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Greater Gods

    Androids 17 and 18 
Androids 17 and 18, Twin Co-Deities of Perpetual Motion Monsters (Android 17: Artificial Human 17, Cyborg 17, #17, Lapis, The Ultimate Android, Monster Island Ranger, MVP of the Tournament of Power | Android 18: Artificial Human 18, Cyborg 18, #18, Lazuli, Deadly Beauty, Beloved Girl Fighter, Love Warrior of Universe 7)
18 behind 17 in their classic Red Ribbon attire
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18 during the Super era in front of Super 17
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18 beside 17 competing in the Tournament of Power
  • Greater Gods (17 becomes a borderline Overdeity when his power circuits are amplified)
  • Symbol: Red Ribbon Army Insignia
  • Theme Songs: Androids 17 & 18, The Artificial Humans Go to Town…, Encounter, The Androids' Journey, Intense Struggle for Survival
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral (Chaotic Evil in an alternate timeline)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Power, Destruction, War, Chaos, Peace
  • Heralds: Marron (Android 18's daughter, shared with Krillin) and Android 17's unseen wife and children.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Vergil Sparda, Jiren
  • Respected by:
  • Rivals:
  • Two twin androids created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku were activated prematurely to do his bidding, only to instantly turn on their creator and destroy him. They're actually cyborgs, converted from two human teenage runaways Dr. Gero kidnapped and experimented on years ago; while their memories were wiped so thoroughly their human names didn't matter anymore, the one thing they both knew aside from their loyalty to each other was they hated the shit out of the old man and wanted him gone.
  • In one timeline, these two Androids would go on a long-suffering rampage across the Earth, causing destruction and chaos, with even the Z Fighters ending up dead at their hands, leaving Vegeta and Bulma's son Trunks the only one capable of stopping them. With a time machine, Trunks travelled back in time to warn the Z-Fighters about this threat three years in advance. Thanks to a number of factors, the resulting changes in what's now considered the Dragon Ball multiverse's main timeline meant that 17 and 18 were both far stronger and far less murderous than they were "supposed" to be, enabling them to actually become good guys following the nightmarish conflict with a far more sadistic monster who it turned out Gero had converted them to be a Living Battery for: Cell.
  • After the conflict with Cell, Android 18 became drawn to Krillin because of the goodness he showed her, first going through with a promise to herself to rock his four-foot world and then eventually marrying him and bearing his child, who goes by the name Marron. Through a combination of 18 manipulating Mr. Satan into giving her two tournament winnings' worth of zeni as well as Krillin gaining a steady job as a West City police officer, she was finally able to get him out of Master Roshi's house where he'd been living since he was a child. Meanwhile, Android 17 became a park ranger in the wildlife preserve area of a gigantic royal nature park. He is an outstanding guard who does not hold back against poachers. It is an ideal job for him, as he loves to be on his own and is not big on cooperating with others; since he is so good at his job, he takes in a modestly high salary. He also married a zoologist; they have one child and two adopted children and live happily in an isolated house somewhere around the nature park.
  • Applies to both twins:
    • Future Trunks vehemently opposed their ascension into the Pantheon, pointing out the mass destruction and chaos they cause in his timeline. They were given pardon on the condition that the Android 17 and 18 from Future Trunks' timeline and the main timeline were two separate people, and within the main timeline, the twins ultimately caused no real harm and even lived peaceful lives, fighting for good and protecting the innocent in their own ways. Trunks tolerated the decision but refused to support it in any way. He later added the condition that Hell Fighter 17 be kept out of the Pantheon, to prevent Super 17 from being formed, which both of them agreed. Rumors persist that some scientists deities, both good and evil, still want to recreate the Super 17 form some other way, but none have approached 17 with any proposal thus far.
      • Hansel and Gretel once came after them to prove that they're the most powerful killer twins on the block. 17 and 18 were caught off guard and took a bit of time to regroup, but ultimately pushed back the psychotic kids. Future Trunks, who happened upon the scene and prepared to intervene if necessary, saw 17 and 18 let the kids live after that, showing him that they were not quite the same as the killers of his future. He then tied up Hansel and Gretel once 17 and 18 were gone, allowing Pantheonic authorities to apprehend them. Once 18 heard about their fate after the battle, she sighed in bored resignation, knowing that Trunks had spied on them. 17 had gone back to his job right after the incident, and by the time he appeared in the Pantheon again it was already out of mind, so he never found out.
