bring him down, even in his One-Winged Angel form. As such, he’s allied himself with the Sonic The Comic iteration of Doctor Robotnik, who at his worst is an Omnicidal Maniac to the point where he doesn’t care if he dies along with everything else, and the two are trying to find ways to kill the blue hedgehog brutally. His aid to that version of Robotnik has also earned the ire of Shortfuse The Cybernik. However, Shortfuse’s first meeting with Dune didn’t end well at all for the Cybernik, and he ended up punted across an island after a Curb-Stomp Battle. Now realizing how strong Dune is, Shortfuse is preparing as best as he can for an inevitable second meeting.
  • The Lich, the personification of Nuclear War and spawned from a Nuke during the Great Mushroom War, took a liking to Dune. While uncaring of the Lich, Dune is well aware of his abilities and seeing the Scary Skeleton-like creature as a potential boon to his cause of killing everyone, allied himself with him. When he learned that the Lich desires the same thing as him, Dune was given an invitation to join the Grand United Alliance of Destruction by the King of Ruin in order to better accomplish his goals, something that he happily accepted. Literally almost everyone else from The Lich’s multiverse were not happy about this, and have been vehemently opposing Dune. The Lich wonders if Dune’s power actually comes from GOLB, and the idea of such a possibility was enough to terrify most of the Pantheon. GOLB, obviously, hasn’t said anything on the subject, and Dune hasn’t confirmed if the Lich’s theory is true or not, so everybody is still in the dark about what entity he gained his power from.
  • Believe it or not, there is one line that Dune will not cross: If he had a child, he would not be an Abusive Parent. This standard seems quite bizarre for an unfettered Omnicidal Maniac filled with nothing but hatred for life itself, but this goes all the way back to his childhood, where he was an unwanted child frequently mistreated by his own abusive, homicidal, power-hungry father. As such, he despises people like Ghetsis Harmonia, Ozai and Ragyo Kiryuin. Ragyo in particular he sees to be a shame, as her shared goals of slaughtering the people of Earth could’ve made for a good alliance, but he doesn’t confront her out of fear of her Mind Stitching abilities, something he’s not sure he can resist. Ghetsis stays the hell away from him and Dune simply remarks that he’ll die with the rest of the planet anyway. Ozai, however, was not so lucky, and ended up on the receiving end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown until he was barely alive and was forcibly transformed into a Desertrians/Desert Devil hybrid to wreak havoc all while he was completely conscious yet unable to do anything. While most do agree with him that he had it coming, some claim that Dune took it way too far and they aren’t wrong. In fact, people pointed out that if he hates Abusive Parents, then why is he working with Professor Tomoe and Goyan, who is responsible for Akudaikhan’s abuse of his own children as he created him. Dune simply ignores them and continues to work with Professor Tomoe and Goyan anyway. Zuko admittedly does pity Dune for what he went through, but knows that is no excuse for what he is trying to do and is opposing him.
  • Being a Manipulative Bastard with a Seemingly innocent appearance, he would end up being compared to Rosine by a few deities. Turns out, even she thinks he’s out of his mind. As bad as Rosine is, even she doesn’t want mass death upon everyone and everything. However, Dune effortlessly swatted her away when they first met, and went on to speak to Griffith, and worryingly enough, the two hit it off. Despite Griffith’s lack of the Omnicidal Maniac desires Dune has, the two have allied themselves. After all, Griffith is charismatic and cunning enough not to turn down a potential ally and plans on stabbing him in the back once he no longer needs him. Dune, however, is well aware of this and plans on doing the same to him. In the end, Guts sees Dune as another lunatic he needs to kill to get to Griffith, and has been a massive thorn in his side.
  • Dune has opinions on all of the Ascended Villains hailing from his home multiverse…
    • Goyan, one of the people who revived him, is someone he respects despite one of his creations, Akudaikhan, being an Abusive Parent to the point where he subjected his children to A Fate Worse Than Death. He would learn that the Pretty Cures that ruined his gambit upon returning, the Splash Star Pretty Cures, are his arch enemies. He respects Goyan’s cunning, and will sometime loan a minion to the entity. This Villain Team-Up has only strengthened the ire of the HeartCatch Pretty Cures and the Splash Star Pretty Cures, who have vowed to find ways to finally end their conflicts with the two and their factions, Dark Fall and the Desert Apostles respectively. Goyan simply smiled, amused, while Dune told them to Bring It.
