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Greater Gods

Gogmazios, Dragon God of Tar (Giant Halberd Dragon, Gog, George, Gogsadios)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild icon. A question mark is also applicable.
  • Theme Music: A Tremendous Creaking Battle, Heavy Wings
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Deceptively agile for its size, Bizarre even for Elder Dragons, Final Boss of 4 Ultimate's Online Mode, Unknowable origins, Explosive tar, Feeding on gunpowder, In a Single Bound, A Giant Flyer after its tar evaporates from rage
  • Size: 4920.5 cm
  • Followers: Tar Elementals
  • Allies: None.
  • Rivals: Ahtal-Ka
  • Enemies: Nergigante, Lord Shen, Hircine, Molag Bal, Ornstein and Smough, Artorias
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters, Most of the House of Weapons, particularly the Sub-Houses of Explosives and Firearms
  • Avoids: The House of Fire and Heat
  • Interests: The Houses of Investigative Work and Science
  • Emerging from decades-old hibernation with scales as black as the tar that drips from its own body is the Gogmazios, the Giant Halberd Dragon. Abominable even among its fellow Elder Dragons, little is actually known about it other than its appetite for sulfur. To call such a hunger for it ravenous would be underselling it. In ancient times it was known to raid the gunpowder stores of cities, and at one point it involuntarily stole the first Dragonator from Dundorma during its attack. Getting in the way of its feeding is ill-advised, it completely wiped out an entire settlement during its time to end its hunger. The threat of Gogmazios necessitates the intervention of Monster Hunters to defend against such a behemoth and though certainly a fearsome foe, the Hunter's Guild that time and time again even the largest of monsters can be felled.
  • Perhaps fittingly, Gogmazios was around the Pantheon since its simpler but ever-so hectic beginnings. While it had many encounters with its denizens it ultimately went back into hibernation and soon its presence was forgotten and its title was mistakenly marked as otherwise empty. Fast forward to the present and it ended up becoming hungry again and arose from... somewhere, and was said made a beeline to the House of Explosives. The Monster Hunters, with the little knowledge of its behavioral hunger in mind, gathered support to deter its rampage. As the Court of Gods made it clear it still holds a right to its title various deities pitching in by gathering as much gunpowder as possible. While they proved to underestimate its cravings, the sustained fire eventually drove it off. As a result of this encounter it's probably not going back to hibernation anytime soon and it hasn't given up on going after the House of Weapons.
  • It goes without saying: The Giant Halberd Dragon is as menacing as they come, and as an Elder Dragon it has the power to back up its fearsome appearance. Its claim to infamy is the sticky flammable tar it constantly exudes from its body which also entraps those caught in its droplets. It is essentially sweating impurities that it exudes after its consumption of sulfur in gunpowder. Gog itself is burdened by its own tar, but this does little to hinder its surprising amount of mobility. In fact when enraged it begins to suddenly heat up despite there being an organ for heat exhaustion and the tar that once burdens it follows suit. The drops of tar will now explode and without the substance now dissipating in this state Gog can also force itself into the skies and rain down burning oil lasers.
    • The tar that covers it may also be viewed as a double-edged sword. Because of how viscous it is there is nothing stopping it from entrapping whatever comes in contact with Gog's body, such as the prototype of a giant lance meant to impale monsters. And being covered in volatile tar, old and hardened or not, leaves it weak to the Fire Element. For this reason it stays as far away from the House of Fire and Heat under the possibility that being there would ignite too much of the tar when its still on its own body. This does open the question if it could survive such an explosion as the Monster Hunters claim its durability surpasses Dalamadur, an Elder Dragon whos boundless serpentine body can constrict mountains.
  • On its quest for more gunpowder, Gogmazios was reported to have assaulted the cruel Lord Shen's temple as the peacock is known for discovering the destructive use of fireworks and utilizing it as a weapon of warfare. Though his fortresses' mounted weaponry were enough to drive it off, the attack still came off as an unpleasant surprise due to not properly damaging it in comparison to the devastation it laid out on his property. And the encounter hasn't stopped Gog from coming back and trying again from time to time, much to Lord Shen's displeasure.
  • At some point, the Elder Dragon encountered and did battle with the Pavilion Mantis, Ahtal-Ka, and her mech the Ahtal-Neset. Though her ability to stand her ground was admirable, Gogmazios eventually overwhelmed the Neopteron and forced her into retreat and set back progress on her construct. As Ahtal-Ka rebuilds she expresses a desire to avoid the Elder Dragon in the future, supposedly until the new Ahtal-Neset is even deadlier than before.
    • Some say that the time frame of this encounter was not too long after when Gogmazios faced off against the Extinction Dragon, Nergigante, while it sneaked into the Pantheon prior to its official ascension. Though the outcome of the fight was more ambiguous due to Nergigante's pursuers managing to catch up to where he decided to turn his wrath against them and escape once more. As its hunger for the bioenergy from Elder Dragons continues, so too does its challenges again the tremendous tar dragon.
  • Ever the Egomaniac Hunter, one day Hircine declared the Elder Dragon his new query and right as his hunters were about to corner it his fellow Daedric Prince, Molag Bal, opportunistically spirited away the weakened Elder Dragon into his realm. After some amount of time Gogmazios reemerged corrupted into the Lord of Domination's service as a daunting pseudo-Daedric Titan and was let loose against a GUAG base out of spite. Thus, the skies rained with molten flame. Still vexed that Molag Bal ruined his hunt he tipped off Ornstein, Smough, and Artorias to go help kill it in his stead while he went to reap what remained. The Elder Dragon doesn't hold anyone involved in that day in high regard.
  • Its name comes from the names of Gog and Magog, two Biblical names typically associated with negative aspects like destruction and demons whether its referring to individuals and/or lands. The parts are "geos" referring to the land, and the french word "érosion" which is there to resemble the English word invasion. As the conception behind its design is basically an almost otherworldly dragon that has to be fought off it altogether fits quite well.
  • When it stands upright and holds its head back there are visible openings resembling a face that glow a burning orange, an eerie sight especially as that's the cue its about to fire its Wave-Motion Gun. Yet some people took to a more humorous approach and equated it to a sad face, hence it's nickname of "Gogsadios".
  • As stated earlier little is actually known about the Gogmazios save for the living encounter with hunters in the Battlequarters in and around Dundorma. The reason for this is that, setting aside its long hibernations, no one lived to tell the tale of such a beast. In the Pantheon with its more capable of gods and goddesses people plan on changing that and some among the Houses of Science and Investigative Work have begun working alongside the Monster Hunters in helping understand it. Gog is not easy to work with, being prone to lashing out when it feels threatened, but it's better than nothing.

Intermediate Gods

Brachydios, God of Powerful Elements (Crushing Wyvern, Brachy, Bracchi, Bura, Dios; Raging Brachydios: Critical Brachydios, Critical Brachy, Nuclear Brachy; Iceblast Brachydios, Evangelion Brachydios)
Raging Brachydios 
  • Intermediate God. Greater God (as raging Brachydios)
  • Symbol: The hunter's guild's icon for both versions
  • Theme Song: Brave Icon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Theropods with Developed Forelimbs, Exploding Slime, Agile Destructive Creatures, Very Good Jumper, Resists Explosions for Defensive Reasons
  • Domains: Slime, Explosions, Combat, Monsters
  • Size: 1339.18cm-1902.213cm
  • Rivals: the Ghostbusters, Solf J. Kimblee
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The Monster Hunters, the Houses of Water and Moisture, Ice and Cold and other deities that can use water and ice attacks
  • The world of Monster Hunter has various monsters that are classified by elements. They include water, fire, thunder, ice, and dragon. Slime is another element and compared to the others, it is very powerful as it does well against other elements and can explode. Brachydios is a monster that is capable of using such element. Obviously, it's one of the more powerful monsters that's out there.
  • It was briefly in the Pantheon at one point Having a Blast (pun intended). However, it disappeared not long after, following a brawl with Solf J. Kimblee, who took its title after prevailing. It later resurfaced in the Pantheon, this time with a chip on its shoulder and the title of Infinity +1 Element as the Court of the Gods noticed how powerful the slime element is in its home universe.
    • Ironically enough, the Slime element was later changed to the Blast element.
  • The Brachydios is allowed to roam free throughout the House due to the fact that attempts to physically quarantine the beast end with smoldering debris of the containment walls, ruined environments, and the fact that casual layabout of its slime puddles turns any territory of the beast into a minefield. To prevent outright destruction, restraining teams are called in to engage and subdue the beast on a regular basis.
    • Members of the Houses of Fighting and Combat and Weapons regularly volunteer themselves for these restraining teams to test their abilities against one of the more formidable species in the House of Beasts. Only the most powerful return on their own feet, and even then they tend to be covered in scorch marks from slime charges.
    • In the times they volunteer for the restraining team, the House of Friendship tackle the Brachydios en masse, and are markedly more successful due to heightened coordination between members.
      • Any members of selected restraining teams that are capable of using water and ice attacks seem to have an easier time dealing with this monster.
  • The secretions of the Brachydios are being tested for military applications due to its unique explosive properties. Restraining teams are ordered to bring in any samples they manage to salvage from it when it is subdued.
  • There was an incident where Makoto Nanaya unleashed the Planet Crusher on the Brachydios, causing the fragments of the shattered moon to explode from slime dispersion. She is allowed to continue facing the beast, but was lectured on the consequences of using that particular move on that particular monster at great length, though all agreed that it LOOKED totally awesome.
  • Compared to the other Brute Wyverns, this one doesn't use it's head for attacking. Instead, it relies on its fists. The House of Knowledge is still trying to figure out why that is the case.
  • A variant known as the Raging Brachydios has been seen roaming the Pantheon. The fact that this version's slime explodes faster (and is more volatile as such) has made restraining this monster more difficult than doing the same things against the regular kinds.
  • Given that the Ghostbusters have dealt with slime before, they are among those who are called in to deal with the monster. They have mentioned that taking on this creature is more of a challenge compared to taking on ghosts.
  • The wyverns have been aggressive to the point of invading the temples of other large monsters to try and claim the territory as their own. The attempts haven't been successful for the time being, due to restraining teams having to drive Brachydios out.
  • Also has a spot in Abilities.

