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Greater Gods

Gogmazios, God of Tar (Giant Halberd Dragon, Gog, George, Gogsadios)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild icon
  • Theme Music: Battle/Gogmazios (phase 1), (phase 2)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Lightning Bruiser, VERY unusual dragons, unknowable origin, tar that can explode
  • Domains: Dragons, Tar, Fire
  • Size: 4920.5 cm
  • Followers: Tar Elementals
  • Allies: None presumably
  • Rivals: Godzilla, Kyurem
  • Enemies: The Monster Hunters, The Chosen Undead, Ornstein and Smough, Captain Planet
  • Opposed by: Most of the House of Weapons, particularly the houses of Explosives and Ranged Weapons
  • Looked at with interest by: Grima, Acnologia
  • This is one of the rare instances in which a Sticky Situation can apply to both predator and prey. On one hand, this thing is constantly dripping something that resembles tar (explosive tar, no less). On the other hand, it can use its tar to render hunters immobile before attacking.
  • The origins of this dragon are completely unknown. Not even Io, who has been stated to have birthed all dragons, can provide a clear answer regarding specifically where Gogmazios came from.
    • Partially the reason behind this is that it hibernates for a couple of years to decades after consuming enough nutrients.
      • There have been rumors that it may have originated from a swamp. Thus far, no one knows what its relation is with Swampert, if any.
  • This creature has the first Dragonator lodged onto its back. Those that are able to dislodge it are able to use it once and only once.
  • It is known to eat gunpowder in large quantities. More specifically, gunpowder that contains sulfur and is able to consume it by decomposing said substance within its body. By doing so, it is likely to give its opponents burns through emitting the heat from its body. The House of Weapons, mainly those that utilize long range weapons has been making sure the creature doesn't get a snack of gunpowder that may be there.
  • The Chosen Undead doesn't really like the creature, as its appearance reminds him/her of fighting against Black Dragon Kalameet.
  • It has given off the impression of being a Dracolich. Grima has been looking at it and seeing if it can play a role in his plans.
    • Kyurem, on the other hand, has been getting into fights against it. A lot of damage is involved during said conflicts.
  • As one would expect regarding Acnologia, he has been expressing interest in seeing this dragon's true power, regardless of its origins. A battle between the two is expected to happen at some point.
  • Normally, it can't fly. However, it is able to by evaporating the heat from its wings, basically forcing itself to fly once enraged.
  • It has an incredibly long lifespan, though it didn't evolve as much compared to other species from its universe.
  • For some reason, its chin markings resemble a sad face.

Intermediate Gods

Brachydios, God of Powerful Elements (Crushing Wyvern, Brachy, Bracchi, Bura, Dios; Raging Brachydios: Critical Brachydios, Critical Brachy, Nuclear Brachy)
Raging Brachydios 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The hunter's guild's icon for both versions
  • Theme Song: Brave Icon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Theropods with Developed Forelimbs, Exploding Slime, Agile Destructive Creatures, Very Good Jumper, Resists Explosions for Defensive Reasons
  • Domains: Slime, Explosions, Combat, Monsters
  • Size: 1339.18cm-1902.213cm
  • Rivals: the Ghostbusters
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The Monster Hunters, the Houses of Water & Moisture, Ice & Cold and other deities that can use water and ice attacks
  • The world of Monster Hunter has various monsters that are classified by elements. They include water, fire, thunder, ice, and dragon. Slime is another element and compared to the others, it is very powerful as it does well against other elements and can explode. Brachydios is a monster that is capable of using such element. Obviously, it's one of the more powerful monsters that's out there.
  • It was briefly in the Pantheon at one point Having a Blast (pun intended). However, it disappeared not long after, with its title taken by Solf J. Kimblee. It later resurfaced in the Pantheon, this time, with the title of Infinity +1 Element as the Court of the Gods noticed how powerful the slime element is in its home universe.
    • Ironically enough, the Slime element was later changed to the Blast element.
  • The Brachydios is allowed to roam free throughout the House due to the fact that attempts to physically quarantine the beast end with smoldering debris of the containment walls, ruined environments, and the fact that casual layabout of its slime puddles turns any territory of the beast into a minefield. To prevent outright destruction, restraining teams are called in to engage and subdue the beast on a regular basis.
    • Members of the Houses of Combat! and Weapons regularly volunteer themselves for these restraining teams to test their abilities against one of the more formidable species in the House of Beasts. Only the most powerful return on their own feet, and even then they tend to be covered in scorch marks from slime charges.
    • In the times they volunteer for the restraining team, the House of Friendship tackle the Brachydios en masse, and are markedly more successful due to heightened coordination between members.
      • Any members of selected restraining teams that are capable of using water and ice attacks seem to have an easier time dealing with this monster.
  • The secretions of the Brachydios are being tested for military applications due to its unique explosive properties. Restraining teams are ordered to bring in any samples they manage to salvage from it when it is subdued.
  • There was an incident where Makoto Nanaya unleashed the Planet Crusher on the Brachydios, causing the fragments of the shattered moon to explode from slime dispersion. She is allowed to continue facing the beast, but was lectured on the consequences of using that particular move on that particular monster at great length.
  • Compared to the other Brute Wyverns, this one doesn't use it's head for attacking. Instead, it relies on its fists. The House of Knowledge is still trying to figure out why that is the case.
  • A variant known as the Raging Brachydios has been seen roaming the Pantheon. The fact that this version's slime explodes faster (and is more volatile as such) has made restraining this monster more difficult than doing the same things against the regular kinds.
  • Given that the Ghostbusters have dealt with slime before, they are among those who are called in to deal with the monster. They have mentioned that taking on this creature is more of a challenge compared to taking on ghosts.
  • The wyverns have been aggressive to the point of invading the temples of other large monsters to try and claim the territory as their own. The attempts haven't been successful for the time being, due to restraining teams having to drive Brachydios out.
  • Also has a spot in Abilities.