    • Joker also shares his goal of mass Omnicide, yet he goes farther in that he wants to crush the hopes, dreams, and every positive thing in the world before doing so just to spread despair everywhere and make people miserable for no reason whatsoever. He respects Joker’s tenacity, as he learned that the Villainous Harlequin would return many years later when the Smile Pretty Cure were adults to try and mercilessly kill them one last time, and is helping him find ways to revive Pierrot. That being said, this alliance has benefited him, as the Smile Pretty Cures had been a thorn in his side ever since his return to the Pantheon and he was getting frustrated with their constant interference. The alliance between Dune and Joker has increased their opposition, and when they tried to appeal to him in order to have him pull a Heel–Face Turn, he effectively threw their kindness back in their faces and attacked them, though he was defeated. The Smile Pretty Cures are now actively working much harder to help the HeartCatch Pretty Cures bring Dune down.
    • Dyspear and Close were odd in that while Omnicidal, Dune seemed to gravitate towards allying himself with them, as Dyspear’s revealed she doesn’t particularly care about life so long as she and Close grow as strong as possible, as well as survive, and his excuse for working with the two despite the former being abusive towards Princess Twilight to the point where she tried to pull You Have Failed Me on her was “She wasn’t her real daughter. Therefore, it doesn’t count.” Even more worrying is that he’s been repeatedly proposing the idea of brainwashing Cure Scarlet back into Dys Dark’s servitude to strengthen the forces of both Dyspear and Close as well as himself and the Desert Apostles.
    • Moebius is the only one he actively sees as an enemy, and the two only agreed to work together until the Pretty Cure and the rest of their foes are all dead. Moebius, unlike Dune, desires life to exist if only so that they can all worship him and he can rule The Multiverse. Dune, however, hates life with that much of an unending passion that he disagrees with this and wants to kill absolutely everyone ever. Moebius and Dune outright dislike each other, and the two have made it clear that they’ll backstab each other once they no long need to work together.
”Don’t you go blaming me, Professor Tsukikage. It was you who wanted to make use of my power. When you were conducting research in France, you chose to become one of us. And your research proved most helpful in breaching the Great Heart Tree’s defenses. Thank you, Professor Tsukikage. I couldn’t have desiccated this planet without you…”

Intermediate Gods

    Medusa Gorgon 
Medusa Gorgon, Goddess of Sinister Yellow Eyes
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Arrow-shaped snakes with Ashura's eyes
  • Theme Music: Lady of Gorgon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Insane For The Sake Of Research, Staying Alive, Wants To Corrupt Whatever She Can, Body Surfing, Parental Abuse, Vector Arrows!, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Evil, Madness, Destruction, Plotting, Chaos
  • High Priestess: Makima
  • Allies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Voldemort, Yuuki Terumi, Ren Gyokuen, Gul'dan, Ragyo Kiryuin, Adria, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Orochimaru (sorta)
  • Enemies: Rider, Simon Belmont, Maka and Soul, Crona, Black Star, Death The Kid, Excalibur, Asura, Ryuuko Matoi and Senketsu, Rubick, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ruby Rose, Palutena, Leah, Charmcaster, Ghatanothoa
  • Opposed by: Alice (Monster Girl Quest)
  • Once went on a date with Orochimaru, which ended with her dumping him. "Dumping him" means she strangled him with his own snakes and left him in a trash can. She labels him as a molester for desiring Sasuke's body.
    • Immediately shuts down any suggestions, serious or otherwise, she should date Voldemort. Not only is there a rumor going around that Voldemort and Orochimaru are the same person, Voldy looks like he's just as disturbingly touchy-feely with Draco Malfoy as Orochimaru is with Sasuke.
      • However, she finds Voldemort to be a very useful ally, as they have a lot in common; both are really, really evil wizards opposed by teenagers from a magic school. She's looking into how to combine horcruxes with her madness inducing black blood, and is attempting to use Voldemort's loyal Death Eaters for her own plans.
    • Has been spotted hanging around with Ghetsis Harmonia, who offers her a seat in his House of Abusive Parents as co-Goddess. Medusa has actually been considering it, as he saw that Ghetsis has a lot more in common with her than Orochimaru, and she agreed that Precia Testarossa was a fool that let herself get some 'totally not-evil' portrayal.
  • Does not get along well with Rider. Feels that Rider is too nice and resents the shared name. She's even more pissed off that Rider changed her inscribed name and now Medusa is on the receiving end (and more well-deserved) of whipping on the head by Simon Belmont (or occasionally Trevor Belmont).
  • With the ascension of her daughter... son... child Crona, she hopes to abuse hir even more. She's contacted Kishin Asura for their next move on hir.
    • Unfortunately for her, this information ended up in the hands of another Asura. Unsurprisingly, he's not happy about this.
  • She tends to be mistaken for the mythological Medusa by Flynn, who had his demons bind her into immobility so Flynn could "fundraise" from her pockets. She doesn't understand what the hell happened, but she wants her cash back now.
