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Pride, Self-Righteousness, Entitlement, and Hubris

The House of Pride and Egotism is the third result of a series of splits from the House of Emotion, following fellow Houses of Despondency and Dread and Valor. Initially, this used to be the Hall of Pride where those who occupied the place were deities who were most regarded for their rather grandiose sense of belief, entitlement, and assurance about themselves, to the point where they would see themselves as a champion or top representative of something they took great interest towards.

It used to be one of the loudest and most commonly cited Halls in the House of Emotion (alongside fellow Hall of Anger) primarily due to just how much of a scene the representing deities there made. Now that it has eventually splintered off, the House of Emotion has since been a lot quieter, at the cost of a House that makes no pretense to have its presence and reputation known as occupying a bunch of really noisy, rowdy, and self-serving, beings, some more so than others. It should be noted that not everybody is loud and instead just keep things to themselves, although they may end up being just as prideful as anyone else in the House.

The general outlook of the House is, surprisingly enough, pretty standard; it's simply a row of temples and shrines that are mainly established there to showcase and symbolize the proud nature of the House, though it also borders on being rather egotistical for a select few beings who make quite the effort to make it stand out because, well, they may as well think they're the most important deity in the Pantheon and make an attempt to have their temples and domains be just as grand, if not more than the notable Pantheonic Leaders either outside or who have a residence in the Main House. This is a subject of humor for many as they think that's not happening anytime soon. A few deities, however, are not deterred and are aiming for their abnormally floaty goal, whether they have to fight for it or die trying.

The Master Voices of Pride is a Quartet of some of the most famous deities in the Pantheon whose main trait are their pride, ego, and proud nature, consisting of Agent Smith, General Zod, Gilgamesh, and Vegeta. Oddly enough, Gilgamesh is the only member to actually aim for wanting his domain to be much grander than anyone else's; Zod and Vegeta have their own matters to tend to more times than not and Smith has... other plans that not everyone is in agreement with and couldn't care less about a conventional sense of grandiose. Despite their many differences, they are undoubtedly one of the most formidable and feared sets of House Guardians in the Pantheon, so many visitors tend to take caution when it comes to them.

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The Master Voices of Pride

    Agent Smith 
Agent Smith, the God Who Responds to Being Called God
  • Intermediate God, Greater God in the Matrix
  • Symbol: His shades
  • Theme Songs: Agent Smith's Battle Theme, Multiple Smiths
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Literally A Computer Virus, Cloning Himself Through Other People, Badass in a Nice Suit, Has His Own Ulterior Motives, Can Never Understand Good, Faux Affably Evil, Hates Everyone Equally, Turns Humanity Into His Legion, Almost Impossible To Stop, One-Man Army, His Pride Cost Him His Defeat
  • Domains: Clones, Hate, Destruction
  • Allies: Albert Wesker, CLU, Flowey (not actually), SCP-682
  • Rivals: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA and SHOCKER
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The Nostalgia Critic, Frisk and the House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • When Neo ascended, it was inevitable that Agent Smith would also follow him to the Pantheon. To make sure he wouldn't cross the Main Gates and The Grid, Kevin Flynn (along with Sam) guarded the Grid while the House of Defense would guard the gates. While it was successful on the Gates, the Flynns' encounter with the rogue agent almost costed Kevin's life and as a result of the thrashing, he barged out from the Grid and into the Pantheon itself. Now that he's here, Neo's "peaceful" days have ended and has prepared for what Smith has brought on his sleeve.
    • The prophecy, which was made by the Oracle (and delivered, via Nozdormu) revealed that Smith's arrival would help "balance the solution". It also mentioned that as the opposite of Neo, if the former dies, Smith will also be prophecied to be destroyed with it. This further gave some questions regarding what happens if Neo would take a third option.
  • As the title suggests, he is known to convert (or at least call) the term "God" with his name, Smith. No one exactly knows why he does that but it could be that he wants to be recognized as a god, even a Pantheon position did not satisfy him. After all, he cares so much about himself.
    Smith: Ah me. Me, me, me, me.
  • With Smith now part of the Pantheon, he now wants to bring the death of it as well as the place reminds him of both The Matrix and Zion, infested with entities meant to be destroyed. With this motivation, he decided to join the Grand United Alliance of Destruction under his interest. Nekron, however, has seen powerful potential with Smith as he can be the first harbinger of the Apocalypse.
    • It finally came true for Nekron, when he heard of Smith's powers in the Grid and the Matrix. This, combined with the Agent's intense hate towards humans, made Agent Smith the GUAD's best warrior in the virtual world. Many deities who are residing in those realms were in complete and utter shock when they heard that the apocalypse wouldn't start in the Pantheon itself but inside the Grid.
  • Unlike other deities who use cloning techniques in harmless ways, Smith's way of cloning requires a host where he can implant his personalities or in technical terms "hotwire their programs" into himself. As a literal manifestation of a virus, this can be downright lethal not only to those inside the Grid, but even outside the realm itself, meaning he can transform anyone. This includes humans, AI, and other entities present.
    • Human deities, in particular, are forced to take caution when facing Smith as he can flawlessly convert them easily, not to mention unlike other clones that are just temporary, Smith's clones are permanent and to make matters worse, each clone already has the same strength and intelligence as the original. The House of Leadership as well as other houses are still finding a way to at least revert the process.
  • As destructive as he may be, he has garnered some allies, namely Albert Wesker and CLU. Their similarities with each other's personalities and mannerisms gave Smith the idea of not converting them, since he'll need them for his battles, CLU especially since he could use more help against Tron and Kevin Flynn.
    • Most gods who came from The Lord of the Rings almost confused Smith with Elrond, the Half-Elven, due to something related to their looks. Needless to say, they weren't happy when they realized that the "Elrond" they met is more of a destroyer than a kind elf. Even Sauron and Angmar are not amused that Smith may rival them in terms of power.
    • Speaking of Kevin, this news forced the House of Technology to place primary protocols on the Grid since he, Sam and Neo are forced to deal not only with a cyberspace ruler but a literal virus, potential enough to cause destructive damage towards the Grid itself and the Matrix.
    • Flowey on the other hand is very happy to see a "human" counterpart of him. Having the same personality and ridiculous power to the max, both of them have decided to start the war on the House of Gaming due to its easy access. It doesn't help that both have intense hate towards humanity and everything in general.
      • The only reason why they haven't succeeded yet is that Frisk started a crusade along with other deities such as CJ, Bullet and Bartz Klauser as well as other good deities from the same house. He has seen Smith's attitude and its pretty obvious that he's not willing to let another Flowey copy take down the house itself. Smith in response has questioned the Child's own motives.
        Smith: Tell me why you stupid child. WHY? Why do you still persist? Is it because of "justice" or "determination"?
    • In actuality, Flowey is just playing him for a fool, and is using what he knows from Smith to relay to the GUAG (via Sans). Smith actually disgusts and frightens Flowey, and hopes this tyrant will eventually be stopped for good.
  • Shiro and The Machine, who also heard the news decided to join the Flynn brothers against the virus menace, as they knew that even with their power, it is not enough to end the Agent's existence. Tron has decided to join too as the Agent is a dreadful reminder of his other personality, Rinzler.
    • And it seems that there are more deities joining the fight, Kirito and Asuna decided as well to assist them and also brought their friends, Sinon and Konno Yuuki to fight back against the Agent. And as a last message, Kite declared war against Smith with all virtual world deities present in the Pantheon. This became Smith's last straw.
  • Ultron was smart enough to know that teaming up with Smith is a bad idea. Since he also doesn't care about the Machines either, it's obvious that Smith would also antagonize many evil AIs, including Ex and Love Machine. Even Sark and the Master Control Program aren't spared from the Agent's wrath.
    • Megatron was also intrigued when he heard his voice being all too similar. He isn't safe either as he doesn't care so much for the Decepticon.
  • His powers, as well as his intolerable hate towards everything has made him banned on the House of Machinery and Technology for containing one of the entrances to the Matrix. The House of Gaming, however, still serves as a gateway, despite the number of superpowered deities present.
    • And that is not the only house, the House of Childhood and Adolescence also opposes him for his treatment to children. Sam Flynn, in particular, has fought against Smith just to push him out, but sometimes, he would win and cause extreme collateral damage to the House. He also noticed that out of all the deities in there, Smith aims for a certain AI child who also has great power in the virtual realm. Turns out, it was Yui who he was targeting all along.
