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The Power Dome

Superpowers are extremely difficult to obtain, they can be only naturally obtained in birth or in training. They vary in potency from being just above average to being dreadfully godlike. With superpowers these people who tend have extraordinary origins. While superpowers are rare especially some types even when it's prominent in their worlds, within the Pantheon itself and it's insurmountable possibilities they are extremely common to the point the Pantheon is essentially built with the pressure of it.

The House of Power and Abilities or more specifically known as the Power Dome is mainly used for those who have superpowers. It's also one of the more important Houses in the Pantheon especially to beings with extraordinary powers which make up a great amount of inhabitants in the Pantheon. The building is durable enough to withstand the strongest of superpowers but it's not infallible and needs to be repaired usually to prevent it's destruction via the sheer scale of the beings residing in here. Those with superpowers get in the area to test out or hone their own powers even more. All in all the House is an area to fit in outcasts with superpowers or those who just want to be in there for improvement. The Power Dome typically gets in most of the notable superpowered beings known to the people with a certain amount of well known beings residing in there.

It has ties and is supported by the House of Fighting and Combat which is actually connected side-to-side due to their similarities and Science with the former incorporating even more certain courses whereas the latter researches unknown powers for the House to build even more training courses to accommodate for them. It does have a rivalry with the House of Magic and Sorcery and Fighting and Combat justifiably but it's not antagonistic and they even host events with each other to prove who's better. The House of Heroism and Villainy tend to use the house for their purposes in strengthening their powerful combatants but they stay a vast distance away to prevent fights from going on that would break the house. The House of Villainy have permission to use the House but only for an area reserved to them to prevent a escalating conflict with Good.

Those who are normal mortals or those without certain protection should remain wary of the House as it can harm or potentially kill them. There are some certain instances and to ensure their safety they will have to stay away from the empowered beings a certain distance away. That hasn't stopped foolish people entering the House which resulted in them being banned to ensure no lawsuits are being held against them. This is a noticeable problem in the House considering the amount of residents there.

There are people who are blacklisted in the house. Those certain types of people who are banned like those who abuse their powers to harm other innocents. Those people are either racists or xenophobes who wanted those with certain abnormalities to perish. Those certain examples are Asimov (for trying to create a world of only Adepts by killing normal people who aren't that), William Stryker (being xenophobic and racist to mutants). That doesn't stop them but the other residents, visitors and The Powerhouse Trio tend to make sure they are kept in check and defend the House from danger. They still persist and plan their attack if the House is rendered defenseless which is noticed by the residents.

The House has three guards who serve as House Guardians called The Powerhouse Trio who ensure that nobody will harm the House and others who are in it. They usually work together and are effective enough to stop threats to the House. All three of them are very cooperative and are dedicated as guards for the sake of the House.

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The Powerhouse Trio

The Guards of the House of Power, they ensure that no deities abuse their power.

Hercules, The Pantheon's Strongest Demigod (Heracles/Herakles, Gatekeeper of Olympus, God of strength, heroes, sports, athletes, health, agriculture, fertility, trade, oracles and divine protector of mankind, Herc, Berserker, True Archer, Alcides, Champion of Rome, Raging Destroyer, The Greatest Hero of Greece, Jerkules, Hunkules, Kevin Sorbo, Wings of Olympus)
Hercules, without Mad Enhancement
Hercules, with Mad Enhancement
Hercules, as True Archer
Click here to see the Disney incarnation
Click here to see the Battlefield of the Gods depiction
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as a Servant, Overdeity after becoming a god)
  • Symbol: The Nemean Lion Skin
  • Theme Music: The Legendary Journeys, Zero to Hero, Go the Distance, the Greek/Roman theme of Smite (shared with other Classical Mythological figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods), He Comes Back Again and Again (when Mad Enhancement is activated)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Insane when his Superpowered Evil Side is activated
  • Portfolio: Super-Strength, Greek Mythology, Boisterous Bruiser, Being Big, Amazon Magnet
  • Domains: Strength, Battle, Myth
  • Allies: Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman, Billy Batson/Shazam (as long as he doesn't turn into his villainous DC Universe self), Thor, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Guan Yu, Zeus, Prometheus, Aphrodite, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Sven, Amadeus Cho, Perseus, Chiron, Artemis, Vulcan, Athena, Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Many members of The Avengers, Cassandra, Greed the Avaricious, Sora, Atalanta, Poseidon, Dwayne Johnson, Jack and Annie
  • Rival: Achilles
  • Friendly Rivalry: Sun Wukong, Sir Lancelot, Arcueid Brunestud
  • Special Relationship: Nemesis, Kratos
  • Enemies: Certain incarnations of Hades, Ares, Gilgamesh, Shiro Tagachi, Darkseid, Thanos, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Envy the Jealous
  • Former Enemy: Hera
  • The result of a union between Zeus and a mortal woman named Alcmene, Hercules in his own right was one of the most badass Greco-Roman deities of all time. With a history filled to the brim by tales of strength, battle, and courage, Hercules has partaken in countless fights and quests and found himself in various incarnations across many different universes.
  • Hercules' official rank has always been a debated issue in the pantheon. Some wanted him to be labeled as a Demigod since that's what he is in literal terms. Others argue that a demigod in the Trope Pantheon has a different meaning compared to the mortal realm. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided to rank Hercules as an Intermediate God.
  • While most of his feats have involved some amount of either heroism of pure badassery, there have been times where the Olympic gods have manipulated his rage. Not the least among them, his father's jealous wife Hera has attempted to have him killed on numerous occasions as well as slowly cursed him with madness throughout his life. When the madness bursts, it tends to have disastrous effects, such as the time he killed his wife Megara along with their children. He still hasn't fully gotten over this.
    • One chance to possibly move on came from the goddess Nemesis, who had once come after his trainer Phil thinking he was the satyr she'd been sent to kill for not giving the harvest goddess Demeter her due offering. Thankfully they were able to clear everything up, after which Herc and Nemesis wound up dating. Again, Hera messed that up for him. Still, Hercules is glad to see Nemesis again after she ascended.
  • Is always assisted with a triumvirate of assistants/prophets consisting of Iolaus, Amadeus Cho and Illyasviel von Einzbern, but now just duo after Illya's ascension. For her part, Illya often takes advantage of her ability to summon Hercules and have him act as her Berserker-on-command when she has a battle to take on, reversing the dynamic. He has the power to nullify her Mad Enhancements in his ascended state within the Pantheon, but he likes and trusts her well enough and she lets him cut loose in battle so he allows her to use him anyway. There's still an effort to keep his madness state in check. He may become even more powerful, but madness is not a fun state to be in outside of battle, and even with all his power that state comes with exploitable threads that adept fighters tend to use against him.
    • Still, there was a time that despite him fighting at a fraction of his would-be strength as Berserker, he was still able to single-handedly save humanity and defeat a Beast thanks to his memories of Illya and a skilled Master named Fujimaru Ritsuka. "Strongest in the world," indeed. Illya was proven right. Then Illya's counterpart in the Prisma timeline went on to use the power of Heracles in the Berserker class card to save a rampaging Beatrice Flowerchild. When Herc heard of this achievement, the Pantheon was treated to his face beaming with pride for a time.
  • Princess Diana was at first wary of his presence due to his actions in the DC Universe, where he was strangely power-hungry and scheming to take over the place, with a rap sheet including raping Queen Hippolyta, enslaving the Amazons, and attempting to manipulate Wonder Woman in order to take her powers on multiple occasions. Though he has had his moments where he resisted the madness even there and contritely accepted punishments for his actions, it took a reset of that universe before he could once again truly be his usual heroic self there. Even within the Pantheon it took her awhile to get used to seeing him as the boisterous yet ultimately well-meaning guy he usually is.