      • The tension between the ghosts of tomorrow was ultimately resolved when Trunks met 18 again with Krillin and child in Dragon Ball Super and realized that the cyborg twins were part of the change in the world caused by his timely intervention. From then on he fully recognized that mainline 17 and 18 were not the ones who destroyed his world and began to accept them, though he does keep an eye out to make sure they don't get replaced by their evil counterparts within the Pantheon.
    • When 18 needed a replacement for her Red Ribbon clothes after they got tattered in her fight with Vegeta, she ended up stealing a cowgirl outfit from a backwoods department store. She remarked that she hated the outfit even though it was the best she could find there. This metastasized Chinese-whispers style into, supposedly, the Androids' great hatred of country music and a strong indication that they would destroy every form of it, which made the House of Musicality quite wary of the two twins. When this was pointed out to her separately, 18 made sure to emphasize that it was the clothes she hated, but if others like dressing like that she won't stop them. 17, meanwhile, has since pointed out that he is a park ranger. As for anyone wanting to destroy country music, or the lives of farm workers and country folks in general, Trunks stated plainly that the Future Androids did do that, but they also destroyed big cities without a second thought as well. Fortunately, again, these two are not the same.
    • One of their few times reconvening since ascending to in the Pantheon involved going to find Android 16 upon rumors of his appearance in the Pantheon. They were pleased to discover him alive and well in the House of Combat and spent the day hanging out with him there. Despite their separate lives, both continue to enjoy his company, as he spends a lot of time helping 17 as a park ranger and 18 occasionally comes through his area to see him.
    • Nathan Drake, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have often queried Android 17 and 18 as to whether they are descendants of treasure hunters or a wealthy family from centuries back due to their real names, Lapis and Lazuli, being based on gemstones. They have continuously given the same response of “no”, but the three of them refuse to believe them as they are convinced they are hiding a great bounty and their names are a clue to it. The truth is they don't know the answer to that question, as they can barely remember anything about their human lives thanks to Dr. Gero's experiments; 17 just enjoys messing with the treasure hunters.
    • While conversing with Goku as the Saiyan recruited him for the Tournament of Power, 17 expressed his belief that he owes Krillin his life and revealed that he could hear Goku's voice from inside Cell (which is how he recognized it when Goku was calling for the Earthlings' energy against Kid Buu). Both of these statements obviously extend to 18, seeing how she was absorbed by Cell also and of course went on to marry Krillin. The latter is particularly enlightening as well as horrifying, as it would mean that within Cell, 17 and 18 were held prisoner in a state of suspended or paralyzed minimal consciousness, and could at least hear everything that was going on through that entire saga. This served to clear up several questions about their relationship to Krillin, their reformed attitudes, 17's park ranger occupation, and even what was going through the mind of GT-era Super 17, solidifying the credibility of the twins' turn to good.
    • Many deities hate Dr. Gero because of how he treated them. At least one of said deities, Commander Epsilon, promised to have their back because of this. They appreciate it for the most part but don't want to become charity cases. Their experiences do shape their distate towards evil scientists, though. There are two certain scientists from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe in particular whose faces they want to punch in, and for the record, Tucker sharing a voice base with 17 only makes it worse.
    • Both are grateful to the Supreme Kai of Time for allowing their present selves to exist by not undoing Trunks' changes to the future. They're also both sympathetic to Sailor Saturn and SCP-191, who each have a similar experience of being turned into a cyborg by a mad scientist. They're also good with the robot with a heart named Labrys, who herself was subjected to horrible trials at the hands of amoral researchers, as well as the combat cyborg 2B, who they know wouldn't want to be a "soulless machine" like Dr. Gero attempted to make them.
    • Despite 17 becoming much more focused due to his ranger duties and 18 generally being a serious person, both played along when the love-obsessed Magical Girl leader of the Universe 2 team accused them of being evil during the Tournament of Power. 18 even acknowledged the Pantheon by calling herself a goddess when she defeated Ribrianne by turning The Power of Love against her. This instantly caused Kamina to decide she was awesome and Sanji to declare that if she wasn't married he would ask her out the minute she returned. Nami took care to add "and strong enough to clobber [him] for hitting on her like a joker" just to make sure he dropped the idea. When Sanji did get a chance to compliment her in person, he made sure to pay respect to both her brother and her husband in the process, treating all three of them to a fine meal. She took it gracefully as a result.
