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Intermediate Gods

    Mark Grayson/Invincible 
Markus Grayson, Patron Saint of Capepunk (Mark Grayson, Invincible)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Half-Human Hybrid Flying Brick who Jumped at the Call, Lightning Bruiser, deliverer and receiver of the Curb-Stomp Battle, raised by a veteran superhero who was a plant to take over the world, goes through several traumatizing events as a result yet ultimately triumphed in the end Happily Married to Eve
  • Domains: Good, Strength, Glory, Protection, Air
  • Heralds: Samantha Eve Wilkins/Atom Eve his wife, and their daughter Terra
  • High Priest: Matt Garetty
  • Allies: All superheroes in the Pantheon, especially Clark Kent/Superman, Spawn, Alana and Marko, The Bard, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Korra
  • Enemies: Supervillains in general, Regime Superman, The Plutonion
  • Opposes: The Kankers and the subhouse of Tainted Love, Griffith
  • Pities: Casca
  • Pitied by: Red Sonja, Guts
  • By the turn of the millenium, the folks at Image Comics were at a bad place. The Dark Age of Comic Books went bust on them. While Spawn remained, they needed a new comic to attract the masses. They got just the person in 2003. Codenamed Invincible, Mark Grayson became the new face for Image Comics for that decade. His story was one a Coming-of-Age Story that took a turn no person could have imagined. Nevertheless, his books had recently ended. While he was no longer the flagship of Image, Spawn, Alana and Marko decided to pool their resources to bring him over into the Pantheon.
    • There was a dispute for the title from Matt Garetty, a powerful user of telekinesis who was also vying for the title. Sad that he had blocked him out of the title, he settled for giving Matt a seat as the high priest. Mark also saw to it to train Matt in using his powers.
  • Superman was present for his ascension, and it was a joyous occasion indeed. Mark was one of his premier followers for years given his initial optimism and similar powers. He now has the opportunity to properly team-up with a vast array of superheroes, something that has been a dream of his for years.
  • While not following the principle of The Cowl, he still thought Batman was pretty cool. Yet he does understand the kind of trauma the Dark Knight had to go through. While Invincible isn't exactly one of his favorite superheroes to hang out with, he does appreciate the sentiment. Both laid a memorial in Batman's temple in honor of Darkwing's death at the hands of Omin-Man.
  • Has Atom Eve to thank for helping him transition into the superhero lifestyle. The two soon became lovers and ultimately parents. Her recent discovery of her immortality showed that his wife will be with him for the rest of his life.
  • Like a few other superheros, he was eager to become a superhero as soon as he gained his powers. Even with all the trauma he endured, he still encourages others to join the House of Heroes. While a pacifist, The Bard admired Mark's convictions.
  • Very few people can question why he hates Regime Superman so much: His own father, Omni-Man was one of his greatest generals before he found out he killed the Guardians of the Globe. After receiving a vicious No Holds Beatdown from him, he just left. But that wasn't the end. Soon, other Viltrumites tried to invade his world on multiple occasions. It an alliance involving several other worlds to finally put down the threat once and for all. His father renounced his former faith to join his son... costing him his life in the process A plaque detailing his complicated history can be found outside the temple.
    • Has only slightly more sympathy towards the Plutonian only because he only snapped before turning evil. He's not truly ready to forgive the former superhero for his crimes, though.
  • The only other people he hates as much as the two above are the Kankers as well as the subhouse of Tainted Love in general. The reasoning is also a personal one. One of the Viltrumites who stayed in earth wanted to birth a son from him. After he refused, she proceeded to rape him. The accuser later died in the final battle, but their son ended up being a superhero himself. Mark was glad to find other men such as Nightwing who underwent similar trauma but he still wants to raise awareness on the seriousness of male rape.
    • Red Sonja was impressed with his opposition and has sought to help him out in that regard. Not surprising as she too was a victim of rape.
    • Absolutely hates Griffith for putting Casca through a similar fate. Guts may not go far as to call him allies, but any enemy of Griffith is someone worthy of hanging around with him.
    • In some ways, his character growth has a similar trajectory with Avatar Korra. It took a lot of willpower for the two to overcome their pitfalls. Still, the two enjoy the company; Mark thinks her elemental powers are awesome while Korra is impressed with his strength.
  • In the end, he succeeded in defeating the Viltrumites once in for all. He and Atom ended up exploring other worlds to make amends for all his peoples' atrocities. The two later gave birth to a daughter named Terra. She was a handful at an early age, but grew up to become a wonderful daughter. Both his wife and daughter stay with him in the Pantheon.

    Marlowe Roderick 
Marlowe Roderick, Vampire God of Town Invasions (Marlow)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A set of sharp, conical fangs and pitch-black eyes
  • Theme Song: Vampires on the Horizon, The Bloody Fruits of Barrow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Vampires that are Absolutely Brutal and Hostile, Pitch-Black Eyes and rows of Sharp Teeth, Sadist, Ax-Crazy, Invading and Patrolling Barrow, Alaska Under a Month-Long Polar Night, Belonging to an Intrinsically Malevolent Race, Transhuman Treachery, Vampirism via even the Slightest Bite or Cut
  • Domains: Vampires, Bloodlust, Invasion, Takeovers, Cruelty, Sadism
  • Herald: His coven, but especially Iris (his most loyal companion)
  • Allies: Count Orlok, Nekron, Count Dracula (Novel Iteration), Konrad von Carstein, The Crimson Court, Black Hand, Mordekaiser, Xykon, King Boo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dracula (Castlevania), Mannfred von Carstein, Dio Brando
  • Enemies: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Arcueid Brunestud, Eric Brooks, Dimitri Maximoff, Rachel Alucard, Yuuki Terumi, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), The Belmont and Joestar Families, Usalia, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Settra, Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Opposes: Meridia, The Light & Brightness Sub-House and, by extension, anyone with Solar-Based Powers, Clark Kent/Superman, Shiki Tohno
  • Opposed By: Vlad von Carstein
  • Allegiance: Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Respects: Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Barrow is a small, incredibly isolated town on the northern side of Alaska. Because of its location, Barrow tends to experience a month-long Polar Night, where there is no daylight for that much period of time. So, one can wonder what's the worst that can happen. Well, turns out someone proclaims to the town that "They" are coming. "They", as it turns out are a group of vampires led by Marlowe Roderick. Learning of the Polar-Night, he and his coven waste no time upon first night, attacking and brutally slaughtering anyone that happened to get in their way. In time, they took over Barrow for approximately 30 Days of Night, searching for whatever survivors they could.
    • Marlowe led the vampires during his plunder and had the upper hand. Unfortunately for him, his presence did not sit well with the Vampire's ruler, Vicente, especially considering the fact that Marlowe was violating the prospect of vampires being a secret. Angry, Vicente arrived in Barrow and challenged Marlowe to a duel. Unfortunately for him, Marlowe was defeated and slaughtered, prompting Vicente to take up leadership.
    • In another continuity, Marlowe had no competition and was able to stay in Barrow up until the very end of the Polar Night. His death came about at the hands of a survivor, Eben Oleson, who was forced to take an injection via vampire blood to convert himself so that he could be in even shape against him.
  • Regardless, Marlowe did manage to make his way around the shedding of his formerly (im)mortal coil. The destination he was to reach was the Pantheon, where he was surrounded by what looked to be a deathly field under a shadowy, yet illuminating night. He was in the House of Undead. Alongside him were his coven, who approached him with snarls and hisses, positively anticipating their reunion. Reassuming leadership, Marlowe marched his way to parts unknown, now ready to strike the Pantheon.
  • The sort of vampire Marlowe (and by extension, his coven) is is meant to have some unique traits that distinguish himself from other vampires. For one, there are some similarities, such as eerily pale white skin and an insatiable taste of blood. However, these vampires might be some of the scariest and most uncompromising; each and every single one of them have sociopathic traits and retain a sense of modicum thinking, alongside having a pair of big, soulless black eyes. These vampires are also insanely durable by the species's kind; physical force does very little to deter them and they are fast and strong. Another frightening factor is their own blood; contact with it is quick to convert a human into a vampire and even a slight cut or nibble from them is enough to do the deed.
    • Another thing to highlight their otherworldly nature is their way of communication. Marlowe and his vampire pack growl, hiss, bark and sneer like voracious wolves. It highlights their more bestial and feral nature compared to the other Pantheonic vampires. That said, they are capable of human speech, but their language seems to be unknown and indecipherable as of now. Some can understand their language, if only because they're Omniglots.
    • However, even with all of these impressive skills, these vampires are not invincible. If anything, they may be the ones that are most susceptible to light. An ultraviolet light wave can sear a vampire horribly and even a small ounce of direct sunlight is enough to disintegrate them into dust. Regardless, it's an effective counter to what Marlowe's vampirekind are capable of.
  • Marlowe and the type of vampire he and his coven are have created quite the dreadful reputation around those familiar with the Undead. The aforementioned reasons were enough of a notice to describe the formidable force and feral nature of these creatures. Furthermore, they look absolutely terrifying. A pair of fangs? How about a mouthful of them, akin to a shark. The worst part is Marlowe's residing temple isn't even in the House of Undead. Many have suggested finding a way to kill or at least quarantine them so that they could no longer pose a threat. Unfortunately, Marlowe and his vampire pack are relentless.
  • Given that the vampires like him tend to be secretive in nature, Marlowe had to adapt quickly once he realized that his race is basically common knowledge in the Pantheon. He joined the Grand United Alliance of Destruction so that he could provide himself and his coven with better shelter and resources, plus the alliance is filled to the brim with malevolent undead. Situated in the GUAD Black Hammer, Nekron seeks promise in Marlowe's kind, thanks to their ability to very quickly convert those they manage to make attacking contact with.
  • Kiritsugu Emiya gets a bad vibe whenever he hears about Marlowe. This stems from the fact that when he was a child, his town was struck by a virus-like plague that caused the infected to turn into vampires, which was caused by his father, no less. As a result, Kiritsugu is very wary about how Marlowe's group is capable of converting the attacked into a vampire with just a scratch and will put no stops in combating them, especially considering that the attack on Barrow eerily reminds Kiritsugu of his doomed childhood.
  • Being an evil undead obviously doesn't give Marlowe an easy time in finding allies. Settra of the Tomb Kings hates vampires in general and sees no argument in opposing Marlowe, something which isn't really arguable. The Belmonts and Joestar families, particularly Simon and Jonathan respectively are well known in their battles against vampires and have dedicated themselves in stopping Marlowe. As for the vampire himself, while the Belmonts are certainly no pushover, Jonathan and Joseph Joestar have him uncharacteristically worried, This is because Jonathan and Joseph's use of Hamon revolves around energy based on sunlight and even by vampire standards, Marlowe and his kind are especially weak against it.
  • Of course, there's Buffy Summers, who initially saw Marlowe as another vampire to deal with. However, hearing about what he did to Barrow did shock Buffy somewhat before resolving to still fight against the vampire. Ever since then, Buffy and Marlowe have traded blows against one other, with both often tying against one another, either because Buffy's friends are always there to support her or Marlowe had the GUAD to back him up.
    • More so than Buffy, Marlowe keeps himself very cautious of Shiki Tohno. While Marlowe is a savage killer, a counter to that can exist and Shiki being a feared killer of beasts, said caution is not without reason. The fact that Tohno possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, which allows him to strike down his targets in a single blow isn't helping matters either. He may be one of the most durable vampires in the Pantheon, but Marlowe is beginning to know where to prioritize their survival regarding an enemy.
  • While he's not obviously a zombie, Chris Redfield considers Marlowe to be rather similar in some ways, especially considering the vampire's attacks and blood being capable of forced conversion with the slightest ounce. In some cases, Marlowe's vampires might be worse; unlike the zombies Chris deals with, these vampires have enough rational thinking and are willing to forcibly convert or kill their victims if need be. Chris's many allies, particularly his sister Claire, Leon and Jill have taken preparations in dealing with Marlowe. They could only hope the vampire suddenly gets the attention of Albert Wesker.
  • Due to his exaggerated anathema towards sunlight, Marlowe and his coven stay away from the Light & Brightness Sub-House as far as they can. Additionally, Marlowe also tends to avoid confrontation against Superman, considering he's someone who's literally powered by the sun and there was once a case where a vampire was disintegrated into dust for simply biting the Man of Steel. He could only hope the hero somehow uses up all his power and is left weakened without any sunlight to recharge him, but that opportunity seems to be next-to-impossible.
    • Meridia herself has a very low opinion of Marlowe if mainly because she considers the Undead in general to be a scourge that needs to be eradicated. Marlowe, however, prefers to keep his distance from her, mainly because the Daedric Prince happens to represent light and Marlowe doesn't want to risk getting eviscerated by Meridia's mere presence. There's also creations and followers of Meridia, such as the Auroran Daedra and the Purified who themselves embody light in some way. This has made Marlowe and his pack irritated seeing as they are appropriate counters who have the vampires' greatest weakness as part of their biology.
  • Regarding vampires, Count Orlok was pretty delighted to hear of the savagery and feral nature of Marlowe and his coven, eagerly allowing for amicable meetups and planning on how to attack and stalk their prey. Other vampires like Arcueid Brunestud and Eric Brooks vehemently oppose him, considering that Marlowe sees humans as nothing else other than cattle to be feasted upon and Marlowe himself was very perplexed and confused to see how some vampires were able to get along, even make friendships with humans.
  • Evil vampires like two of the ascended Draculas and Dio Brando are keen in enlisting Marlowe's coven into their services. Original!Dracula can get along with Marlowe thanks to their animalistic ferocity, though Castlevania!Dracula and Dio expect some lawful approaches, which Marlowe and his pack don't seem to follow. They seem to be more concerned about themselves than someone else's goals, which makes working with him sometimes difficult. That said, Marlowe can come off as impressionable at rare points, which Dio appreciates as Marlowe does this for extra sadism. He is interested in the Pillar Men due to their interesting abilities and their Commonality Connection with their weaknesses sunlight (except Kars), but the four of them don't have much to detail regarding Marlowe, considering that his vampirekind may be too savage and animalistic to be considered working together with.
    • Of the Von Carstein vampires, Konrad was the easiest preference, given that Marlowe's coven was the perfect vampire group to employ regarding settlement invasions and attacks, with Konrad being very impressed by how Marlowe was able to take over a town and embody such brutality afterwards. Mannfred will work with Marlowe should their ends meet but like Castlevania!Dracula and Dio, his ambitious desires are often at opposition against Marlowe's more simplistic needs. Vlad, however, sees him contemptuously, thinking that Marlowe is not fit to be an ally of his and that having him under his service would damage his reputation, like how Konrad did it beforehand.
  • In his home universe, there exists different breeds of vampires, one of which happen to be very insect-like that are considered "ancient" and feed on other vampires as prey. While it is unknown if this sorts of variation exists in the Pantheon, but Marlowe and his pack have gotten wary hearing about such a creature. If it's not them, then maybe there can be something else in the Pantheon that hunts vampires for sustenance. Only time will tell...
It took us centuries to make them believe that we are no more than just bad dreams. We should give them no reason to suspect.