      • Yui, on the other hand, has read his "mind" and she found more horrible results: It seems that if he can't convert any of the Flynn brothers, Tron or Neo himself, he'll aim for the smaller ones, and Yui is by far his best target. If she becomes a Smith, that said clone would use the admin powers to control some aspects of the virtual realm, giving Smith an advantage. Now she has plans for what to happen next.
    • Even then, he always tries to convince children that he isn't a bad guy, despite his looks.
      Smith: I'm not so bad, once you get to know me.
  • Has rather gained a notorious rivalry with the Red Skull as they have the same power, but different philosophies, with Red Skull focusing on "peace" and Smith focusing on complete destruction. This made HYDRA prioritize him as a greater threat.
    • SHOCKER on the other hand immediately placed him on top priority as they saw his raw power, clone army and literal virus-like capabilities. One thing that shocks SHOCKER more than a clone-converted Smith-Kaiju is a MegaSmith.
  • The Nostalgia Critic is wary of Agent Smith's presence as he not only reviewed the film trilogy but was also confronted by a similar character known as Agent Schmuck. Though it was later revealed that he is one of the Strangers from Dark City.
  • Unless you want to be beaten to death and converted to a Smith clone, do not try to break his shades. His near-invincible powers make his Tranquil Fury much worse.
  • "Mister Anderson."

    General Zod 
"Come to Me, Denizen of the Pantheon! Kneel Before Zod!!!"

General Dru-Zod II, God of Demanding Knelt Subjugation (General Zod, Zodd)
Post-Flashpoint Zod
Post-Crisis Zod
For Tomorrow/Old Zod
  • Greater God (Overdeity under a Blue Sun, Lesser God under a Red Sun or when exposed to gold kryptonite)
  • Symbol: His family emblem, usually a stylized "Z"
  • Theme Songs: His Themes in Superman II and Man of Steel Respectively, Arcade
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral on rare occasions, Chaotic Neutral when exposed to red kryptonite
  • Portfolio: Kneel Before Zod (Trope Namer), Beard of Evil, Villains Fighting Other Villains, Military Coup, How Evil Depends On Who's Writing Him, Four-Star Badass, The Generalissimo, Jor-El's Former Friend, Considers Kryptonians The Pinnacle, Better Fit For Ancient Krypton, Physical God, Is in Opposisiton Against his Son, Legitimately Cares About the Survival of his Planet and its People, Was Correct that Krypton's Council was Flawed and Corrupt
  • Domains: Kryptonians, Supervillainy, Generals, Power, Renegades, The Phantom Zone
  • Followers: Doctor Hell
  • Heralds: His Fellow Phantom Zone Criminal Cabal (Ursa, Non, Faora Hu-Ul, Jax-Ur, Quex-Ul, Kru-El, Nam-Ek, Professor Va-Kox), Zed Avruiskin (human counterpart), Hernan Guerra (his bastard son from an Alternate Universe)
  • Allies: Turles, Thaal Sinestro, Khan Noonien Singh, Esdeath, Megatron, The Thraddash, Arcturus Mengsk, Count Dooku, Shao Kahn
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mongul, Amanda Waller, Frieza, Ultraman Belial, Ozai, Thanos
  • Rivals: Cooler, Gilgamesh, Lord Recluse, Homelander, The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, The Mantis, Settra the Imperishable, Galacta Knight, Nightmare Moon
  • Arch Enemies: Jor-El, Clark Kent/Superman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl
  • Enemies: Brainiac, Vegeta, Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Mark Grayson/Invincible, The Plutonian, Lex Luthor, Ultraman, The Devastator, Statesman, Goten, Trunks, Bardock, Shoto Todoroki, Zuko, The Sector 2814 Green Lanterns, The Justice League, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Silver Surfer, Black Noir, The Space Sheriffs, The U.S.S. Enterprise Crew, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evolt, Killbas, The Sailor Guardians, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Jim Raynor, Space and Lost Galaxy Power Rangers, Optimus Prime and the Autobots, Luke Skywalker, The Jedi Order (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Mace Windu, Cal Kestis), Commander Shepard, Team Lightyear, Ratchet, Clank, Chairman Drek, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Vilgax
    • With the exceptions of Brainiac, The Plutonian, Evolto, Killbas, Chairman Drek, and Vilgax, Zod can become begrudgingly temporary allies with his enemies, provided they are against a mutual foe or in extremely dire circumstances.
  • Worthy Opponent: Son Goku
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Nostalgia Critic, Linkara
  • Headbutting Villains: Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman
  • Respects: Regime Superman, Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • Interests: Jonathan Samuel Kent/Superboy III
  • Respected By: Khorne
  • Opposes: Doomsday, The Anti-Monitor, Galactus, Unicron, Emperor Palpatine
  • Opposed By: The Heroic Protectors of Family and Those who've Had to Deal with Violently Opposing Parents, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Jonathan and Martha Kent, Ood Sigma, Suzu Houjou, Sosuke Sagara, Violet Evergarden, John Rambo, Solid Snake, Squad 7
  • Commonality Connection: Madara Uchiha
  • Dru-Zod II was a member of the Kryptonian race, born to a pair of scientists and who once served as a respected and powerful general for the populace. However, Zod developed a militaristic mind and relished battle, in addition to becoming increasingly annoyed by Krypton becoming more accepting and affable towards neighboring alien races that once posed a threat to the planet. He decided to set up an attack, joining alongside fellow disgruntled Kryptonians, in creating a giant replica of an alien known as a Char to spur Krypton in joining warfare again. Unfortunately, Zod's plan was discovered by his best friend, Jor-El, and he and his collaborators were found guilty. They were sentenced to being thrown and imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, an extradimensional realm that served as an otherwordly prison. This made Zod and his followers one of the few Kryptonians to survive his planet's inevitable destruction, but he remained in stasis for decades, that is until in some capacity, he was able to escape from the Phantom Zone, be it by using his son, Lor-Zod, as a tether between the physical realm and the Phantom Zone, or by causing the extraterrestrial prehistoric monster, Doomsday, to rampage and weaken the realm's defenses. In time, Zod would eventually make his way to Earth and meeting up with Jor-El's son, Clark Kent, who was Krypton's supposedly last survivor and the great superhero known as Superman. The two Kryptonians would battle against one another for years, with Zod eventually earning himself a spot among Superman's Arch-Enemies, though at the same time, Zod would have his own moments of allying himself with the Man of Steel, as much as he doesn't like the idea of it.
  • Zod was the last of Clark's greatest personal enemies to ascend into the Pantheon, with Lex Luthor weaseling his way in via financial and political manipulation alongside winning over a good deal of support and aid and Brainiac tracking down an unidentified coordinate that caught his interest greatly and, alongside a collection of machine supremacists, establishing an organization dedicated to the ultimate victory and conquest of robotics. That said, Zod didn't hold any animosity on being the last, though he does have his own beef against Luthor and Brainiac for other reasons, he's simply content with just arriving in the Pantheon and making an entrance via battling against the Space Sheriffs in what lasted for several minutes before the fight was broken by Zod leaving midway, feeling rather bored. His first few experiences in the Pantheon were spent simply wandering the cosmos and familiarizing himself with a whole new realm as a means to prepare himself against a slew of unfamiliar foes, allies, and circumstances.
  • Superman may be considered the ultimate example of Krypton's potential for good, inspiration, and hope, so it seems fitting that Zod would be the definitive personification of Krypton's flaws of arrogance, villainy, and the desire to put your beliefs and values above everyone else's. It's best exemplified by Zod having been bred to be a warrior since his birth and desiring conflict above everything else, hence he developed a distaste for Krypton's Council and their politics as it revolved around too much on diplomacy, though he did raise a good point in that those who were influential in Kryptonian Politics were ineffectual and unconcerned about potential dangers. Even so, his sheer hostility and war-like nature have resulted in him clashing against Clark and numerous heroes several times and these aren't going to stop anytime soon.
    • Even so, Zod isn't without some degree of virtues; namely that he does possess a sense of camaraderie towards his fellow criminal cabal, is a commendable leader, and would never back away from a fight not stop himself from achieving whatever goals he wants to accomplish. And in spite of his inherently violent nature, he does care about Krypton and its well-beingnote . And he does admit that there are a select few beings that do pose a threat to everything and he feels obliged to stop them. On incredibly rare occasions, Zod will join forces with Superman and his allies and friends regarding mutual enemies, especially Brainiac, though don't expect Zod to enjoy these circumstances all that much.