    Delsin Rowe 
Delsin Rowe, Celestial Conduit Of Bizarro Elements (The Terrorist, Banner Man, Del, D, Smoketastic Man, The Smoker, Smoke Guy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbols: His Red Beanie Hat And Chain
  • Theme Song: Second Son
  • Karma Meter: Between True Hero Or Infamous
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Conduits, Native Americans, Delinquents
  • Heralds: Abigail 'Fetch' Walker and Eugene 'He Who Dwells' Sims
  • Powers: Can Absorb The Powers Of Other Conduits, With Smoke Being The Primary Power
  • Allies: Cole MacGrath, Tomas 'Smoke' Vbrada, Alison 'Dazzler' Blaire, Kat (DmC), Nightwolf, Vulcan Raven (kinda), Ruby Rose, Eikichi Onizuka, Rogue, Jubilee, Gunvolt
  • Friendly Rival: Beat
  • Enemies: Kessler, Cinder Fall, Cinder (Killer Instinct), Gabriel 'Reaper' Reyes, Big Brother
  • Scouted By: Havik and Hotaru
  • Odd Friendship: with Chris Redfield
  • Commonality Connection: often confused with Joel, Booker DeWitt, Ryu Hayabusa, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Erron Black, Shinnok, Jake Muller
  • Someone has been leaving graffiti tags and making crank phone calls to the Grand United Alliance of Evil's emergency line. Case in point:
    GUAE Operator: GUAE Emergency Line. The hell you want?
    ??? (in an old man's voice) Uh, a damn god is on the loose, his painting skills are top notch...umm I mean defiling your billboards!
    GUAE Operator: Yeah, yeah. Shut up, ya old fart. We're sendin' out the hit squad.
  • Not to say that the Grand United Alliance of Good's emergency line is exempt from the mystery God's antics:
    GUAG Operator: You have reached the GUAG Emergency Center. How can I direct your call?
    ???: (with a faux-French accent) Oh dear! A strikingly handsome god has covered this billboard in amazing avant-garde designs! Please assist! 
    GUAG Operator: Emergency Response Team has been deployed. Please standby.
  • Orders are given to find the newcomer. Ironically enough, Kat discovered the perpetrator by accident; an Akomish delinquent who was working on his latest tag. As a tagger herself, she warmed up to him, as she liked his style. Then, Kurtis Stryker showed up, and attempted to place said delinquent under arrest. Imagine his shock to see that the man transformed into a plume of smoke and escaped through a ventilation shaft. Delsin Rowe has come to the Pantheon.
  • Delsin was just your average delinquent hailing from the Akomish tribe, located in a quaint coastal town in Washington state, spending his time tagging billboards and being a general pain-in-the ass for his brother, Reggie Rowe, who served as the town sheriff. After an encounter with an escaped Conduit, Delsin discovered that he was a Conduit himself.
  • It had been Cole MacGrath that finally caught up with Delsin as he touched up a mural dedicated to his late brother, Reggie...and scaring the crap out of Delsin. Suffice to say, both Delsin and Cole are diametric opposites when it comes to how they view their respectice Conduit powers; Cole sees them as a burden while Delsin is clearly enjoying himself. Either way, the two became friends, bonding over being Conduits and losing loved ones in the process.
  • There is a bit of conflicing information as to how Delsin's ascension was cleared, regarding his actions in Seattle. On one side, Delsin freed Seattle, captured the DUP Boss Brooke Augustine, and used her powers to save his people. On the other end, Delsin and his two friends seize control of Seattle, killed Augustine, and when he was disowned from the Akomish, destroyed the longhouse and killed all inside with an Orbital Drop.
    • Due to these conflicting stories, Havik and Hotaru are actively scouting Delsin to join their respective sides. Hotaru believes with the right amount of old-fashioned Seidan discipline, Delsin could be a formidable warrior of Order, while Havik wants to make Delsin a disciple of Chaos.
  • While put off by Nightwolf's revenant appearance, Delsin has come to see the Lakota shaman as one who provides good counsel when he doesn't go to Betty.
  • While his views on law enforcement are on the fence due to DUP boss Brooke Augustine killing his brother, he does have a level of respect for Chris Redfield, mainly in part that he helped raised and trained his sister how to defend herself. Surviving zombie outbreaks also earned her some serious brownie points with Claire as well.
  • The Ascended Kombatants thought that there was another god posessed by a malevolent smoke demon, as in the case of Tomas Vbrada. Delsin cleared everything up by saying that he is a Conduit with the ability to absorb the powers of other Conduits.
  • Found himself on Reaper's shitlist when the former Overwatch operative saw Delsin's smoke powers and claimed that Delsin ripped them off from him. Good thing Delsin had that Healing Factor handy, plus plenty of smoke from destroyed cars to recharge his batteries as he survived Reaper's assault.
  • While a bit put off that he is an assassin, Delsin is on friendly terms with Gunvolt, as unlike most hitmen, Gunvolt shows kindness and compassion, of which surprises Delsin.
  • "You are not in control."


Welcome to your death!