  • At one point, Hercules was somehow transformed into a 12-foot-tall, 4000-pound monstrosity almost reminiscent of the Hulk except without the gamma-colored green skin. During this time, Kratos was running around killing the gods either for each other's vendettas or for his own, and had come across and opened Pandora's Box in the process, which caused Hercules to be infected with the sin of Envy. Hera manipulated this envy and had Hercules direct it at Kratos for daring to surpass him in Olympic fame and favor so that Hercules would stop Kratos. The ensuing fight led to Herc's face being caved in with his own Nemean Cestus and this monstrous form being completely dead. Since returning to normal he has been careful to anger his brother again, putting the Ghost of Sparta on the very short list of people Herc is actually afraid to fight.
    • Despite his resolution, it was Hercules that was actually angry with Kratos due to the envy infection and Hera's manipulation. Far from upset with Hercules, Kratos was angry at the gods who sent Hercules in his path and gave Herc numerous chances to stand down. Aside from this incident, the two half-brothers have always held a mutual respect for each other due to their similar misfortunes in life and tenuous relationship to the Olympic Gods — making his "reasons" for envying and hating Kratos at that time utterly nonsensical. Given that it was Envy which got him caved in by Kratos, when the homunculus of that sin ascended to the Pantheon, Hercules resolved to "return the favor" someday.
  • Hercules once fulfilled a request, supposedly on behalf of Asgard, to impersonate Thor and turn back the advance of the Dark Elves. This ended up getting him married to their queen, and used in both her plot to conquer Midgard and the original king's plot to take back his throne. This would catch the ears of Thor and the Warriors Three, allowing them to intercept the Dark Elves' plot and engineer a fight with Hercules with a wager of halting the queen's advance. While both agreed that Thor had to win, Thor telling Hercules to "make the fight look good" set off the Prince of Power, and they ended up staging an all-out fight, which (along with Hercules' natural charm) impressed the queen so much that she overlooked his deception and withdrew her advancing army.
    • Despite Hercules and Thor harboring no ill will towards each other for this incident, the fight did become infamous due to one particular moment: when Hercules, in Thor's armor, gave the God of Thunder, in Herc's garb, a divine nurple. Upon returning to the Pantheon, this created a bit of a nasty rumor about Herc doing the same to Fate Testarossa, which he has denied vehemently.
    Hercules: I don't do that to girls!
  • If anything, don't call him Jerkules. It also becomes a catalyst for his Superpowered Evil Side. Prepare for a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. A particularly vile sorcerer managed to drive him to a more prolonged version of this by summoning him as a Servant, using all three of his Command Spells to force him to remember the worst moments of his life, and then infecting him with Grail Mud. This destroyed the divinity of that particular incarnation of Hercules and twisted him into a sadistic monster barely resembling his true self. He now goes by Alkeides or True Archer, with the goal of killing Hercules and erasing his legend.
  • He has been seen in the company of The Irate Gamer. The two play video games together, which Hercules tends to win. He doesn't stay for long however, because being in the Irate Gamer's company for an extended period of time saps his powers. Herc suspects that the Irate Gamer is trying to cheat so that he can win their games for once.
  • He has recently made a bit of a friendship with Guan Yu when they fought alongside or against each other in a certain arena. Herc commends Guan Yu's strength, but thinks the latter should loosen up a bit, like him. Much to Herc's surprise, it's Guan Yu's rigid view of war and calling out that his 'fun' attitude sound like insulting the his deceased family, who he'd killed in a fit of Hera-induced madness.
    Guan Yu: Didn't you wish to atone for your heavy sin? Were your labors just another happy adventures, or your form of atonement?
    • Herc wisened up on that and has learned to use a more subdued persona. He's still damn looking forward for heads to bash though. Also, after Hercules proved himself, Guan Yu is okay with him channeling his happy boisterousness again, due to the influence of one of Herc's greatest mortal avatars, Kevin Sorbo. Sorbo is actually the one who made his manner of expressing disappointment infamous, with a signal boost from ProtonJon of course.
  • His portfolio has a Distaff Counterpart, which is managed by Aphrodite. After fighting side-by-side in the Battlefield of the Gods, Herc trusts her enough, and usually lets her slip off and call him 'Heracles' and think of him as a Roman dude instead of Greek.
  • With Ares' ascension to the pantheon, the two often engage in battle. Herc always wins his fights against his brother, though both are left severely bruised after the encounter.
  • Hercules occasionally could be seen within the Forests of Caldavar, standing in for the hero called Hammerstorm. Interested in his style, Herc asked where did he learn from, in which he answered: Sven the Rogue Knight. With much interest, Hercules gets pumped up to challenge Sven and test his mettle. After one mighty and legendary duel, both stood their ground and with much good impression, Hercules offered Sven a new domain he could get used to and neighboring with him: Super-Strength. To honor the great battle between men and because he feels it's right, Sven accepted and ever since, Herc has got himself one nice neighbor.
  • When Illyasviel caught an instance of his uneasy relationship with Diana and asked him about it, he confessed to Illya his villainous acts in Diana's world which had caused her to hate him. Though he expected Illya to at least be angry at him, much to his shock, the girl quickly deduced that Hera's curse on Hercules was responsible for much of what he did there and held none of it against him. Curious as to why the curse would have such a sinister subconscious effect on him in the DC Universe, the two set out to investigate, brushing up in the house of Knowledge as well as testing and observing his powers. So far they managed to figure out that fighting under Mad Enhancement helps him work Hera's madness out of his system. Because Hera is so close to the Themiscyran Amazons and doesn't trust him around them, he and Illya have decided to keep the object of these exploits a secret from both Hera and Wonder Woman until they fully figure out what's going on, lest they risk driving an unnecessary wedge or drawing the ire of both women.
  • Whenever he's met Greed the Avaricious it's been in one of two situations; alongside Illya as Berserker, and alone as his normal self at Greed's bar Stray Dog. This puts him in the unique situation of knowing things about Greed's friendship and conversations with Illya while Greed has no clue he's been standing there all along. He's decided to have a little fun with this, standing around mute as usual while they're talking but listening somewhat attentively and picking up on details so he can pitch in his thoughts later through coded "bro-tips" to Greed at Stray Dog. So far neither one has picked up on this, but Illya does seem to get nicer when she meets with him after her next chat with Greed.
    • He finally gave himself away at a party that Asami Sato was hosting to celebrate Avatar Korra's change of seat. Despite being invited separately by Greed, he and Illya came together and were very chatty with one another. Furthermore, when Greed remarked on this approving of him as her friend in comparison to "that big ugly monster", Herc replied by calling himself the "closest thing to a monster" she knows. This caused several other partygoers to connect the dots about him and Berserker being one and the same, which he and Illya both readily confirmed and somewhat explained. Greed was annoyed that Hercules had tricked him for so long. but then Illya revealed she knew it the whole time, turning the tables on the demigod. Also, both Korra and Touta Konoe promptly declared themselves Berserker's future sparring partners.
  • Prometheus is a good friend of his, not only because Herc released him, but his Disney incarnation also studied in an academy named after the Titan. A classmate of his there, Cassandra, is also a deity. He's also occasionally adventured with the Argonauts, which was how he met and befriended Atalanta. But at least on one occasion, he became wary of the thing called "Ark of the Covenant", since it could bypass his super strength and obliterate him. For the retelling of a time when he stopped evil kings from taking over Greece, Dwayne Johnson served as his avatar. Herc has since become a good friend of The Rock, especially knowing that The People's Champion spent his prime years as a wrestler fighting a man with similar ambitions in Triple H. Should King Brahma vs. The Tribal Chief ever become an official WrestleMania match, Herc promises to cheer Dwayne against his despotic cousin Roman Reigns.
  • Hercules took a walk in the Architecture Sub-House one day and saw a strange house in a tree. Better yet, he noticed two familiar children waving at him before rushing down to give him a hug. This happened to be Jack and Annie of Frog Creek, who he met back when they traveled back to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and rescued from imminent peril. Glad to see that the two kids are safe and sound, Hercules has promised to hang out with them and look after them in the Pantheon.
  • Thinks that this article about him is a cool story, bro!