    The Outlaw Star Crew 
The Outlaw Star crew Members , Paragons of the Space Western
From left to right: Melfina, Aisha, Gene, Suzuka, Jim
  • Ranks: Intermediate Deities (Jim and Melfina are Lesser, though)
  • Theme Song: Through The Night
  • Symbol: The Outlaw Star
  • Alignments: Chaotic Good (Gene), Neutral Good (Jim/Melfina), Chaotic Neutral (Aisha), True Neutral (Suzuka)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Space, Westerns Parody, Teamwork
  • Allies: All the GUAG Robot War Division, Son Goku, Superman, Optimus Prime, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Marcus Kincaid, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Gondar the Bounty Hunter, Space Dandy
  • Enemies: Every Single Member of the GUAE Mecha Cohort, Darkseid, Thanos, Megatron, Galactus, Lobo, Frieza, Cooler, Cell, the Pillar Men, Johan Liebert
  • Rivals: Coyote Starrk, Revy (for Gene), Saber Marionette!Bloodberry (for Aisha) Agent 47, Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, Lady Shiva, Niko Bellic (for Suzuka)
  • Melfina used to be by herself in the Pantheon as the Goddess of Mysterious Waifs until she couldn’t stand being alone without Gene and was in the process of stepping down. Before doing so, she made a wish on a falling star to see Gene and all her friends again. To her shock, that particular falling star began to grow larger and larger until it became a familiar red spaceship. Tears welled up within her. Her wish had been granted. The Outlaw Star crew was reunited at last.
    • However, she was confused as to how the Outlaw Star was able to find her since she was its navigational unit. Gene explained about fate and destiny, only for Gilliam II (the ship’s AI) to spill the beans that it was mere luck that they managed to land in the Pantheon. Still, Melfina was happy to see them all again.
  • Gene immediately signed up the crew to fight for the GUAG and the Robot War Division as it has two advantages. First, it gave the Outlaw Star a docking area of its own (which he’s very thankful that it’s free of charge, despite Gilliam’s criticism of sharing the facilities with others), and second, he can outfit the Star with weapons and repairs (also free) as the engineers there are happy to supply and fix things. Jim merely mused that Gene joined the GUAG just to get those benefits.
  • Gene prided himself on his shooting abilities which allowed him to become good friends with Vash (who was also one of the core representatives of the Space Western genre). The two are seen hanging out together sharing a box of donuts most of the time. Through Vash, he also met more traditional Western deities such John Wayne, John Marston and Lucky Luke. Alongside the Man with No Name, they’re known as the “Six Shooter Spirits of The West” in the Pantheon.
    • Is also drinking buddies with Spike Spiegel, another well-known Space Western-based deity. Lupin III often joins them for a round as well (although the three of them each make themselves scarce when it comes to paying the tab). Often, Vash, Gene and Spike also share moments of silence, having all gone through similar events.
  • Despite having easy access to weapons for the Outlaw Star and proficient with traditional firearms, Gene has been trying to find Caster Shells to use with his special Caster Gun. Marcus (his go-to guy for regular ammo and guns) claims he has a few but they each cost roughly the equivalent of the Maximum Security items in the Treasures Vault, so it was not practical. However, realizing the presence of a Housee of Magic and many Good-aligned skillful wizards, he decided to go and make his own Caster Shells. As such, he went to find out about the history and manufacturing of them in the House of Knowledge where Nico Robin and the Librarian immediately helped find him the necessary references (after Gene had to apologize profusely after getting the Librarian mad for accidentally calling him a monkey). Gene was later seen talking with both Vulcan and Negi Springfield about helping him make home-made Caster Shells. He has also gone over to talk to various magicians for their raw power, skill and advice on their creation. Many wonder what could arise from the creation of such unique ammunition.
  • Both Gene and Jim are friends with Kim Kaphwan’s two sons for entirely different reasons. Gene and Dong Hwan hang out often in various activities to slack off and have a good time, whereas Jim and Jae Hoon are always the ones who have to find them and haul them back to work/train.
  • Gene tends to be referred to as “Aniki” by Jim. This caused confusion one time when Jim, Sho Marufuji and a Date retainer each called out “Aniki” only for Gene, Judai Yuki, and Date Masamune (both coincidentally standing nearby) all looked back and called out a greeting in response. The whole group stood around in confusion as they silently pointed fingers all around, until they broke out in laughter. From then on, Judai, Sho and Masamune became friends with Gene and Jim.
  • Jim is a sort of a Cuteness Proximity magnet among many of the female deities around the Pantheon, which unnerves him. He bonds with Negi over this (in addition to both being very smart), even surprised that he is much younger than him.
    • And then there was the time he met the Elric brothers. Jim was impressed in how Al was able to function as a soul bound to armor as he studied him all over. Meanwhile, Ed was glad he wasn’t the short one around for once. Insulted, Jim said that size doesn’t matter (making Ed elbow Al with smugness), only to follow with maturity not also judged by size, which immediately made Ed sulk in a corner. Still, he was comforted by the fact he wasn’t the shortest one between the two in the end.
  • Aside from Negi Springfield, Jim is also good friends with fellow kid geniuses Tails and Dexter. He is currently working with both of them to create a Mini-Mecha of his own to help out the rest of the crew if need be.
    • Not only that, he has a new mentor by the name of Dell Conagher of the mercenaries. Due to this, Jim now knows how turrets work, but he has to know how to make one soon. Dell however, is willing to teach him.
  • One day, a rough voice shouted Jim’s name in a jovial manner, proclaiming that he’s glad he’s finally ascended. When they looked in direction of the voice, they found Long John Silver with a comforting smile on his face. His smile quickly turned to puzzlement and wondered why Jim didn’t recognize him. Jim claimed it was the first time they met. That was when Silver said “he’d never forget his friend Jim Hawkins.” Jim immediately corrected him saying his last name was HAWKING. Silver then excused himself and left. Before he did, he again said that he looked a lot like his Jim that they could be twins.
  • Jim would not be quite the same after an encounter with Johan Liebert. It began innocently with Johan asking if Jim ever fell in love. Jim was wary but told him of his first crush with a girl who liked cats and who strangely enough never returned after setting up a date. Johan took that moment to begin his assault. He told him that Jim himself actually killed her as she was the mysterious attacker who fought against the crew in that area. Jim immediately went into shock as Johan kept his vicious offensive pointing out that it was Jim’s own counterattacks at the control of the Outlaw Star which destroyed her ship, her cats and her life. That he was responsible for the death of a young girl and her pets, he himself destroyed his one and only chance at love and that their blood was in his hands. Jim was immediately devastated as his mind shut down by the look in his eyes. Before Johan could finish, his crewmates finally found them and Johan exited quickly to avoid the hail of bullets from one very pissed off Gene. Jim was completely frozen by shock and sadness after realizing the truth. It was only by taking him to Dr. Tenma and having lengthy visits with him did he eventually manage to snap out of it. He managed to regain his youthful spirit, but one day he managed to slip out of the Pantheon to return to Symka Five and laid a wreath at the side of the fountain where he and Hanmyo first met.
    • Gene meanwhile managed to find his way over to Johan and quietly shot him with three different Caster Shells simultaneously; none other than the three most powerful Caster shells from his world. While very taxing in life force, Gene had prepared himself beforehand and utilized the Pantheon's unique existence to keep himself from dying. Johan had virtually vanished from the Pantheon for weeks before he finally was found and staying far away from the Crew. Gene's message to Johan, his allies and the House of Evil was quite clear: don't mess with a member of the Outlaw Star.
  • Melfina finally finds purpose and a reason to go out now that Gene and the rest of the crew are with her. Still, she tends to visit the House of Philosophy to continue musing over her purpose that she had found the Galactic Leyline and what to do with her life.
  • With no one around to cook for them, she is often chosen to be the cook for the crew. Though sometimes she takes advice from friends and even lets them cook something. One of her favorite cooking partners is Cherry of the Saber Marionettes. Though Melfina often tries talking with her over her existence as an Artificial Human like her, the Marionette tends to reply that she doesn’t care what her origins were as long as she looks forward to her Otaru-sama. At mentioning his name, she immediately went into one of her imagined fantasies and ending up blushing madly and calling out his name. Melfina simply stood there unsure what to say.
    • She was cautioned in allowing friends cook for her after she invited Noel Vermillion. Melfina was scared at the end result of what Noel cooked, but still allowed it to be served. She had to immediately call for Eirin Yagokoro in the House of Health & Diseases for an antidote. The meal was so devastating that even AISHA got sick. Only Suzuka saved herself because she was not around.
  • Aisha can always be found around the Pantheon accompanied by two particular deities: Taokaka and Saber Marionette Lime. For one thing, both are always great to fight with. For another, they know the best places to get a free handout in the House of Food. Though, she and Tao always tend to fight over food more than just playful sparring (and the fact Tao nicknamed her Boobie-Kaka) with Lime cheering them on, no matter who wins.
    • She heard of the Gourmet Race Club table from Tao and is preparing herself for the eventual next Gourmet Race to earn herself a seat there.
    • She is often found in the Combat Dojo, proving her superior Ctarl-Ctarl fighting prowess. She however bit more than she could chew when she challenged both Hercules and Zangief one time. The end result was a severely sore back and stomach after Hercules managed to grab and bear-hug her with the same stamina as when he defeated the Nemean Lion. He then passed her off to the Red Cyclone who immediately gave her a Final Atomic Buster. She yielded much to her embarrassment but enjoyed the fight and promised she’d be much more powered-up next time. When not in the Combat Dojo, she's also likely to hang out in the Feline Sub-House.
    • It was also here when she met the last of the Saber Marionettes, Bloodberry, who was also looking for a fight. Their fight lasted hours, with even Aisha going into “half powered” mode. She then had the Marionette on the ropes and was about to launch the finishing blow…until she fainted from hunger after burning off so many calories in the fight. Aisha and Bloodberry called out a momentary truce to go out for some chow at the House of Food, with neither yielding the results of their fight as a draw.
  • Aisha was shocked to see Guts standing before her one time. He merely looked down and said that for a second he thought he heard the voice of his beloved and walked away. The Ctarl-Ctarl was puzzled by his comment.
    • She also had an ugly encounter with Lord Raptor who rushed towards her in a love-struck frenzy, only to be sent crashing into a nearby wall with one good punch. After regaining his bearing, he cursed her for confusing him with the voice of his sweetheart Hsien-Ko. Already angry, Aisha went into her “half powered” mode and utterly annihilated Raptor, leaving his body in pieces.
    • Still, these strange encounters of her voice being familiar to someone have eventually become friendlier. On one occasion, she met Asuka Langley Soryu, who also sounded like her. After a brief but friendly fight, Aisha went into her were-tiger form and pounced on Asuka. . . then started licking her face as if she were a kitten! Asuka was shocked by this, but complimented Aisha on her were-tiger form, comparing it to Eva Unit 02's feline Beast Mode. Stranger still, on the times she attempts to speak in English, she sounded exactly like a non-accented Rogue. It was being friends with her that allowed Aisha to meet both Wolverine and X-23, whom the latter apparently enjoys sparring with her.
  • As her status of Sixth Ranger in the crew, Suzuka hardly stays in their temple and can be found wandering the Pantheon. Most see her meditating in the House of Nature, enjoying a cup of tea in Iroh’s shop, or friendly sparring with several swordsmen and women in the House of Weapons. Despite having a place to stay in the House of Narrative, she tends to visit Yukiko Amagi’s inn as she claims it feels just like home. Yukiko enjoys having her visit as she is very polite. Yukiko also notes just how much Suzuka is part of a close-knit group, much like the Investigation Team.
  • When Suzuka first met and fought Arturia, she thought for a second she was facing Melfina as their voices were nearly alike. That slight moment of hesitation cost her the match, but she waits for a rematch soon.
  • Suzuka's relations with assassins in the Pantheon are varied. With Ezio, she treats him with utmost respect as one of the original members of the Assassin order. With Agent 47, they treat each other with professional aplomb as each has their own special way of executing their kills. With the League of Assassins, she considers them rivals as Ra’s wants her to join only for Suzuka to politely decline as she works by herself. This sometimes gets her to blows with his daughter Talia who feels insulted by Suzuka rejecting her father’s kindness. Only with Ra’s telling her to not attack does she relent.
  • Currently, Gene and Jim have been discussing the possibility of having "Hot-Ice" Hilda ascend onto the Pantheon upon learning how Death functions much differently here than in the mortal plane.