      • The Magical Girl Sisterhood was initially uncertain of how to take to the Androids after seeing their battle with Universe 2, but upon watching how 18's victory over Ribrianne was empowered by love and learning that they considered Brianne and her friends to be kinda cool in the end, 17 and 18 became allies to the Sisterhood. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Mami Tomoe, and Nanoha particularly took a shine to them after watching 18 sacrifice her place in the tournament to save 17 from elimination, and 17 detonate himself so that Goku and Vegeta could partially heal their wounds and stay in the fight, and moreover, actually survive that to become the champion of the Tournament of Power and wish for all the erased universes to be restored, saving the entire multiverse.
      • Many of 17's grandest efforts, including his self-detonation, took place against a Grey-type superhero named Jiren, whose tragic background had left him so obsessed with strength that he didn't even care for his own teammates. Upon returning to the Pantheon, 17 remembered that someone just like Jiren already existed in the Pantheon. Shortly after the twins reunited following 17's post-tournament cruise with his family, they found that Jiren had indeed become Vergil's High Priest, the two no doubt using each other for their own ends. The twins' reaction to Jiren's ascension following this was rather dull, as they considered it inevitable after his showing in the tournament. They are relieved that the influence of Top and Goku has gotten him to mellow out some, though.
    • The "God of Control" makes no sense to the twins, especially 17. Their entire history with Dr. Gero from the moment he kidnapped them as teenage runaways to 17's violent murdering of the old man is a case study in rejecting control by others, so why Yaldabaoth would think humanity in general wants to be dominated by social control is anyone's guess. 17 has gone so far as to meet the Phantom Thieves and affirm his support for them… so long as they don't steal any of the animals that he and 16 care for. They reciprocate the support, and to no one's surprise, hope to meet 18 someday.
    • Both 17 and 18 were very happy to see their compatriot Android 21, who they helped after being taken to her base by her rebuilt version of 16, revived and ascended in the Pantheon after her sacrifice to stop her evil hunger-obsessed self from eating everyone. 17 and Ren Amamiya have conversed about her situation, wondering if her hunger side could possibly be treated like the Shadows of Ren's world.
    • While the duo can't relate to Data as well as one would think given they're actually cyborgs whose emotional range was suppressed rather than pure androids who weren't created to emote, they appreciated his desire to grow in that regard, as they can relate to this desire. 18 has more or less reached a healthy emotional equilibrium, whereas 17 is more stoic and dull but secretly misses his full range of emotion as Lapis. In fact, being able to cut loose and fight more offensively is the reason 17 enjoys turning into Super 17 in the Pantheon even though it doesn't make him stronger anymore. Data has expressed his concern that this may be unhealthy, but 18 reassured the Starfleet droid that it's fine as long as he isn't brainwashed.
    • During one trip to the House of Love and Affection, 17 and 18 were somehow tricked into entering a dimensional portal that led them directly to a laboratory belonging to an eccentric green-eyed redhead named Washu whose hair 17 described as "crab-like". She wanted to study them for their unique technological properties after hearing about their power. While a bit nuts, the lady did assure them that she wouldn't be doing anything invasive, introducing herself as Washu, "the greatest scientific genius in the universe!" Humoring her, they allowed her to do a little experimenting while holding a conversation. She took on a more nurturing tone after hearing that they had been teenage runaways. A purple-haired prim and proper young woman would soon arrive intending to call Washu for dinner, then to get on the scientist's case for kidnapping two innocent youths, though 17 assured her they were fine with the situation. Stopping to converse, they soon learned this lady was an alien princess named Ayeka, and she too became interested in getting to know more about them. Surprisingly, the more she learned, the more she came to respect them for defying their circumstances and their "creator's" intentions to lead positive lives. While they declined the invitation to join the Masaki Family for dinner that day, they have come by the harem's house on other occasions since then, being on good terms with Tenchi and his ladies.
  • Applies to Android 17:
    • Following the appointment of his new job, Android 17 went and met his sister and her husband Krillin, on one occasion, but did not talk about what he had been up to, as he had considered the new wholesome lifestyle he had been living somewhat embarrassing. He eventually got over this, embracing the fact that he takes his job seriously. His no-nonsense attitude towards poachers has earned him great respect from Tarzan, and is also one of the reasons Ayeka is fond of him.
    • Ever since marrying a zoologist and working at a nature park, 17 has become very fond of Kevin Richardson and the late Steve Irwin. But he doesn't plan on sleeping with any of the animals... or wrestling crocodiles. Amusingly, he was also asked to join the Toku Base House by many of its members after hearing he had become a "Ranger", stating he would be a perfect Ranger due to looking young, handsome and strong. He declined and later explained the specificity of the kind of "ranger" he was. Many members of Toku Base House were left red faced in embarrassment after this blunder of misinformation.