  • Zod's personal trademark Catchphrase is basically to demand others to "kneel" before him, something which he said first and solidified as a notable trait. The fact that's he's become the inspiration of this sort of thing has impressed Zod considerably as it means that there is certain fame and reputation that he has received and thus, has to upkeep. Henceforth, he's not ashamed to go all boisterous and over-the-top about proclaiming others into subjugating beneath him. On an additional note, if it makes Zod more important and stronger then it's a must to have him act this way, especially considering that the Pantheon is full of strong, powerful beings with a similar mindset to Zod.
    • This did, however, prove to be a point of contention towards two individuals; Gilgamesh the King of Heroes, and Settra the Imprishable of Nehekhara. For one, both share a similar quirk with Zod in that they have massive egos and a sense of self-importance, but if there's one thing Gilgamesh and Settra hate, it's being looked down under, which mainly stems from the fact that Gilgamesh is an unabashed Narcissist and Settra honestly cannot see himself serving someone in some capacity. Zod found this to be extremely annoying, which sometimes leads him to fight against Gilgamesh and Settra mainly because he wants to assert his superiority by having the two kneel towards him. The Kryptonian does see the two rulers as strong and a worthy challenge as they are a match for his belief that Kryptonians are the ultimate race, which makes him all the more determined to get them bowing down to him and being his lackey. Gilgamesh reacts with annoyance, though he does put some degree of effort fighting against Zod, compared to most of the other "mongrels" he has to deal with whereas Settra respects Zod's strength and tenacity, but more in line with wanting to shut him up about having to "kneel before Zod" over and over.
  • Zod is a strong believer that Kryptonians are the ultimate species with the ultimate potential and will stop at nothing to prove his statement true. This doesn't necessarily mean he hates other races, in fact, he would be willing to strike alliances with them provided they get to respect each other or they have a mutual goal and objective in mind. Zod's boasts of how powerful he and his race aren't without merit; they really do possess inhuman powers and physical capabilities that can only be dreamed of, plus more. The Pantheon, being a gigantic and ever-expanding realm, has motivated Zod into furthering his desires to display his full might and promises that he and his kind will be looked up to.
    • Unusual for a villain, Zod displays a good sense of camaraderie towards followers who are unfailingly loyal to him, which makes sense as he came from a military background and, as a leader, he had to lead fellow troops and warriors in the front line, alongside training and inspiring them to fight for Krypton's cause. This earned him the respect of the Chaos God, Khorne, who values such traits as martial honor, good leadership, and fighting to the bitter end, all of which Zod represented with adequate results, though the Kryptonian has no desire to appease or follow the Blood God; Khorne wants endless wanton bloodshed throughout the entire Pantheon, and Zod didn't fancy that, instead choosing to look out to provide for his people, protect them, be a hero to them, and assert a famed reputation to them.
  • In addition to Superman himself, Zod has pitted himself against several heroes of the DC Universe, most notably Supergirl and the Green Lantern Corps, which mainly erupted due to just how persistent Zod was in his attempts to conquer Earth, not to mention his Kryptonian heritage meant that he was inevitably going to clash against Kara, who personally sees Zod as everything her race wasn't supposed to be. In the case of the Green Lanterns, Zod is a tyrannical invader and a Person of Mass Destruction who could potentially lay waste and misery towards others if left unchecked. Though in a twist, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner ended up being the aggressors; Zod had simply occupied a planet named Jekuul, which he wanted so that he could repopulate the Kryptonian Race one day and was actually willing to welcome Hal and Kyle without issue. As a result, Zod and the Green Lanterns have remained on bad terms.
    • While Zod is most famous as part of the Man of Steel's Rogues Gallery, Zod doesn't actually see Superman as his Arch-Enemy, he instead affirms this position to Superman's father, Jor-El, who was initially a close friend of his and was the one who alerted Kryptonian authorities about Zod's coup, which started the chain of events that led Zod into being duped to the Phantom Zone. But because Jor-El died in the planet's explosion and Zod remain trapped for years, he settled for Jor-El's son as the substitute which he so badly wants to beat down out of rage and vengeance for Jor-El supposedly letting Krypton die off. With Jor-El alive in the Pantheonnote , Zod has become sure in settling the score against the friend that he felt betrayed him. Even so, much like Clark, Zod will ally with Jor-El against a common enemy before immediately turning to fight him again once the threat is out of the way.
    • One would assume that Zod would be willing to make an alliance with Lex Luthor and Brainiac, mainly because all three of them see Superman as their greatest enemy and have dedicated a lot of their resources in trying to prove themselves superior to the Man of Steel in every way. However, the actual case is far from it; Lex Luthor dismisses Zod as yet another "alien" that he has to contend against, with Zod personally wanting vengeance against the LexCorp CEO for destroying New Krypton, whereas Brainiac is despised and feared by every Kryptonian, Zod included. Zod hates Brainiac and fears his strength and depravity so much that he is willing to strike up an alliance against his enemies solely to fight against the Collector of Worlds. And as the Pantheon becomes ever so familiar with him, Zod is realizing that alliances with foes are going to be more common, much to his dismay.
  • Zod was surprised to learn that there are many characters in the Pantheon who were similar to, or were even inspired by Superman himself. Even so, there were just as many who were twisted allegories of what is Superman was a malicious being. Two of them were Omni-Man and the Homelander, both of whom were touted to be the greatest heroes of their world. However, while Omni-Man was actually was sent to Earth by his race, the Viltrumites to serve as a mole in an effort to conquer it and assimilate it into the diabolical Viltrum Empire, Homelander was the result of a eugenics experiment that gave individuals superpowers upon implementation. Meanwhile, where Omni-Man slowly developed a consciousness, thanks to his half-human son, Mark Grayson, and eventually became a true hero, Homelander died prematurely fighting against Black Noir without achieving redemption. Nolan utterly finds Zod a disgrace, though that can be because he reminds Nolan too much of his own Arch-Enemy and former Viltrumite ruler, Grand Regent Thragg, and that Zod's own actions are not too different, though Zod has actually proven to be more sympathetic and honorable than Thragg could ever be. Homelander simply sees Zod as another rival, though the Kryptonian sees him as disposable, given how ridiculously childish and immature Homelander can get.
    • As bad as Zod is, he will never, ever associate himself with The Plutonian, in part due to how maniacally out-of-control he is and because of his absolute lack of scruples and restraints in causing wanton damage and ruin to whatever he wants to attack, which is safe to say, anyone and anything. The Plutonian is so bad, Zod has worked with Superman, the Justice League, and even Omni-Man in fighting against him, knowing just how powerful The Plutonian is, and that's not even getting into what he's actually capable of in part of being a Reality Warper, which thankfully, The Plutonian doesn't know. He sees Zod as simply another adversary that he has to deal with, although he does think he will enjoy turning the favors with Zod kneeling towards him.
    • There was a Kal-El who was emotionally broken by Lois's death by the machinations of The Joker, and upon killing him, ended up becoming a tyrannical dictator, which simultaneously fractured the Justice League into two factions; The One-Earth Regime, which was led by Superman, and a rebel Insurgency, led by Batman, who fought over what was the ideal way to maintain peace and control on Earth. Zod was impressed by how Clark turned out, especially after hearing that maybe Zod's methods would have helped in saving Krypton. This "Regime Superman" doesn't exactly get along with Zod, but there's not as much animosity either, with this corrupted Kal-El citing to Zod that maybe there will come a time where they would be working together. Zod eagerly awaits that day, whilst giving out his respect to the Regime Superman.
  • The Saiyan Race, much like the Kryptonians, were a race of Human Aliens that lived on a distant planet and also produced a great paragon under very similar circumstances as Kal-El; one sent as Kakarot, who lived as Son Goku, the first in many years to become the Super Saiyan. Learning about the Saiyans grabbed Zod's interests and personally decided to greet them on the basis that he wanted to display his prowess and superiority. However, he was instead met by wariness and distrust by most, though Goku decided to fight against him solely to entertain himself and his new opponent. The two had an epic battle in the House of Space and Cosmos that nearly crumbled a planet to dust. Admittedly, Zod and Goku began to respect each other for their determination and their fighting strength and tenacity, which prompted the Kryptonian general to admit that he likes Goku. While they remained enemies, Goku and Zod don't hate one another, though the former wants to find a way to redeem the latter into a good guy, something that Zod has no interest in.
    • The Saiyan Prince, Vegeta, on the other hand, does not appreciate Zod in the slightest. Turns out, Zod set up a fight by kidnapping Vegeta's son, Trunks and used this as a way to try getting the Saiyan Prince to bow to him. What Zod didn't expect was Vegeta beating the absolute tar out of him for daring to kidnap his son and blasting him off with a Father-Son Galick Gun. While it didn't kill Zod, he did remain in a heavily injured state until his body drifted across a nearby sun, rejuvenating him. He's since been itching for a rematch and being more cautious about further aggravating him the next time they meet. That said, Zod does respect Vegeta for being a powerful warrior, which serves as an incentive to further better himself as a military general and fighter.