    Valkyrie Cain 
Valkyrie Cain, Goddess of Urban Fantasy, (Stephanie Edgley, Darquesse)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A flame in a hand.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Pragmatic Hero, Cool Big Sis, "Battle Accessory", Uses a mixture of elemental magicand Necromancy, until losing them a gaining lighting powers.
  • Domains: Magic, Fantasy, Justice
  • Allies: Ascended – Skulduggery Pleasant, Harry Potter, Bigby Wolf, Cole MacGrath, Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
  • Enemies: Darquesse, The Slender Man, Voldemort, Bloody Mary, evil vampire deities, any deity who abuse their siblings
  • Odd Friendship with: Celty Sturluson
  • Caused a bit of a scare at the House of Magic due to her having the same appearance as Darquesse, fortunately Skulduggery came by to clear things up before a fight broke out.
    • After the confusion passed, Valkyrie was surprised when she meant Harry Potter and had a minor geek-out.
    • Also became enemies with Voldemort not only for being an ally of Harry’s but because he blames her for being temporality turned into a rubber duck by Darquesse.
      • Quite a few of the deities at the House have taken an interest in her magical abilities since she's directly connected to the source of magic.
  • Her connection to Darquesse is somewhat complex: In short, Darquesse is Valkyrie’s Superpowered Evil Side. The two where eventually separated but Darquesse survived by finding a host in Valkyrie’s "Reflection" (a magical clone). It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Though her original given name is Stephanie Edgley, she chose the name Valkyrie Cain when she became a sorceressnote . She’s okay with people addressing her by either of those names, as long as it’s not Darquesse.
    • Isn’t exactly happy that Darquesse got to the Pantheon before she did either.
  • Often joins on Skulduggery on detective cases, which has led to her meeting Bigby. While she was wary of him at first due to a near-fatal encounter with a werewolf in the past she eventually warmed-upped him after he help her in an encounter with Bloody Mary.
  • Is currently training with Cole Mac Grath and Raiden on practicing her magic lighting abilities as well as learning some parkour from Cole and new fighting techniques from Raiden.
  • After hearing about a Goddess of Dullahans, she decided to do some snooping and eventually met Celty Sturluson. The two soon became buddies.
  • Her taken name caught the attention of Freya who decided to watch Valkyrie in battle one day. Afterwards Freya praised her by saying she would make a fine warrior.
  • Despises any deity who mistreatments their siblings, this is mainly because Valkyrie has a younger sister who is often a sore topic for her to discuss.
  • Is worried that The Slender Man may be a Faceless One, a concern shared by Skulduggery.
  • Once dated a vampire who turned out to be a yandere who tried to kill her after she broke up with him. It's best to never ask her about it, EVER.