Gill, God of Color-Specific Elements (Lord and Emperor of the Illuminati, The Savior of Humanity, The Dark Messiah)
  • Intermediate God (Potentially a Greater God)
  • Symbol: The All-Seeing Eye of The Illuminati
  • Theme Songs: Nile (Drum & Bass Mix or The Emperor Doesn't Look Back), The Judgment Day (Heavy Tone) when enacting plans, Psych Out (Unknown) in battle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Respects his Opponents and Recognizes Their Abilities, Made Emperor of the Illuminati Simply Because of His Power and Destiny, The Dark Messiah Who Declares Himself as a God, Combines Ice Powers with Fire Powers, Well Intentioned Extremists, Hard to Defeat and Cheap Bosses, Stripperific Combat Loinclothing, "RESURRECTION!", The Seraphic Wing, Anti Villains, The Big Bad of Street Fighter III
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, World Saving, Balance, Combat
  • Associates of The Illuminati: Vandal Savage
  • Allies: Kolin, The Pillar Men, Algol
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Manipulating: Charlie Nash, Juri Han, Rashid
  • Closely Watching: High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman
  • The enimactic emperor of the Illuminati, from a young age Gill was meant for greatness as the center of a great prophecy. Genetically modified to become the Emperor of The Illuminati and The Savior of Humanity, Gill has been given the power to use both flames and ice through his red and blue sides, among other supernatural abilities. His goals are shrouded in mystery, only seeking to fulfill an apocalyptic agenda where he will save humanity and guide them to salvation, as was foretold years ago. Now in the Pantheon, he wants to ensure that goal also comes to pass here and doesn't really care if he has to unveil himself to the Pantheonic masses, in the end he will be the savior of humanity.
  • Immeadiately after ascending, he tried to conduct a tournament that would allow him to be able to weed out the weak and lead the worthy to be able to live in paradise. Apparently the Pantheon isn't quite the "utopia" he envisioned and Gill is willing to show why he is going to save the Pantheon from destruction. Many shown interest in entering, especially after hearing about Gill's infamy.
  • Turns out his claim as the "leader" of the Illuminati is up to debate, not because of some petty scheme designed by Urien to overthrow him, but because many sects of the Illuminati outside of his universe don't see Gill as their emperor and refuse to follow him, something that definitely didn't amuse him. Most notably, the organization labelled as the "Official" illuminati seem to tolerate Gill as just another one of their thousand of schemes but don't respond to him as a leader or anything. Similarly, given Bill Cipher's ties to the organization, he and Gill have butted heads several times in order to prove who was the true leader and neither is willing to back down.
  • Gill's action has earned him many enemies in his own universe, ranging from his estranged brother to many who had encounters with his organization. Gill's manner of resolving said conflict usually involve him coming to blows with his opponents, but sometimes he just throws a fights just to get them off his back.
    • He once had troubles with Dudley in the past, due to his organization taking ownership of Dudley's father's car, and though they are still on opposing sides, Gill has given it back to him, as reward for Dudley showing him a good fight, paired with the fact that he doesn't really drive cars anyway.
    • With Alex's ascension, Gill's tried to convice him to join the Illuminati. Alex, courtesy of Gill having injured his mentor Tom, rejected the offer, and since then, they've come to blows more then once.
  • His Resurrection Super Art, giving him the ability to rise from defeat instantly completely unharmed should he be killed or knocked out in battle, is one of the Illuminati's Sixty-Six Secret Arts, and notoriously infamous amongst the Pantheon given how often people got caught off guard by the ability. Combined with his other ability, which he calls 'Seraphic Wing', it's rumored that maybe he is a descendant of angels but some believe the Illuminati scientist truly can make remarkable things. Even then, many angels refuse to consider Gill one of their own given his nefarious goals, well intentioned or not.
  • He prefers balance, and has a dislike for both forces of Order and Chaos, though he keeps an eye on individual agents to see if they're worth bringing to The Promised Land. Particularly, he revealed himself into the world just to fight the so-called President of the World in order to find out what exactly is G's purpose. The two remained strong rivals after Gill easily one this bout but he suspects this innocuous buffoon may be up to something.
  • Surprisingly gets along with Kars and The Pillar Men given their similar appearances. Kars agrees with Gill's goals of creating an Utopia but often clash on who should lead the people, considering Kars and Esidisi easily wiped out their people, Gill was cautious in not turn away these potentially powerful allies and entertain their goals of becoming the ultimate lifeform for a while, even if that search of perfection is not really something Gill is super interested on.
  • Took interest in the young Shoto Todoroki after hearing about his rather complicated family history, not unlike that of his own. Interestingly, Shoto was also groomed to become the perfect successor of his family and even had a similar powerset but that's about when the similarities ends, as Todoroki wants nothing to do with Gill or the Illuminati and as a hero, promised to bring down Gill's organization.
  • Gill has shown an immense amount of respect for Algol, a king that in many ways refers his own status and is rare for Gill of all people to do so. That also ultimately lead the Illuminati emperor to take notice of the blades that once were related to Algol, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and Gill saw the potential these two had should he managed to get ahold of them. Maybe the prophecy hinted at him becoming the wielders of both swords? Nevertheless, neither of them are actually that fond of Gill at all.
  • Despite ostensibly appearing on the same side, The Illuminati and Shadaloo have secretly opposed each other for a long time, since Gill has far more altruistic intentions for his world-ruling agenda than M. Bison does. At the advent of Bison's final plan to become invincible using the power of seven artificial Black Moons, Gill tasked Urien and his secretary Kolin, operating as 'Helen', with assembling an anti-Shadaloo fighting force, which included the likes of Juri and a resurrected Nash. Kolin's team, along with one assembled by Karin Kanzuki, were ultimately successful in taking down the Dictator and clearing Gill's path to rule. Gill is watching Karin as a potential rival for future global leadership in the wake of Shadaloo's downfall.
  • Was very pleased to hear that Kolin ascended into the Pantheon and is hoping that she brings in more potential allies for the Illuminati. This has seen dividends in some ways better than others: while Gill is very much appreciative of the alliance she's forged with Regime Superman, with he and Savage both looking forward to seeing if she can bring the Kyrptonian into the Illuminati fold, he is also nearly as annoyed as the Phantasm of Snow and Ice herself is at Kano's obsessive lust towards her.
  • "The mark of my divinity shall scar thy DNA."
  • Can also be found in Color Combinations.

Kameo, Goddess of Elemental Shapeshifters
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Elemental Sprites (miniaturized versions of the Elemental Warriors)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers, Lady of War, Voluntary Shapeshifting, Our Elves Are Different
  • Domains: Elements, Elves, Transformations
  • Allies: Aang, Korra, Simba, Banjo & Kazooie
  • Enemies: Shang Tsung, Malekith, Scar, Ozai, Grimgor Ironhide
  • Kameo is a 16-year-old elf who is about to inherit the crown that allows her to rule the land she resides in and the Elemental Powers that come with it when her sister Kalus frees the troll King Thorn from imprisonment in an attempt to gain these powers for herself. Following an unsuccessful attempt that results in her losing her elemental abilities, it’s up to Kameo to regain her powers, free her kidnapped family, and defeat Kalus and Thorn to bring safety back to her land. As far as the Elemental Warriors who grant Kameo her powers are concerned, there are 10 of them and they have their own abilities related to fire, water, rock, ice, and plant, with 2 Warriors per individual element. Kameo is able to transform into any of these Elemental Warriors and use their powers to navigate the world around her and fight any threats that stand in her way.
  • Some time had passed since fighting King Thorn and Kalus, but Kameo would end up finding out about multiple other worlds distant from her own that would result in her taking part in many more adventures. From what was said about these distant worlds, they seemed to not only be distinct from what Kameo had previously traversed, but there were also lands dedicated entirely to a particular element that Kameo normally uses. While there was plenty of this so-called Pantheon that intrigued Kameo, she had to be on high alert for others looking to use elemental powers for evil, overthrow her position of power, or even some villains looking to accomplish both. Regardless of what was in store for her, Kameo was willing to make the most of her time in this vast Pantheonic world and fend off any threats made against her or any friends she makes there.
  • When it comes to shapeshifting, Banjo and Kazooie relied on a witch doctor named Mumbo Jumbo (and later Humba Wumba), to perform magic on them in order to transform into different things to proceed on their adventure. Bear and bird ended up traveling to a distant land while on a mission for someone and it was there that they encountered Kameo and learned about what kind of shapeshifting magic she was capable of. While Kazooie could turn into a dragon with the right kind of magic, Kameo wasn’t capable of transforming others, instead relying on her gift to turn into different elemental creatures to fight against any enemies that approach her. Banjo and Kazooie were strange creatures to Kameo, but their platforming skills complimented her varied magic transformations when it came to finding ways past obstacles and while the duo can’t rely on transformations comparable to what she can do, Kazooie is quite curious on how a meeting would go between the two shamans and Kameo, even if they’re all on the side of heroism.
  • The role of the Avatar is, in addition to utilizing the elements of fire, water, air, and earth, to keep the peace between all of the nations specializing in the aforementioned elements, a role that Kameo was curious about. It would lead to a meeting between two deities that took up the role of the Avatar, Aang and Korra, both of who had to live up to their role as Avatar while fighting different enemies. The Avatar was a role passed onto many, with Wan being the first Avatar while Aang and Korra picked up the mantle later on and, barring the shapeshifting aspect of the Elemental Warriors, Kameo saw her role in being a figure of royalty who uses various elements as not that different from the Avatar. Aang and Korra took a liking to how Kameo used elemental transformations to her advantage and the three have worked together in keeping the elemental aspects of the Pantheon in check, fighting against many enemies that threaten them.
  • One sinister shape-shifting sorcerer who Kameo took great animosity towards was Shang Tsung, who was notorious for consuming the souls of others in addition to being untrustworthy towards many he works with. For someone like Kameo who relies on shapeshifting to make the most of the powers of the Elemental Warriors, an entity that can consume souls such as Shang Tsung is a frightening prospect as it could mean that her source of powers could be drained, putting her in a perilous situation without much in the way of escape if she loses such a fight. For Shang Tsung, it’s simply more souls to add to his prospective collection of souls in the Pantheon and the fact that there are figures like Kameo who have spirits in them to enable such shapeshifting makes it an endeavor worth taking. Shang Tsung is a dangerous adversary in the Pantheon and fighting him will be a challenge, but Kameo knows that power-hungry shapeshifters like him don’t deserve to have their ambitions fulfilled.
  • Regardless of royal standing, Kameo discovered that there were plenty of elves different from her world and while some of them were friendly, a handful of them posed a danger to the Pantheon. Malekith was one elf (or more accurately, a Dark Elf) that Kameo saw as rather dangerous and the fact that he attempted to gain the throne for himself from his family before becoming the ruler of a separate kingdom, even if he has ambitions of claiming what he believes is rightfully his. Kameo saw Malekith as a much darker version of Kalus when it came to seizing the royal throne, and the fact that Malekith wasn’t originally a villain prior to wanting to become king didn’t help her opinion of him. With how powerful Malekith is and the fact that her kingdom could be a target of his conquests, Malekith becoming stronger than he already is was something she and others had to stop from happening, even if she knows that there are entities worse than he is.
  • Having dealt with a treacherous sibling looking to take the royal position for themselves, Kameo found kinship with Simba, a lion from the Pride Lands who was next in line for the role of king following his father Mufasa, only for his uncle Scar to murder Mufasa, exile Simba, and take the throne. It took a longer period of time for Simba to fight back compared to Kameo, but the general idea behind their ordeals was the same and Kameo’s experience in confronting much more fantastical elements was helpful for dealing against threats that were more dangerous for Simba and his allies to handle. Kameo’s contempt towards Scar also extended towards other treacherous figures looking to gain royalty for themselves, especially if those figures are part of the same family. Kameo has her own elemental gifts to keep safe, but she won’t hesitate to use her abilities to ensure the stability of benevolent royal figures in the Pantheon.
  • In addition to fighting against her sister Kalus, Kameo had to fight troll King Thorn, who was originally sealed away before Kalus freed him and there were a variety of troll enemies that Kameo had to go up against in her journey. The Pantheon contained some fantastical trolls of its own, alongside violent orcs and other beasts, and regardless of what these creatures fall under, there were potential adversaries that were just as dangerous as King Thorn, if not a greater threat than he was. One very aggressive orc was Grimgor Ironhide, who is part of the Greenskins and much like others with that designation, he is very destructive and seeks to battle others that dare oppose him. Regardless of what resources these Greenskins have at their disposal, Kameo knew that she would be a target of their rampage at some point and that she’s going to have to fight them and prevent them from becoming more of a problem than before.
  • Kameo is quite versatile with the Elemental Powers she’s been given, but the Pantheon housed plenty of individuals who are potentially more skilled with one specific element than Kameo is with her numerous transformations. These included characters such as Ozai, who Kameo learned about from Aang and given that Ozai is a power-hungry tyrant who wants to impose his power over others, she wasted no time fighting against him and his forces, even if her transformations gave Ozai some additional ideas on how he could gain more power for himself and his army. Other villainous elemental users, many of who had different applications of their powers, were additional adversaries of Kameo and the fact that they’re taking an interest in her shapeshifting powers has made her a frequent target of such foes. Thanks to her alliance with Aang and Korra, Kameo was able to find other heroic elemental users to help her out against these battles, befriend said heroes, and learn more about how varied the usage of these elements can be. There was also an assortment of powerful creatures whose elemental prowess surpasses that of what Kameo, her friends, and her foes are capable of in terms of power and while these creatures becoming a version of Elemental Warriors so that Kameo can harness their power hasn’t been realized yet, she’s more than aware that if they fall into the wrong hands, it can spell trouble and has done whatever she can to ensure such calamity doesn’t happen.
  • Earth, ice, water, fire, and plant are the elements that Kameo has access to and while adventuring throughout the Pantheon, she learned that there were various individuals who were able to use elements that she normally doesn’t have access to and in some cases, very different from what she was used to. Deslin Rowe was someone who Kameo learned about that was able to use these elemental abilities to his advantage, with smoke and light being part of his powerset. While Kameo had to deal with a familial power struggle in regards to inheriting such abilities, Deslin is able to absorb different powers and is able to determine whether to use those powers for himself or for others on top of having to fight against corrupt institutions. While Deslin has generally leaned towards the side of good in the Pantheon, it brought more of an awareness to Kameo the fact that there are people who are willing to impose superpowered superiority towards others and that there are individuals who want superpowers gone, regardless of if the elements are involved or not.