    • Android 17 initially despised several members of the House of Personal Appearance due to the constant teasing and ribbing he has been receiving from members of that house after discovering that Android 17 is a natural blonde and he dyed it black because people were mistaking him for his sister. Then he quickly got over it and told them don't hate.
    • One day while he was doing his rounds in the Bestiary, Android 17 was surprised to find that Crash Bandicoot, a former follower of his, had ascended. The two's catch-up session was cut short when Cell arrived to try and absorb 17, but 17 and Crash worked together to send him packing. This came as quite the surprise to the bio-android, as he should've been astronomically stronger than 17, and also Crash shouldn't have even made a difference even with the Aku Aku masks making him temporarily invincible. This served as clear evidence to those in the know that 17 must have been training and growing stronger.
    • Android 17 gave Aghanim's Scepter a whirl. To 18's shock, the scepter transformed him into Super 17. To hers and Krillin's relief, becoming Super 17 with the scepter doesn't seem to affect 17's personality (most likely since it filled the gaps in his power structure without inserting an evil clone). That being said, he made sure to pay Cell back personally for absorbing him and 18, as well as trying to get him again. On a positive note, since he has a way to go Super on his own in full control whenever he wants, any curious scientists would have no leverage in getting him to agree with their plans.
      • Around the same time, Son Goku, who Dr. Gero converted the twins to destroy, had unlocked his own super state from the GT timeline as well thanks to the influence of Sun Wukong. Not one to pass up a blatant opportunity, 17 went to challenge Goku to a fight in these two forms, with each declaring himself the Ultimate Android and the Ultimate Saiyan respectively. Like the GT version, the fight was intense, and 17 took advantage of his Super form's absorption skill to surpass Goku in power; however, this battle was held under friendly intentions and Goku picked up on 17's trick earlier, so there was no kamikaze attempt. Instead, they went Good Old Fisticuffs until Chichi announced that dinner was ready, then called it a draw.
    • As previously noted, Goku recruited Android 17 to reunite with his sister and her allies in the mortal Dragon World to take part in Grand Zeno's multiversal Tournament of Power. Aside from getting over his hangups about his new lifestyle, he'd also trained himself and gotten much stronger even without the Super 17 form, capable of matching a suppressed Super Saiyan Blue now as Goku finds out during their brief sparring bout. He initially refused to abandon his post for the tournament due to not wanting to leave the island and its rare animals at the mercy of ever-persistent poachers, until Goku helped him fend off the onslaught of space poachers, told him of the winner's prize being a free wish on the Super Dragon Balls, and offered to have Goten and Trunks protect the island in his absence. This got 17 to change his mind since he always dreamt of acquiring a luxury cruise ship to travel the Earth with his family.
    • One who seems to have taken particular interest in 17 following his heroic victory in the Tournament of Power is Mule, the God of Destruction of Universe 3. Mule is very into robotics and engineering, and 17 is a human augmented by technology whose barrier enabled him to overpower Universe 3's giant trump card. Between this and the Super 17 form, he wants to study 17's power, but being a decent creature as well as grateful for his return to existence, he wants to be as non-intrusive as possible about it.
    • MVP chants have been following 17 everywhere since he returned from his family's global cruise. Several of his friends went so far as to pitch money in to have a trophy made for his victory and virtue. The Truth even complimented 17, noting the similarity between how he passed the Zen'os' test of character and Truth's own encounters with Edward Elric.
  • Applies to Android 18:
    • Android 18 was questioned twice by members of the House of Love how she and Krillin ended up together. The first time, she told them that “Societal definitions of beauty are B.S anyway.” The second time, she got pissed and threatened to kill them all. Between that and the androids becoming friendly with the powerful members of the Masaki House, there has not been a third time nor will there be anytime soon.
    • Android 18 is greatly admired within the ginger community for refusing to make "Soulless Machine" jokes when she sees that Gero had built 16, a "ginger android", claiming it to be beneath her. After learning the truth about Gevo and Vomi through the saga surrounding Android 21, then later encountering Washu, she's rather relieved that she wouldn't have to deal with any awkward moments from resorting to such jokes. Same can't be said for her relationship to Genos, who'd often been compared to her as a sort of male counterpart for being blonde cyborgs with close ties to a bald fighter. They once encountered each other and have been somewhat of fierce rivals ever since.
    • Despite being professional enough to not confront him during the Tournament of Power, 18 has a deep grudge against Frieza stemming from when he killed Krillin. Were it not for the Dragon Balls, she would've never met her husband because of him. It doesn't help that Krillin is obviously still spooked by Frieza; when the monster returned, he had her stay behind despite being stronger than him specifically to protect their daughter Marron even before finding out anything about Frieza's massive gains in strength.