Zasalamel, God of Early Appearances in Different Adaptations (The Dark Side of Karma, Abyss)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Golden Left Eye or his Scythe, Kafziel
  • Theme Song: Time Marches On
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Has Neutral Good Goals), Neutral Evil as Abyss
  • Portfolio: Plotting and Expecting the Choices and Actions of Several Characters, Scary Black Man, Theatrical while Maintaining a Stoic Demeanor, Using the Scythe as his Main Weapon, Immortality which he Despises until deciding to use it for the Greater Good, Combining Ferocity with Meticulous Planning, Over a Thousand Years Old, Ability to Control Time and Conjure Vortexes and Black Holes, Fights Differently Compared to the other Soul Calibur Characters, Receiving Knowledge about the Future from his Future Self, Mr. Exposition, Makes his Debut in the Reboot Earlier than the Earlier Incarnation
  • Domains: Time, Immortality, Scythes, Enigma, Mentors, Knowledge
  • Allies: Grøh, Hilde, Dr. Manhattan, Guts, Nagato, Obito Uchiha, King Arthur Pendragon, The Emperor of Mankind
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Barry Allen/The Flash, Homura Akemi, Ozymandias, The Pantheonic Time Police, Qin Shi Huang
  • Odd Friendship: Gilgamesh
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Tira, Cervantes, The Dahaka, Lord English, Emperor Palpatine, Griffith, The Vex
  • On Good Terms With: Histoire, The Librarian
  • Complicated Relationship: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Respects: Deities who believe Humans Are Special
  • Little is known about Zasalamel. A being whose age is so vast to the point it's difficult to trace back his origins and is someone whose Immortality revolves around Reincarnation, Zasalamel is mysterious in nearly every way, even his motives and goals are up for anyone's guess. That said, it is rumored that underneath the gloomy and silent man is someone who is motivated to do good, but this hasn't been disclosed as now.
    • Zasalamel was a being who actually desired immortality at one point. The extent of this interest was so high he began to dabble into arcane magic to achieve it. Unfortunately for him, his enjoyment was not to last long, as he soon realized Immortality Hurts whenever he died and that the process of being reincarnated was daunting, causing Zasalamel to fall to depression and find a means to wash away his eternal life so that he may finally die forever. He saw Soul Calibur and Soul Edge as a means to finally achieve said goal, but soon realized that humanity would grow and prosper to new heights in the future. Impressed and amazed, Zasalamel decided to abandon his old goals and seek to look for true immortality so that he could live up to a point where humankind is at a prosperous age. Overtime, he would give out his goals to an earlier incarnation so he could seek to use Soul Calibur and Soul Edge for a much greater cause.
      • Due to his reincarnating nature, it is incredibly difficult to pinpoint where Zasalamel came from. Some speculate that he came from Babylon and Akkadia, given that its flag is his nationality symbol. For now, Zasalamel has made no comment.
  • Zasalamel entered the Pantheon after receiving visions of a great battle between different factions and numerous races and settings he never knew about. After learning of Nightmare's presence there and to make sure that his influence doesn't cause further damage and corruption, Zasalamel quickly embarked into a new land, one where his plans may or may not go off unnoticed.
  • As befitting of his reputation in his world, Zasalamel is one of the more enigmatic figures in the Pantheon. No one's really sure of what to make of him and seriously doubt whether he's a villain or not. It's not helped by the fact that Zasalamel is so isolated and quiet about his reception that he rarely even bothers to try to explain his overall goals to others. Though time will tell as usual.
  • Lucifer and the Emperor of Mankind are two of the few beings who are aware of Zasalamel's goals and plans and have commended high praise for him in that regard. Zasalamel on the other hand doesn't really have much to add on to their compliments, but given that the three of them are firm believers of the uniqueness of Humanity, he accepts it nonetheless. That said, he has difficulty in seeing whether he can trust the GUAC, given that some of the members are unambiguously evil and sees the Emperor's stance on Xenophobia as somewhat problematic. He's open to working for both of them, but isn't exactly fully trusting of them.
    • On a similar note, Zasalamel is also making plans to supply information and support to the GUAG in the hopes that it could help in the battle against the GUAE and GUAD. Cosmos is somewhat wary, given that Zasalamel is rather quiet and tends to send his resources rather abruptly. Some heroes are however, willing to accept his help, though getting to find him has been a rather difficult stretch.
  • His ability to control time has made him associated with time-associated deities like Barry Allen, Homura Akemi and Lord English. Zasalamel clearly opposes the latter whereas his working relations with the other two is difficult at best; Barry is suspicious of Zasalamel's true motives and Homura is trying to keep an eye out to see if Zasalamel is truly living up to his goals. They have some common enemies to fight against for now and the two have occasionally work with Zasalamel in investigative and arcane cases.
  • Nagato is one of the only beings in the Pantheon that is willing to fully accept Zasalamel in his goals, even allowing him a position in a new organization he is planning out, composed of morally ambiguous yet good-intentioned individuals. However, Zasalamel still has ties to the GUAC and the Emperor of Mankind and is seeking to tread his relations carefully. All that aside, him and Nagato are on good terms and are willing to fight together.
  • Despite a rocky start, him and Guts get along rather well, with Zasalamel even taking to search for intel and information regarding Griffith. Guts has respected the gesture. Dr. Manhattan is another notable alliance as the true are rather mysterious and occasionally conspicuous. Zasalamel impresses Dr. Manhattan in regards to pushing forward to see a new age for Humanity and given the latter is starting to regain some semblance of human connection and relation, he sees the former as a good friend.
  • He was alerted with serious concern about the Vex, beings who manipulate time and pose an omnicidal threat to humanity and all sapient races in general. Zasalamel seeks to find as many potential allies as possible in the hopes of stopping them. He is however, perplexed to see that the Vex are among the first beings in existence and that they would have succeeded in their goal of universal assimilation/subjugation had it not been for the battles against Light and Darkness.
  • Zasalamel has a rather interesting viewpoint regarding Qin Shu Huang, who is also endowed with Immortality. On one hand, he likes the latter for attempting to preserve and protect humanity, but was disappointed in the fact that Quin Shi would deprive his people from education rendering them illiterate, something which Zasalamel sees as conterporductive and not helping in leading Humanity to a golden age. That said, he was pleased to see Quin Shi reform in some ways and be dedicated to protecting humanity. As a result, the two would often work together, although it can be strenuous at best, given Qin Shi's rather questionable acts in pursuing his goals which tend to counteract Zasalamel's more careful and pragmatic approach.
  • Some deities are rather surprised to see that Zasalamel is good acquaintances with Gilgamesh of all people. The two are known to meet up with one another and share decent conversations. It turns out that Gilgamesh is also a believer of Humans Are Special just like Zasalamel and that Zasalamel sees him as a worthy ally, given that Soul Edge is actually terrified of the King of Heroes.
    • Gilgamesh aside, Zasalamel does respect and work with King Arthur as well, given that one of his actions before his death was to influence his followers into forming the Aval Organization in order to combat against Soul Edge and the Malfested. That said, he doesn't know what to think of regarding Arthur's gender-bent counterpart, Artoria. While Zasalamel thinks she is a fine example of humanity's greatness, the fact that he is allies with Gilgamesh makes approaching Artoria somewhat difficult on his end.
  • Knowing that the Malfested are a dire threat to humanity, Zasalamel is staunch allies with Grøh and Hilde and isn't afraid of fighting alongside them when given the chance. That said, Nightmare's influence in the Pantheon has been noted to be greater than from his home world. He speculates that this may have something to do with the nature and presence of other great evils such as Melkor and Nekron. He spends much of his time delving into as much research as he could in the hopes of find a means to permanently stop the Malfested's presence. Though so long as Nightmare and Soul Edge are still around, it's going to be a tough fight.
  • Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, Zasalamel resides in a isolated library with hardly anyone around to notice him. Secretly, he's been collecting information about the Pantheon, it's inhabitants and ascended deities, the numerous events that have gone by and knowledge about various MacGuffins and special items. It's not known how much information he has exactly collected, but it has been estimated that Zasalamel constantly updates his archives and has stashed a lot of information already, enough to provide an advantage to those who receive it first. Zasalamel has made no comment about it for now.
    • Zasalamel visits the House of Knowledge rather frequently and has consulted with the likes of Histoire and The Librarian. His hospitality has allowed him to be in good graces with them and it's been noted that he reads a lot, though some think he secretly steals books. Zasalamel also attends the House of Magic, though many of the deities there are suspicious and are not too willing to allow Zasalamel to practice his magical abilities there. Nevertheless, he's still finding other means to further his own powers.
  • Has made a goal to monitor and investigate the newly emerging astral fissures in the Pantheon due to Soul Edge's presence. The GUAC and the GUAG have taken to consider helping Zasalamel about quelling the fissures and stopping potential uprisings of Malfested. It is during these moments that the GUAC and GUAG put aside their doubts into working with with him.
  • Learning from his future self's visions, Zasalamel has learned that by combining the powers of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, he can transform into a being known as Abyss. He seeks to avoid this, but it seems that combining the two swords without the risk is rather difficult. Additionally, Zasalamel is not happy to hear that Abyss starts taking cues from some of Soul Edge's feelings. Luckily enough, now that he has this information, he knows he doesn't have to undergo said transformation without knowing it.
Let the power of my words... sink into your soul.

Lesser Gods

    John Carter 
John Carter, God of Planetary Romances (John Carter of Mars, Prince of Helium, Warlord of Mars, Captain Jack Carter of Virginia, Dotar Sojat, Jeddak of Jeddaks)

    John Wayne 
John Wayne, God of The Western and Cowboys (The Duke)

    The Paranatural Activity Club 
The Paranatural Activity Club, Representatives of School Club Stories (The Activity Club)
From Left to Right: Isabel Guerra, Richard "Rick" Spender, Edward "Ed" Burger, Maxwell "Max" Puckett, and Isaac O'Connor