    Noelle Silva 
Noelle Silva, Goddess of Elemental Armors (Dancing Princess of the Battlefield, Sea Goddess, Water Princess)
Click here to see her using Valkyrie Armor 
Click here to see her using Saint Valkyrie Armor 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her grimoire, the cross fleury of the House of Silva
  • Theme Song: Black to the dreamlight
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Because You Were Nice to Me, Black Sheep, Defrosting Ice Queen, Valkyrie Armor, Feather Motif, Girlish Pigtails, Like Mother, Like Daughter, Water Magic, Mystical White Hair, Power Incontinence, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Took a Level in Badass, Tsundere
  • Domains: Armor, Love, Royalty, Water
  • Herald: Kahono
  • High Priestess: Frosta
  • Allies: Asta, Yuno Grinberryall, Secre Swallowtail, Farnese de Vandimion, Ochaco Uraraka, Hinata Hyuga, Rin Tohsaka, Katara, Tyrion Lannister, Erza Scarlet, Noel Vermillion, Aki Izayoi, Freya, Mavis Vermillion
  • Enemies: Slan, Jedah Dolma, Azula, Joffrey Baratheon, The Crimson Court, Queen Beryl
  • A royal from the House Silva. Despite her great magical power, she's looked down on by her family because of her bad magical control and causing her mother's death from childbirth. Treated as a failure by her highly regarded siblings, Noelle has an inferiority complex and is only able to join the Black Bulls thanks to the captain's kindness. Though haughty and impudent towards her squadmates, Noelle is genuinely kind and determined to learn how to properly use her magic. Through the kindness of her new friends and hard work, she gradually becomes a powerful mage who can live up to her legendary mother's legacy. Although she insults Asta and yells at him often, she holds deep romantic feelings for him.
  • Motivated to save her siblings in spite of their past mistreatment of her, and thanks to her innate magical potential and training as a Black Bull, Noelle manifested her signature spell Valkyrie Armor during her fight against the elf Kivn. An elegant armor made of water reminiscent of the legendary valkyries, it lets Noelle control the mana of everything her armor touches. She later gains a variant Valkyrie Armor - Mermaid Form that boosts her power underwater, and the much more powerful Saint Valkyrie Armor to destroy devils and purify malice through the power of the water spirit Undine. For her Valkyrie Armors, Noelle was ascended and given her title within the House of Nature.
    • Hiding it to herself, she was overjoyed to find out that Asta was also in the Pantheon but then told herself that she was glad that she has a close comrade to be with, not someone she's in love with. However, she mocked him for being the God of Being Too Dumb to Fool of all things, stating it was fitting for him. Asta took it all in stride and is happy to have Noelle with him and Yuno. He complimented Noelle for her title as Goddess of Elemental Armors and told her that she deserved it, calling her Valkyrie Armor "awesome", to Noelle's happiness.
  • As a royal of the Clover Kingdom, it's only natural she is often seen in the House of Royalty. After spending time with the Black Bulls and becoming a less prejudiced individual, she tries to change the view of any of the House's members who may be bigoted against peasants, and convince them to take an active role in helping their subjects. Thus far, her efforts have been fruitful, with the Fierce Protectors of Royalty advocating for the house to take a more proactive, positive position within the Pantheon for the betterment of the common folk. Thanks to her experiences on the battlefield, she has gained the confidence to become not only a powerful fighter but also a leader and advocate for the less privileged. Although she faces opposition from more malevolent royalty such as Aerys II Targaryen and the Queen of Hearts, Noelle refuses to give up on her goal of reform.
  • Since ascending the Pantheon, Noelle has become very close to Rin Tohsaka, another haughty, pig-tailed tsundere mage. They have become so friendly that they are each other's Secret Keepers for their crushes on kind, moral heroes. Noelle finds her Jewel Magic beautiful while Rin is impressed by the incredible power of Noelle's Water Magic, rivaling the Caster Servants in her world. The two mages have since been going on hangouts and taught each other the magics of their respective worlds. As girls of similar temperament who suffer from painful familial pasts, they're also able to understand each other very well and confide within one another their inner insecurities.
  • Noelle has formed an Odd Friendship with Tyrion Lannister, as they are both the Black Sheeps of their family who are blamed for their mothers' deaths in childbirth. The two also have a mutual dislike for indolent aristocrats who abuse the lower class. Noelle was surprised to learn that Joffrey Baratheon is Tyrion's nephew. She abhors the young king for being everything a royal should not be and considers him a disgrace to the royalty of the Pantheon. Tyrion shares her opinion of his hated nephew. Taking a liking to the young royal, different from many of the depraved nobility he's used to in King's Landing, Tyrion has been giving advice to Noelle on how to become a good queen should she ever make a claim for the Clover Kingdom's royal throne. Eager to improve on herself, Noelle is grateful for the Hand's knowledge.
  • She has an intense dislike for Azula. Being mistreated by her elder siblings for her inferior abilities, Noelle detests the firebending prodigy for her terrible treatment of her older brother Zuko. It doesn't help that as princess of the Fire Nation she has helped the Fire Nation take over the world in the name of her father, the opposite of what Noelle believes royals should do — better the lives of the less fortunate with their gifts. Their opposing philosophies on royalty and elements have made them enemies. Azula, arrogant but sly, sees Noelle as a pest in her plans but knows that should they fight she would lose. As a result, she has avoided any confrontation lest an event such as Sozin's Comet empower Azula's firebending to even the odds.
  • She has found a Commonality Connection with Aki Izayoi for their Power Incontinence, which have caused the two much pain in their lives and harmed those around them. Noelle was saddened to hear of how Aki became unstable due to her suffering and manipulation by Divine, understanding how, like herself, it was hard to open her heart to others. However, they were both happy to hear each others' reconciliations with their families and found strength in overcoming their hardship in their power. Sharing how they managed to overcome their lack of control of their powers thanks to the kindness of their friends, the two are considering making a support group for those who cannot control their powers in the Pantheon. Thus far, they have also gotten Scott Summers to potentially join their support group.
  • Since manifesting her Valkyrie Armor, Noelle has sought out the guidance of the Requip Wizard Ezra Scarlet. Erza has taught Noelle to shape her magic to make variants that are both powerful and fashionable, as well as be more confident. The young water mage finds Erza's Heaven's Wheel Armor and Ataraxia Armor to be especially beautiful, and is trying to mold her Valkyrie Armor to become a variant similar to them. Noelle looks up to Erza and strives to be as powerful of a mage as her, admiring her strength and perseverance in spite of her tragic past as a slave. Erza has taken a nurturing, older sister role to Noelle like she would to the younger members of her guild, Fairy Tail, reassuring the young mage and encouraging her to become stronger in magic and character.
  • Noelle was perplexed when she met Noel Vermillion, who shares both her first name and the surname of her cousin Mimosa Vermillion. Noelle wondered if she was from a distant branch or alternative universe version of the Clover Kingdom's Vermillion Family, her distant relatives who share descent with the Silvamillion Family. Noel assured her that this was very much not the case. Nevertheless, the two bonded no thanks to Noel's adorableness and kindness, with Noelle happy to have made another female friend around her age after a lonely childhood. She was also jealous of Noelle's large breasts for her relatively young age, but secretly kept this to herself to not embarrass her new friend.
  • Now that Noelle has gotten a good grasp of her Water Magic, she has been spending a lot of time in the House of Water. The water users of the Pantheon are impressed by the incredible power of her magic and have given her guidance on how to better control it in different ways. Ariel thought her Valkyrie Armor — Mermaid Form was a beautiful spell, and gave her tips for swimming underwater from a real mermaid. Thanks to her tips, Noelle is now able to swim through the House at incredible speed with the power of her Water Magic boosted, making her a force to be reckoned with. For this reason, she has been traveling through the House and exploring its deep depths, feeling the freedom of her magic as she swims through its currents and waves.
  • Noelle was horrified to have learned about the Crimson Court. She had thought the aristocracy of the Clover Kingdom were bad enough as is with their arrogance and harshness to the common folk, threatening to kill them over minor inconveniences and not wanting commoners and peasants in positions of power and prestige. But she had never imagined that the Crimson Court would be vampiric aristocrats who eat humans. She already has a dislike of those with an affinity for blood, with her Arch-Enemy being the Blood Mage Vanica Zogratis. The Crimson Court, although numerous in number, fear the water mage, well-aware that her great holy water as a Saint Stage would be more than enough to kill them.