    Cael Cyndar 
Cael Cyndar, The God that Generates Unobtainium (Dragon, Lizard, Beast, The Baddest Mother of Them All, Swift Wing, Cow Slayer, Long Claw, Wizard's Bane, Dragonlord)
Cael as he appears in cutscenes.
Cael in gameplay. 

    Delsin Rowe 
Delsin Rowe, Celestial Conduit Of Bizarro Elements (The Terrorist, Banner Man, Del, D, Smoketastic Man, The Smoker, Smoke Guy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbols: His Red Beanie Hat And Chain
  • Theme Song: Second Son
  • Karma Meter: Between True Hero Or Infamous
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Conduits, Native Americans, Delinquents
  • Heralds: Abigail 'Fetch' Walker and Eugene 'He Who Dwells' Sims
  • Powers: Can Absorb The Powers Of Other Conduits, With Smoke Being The Primary Power
  • Allies: Cole MacGrath, Tomas 'Smoke' Vbrada, Alison 'Dazzler' Blaire, Kat (DmC), Nightwolfl, Vulcan Raven (kinda), Ruby Rose, Eikichi Onizuka, Rogue, Jubilee, Gunvolt
  • Friendly Rival: Beat
  • Enemies: Kessler, Cinder Fall, Cinder (Killer Instinct), Gabriel 'Reaper' Reyes, Big Brother
  • Scouted By: Havik and Hotaru
  • Odd Friendship: with Chris Redfield
  • Commonality Connection: often confused with Joel, Booker DeWitt, Ryu Hayabusa, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Erron Black, Shinnok, Jake Muller, James Sunderland
  • Someone has been leaving graffiti tags and making crank phone calls to the Grand United Alliance of Evil's emergency line. Case in point:
    GUAE Operator: GUAE Emergency Line. The hell you want?
    ??? (in an old man's voice) Uh, a damn god is on the loose, his painting skills are top notch...umm I mean defiling your billboards!
    GUAE Operator: Yeah, yeah. Shut up, ya old fart. We're sendin' out the hit squad.
  • Not to say that the Grand United Alliance of Good's emergency line is exempt from the mystery God's antics:
    GUAG Operator: You have reached the GUAG Emergency Center. How can I direct your call?
    ???: (with a faux-French accent) Oh dear! A strikingly handsome god has covered this billboard in amazing avant-garde designs! Please assist! 
    GUAG Operator: Emergency Response Team has been deployed. Please standby.
  • Orders are given to find the newcomer. Ironically enough, Kat discovered the perpetrator by accident; an Akomish delinquent who was working on his latest tag. As a tagger herself, she warmed up to him, as she liked his style. Then, Kurtis Stryker showed up, and attempted to place said delinquent under arrest. Imagine his shock to see that the man transformed into a plume of smoke and escaped through a ventilation shaft. Delsin Rowe has come to the Pantheon.
  • Delsin was just your average delinquent hailing from the Akomish tribe, located in a quaint coastal town in Washington state, spending his time tagging billboards and being a general pain-in-the ass for his brother, Reggie Rowe, who served as the town sheriff. After an encounter with an escaped Conduit, Delsin discovered that he was a Conduit himself.
  • It had been Cole MacGrath that finally caught up with Delsin as he touched up a mural dedicated to his late brother, Reggie...and scaring the crap out of Delsin. Suffice to say, both Delsin and Cole are diametric opposites when it comes to how they view their respectice Conduit powers; Cole sees them as a burden while Delsin is clearly enjoying himself. Either way, the two became friends, bonding over being Conduits and losing loved ones in the process.
  • There is a bit of conflicing information as to how Delsin's ascension was cleared, regarding his actions in Seattle. On one side, Delsin freed Seattle, captured the DUP Boss Brooke Augustine, and used her powers to save his people. On the other end, Delsin and his two friends seize control of Seattle, killed Augustine, and when he was disowned from the Akomish, destroyed the longhouse and killed all inside with an Orbital Drop.
    • Due to these conflicting stories, Havik and Hotaru are actively scouting Delsin to join their respective sides. Hotaru believes with the right amount of old-fashioned Seidan discipline, Delsin could be a formidable warrior of Order, while Havik wants to make Delsin a disciple of Chaos.
  • While put off by Nightwolf's revenant appearance, Delsin has come to see the Lakota shaman as one who provides good counsel when he doesn't go to Betty.
  • While his views on law enforcement are on the fence due to DUP boss Brooke Augustine killing his brother, he does have a level of respect for Chris Redfield, mainly in part that he helped raised and trained his sister how to defend herself. Surviving zombie outbreaks also earned her some serious brownie points with Claire as well.
  • The Ascended Kombatants thought that there was another god posessed by a malevolent smoke demon, as in the case of Tomas Vbrada. Delsin cleared everything up by saying that he is a Conduit with the ability to absorb the powers of other Conduits.
  • Found himself on Reaper's shitlist when the former Overwatch operative saw Delsin's smoke powers and claimed that Delsin ripped them off from him. Good thing Delsin had that Healing Factor handy, plus plenty of smoke from destroyed cars to recharge his batteries as he survived Reaper's assault.
  • While a bit put off that he is an assassin, Delsin is on friendly terms with Gunvolt, as unlike most hitmen, Gunvolt shows kindness and compassion, of which surprises Delsin.
  • "You are not in control."