    James Marshall 
James Marshall, Holy Herald of Hostage Situations in a Closed Space
President Marshall
  • Theme Song: Air Force One Theme.
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: Air Force One and the Seal of the President of the United States
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Die Hard on the Air Force One, Vietnam Veteran And Medal Of Honor Winner, Badass President In A Nice Suit, Papa Wolf
  • Domains: The Presidency of the United States, Family
  • Followers: Frank McCloud, Casey Ryback, Darren McCord, Gabe Walker, Kit Latura
  • Allies: Theodore Roosevelt, Josiah Bartlet, John McClane, Snake Eyes, Duke, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Ellen Ripley, Stan Smith
  • Enemies: Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Destro, HYDRA, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Nikita Dragovich, Kane, The Xenomorphs, The Enclave
  • Uneasy Relationship: Snake Plissken
  • Commonality Connection: Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Rick Deckard
  • There are a couple of presidents who currently reside in the Pantheon. Teddy Roosevelt represents historical presidents who turn out to be badass in real life. Josiah Bartlet represents fictional ones who are experts in being the Guile Hero. And then there is James Marshall. Held hostage in Air Force One, he not only single-handedly freed all of the hostages in the plane, but also took down all of those responsible for the heinous act. That heroic act awarded him a prestigious spot in the Pantheon.
    • Sadly, he couldn't save Air Force One herself as she is currently at the bottom of the Caspian Sea. In response, the House of Leadership created a replica of the aircraft just for him upon his ascension. The new Air Force One serves as his temple, capable of flying as well as any Boeing 747 in the air as well as a base whenever it lands.
  • When it was revealed there was no room for him in Leadership, it was John Mc-Clane who came to his rescue. He felt that Marshall's incident mirrored that of his own. As such, he found space in the House of Narrative for Marshall to stay in the Pantheon. Marshall had pity on the former officer for what he went through in his life and hopes that things will improve in time.
  • Was greeted by both Roosevelt and Bartlet soon afterwards. While Marshall's policies are vague compared to the other two, he has remained friends with them to this day. He joked that both men are just as capable of great acts when pressured. Some deities worry that the men should have more security on them when together, but others state that the three alone are more than capable of taking care of themselves.
  • That hasn't stopped terrorists from trying. There was one time when he was blinded and taken to COBRA headquarters. There, Cobra Commander demanded a large sum of money from the GUAG or he would take Marshall's life. They were ready for any sort of forces coming their way. They were not ready for Marshall slipping out of his prison. It took hours for the villains to track him down. By the time they finally cornered him, the Joes had already infiltrated the base, forcing COBRA to retreat. The Joes knew that it would take more than threats to force Marshall to negotiate with terrorists.
  • It was hard to say if his original captors were Communists, but it is agreed that they most likely worshiped Nikita, a soldier who was notorious for only caring about saving his own skill. Besides them, there are other followers of him who would love to hold him hostage to show their capabilities to their leader. Marshall is willing to oblige... on his way to killing their asses afterwards.
  • Marshall has also come in contact with HYDRA. Led by the Red Skull, the group was hoping to find a way to permanently off the former president. They even tried to replace him with an LMD a couple of times, but he proved to be too tenacious to hold him for long.
  • Sometimes, it's versions of America itself that is capable of the most heinous acts. Marshall was disgusted with the actions of the Enclave, a dystopian version of America built from the remnants of its eradicated predecessor. Things got worse when the Enclave kidnapped him and took him into a bunker. They figured that having a living president would unite their world while keeping it under their control. With no experience with that kind of president, it wasn't long until Marshall was able to escape.
  • There was one time when Marshall was acting strangely. He was seeking alliances with enemies of America as well as pulling back on alliances with allies. After seeking help from the Martian Manhunter, it was revealed that he was under some sort of mind control. Tracing the energy led him to Kane's temple where it was revealed he had taken over Marshall's mind using a pin to enhance his influence. It was only a matter of destroying the pin to bring Marshall's mind back to normal, but he wouldn't forget the stunt he pulled.
  • Naturally, a number of people end up assisting him whenever he is put in sticky situations. Amanda Waller is fond of placing Snake Plissken alongside Marshall for protection. Neither man likes the situation; Marshall is unsure if he could trust the ex-criminal while Snake has plenty of things he would rather do than take care of yet another president. No one would say that they are terrible together though; both are rather efficient in getting out of hairy situations.
  • Stan Smith is a more reliable protector for Marshall. Mr. Smith even experienced such a situation himself in a football stadium. Either way, he's glad that more US Presidents are making their mark in the Pantheon. Marshall appreciates the help, though it is annoying that he constantly forgets lessons given to him in life.
  • One day, his temple was completely overrun with Xenomorphs. Apparently, the aliens felt he was responsible for thwarting their survival in multiple encounters with humans. Unfortunately for the aliens, their arch-nemesis was at the temple as well. Ellen Ripley helped Marshall to escape the building and call for help. It wasn't long before the GUAG got rid of the infestation. Marshall gave Ripley the Medal of Honor shortly afterwards.

    Max Rockatansky 
Max Rockatansky, God of Desert Punk (Mad Max, The Maximum Force of the Future, The Road Warrior, Captain Walker, Raggedy Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His leather jacket
  • Theme: "We Don't Need Another Hero" by Tina Turner, or "Brothers In Arms"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Earth, Madness, Toil, Racing
  • Portfolio: Awesome Aussie, Ambiguous Disorder, Badass Driver, Captain Crash, Crazy-Prepared, Dented Iron, Heartbroken Badass, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, The Quiet One, Walking the Earth, Still wears his cop uniform
  • Followers: All allies of his respective movies, The characters of Desert Punk, Tank Girl, Eli
  • Herald: The Interceptor
  • Allies: Imperator Furiosa, Steve Irwin, Ashley Williams, Saxton Hale, Vash, The Crimson Raiders, Kenshiro, Toki, Solid Snake, Samurai Jack
  • Enemies: Immortan Joe, Kano, Handsome Jack, Souther, Calypso
  • Rivals: Mad Moxxi, Leto Atreides II
  • Opposes: Bane, Raoh
  • When the latest of Max's adventures was recorded in film, many gods awaited his ascension. Surprisingly, that did not happen. In fact, the whereabouts of his location were unknown for many months. It was only the investigation of Steve Irwin that revealed his fate: Max had been held prisoner all that time in revenge for his death. The two managed to escape Immortan Joe's temple, with massive help from a bald-headed woman. The three ventured out on the Interceptor with the War Boys in hot pursuit. The resulting car chase drew enough attention to force a settlement. The Court of the Gods ruled Max's imprisonment a violation of neutrality. With no one else to oppose him, Max became the rightful owner of the Desert Punk franchise.
  • He wasn't pleased in the slightest to not only find another god who looked like Immortan Joe, but one who looked just like him. Bane merely scoffs at the Max's ascension, not seeing him as much of a threat.
  • His most well-known weapon of choice has been the sawed-off shotgun, making him a former follower of Ash Williams. Max sometimes pities him, seeing the man as one of the few gods that has had it worse in his mortal life than himself.
  • He was glad that there were other Aussies in the Pantheon... he just didn't expect one as eccentric as Saxton Hale. The Australian Champion greeted him with a hug that could choke a kangaroo before offering to tour the area. Max finds it difficult to stick with him for long, so he finds excuses to leave early.
  • Vash offered to teach him how to be more accurate, given Max was getting rusty by the looks of his latest film. He silently shrugged, taking up the offer. It can be in handy in future adventures.
  • Kano took to the task of hunting down Max, hoping to receive a reward from Immortan Joe. Max has been keeping an eye out on the mercenary ever since.
  • His stories have said to inspire entire worlds to take a similar path. It didn't take long for many of their rank to give thanks to them... but not all of them. He woke up one day to see his temple covered in graffiti. A quick investigation with the help of the Crimson Guard laid the blame on Handsome Jack. The God of Petty Villains tried and failed to take up Max's title and is currently planning to take it back.
  • Many gods believe that Max has sworn not to hook up with any other woman in respects to his dead wife and daughter, victims of the early phase of the post-apocalyptic future. However, that wasn't the only reason he turned down Moxxi's offer. He feels she reminds him too much of Aunty Entity.
  • Speaking of similar premises, Raoh turned out to be too similar to Immortan Joe for his liking. Although he stands no chance of defeating him, Max received the backing of Kenshiro and Toki. Some say the Mad Max series inspired the world of Fist of the North Star, allowing Max to call in a couple favors from powerful friends.
    • Souther was not pleased with the development of his latest film, claim it to be shameless propaganda in favor of friendships. He hopes to prove this point by stomping Max into a bloody pulp. So far Max has been able to avoid the God of Abhorrance Towards Love.
  • Leto had hoped to take the title from Max in order to increase his power. The Court of the Gods denied the request, citing that Max appeared two years earlier than the Dune series. The two are still bitter over the attempted insurgence.
  • Among the various gods who saw inspiration from his movies was Solid Snake, as his creator is a huge fan of The Road Warrior. Although Metal Gear Solid isn't usually set in a desert environment, the dialogue is remarkably similar.
  • Calypso had hoped to invite Max to his Twisted Metal tournaments, to which the later vehemently refused. Max is wary with how Calypso manipulates people to give them corrupted deals and wanted no part of it.
  • Samurai noted when he was in a similar predicament, forced to fight in the Dome of Dome. He doesn't lay any blame on Max, instead congratulating him on his ascension.
  • He feels some sort of connection to Babe - even if it reminds him of the underground pigsty of Bartertown - and sees fit to protect the pig whenever he faces danger in the Pantheon.