    • Has teased Future Trunks about killing Future 18, as well as Mr. Satan about still owing her money. She's also not fond of being addressed via Country Matters, as Vegeta learned the hard way in one iteration of their fight on the mountain road. Terumi attempted to exploit the latter, provoking 18 and Krillin both into attacking him with their version of the Accel Dance.
    • 17 wasn't the only one to have a team-up with another Pantheonic deity against Cell. 18 did too, at one point helping Aya Brea fend off the bioandroid. She came to learn about how someone wanted to merge with Aya to become a higher being and wanted to offer her friendship...only for Aya to confirm that the "her" that was last targeted was her younger clone sister Eve in her body. While circumstances are quite different, this did remind her of 17 being mind-controlled and trying to pass it on to her in the GT timeline, as well as Cell trying to seduce her into accepting absorption via 17's voice. She would tell Aya everything she needs to know about the Red Ribbon Army.
    • Given how her "match" with "Mighty Mask" in the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai World Martial Arts Tournament ended in the unmasking of Goten and Trunks, she'd likely be pretty good at guessing and outing almost every costumed metahuman in the Pantheon even if they were all masked and she didn't know them in advance. As such, she doesn't understand how those whose cape or cowl has nothing to mask the face can keep their super and civilian identities separated in the eyes of their public without either being highly untrustworthy or Surrounded by Idiots.

    Hashirama Senju 
Hashirama Senju, God of Superpowerful Genetics (The First Hokage, God of Shinobi, Hashi, Ninja Romeo, [Madara's] Romeo)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Senju Clan Symbol or the Hokage's hat
  • Theme Music: Hashirama's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wood Release Kekkei Genkai, Adorkable, Nice Guy, We Used to Be Friends with Madara, The Ace, Co-founded Konohagakure, and founded the Balance of Power between the 5 great Ninja Villages
  • Domains: Leadership, Power, Genetics, Wood
  • Heralds: Tobirama Senju/the Second Hokage (his brother and successor), Mito Uzumaki (his wife), Hiruzen Sarutobi/the Third Hokage (his former student)
  • High Priest: Shinjiro Hayata
  • Allies:
  • Sympathetic to: Obito Uchiha, Nagato, Victims of war, Child Soldiers
  • Complicated Relationships: Kurama
  • Enemies: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Deidara, Terence T. D'arby, Sakazuki
  • Worthy Opponent: Madara Uchiha, Luxord, Daniel J. D'arby, Celestia Ludenberg
  • Hashirama is one of the founders of Konohagakure as well as its First Hokage, famous for his Wood Release Kekkei Genkai and was even capable of fighting and suppressing the Tailed Beasts. In his childhood, Hashirama was a Child Soldier living in a state of war and had lost all but one of his brothers in the fighting. Befriending Madara Uchiha who had also lost his siblings, the two became bitter enemies before they briefly rekindled their friendship and founded the village. When Madara struck out on his own, he and Hashirama had one last battle in what would become the Valley of the End, with Hashirama killing Madara. Orochimaru first brought him and his younger brother, Tobirama Senju, back with Edo Tensei to fight against their student Hiruzen Sarutobi, forcing the latter to seal away their souls along with his own. Three years later, Hashirama, alongside Tobirama, Hiruzen, and Minato, would be brought back by Orochimaru with Edo Tensei first to answer Sasuke's question about the meaning of a village before they are allowed to help the Allied Shinobi Forces fight against Madara and the Ten-Tails. Hashirama briefly clashes with his former friend before Madara starts to turn the tides and successfully casts Infinite Tsukuyomi. While Team 7 and Obito clash with Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the first four Hokage meet the spirit of the Sage of the Six Paths, who summons the other deceased Kage to help them summon Team 7 back from Kaguya's dimension. Hashirama would have one last talk with Madara as the two rekindle their friendship before the latter dies and the former is send back to the afterlife.
  • The First Hokage would find his way in the Pantheon not long after being sent back to the afterlife by the Sage of the Six Paths. The Court of the Gods took interest in his Wood Release Kekkei Genkai due to how many people in the mortal world sought his cells for it. After much debate, Son Gohan agreed to have Hashirama take his title of Superpowered Genetics while keeping his title of God of Immense Unlockable Potential.