Gill, God of Color Specific Elements (The Emperor of the Illuminati, The Savior of Humanity)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The All-Seeing Eye of The Illuminati.
  • Theme Song: "Nile", "The Judgment Day" or "Psych Out"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Respects his Opponents and Recognizes Their Abilities, Made Emperor of the Illuminati Simply Because of His Power and Destiny, The Dark Messiah Who Declares Himself as a God, Combines Ice Powers with Fire Powers, Well Intentioned Extremists, Hard to Defeat and Cheap Bosses, Stripperific Combat Loinclothing, "RESURRECTION!", The Seraphic Wing, Anti Villains, The Big Bad of Street Fighter III
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, World Saving, Balance, Combat
  • Superior: Bill Cipher
  • Associates of The Illuminati: Kolin, Vandal Savage
  • Allies: Kars, Esidisi, Santana, Wamuu, Algol
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Manipulating: Charlie Nash, Juri Han, Rashid
  • Closely Watching: High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman
  • Genetically Modified to become the Emperor of The Illuminati and The Savior of Humanity, Gill has been given the power to use both flames and Ice through he red and blue sides.
  • He is currently trying to conduct a tournament that would allow him to be able to weed out the weak and lead the Worthy to be able to live in paradise.
  • It has been prophesied by many that he would become the Messiah when the World Ends and lead them to The Promised Land, as such he is attempting to enter the various Parts of The Pantheon and get them ready for such an event.
  • He once had troubles with Dudley in the past due to that his organization owned Dudley's Father's Car, though they are still enemies Gill has given it back to him due to his combat skill and that Gill really didn't need it.
    • Now that Alex ascended... he's currently trying to convice him to join the Illuminati. Alex rejects, and since then, they're sworn enemies. The fact that he injured Alex's mentor Tom doesn't help at all.
  • Gill has also been able to fight on par with Akuma though he is not immune to the Shun Goku Satsu, he can resurrect himself as he did after his fight with Akuma.
    • His Resurrection Super Art is one of the Sixty-Six Secret Arts of the Illuminati.
  • He also has the power of Seraphic Wing which is able to show is Messianic power of creating a powerful multicolored field of energy that can defeat those that are not ready instantly.
  • He prefers balance and has a dislike for both forces of Order and Chaos though if they prove worthy then he will also bring them to The Promised Land.
  • Earned the scorn of Chun Li after one of the adopted children she took care of was kidnapped by Gill's oganization in order to do genetic experiments on her; though it was his brother Urien that did that deed, it was approved by Gill.
    • Speaking of Urien, he has mixed feelings towards his brother. These are surfacing now that the former joined the Pantheon.
  • He's also the anti-thesis of Orochi. Wiz and Boomstick are currently arranging a potential Death Battle between the two.
  • Is getting help by Kars and The Pillar Men to try and pick out the Worthy in other parts of the Pantheon.
  • Despite ostensibly appearing on the same side, The Illuminati and Shadaloo have secretly opposed each other for a long time, since Gill has far more altruistic intentions for his world-ruling agenda than M. Bison does. At the advent of Bison's final plan to become invincible using the power of seven artificial Black Moons, he had his secretary Kolin work under Urien using the fake name "Helen" to assemble an anti-Shadaloo team including recruiting Juri and resurrecting Nash. Kolin's team, along with one assembled by Karin Kanzuki, were ultimately successful in taking down the Dictator and clearing Gill's path to rule. Gill is watching Karin as a potential rival for future global leadership in the wake of Shadaloo's downfall.