    Ryu (Street Fighter
Ryu, God of Hurricane Kicks and Co-God of of the Kamehame Hadoken (The Wandering World Warrior, Tireless Wanderer, Ryu Hoshi, Ryu Takegami, Hot Ryu, Eternal Wanderer/Challenger, Evil Ryu/Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryū, Ryu Ranger, Crimson Hawk Ranger, Reticent Preacher, Master of the Fist, The Pursuit of Perfection)
Ryu's classic design
Ryu in Street Fighter 6
Evil Ryu
  • Intermediate God (Greater God by using either the Satsui no Hadou or the Power of Nothingess)
  • Symbol: HADO-KEN! with a stylized outline of the "SF" initials inside
  • Theme Music: Ryu Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as Evil Ryu)
  • Portfolio: Constantly Seeking Challenge, The Desire to be the Best, Walking the Earth, Spirited Competitor, Nice Guy, Original Example of Staple Fighting Skills (Composed by the Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku), Celibacy, Chance of Losing Control to the Satsui no Hadou, His V-Trigger: Denjin Renki
  • Domain: Combat, Travel, Philosophy, Martial Arts
  • Follower: Masaru Takahara
  • Mentor: Gouken
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Akuma, Remy, Demitri Maximoff, Morrigan Aensland, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Asura, Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Jin Kazama, Tien Shinhan
  • Fire-Forged Friends with: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Scott Summers/Cyclops, James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
  • Enemies:
  • The lead character of the Street Fighter franchise, co-mascot of Capcom itself along with Mega Man, and the Fighting Game character. Ryu is a stoic Japanese martial artist who wanders the globe seeking the meaning of being a "true warrior". He can be recognized by his sleeveless white karate gi and a red or white hachimaki depending on the time. He trained alongside his friendly rival Ken Masters under their mutual master Gouken and was a finalist in the first Street Fighter tournament.
    • Originally he was reported to have won the tournament, but it was later revealed that he lost, having been on the receiving end of an absolute beatdown from Sagat. As Sagat went to help Ryu up, Ryu's anger at losing temporarily awakened the Surge of Murderous Intent, and he rose and scarred Sagat with a Metsu Shoryuken. Ryu regained control of himself and the Satsui no Hadou lay dormant until his encounter with his master's nemesis Akuma prior to the second tournament awoke that evil power within him, although it was eventually sealed away by Gouken using the Power of Nothingness.
  • The three fighting skills he is an expert of, two of which he currently rules over, are legendary to many, with so many clones to 'emulate' the style whilst adding their own flair: Hadoken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. People often point out that Ryu stands out somewhat due to himself and others having their own touches to differentiate; others who know him more closely state he sticks to honing his fundamentals 24/7, hence his higher focus on technique than actual style.
    • As for the question of whether he stole Goku's Kamehameha, or if Goku stole his Hadoken, he has publicly stated that neither is the case. Both of them learned the move from masters who were inspired by the same principles behind the Space Battleship Yamato's Wave Motion Gun, using their own ki in place of the machine's energy. He is personally surprised, though, that of all people and moves, Deadpool stole his Shoryuken out of sheer randomness.
  • When not training or paying respects at the Suzaku Castle dojo, he continues to travel the world in search of strong opponents, and is famous for nearly always being seen wandering barefoot in his gi (or sometimes wearing only underwear while doing his laundry). He's also very cheap when it comes to technology, being hard to reach even in the era of cellphones. This all creates the misconception that the heavily-muscled fighting globetrotter is somehow perpetually poor and unemployed. In reality, he occasionally takes on high paying but dangerous gigs such as being a bouncer for gang transactions, at other times sustains himself humbly as a physical day laborer or lends a hand in solving local crises, though when he's really strapped for cash he'll go out and bet on himself in street fights with local competitors. It's also been suggested he has a house in Tokyo.
    • Ultimately he accepted entry into the Pantheon based on the opportunity to meet strong foes from other worlds. Since ascending he constantly goes into the Houses of Combat, War, Weapons, and Power, seeking fair fights to perfect his skills. (Some of those involve cash prizes as well.) True to his nature, though, he has never set foot in the House of Machinery and Technology, which is highly unusual, as nearly everyone has a use for tech. On reflection, this is just as well — it means that he has never competed against The Guy.
    Ryu: The fight is all.
  • Like many Japanese names, the kana of his name is also subjective to Inconsistent Spelling; there's actually a long "u" vowel in his name, making "Ryuu" a less-"lazy" way of spelling it in romaji. This applies to the techniques in his and Ken's fighting style as well. As far as namesakes go, he's definitely not to be confused with the Ryu who'd initially ascended as the God of Dragons. That Ryu, along with his blonde companion Nina, would each ultimately exist within five different persons across time, whereas the only blonde Nina that this Ryu has met personally is the assassin associated both with and against all three infamous Mishima fighters. He and Ken once stood across from Nina Williams and Kazuya during the search for Pandora's Box. That said, he gets along with the draconic hero(es) far more, with the original and Bateson incarnations occasionally allowing him to test himself against their dragon forms.
  • Ken Masters was supposed to ascend at the same time as Ryu, but ended up staying back to clear up rumors about the two being gay together (Ken is a noted family man, with his wife being the sister of Major Guile's wife) before entering the Pantheon on his own. As well as get him a cellphone to keep in touch, plus a black card to secure all the money he's earned and give him ease of access. Sakura Kasugano, who always speaks highly of him, was another person he was very happy to hear had joined the Pantheon. She and Chun-Li later pushed for Cammy White to ascend after almost mistaking someone else for her. Blanka had been around without a temple until someone found him and showed him how the Pantheon works. Long story short, Ryu would be surrounded in good time by most of the friends and allies he'd met on his travels as a World Warrior.
  • Consideration is being given to promote him to Greater God after his battle with Asura, having shown himself able to keep up with the Overdeity in combat. He later defeated Bison decisively upon first truly harnessing the Power of Nothingness with the tyrant's power at something close to its peak. Ultimately he is kept as an Intermediate God, with Greater God status being given to his enhanced power states.
  • Has at least twice embarked on adventures with many other Gods from various Capcom and Namco-affiliated worlds in order to stop the merging of said worlds, with Ken and Chun-Li both being among his comrades. On the first occasion Akuma was able to get him to succumb to the Satsui no Hado, but with Ken leading the party into battle against him and even knocking sense into him with his own Shin Shoryuken, he ultimately resisted the corruption and showed growth in his power. On the second, he and Ken amazed everyone by doing the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku to control themselves mid-flight after the capsule they were shot from broke down.
  • When they faced off in a DEATH BATTLE!, Scorpion attempted to attack Ryu from behind, but the martial artist saw it coming. Still, the fight ended with Scorpion dragging him to the Netherrealm and burning him to death with Hellfire. While he revived as soon as the battlefield was turned off, Ryu was physically sore and fevered for days. He ended up telling Ken what happened, leading to his best friend challenging Scorpion and ending up in a bad way. Thankfully Ghost Rider caught wind of it and intervened to stop Scorpion, sobering the ninja with the Penance Stare. He and Scorpion get on rather well after that, strangely enough. Scorpion's agility and supernatural powers give Ryu an exciting challenge.
  • He used to be on very good terms with Liu Kang, considering the two to be kindred spirits as serious martial arts whose quiet dedication to their skills could save the world. This was ended when in his eyes, Liu Kang not only fell from grace in Timeline X, but has also embraced villainy, which reminds him of the Satsui no Hadou. However, with yet another timeline shift resulting in Fire God Liu Kang regaining his honor, defeating the corrupt Keeper of Time, and overseeing a new Korrected Timeline, Ryu has begun trusting the Champion of Mortal Kombat once more.
  • In yet another Death Battle, Ryu fought Jin Kazama, and at first it seemed it would be a friendly match given their alliance during the merging of worlds. That is, until Jin tapped into the Devil Gene and forced Ryu into the Satsui no Hadou. The fight slowly turned to Jin's advantage, until Ryu harnessed the Power of Nothingness and obliterated his opponent, attaining victory. Relations between the two have been chilly ever since.
  • Rumors arose of him secretly training for one of Master Hand's Smash Bros. tournaments. Turns out he got picked to enter alongside the return of Lucas and Roy. Given that Nintendo were the first to give his series a home port, and he and Mario are the two most famous original bases from whom "clone characters" would arise with similar aesthetics and movesets (with Ken as well as Mario's brother Luigi being the first of said "clones"), it was only considered fitting when the invitation was finally sent to to Ryu. In the tournament, he would demonstrate his considerable skills, being the first to master the use of two Final Smash attacks within the same event, those being Shinku Hadoken and Shin Shoryuken. He was later joined on the fields of Smash by Ken, who was heralded as "The Original Echo Fighter" by the hype department, and by Guile as an "assist trophy", with the major showcasing his mastery of turtling charge-input combat.
  • Every so often, Ryu takes out a new look where he goes shirtless and grows out a beard. Many, even the males, couldn't help but stare, with the fangirls (and boys) quickly dubbing the look as "Hot Ryu". This later becomes his default appearance during his travels after both Shadaloo and The Illuminati are beaten out of power in his world, complete with a maroon kasaya tied and banded together by a gold ring to resemble the one-armed gis worn by masters Gouken and Oro.
  • Ryu also became friends with Yugi Muto and the Pharaoh. At first, the Yugis confused Ryu with their friend Katsuya Jonouchi because they shared voices, but they quickly became friends because of their competitive nature and their experiences with corrupting energies: Ryu with the Satsui no Hadou and Yami with the Seal of Orichalcos. And when he met Katsuya Jonouchi, Ryu had nothing but respect for Jonouchi's Undying Loyalty and determination, and hopes to train him for future encounters.
  • After being advised by Dhalsim following a fight with a Pillar Man-type monster, Ryu stopped trying to avoid the Satsui no Hadou and confronted it within him. By doing so, he was able to overcome the Dark Hadou's influence and tap into the Mu no Ken instead, enabling him to repel said monster, destroy the body of M. Bison, and help his friends finally defeat Shadaloo seemingly once and for all. He then sparred with Ken in order to show him what he learned, on his way to finally fully expelling the Satsui no Hadou.
    • However, the Satsui within Ryu had become strong enough to manifest itself in a "silhouette" or "shadowy" devil version of the man himself appropriately named Kagenaru Mono, or Kage for short. Hell bent on proving that Ryu was nothing without the Satsui, Kage faced down and "defeated" both Akuma and Sagat, before confronting Ryu himself. Despite seemingly overpowering him, Ryu was completely at peace, declaring that Kage had the freedom to exist or leave as his own being but denying the Shadowy One the chance to ever be part of him again. This effectively forced Kage out of existence in the Street Fighter universe... but also brought the Shadow to the Pantheon.
    • The Investigation Team approached Ryu about accepting Kage once more in order to create a Persona. However, he had to refuse this offer, pointing out that as an embodiment of the Satsui no Hadou, this was not a part or aspect of him he could accept, but a corrupting force which operated in very much the opposite way from their world's Shadows; it wanted to be accepted so it could take control. Chie Satonaka, interested in his philosophy of "communicating with one's fists", challenged him to a brief fight; as he sparred with her, it was evident he was completely at peace, not troubled or suppressing any vice as would be expected for someone rejecting their Shadow. Yu Narukami conceded that leaving Kage as his own man was the less dangerous option of the two, thanking Ryu for his time and promising to visit again on his own.
  • Went on and helped Tommy Oliver when M. Bison allied with Rita Repulsa to control an army of Power Rangers. Ryu eventually gained the power to become a Power Ranger himself, named Crimson Hawk Ryu Ranger. Doesn't go into this form often unless he's fighting alongside Tommy.
  • Also present in the House of Fighting and Combat.
"This is the path… of my destiny!"