Lesser Gods

Leluminaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï, Goddess of Significant One-Off Elements (Leeloo [Dallas Multipass], Ekbat De Sebat, Precious Stone of the Earth, Defender of Light and Life, the Honorable)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater God when utilizing the Divine Light)
  • Symbol: The "four elements" mark on her wrist
  • Theme: Leeloo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Domains: Good, Chaos, Sun, Strength, Stars
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Big Eater, Cosmic Keystone, Element No. 5, Innocent Fanservice Girl, Martial Pacifist, Mysterious Waif, Naked on Arrival, Overly Long Name, Waif-Fu
  • Herald: Korben Dallas
  • Followers: Owen Krysler, Fakir, Ewing, Frobisher, Rey, Cavendish, Sonmi, and Zachry
  • Allies: Percy Jackson, Toph Bei Fong, John Egbert, John McClane, Kushina Uzumaki, Pippi Longstocking, Lucy, Leon and Mathilda, The New Alliance of Free Stars, The Chozo
  • Respects: Kenshiro, Vash the Stampede
  • Enemies: Mr. Shadow and the GUAD, Planet Remina, Unicron
  • Opposes: House of War, Galactus
  • Opposed by: The Evil Queen, Queen Sectonia, The VUX
  • Uneasy Relationship: Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Feared by: All zombie deities, Albert Wesker
  • Admired by: John Preston
  • Many know of this supreme being from her iconic outfits, orange hair and Sci-Fi Bob Haircut. Enough followers of her exploits brought her into the Pantheon, accompanied by Korben Dallas. What ended up securing her godhood in the Pantheon would be her connection to the elements; specifically by being The Fifth Element herself.
  • Many zombie gods are wary of her presence, given her affinity with life and light themselves. Red hair aside, the woman bears a strong resemblance to a younger Alice. Even Wesker has noted to pay special attention to her.
    • John Preston thinks she looks more like his high priest Violet Song jat Shariff. Leeloo doesn't like the comparison though, believing the woman lives too her nickname too much to her liking.
  • Is notoriously abhorrent towards the House of War. The fact that multiple species preside in the House further dampened her mood, given her Martial Pacifist nature. The idea of war and battle for anything except necessity is greatly despised by her and has no respect for those who enjoy it. She nearly balked over saving the Earth when she first found out about the destructive nature of humanity. That said, she respects Kenshiro and Vash the Stampede, even despite the former's brutality (which is mainly against those who deserve it in her eyes anyways), due to how they strive for a more peaceful and compassionate world.
  • Given the troubles that the aliens in her universe had with delivering the elements, she allied with the Alliance of Free Stars in case she required more assistance from the final frontier, and especially against extraterrestrial threats like Mr. Shadow. She finds the Chmmr and Syreen to be the most comfortable to hang around with due to their more diplomatic nature, and likewise, she finds the Yehat and Shofixti to be more difficult to work with regarding their more... battle-eager cultures. The Chozo, a former warrior race that for the most part, had turned to more peaceful lifestyles, had grown on Leeloo more in comparison to the Yehat.
  • The God Emperor tried to give her tribute to saving humanity in her world from destruction, but she rebuked the offering. She may be sympathetic for the atrocities his people had to deal with, she is still uncomfortable with his methods. Even if she opposes the same enemies as the God-Emperor, the brutal and dreary methods and perspectives of the Imperium disgust her to her very core, and hopes that universes like hers do not share a similar fate in the future.
  • While the GUAE took note to find ways to neutralize her, it was the GUAD who truly loathe her, due to her main archnemesis, Mr. Shadow, being among the GUAD themselves. Given Mr. Shadow's potency in advancing their agenda otherwise, the council leaders of the GUAD see her as a major threat to their plans. Whenever Leeloo is going after Mr. Shadow's schemes, members of the GUAD will soon be on her tail.
  • Is welcomed at all times into the House of Nature. She did save nature in her world after all. When she got word of another fifth element, she frantically searched for that deity. It turned out to be a card wielded by Sakura, and they couldn't be any more different. While Leeloo at her full potential protects life, The Nothing can destroy anything she touches. This doesn't faze Leeloo in the slightest, becoming one the avatar's few friends in the Pantheon.
    • Her tattoos also wield the four classic elements. As such, she made time to visit each deity of that element. Percy found her odd if not amiable. Toph hangs around with her in the hopes of rubbing her personality onto the redhead. Recca didn't have much to say other than complimenting on her hair. And the troll gave her a rousing welcome... only to mess with her hair as a prank. To his surprise, she is rather good at getting back at him. The two are in the middle of a playful prank war. The Masou Kishin Heralds, who are the deities for the elemental quartet as a whole, were also approached, and have stayed in contact specially because Leeloo's fifth element can only be ignited if surrounded by the other four, and a quick arrival is preferred in emergencies. Even more once Mr. Shadow ascended, as while there are possibly many groups capable of stopping him, it's better to just call the woman who already stopped the Evil once.
  • When she came face to face with John McClane, she couldn't help but smile a bit. The God of Monkey Wrenches looked just like her herald. She quickly got Korben to take a look, confirming her suspicions. It was no surprise that the two got along well, as both people performed extraordinary feats after living ordinary lives. Well... they both had a bit of training, but neither would expect to have had such a massive effect on their world.
    • Another deity who looks like Korben, Malcolm Crowe, has preferred to stay away, though he has told Leeloo that she's welcome to get his services if she suffers another mental breakdown - even if he's a child psychiatrist, as at times Leeloo is almost child-like. Malcolm also prefers to keep his distance for being married (although his wedding in a way ended).
  • Both Leeloo and Korben can attest to worshiping Kushina before their ascension. Korben would at least admit that red hair looks great on the two of them.
  • Likes to go to the House of Music to listen to operas. It reminds her of her memorable fight at the cruise spaceship.
  • To their surprise, there was already a deity for taxi drivers. They would find out why as soon as they met the man. Travis Bickle immediately took offense, shouting "You lookin' at me?'' until the two hurried out of his premises. The two have been avoiding him ever since.
  • Leeloo is supposed to be a "perfect" lifeform, and especially so in beauty. While the authenticity of such a boastful claim is debatable, she certainly has gained envy indicative of such a status, on top of those who would like to prove her wrong. The Evil Queen and Queen Sectonia, who do not appreciate those who are esteemed as more fair and beautiful than them, have unsurprisingly seen her as competition to be eliminated. And just as how many humans find Leeloo to be a divinely magnificent beauty, the VUX, who see humans as the ultimate example of ugliness, regard Leeloo as a horrific eldritch sight, whatever their equivalent to "Lovecraftian" is. Not that Leeloo cares since they oppose humanity as a whole.
  • Both Leeloo and Lucy have a bit more in common than merely wielding massive power inside them. They also share the same director. The connection also led her to meet Leon and Mathilda, and in spite of Leeloo's idealism making her at first wary of a man who kills others as a living, they found common ground and have hung out together.
  • Not many could contest with Pippi Longstocking in a wrestling match, but Leeloo sure gave her a run for her money. What started as a way to get some exercise turned into a riveting battle between two redheads. Leeloo may have eventually lost the fight, but she gained a new friend in the process.