  • Was very pleased to hear that Kolin ascended into the Pantheon and is hoping that she brings in more potential allies for the Illuminati. This has seen dividends in some ways better than others: while Gill is very much appreciative of the alliance she's forged with Regime Superman, with he and Savage both looking forward to seeing if she can bring the Kyrptonian into the Illuminati fold, he is also nearly as annoyed as the Phantasm of Snow and Ice herself is at Kano's obsessive lust towards her.
  • When a full-scale Illuminati group made its ascension to the Pantheon, an investigation into which active deities were involved in this matter naturally sent questions the way of Cipher's alliance. Gill and Savage both tried to take advantage, claiming to be high-ranking leaders in this group in order to get seats in the Main House. These were the only statements the lie detectors caught as lies. They each shrugged, saying it was worth a shot.
  • Often likes to claim when entering battle:
    "The mark of my divinity shall scar thy DNA."

    The Nothing Card 
The Nothing Card, Avatar of the Fifth Element and Crafter of Destructive Spheres (The Hope, The Sealed Card)
  • Intermediate Goddess; but wields the power of a Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A red winged heart with a black shadow.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Element Number Five, Power of the Void, Yin-Yang Bomb, Empathic Weapon, Knight Templar, Sealed In A Can, Mercury's Wings (on her head), Nothing Is Scarier, Scenery Gorn, Perpetual Frowner, Sphere of Destruction, Dark Magical Girl, Lonely at the Top, The Unfettered
  • Domains: Negativity, Void, Magic
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto, Zeratul, Nanoha Takamachi
  • Enemies: Yin Yang Bombers, Dune, Tabuu
  • Creates spheres of destruction via Beam Spam.
  • Spent much of her existence imprisoned in card form beneath Clow Reed's mansion, acting as a negative counterbalance for the positive magic of the Clow Cards. She was freed and went on an unfettered mission to reunite with her friends, destroying Sakura Kinomoto's hometown in the process until Sakura and the transformed Sakura Cards into performing a Heel–Face Turn. She then fused with a nameless card made by Sakura and became the Hope Card.
  • Intended by the Main House to be a negative counterpart to the positive energy of nature and magic itself. Terrified of being imprisoned in a lonely dark place again, Sakura came to the aid of the Nothing and with help of Phoenix Wright, convinced the Main House to give the Nothing a less traumatic position.
  • Gets on quite well with Zeratul due to their similar powers, and he helps convince her that she is not evil nor are her powers.
  • Hates Tabuu, realising he is pretty much a male version of her, and vows to stop him from dragging the universe into the Subspace World.
  • Destroys only what needs to be destroyed, erasing them from existence within her black orbs. Has tried to destroy SCP-682 on more than one occasion but her powers have no effect on it for some reason. Further attempts have been performed on some of the destructive reality crushing members of the Pantheon, but they've defied the Nothing's powers in various ways. The Joker avoided erasure by throwing a custard pie in her face.
  • Can also be found in Ruin & Destruction.