    Michael Scott 
Michael Scott, Patron Saint of Work Comedies (Prison Mike, Ping, Blind Guy McSqueezy)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company logo
  • Theme song: The Office Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Aesop Amnesia, Attention Whore, Stupid Boss, Camp Straight, Frequently Uses the phrase "That's What She Said", Cloudcuckoolander, Contemplate Our Navels, Crippling Overspecialization, Dirty Coward, Fourth Date Marriage, Friendless Background, Genius Ditz, Idiot Houdini, Innocently Insensitive, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Manchild, No Social Skills, Small Name, Big Ego, Wrong Genre Savvy, Ungrateful Bastard
  • Domains: Good, Business, Stupidity
  • Followers: His office employees, Ally McBeal, The crew of Better off Ted
  • High Priestess: Retsuko
  • Allies: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Leslie Knope, Segata Sanshiro
  • Enemies: Looten Plunder, Amadeus Cho, Tsunade
  • Rivals: Weird Al, Isabela of Riven, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart
  • Opposes: GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Annoys: Ron Swanson
  • Odd Friendship: The Minions
  • Conflicting Opinion: Liz Lemon
  • Thinking he could make a name of himself in business, Michael Scott made his case for a spot in the House of Commerce. Kaiba allowed him to pitch the sale of Tickle-Me Elmo dolls to parents. Although he made a lot of dumb decisions, he made up for it in having an expertise for his job. He ultimately came up short, but another deity offered him a spot. Lucy Ricardo had selected him as the God of Work Comedies. Thinking this was his big break, he accepted the offer with glee.
  • He made a plea to the Pantheon to also receive the title of Benevolent Boss. That suggestion only caused the entire House of Commerce to break down in laughter. They were quick to point out many complaints that other deities made for being too aloof for the title. Not even his employees could defend him.
  • Despite his aloof nature, he's turned out to be a great salesman when the chips are down. When Segato asked for help selling Sega products, Michael managed to increase sales by 80%. Of course, that cost him his temple which caught fire in the calamity but he's not complaining.
  • Made an enemy of Looten Plunder when Michael rejected his bid to buy a plot of forest under the advice of Leslie Knope. He plots to make a hostile takeover of Michael's business to throw him out of the Pantheon.
  • Speaking of Leslie, the Goddess of Beleaguered Bureaucracy was delighted to have her spiritual descendant into the pantheon. Ron was more nonplussed with him, hoping that a more competent boss could have taken the position. The three are plotting to ascend more of their kind into the Pantheon.
  • Sees the Pantheon as the perfect grounds to launch his song parodies. What he didn't know is that he's got competition. Weirld Al took up the challenge, with two often competing in a Battle of the Parody Bands in the House of Music. Al may have the experience, but Michael does have his followers.
  • Loves to put in in a sexual innuendo, so much that some deities considered giving him an additional title for it. To his delight, many other gods were more than willing to to exchange sexual innuendos with him. Despite all this, he hopes to settle down in a loving relationship and have kids.
    • When Isabela heard news of his innuendo skills, she couldn't help but answer the challenge. The resulting double entendres lasted for hours on end, causing many to shake their heads in disgust. In the end, the two lest satisfied taking on a Worthy Opponent.
  • He's often seen to have mental breakdowns numerous times. Trollkaiger released a video to one of his most famous outbursts, causing most in the Pantheon to burst out in laughter. Michael Scott responded with a smear campaign against the group. Reception was... more mixed, and only convinced them to troll them further by hacking his computers.
  • He's also known for creating alternate personas for himself, usually ending badly for those on the receiving end. Amadeus Cho claimed only through willpower of Hal Jordan prevented him from punching his Ping character. His Prison Mike character induced the eyerolls of the entire House of Crime. Things went heated when he used his Blind Guy McSqueezy to cop a feel of Tsunade. His return trip to his temple was courtesy of the Megaton Punch she delivered him. He's been more careful about using his alternate identities from now on.
  • Initially, he was surprised to see a group of short yellow beings hunched up outside his temple. Turns out the Minions thought that he was their boss Gru who share the same actor. They were disappointed that that wasn't the case, but Michael invited them in anyways. The Minions turned out to be one of his most loyal allies in the Pantheon. The Minions' competence is a different story, but it's not like he's fared any better.
  • Another person who confused him for the actor was Stephen Colbert. Apparently the two worked under the leadership of Jon Stewart, a man who ascended after him. Although he doesn't have any knowledge of that part of his life, the two decided to become friends to get to know each other.
  • Once that that telling a Chris Rock impersonation to Mr. T would be a good idea. He's been pulling out glass in his head from the window he got thrown out of to this day.

    The School Life Club 
The School Life ClubMembers , Goddesses of Adult-less Settings (Yuri: Rii-chan, Miki: Mii-chan)
In clockwise order: Yuki, Yuri, Miki, Taroumaru, and Kurumi

    Susy Hendrix 
Susy Hendrix, Goddess of House Protection
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A doll stuffed with heroin.
  • Theme Song: Wait Until Dark
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Alone with the Psycho, Disability Superpower, Handicapped Badass, The Mark
  • Domains: Blindness, Protection
  • Heralds: Sam (her husband), Gloria
  • Allies: Kevin McCallister, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Laurie Strode, Marion Crane, Toph, Jayfeather, Lisbeth Salander, Leon and Mathilda
  • Enemies: Paul and Peter, Walter White, Tony Montana, Alex DeLarge
  • Susy is a vivacious young woman who has been blinded in a car accident for a year. When a doll stuffed with heroin was brought to her apartment by her husband, a trio of thugs led by Harry Roat broke into it in order to retrieve the doll back and convinced Susy that her spouse had been implicated in the crime and the only way to protect him is to surrender the doll. However, she proves to be resourceful and intelligent, which ultimately gives her an edge against the criminals. The Main House is rather sympathetic to her situation, and decided to ascend her for Protect This House.
  • Her temple is pretty much a recreation of her apartment. One improvement that was given to her new temple is that it was given a new security system that’s intended to ward off potential criminals from vandalizing it. Not that it prevented them from finding ways to hack through the system. Additionally, her husband, Sam, as well as Gloria also reside in that temple and has served as her heralds.
  • One particular deity that she is close with is Kevin McCallister, given their shared situation of having to deal with their house being invaded by a group of criminals. Kevin views Susy as a sort of mother figure, and sometimes, he would even come to her house to care for her due to her blindness. Thanks to Kevin, she has gotten into setting up traps in her house in case someone breaks into her apartment again.
  • Matt Murdock has also expressed an interest in Susy, impressed that a blind person like her was capable of defending herself against a group of criminals. While the two don’t interact much, they remain good friends.
    • Besides Daredevil, another blind person she is also on good terms is Toph Bei Fong. Susy is impressed with how a young blind girl like Toph can be capable of wielding earth powers.
    • As a blind cat, Jayfeather can relate to Susy’s difficulties and angst in living in blindness. He drops by her temple regularly to check on her and Susy has learned to expect him and leave treats for him. Consequently Susy is one of the few deities Jayfeather isn't a jerk to.
  • She doesn’t seem to have a liking for Peter and Paul, given that they would sneak up to different houses by having certain residents of said houses play a game, only to have them murdered. The two seem to have no problem wanting to play said game with her, but Susy, having learned from her experiences, has constantly refused to let them in her apartment. She’s also wary of Alex DeLarge and his droogs as they tend to attack people in whatever house they come across.
  • Another person that Susy had to deal with is Walter White, who seems to be interested in a doll that has cocaine inside. She has tried to avoid him after she heard about his connections with the drug ordeal. Tony Montana has also expressed equal interest on the doll as he felt that it could potentially give him a profit from the cocaine trade, which Susy has also objected to.
  • Became allies with both Laurie Strode and Marion Crane after hearing how both of them went through similar situations as she did. She is especially close with Laurie, who also had to deal with a home invasion, but also feels sorry for Marion given that the latter didn’t survive her visit to the Bates Motel.
  • Lisbeth Salander also ended up siding with Susy because she tends to be a defender of women who are disadvantaged in some way. Lisbeth would give Susy some advice in self-defense and get back at those who assail the blind woman. In turn, Susy, being a big believer in being nice to everyone, serves as a Morality Pet to Lisbeth.
  • Susy has also befriended Leon and Mathilda after hearing how the latter had her own problems because of her family being involved in drug-dealing and getting murdered by a corrupt officer who was also involved in the business. That, and Leon has recommended Mathilda to stay with Susy whenever he’s at work in hopes that Susy will serve as a good influence for the little girl.