  • Is part of the Four Deadly Vipers, though Medusa certainly doesn't want to be in a team with Orochimaru, although Orochi keeps them in line before they fight.
  • In talks with Ragyo Kiryuin on how to better manipulate your child into being a better tool for your plans. Pity that both of Ragyo's daughters eventually turned against her, while Medusa managed to complete Crona into the perfect Black Blood being. Yes, Medusa was brutally ripped apart by him/her, but she completely expected to be killed, even planned ahead for it. Science sometimes requires sacrifice. She doesn't really care one way or the other about the fact that Ragyo molested her test subject/daughter Satsuki, she just sees it as kind of...pointless. And maybe a little weird (see Orochimaru and Voldemort above). Though, she's not one to talk; Medusa's done her fair share of body invasion (just ask Eruka or the Mizune Sisters), but finds this to be a bit foolish and arrogant to screw around with someone like that without making damn sure they can't screw you back. (Those snakes she shoved into Eruka's and Mizune's bodies? Primed to explode if they decide to have a change of heart. Can't slip a vector arrow into the most powerful Meister at DWMA? Slip it into his weapon instead!)
  • Secretly super-jealous of Gendo Ikari, (abusive?) father of the God of Psychosis himself, Shinji Ikari. She hopes to one day learn the secrets of exactly how Gendo managed to break Shinji's mind and spirit so utterly and completely. If she could combine that with the insanity-powered Black Blood...
  • Snake, snake, cobra, cobra...

    Ren Gyokuen 
Ren Gyokuen, Goddess of Dangerous Red Eyes (Kou Empire Empress, Leader of Al-Thamen, Jewel of Many Colours, Arba (Alma Torran), Ren Hakuei)
Glowing Eyes Gyokuen 
  • Intermediate Goddess, but very close to Greater Goddess.
  • Symbol: An eight-pointed star with the Al-Thamen eye in the middle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil likely Chaotic Neutral now.
  • Portfolio: Don't Trust Her Smile, controlled by a monster, Crying Manipulator, Bolg User, Wicked Witch, Manipulative Bitch, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Abusive Mom, Looks Too Young For Her Age.
  • Domains: Royalty, Magic, Eyes, Chaos, Swords, Betrayal, Evil, Hate, Incest
  • Allies: Ragyo Kiryuin, Lady Tremaine, Ghetsis Harmonia, Medusa Gorgon, Nui Harime, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Orochimaru
  • Enemies: Team Aladdin Aladdin (Magi), Morgiana, Ren Hakuryuu, Ugo
  • Opposed by: Kurapika, Bowser Jr
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Zeref
  • Came into ascention after the death battle with her own son. The hatred for Haku keeps her strong along with her ambitions for power and chaos. She also hopes to continue where she left off in her life by moving past her old ways and ideals.
  • She was amused to hear both Aladdan and Morgiana were in the pantheon and is glad to be reunited with old faces.
  • She is waiting for her son Ren Hakuryuu to ascend into the pantheon planning on giving him a good punishment for his "bad behavior".
    • She also enjoys the fact Haku is not aware of the new vessel she has taken his very own sister Ren Hakuei.
  • Gets along well with Ragyo Kiryuin as they both enjoy torturing their children. Her Villainous Incest with her own child made Ragyo laugh in enjoyment.
  • Tremanie sees her as an idol supporting her ideals and methods in dealing with the young.
  • Medusa is curious about both the Al-Thamen and the power Ren can use. Ren in turn is impressed by the treatment Medusa gives to her own creation Crona.
  • Nui Harmine heard about Ren's bond with Ragyo and felt compeled to offer her support to the magician. She feels Gyokuen can teach her new ways to make people suffer while wearing a smile.
    • Naturally she's been targeted by Ryuko and her sister Satsuki for those interactions with Ragyo and Nui.
  • Dr. Sofia Lamb was pleased to hear about Gyokuen's ascension and had long conversations with her about the abuse of their children.
  • Ghetsis has contacted Gyokuen to learn her history with the empire impressed by her rule over it. He also was amazing by the cruelty towards her family wanting to learn new ways to make N suffer.
  • Rena Ryuugu hates her just as much as Sofia Lamb, but she's not so willing to get into a fight with Gyokuen due to her abilities being out of her league.
  • Sophitia finds her to be a horrible parent and hopes to become strong enough to fight back against women like her.
  • Elsa and Rapunzel both consider her a horrible ruler feeling she does not care about her subjects at all. Rapunzel in particular is disgusted by Gyokuen's motherly behavior.