    Son Goku 
"I am the warrior you’ve heard of in legends. Pure of heart and awakened by fury, that’s what I am. I am the Super Saiyan! Son Goku!"

Son Goku, God of Super Modes and Co-God of the Kamehame Hadoken (Son Gokou, Son Gokuh, Son Gokuu, Kakarot, Kakarrot, Kakarotto, Carrot Cake, Son-Kuh, Son-Kun, The Hope of the Universe, Number One, The Tenacious Super Saiyan, The Champion of Christmas, Dumbass, Paragon 'til Death, Sun Wukong, DripKu/Drip Goku, Stupid Sexy Kakarot)
His child and post-Z forms
Ultra Instinct -Sign-
Ultra Instinct
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity as a Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue, Overdeity with Ultra Instinct, or fused with Vegeta, as Vegito or Gogeta)
  • Symbol: A 4-Star Dragon Ball with his iconic hairdo; alternatively, the "Go"/悟 kanji on his gi
  • Theme Music: Cha-La Head-Cha-La and Dragon Ball Z for most of his adult life; Makafushigi Adventure for his younger self; Breaking Through the Limits*, Hero, and Raging Blast overall
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Neutral as a Great Ape)
  • Portfolios: The Stock Shōnen Hero, Proud Warrior Race Guy, A Saiyan Immigrant, The Strongest Warrior on Earth, Supernatural Martial Arts, Always Eager for a Good Fight, Spirited Competitor, Challenge Seeker, A Bit of an Idiot for a Hero, Superpowered Transformations, Ki-Powered Blast Attacks, Could Eat Mountains Worth of Food', Vibrant Orange, Willing to Get Along with Anybody, Source of Hope, Forgiving and Redeeming his Enemies for the Most Part, The Paragon, Nice Guy if a Little Lacking in Tact and Manners, Red Is Heroic, Anime Hair, Was Raised in the Wilds, Stands Out a Lot from his Usually Villainous Race, A Master in Martial Arts, Always Keeping an Optimistic and Upbeat Attitude, Action Dad, Surprisingly Submissive and Reclusive towards his Wife, Flawed Parenting even if he Does his Best, Heroic Build, Humble Hero, Willing to Sacrifice Himself for the Greater Good, Person of Mass Destruction, Having Enough Strength to Contend against Literal Deities, Superpower Lottery, Often Overcoming and Becoming Stronger than his Mentors, Technical Pacifist, Always Seeking to Surpass his Personal Limits
  • Domains: Strength, Protection, Good, Martial Arts, Fighting, Forgiveness, Kindness, Adventure, Extraterrestrials
  • Mentors: Master Roshi, Kami (now part of Piccolo), Whis
  • Family: Son Gohan (his firstborn son), Son Chi-chi (his wife), Son Goten (his second son), Videl (his daughter-in-law), Mr. Satan (related through his daughter-in-law), Bardock (his father)
  • Allies:
  • On Speaking Terms With: Kratos
  • Rivals: Jiren, Turles
  • Respects: Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, Nariyoshi Miyagi, Bruce Lee
  • Respected by: Ryu Hayabusa, John Cena, The New Alliance of Free Stars
  • Wary of: Johnny Cage
  • Worthy Opponents: Hit, General Zod, Madara Uchiha, Galacta Knight, Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva
  • Arch-Enemies: Frieza, Zamasu
  • Enemies:
  • Sympathizes With: Bizarro
  • In the woods of the Mount Paozu region lived a rather extraordinary child with superhuman strength, a tail, and an extreme naivety of the outside world, who besides his now-deceased grandfather had never even seen another human in his life. This boy was discovered, or should we say crashed into, at the age of twelve by a 16-year-old girl who was driving her car around the world looking for a set of wish-granting orbs… one of which happened to have been the boy's last keepsake of his grandfather. From that day onwards, the young lad's life would be changed forever.
    • Traveling with the blue-haired girl, he began a life of adventure in which he would make many friends and enemies in multiple searches for the full set of wish orbs. He dealt with monsters and armies alike, became a world martial arts champion, and even met God and killed the Demon King, before finding love and becoming a father to a boy whom he would name directly after his beloved grandpa. Then, things changed again, when he took his four-year-old son to meet his friends, only for himself to receive a rather hostile visit from a tailed man who turned out to be his brother. Through said brother, he found out that he was one of the last remaining members of an alien race of warriors known as Saiyans who hire themselves out as mercenaries to tyrants who depopulate worlds.
    • Although originally sent to devastate Earth (or so his brother believed), he instead rejected this destiny, becoming the savior of the world multiple times over. Despite this, he eventually embraced the strength and pride of his heritage, became the first man in a millennium to achieve his race's legendary transformation of power, and even humiliated the treacherous employer who eradicated their civilization. From that point onwards, he just kept getting stronger and dealing with increasingly insane tiers of threat and adventure, with his exploits taking him and his allies through the multiverse itself. The Pantheon itself could not simply acknowledge the rank of his greater transformations, instead having to increase his base divine rank just to keep up with it all.
    • Spanning several decades in both within and beyond his multiverse, he has become a beloved icon and influencer in many different worlds. Even so, he remains that adventurous young child at heart, always looking to test his limits, fight strong rivals, improve himself as best as he can, and eat like a goddamn pig. With the ever-expanding reach into the endless cosmos caused by this man's amazing power and attitude, it's clear that his journeys are far from over.
    • Just who is he? The Saiyan who was raised on Earth. The pure-hearted warrior awakened by fury. The central focus of Dragon Ball, is the most iconic legend ever told through anime and manga. He's Son Goku.
  • Having lived a long and fulfilling life, Goku had pretty much seen and experienced everything that he needed to, though his drive for a good fight and responsibility as a defender of Earth and Universe 7 would never falter and would carry on with it for the rest of his life. Then he was met with the unexpected, for he had received word from the gods, namely Beerus, Whis, and Zeno that worlds beyond their own realms were marking their presence and that they were becoming known and acquainted with even more gods that were part of a larger realm they called the “Pantheon”. Goku was a bit overwhelmed to hear of the news, yet still expressed excitement over it, after all, it meant meeting new friends and challengers and letting others know about his desire to see further adventures and battles ahead. With that in mind, he and Vegeta, his fellow Saiyan rival, were personally taken by Beerus and Whis to directly visit the Pantheon to be given an overview and information about what they would be up to. Needless to say, Goku’s presence caused a bit of a commotion, given his lack of tact and formal manners, much to the chagrin of his rival and mentors, but some of the figures he’s met like Cosmos were humored and pleased by the Saiyan’s enthusiasm. While he was a bit hesitant about accepting godhood as a title, Goku would eventually accept it, though he affirms that if the Pantheon wants his help, influence, and inspiration, then he's more than happy to oblige with it. Since then, the divine realms have seen a lot of better days thanks to the efforts of Goku and the Z-Fighters, who would also eventually tag along to provide company and further defense for the Pantheon's prosperity.
  • Goku is one of the most famous and beloved warriors and heroes in the Pantheon, a reputation that very few can match up to. This is because of a combination of many traits and feats, having defended the universe several times against various threats who were more than capable of destroying him and several worlds if left unchecked and despite his wild upbringing and innocently insensitive attitude, he has a very strong sense of justice and has a very odd sense of charm in him, being able to inspire several figures to the point of them giving up their villainous, selfish, and/or jerkish desires to become better people if many in his friend circle are of any indication. Outside of his usual hobby of protecting people and seeking a good fight, Goku is a friendly man who will always spare a compliment and is more than welcome to give others a chance to prove themselves, a far cry from the typical behavior and attitude of a Saiyan’s nature of being remorseless darwinists who championed power and superiority above all else. Outside of them, Goku prefers to either hang out with friends or tend to a local farm that he owns beside his house, preferring a calm, ordinary life where his passion for fighting wouldn't be interrupted too much. That, and he likes to eat. As in, eat way more than an average person could chew.
  • As expected for a hero with enough experience fighting armies, galactic warlords, and universal destroyers, Goku is an exceptionally formidable fighter. Having trained under a renowned martial arts master, then by a watcher of the Earth and one of the cosmos, and then by an angel with ungodly power, Goku is a master martial artist, gracefully employing these skills in terrestrial and aerial combat and possessing enough power to decimate entire planets if he wants to, and he can manipulate ki energy in multiple ways including energy blasts, flight, teleportation, and forming barriers. Given his Saiyan nature, Goku comes with two unique assets; the Super Saiyan transformation that massively bumps up his strength with each multiple version, and can even be combined with godly ki to grant him further powers and abilities equal to a god. Furthermore, with said god ki, Goku could tap into Ultra Instinct, a heightened state that allows him to precognitively predict and determine his opponent’s actions, sharpen his agility and combat precision to maximum effect, and further enhance his strength, though it comes with the severe drawback of leaving the body numb and damaged once it wears out. Goku’s Saiyan physiology also grants him a Zenkai boost anytime he’s close to death’s door. The closer he comes to dying, the stronger he gets upon recovery, and Goku has gone through enough of this to showcase how much he's endured and how formidable he’s become over nearly a life of fighting and adventuring.
  • Being an incredibly prominent hero in the divine realms made one thing certain; Goku found himself getting involved in a lot of events in the Pantheon, and he's more than eager to get himself involved, likening to his childhood when he used to go out in adventures involving finding Dragon Balls and stopping evil armies from taking over the world. Though his ascension occurred during the twilight days of the Pantheon’s great War, Goku didn't mind an era of peace and preferred that over getting into a life of constant battle, as despite his love for fighting, he wants to select who he tussles against, not get forced into conflict without his regard. Even then, he doesn't mind getting involved in simpler adventures as revisiting his childhood has been a refreshing experience. Once, he decided to look after a bunch of dinosaur eggs in the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts and ensure their safety, finding the role of caretaking to be a fun one and he would reassign himself for another driver’s test in the House of Travel, where his chaotic driving caused a level of infamy among several people. Of course, he visited the House of Religion and Faith a few times, but mainly because Beerus makes his residence there and Goku expresses interest in trying to see if any other gods are interested in challenging the Saiyan much to a lot of deities' chagrin, the God of Destruction included. As such, it seems Goku has come to enjoy the Pantheon for its vast scope and opportunities, and with an era of relative peace, he’s eager to see what to do, ranging from further adventures to his usual training and seeking out tough foes to test his limits against, especially as he's aware that given his status as a warrior and defender, he also aims to prepare himself in the occasion the Pantheon is truly threatened and his help is needed.
  • Not only a revered champion of Earth from his universe, Goku is also cited as an inspiration by many outside of his personal realm and it seems that his influence is strong enough that traces of it could be seen in other like-minded deities. The most apparent of these came from a generational trio consisting of Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto Uzumaki, and Ichigo Kurosaki, all of whom were cited by many to be spiritual successor to Goku. The Saiyan warrior was curious about that and visited them to check on that, and turns out all of them shared a couple of traits which included having a strong sense of camaraderie, having an aura of command and inspiration, lauded as a source of hope by their friends and supporters, and being beloved saviors. Naturally, the four of them became great friends who often hang out with each other and Goku is eager to go good around and have some childish fun with them, not to mention Goku is open to the idea of eating contests with Naruto and Luffy, and considering how gluttonous they could get, Ichigo feels glad to be left out on that occasion. Of course, when such a time comes, they are more than willing to stand up for the innocent and offer aid and protection if needed. Goku also came to respect fellow warriors like Kenshiro and Jotaro Kujo for their sense of justice, even if the Saiyan admits that their steely demeanor can be a bit hard to get through, considering their more emotionally stoic and hardened than Piccolo. All that said, whenever a committee of Shonen heroes are gathered, Goku is almost always considered the mascot figure, much to his surprise as he feels he doesn't need to be revered that much. Still, he is happy that many look up to him and he'll do his best to uphold the heroic values they strive to uphold. That, and also having goofy adventures and engaging in tough and exciting fights.