    Ephraim Winslow and Thomas Wake 
Ephraim Winslow and Thomas Wake, Handlers of The Lighthouse (Thomas Howard (for Wake))
Thomas Wake on the left, Ephraim Winslow on the right
  • Theme Song: Arrival, Curse Your Name for Thomas Wake
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A lighthouse in an isolated island.
  • Alignments: Neutral Evil for Winslow, Lawful Evil for Wake
  • Portfolio: Drunken handlers, the only two members of the entire location, slowly driven insane due to the isolation, follows Winslow's life through the island, but with both real and horrific delirium, both speak in fluent 20s-30s speech, fighting over the mysterious light above the lighthouse, surreal and questionable occurrences between each other including hints of repressed sexual desires, both are dead by the end
  • Domains: Isolation, Insanity, Dread, Surrealism, Lighthouses
  • Source of Interest for: The Bedtime Stories Crew, the Houses of Narrative and Knowledge
  • Commonality Connection: Martin Walker, Pi and Richard Parker, Alma and Elisabet Volger, Robert Scranton, Prometheus (for Winslow)
  • Fears: Cthulhu, the Kraeken, the Kraken, the Light of Destruction (for Winslow)
  • Mixed Reception with: Ariel, the Mermaid Princesses, Ruto, and all Merfolk, the Villager
  • Opposes: Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Spongebob Squarepants (for Wake)
  • Opposed by: Captain Haddock, Captain Ahab (for Wake)
  • On the very old days, lighthouses were a common sight amongst the seafarers for their needs of traversing the seas, in the case they might need a single sight of land especially at dark times. What some people wonder at is whether or not these lighthouses could be maintained for such years with rather mundane tasks and the few people trying to keep the lighthouse at bay. And on an isolated island within New England, two men would soon find out the jobs they had taken upon arrival on the island, an old salty-sea sailor who stayed for years within the island, and a young drifter who took the job of being an assistant. Despite the mundane actions they had taken, it did not take long till both of each other's trust would wither away and the troubles of isolationism would take a toll on both their sanity and their lives.
    • These two Englishmen of the 30s were tasked to maintain a lighthouse, with one of them, Ephraim Winslow, seeking a job as an assistant to a crusty old man, who goes by the name of Thomas Wake. To say that there was trust issues between the two would be an understatement. Ever since Winslow set a foot into the island, his trust with Wake was at the very bottom, as he was given menial tasks and less than savory living conditions while Wake was just simply drinking while on the job. However, one night, when Winslow notices a scrimshaw of a mermaid, he ends up having sexual fascination of it and his curiosity of the lighthouse they were maintaining grew when he saw a nude Wake entering it and alongside were dreams of the place itself, including tentacles, tree stumps floating on the water and of all things, a mermaid.
    • Following days the two would grow closer but tensions would be at an all time high. Winslow's sexual frustrations would culminate in him masturbating to the mermaid scrimshaw but would not finish due to witnessing a naked Wake yet again, showing hints of repression in him. Later at the night, Wake would lecture on his assistant regarding the second assistant he had for the job and how he died out of insanity. For a while, the two would grow and their tensions, while at an all time high, were not so harmful, until the third day when Winslow, out of rage for being attacked by a seagull, mercilessly beats it to death, signaling what would be a change of pace between the two and in a very bad way.
    • What would happen next would go down as one of the most surreal breakdowns between the two, as a storm blocks their chance of moving out of the island, several events occur. The ferry that was meant to pick them up did not arrive, leading the two stranded. Winslow would find a mermaid washed up ashore and would grope her until it screeched, scaring him. The loss of rations forced the two to utilize alcohol as a backup, all while the two grew even closer than before but growing even more adversarial towards each other, like the one time Wake made a heavy rant against Winslow for insulting his lobster cooking and more importantly, the latter's growing curiosity of the light within the lighthouse. The last part, combined with Wake's control over the lighthouse for secretive reasons would result in the two fighting until Winslow killed the old man, only to finally see the light and horrifyingly scream in agony over what he saw. The final fate of Winslow turned him into live food for the seagulls to feast in his innards, living the last few hours of his life in agony.
  • The duo's ascension occurred on the third day of their stay in the lighthouse, just moments before the supposed ferry picked them up. While sleeping, sudden flashes of light, of which Winslow thought would originate within the inside of the lighthouse, appeared surrounding the island they were on. Upon going outside, they noticed something different, outside of the normal skies and rocking waters, there were visible patches of land closer to the lighthouse, though they needed some sort of boat to allow access. They would soon be shocked at what they would see next.
    • Upon arriving at the land, they realized that the location was not New England. Instead, it lead them to a different location, brimming with different array of color and people both big and small. They also had noticed that the moment they stepped into the new land, they could see a doorway that would lead them straight back into the lighthouse. At first, Winslow was cursing Wake for this vivid nightmare but clarifications from both Alma and Elisabet Volger, who arrived and recognized the two, kept both from further escalation. Alma explained that they are within a place called the "Pantheons", where a large conglomerate of characters from different forms of media where chosen and would comprise their position based on what they represent. Wake thought of it as the similar system that the God of the Sea, Neptune, would originate from and they did somewhat confirm it. Winslow on the otherhand was still dumbfounded by the utter nonsense and demanded the two to lead them, of which they were lead to the Court of the Gods.
    • After consideration from beings larger than them, Winslow finally understood the intention of their "ascension". Representing the very location they stayed in, both Winslow and Wake further agreed to their decision to bring the duo in but in the last second, Winslow asked if ever he could return back to New England. The beings simply noded their heads but he was confused as to whether that was a yes or no. Ultimately, the duo were then warped back into the lighthouse, and thinking that it was all a dream, continued their duties, until Wake pointed to him that the boat they used to discover the land connecting to the Pantheons was on the other shore, leaving them both stranded.
  • Those who have witnessed the horrors of isolationism will have surely agreed that both Winslow and Wake's madness derived from the duo stuck on an island with no help, backup or even assistance from the outside. Coupled with the terrible personalities that both exhibit, the addition of wine to their rations, constant abuse both verbally and physically and to top it all off, a maddenning curiosity of the light, they were doomed to suffer due to loneliness and a lack of social contact, something humans naturally have.
  • Despite knowledge about the Pantheon, both of them refuse to go out despite the Pantheon's higher ups even giving them doors to the new place. Outside of lack of trust of the place, the two are just generally terrible people to begin with: Thomas Wake is one sea-salty sailor who seems to clamor on the old sea legend, such as the existence of sea gods, kraken-like creatures as well as his rather lazy lifestyle, hence why alcohol is pretty much what he spends most of his time for. Ephraim Winslow on the other hand is not so much better, demands so much from his other partner, easily angered and is not even the actual person but rather one who is impersonating Winslow. If you meet them by chance, do not expect a simple conversation as it will derail itself fast by their conflicts towards each other.
  • While the two are living off their lives, the House of Narrative and Knowledge have collaborated on what they should do with their memories. The events that unfolded past the third day which included surreal dreams, more physical anger towards each other and Winslow's discovery of the light were to be kept secret to the two. After a few meetings, the houses have agreed to keep any memories past the third day away from them and for the most part, are used to study what it all meant.
    • These symbols for those curious are very vivid and varied but to keep it short: many symbols and mysterious events have been present and some are very eerie to discover. The two Houses mentioned have tried putting the pieces together but somehow each discovery contradicts the last, turning almost all hypotheses into a blank state.
      • The siren for instance is a coping mechanism for Winslow, as he tries to hold against his homosexual desires towards Wake as well as the actual Ephraim Winslow who died in an accident (or so thought). The mermaid was a byproduct of him concocting a "female" figure to hold his urges, hence him later masturbating left him in distraught for imaging a siren but due to Wake being the only human presence, his image also popped up during his ejaculation.
      • Then there is the lighthouse itself, as the entire story might have been a retelling of the story of Prometheus. And even past that, some question what exactly caused the two to go mad even ignoring Winslow's easily angered and unstable mindset and Wake trying to gaslight him. If looking at face value, we see two men slowly losing their sanity as they are left alone against each other with no one to help. But looking outside of that; was there some manipulative entity putting them on course? Perhaps it was some Lovecraftian effect that pulled both into the light? And if we count the coversations between the two and the fact that Winslow admitted that he is actually Thomas Howard, could this be a sign of purgatory or better yet, a distant final dream of Thomas Howard dying in the Canadian wilderness? We will never know, and neither does the two.
  • At one point, Winslow, after growing tired of Wake's orders, decided to enter the Pantheon under his discretion. After few minutes of meeting some of the inhabitants, he has some sort of grip towards the reality he is living in, although it is not without doubts from himself. He even met people of similar fate, of people who have gone through the trials of living in eerie silence, some of which succeeded and some of which, got even worse. Those who succeeded were Pi and Richard Parker, a duo that survived within the sea as the two were stranded on a boat for 227 days. He thought it was unlikely that a human survivor and a fully grown Bengal Tiger would be able to survive without the issue of one killing the other but alas, it happened and Pi got to live to tell the tale. On the other spectrum however, was Captain Martin Walker, who while Winslow was talking to, Wake came from behind with an axe, suspicious as to who he was talking to. Wake described him as a lying thief with no good blood to spare, though Walker was unfazed by the sailor's comments. Then again, when you think about both of their fates, was there any good side between the three?
    • The duo would meet both Alma and Elisabet Volger once again, with Winslow asking more questions, the most important as to why they recognized him and Wake upon first meeting. As it turns out, both of them are almost similar: how the two are seemingly friends, then soured as the days went by, their identities are often questioned, isolated from the outside world and their accompanied weird imagery only made things closer for them. It would slowly make sense as to why both Alma and Elisabet first accompanied and assisted both Winslow and Wake the moment they took a first step in the Pantheon as they would see similar comparisons with each other.
    • More comparisons would draw up as the duo suddenly bumped with Robert Scranton who immediately ran without hesitation. After reading a brief document regarding Scranton's situation, it made the two think as to what caused their madness and those who know their story well will know how isolationism is the true cause of the two.
  • One day, the lighthouse was under observation by a group of four individuals, all writing about their observations. Wake, fearing of their intervention went out with an axe to scare them but none flinched. The Bedtime Stories crew, as they introduced themselves, asked to Wake if more observation was allowed into the lighthouse. He agreed but not on the lighthouse itself, making the question albeit pointless. As for why they ventured into the lighthouse, well that was because their first case was the Flannan Isle Lighthouse which may or may not have suffered the same fate as these two, warranting them an opportunity to observe them. Despite shutting them out, one member will often observe the two through a safe distance.
  • Ephraim Winslow, if looking at the surface, is a regular drifter, out to find a job. Though he contemplates saying that him looking for a job is for penance, meaning he is not finding a job for the sake of getting a job. After meeting Thomas Wake, his patience for him putting up towards his mistreatment has been tested to the point that he questions why he even bothered to be there. And things would soon spiral out of control after revelation that he is not the real Ephraim Winslow, rather an impersonator by the name of Thomas Howard, who took the identity after the real Winslow died on an accident. More bombshells would showcase themselves such as "Winslow" repressing his sexual desires to Wake (or even to the real Winslow as the reason as to why he died in an "accident"), the idea that his death might have been an allegory to purgatory or even him having a dream towards his final moments in a snowy forest and his slow obsession towards finding out about the light within the lighthouse only shows that underneath all the normal attitude is an unstable and often than not, irritable person with no good soul in himself.
    • Some of Winslow's dreams include mermaids for some reason. No one knows as to why he would dream of such, nor does he, as the only reaction to the sight of a siren is to literally masturbate on one, or god forbid, grope and attempt sexual intercourse on it (which may lead to him imagining Wake as the image of the siren, signalling the somewhat obvious "hiding his homoerotic desires" thing). This has lead to him outright avoiding or lusting on most merfolk, from the princess Ariel, to even Ruto. The latter of which was utterly disgusted that Winslow masturbated at a siren's scrimshaw, and when she showed it to everyone, the reaction of most merfolk were equally the same.
    • Judging by the final moments of his life, there is a very good reason why Winslow has avoided Prometheus. Outside of the two searching for an element that they have grown a connection with, only to take it from its place and suffer a worse fate, that one being having their innards pecked and taken by birds throughout their life. Still, it has still him thinking if maybe he was a god all along but such thoughts are reserved for him, maybe until he finds out the true nature of the light.
    • And speaking of light, the Light of Destruction is one of the very things Winslow has avoided outright, only because the presence of itself may have sparked some of his memories, that being the unspeakable sight he witnessed the moment he looked at the lenses pointing to the light he wanted to see. Ever since he saw even a glimpse of the Light of Destruction, he has lowered his obsession for the light, only to stubbornly return back moments after remembrance.
    • For one who is rather doubtful with mythical sea creatures, it does put a dent into Winslow's thoughts once he saw the sea creatures of old, such as the Kraken into existence, further highlighting some of Wake's stories to be true, although it became blurry when other creatures such as the Kraeken (who Wake calls as Neptune's people for some reason) and even Cthulhu were present. He does not want to talk about the last one though if you consider that what he might have peered into the light could have been something mysterious or perhaps terrifying enough that it lead him paralyzed.
  • Thomas Wake on the other hand is an old crusty sailor who has stayed in the lighthouse for who knows how long. No one knows how long he stayed but one thing is for certain is that he was a past sailor. He also had experience with the first assistant of the lighthouse but he stated that he died out of insanity; a foreshadowing of the fate both Winslow and he would soon take after the insane mental toll they would take. Even outside of that, Wake is shown to be an equally terrible person, if not worse and creepy while at it. Naked within the lighthouse on certain occasions, especially on nighttime, fascination with cephalopods or perhaps even being one as shown by him morphing into different images but perhaps the most damning of all sights is that the so called Thomas Wake, might not even be real at all, or perhaps he must be gaslighting on purpose to 'spill the beans'.
    • Being a manager of the lighthouse has kept him rather lazy, hence the requirement of an assistant to do the tedious workload. As for what Wake does? Well, he drinks and sleeps on the job, all the while serving food, mostly lobster, and telling weird tales of the seas and his past life. And if he isn't doing that, well, he is probably putting your name in the rut like that one time he placed Winslow into severance with no pay. Yes, Wake is pretty much what you would expect from a jackass like him. Oh and by the way, do not try to shit talk to him about his food, he will hark at you for berating his cooking.
      • It is this jackassery that lead to Wake's criticisms towards other people who had relations with lighthouses like Spongebob and Doofenshmirtz, the former of which tried to change the light of a lighthouse with a simple lightbulb to help a ship, only for said ship to fall to another rock and Doofenshmirtz had the bright idea of using a lighthouse as some sort of homing beacon for ships to leave the dock for comforting to sleep, only for the beacon to backfire and return back to his HQ instead. It is this that Wake berates the modern people for not understanding how a lighthouse works and decided that sticking within the Pantheon grounds pretty much equates with him ignoring everyone. He is rather neutral with the Villager though as he seems to understand how lighthouses are maintained in some capacity, even if it is not the same norm as he understands it.
    • Sailors for the most part have certain beefs against Wake, questioning if he even was a sailor at all of which there are many inconsistencies with Wake's storytelling that shows he is not telling the truth, made even more obvious with the gaslighting he does towards Winslow, increasing the insanity he has to deal with. Both Ahab and Haddock are angry at his presence, calling him to be a disgrace towards sailors in general, as they have very good reason to doubt his profession as even a mere sailor of the high seas would remember his ship, something Wake clearly never had.
    • Regarding if Wake was even real in the first place, this is perhaps a contentious point in regards to him. While he was obviously there since day one, it may show that he may not be a real person as several days later, he gave what is perhaps hints of Thomas Howard's actual fate (even if left ambiguous), that alongside him not even correctly counting how much time they have spent within the island and him intentionally gaslighting Winslow into further insanity all while remaining sane at the same time shows that the sailor might not be as human as he is.
      • In the Pantheon, this may explain some similarity between Wake, Martin Walker's conscience as Konrad and even Elisabet Volger, who in reality, is just Alma's other personality: they might have a presence but it is unsure if they are even real in the first place, although for Wake, there is at least some evidence of him existing and Konrad on the hand was a real person, except he was dead for a long time.