  • Hashirama was well-loved by the people of Konohagakure, so unsurprisingly, those from his village were quite happy to see him in the Pantheon. Hashirama had a different relationship with each person:
    • Quite pleased to meet his ascended successors as Hokage, Minato and his son Naruto, his granddaughter Tsunade, and Kakashi Hatake. While Hashirama admitted he was worried about Tsunade being Hokage due to the fact she inherited his habit of gambling, Tsunade's accomplishments as the Hokage proved she was more than capable for the job, which made her grandfather proud of her. Hashirama also showed great pride in the current Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, the savior of the world who also helped put an end to Sasuke's Curse of Hatred.
    • Willing to accept Sasuke Uchiha as a villager despite all he's done. While he did partially help Sasuke come to terms with the Village, Sasuke still needed to fight Naruto before he could finally reform and work for atonement. Hashirama is at least glad the two were finally able to recouncile and put aside their differences once and for all.
    • He soon got to meet Naruto and Sasuke's children, noting how their dynamic is the inverse of his relationship with Madara back when they founded Konoha. Hashirama supports Sarada's dream to be Hokage, also hoping that she will succeed in what Madara failed as the first Uchiha to be Hokage, while also encouraging Boruto to look out for her when that time comes.
    • Finds himself getting along with Might Guy, mainly due to their enthusiasm and desire to help the next generation. Guy highly respects Hashirama's youth, while Hashirama admires Guy's spirit and loyalty to the village.
    • Hashirama's relationship with Kurama in the Pantheon is complicated, since when he was still alive, Hashirama did capture the Tailed Beasts and gave them to other villages as peace offerings, not to mention sealing Kurama in a jinchūriki native to Konohagakure. While it's not clear if Hashirama knew that the Tailed Beasts were sapient back then, here in the Pantheon, Hashirama does get to properly interact with Kurama, apologizing to him for what he had to go through and thanking him for Naruto and the alliance protecting the village. Kurama admits he had grown close to the Uzumaki after seeing just how compassionate he was.
  • Madara was absolutely thrilled when he met Hashirama in the Pantheon, considering they were Childhood Friends and Hashirama was one of the few opponents he respected. Their last meeting in the mortal world was them reconciling their friendship and Madara admitting Hashirama's way was superior, although he hasn't changed his cynical outlook on life nor his lust for battle. Madara occasionally clashes with Hashirama within the Pantheon, though this time on more friendly terms.
  • Luxord and Hashirama, being the gamblers they are, have enjoyed matches against each other. Luxord considers Hashirama to one of his most Worthy Opponents, while Hashirama in turn enjoys Luxord's company despite the fact the latter was once a villain on the side of darkness.
  • Hashirama, despite frowning on Daniel J. D'arby's cheating as well as wagering souls, admits that his psyching out the opponent with mind games is a good gambling tactic and admits he should work on that before challenging him to a match. Terence, on the other hand, has earned Hashirama's disgust, for his lack of honor towards his opponents as well as how he treats the souls of his victims.
  • Has a cordial relationship with Celestia Ludenberg, since Hashirama respects her skills as a gambler. The feeling is mutual on Celeste's end, even if she does find Hashirama's goofy personality a little grating.
  • Coming from a time when children were used as child soldiers during a time horrible endless war, Hashirama sympathizes with victims of war and children who were drafted into it. In particular, he shows great sympathy for Nagato after hearing how he once desired peace until the actions of cruel people led him down the path of villainy. He also sympathizes with Obito Uchiha despite fighting him in the Fourth Shinobi World War after hearing how he lost his childhood friend Rin. Even though Hashirama still sees Madara as a friend, even he can't overlook or let go of the latter's role in Obito's Start of Darkness.
  • Finds allies in Goku, All Might, and Johnathon Joestar for being heroic predecessors, their friendly and Adorkable personalities, and their might in battle. Also shows admiration for Luffy's loyalty to his crew and encourages his dream, as well as admiration of Kenshin's desire for peace.
  • Hashirama enjoys Yugi and Yami's company, showing admiration for their Magnetic Hero tendencies, as well as some interest in the Duel Monsters card game they played. The two have offered to show Hashirama how to play the game, and he is starting to consider it.
  • Hashirama Senju frowns on Sakazuki's "Justice", considering it nothing but a brutal abuse of power especially when he's willing to kill his own allies or innocent civillians. Sakazuki in turn dislikes Hashirama's lenience towards his enemies, believing that all enemies of the government should be destroyed to prevent them from becoming bigger threats.