    Noriko Ashida/Surge 
Noriko Ashida, Goddess of Elemental Absorption (Surge, Nori)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Gauntlets, crackling with electricity
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Disowned By Her Father For Being A Mutant, Big Sister Instinct, The Big Girl On Her Squad, Hot-Blooded, Ms. Fanservice, Shock and Awe Combined With Super-Speed
  • Domains: Mutants, Electricity
  • Allies: James Howlett/Wolverine, Ororo Munroe/Storm, Anna Marie/Rogue, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Hope Summers, Jubilation Lee/Jubilee, Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke
  • Friendly Rivals: Thor, Cole MacGrath, Barry Allen/The Flash, Raiden, Killua Zoldyck
  • Enemies: Willaim Stryker, The Sentinals, Azula, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Sheev Palpatine
  • Headbutting Heroes: with Charles Xavier/Professor X, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Emma Frost/The White Queen, Erik Lensherr/Magneto
  • Noriko Ashida had been at her part-time job in the mortal realm when word reached her of her ascension to the Pantheon, the first of Dani Moonstar's New Mutants Squad to ascend. When Cyclops called her and told her that she was going to be late, Surge unleashed her powers and arrived at the Pantheon, albeit just barely late. Of course, as she charged through the Pantheon on her way to meet Cyclops and Emma Frost, for the ascended Kombatants, she would be mistaken for Kabal due to her insane speed.
  • For the record, her blue hair has nothing to do with her powers. She dyes it. Ironically enough, the dye is named 'Electric Blue.'
  • As her codename is Surge, Nori's mutant powers stem from her constantly absorbing electricity at all times, be it from static in the air, electrical appliances, outlets, and so on. Seeing as how she can't control it, she has to wear specialized gauntlets designed to regulate her energy absorption. It also allows her to discharge the energy via lightning blasts or granting her superhuman speed. However, should she takes in too much electricity, then it causes her brain to overload, which can be identified by Nori speaking too fast, scatters her thinking, and her control over her lighting blasts worsens. And despite her ascension, she still needs the gauntlets to control her powers. Only difference is that she now has on a pair of smaller gauntlets.
  • The Flash has heard of a new deified speedster having just arrived in the Pantheon. He thought it was Quicksilver. But he was surprised to see that it was a Japanese schoolgirl with dyed blue hair and wearing oversized gauntlets. While Barry knows that he is faster than Noriko, he sees the potential in her when it comes to speed.
  • Became the de facto student to Cole MacGrath in learning how to control her powers...and free-running. Much to Cole's surprise, Noriko became a fast study, not only in honing her electric powers, but also in parkour. Noriko found a second love in parkour, and can be seen roof-hopping and line-grinding across the Pantheon with Cole. While Cole tends to absorb the lightning from anything electric such as cars and powerlines, he has to admit that in spite of everything, Noriko's got a pretty sweet deal.
  • Dislikes Heihachi Mishima, as he reminds Surge of her own father, who had disowned her shortly after finding out that his daughter was a mutant. Speaking of Noriko's father, when he discovered that his wayward daughter had been deified, he attempted to reach her, as with a daughter as a god, then the prestige of the family would increase. Noriko, however, threw her father's words back in his face when he made contact with her: "My father did not wish to be a part of my life. He has brought nothing but shame and hurt to my mother and brother. And he would never contact me."
  • Speaking of fathers, Bryan Mills has become something of a parental figure to Surge, as she reminds Bryan of Kim, in a way.

    Smile Pretty Cures 

The Smile Pretty Curesmembers , Quintet Goddesses of Elemental Hair Colors (Miyuki: Cure Happy, Emily, Glitter Lucky; Akane: Cure Sunny, Kelsey, Glitter Sunny; Yayoi: Cure Peace, Lily, Glitter Peace; Nao: Cure March, April, Glitter Spring; Reika: Cure Beauty, Chloe, Glitter Breeze. Also known as the "Glitter Force")
The Smile Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Peace, Cure Beauty, Cure Happy, Cure March, and Cure Sunny.

    Will Vandom 
Wilhelmina Vandom, Goddess of Pure Energy (Will, Wilma, Keeper of the Heart, Guardian of the Veil, Guardian of Quintessence, Pink Perky Poopy Pumpkin)
Click here  for her in Guardian form
Click here  for her Zenith form
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate in her Zenith form)
  • Symbol: The Heart of Kandrakar or the Quintessence symbol
  • Theme Music: Keeper of the Heart
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Friend to All Living Things, wielder of the fifth element, nice girl, being a tactical genius at times, Beware the Nice Ones, older and sexier alter ego, opposer of bullies, being in command, disaster magnet, overly-emotional redhead, can converse with normally non-sentient machines, Pure Energy, teleportation, being the heart, dizziness upon proximity to dark magic
  • Domain: Emotion, Love, Technology, Quintessence
  • Heralds: Irma Lair, Taranee Cook, Cornelia Hale, Hay Lin (her friends and fellow W.I.T.C.H. members), Susan Vandom and Dean Collins (her mother and stepfather), William Collins (her infant half-brother), Matthew "Matt" Olsen (her boyfriend)
  • Allies: Ma-Ti, Heart Aino, Captain Planet, Jimmy Hopkins, Billy Batson/Shazam, the gods her teammates follow (John Egbert, Percy Jackson, Recca Hanabishi, Toph Bei Fong), Greninja
  • Enemies: Most large scale villains in the pantheon
  • High Priest: Oracle Himerish of Kandrakar
  • Formerly High Priest to Ma-Ti, Will ascended when in her mortal life she became one with the element of Quintessence, also known as Aether. Upon careful consideration, it was decided she be given the position of Pure Energy, as her element is exactly that.
  • As Quintessence is Absolute Energy and she holds the source of magical energy, in addition to standard magical bolts, she can make magical barriers, teleport, turn invisible, sense magical phenomena, create mindless physical copies of her allies, can communicate with inanimate electrical objects, and possesses animal empathy.
  • Due to her representing Kandrakar, the center of her respective universe, Will has a strong opposition to any kind of larger threat towards reality at large.
    • Surprisingly, she has no ill will towards Beerus, due to his job of keeping balance in his own universe. However, that doesn't mean she likes him either.
  • When asked to explain what makes Quintessence different from other similar-looking powers, she proudly notes that her element is really just will-power.
  • That's not to say she can't also be The Heart, as she was such for her team for a long time, even when she was considered powerless, and as such is extremely eager to make friends with all her fellow do-gooders.
  • Does not like bullies, so gets along well with Jimmy Hopkins, despite (or perhaps, because of) his anti-heroic stance on the matter.
  • A few gods find it amusing that Will's friends are followers of gods in this house who are higher ranking than she is. Will does not.
    • As such, Will has been frequently known to put in requests for her fellow guardians to be ascended into full godhood as well and join the Magical Girl Sisterhood, as they are part of how she got to where she is now, and she hates the fact that they've been seemingly left by the wayside. Unfortunately, no real headway has been made as of yet, but Sailor Moon herself is equally interested.
  • Even when she transforms into an older body, she is still just a little insecure of her chest size and is rather jealous of Power Girl and others like her.
  • Many gods admire her for the level of tactical skill it took to pull off tricking Phobos into helping her and then anticipating his own betrayal and planning around it. Though Phobos being himself betrayed prevented the final result of this gambit from being seen, it is all but ensured that it would have paid off otherwise.
    • In fact, some gods have suggested that it might be worth recruiting her into the GUAG as a tactician. However, Will apparently has enough burdens as it is and preemptively turned down the offer.
  • Will heard there were other Guardians in the Pantheon, so she sought them out. However, while they weren't quite what she imagined (more guns and definitely more alien), she was incredibly impressed with their abilities and that they were definitely the good guys. Even though they may not need them, she's offered her powers to support them in their endeavors if ever they do.
  • As a fan of Pokemon, she was ecstatic to finally meet Ash and Pikachu, but especially Greninja as she has a passion for frogs to the point of collecting anything that's frog related. Greninja was unsure how to take this excitement, but is flattered nonetheless.
  • Would like you to know that she and her friends are not witches, that is just their initials.
  • Rumors have gone around that there is an object called the Star of Threbe that can completely negate the powers of Will and her fellow guardians in certain circumstances. Due to the risk that this effect could extend to other gods, Will has ensured that she never give away any hint whatsoever as to where the star ended up after its last use.