    Suzu Houjou 
Suzu Houjou, Goddess of War Settings (Suzu Urano)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A black pencil with a sketchbook
  • Theme Song: I Can't Bear How Sad It Is
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Genius Ditz, Housewife, Forgot how she met her husband, Perfectly Arranged Marriage, Beauty Mark, Loses her right hand, Break the Cutie
  • Domains: World War II, Housewives, Artists, Struggles, Countryside
  • Herald: Shuusaku Houjou and the rest of their family
  • Allies: Seita and Setsuko Yokokawa, Yusuke Kitagawa, Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot, Link, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern, Shirou Emiya, Luke Skywalker
  • On good terms: Anakin Skywalker
  • Enemies: Ares, Apocalypse, Sundowner, Hydra, The Lich, Sheev Palpatine
  • Opposes: Commander Masataka Shima, The Banzai Chargers
  • Pitied by: Sgt. Roebuck, Pvt. Miller, and Pvt. Polonsky, Sgt. Conlin, Gunnery Sgt. Minoso, Pvt. Gaines, and Corpsman Sullivan, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, The Flag Raisers, Sgt. John Basilone, Cole Phelps
  • Respected by: House of Family
  • Suzu Houjou (née Urano) was a young woman who was born in Hiroshima and an excellent artist. One day, she was told by her grandmother that she will marry a man who fell in love with her, who turns out to be the boy she had saved during their childhood whom she never remembered. After marrying him, she moved to Kure and became a housewife in his household. However, the war makes her life much more worse, being forced to endure a lot of hardships to survive on her own and the war gave her depression, especially after she losss her right hand and blames herself for being unable to save her niece-in-law. She originally wanted to go back on her hometown, however, a snap back to reality eventually made her realize how much she wanted to stay in her new home. After the bombing of Hiroshima, she got better and she and her husband adopted an orphan girl.
  • In his spare time, Yusuke Kitagawa was painting an ocean for some enjoyment and to make it an entry on an art contest. That is when he met a young woman who was painting in the same spot as him. During his conversation with her, she introduced herself as Suzu Houjou, how she painted the ocean with the imagination of rabbits appearing in the waves, and her life during the war that caused her to lose her artist hand. Impressed with her art style, the imagery of hownshe described her painting, and her life during the war, he recommended her for ascension and has been approved.
  • Having been a survivor in World War II, she met Seita and Setsuko when she saw them playing outside with her adoptive daughter and her niece-in-law, Harumi. Knowing how a war could make someone suffer, she grew worried about their mental state and wants to take care of them for it, especially because they are children in spirit. She’s also proud of Seita taking care of his sister despite the aftermath, reminding her of her relationship with her niece-in-law.
  • Originally, she didn’t loved her husband and only married him because of her grandmother, however, she eventually love him and have a happily married life together after the war. Her growing love for her husband got praised by Victor and Victoria, who got married because of their feelings for each other. They are also suprisingly proud of how Suzu chose to stay in her new home despite her frustrations with reality and staying in Kure is a risky move and how staying in Hiroshima seems like the right solution at first. She thanked them for this and hopes that they’ll find happiness in their married life.
  • Because of how much she had to suffer because of war, she hates Ares for his obsession with it. She is disgusted at how he’ll do anything to achieve war despite the consequences he had to do to achieve that and how he found enjoyment in it and is never concerned with the consequences behind it. The War God thinks that she’s just whining and that she needs to grow up.
    • She shared this opinion with Apocalypse. She’s disgusted at his ideology of how peace and any kind of virtue involving it could make people weak and told him that they don’t need to fight to become strong. Apocalypse as usual disagrees with her and continues to do what he believes is right.
    • Abhors Sundowner for profiting war for the fun of it. She’s also afraid of his bloodthirsty and cruel nature and knew that she couldn’t easily fight him. Besides, she doesn’t want to kill or fight people and would rather be a peaceful housewife.
  • One of the good aspects of Suzu as a housewife is how she is good at cooking. During the war, because she was raised in a farm, she uses random ingredients to make good food and knows a lot of methods on how they should be made. This got her to become friends with Link, because he also mixed ingredients to make good friend. Due to her interest on the ingredients in his world, Link has took his time to teach her the different ingredients and how they'll be made when mixed together.
  • She has been respected by the House of Family for being such a good housewife and going through war doesn’t stop her for it. Because she is also an artist, she occasionally went to the House of Craft to draw, paint, or any other art-related activity.
  • Originally, she opposes anyone that is an enemy to Japan, however, after the war, she is now okay with their presence, having to accept what reality is. When she was sketching in a park, she met Steve Rogers who was doing the same thing. In their first meeting, the two have talked to each other about their experience in the war and what it’s like living in their country during it. Steve is certainly proud of her overcoming her opposition on the enemy and hopes that she’ll live a peaceful life. Suzu was happy of Steve’s praise and hopes that he’ll continue fighting for what’s right.
    • Many of the ascended World War II-era US Marines and Navy personnel, namely John Basilone, The Flag Raisers, Roebuck's and Conlin's squads, and even the Black Cats crew at first distrust her due to coming from the Empire of Japan. Eventually, however, they come to pity and eventually sympathize with her after hearing about the horror she went through. It helps that she's a non-combatant unaware of her own military's ambitions at the time.
    • Cole Phelps, a former US Marine himself, feels massive guilt when he sees her, reminding him of a questionable act he ordered on some Okinawan civilians during his tour of duty in the Pacific.
  • It is never known if Suzu knows the reasons why Japan fought in the war or it’s allies since she is a ditz, but considering how good-natured she is, she would actually hate Nazis. Hearing about Hydra thanks to Steve Rogers, she hates Hydra that way, having not accepted that the reality has moved on and couldn’t never accept the ideology of the organization. She also believes that their presence could give much more violence and fear from the civilians.
    • She massively dislikes her own country's warmongers in the Pantheon as a result, particularly Commander Masataka Shima and the Banzai Chargers. It doesn't help that Shima plans on continuing the War against the Allies by assisting HYDRA via funding in return for them helping rebuild his sunken aircraft carrier.
  • Because of the bombing of Hiroshima, she hates anyone that reminds her of that bomb, especially if they are nuclear. She hates The Lich in that way, being that his current incarnation is made of nuclear and surrounds himself with nuclear waste. And considering his infamous feats as a villain, people couldn’t blame her for hating her.
  • Having adopted an traumatic orphan girl upon meeting her, she befriended Kiritsugu Emiya for doing the same thing. She’s happy that Kiritsugu has abandoned his ideals to sacrifice others for the greater good and has made peace with his life before his death. Because of their friendship, she also met Irisviel von Einzbern and the two started getting along pretty well for remaining nice friendly girls with the girls sympathizing each other for their former situation.
    • She also befriended their adoptive son, Shirou Emiya. The two became friends for being housewife material, with Shirou complementing her from learning to improve as one and her determination to help her new family despite losing her right hand. But the two mostly get along because of their cooking skills, having collaborate each other in the kitchen cooking food for their loved ones and Shirou taught her the different cooking appliances that have built throughout the years and teaching her how to use them and the different food recipes that she hasn’t learn due to being from the 1940s and the countryside.
  • Having been raised in a farm who also lose his right hand in tragic circumstances, she befriended Luke Skywalker for that. They could also relate to him of reminding themselves of their own failure and suffering from despair for it but found hope in the end.
    • Her friendship with Luke made her enemies with Sheev Palpatine. She knows that his goals for the Dark Side could inspire much more war, not to mention how it takes place in a galaxy and hating him for being such a manipulative bastard.
    • She has some tense moments with Anakin Skywalker because despite being manipulated by Palpatine, he is the one who who leads the Galactic Empire and committed a lot of bad things. However, because he redeemed himself before his death and wants to make up for it, she is on good terms with him despite how uncomfortable it is.
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