  • As his Earth’s greatest warrior and its main bastion of defense, the Z-Fighters, Goku included, are highly respected by numerous organizations and teams that are dedicated to the same cause and are more than welcome to accept a partnership with them. Among the most prominent of these were the superhero realms of the Justice League and Avengers, both of whom see Goku as an honorary member and keep tabs with the Saiyan regarding each other's well-being and being alerted of significant events, be it new threats or general news regarding the forces of good. While there was the caveat that Goku would like to fight whoever interested him, he was honorable enough to meditate his strength enough to allow them to fight him on equal terms; it how he approached Captain America and after a tough but friendly fight, the two quickly came to respect one another and Steve Rogers was quick to note of Goku’s strange quirk of being a Magnetic Hero, which he saw as unique. Liu Kang and Raiden of Earthrealm also quickly came to like Goku and even appreciated his simple-minded attitude, seeing it as a bit of a refresher and a key part of why the Saiyan came off as approachable and likable, though they do have their limits regarding Goku’s innocently insensitive habits. Goku seeing a fellow martial arts master and a great hero was enough for him to greatly enjoy Liu Kang's company and although the Saiyan would make for a worthy Mortal Kombat Champion, the two gods of Earthrealm feel that Goku shouldn't be burdened too much from being forced into protecting another world when he's got his own, though they are thankful for the Saiyan in regards to fighting together for a shared cause. That, and looking forward to a tournament where anyone can fight at their fullest potential without having to kill anybody.
  • Goku being an alien immigrant is a fascinating tale that is relatable to several aliens who came to Earth through dependable circumstances and would eventually come to enjoy the planet or at least a certain human who would form an unshakable friendship with them. Unlike most, Goku was largely unaware of his extraterrestrial heritage and would not see much of a problem getting integrated into Earthly society despite his drive to fight. Still, it didn't stop the Saiyan from being interested in alien immigrants and he finds some of their stories rather fun. He became well acquainted with E.T. despite their wholly different backgrounds, appearances, and reasons for being on Earth, and by extension, Goku also gets along well with Elliott as the kid is happy to see someone view E.T. in an unprejudiced light. Many members of the Ultra, a humanoid alien race with a track record of defending the universe, also came to like Goku for his heroism and kindhearted nature, with the sole exception of Ultraman Belial, who at least acknowledged Goku’s reputation and strength enough to consider him a decent challenge to contend against, but otherwise is a malevolent member of his race who the Saiyan felt needed to be stopped. On a personal note, Goku gets along greatly with Ultraseven and Ultraman Zero as much of their tale revolves around getting acclimated to Earth and gradually seeing it as a second home for them. Finally, while quite different, Goku and Lala Hagoromo have nothing but appreciation for each other and would spend some time with each other simply having fun, with Lala seeing Goku’s childish attitude to be pretty endearing and completing well with his stalwart approach to defending Earth and his loved ones.
  • If Goku is an analog to those considered a paragon in the Eastern World, then Superman is his Western World Equivalent. The two had a titanic battle against each other at an undisclosed location, with both of them pushing their power to their limits that saw the fight with the the Universe potentially getting obliterated and Goku going to the afterlife. Despite this, both combatants admitted to enjoying fighting each other with Superman wishing the universe and Goku back with the latter as a token of their friendship and the two often have sparring matches since to keep their training up to speed. Since then, both heroes have nothing but admiration and appreciation for each other, with Superman keeping in contact with the Z-Fighters and helping them out at times regarding personal stuff and conflicts against threats and Goku becoming well-respected by Clark Kent’s family and friends, with his son Jon Kent openly seeing him as an inspiration for why he wants to be a hero, much to Goku's delight. Furthermore, the Saiyan is open to providing for the Superman Family anytime and a few adventures involving him fighting alongside Connor Kent and Kara Zor-El have seen Goku steadily bond with Kal-El’s genetic clone and younger cousin, and the two see him as a great friend to have around, even enjoying his goofy and excitable demeanor and admitting that Goku’s optimism helps Connor and Kara in thinking about good times in the past and thanking him for keeping their spirits up. As for Clark, he's happy to see his competitor get along well with his family and often joins up with Goku to either have dinner or watch over the world and reminisce in old times together. Of course, the two of them also make a point to protect the Pantheon together and they've since developed a reputation as a dynamic duo of sorts in the Divine Realms. Batman doesn't seem to mind Superman finding a new best buddy whereas Vegeta takes this as a sign that he must further train and improve himself to earn Superman’s respect, even if Clark states that the Saiyan Prince has already proven himself that through redemption and readjusting his priority to become a protector a d family man, though Vegeta rarely shows that to anyone outside his family and eternal rival.
    • To Goku’s surprise, there were many others quite like Superman, such as the All Might, Japan’s once-greatest hero from his realm until his retirement, Metro Man, another retired superhero who wants to lead a normal life, Saitama, an upcoming hero who possessed seemingly unparalleled power, and Statesman, a veteran and leader of a superhero team known as the Freedom Phalanx. Goku quickly liked most of them and they, in turn, respected him for many reasons like his good-natured heart and dedication to protecting others even with his thrill for battle being seen as a weird taste at worst. Statesman proved difficult to deal with as his approach to heroism was strict and rigid and Goku preferred to do things his way, much like most of the Z-Fighters, and wasn't appreciative of his desire to fight, but seeing Goku’s track record in his heroics, Statesman conceded that he is a necessary hero for the Pantheon, even if he finds the Saiyan's antics a bit difficult to deal with personally.
      • There were also the “evil Superman archetypes” like Homelander and Omni-Man, but where the former was contemptuous at how a “stupid monkey” could be so much better, the latter was impressed by Goku’s martial arts skills and considered him a worthy opponent, with the Saiyan reciprocating the feeling, especially since Omni-Man himself has undergone redemption and his son, Mark Grayson is friends with the Son family, not to mention how Viltrumites were quite similar to Saiyans in mentality and reputation, something that Nolan intends to change in the future. For enmity, none were as intense as the Plutonian as he saw Goku’s pacifistic nature as insulting and admits to being jealous of his success, while Goku quickly figured that Plutonian was trying to justify his narcissism and was having none of it, especially how he willingly gave up heroism in favor of causing mass destruction and pain towards others.
      • Given how Superman himself has fought against evil versions of himself, it was an inevitable outcome that Goku’s friendship with the Man of Steel would lead him to encounter General Zod and Bizarro. Strangely, the Kryptonian warlord had a more positive opinion about the Saiyan than either expected, considering him a capable warrior and someone who would be fit to serve under him, though Goku wasn’t fooled and simply affirmed that he considered Earth and his family and friends his main priority. The two have battled against each other and Zod is adamant about recruiting Goku to his side, even if it would take brute force. With Bizarro, Goku is more reminded of Good Buu, namely that he was less malevolent and more someone mentally lost and doesn’t have a grasp on their actions. He knows that Bizarro is incredibly dangerous, but does make an effort to try to help him out if possible, feeling that the degenerated Superman clone is capable of being a true hero with enough care and nurture. Finally, there was an alternate version of Superman from a bleaker universe, and he immediately saw Goku as wild and reckless, the opposite of his desire for control and supremacy. Goku initially planned on understanding and wanting to help the “Regime” Superman upon hearing of his tragic past, but the latter interpreted such as patronizing and feeling insulted that someone would dare try to “know and understand” his struggles. After a while and learning about his more unsavory actions, Goku is convinced that the “Regime” Superman is better off having his senses beaten and decries him as willingly losing himself and wallowing in his hate, and as much as he would want to help him, the Saiyan is just as willing to beat the fallen Man of Steel if he isn’t willing to listen. The “Regime” Superman has since seen Goku as one of his more hated enemies, partly also due to an ounce of jealousy on how he’s more beloved and respected than he would ever be.
  • Despite his alien origins, Goku doesn't have much interest in the House of Extraterrestrials though he has visited it a few times mainly because of other personal interests like meeting a strong foe, attending a buffet, or an important meeting regarding potential threats and events in the Pantheon. In cases specific to his race, Goku was told which specific species’ to look out for, be they benevolent or malevolent. Naturally, the Saiyan was inclined to meet such races like the Ultras who were universal defenders and they welcomed Goku with open arms regarding alliances, and residents of the cosmos like Rosalina and the Little Prince were appreciative of the Saiyan's efforts of being a guardian. Of course, there were malevolent aliens to look out for as well such as Lavos and the Ur-Quon Kzer-Ka who operated under a darwinistic mindset and Goku vehemently disagrees with their stances. Among the worst he's had to deal with were the Shroobs, who have pursued genocidal intentions for the Pantheon since their arrival, and Brainiac, whose interest towards Saiyans and the resident gods of Goku’s realms that he's attacked the Z-Fighters on some occasions and Goku has found himself needing aid to combat against the Coluan, not to mention Brainiac researching and accessing the Saiyan's Zenkai boost ability would not bode well for anyone.
    • While most organizations are opposed to the Saiyans due to their violent history, attitude, and culture, this is directed towards their Universe 7 counterparts and Goku himself is one of the few exceptions to this opposition. Where the likes of the Green Lantern Corps would have considered them a threat to repel and the Guardians of the Universe see the Saiyans as a scourge that needs to be cleansed, Goku himself is instead praised and upheld as a hero, though he admits that his heroism comes as a bonus regarding his love for fighting and adventuring and he came to respect Hal Jordan for being a little like him in regards to simply doing the right thing and yearning for an adventure in comparison to most of their other allies. Other organizations like the New Alliance of Free Stars, the Space Sheriffs, the Jedi Order, and the Autobots held similar admiration for the Saiyan hero and were glad to work alongside Goku and the Z-Fighters, hoping that they could inspire a new generation of heroes together and he stated that their efforts to protect others are enough to win Goku his respect, even if the Jedi’s flaws gave way to criticism and the Saiyan simply wishes that they do better with their second chance. Villainous organizations like the Galactic Empire under Palpatine and the Decepticons under Megatron acknowledge Goku’s strength and consider him a credible foe to the extent that they’ve been planning to forge weaponry designed to specifically combat the Saiyan. Goku simply finds this direction unsportsmanlike, but that’s secondary to the threat they pose and makes it clear that there’s trouble for them if they ever dare to harm Goku’s loved ones.