    Frontier Digidestined 
The Legendary WarriorsMembers , Holy Group of Elemental Embodiments (Dub Names ; Digimon Form Names )
Clockwise from the bottom: Takuya, Izumi, Junpei, Koji, Koichi, Tomoki
As their most used Digimon forms 
As Susanoomon 
  • Demideities, up to Greater rank through their Digimon forms. Overdeities as Susanoomon.
  • Symbol: The Legendary Spirits' symbols
  • Theme Song: "Fire!", "With The Will", "The Last Element"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Elemental Embodiment, The Team, Sentai aesthetics, The Chosen Many, struggling with lack of friends, which they found in each other
  • Domains: Mons, The Internet, Good, Elements, Transformation, Friendship, Family
  • Heralds: Bokomon, Neemon
  • Allies: Adventure DigiDestined, 02 DigiDestined, DATS Agents, Norn Mikihara and other good Digimon deities, GUAG White Hats, any Super Sentai and Power Rangers teams (esp. Ressha Sentai ToQger), Ryotaro Nogami, Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Enemies: Lucemon and other evil Digimon deities, YHVH, Lucifer, Meridia, Chernabog, Light of Destruction, Ragnaros
  • Oppose: Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Takuya, Koji, Izumi, Tomoki and Junpei were chosen to go to the Digital World and give physical form to the Legendary Spirits of Fire, Light, Wind, Ice and Thunder respectively. They were tasked with fighting Cherubimon, a rogue angel who was using the other Spirits (Earth, Wood, Water, Steel and Darkness) to gather the Digital World's data. The children eventually found a sixth companion in Koichi, Koji's older twin brother, who was chosen for the Spirit of Darkness. Together they brought the remaining Spirits home and unlocked new powers, allowing them to defeat Cherubimon. However Cherubimon was merely the pawn of Lucemon, a tyrannical angel who was sealed away by the Ten Legendary Warriors (the ancient forms of the Spirits) and was bidding his time until he could rise again and lay a new claim on the Digital World. The children refused to allow it and combined all the Spirits into Susanoomon, succeeding in defeating Lucemon once and for all and saving both worlds.
  • Initially Koichi ascended on his own. He did rather well by himself, but was lonely without his companions and often asked the Main House about ascending them. Then one day, a being called the Light of Destruction appeared, and it hated and sought to annihilate Koichi for being its opposite as the wielder of the sacred Spirits of Darkness. At the same time, Chernabog tried persuading him to fully embrace darkness and become Duskmon again so that together they could put the Light in its place. Seeing this, Norn sent messages to his friends (not unlike Ophanimon when they first started out), giving them back their Digivices and allowing them entry into the Pantheon so they could help Koichi. All together, they were able to evolve into Susanoomon and send the evil light and dark gods packing. This got enough attention that the Main House reviewed their case, and seeing that the children all possessed the Legendary Spirits who represented certain elements of nature, granted them godhood over Elemental Embodiment. As a little extra, they were also reunited with their good friends and guides Bokomon and Neemon, who serve as Heralds.
  • What makes them stand out from the other Digidestined is their lack of partner Digimon, instead turning into them. The only Digidestined that have run into something similar are the DATS Agents; they once fought an unhinged trio that could turn into Digimon through a man-made process called Bio Hybrid Evolution. The Agents are relieved to know the six have good intentions. For the rest of the Digidestined, theirs is a power that makes them somewhat envious, since having it would mean they'd be more useful in a fight instead of relying on their Digimon all the time and risk them getting hurt for their sake. The six admittedly do enjoy their power and independence, though they sometimes lament that they cannot normally meet and talk to the Spirits.
  • A problem they infamously had is how Takuya and Koji had to use the rest of the team's Spirits in order to turn into KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, rendering their teammates defenseless and useless in a fight. The White Hats came up with the obvious solution: since Digimon are data, it should be possible to copy the data required for Takuya and Kouji's highest evolutions. It was a difficult process, but thanks to it, Takuya and Koji can now use their Transcendent Forms without taking away the other four's power to Spirit Evolve, making things a lot more balanced. Also, Koichi had managed to achieve his Fusion Form Raihimon during his time in the House of Darkness and Shadow before the others ascended, so it's not out of the question for Izumi, Tomoki and Junpei to do the same. To show their appreciation for the significant power boost, the team often works in tandem with the WH to protect cyberspace.
  • The GUAM is ambivalent towards them; they generally hate any Digidestined for lording over digital lifeforms (as they see it), but these six are a less clear-cut case due to turning into Digimon themselves. The GUAM reasons that if they'd only settle on their Digimon forms, they'd have a place in their ideal world ruled by machines; some Alliance members even think that if a similar process could be applied to all humans, they could achieve their machine revolution in a peaceful manner. As things are though, the six have no plans to allow the GUAM to hurt or subjugate humans in any way.
  • They aren't happy about Lucemon having established himself in the Pantheon a while before they came up. However that won't stop them from working hard to ensure Lucemon doesn't have his way and create an oppressive world where everyone bows to him with no question. Though, the Fallen Angel has endeared himself to YHVH and thus has the GUAL supporting him, so things are shaping up to be even tougher for the team than in their universe. Still, they have plenty of their own allies to help them against Lucemon's.
    • Those allies do not include the GUAC; although Lucifer is quite happy that the six are as opposed as they are to the GUAL's tenets, they themselves do not trust him as far as they can throw him, seeing him as just another Lucemon who wants to shape the world into his ideal image of it regardless of everyone's opinion. It just so happens Lucifer's philosophy is the polar opposite of Lucemon's, but the six find it no less revolting.
    • The Daedric Prince Meridia also brings the six bad memories of Lucemon; she has much of the same MO as the Fallen Angel, as even though she's not entirely opposed to free will, she has an army consisting of brainwashed people and she thinks all should worship her, considering those who do not do so to be evil people.
  • Getting constantly beat up by two Royal Knights that sided with Lucemon made them initally skittish around the ascended Royal Knight members. Fortunately Omegamon and Dukemon gradually proved to them that their Knight in Shining Armor looks weren't for show as they often worked together for WH-related missions. In addition, Norn vouched for the Royal Knights. Norn's identity as the highest authority in the Digital World surprised them as they'd never heard of anyone with more authority than the Three Angels. Unlike the '99 or '02 Digidestined, the six have had no encounters with Yggdrasill, and she also helped them ascend, so they are more willing to believe in her. Norn herself thought their turning into Digimon was odd, but they have their own bonds with the Spirits and truly care about the Digital World, which is enough for her.
  • It's often noted that the six have a very similar look and feel to the various Super Sentai and Power Rangers teams. It's a sensible comparison, what with the transformations into super-powered forms, color coding and team make-up. For their part, the Super Sentai and Power Rangers are happy to welcome them as honorary members. The Digidestined might be a bit on the younger side compared to the usual Sentai, but their power is a valuable asset all the same. They themselves, especially Takuya and Tomoki, are quite giddy at being respected by the awesome heroes they often saw on TV.
  • The gang's main transport in the Digital World was the Trailmons, a Digimon species with many variations that are all sentient trains of some sort. Lacking a Trailmon, they followed the rails to their next destination. Thus they have a sentimental predilection for traveling in the Pantheon by train, and they've become friends with Thomas the Tank Engine for being frequent patrons of his. They also have a close bond with the ToQger compared to the rest of the Sentai, considering they practically lived in a moving train throughout their adventure. The six have taken their share of trips in their train, as well as Ryotaro Nogami's.
  • Takuya is your typical Digimon gogglehead; brave, just, optimistic and prone to strong emotion. The way he takes the initiative made him the natural leader of the group, though he eventually learned to also use caution when making decisions. He has a little brother Shinya, who he used to be aloof from, but his interactions with Tomoki eventually awoke his Big Brother Instinct.
    • In his capacity as Tomoki's big brother figure, Takuya would often dispense advice and set examples that helped the younger boy overcome his insecurities. This won him the approval of Yu Narukami, who likewise made a good big brother figure to his little cousin Nanako. Besides that, both Yu and Takuya are the leaders of their respective teams, which both coincidentally consist of teenagers who have trouble fitting in with their peers for various reasons. Yosuke has expressed awe at how awesome Susanoomon seems to be compared to his Persona.