Lesser Gods

    Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy 
Miyuki Hoshizora, Goddess of Heart Blast (Cure Happy, Ultra Cure Happy, Emily, Glitter Lucky)

    Noriko Ashida/Surge 
Noriko Ashida, Goddess of Elemental Absorption (Surge, Nori)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Gauntlets, crackling with electricity
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Disowned By Her Father For Being A Mutant, Bare Your Midriff, Big Sister Instinct, The Big Girl On Her Squad, Hot-Blooded, Ms. Fanservice, Shock and Awe Combined With Super Speed, You Gotta Have (Dyed) Blue Hair
  • Domains: Mutants, Electricity
  • Allies: James Howlett/Wolverine, Ororo Munroe/Storm, Anna Marie/Rogue, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Hope Summers, Jubilation Lee/Jubilee, Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke
  • Friendly Rivals: Thor, Cole MacGrath, Barry Allen/The Flash, Raiden, Killua Zoldyck
  • Enemies:
  • Headbutting Heroes: with Charles Xavier/Professor X, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Emma Frost/The White Queen, Erik Lensherr/Magneto
  • Noriko Ashida had been at her part-time job in the mortal realm when word reached her of her ascension to the Pantheon, the first of Dani Moonstar's New Mutants Squad to ascend. When Cyclops called her and told her that she was going to be late, Surge unleashed her powers and arrived at the Pantheon, albeit just barely late. Of course, as she charged through the Pantheon on her way to meet Cyclops and Emma Frost, for the ascended Kombatants, she would be mistaken for Kabal due to her insane speed.
  • For the record, her blue hair has nothing to do with her powers. She dyes it. Ironically enough, the dye is named 'Electric Blue.'
  • As her codename is Surge, Nori's mutant powers stem from her constantly absorbing electricity at all times, be it from static in the air, electrical appliances, outlets, and so on. Seeing as how she can't control it, she has to wear specialized gauntlets designed to regulate her energy absorption. It also allows her to discharge the energy via lightning blasts or granting her superhuman speed. However, should she takes in too much electricity, then it causes her brain to overload, which can be identified by Nori speaking too fast, scatters her thinking, and her control over her lighting blasts worsens. And despite her ascension, she still needs the gauntlets to control her powers. Only difference is that she now has on a pair of smaller gauntlets.
  • The Flash has heard of a new deified speedster having just arrived in the Pantheon. He thought it was Quicksilver. But he was surprised to see that it was a Japanese schoolgirl with dyed blue hair and wearing oversized gauntlets. While Barry knows that he is faster than Noriko, he sees the potential in her when it comes to speed.
  • Became the de facto student to Cole MacGrath in learning how to control her powers...and free-running. Much to Cole's surprise, Noriko became a fast study, not only in honing her electric powers, but also in parkour. Noriko found a second love in parkour, and can be seen roof-hopping and line-grinding across the Pantheon with Cole. While Cole tends to absorb the lightning from anything electric such as cars and powerlines, he has to admit that in spite of everything, Noriko's got a pretty sweet deal.
  • Dislikes Heihachi Mishima, as he reminds Surge of her own father, who had disowned her shortly after finding out that his daughter was a mutant. Speaking of Noriko's father, when he discovered that his wayward daughter had been deified, he attempted to reach her, as with a daughter as a god, then the prestige of the family would increase. Noriko, however, threw her father's words back in his face when he made contact with her: "My father did not wish to be a part of my life. He has brought nothing but shame and hurt to my mother and brother. And he would never contact me."
  • Speaking of fathers, Bryan Mills has become something of a parental figure to Surge, as she reminds Bryan of Kim, in a way.