  • Being a source of hope for his universe, Goku made friends with notable figures like Madoka Kaname and Makoto Naegi for being similarly inspiring figures who worked to spread and place emphasis on hope and the Saiyan warrior was nothing short of admired by their efforts as they went through a lot of emotional anguish to accomplish their goals. Team Dai-Gurren were initially considered rivals in the field of absolute badassery, but neither member minded this and simply saw Goku as a good friend to spend time and work with, with Simon also admitting that his charm and childishness remind him a little of his late surrogate brother, Kamina. Goku admitted to being squeed at Team Dai-Gurren’s climactic battle against the Anti-Spiral, calling it one of the coolest things he's ever heard and one day hopes to have a similar fight, even if he knows the circumstances of said fight and affirmed that if he was in a situation like that, he would have been fighting more for protecting his universe and his close ones. Of course, this mentality of inspiring hope is a major reason why the Saiyan is close friends with the Superman family and he’s more than eager to give people a sense of security and happiness as well as getting a good fight out of it.
  • Being an extreme combat and martial arts enthusiast, Goku found himself being noticed by many who felt that the Saiyan would make for a fitting challenge to them. Regardless of their alignment, he was open to accepting the invitation of such figures as Black Adam and Galacta Knight, who gave Holy an intense fight which concluded with them developing more respect for them. Other challengers like Kenpachi Zaraki were more than happy to oblige in fighting Goku as he was one of the very few whom he could freely unleash his true power towards and Akuma felt that the Saiyan proved worthy enough to test his power of the Satsui no Hado against and though they were incredibly vicious and not in the mood of becoming forces for good, Goku respected their drive to become stronger overtime as this was something he could personally relate with and hopes to one day fight them at their fullest potential. He's also wary enough of his power to restrain them to give his challengers a better chance at proving themselves and Goku is more than happy to let himself be surprised whenever they end up overwhelming him in some capacity.
    • Many in the Pantheon were born into a battle-loving society or race and thus, heavily define their lives based on that. Goku took this as an invitation to look out for anyone whom he could relate to in that regard before battling, though there were just as many who wanted to fight the Saiyan for the same reason. Wulfrik, a commander for the Forces of Chaos engaged in a bloody battle against Goku, one that the Norscan greatly enjoyed, even if the Saiyan wasn’t fighting to his fullest potential, and though Goku admitted to having a good fight and could have a civil conversation with him, he does intend to stop Wulfrik from causing anymore bloodshed and destruction. The infamous Uchiha warlord, Madara, similarly fought Goku in an epic clash and mused how his fight against the Saiyan was among the best he’s had in a long time. It helped that Goku could somewhat understand Madara’s desire for might and battle and while he is opposed to the Uchiha’s idea of peace, the two could have a surprisingly civil conversation with each other, even in the heat of battle. On a larger note, Goku was surprised to hear how in history, the people of Sparta were raised in tough conditions to become capable warriors and how this mentality was quite similar to the Saiyans as Vegeta would explain. This also got Goku to learn about Kratos, a God of War who has since distanced himself from his bloody and ruinous past and when the Ghost of Sparta affirmed that he has no desire to battle, Goku understood and even came to sympathize with the once-hated god. Their relationship has since improved as Kratos took steps to becoming a genuine hero thanks to his exploits in Midgard and the Nine Realms and Goku believes that Kratos could potentially be a symbol of hope and would support him. The former God of War is a bit hesitant about his future but respects his newfound friend’s wishes regardless.
  • A notable trait of Goku as well as one of the reasons many see him an ideal paragon is his desire to try forgiving his enemies and even see them get a second shot and hope they turn over a new leaf. While not every attempt is successful and he’s perceptive enough to know when someone is irredeemable, the allies Goku has made with this mentality have proven to be some of the universe’s greatest and most talented warriors and defenders. Despite not being a proper leader, Goku’s inspiring presence is enough for the GUAG to see him as one of their most celebrated and renowned members, and many of the Saiyan’s new friendships in the Pantheon, such as Naruto, Steven Universe, Twilight Sparkle, and Wander are mainly based on this unique ability and the five of them are joking referred to as the “GUAG Redeemer Squad” by their close ones. Goku generally doesn’t mind but affirmed that he doesn’t regret any moment of him trying to appeal to one’s better side, even if he’s failed a couple of times, and hopes he can try to do the same thing in the Pantheon.
  • Given his experience with foes like Frieza, Cooler, Turles, and Moro, Goku is wary about galactic tyrants and warlords, especially as many of his adversaries have also ascended into the divine realms. He likes the challenge they could provide for him, but forced dominance and endangering the innocent is a hard no on his consciousness. Darkseid was the tyrant that attracted the greatest attention, being a god and a personification of Tyranny, and he got Goku’s interest by reminding him of Superman. The Saiyan quickly realized that the New God’s power was overwhelming, enough for Goku to feel intimidated for once and he took this as a sign to further train and improve himself if Darkseid is to confront him in the future. Mongul, Ultraman Belial, Thanos, and Nicol Bolas also generated Goku’s attention, the former two for reminding him of Cell (sadistic battle boosters) and Zamasu (rebels of a benevolent race who declared genocide), and the latter two held immeasurable power similar to Darkseid and Frieza. It's during these times that Goku is glad to have made new friends and allies in the Pantheon; when your upcoming enemies prove more formidable, even a proud warrior is willing to forge new alliances to even the score. Still, Goku doesn't mind challenging them to satisfy his battling curiosity, though he makes it clear he will punish them for trying to threaten the Pantheon and especially his family and friends.
  • Goku was excited at the prospect of meeting more Gods in the Pantheon and desires to forge friendships with them or challenge them in combat if they’re willing to do battle, though, on the other hand, he was rather humble about his position as a deity of representation, feeling that he would rather define himself through his character and abilities rather than having a position of godhood, even if he does possess god-like powers thanks to his training with Beerus and Whis. Aside from his close friendship with Cosmos, Goku quickly got along with the many benevolent deities in the Pantheon like Mata Nui, Palutena, Highfather, and Thor Odinson, with all four of them similarly holding the Saiyan in high regard when it came to heroism and coming to respect his simple-minded approach to life, even if some of his more childish tics can be rather annoying. Thor, in particular, enjoys Goku for his battle-loving attitude and for having a controlled, spirited, and excitable demeanor. Orion and Asura, two gods who represented martial skill and battle, were equally respectful and friendly towards the Saiyan and were willing to trade blows against Goku on spare days as they knew a good fight could keep them satisfied, but they all share a sense of justice and are willing to take arms to defend the Pantheon whenever necessary, with Goku being thankful for Orion and Asura for lending in their support for him and his friends.
  • When the Dragon Balls were presented in the Pantheon as potential treasuries, Goku quickly figured that many would covet the seven magical orbs for their self-absorbed ambitions to the detriment of anybody and he and the Z-Fighters make it an imperative to scout out and keep the Dragon Balls safe and secure from being stolen and mishandled by evil forces, a sentiment that was vindicated as many villains in the divine realms did desire them upon learning of its capabilities. Aside from that and thanks to his own experiences with Shenron, Goku isn't too fazed about the idea of genies and wish granters in the Pantheon, but still expressed some interest in wanting to learn a bit about them. This led him to a surprising friendship with a certain blue genie whose own wackiness and childishness rivaled Goku’s and the two somehow like to get themselves involved in a lot of bizarre events to keep themselves entertained and occupied in some action. Cosmo and Wanda also proved similar enough, though Goku would sometimes get involved with their multiple times of bickering with each other and getting into a collection of mischief and misfortune, usually involving Timmy Turner, and although he could potentially get almost any wish possible, Goku just opts for the relatively simple one of “having lots of food”. He does have a level of animosity for Calypso, however, as Goku is quick to sense his maliciousness and figure out his stick of granting wishes to unfortunate souls that would backfire on them horribly and the Saiyan takes umbrage on how this feels unfair and disproportionate and, while not as hateful, Goku is quite wary of the Incubators and finds their act of succumbing young girls via wish granting to a fate of endless fighting and becoming eldritch witches to be deplorable, regardless of their twisted motivations to keep the universe preserved via staving off entropy and causing a universal heat death. The fact that Goku has made friends with Madoka furthers the Saiyan’s animosity towards the Incubators and he's made it clear that he will stop them from their machinations, no matter what.
  • While he is decades past it, Goku does have nostalgic sentiments about his childhood when he lived in the mountainous forests of Mount Paozu. He does wish the region and, by extension, his original home become a domain in the Pantheon so that he could have a more convenient way of revisiting his most nostalgic spot, though he doesn't mind his new home and his newfound occupation as a farm worker to pass the time. While no longer a Wild Child, his past is still recognized by many and it's made apparent by his general demeanor of being raised in the wild meant that he still lacks some basic etiquette any other child would have learned. Much like Goku, some deities and figures were raised in a primal upbringing, such as Mowgli, Tarzan, San, and Atalante, and oddly enough, the Saiyan warrior managed to get along well with them by participating in a few hobbies and activities that included vine swinging and sliding through branches and waterfalls. Sure Goku could fly, but doing stuff his childhood self would have eagerly done had its sense of fun, which he acknowledged, and would even help them out in certain situations if they were being threatened as a token of their friendship. Furthermore, Goku could relate to growing up without parents in the case of Mowgli and Tarzan to some degree while San and Atalante proved a bit more complex as the former was more devoted to protecting the forests and couldn't spare time for more free activities even if she was raised in a similar environment as the Saiyan and the latter found Goku’s often-childish demeanor as rather endearing as Atalante herself has a lot of affection for children and found herself establishing an odd friendship with him despite their many other differences. Goku is also willing to race against Atalante upon learning her reputation as being seemingly unbearable in that field, feeling that being competitive could allow the two to further respect each other and he sees it as a way to get her to improve without engaging in combat, which Atalante openly respected and accepted.
  • Though his original background and nature of being a Saiyan and the scope of his fights are reminiscent of Superman and Kryptonians, Goku’s real inspiration came from the legendary Monkey King himself, Sun Wukong. Upon learning that he was based on someone and that he was also in the Pantheon, Goku was interested in meeting with Wukong, which he eventually would after the latter gave the former an invitation to come to the House of Nature if he wanted to encounter and Wukong himself was mutually interested to meet with who was arguably the most famous individual he inspired. When the two met, Goku and Wukong got to talk about their adventures and bond with each other over their mutual love for food before the former was surprised to discover how the latter was an immortal who gained divinity and opted to challenge the Monkey King. After a crazy and intense battle that saw them splitting a mountain, Goku lost, but admitted to having fun fighting Wukong, who admitted that while the Saiyan was a good challenger and gaining more respect towards him, the inspiration proved stronger, per usual. This didn't deter Goku too much as he was quick to take the fight and his loss as further motivation to become stronger even then, Goku feels that he and the Monkey King have a lot of things in common, though the latter is more inclined to pursue leisurely activities and making the most out of his immortality while the former feels that he has a responsibility as a defender to uphold in addition to his drive for battle, not that it bothers Goku too much as protecting his family, friends, and the Pantheon naturally comes with fighting strong foes. Also, Wukong likes the Super Saiyan 4 transformation more than the rest, given that it takes more direct influence from him, and feels bummed out that this particular transformation has since been overshadowed by Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct, and if he was being honest, the Monkey King would much rather fight Goku and Vegeta if they're in Super Saiyan 4 because it's simply better for Wukong to fight his expies if they’re literally monkeys, or so he claims.