    • One Saiyan, Turles, did end up finding genuine appreciation and camaraderie with Zod, much to the Kryptonian's interest and glee. Their personal experiences with Goku helped with the two learning and coming to meet with one another, where Turles was impressed by Zod's power and leadership skills, whereas the latter was interested in the Tree of Might and the fruit that it grows, which the former eats to gain a tremendous power boost. Seeking to one-up Goku one day, Zod and Turles became allies out of mutual convenience and the two have since been working together in getting stronger and making attempts in finding and conquering planets. And of course, Zod and Turles often spar with one another as a means to sharpen their fighting skills and learning how to use each others' skills together against their foes.
    • By extension, Zod learned about two alien brothers, Frieza and Cooler, who ran a planetary organization where they sold planets to high bidders, though they also commanded a grand galactic army and took wanton enjoyment out of destroying planets and civilizations, though Cooler seems to be more pragmatic and cold about it. Zod found himself working with Frieza on some occasions, with the alien tyrant claiming that the Kryptonian makes for an excellent asset in his list of allies in the Pantheon. That said, Zodd makes it clear that he has his own agendas and that he isn't bound to Frieza's rules. That, and while they do have similar enemies and have a goal in ruling and commanding, Zod isn't a fan of planetary destruction and butts heads against Frieza about that, much to the latter's annoyance.
  • Zod's incredible might and his military reputation garnered him the respect of the Thraddash, who happened to value strength, superiority, and might above everything else. In fact, Zod killed a large number of Thraddash, which led to some of them bowing down to him out of awe and praise. Zod was pleased, having made a race of alien warriors kneel to him, meaning that Zod found a new alliance to work upon and seeks to use this as a means to further his influence and to improve the Thraddash, though he also wants to keep in check of not wanting to improve them too much. Incidentally, this caught the attention of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, a powerful alien armada who also led the Thraddash and were surprised to learn of how Zod was able to have a number of them swear allegiance to him. Zod respects the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za for their might, but the armada sees the Kryptonian as a threat to their own influence and survival, hence they tend to clash every now and then in an allegory of who is the superior race and who is better fit to lead the Thraddash.
  • With an expansive and respectable record and reputation to the Kryptonian military, Zod is well-renowned for his services, what's he's participated in for his government, and the ability to inspire great leadership and morale among his group of people, on top of possessing excellent fighting skills and use in weaponry, all of which were seen as what an ideal soldier and leader should possess in the field of battle. It's no surprise that Zod is a Patron Saint for the House of Military and Warfare and he often visits the House as a showcase for what makes a good soldier and how he is the definitive example. He'd hold a lot of weight... had it not been for the fact that he's too arrogant to generate the positive reception he wants.
    • Despite his less-than-positive view on humans, Zod admits that General Esdeath is someone worthy of his respect after learning of her ridiculously strong control over cryomancy and for her feared, yet respected position as a leading military figure for an empire, though Zod does make it clear that he has no appreciation for Prime Minister Honest as the Kryptonian also has a less-than-savory view towards Dirty Cowards, which Honest certainly applies for. Esdeath appreciated Zod's gesture and was delighted to see just how powerful and destructive he is, alongside thinking that he may be worth a challenge and someone who is just as adequate a leader as she is. The two see each other as worthy allies to work with since.
    • Of the many military personnel in the Pantheon, none impress Zod more so than Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose tactical thinking, brilliant orating and planning skills made him a genius in the field of battle and one of the most valued figures in the Galactic Empire. In a sense, Zod sees Thrawn as everything a leader should be, and while he isn't a fighter, the Kryptonian admits that his brains are enough to earn him his respect. That said, Zod isn't fond of the Galactic Empire itself and opposes Palpatine for his rampant campaigns to destroy planets as a way of asserting control over the galaxy, though the Dark Lord was quick to point out that Zod isn't too far off from oppressing others with his own species superiority. Thrawn, on the other hand, sees Zod as a commendable fighter and a decent leader, though not one he could see as an intellectual equal, something which propels the Kryptonian to become more strategic and cunning in the Pantheon.
    • Of course, not everyone with some kind of military experience has anything complimentary to say about Zod, and vice versa. For one, he is genuinely baffled by Violet Evergarden in the sense that after her military services, she went on to become a typographer, writing and delivering letters in a personal quest to understand emotions, especially love. Zod thinks Violet is wasting her natural talents of being a fighter, especially after learning how she was once an orphan who was struggling to survive on her own, which was something Zod related to in an incident where he had to fend for himself after his own parents' death. He thinks that Violet should have gone on to become an army general and avenge the "death" of her caretaker, Gilbert Bougainvillea if she really missed him. Violet herself doesn't like Zod either, she sees the Kryptonian as a crazed, delusional military leader who doesn't want to admit his own faults, not to mention that she saw the war she partook in as a mistake that she wants to move on from. She also took offense in Zod mentioning Gilbert, considering that the latter came to care for her well-being, in contrast to Zod, who saw his own son as expendable and finding his beliefs as nonsensical. Not that it matters much as Gilbert actually survived the war and Violet found a new purpose in life via her letter-writing job, which allowed her to feel endeared towards and beloved by many. Oddly enough, there's the fact that Zod is capable of love and empathy, but doesn't quite grasp Violet's take and goal towards it, much to the warlord's frustration.
    • Other soldiers like Squad 7 and Sosuke Sagara came to oppose Zod in the same principle as Violet, in addition to thinking that the Kryptonian is not exactly fit to see himself as a savior when really, he's motivated by a grudge and accusing someone of the destruction of his home, despite Zod himself having instigated the conflict prior hand. Zod ponders on how Squad 7 ended up being so beloved by their compatriots and admits that they can be an effective military asset, had they been Kryptonians. Ditto for Sosuke, except that him having been sent to war since he was a child meant that he saw Zod in disdain due to the abusive treatment of his own son. And no matter how much he stresses it, Zod's claims of having Krypton's best interests in mind tend to be brushed off by others due to his militantly abrasive and condescending nature. And even if he really does mean, it doesn't change that Zod thinks only he can lead his race to their prosperity.
  • Zod's experience in the Phantom Zone is not a pleasant one, and he's a little relieved to see that there aren't that many in the Pantheon who are familiar with what he went through. Galacta Knight and Nightmare Moon are two notable examples that caught the Kryptonian warlord's attention. The former is usually sealed in a crystal, which he constantly breaks out of so that he can find someone to fight against, something which Zod found amusing and respected him for his tenacity. The latter is a malicious form of Princess Luna, who was once sealed in a moon by her sister, Princess Celestia, for millennia, though is now a separate being from Luna in the Pantheon. Zod doesn't have much interest in the evil alicorn, plus her goals of blackening out the world into an endless night is detrimental to him as his powers rely on sunlight and related, hence he sees Nightmare Moon as a rival if nothing else. He does, however, enjoy whatever fights he has against Galacta Knight whenever the two of them meet.
  • Having become familiar with Galactic Conquerors in his home universe, Zod is wary about them in the Pantheon, figuring that beyond those he knows like Darkseid and Mongul, there's sure to be more. Sure enough, he came into contact with such figures as Khan Noonien Singh and Megatron, both of whom were seen as great enemies of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the Autobots respectively. Zod came to admire their fear factor, power, and the fear they inspired towards others and opted to decide to work with them, thinking that establishing good relations would allow Zod and his Kryptonian henchmen to benefit with more support and acknowledgment in the Pantheon. To his surprise, Khan and Megatron agreed to the notion, with Zod being eager to learn from them. That said, all three of them have their own agendas to fulfill, but Zod is quite aware of that and aims to play it safe with Khan and Megatron for the time being, provided that they are useful allies for now.
    • Count Dooku was a more polarizing figure for Zod to consider. On one hand, Dooku used to be a Sith Apprentice to Palpatine and a Dark Lord by profession, that is until he was betrayed and left to be killed by Anakin Skywalker. On the other hand, Dooku in the Pantheon has been a Wild Card of sorts, working with the Grand United Alliance of Good as they had mutual enemies and Dooku himself didn't really have much of a choice. Zod felt curious and opted to confront Dooku, whereupon they realized that despite their twisted actions and unpopular reputations, they did have some semblance of good intentions, which allowed them to bond well with one another and work together in the Pantheon from time to time. Of course, the GUAG wasn't happy to learn of the occasion, but Dooku has affirmed that he's being pragmatic about his position in the Pantheon, something which Zod adopted as well. The fact that both dislike Palpatine and saw him as a threat also helped Zod and Dooku becoming allies as well.