    Will Vandom 
Wilhelmina Vandom, Goddess of Pure Energy (Will, Wilma, Keeper of the Heart, Guardian of the Veil, Guardian of Quintessence, Pink Perky Poopy Pumpkin)
Click here  for her in Guardian form
Click here  for her Zenith form
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate in her Zenith form)
  • Symbol: The Heart of Kandrakar or the Quintessence symbol
  • Theme Music: Keeper of the Heart
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Friend to All Living Things, wielder of the fifth element, nice girl, being a tactical genius at times, Beware the Nice Ones, older and sexier alter ego, opposer of bullies, being in command, disaster magnet, overly-emotional redhead, can converse with normally non-sentient machines, Pure Energy, teleportation, being the heart, dizziness upon proximity to dark magic
  • Domain: Emotion, Love, Technology, Quintessence
  • Allies: Ma-Ti, Heart Aino, Captain Planet, Jimmy Hopkins, Billy Batson/Shazam, the gods her teammates follow (John Egbert, Percy Jackson, Recca Hanabishi, Toph Bei Fong), Greninja
  • Enemies: Phobos, Most large scale villains in the pantheon
  • High Priest: Oracle Himerish of Kandrakar
  • Heralds: Irma Lair, Taranee Cook, Cornelia Hale, Hay Lin
  • Formerly High Priest to Ma-Ti, Will ascended when in her mortal life she became one with the element of Quintessence, also known as Aether. Upon careful consideration, it was decided she be given the position of Pure Energy, as her element is exactly that.
  • As Quintessence is Absolute Energy and she holds the source of magical energy, in addition to standard magical bolts, she can make magical barriers, teleport, turn invisible, sense magical phenomena, create mindless physical copies of her allies, can communicate with inanimate electrical objects, and possesses animal empathy.
  • Due to her representing Kandrakar, the center of her respective universe, Will has a strong opposition to any kind of larger threat towards reality at large.
    • Surprisingly, she has no ill will towards Beerus, due to his job of keeping balance in his own universe. However, that doesn't mean she likes him either.
  • When asked to explain what makes Quintessence different from other similar-looking powers, she proudly notes that her element is really just will-power.
  • That's not to say she can't also be The Heart, as she was such for her team for a long time, even when she was considered powerless, and as such is extremely eager to make friends with all her fellow do-gooders.
  • Does not like bullies, so gets along well with Jimmy Hopkins, despite (or perhaps, because of) his anti-heroic stance on the matter.
  • A few gods find it amusing that Will's friends are followers of gods in this house who are higher ranking than she is. Will does not.
    • As such, Will has been frequently known to put in requests for her fellow guardians to be ascended into full godhood as well and join the Magical Girl Sisterhood, as they are part of how she got to where she is now, and she hates the fact that they've been seemingly left by the wayside. Unfortunately, no real headway has been made as of yet, but Sailor Moon herself is equally interested.
  • Even when she transforms into an older body, she is still just a little insecure of her chest size and is rather jealous of Power Girl and others like her.
  • Many gods admire her for the level of tactical skill it took to pull off tricking Phobos into helping her and then anticipating his own betrayal and planning around it. Though Phobos being himself betrayed prevented the final result of this gambit from being seen, it is all but ensured that it would have paid off otherwise.
    • In fact, some gods have suggested that it might be worth recruiting her into the GUAG as a tactician. However, Will apparently has enough burdens as it is and preemptively turned down the offer.
  • Will heard there were other Guardians in the Pantheon, so she sought them out. However, while they weren't quite what she imagined (more guns and definitely more alien), she was incredibly impressed with their abilities and that they were definitely the good guys. Even though they may not need them, she's offered her powers to support them in their endeavors if ever they do.
  • As a fan of Pokemon, she was ecstatic to finally meet Ash and Pikachu, but especially Greninja as she has a passion for frogs to the point of collecting anything that's frog related. Greninja was unsure how to take this excitement, but is flattered nonetheless.
  • Would like you to know that she and her friends are not witches, that is just their initials.
  • Rumors have gone around that there is an object called the Star of Threbe that can completely negate the powers of Will and her fellow guardians in certain circumstances. Due to the risk that this effect could extend to other gods, Will has ensured that she never give away any hint whatsoever as to where the star ended up after its last use.


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