  • Kurapika was horrified upon discovering that someone like her was assigned the title of the one distinguishing trope of his clan. Might take action against her after (if) he finishes his personal quest.
  • Zeref met the goddess one day and talked about the idea of her empire. While he was disgusted by her treatment of her own children he admitted he was surprised how powerful Ren Hakuryuu became through such torture. He also seemed interested in the concepts for the Kou Empire which could help his own nation. She was overjoyed in seeing his mental state due to Ankhseram's contradiction curse.
    • Hakuryuu overheard some of the discussion from some gods and considered making a new enemy out of the immortal wizard.
  • Orochimaru quickly was impressed by the power this woman held, the methods she used to rule over her kingdom, but most of all how she was able to maintain her life by using the lineage of her family line.
  • It's believed Gyokuen might have been possessed when she was killed by Haku, but nothing is confirmed and Arba is not going to tell anyone the truth at this point in time. Also Gyokuen has been keeping to her palace hoping no one can find her, but it's mainly to hide her new vessel Hakuei.

Lesser Gods

Murasaki, Goddess of Unusually-Colored Eyes (The Spiritless Shut-In With A Surprisingly Strident Shriek, cute_shutin, Mura-socky, Bebeby Mask)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess if Root of Calamity is activated)
  • Symbol: Her stuffed doll, Bebeby, with Murasaki's pinwheel blades next to him
  • Theme Music: For Your Scar, Level Up my Shut-In Lifestyle, Indigo Murasaki's True Intentions
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Social Shut-Ins, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Prehensile Hair with Pinwheel Blades, Having a Security Blanket What is Like a Friend to Her, Root of Calamity, Brilliant, but Lazy, Shrinking Violet Unless Pushed, Shinobi, The Nose Knows,
  • Domains: Shinobi, Shut-Ins, Bears, Aggression
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Banette, Himawari Shinomiya
  • Enemies: Hackers
  • Former Enemies: Students of Hanzou Academy, Crimson Squad and Gessen Academy
  • Murasaki is a student of the Hebijo Academy in name only for the most part. The silent, socially nervous shut-in who possess the mysterious powers of the Root of Calamity, exclusive to her family line. She also has purple eyes because of that.
  • A former follower/high priestess of Patchouli Knowledge, she was supposed to accept her position due of her refusal to go outside due of reasons, like her father forcing her to be shinobi or that she almost killed her sister because and feeling guilty for it ever since. However, she refused, saying that House of Travel is too noisy to her. She much prefers to be here. It helps that she has been trying to be more outgoing, even if its because she now has friends.
  • The blue bear doll she carries around is called Bebeby. He is like a surrogate sister to Murasaki, and she carries him around wherever she goes. She thinks that Bebeby is a real person and she wishes that others treat him like so.
    • Speaking of which, DO NOT TAKE HIM AWAY FROM HER (or treat him like he is just a doll or "threaten" him)! Her Root of Calamity powers has her using her spiritual energy to create a large explosion and boosting her powers to match those of yoma and it tends to activate when she gets really pissed off, with Bebeby being like a huge Berserk Button ready to be pressed. The last person who stole him from her commented that the last thing they saw were pair of giant shadow claws before their face was clawed out.
    • Other ways to piss her off is to present yourself as a hacker (she has zero tolerance to them) or threaten to take her sister away from her (she does not want to loose her again).
  • One of few people in the Pantheon not to think that Yoshinon is just a hand puppet of Yoshino.
  • After spending so much time in the dark, she apparently gained the ability to smell what kind of person someone is based by their scent. That makes her able to know who to trust and who not to trust.
  • She once stumbled into the TV World on her own, causing the Investigation Team to go to safe her. However, it turned out that there was no Shadow Self for her, as she had already fought her Shadow in the past. However, it turned out that she accepted her Shadow negatively, accepting her Shadow's words of her being worthless baggage, causing her to almost get rid of herself if it wasn't for Asuka, who made her realise that not only does she have friends, but that they need her. No one is quite sure if she has a Persona or not after the visit.
    • During the journey, she seemed to have befriended Teddie. She thinks that he is genuinely funny.
  • Can be seen at times playing with Banette ever since his ascension. Though he does scare her a little, she felt bad for him after hearing he was abandoned.
  • Despite being highly skilled at hacking, Murasaki gets along well with Himawari due to their preference for staying in their temples. Himawari has assured Murasaki that not only would she never hack the account of one of her friends, but she also never do so with any sort of malicious intent.

    Yumi (Senran Kagura
Yumi, Goddess of Cold, Blue Eyes (The Frigidly Flowing Femme Fatale, Yu-and-Mi, Yumiverine, Gessen Ice Queen, SnowConcealsEverything)
Ice Queen Yumi