  • Martial Arts was a very common practice and hobby in the Pantheon, especially by combatants ancient and fledgling. This, of course, excited Goku, as this meant that there were several challengers he could come across and that many simply enjoyed the craft of it and wanted to either hone their skills or weave a sense of belief and honor into it. Furthermore, lots of martial artists have admitted that Goku was an inspiration for them getting into the practice in the first place, though most of them came from a different section of the multiverse that the Saiyan never knew about and saw his tale as a fictitious one. Aside from that, Ryu the Wandering Warrior and a fellow patron for the House they share representation of, has a deep sense of gratitude for Goku and makes it clear that he wants to work alongside each other for a prosperous future in the Pantheon and an opportunity to spar against as a way to hone his skills. It helps that, in addition to Goku being way too powerful compared to Ryu, the former is willing to downplay his strength to give his adversary a fighting chance and Goku delights on the idea of seeing Ryu getting stronger, though he is worried about how he could handle his issues regarding the Satsui no Hado. Goku also respects the Miyagi-Do dojo and admits that Mr. Miyagi himself reminds Goku a little of Master Roshi, albeit without the latter’s weirder tendencies, and believes that Daniel LaRusso is a pretty cool dude in his own eyes and encourages him to be the best possible mentor for his dojo and though his stance on Cobra Kai isn't the best for obvious reasons, he respects Johnny Lawrence for attempting to change his ways and become a better person. Of course, Daniel and Johnny came to like Goku, albeit in their ways, with the former appreciating him for being a good man with a surprising sense of wisdom and a cheekily charming persona while the latter sees him as an epic badass warrior that his students should look up to, though even Johnny wonders how even he’s better than the Saiyan when it comes to common sense and tact. Finally, Goku himself finds admiration for other influential martial arts masters, especially Bruce Lee, and wonders if a part of his fighting style is inspired by him, with his history of having weird adventures, Goku has a fun time hanging out with Jackie Chan and the two often recount their adventures involving mystical artifacts, taking down evil organizations, and forming a wacky friend group. The two of them are eager to learn new things about each other and Jackie is quite excited to take notes from Goku about traversing the outer reaches of the universe out of a sense of adventure as well as potentially learning ki manipulation from the Saiyan.
  • While not much has been heard regarding the World Martial Arts Tournament in the Pantheon, Goku likes to visit the battle dojo in the House of Fighting and Combat and the Power Dome situated close to his domain as a way to catch up on any fighting competitions and tournaments. Even if some would not want him to participate due to his overwhelming power, Goku is just as happy to spectate and give out approvals and support for whoever earns his respect as well as giving them advice if he can come up with one. To his delight, combat sports are really popular in the Pantheon and Goku is a celebrated figure in that field, so he gets a lot of invites to personally fight against a couple of eager fans and martial arts enthusiasts and the Saiyan is happy to accept them, even if he affirms that he would limit his power to give them a chance. In the divine realms, he's learned of particular tournaments like the King of Iron Fist and Mortal Kombat and while there is a level of interest, Goku has nothing but disapproval for their hosts; he doesn't like how the Mishima family, especially Heihachi, and Kazuya are willing to spread out a war to assert their authority in addition to hosting a tourney to entice fighters to fight for their personal goals and ambitions whilst simultaneously to further their plans. With Mortal Kombat, Goku takes even more umbrage, comparing Shao Kahn to Frieza and Cell for his warmongering ways of conquering realms and using his tournaments as a way to justify mass enslavement and murder, not to mention Shao himself being sore loser anytime he loses. It didn't help that Cell personally came to an alliance with the Outworld warlord, which only furthered Goku’s opposition against Shao, who could only muse about the idea of stealing the Saiyan's soul to further empower himself.
  • Goku is a notorious eater and outside of fighting and superpowerful transformations, his most famous trait is how he is more than eager to order a mountain of food and devour everything… while still insisting on more. On one occasion, he visited the House of Food where he decided to go to a high-class restaurant and pay with some money Mr. Satan decided to give him. There, the way he guzzled down his meals caused quite a scene with chefs and managers gawking in awe and shock at how one man was capable of eating so much to the point where they had to stop giving him food and tell him to come back with the promise of more food. Not helping matters is how much of Goku’s friendship with Luffy is based on their love for eating and the two agreed on an eating competition, much to the horror of the House of Food’s restaurant side, not to mention Goku also made new friends with fellow big eaters like Chowder, Obelix, and Beelzebub, all of whom find the Saiyan to be a fun guy to hang out with and interpret his simple-minded nature as him being polite, kind, and willing to get along. Kirby, a puffy pink ball hero with an ability to copy abilities by eating someone, also quickly befriended Goku and both of them realized how they could work well as allies of the cosmos and as eating buddies. There's also the fact that Kirby once fought and defeated Majin Buu, which near-instantly got Goku to praise Kirby for such a feat and tell him that they’ll fight someday, followed by a good old buffet meal, which the puffball was happy to oblige, which only caused a lot more to be worried about how much they would consume. Needless to say, not a lot of restaurants and chefs are happy with Goku, with Gordon Ramsay having some rather colorful words to describe him…
    Gordon Ramsay: Never in my life have I seen someone who would gorge down on a meal like a dog on crack. And then he calls for more like he never fucking had any, and all of that after wrecking my place with his fucking shit he chews and spits across my tables and floors. He overworks my staff and I have to carry the brunt of all the mess that's caused by my staff and by that… mountain-munching slob. This man has the mentality of a dying animal desperate for a lick and has to cause a ruckus about our dishes like a pig who's too eager to fuck another. I don’t care about whether that's how his mind works or that he doesn't know any better, he needs to get his shit together and stop being a disrespectful ass about us and what we make. At least don't waste what we spend hours trying to make!
    • Speaking of Chef Ramsay himself, despite his venomous sentences and infamously angry demeanor, he doesn't actually hate Goku, even with all the swearing and complaints he's thrown at him. If anything, he does this with nearly everyone working under him because he takes his work really seriously and feels that one mismanagement from either a staff member or customer could result in a disaster. He would later clarify that while he is a world savior and that is worthy of respect, Chef Ramsay is still angry and annoyed at Goku for depleting the former’s recipes and ingredients and lacking table manners, and Chef Ramsay doesn't take Innocently Insensitive as an excuse either. Fortunately, he would learn enough about Saiyan biology to figure out how their metabolism functions, namely that Saiyans are dependent on incredibly high food intakes to keep them mentally and physically active, so he does have some understanding of how Goku’s mind works when it comes to food. On one encounter, while stern and harsh, Gordon affirmed that Goku needs to be more careful and considerate about eating as other customers are likely to have the same food as he does and to not cause a mess in his establishments. Thankfully, the Saiyan got the note and apologized for disrespecting the chef, with Chef Ramsay affirming that the next time Goku shows up in one of his restaurants, he better have his table manners improved and in display. Fortunately, nothing confrontational is brewing between the two as Goku is welcome to attend his establishments anytime, though there is an open rumor that Goku is actually afraid of Chef Ramsay due to his temper and abrasiveness, which his family and friends have teased him about. On the other hand, Ramsay thinks Goku is a decent person, albeit one who lacks proper etiquette and feels that he needs those to be drilled into his head. At the very least, he does like the Son Family, especially Gohan, for being polite and considerate anytime they visit his place and he’s eager to shower some affection for Goten, as Ramsay has a soft spot for kids. Finally, for all the worth of trouble, Goku isn't banned from Ramsay’s property, though his experience with the Saiyan has Chef Ramsay consider special deals and offers for someone like Goku to keep them placated and up to speed regarding their metabolism.
  • The House of Family and Relatives has a lot to say about Goku. Sure, he's a loving father and grandfather and is dedicated to seeing his sons and granddaughter grow even if his Saiyan nature makes parenting a bit of a challenge for him. However, it's his relationship with his wife that gets the most buzz as despite his reputation inspiring many and terrifying most of evil, Goku is rather submissive and even afraid of Chi-Chi, whose own placement in the House meant that Goku had to come over there or else he’ll get punished or get a lot of complaints, some of which prove loud and cranky enough that many jokingly claim that it's Chi-Chi who is the strongest being on her realms and not her husband, though she would rather focus more on her personal life and her family's needs first and foremost. Goku’s submissiveness tends to bring out a very childish side of him, making rather insensitive comments rather unknowingly and just giggling and snarking his way through much of Chi-Chi’s tantrums, much of which has been documented by the House and has been declared as big uproars as much as it is cute. Even so, Goku is fiercely protective of his wife and is unforgiving towards anyone who dares to threaten her and their children. Finally, if their inherent nature is of any indication, Saiyans tend to express an interest in feisty and provocative women, both of which fit Chi-Chi aptly, which would explain Goku’s affection for her, even if their marriage’s starting point came from a childhood promise… where Goku interpreted marriage as some kind of food, much to everyone’s embarrassment.
    • The Pantheon allowed for a very special occasion of a father finally meeting his son for the first time since he died in the case of Goku and Bardock. The two started on slightly frosty terms as Goku’s excitable and childish attitude was quite atypical of how Saiyans usually acted and they were too saccharine and irritating for Bardock to handle, even if he’s aware Goku’s kindness comes from his mother and Bardock’s wife, Gine. Even then, the father was very proud of his son upon learning of his exploits, especially defeating Frieza and avenging their race, although Goku makes it clear that the Saiyans did pay the price for serving a megalomaniacal tyrant, which his old man conceded. Despite their cultural and personality differences, the two are working to better their relationship and Bardock has seen a lot of improvement since their reunion, such as achieving the Super Saiyan transformation and becoming a bit of a hero, though he denies being on the path of redemption, especially as Bardock has been going on his exploits in the Pantheon separate from Goku’s and even if his progeny and beyond have proven stronger, Bardock has no intention of giving up his reputation as a warrior and affirms that there may come a day in the Pantheon where he would protect his family.
  • "No, see, I don't think of it like I'm saving the world. The fact is, it's 'cause I'm usually trying to challenge the strongest warriors I can find. But I can't bear the thought of innocent lives getting wiped out just 'cause I wanna fight the best. So I'll do what I can for them."