    Hope/Lady Death 
Hope, Goddess of Gaining Power Through Dying Deals (Lady Death, Lady D, Lady Demon, The Pale Queen, The Godslayer, The Diva of Death, Avatar of He Who Reaps, Queen of All That Is Dead and Dying, Queen of Hell, Queen of the Endless Night, The Chosen One, Scourge of Demons, Killer of Monsters, Illadra, Faith)
Click here to see her human form
  • Greater Goddess (Intermediate Goddess in her human form)
  • Symbol: Golden skull
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies, formerly Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Went to Hell and Renounced her Humanity in Exchange for Avoiding Death, '90s Anti-Heroine, Action Girl, Blood Knight, Broken Cutie, Humanoid Abomination, Physical Goddess of Human Origin, Lady of Black Magic, Magic Knight, Has wielded various Magical Swords, and Death's Scythe, Attracts men and women alike, Has defeated demons, fallen angels, gods, and chaos lords, Has white hair, eyes, and skin due to being in Hell, Very busty, and voluptuous, Wears a skimpy dominatrix-esque outfit adorned with golden skull decorations
  • Domain(s): Death, Deals, Combat, Rulership, Trauma
  • Heralds: Vassago (her horse), the Nameless Wolves (her animal companions), Aquiessence and Demonatrix (her battlemaidens), Pestilence, Famine, and War (her fellow horsemen)
  • Allies: Vampirella, Sara Pezzini/Witchblade, Al Simmons/Spawn, Dante, Vergil, Trish, Lady, Nero, Nico Goldstein, Kat, Sparda, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Rodin, Father Balder, Gene, Odin and the other Norse Gods, The Seven Mortal Sins, Rachel Roth/Raven, Jeanne (Belladonna of Sadness)
  • On speaking terms with: Death (The Seventh Seal), Death of the Endless, Death (Final Destination), Death (Discworld), The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Fiends, The Nephilim Horsemen
  • Rivals: Hades, Persephone, Osiris, Anubis, Hel, Hela, Ereshkigal, Izanami-no-Mikoto, Ah Puch
  • Enemies: Dis, Satan who lost Paradise, Satan who haunts the Belmonts, The Beast, Fortinbras, The Godhand, Malebolgia, Clown/The Violator, Mundus, Asmodeus, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal, Dul'Mephistos, The Devil of Inkwell Isles, Azel, Trigon, Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Molag Bal, Griffith, Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Sauron, Darkseid, Thanos, Shao Kahn, M. Bison, Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Anti-Monitor, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Archangel Michael, Lucifer
  • Lady Death was born as Hope in medieval Sweden to Matthias, a Christian nobleman, and Marion Svelgate, a former Viking pagan. Unbeknownst to Hope, her father was a descendant of fallen angels, and her mother had been blessed by Odin with a portion of his power, which was subsequently passed on to Hope. Hope lost her mother at young age, and was regularly abused by her father. Matthias was despised by the local peasants as a cruel tyrant for forcibly conscripting peasants into military service as feudal levies, all of whom always ended up dying in battle. Although he was congratulated by the Church for his work against the pagans and was outwardly pious, Matthias secretly dabbled in black magic and demonology, which Hope discovered one day when she saw him feeding souls to the Princes of Hell in order to secure their loyalty to him. Eventually, Matthias' cruelty and the arrival of the plague triggered a peasant uprising. After the mob had killed Matthias, they captured Hope and accused her of witchcraft. Sentenced to be burned at the stake, a desperate Hope uttered the incantation her father used to summon the demons and chanted it on the pyre as the flame rose. This incantation summoned a demon who offered her a bargain, he would rescue her from death if she would renounce her humanity and serve the powers of Hell. Hope accepted the bargain and was transported into the infernal realm.
    • Once in Hell, Hope became entangled in a civil war that was raging between Lucifer and an army of renegade devils led by Matthias. Gradually corrupted by the nature of her surrounding, Hope's humanity slowly drained away. She allied herself with Cremator, a blacksmith who forged weapons for the Lords of Hell. During this time, she declared that the innocent woman she had once been was dead and that she would henceforth only be known as Lady Death. In her new persona, Lady Death led an uprising against Lucifer shorlty after he had defeated and possessed Matthias. During their final battle, Lady Death seemingly managed to kill Lucifer, but he then cursed her never to return to Earth while the living walked. Lady Death swore an oath that she would circumvent Lucifer's curse by exterminating all life on Earth and subsequently remodeled Hell into the Endless Graveyard, a place for all the souls she wouls reap in her bloodthirsty quest to return to Earth.