  • While not as cited as his military experience for Krypton and his relationship with Joe-El and Superman, Zod has a son named Lor-Zod, whom he gathered with fellow Kryptonian criminal Ursa. Unfortunately, because said son was used as a tether in the Phantom Zone as a means for Zod to communicate outside of it and eventually escape from the extra-dimensional prison, Zod and Ursa's treatment towards Lor-Zod wasn't exactly the best, to say the least. Once Lor-Zod came to Earth, was befriended and ultimately adopted by Superman and Lois Lane, adopted the name of Christopher "Chris" Kent, and wound up becoming a hero, Zod did not hesitate to kill his son in combat, now that he ended up opposing him. His actions directly led to him becoming a thorn for the House of Family and Relatives, with the Heroic Protectors of Family having heavy opposition against the Kryptonian.
    • Being unpopular in said House did not deter Zod in the slightest when it came down to searching for someone whom he could work with, which led the alien warlord to Ultraman Belial and Fire Lord Ozai. Incidentally, all three of them had sons who heavily opposed him and mostly wanted nothing to do with them, and Zod took note of the fact that Belial and Ozai were incredibly powerful warriors and feared leaders. Such an alliance would be considered natural, however, it turned out that all three of them were Narcissistic to a big fault, preventing them from synching well as a team. Not to mention the fact that Belial casually destroying planets if needed wasn't a welcoming fact for Zod either, hence their partnership ended up being strained. That said, they are Zod's strongest connection to the House of Family and Relatives', so he feels indebted to ask for their alliance if possible, even if Zod isn't too fond of Belial and Ozai.
    • Of course, many deities with parental issues went on to see Zod as a madman who would kill off entire races if it meant repopulating his own species or to assert his own superiority, in addition to being a really crappy father. Shoto Todoroki and Prince Zuko (who was actually a member of the House of Betrayal and Treachery) were most concerned and opposed to Zod, given that they were raised under similar circumstances to Chris Kent to a degree and was disowned for "not being strong enough", hence they felt that Zod rubbed them emotionally and that his abusive treatment towards his son is something that shouldn't be looked past behind, in addition to him being a terrifying threat in his own right. Zod, on the other hand, finds amusement in that Zuko is Ozai's son and Todoroki is a certified superhero aiming for greatness, though unlike most of his other enemies, he doesn't take them too seriously for the most part.
  • Zod's dedication to his people and home was a trait that he happened to share with Madara Uchiha, something which neither two were expecting. Zod had gotten to know about Madara mainly due to Regime Superman and pondered on how exactly the two got along as well as they did, which prompted the Kryptonian General to have an encounter with the infamous Uchiha. Madara was initially cautious of Zod due to his reputation as being an enemy to Supermannote , but things eased up when they finally met. The two also realized that they tended to consider their own kind, the Kryptonians and the Uchiha Clan, as the pinnacle of strength, to their own amusement.
  • Has a... peculiar relationship with the Nostalgia Critic. The two would sometimes converse with one another or get into fights, and the same thing goes with Linkara, a comic book reviewer who is sometimes complimentary of Zod as a villain and character, which the Kryptonian appreciates, in spite of his enmity against him. Speaking of which, he sometimes would go by Zoddnote  and some have noted that he and the Nostalgia Critic look alike, much to his amusement. The Critic does admit to appreciating Zod's charisma and his trademark quote of "Kneel", but besides that, they have a not-so-serious enmity towards one another.
  • Unsurprisingly, Zodd has made numerous enemies against heroes and beloved figures from space, such as the Jedi Order, Team Lightyear, Commander Shepard, The Space and Lost Galaxy Power Rangers, and many more. Then again, Zod's repeated attacks on Earth in an effort to conquer it and/or colonize it as a breeding ground for future Kryptonians for the survival of his race made this reaction inevitable for many of them. Zod is more irked that they normally tend to be friends of Kal-El and Jor-El, which ends up making things a little more personal for the Kryptonian warlord. He does fancy a good fight at the end of the day, though the feeling is one-sided as Zod is mainly opposed to his blatantly elitist viewpoint on racial superiority and for wanting to assert dominance by violent force.
  • For his brutal actions and villainous reputation, Zod makes it clear that there are some villains that he personally dislikes and is more than willing to fight against them, with Brainiac obviously being on the top of his list. For one, he was perceptive enough to figure that Vilgax was not someone to work with after learning of his treacherous nature and would rather work with Ben and Gwen Tennyson to take him down. And like everyone else in his homeworld, he has a strong opposition against the Anti-Monitor, but then again, so does most of the Pantheon. Zod does make it clear that while he will work with heroes in dire circumstances, his own goals and priorities come first and foremost, so they tend to be cautious whether if Zod is going to strike back the moment a mutual threat is done. Oddly enough, Zod actually retreats once the task is done. This is because he's aware that they would figure he would strike, and Zod realized that he would immediately be counterattacked, so it's best to leave things be and recover.
    • Zod despises beings who wantonly destroy planets and makes it certain that he wants nothing to do with them, lest they become an adversary for him to destroy. Evolto and Killbas are among those two, being crazed brothersnote  who indulge in blowing up worlds and expressed regret about Krypton's destruction... because they weren't able to do it first. Naturally, this pissed Zod off to the point of fighting against both of them from time to time. Zod also flatly refuses to work with Evolto in working together against Killbas, figuring that the former would try to backtab him once the work is done. On another note, he threatened Chairman Drek once after learning of his shtick of blowing up planets for business and his intimidation has since made an impression on Drek, who has been very hesitant about going to Krypton, let alone attacking it. Finally, Zod will do whatever he can to stave off Galactus and Unicron, given how both of them have a need to devour planets. In a rare moment, Zod would align himself with the House of El when it comes to fighting against the two, knowing that he would need a lot of assistance if it means taking on Galactus and Unicron, but especially the latter as he desires to end all of existence so that he could rest upon a void of nothingness.
  • For the sake of clarity, the General Zod in the Pantheon is the one from Post-Flashpoint and beyond, though semblances and traces of other versions do manifest on rare occasions. Initially, there was a bit of a debate on which Zod was in the Pantheon before the Kryptonian himself began making enough of a presence to make the answer clear. He's honestly surprised to see how his existence confuses some folks, and there's the additional fact that his son, Lor-Zod, is actually on decent terms with him in the more recent iterations of the two, despite the Pantheon having generally acknowledged Zod as an Abusive Parent. This is a question that could only be answered if Lor-Zod himself somehow manages to ascend into the Pantheon...
My name is Zod. And I have always loved monsters. They force us into action. They show us what we can be. They make us great.

    Gilgamesh (Fate
Gilgamesh, God of Self-Aggrandization (Gil, King of Heroes, Goldy, Goldilocks, Archer, Caster, The Wise King of Uruk, Young Gil, Little King of Heroes, Ruler, Boss, Alter Ego, Dr. Gil, The Rules, AUO, KNO)
Young Gil
As a Caster
As a Ruler
  • Greater God (Overdeity when in his Origin form and taking full advantage of his treasury)
  • Symbol: A huge array of weapons emerging from the Gate of Babylon
  • Theme Songs: Cosmic Air (the Extella version, the Samurai Remnant version), The Golden King (the F/GO version, the Samurai Remnant version), King of Heroes, gilGAMEsh, The Gilgamesh, Absolute Sanctuary Dark Glow, Enuma Elish
  • Alignment: His Archer selves are officially Chaotic Good, but differ personality-wise: the Fuyuki Grail War version is closer to Neutral Evil, while the Moon Cell Grail War Gilgamesh is Chaotic Neutral with Good leanings, and his child self is true Chaotic Good. Both Caster and Ruler Gilagmesh are Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Douchebaggery, Thinking that the world belongs to him, Sociopathic Purity, Evil Laugh, Believer of 'The Strong rules over the Weak', Reverse Shrapnel, Having a Regal appearance but being a massive douche, Created for ruling humanity and keeping them under the Gods' thumbs, Being the one who ends their reign instead, Having the power to gaze into the future
  • Domain: Mentalism, Heroes, Weaponry
  • Followers: Prussia
  • Allies: Kirei Kotomine, Charles zi Britannia, Apocalypse
  • Rivals: Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm
  • Worthy Opponent: Alexander the Great, Karna, the other Gilgamesh
  • Enemies: Arturia Pendragon, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Kiritsugu Emiya, The Emperor of Mankind, Kanji Tatsumi, Jin Kisaragi, Hakumen, Stahn Aileron, Trazyn the Infinite, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Mordred, Exdeath, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade, Larfleeze, Superman, EQG!Rainbow Dash
  • Opposed by: Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • Feared by: Tiamat (Shin Megami Tensei)
  • He's the King of Heroes, thus he was supposed to be put in the House of Heroes and Villains (before the said house was split.) However, he demanded that he be put in the Main House. Haruhi, in response gave him a proper place for someone of his level of ego: this very house. Needless to say, he really didn't like the decision.