Unknown/Variable Rank

    The Neuroi 

The Neuroi, Those With Destroyable Cores (Kaii, Rätsel)
An example of an outer shell of a Neuroi and the core itself
An example of the storm surrounding Hives
  • Variable rank, ranges from Demideities (Drones, Light, Medium), to Lesser Deities (Heavy, Witch-like), to Intermediate Deities (Large, Capital and Super-Heavy). Hives are somewhere between Intermediate and Greater.
  • Theme Music: Neuroi no Su he, Kyuushu
  • Symbol: A red, glowing polyhedron
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Destroyable Cores, Hexagonal Structure, Regeneration, Living Polyhedron, Alien Invasion, Threw World War II-era Earth off the Loop, Taking Over Majority of Europe, Massive Amount of Lasers, Miasma, Black, Red and Belligerent, So-and-So Mechanical Lifeforms, Based on Real Aircrafts, Loud Screeches, Disappearing into Nothingness
  • Domains: Aliens, Technology, Cores, Lasers
  • Followers: Big Cores
  • Allies: Unicron (maybe), Sirius (sort of one-sided)
  • Enemies: The Strike Witches, Vic Viper, Akagi, Yamato. Really, they can be enemies with just about anyone
  • The Neuroi are a species of mechanical-like aliens which one day invaded Earth. Why they did it is bit unclear, though they seem to eat off the minerals in the ground. Either way, they took over most of Europe and have tried to take parts of other continents. This threw off the humanity off the course in the middle of World War II, forcing them to focus on defeating the alien menace, giving raise to the Witches.
  • Neuroi come in different shapes and forms, mainly aerial, each looking like a mechanical thing covered in hexagonal plating, with red plating being able to shoot lasers. They can generate destroyed parts, requiring some one to destroy their core if they have one to defeat them. This is no way an easy task, as Neuroi actively change their behaviour, tactics and designs to try different plans.
    • What might be the most sought-after form are the Witch-like Neuroi like the X-11 "Neuroi Girl", due of their appearance. However, their purpose is no other than a regular Neuroi, aside of maybe acting as a lure.
    • Some historical records seem to indicate that Neuroi existed way far back than they are known as now, as ancient monsters like dragons, the Hydra and even as Orochi. Though it would merely be symbolic of the ancient Witches fighting monsters and the Neuroi being like the monsters described in legends. That being said, the Neuroi might have come to Earth first all the way back in the times of ancient Egypt, with there being a sealed tomb hiding hordes of Neurois. There even is a giant Neuroi resembling the Sphynx, who can freeze people in place by just asking "Who are thou?".
  • Where there are many species-wide deities, most of them more or less invaded the Pantheon. The Neuroi, however, were brought here as a single core to experiment on them. As with the previous times, it failed epically. The single Neuroi core managed to cut connections to House of Technology, and then rose to the skies, taking many vehicles with it. Creating the dark cloud-like Hive above House of Technology, it unleashed a dozen of new Neuroi models based on the vehicles it absorbed, causing everyone to evacuate, allowing the Nest to feast on the House itself.
    • The Neuroi Hive above House of Technology was "defeated" when the ascended Strike Witches, alongside others like the Vic Vipers came and started defeating the Neuroi horde. However, the Hive was only driven off the actual Pantheon arena, and once it came across a massive land of nothing, it unleashed an entire armada of Neuroi to shake off the pursuers and settled there.
  • Neuroi also have the ability to bainwash humans to their side, mainly to collect info from them and to make them lead their Witch-type Neuroi. Saving a brainwashed human is rather easy, though: just tear off their clothes. Though they are more well known to try to corrupt machines and vehicles to work for their goals.
  • Since the Neuroi get their energy by feeding off the earth, they cannot move on water, making the Abyssal Fleet still the true threat of the sea. It is very unlikely the two factions will co-operate with each other, though the Neuroi might try to hijack the Abyssal Fleet.
    • Speaking of which, both Akagi and Yamato fret the day Neuroi came into the Pantheon, due to the fact that both of them were Neuroified, albeit the latter was done for the purpose of fighting the Neuroi.
  • Before the formation of Grand United Alliance of Machines, only deity they seemed to get along with was Brainiac. It might have been because he tried to control them for his own plans, but it didn't seem to work that much. Not only that, but Brainiac did seem to dislike the Neuroi ruining the earth they try to conquer. After the formation of GUAM, they haven't interacted with him at all.
  • Due of them being completely machine-like, they do not fit with other species-wide deities like Daleks, Tyranids and The Flood. Even the Goo are not save, as the Neuroi do not seem to like how they try to consume everything before they can.
  • Might have a closely related cousin to mechanical alien creatures called the Alone. Though they seem to have nothing to do with The Crow.
  • There are few deities who are in "good relation" with the Neuroi. First is Unicron, who is more indifferent about them. They can do their stuff while he finishes the job. Second is Sirius who is really interested in their battles against the Witches, and likes to watch them fight. The two parties haven't actually met in person, though.
  • Bullseye and Deadshot have a bet on who can destroy a Neuroi. The bet is still going on due of them underestimating just how hard it is to get to a Neuroi's core in the first place.
  • The Crystal Gems are not particularly fond of them since they are sort of similar to Gems just instead of Hard Light bodies they instead use metallic shells. They are also keeping Steven away from them until it is confirmed that you can actually reason with them (and them not possibly exploiting someone's kindness). Especially since the last time humanity tried to communicate with them, the hive and everyone involved with it were evaporated by a much larger one.

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