    • At some point, Takuya was somewhat coercively brought before Flame Princess (the only reason the others didn't jump to his rescue was because Kouichi calmed them down by saying Flame Princess was probably okay). Being the Fire Elemental, she was naturally interested in the Warrior of Fire. She couldn't believe a kid like Takuya deserved such a title, but as time went on and she saw him in action, plus seeing that he had a similar personality to Finn, she ended up warming up to him, and decided (on her own) that the Warrior of Fire was her knight. Takuya isn't really thrilled about this, but he also knows that Flame Princess isn't necessarily a bad person, so he goes along with it.
      • Another benevolent fire deity called Alexstrasza observed these events and was amused at Takuya's interactions with Flame Princess. She hopes his closeness to her will steer her away from Ragnaros. Takuya agrees with Alexstrasza that Ragnaros is bad news, and doesn't buy his talk that fire is meant to destroy everything. Besides that, the dragon thinks Takuya is generally admirable for how he handles the Spirits of Fire.
    • Wants to become a pro football player. Tai and Daisuke think it's ironic to see a successor of theirs seriously take up the sport they were into when they were younger but which they eventually dropped to take different career paths. They're curious to see just how far Takuya can go. At any rate, of all the soccer-related deities it was Nao Midorikawa who caught Takuya's attention the most, especially her March Shoot attack as a Cure. It's given him ideas to create a similar technique as a Digimon, which he has yet to succeed yet. His enthusiasm is endearing to Nao, who treats him like a little brother.
  • Koji is the brooding lone wolf (literally) whose stoicism opposes Takuya's exuberance. He refused to join the group at first and tried to do things alone. But for all that he projects that loner bad boy façade, he's really just bad at expressing his emotions; for a long time he lived with his single father, believing his mother was dead, causing him a lot of angst. He was also having trouble accepting his new stepmother (not the wicked kind), but eventually managed to do so in his adventure. He found further peace of mind upon meeting his twin brother Koichi for the first time and learning his biological mother was still alive.
    • Koji uses laser swords as Wolfmon. That and his connection to light got him the attention of Luke Skywalker, who mistook him for a Jedi. Despite that misunderstanding (Koji also made it clear that Koichi was not affiliated with the Dark Side), Koji and Luke saw they had quite a bit in common beyond weapon choice; both fought previously unknown family members who were serving an evil power, but fortunately made a face-turn, and they also discovered their long-lost twin sibling in the meanwhile. Of course for Koji, the formerly evil family member and the long-lost twin are one and the same, which Luke imagines must have made things even harder.
  • Izumi was raised in Italy and spent much of her childhood there, so when she came back to Japan, the switch to a different culture made her feel dislocated, which wasn't helped by how her classmates saw her as different from them and set her apart from everyone else. Not wanting to compromise herself to please others, Izumi grew rather individualistic. She was one of the most enthusiastic about coming to the Digital World, and in Takuya and co. she found friends who accepted her.
    • She's unfortunately saddled with the reputation of being, combat-wise, the worst of the team. Not only did she need Wolfmon to save her in her very first fight after acquiring Fairymon, she also went through a long stretch without being able to evolve at all due to losing the Spirit to the enemies, and even after acquiring the stronger Shutumon, she never really defeated anyone on her own besides Ranamon/Calamaramon. And of course the whole "Takuya and Koji taking everyone else's Spirits" that's already been talked about at length. She doesn't like the thought of being dead weight and she certainly doesn't appreciate it when deities accuse her of being useless in the team, feelings that Keyblade wielder Kairi understands, having had to rely on Sora and Riku a lot even as a fledgling warrior. For that reason, Kairi has invited Izumi to train with her and find the best way of using the Spirits of Wind; who knows, she might even discover how to turn into JetSilphymon.
    • One day she was flying around as Shutumon and spotted a gondolier, a very Italian sight which Izumi felt incredibly happy to see, and she swooped down to talk to her. The gondolier was Alice, the youngest of the three Undines in the Pantheon, and though surprised at the sight of Shutumon, she answered her questions. Izumi also shortly met Akari and Aika and was fascinated at the mature girls rowing gondolas and the city of Neo-Venezia they come from, which they told her could be visited any time from the Pantheon. Eventually Izumi gathered the team and they went on a trip there, which they all enjoyed. Izumi remains in touch with the Undines, with Alice being the one she's especially close to, as Alice also struggled with being treated differently by her peers and having no friends, though in her case it was due to being a young prodigy instead of having a different background.
  • Tomoki used to be a bit of a coddled crybaby, having no friends and being bullied a lot. He also had a strained relationship with his older brother, who tried to get him to grow up. He never really wanted to come into the Digital World and just wanted to go home, which Takuya promised he would help him with. Tomoki became attached to Takuya as a result and regarded him as an older brother. Through his guidance he became brave enough to face danger and he came out of the adventure more mature and confident in himself.
    • He knows now how to stand up to bullies and rise above them, knowledge that he applies when at the Elysium Academy. For the more physically imposing bullies that Tomoki would have a hard time dealing with without going Digimon (he thinks it would give him an unfair advantage and make him no better than the bullies), he has Jimmy Hopkins on his side; the older boy has a lot of respect for Tomoki's guts and is willing to give him a few pointers on anti-bully measures. Tomoki sees Jimmy as a champion of justice, but given his propensity to get into fights, the rest of the Digidestined worry about the kind of influence he might have on Tomoki.
    • Found a few good friends who share his icey affinity. The Guardian Jack Frost will often egg him on to join him in a snowball fight and show off what Chakmon can do. The demon Jack Frost is cute and funny to Tomoki, and he likes to imitate his "hee-ho" Verbal Tic. Elsa takes Tomoki's position as the Spirit of Ice a bit more seriously, being that she is now a Spirit of Ice of sorts too; given he's around the age she was when everything went wrong for her, she just hopes he keeps being responsible. Tomoki for his part has been noticed blushing a lot whenever Elsa's around, and getting inventive with his powers to make gifts for her. He also likes playing with Olaf and Elsa's Glaceon, enjoying pretending to be a snowman (as Chakmon) to prank them.
  • Junpei enjoyed some popularity among his peers before his adventure. However it was a shallow sort of popularity that he achieved by showing off magic tricks and giving out free candy (he always seems to have his pockets full of chocolate bars), out of desperation because he hates being alone. Nobody actually cared to get to know him and become his friend. As such he started out fairly cynical and selfish, and was the most skeptical about the Legendary Warriors stuff. But as the adventure went on he wound up getting true friends in Takuya and co..
    • HerakleKabuterimon naturally felt the need to pay respects to the one who's inherited the power of AncientBeatmon, Warrior of Lightning and ancestor to all insect Digimon. Junpei felt a bit flustered at all the reverence the enormous Thunder Beetle was showing him, and its bug-loving partner Sig wasn't helping either, being incredibly fascinated with the idea of an ancestor to all bugs. Then Agitha stepped him and shooed them away to Junpei's relief, only for Agitha to state that the two were being a bother to her future husband. Izumi gave the scene a thumbs-up while Takuya and the rest stiffled their laughter. Junpei's Big "NO!" could be heard outside the House.
    • As far as deities who share his element go, Junpei finds himself in awe of Gunvolt for his sheer coolness and determination to protect Joule. He dreams of one day being like GV and protecting Izumi like he does Joule. GV respects Junpei for his deeds in the Digital World, reconning his team would be an asset against Teseo, and has suggested that Junpei could train with his friends Cole MacGrath and Blanka. Junpei finds all the things Cole can do with electricity amazing and wants to learn to do that. Blanka took some getting used to, though Junpei eventually saw himself in him after hearing how he gradually made more friends.
  • Koichi wasn't with the team when they started out. He'd been surreptitiously following Koji at the time, partly curious and partly resentful of his younger twin brother he had only just learned about but too afraid to approach him. Cherubimon intercepted and brainwashed him into being his servant. After the team defeated the Warrior of Darkness's corrupted forms, Koichi came to terms with his feelings for Koji and awakened the true, pure forms of Darkness.
    • Before moving in with the team, he lived in the House of Darkness and Shadow, which he hasn't forgotten as he'll still give tours of the House to show people darkness is not inherently evil. He also has a good friend in Midna, despite the fact that by all appearances she treats him more like a servant and a replacement for Link who only has eyes for Zelda these days, which Koichi laughs off as he knows she really does care for him as a good darkness deity and regards him as an honorary Twilight Realm dweller. He also gets along well with Judai Yuki, who carries the Gentle Darkness within him, opposing the Light of Destruction.