  • Has fought another being with the same name who's known to collect weapons and have fought like men, women and women who dresses like men. Surprisingly, the being put up a good fight that Gilgamesh grudgingly had to admit him as a Worthy Opponent and a resident inside his Gate of Babylon, and dislikes Exdeath for his mistreatment to the being.
  • Possesses Ea, the Sword of Rupture, or The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth. The offensive power of Ea easily exceeds everything else in Gilgamesh's arsenal combined, and is justly labeled as an anti-world Noble Phantasm. It is capable of drawing even more power from the various Noble Phantasms within the Gate of Babylon.
  • Gilgamesh's most valued and trusted possession is Enkidu: The Chains of Heaven. These chains are named after Gilgamesh's one and only friend, and possess the quality of binding those with divinity. The higher ones divinity, the more powerful the chains become. This is obviously incredibly problematic to those who reside in the Pantheon, and is a great obstacle to those who wish to challenge Gilgamesh.
  • Aside of a select few (such as Alexander the Great), everyone else in the Pantheon is referred by Gil as "Mongrels".
    • One of those mongrels by the name of Black☆Star has claimed he will defeat Gil as part of his quest to surpass the gods themselves. Gil originally didn't pay him any mind, claiming that he should "kill a god or two and come back" but after seeing some of Black☆Star's feats, he admits he wouldn't mind fighting him.
  • His appearance is mistaken for another mongrel by the name of Kanji Tatsumi. Gilgamesh is surprised they have the same voice actors.
  • He once, to the surprise of most of Pantheon, especially Siegfried, Sophitia and Taki, was able to use Soul Edge without losing his sanity or reason to it. He claimed to not feel a thing.
    • Of course, those that know him know that Gil's ego and pure self-centeredness is so great that he could resist having all the world's evil poured onto him without any ill effects. An evil, soul devouring sword? He could shake that off EASILY.
    • This has earned him the interest of Algol, The Great Hero King who has issued a challenge (along with many others) to battle him in The Tower of Lost Souls to see if he is worthy of being called King.
  • One of his hobbies is motorcycle racing, which he learned to do without formal instruction by reading motorcycle magazines, playing Xbox racing games, and building motorcycle models.
  • Has actually heard that Yuuki Terumi is vying to take over his house. Gil's response? A majestic Evil Laugh followed with, "Know your place, MONGREL OF MONGRELS!!"
  • In one world he became the servant of the individuals known as Hakuno Kishinami and aids them. He eventually comes to view them as his master and more than just a mongrel, saying that any who seek to harm them will taste the full might of Ea. Whenever he is not around Gil is rumored to be traveling with them across the universe.
    • To the shock of many, particularly those who knew him from another of his incarnations, in this world, while he still held his pride and ego, he was much less of an asshole. It has since come to be known that the time-period and that time-periods humanity greatly influence his personality if he is in, so as he was summoned into a virtual world that he quite enjoyed, he was much closer in personality to his mortal life than any other known incarnation.
      • As a result of this, his fanbase has grown even greater, and amazingly, the amount of respect afforded to him by those that know him has increased, if only slightly. He is quite pleased with this. The residents of the Pantheon are not so sure what kind of attitude Gilgamesh has taken on in this form.
  • Mordred despises him for both his arrogance and his actions towards her 'father'. Gilgamesh personally could care less, only noting that she would stand as much a chance of defeating him as Arturia would, and he cares not what a fake like her thinks of him.
  • Heard rumors about how Rainbow Dash might have the potential to challenge him for his title of Godhood. When he demanded to know why and how, he was shown this song. He begrudging admitted the song was rather impressive and that there might be some truth to the statement, but he claimed, whether or not the pony remembered singing that song or not, she would have a long way to go to come even close to his level.
    • He eventually found that Rainbow Dash in the House of School and spoke his mind, and let's just say things didn't go well for either.
  • Gilgamesh condemns the entirety of the Pantheon and the Gods, believing they should be removed so that mortals can take their rightful place as the ones in control, just as he intended. He will even mention being the one who deal the fatal blow that destroyed the Gods control over humanity during the Age of Gods in the worlds he comes from. When its brought up that he is a member he laughs and says that he is the exception. To this end, he has joined the Grand United Alliance of Chaos.
  • The only one who can ever make Gilgamesh submit to well, anything is Saber Alter. Many gods wonder if he's secretly a masochist.
  • While his pride is insufferable, it is mostly justified, seeing as how he is the oldest and the strongest Heroic Spirit to exist. His arsenal of Noble Phantasms is said to be truly infinite, having suitable counters for most literally anything, and possessing artifacts that would allow him to perform feats mostly unheard of. However, his pride is so great that he would rarely bother to utilize those counters, preferring to merely hurl random weapons at his enemies.
    • It is for this reason that Gilgamesh's child form, which he can take on by drinking a potion of youth from his treasury, is actually much more terrifying to face than his adult self, even though the physical parameters of his adult form are far beyond that of the child. As a child, Gilgamesh is mostly devoid of his characteristic pride, but as a result, he would be able to utilize his Gate of Babylon to its fullest potential, picking and choosing optimal weapons and relics to combat his enemies, making him an almost unbeatable foe. Luckily, he rarely inhabits this form, and even when he does, his child self is much more pacifistic, preferring to have fun and enjoy his life.
  • Lately, he have been seen drinking together with Reimu Hakurei in her shrine, seeing that even though she a servant of gods, she also an overseer maintaining the balance in her worlds (and also a good drinker that know to appreciate a fine wine). Though any "interactions" more than that earned him a kick in the crotch and Fantasy Seal in the face.
  • Has been shown to be quite uncomfortable in the presence of the Emperor of Mankind yet has refused to explain why everytime they meet he starts to profusely sweat. When asked, the Big E responded, "I don't believe anyone deserves the title King of Heros, and if someone does, then it certainly is not him".
    • As of late, he seems to have returned to his same Arrogant self. However, some have reported seeing the supposed Unbeatable Hero practicing his swordsmanship, despite once saying that was beneath him. He responded to these allegations by saying, "After years of ruling my garden, I have grown lazy. Without a great challenge, since the Age of Myths had ended, my skills dulled. Even the King of Conquerors was no match for me. But now... now the world is worthy of my brilliance once again".
  • Has been seen fighting with Napoléon Bonaparte. He was sufficiently impressed by the young Servant that he let him live.
  • Following an undisclosed incident, he occasionally frequents the House of Commerce in a form similar in appearance to his Archer self that possesses a temperament closer to his Caster self and setup a shop of his own in the house. While many buyers don't really care for his arrogant personality, the sheer quality of his wares has managed to afford him several customers in the house already.
  • Supposedly is a master of heart surgery.

Prince Vegeta IV, God of Pride (The Prince of All Saiyans, The Almighty Prince Vegeta, Vegeta-Sama, Wrecker of Your Shit, The Hype, Renegade for Life, 'Getes, Best Buddy (both the latter two by Kakarot), Intimidating Man)
The Prince in some of his various forms. (From top to bottom: Vegeta's normal state, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, and Majin Vegeta)
Super Saiyan God Vegeta
Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta
Ultra Ego Vegeta
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity as a Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God, or especially Super Saiyan Blue and beyond, Overdeity when using Ultra Ego)
  • Symbol: His Saiyan battle armor, or the Royal Saiyan Crest
  • Theme Music: Hell's Bells, Vegeta - Super Saiyan, The Final Flash, The Battle with All my Force, Battle Stage 2, Evil Warrior Vegeta, Saiyan Blood, Blue Saiyan (SSGSS), Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type C) (SSGSSE)
  • Alignment: Introduced as Neutral Evil, went through the whole neutral spectrum depending on the story arc, before settling on Neutral Good with undertones of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Super Modes, Ki Manipulations, Proud Warrior Race, Anti-Hero, Pure Unadulterated PRIDE, Awesome Ego, Protective Fathers, Enjoying Combat, Letting His Pride Get the Better of Him, Controlling His Own Fate, Emptier of Restaurants, Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liners, Continuing to Fight Through EXTREME Punishment, Trash Talk, Warrior Prince, Villainous Widow's Peak
  • Domains: Pride, Badassery, Combat, Anger
  • Followers: Red Son
  • Herald: Tarble (his younger brother)
  • Teachers: Whis
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Turanga Leela, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion
  • Rivals: Hit, Turles, Shadow the Hedgehog, Ayeka Masaki Jurai
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Beerus
  • Complicated Relationships: Nappa
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Android 16
  • Opposes: Johnny Cage, Quinella
  • Sitcom Archnemesis with: Tien Shinhan
  • Avoided by: Raiden (Metal Gear), Zaheer
  • Respects: Aang
  • The Prince of All Saiyans. One of the few surviving members of his race. The Super Elite Warrior. The fourth Saiyan to bear the name of Vegeta was raised from birth to become a vicious king, as the scion of the royal family of his people during a time where they were employed by the intergalactic planet trading empire of evil known as the Cold Force, later on the Frieza Force. With his team being left the only survivors of Frieza's genocide of the Saiyans and being notoriously demeaned into subordination by Frieza, Vegeta yearned desperately to usurp Frieza and hold the preeminent seat of power amongst mortals in the Seventh Universe.
    • Thus, as it relates to the rogue Saiyan Kakarot and his Earthling friends as Son Goku, Vegeta started out as a villain who came to Earth to use the Dragon Balls for his own ends. Despite going through a year of training to prepare for Vegeta and his lifelong enforcer Nappa, which was enough to overwhelm the latter to the point Vegeta killed him for being of no use, Kakarot was no match for Vegeta's overwhelming power as a true Saiyan Elite. However, by pushing his body beyond its limit numerous times over, Kakarot was able to frustrate Vegeta to the point that he created an artificial moon to turn himself into a Great Ape...which backfired when Kakarot's half-Earthling son turned as well. Between that and a Combined Energy Attack called the Spirit Bomb, Vegeta was forced to retreat, equally battered as his enemies.
    • More repeated run-ins with the Z-Fighters would commence with them ostensibly acting on the same side, particularly on Planet Namek, where the multi-way race for the Dragon Balls soon became everyone against Frieza, who was far more monstrous than Vegeta in both proud evil and power. Following Kakarot's defeat of Frieza and Vegeta's revival from death at the tyrant's hands, he slowly but surely started to come over to the heroes' side... with a lot of acrimonious moments along the way. It took him a while, but over time he became both a respected rival to Kakarot as well as a true husband to Bulma and father to Trunks, especially the present-timeline version. However, just because he sits firmly on the heroic side nowadays, don't think that means he's gotten soft, or abandoned his iconic competitiveness with Kakarot... or especially forsaken his pure unadulterated Pride in what it means to be a Saiyan. It's just far healthier and more effective now.
  • Vegeta is often seen training in the Hall of Combat's gravity chamber, usually set to astonishingly high gravity levels inspired entirely by his training in his own world. On a similar note, he's also been known to make machines experience fear beyond their programming, whether it be enemy combatants or said gravity chamber's training droids. However, he is NOT using scouters anymore, therefore don't expect him to be breaking one while shouting what someone's power level is. Kakarot being over 9000 was a misnomer anyway, it was actually around 8000-plus.
  • You may invade his mind and his body, but there's one thing he always keeps. Vegeta carries the pride of a prince, which has proven to be a very solid anchor against all kinds of mind control, effectively making him immune to manipulation of outside forces. Even a proper duplicate of Vegeta is capable of telling this to any fool who would attempt to control him:
    Copy!Vegeta: YOU ANSWER TO ME!
  • Speaking of his pride, it used to be a massive drawback when he first "joined" the Dragon Team. His tendency to make recklessly dark choices in search of either a suitable challenge or a chance to show up Kakarot to prove he's the strongest Saiyan has twice escalated major sagas by feeding the great enemy of the day the necessary power to become an overwhelming threat. This undermined the master tactician that he usually is, as he showed in his attempts to usurp his own Bad Boss's plans for immortality, until he finally got over himself and admitted that Kakarot is number one long enough to plot the resurrection of Earth for the sake of a Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu. Now that he's fully become a good guy, his pride manifests in trying to replenish the warrior tradition of the Saiyans but with the morality of the Dragon Team, as well as absolute determination in the face of any who would threaten his family. Leela has made similar decisions at the risk of the Planet Express crew, so she knows where he's coming from, though she will admit he's better the way he is now, and after the development of Mortal Kombat Timeline X, Scorpion can attest to the virtue of his current goals.
  • Deus states that he plans on usurping this seat someday, due to his mantra Affinity being Pride. Vegeta has yet to respond to the challenge, but he does have plans on it of it comes to that. One who already has fought him for his title would be the homunculus Pride, with "fought" being used very lightly. The shadowy creature has been trying to figure out a plan for revenge ever since.
  • It is generally agreed between most gods that hearing a piano start to play is a cause for concern as well as a good reason to keep aware of your surroundings, Vegeta has very little regard for collateral damage. If said piano is accompanied by the words "Final Flash", RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE! An unconfirmed rumor amongst the Pantheon is that "Final Flash" is actually ancient Saiyan language which roughly translates to "Fuck everything in this general direction!" This is likely because that attack almost killed Cell and knocked out Jiren during times when they were both far stronger than Vegeta, a fact which does not go unnoticed by anyone who might become his enemy.
  • Once fought Shadow the Hedgehog in a fight to the death. Even years later, he still doesn't think highly of his outlasted opponent. This is not only due to the difference in power, but also because Vegeta gets the sense that Shadow doesn't have much real purpose fueling his haughty attitude these days. Mewtwo, who later trounced Shadow in a similar fight, gets along much better with Vegeta, as they share pride of combat, reformation from destructive pasts, and hatred of Frieza in common.
  • Initially he would make abrasive jokes against anyone significantly below him, either deeming them to have "a power level of below negative 9000" or comparing them to his former subordinate Raditz. But after learning more about the Pantheon and the wide variety of power scales among its denizens, not to mention becoming a better person and then seeing Raditz get considerably stronger (see below), he has relented this stance, reserving the "negative 9000" gag for the weakest of foes he finds truly contemptible or pitiable.
  • Does not enjoy the company of Excalibur, and will blast him off should the former ever cross him. This reminds him of a certain bald person. Well, one or two certain bald persons, both of whom ascended later than the Prince. One of them was revived on Earth and became a movie producer, helping to enhance the legend of one Hercule Satan through cinematic efforts. Nappa still wants revenge for being killed but overall is kinda lost without Vegeta, so you might see them either doing Let's Plays together or the old general challenging Vegeta to a fight and getting slapped down for his efforts. As for the other bald person, he and the Prince of Saiyans promptly resumed getting under each other's skin. While they aren't enemies anymore, Tien never really warmed up to Vegeta.
  • Has a brother named Tarble. Once thought that he'd mistakenly killed him during his days on the Saiyan homeworld. He was happy to be wrong. Because he hit Santa Claus, his intended target, all along. When Tarble visited Earth with his wife Gure, Vegeta was not impressed seeing that he was weak. Still, the older Prince helped his brother handle a couple of Frieza Force remnants. While he hasn't seen Tarble since, many believe his later mentor-student relationship to Cabba was inspired by that encounter.
  • Upon learning of Cooler's ascension, he quickly suggested that Cooler be banned from the House of Machinery and Technology. Upon learning of the Big Gete Star, many gods agreed. When Vegeta was asked why he was so keen on having Cooler banned from the House of Technology by other gods, he merely said, "He kept kicking me in the dick". Naturally, he was not pleased when he learned after Frieza obtained his new Golden Form, Cooler invaded the House of Military Technology. And that he brought not only the Big Gete Star but his legion of Meta-Coolers. He also heavily dislikes Johnny Cage and Ric Flair for the same reasons. He doesn't want to be associated with someone who made crotch shots famous. Most gods think he's overreacting as most gods don't like getting kicked in the balls except Bryan Fury. They left him alone after hearing how he was kicked 500 times from his angry wife, Bulma.
  • Fought the Anthropomorphic Personification of Entropy and managed to draw blood despite previously being vastly outclassed, all because said Anthropomorphic Personification slapped his wife. He later met an enemy who had stolen Kakarot's body and used it to kill Future Bulma and terrorize Future Trunks, quietly determined to make him pay for both of these deeds. Never let it be said that he doesn't love his wife, or respect Kakarot as a true Saiyan for that matter.
  • Went on an adventure across Los Santos for reasons unknown.
  • Also takes pride in his cooking skills. However, he isn't that good of a cook.
  • He once fought Saitama and was very impressed by his fighting prowess. It ended with them exchanging phone numbers after cancelling the fight midway through. Sometime after this, Tatsumaki visited what was then the Hall of Pride and ended up meeting the Prince of Saiyans. She was annoyed by his ego, but before long their argument turned to an understanding after he pointed out that she knew nothing of his past. That said, she still considers him nothing close to a true hero, which is fine by him as he never claimed to be one. Truth is, he reflects on his sins with the Saiyan Army a bit too much consider himself a hero as it is.
  • Has a very strange habit of throwing dog treats at decapitated heads (and Guldo). This causes Mami Tomoe to be rather cautious around Vegeta. He tells her not to worry as he only throws them at his kills.
  • Fellow gods are nowadays VERY SHOCKED to find out that aside from both Dunban and Heiji Hattori, Vegeta shares his Japanese-speaking voice with the (in)famous Captain Falcon. People truly wanted to confirm this by convincing Vegeta to perform not just any Falcon Punch, but a Falcon Punch in that exact voice. Vegeta has been refusing to do so ever since, showing signs of Never Live It Down. Also...
    Vegeta: No, for the last time, I WON'T SHOW YOU MY MOVES!
  • Turns out what kept him back from most of the battle with the Legendary Super Saiyan wasn't simple fear, but a conflicted admiration and frustration. He marked out seeing Broly's sheer penchant for carnage as the epitome of Saiyan violence but could not get past the stupidity of Broly's obsession with Kakarot for crying endlessly when they were next to each other in their pods. Either way the Prince got over it, joining in on the attack and aiding Kakarot with energy to defeat Broly.
  • Touta Konoe earned both Vegeta's and Kakarot's respect due to his gung-ho spirit, considerable powers, and enmity with a being similar to that parasite Baby. Same for Ippo Makunouchi, whose meek personality and constant striving for strength remind him of Cabba, his protégé from Universe 6.
  • A blonde gadgeteer was going around visiting people like herself in the Pantheon, and travelled to Capsule Corp to see Bulma, meeting him and Trunks in the meantime. Seeing bits of how strong-willed and innovative she is, he thinks Winry would be good for Trunks if she wasn't already taken and their ages matched up. If anything, he likes that she and Bulma get along so well, as she might be a good influence on the kid.
  • His reaction upon noticing that Raditz has now ascended to Super Saiyan 3 with the support of the fanbase, is as follows:
    Vegeta: Hahahahahahaha! Well, it looks like the cowardly mouse has finally gained enough power to be worth some respect!
    • Sadly, Raditz was overconfident enough to challenge him to a fight. He promptly transformed to Super Saiyan Blue and showed Raditz he still had a long way to go. However, he didn't kill Raditz but rather gave him some poignant advice.
      Vegeta: Abandon this nonsense about taking revenge on Kakarot and myself, or gaining respect through Melkor and his pond of scum. Get stronger, come back and fight me again, and then we'll see what you've got. Understand?
  • With his interest in his fellow Saiyans renewed by Cabba, Vegeta can occasionally be heard stating offhand who in the Pantheon he thinks would be great candidates as "honorary Saiyans". Power Girl, another friend of Bulma's who thinks present/kid Trunks is pretty cool, is happy to be on that list. Unfortunately he learned that his remark coincided with Raditz saying something similar around the same time. No doubt the chicken was secretly gauging what could happen with her…
    • He's also named Tatsumaki and Saitama on this list, along with Touta and Ippo. Tatsumaki quickly sent him a clear "No thank you," while Saitama doesn't really care. Touta and Ippo are both honored, though the former was much more enthusiastic when expressing it.
  • After Grand Zen'o's Tournament of Power ended up with the entire multiverse left intact as is thanks to the worlds-restoring wish from Android 17, Vegeta is now preparing for his upcoming visit to Planet Sadala. On that note, he's decided to bring Cabba into his temple as his Herald.
    • Bulma convinced him that he should go even further than that and actually make a team out of the "honorary Saiyans" he kept going on about in the Pantheon. He did so, calling them the Honorary Forces of Sadala after the original Saiyan homeworld. Saitama declined, saying he wasn't one for big groups and had already received another offer from a friend he told the same. Everyone else accepted, including Tatsumaki, who now respects the Prince enough to be okay with this after watching him and others in the Tournament. Unsurprisingly, she thinks she should be the only one on the team. Vegeta and company give no consideration to this at all.
    • Later on, in response to a challenge from Paragus and the other Saiyans, Kale was added to the group and a spot was reserved for Caulifla as well. Cabba would be ascended alongside Caulifla as she was finally brought into the Pantheon, the two sharing a temple with Kale due to their Instant Expert tendencies. This made it so that the Saiyan-to-non-Saiyan count on Vegeta's team was nearly even, so they couldn't be an "honorary" force anymore; as such, the name of the group was changed to Super-Warriors' Guild.
  • Aside from being another candidate to replace him as Kakarot's main rival, Hit stomped Vegeta in their first fight with his use of the Time Skip during Beerus and Champa's tournament. Later in a Super Saiyan 4 training fight, he discovered firsthand that Hit's Time Skip is even more powerful online. This only further pissed him off. As such, Vegeta was not happy to see Hit, alongside Kenshiro, trying to interfere when Metal Cooler came into his temple and fought him. Despite Kenshiro pointing out that a whole horde of Meta-Coolers had been trying to get to him, Vegeta told them both not to interfere, so they left the fight to go one-on-one. Cooler was formidable, having grown far stronger than before as well as effectively used the threat of low blows for misdirection, but Vegeta was able to overpower Cooler and force a retreat.
  • It was revealed in a conversation between Frieza and the canon-timeline Broly's father Paragus that Vegeta is actually the fourth of his name.
  • In light of both his turn as Majin Vegeta and his battle with Top the Destroyer in the Tournament of Power, Vegeta holds a special respect for Avatar Aang, who originally thought he had to abandon his love entirely to achieve control of the Avatar State, paid for that mistake, was later happy to find that that was never the point, and even took that lesson further in persisting with his principles to find the ultimate solution to the Hundred Year War.
  • Zaheer, on the other hand, is one the Saiyan Prince finds contemptible. He rushed headlong into the idea that he had to forsake his love to achieve the ideal power he sought, and couldn't do so while she was alive but immediately plunged once he saw her die. What's worse, Zaheer was going off advice from a guru to let go of all earthly attachments, just like Aang. He got the meaning completely wrong, descended to the depths Vegeta himself had climbed from, and had to be put away before he gained the good sense to ever look back. Fortunately for Zaheer's own sake, the airbending terrorist knows he can't match Vegeta's power and has instructed his heralds to not go near the Prince of Saiyans.
  • Whis told Vegeta, along with Kakarot and Beerus, about the noblewoman-turned-goddess Quinella having an encounter with Zamasu in which she showed surprising depths of power regained through her Sacred Arts and other villainous connections. One such development later included her obtaining a power-up mimicking the Super Saiyan transformation, which she actually called Super Saiyan Sterling, directly inspired by Goku Black's Rosé form. He hopes to encounter this woman and "remind" her, figuring she should know since she was inspired by Black, that pale imitation of the Saiyans comes with a price.
  • It's been revealed that prior to becoming a Super Saiyan, Vegeta had already met Android 21, or at the very least Vomi, as a simple researcher hired by Dr. Brief to make improvements to his training room. Of course, her lab coat had come without that damned Red Ribbon symbol on it at the time, and what's been said about Vomi's mortal status has raised a lot of questions…
  • Ever since the incident with Garrosh and the Sha, Thrall has sworn to keep a VERY close eye on Vegeta, lest he start trying to draw power from an Old God. However, the Shaman of the Orcs has seen enough to be satisfied that these days Vegeta is far from the reckless fool who once allowed Babidi's magic to reawaken his evil self just to match Kakarot. Still, his continuous climb to keep up with Goku, Frieza, and the gods of the multiverse eventually allowed him to take on the power of the Gods of Destruction, resulting in the form called Ultra Ego. With this power he became an absolute tank, taking the Saiyans' natural ability to get stronger from pain to absurd levels to the point he tried to hearken back to those days to maximize the ability. He found that he could not use this ability to its full potential not only because even his great resiliency was capable of exhaustion, but also because he had changed too much to revert to the callous Saiyan Soldier of old to any serious measure.
"You say I'm arrogant, I say damn right. That's pride! Pride in the Saiyan I am. The mighty prince of the ultimate warrior race!"