    • In order to achieve her goal, Lady Death seduced the undead serial killer Ernest Fairchild and promised her eternal love and affection for him if he destroyed all mankind for her. However, over the course of her adventures, Lady Death gradually became more heroic, and eventually discarded her planned genocide of humanity and regretted her manipulation of Ernie, whom she came to genuinely love. During her battles with a restored Lucifer, her curse was also finally undone, allowing her to go to Earth whenever she pleased, although she has since come to accept the Endless Graveyard as her home.
  • Lady Death arrived into the Pantheon at the head of her army and riding her horse Vassago. However, she was unaware of where she had arrived, as she had simply found a portal and, assuming that it had been made by one of her enemies trying to invade her territory, decided to launch a pre-emptive strike. Fortunately, Vampirella and Sara Pezzini, who had teamed up with her in the past, recognized her and managed to get her to calm down and listen to them. Afterwards, Lady Death told her story to the members of the Main House, who subsequently granted her the title Goddess of Gaining Power Through Dying Deals and let Vampirella and Sara escort Lady Death to her new temple.
  • Lady Death's temple is modeled after the Endless Graveyard. It is a cold, silent, solitary place steeped in darkness, and clouds stretch from horizon to horizon like a funeral shroud. Like the name indicates, the realm is strewn with graves in every direction, and the graveyard is seemingly infinite, stretching into eternity. In the center of the graveyard stands Lady Death's stronghold and residence called Winterhaven, also commonly known simply as Castle Death. At her command, Lady Death's undead army can rise from their graves to fight alongside her. The soldiers in her army of souls are completely loyal to her, as Lady Death allows them to rest in peace save for the moments when she needs them the most, which is a far better deal than being enslaved in Heaven or tormented in Hell.
  • Aside from her friendship with Vampirella and Sara Pezzini, Lady Death also found a kindred spirit in Spawn, who had similarly made a deal with the Demon Lord Malebolgia after being murdered in order to go back to Earth as a hellspawn. The two additionally managed to bond over the fact that they both killed their respective demonic adversaries and took as the rulers of their realms. This friendship quickly resulted in Lady Death becoming enemies with Malebolgia and Violator.
  • Due to her opposition to evil demons and angels, Lady Death is on decent terms with Dante, Vergil, Trish, Lady, Nero, Nico Goldstein, Kat, Sparda, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Rodin, Father Balder, and Gene. She quite surprisingly managed to form a strong understanding and mutual respect with Vergil, as she could relate to his desire for more power in order to avoid ever being vulnerable again. She's also quite fond of Rodin due to how much he reminds her of her loyal bodyguard Cremator.
  • Lady Death was quite pleased to finally meet Odin himself, as he had died in her universe shortly before she first visited Asgard. Because Odin was responsible for saving and raising her half-sisters Vandala and Vulnavia, he's one of the few people that Lady Death is willing to help on a somewhat consistent basis, rather than when it simply suits her. She largely gets along with the Norse Gods as a whole, even being on amicable terms with Tyr despite him having previously betrayed her out of jealousy due to him ultimately sacrificing himself in order to prevent the destruction of the Nexus of All Things.
  • She's on amicable terms with the Seven Mortal Sins, viewing them as kindred spirits who similarly stood up to an evil tyrant in defense of humanity. She also became fast friends with the witch Jeanne, who had a very similar backstory as an abused girl from medieval times who was unjustly burned at the stake.
  • Lady Death is also on good terms with Raven, who similarly had to deal with an evil father, especially since she was specifically conceived for the purpose of bringing about the end of the world. The two have regularly teamed up against Raven's father Trigon whenever he starts causing trouble.
  • As the chosen avatar of Death, Lady Death has can summon the Reaper's Eternal Scythe and was expected to be subordinate to him and act as his representative among the Riders of the Apocalypse during Armageddon. However, Lady Death's fierce independence and the Reaper's tendency to obfuscate his objectives and not tell her everything has resulted in her repeatedly refusing to carry out his orders unless it serves her purpose. Because of this, she doesn't have a particularly high opinion of any of the incarnations of Death within the Pantheon, although she doesn't really dislike them either as long as they don't attempt to order her around. Additionally, Lady Death is the leader of the Riders of the Apocalypse, having earned their unconditional obedience and loyalty after defeating each of them in single combat and accepting Death's scythe of her own free will. She's generally respected by the other various Horsemen within the Pantheon, although they're somewhat critical of her lack of committment to her duties as a Horseman, opinions which she has cautioned them to keep to themselves.
  • As an afterlife ruler, Lady Death has something of a rivalry with underworld deities such as Hades, Persephone, Osiris, Anubis, Hel, Hela, Ereshkigal, Izanami-no-Mikoto, and Ah Puch. She's on generally friendly terms with most of them, managing to bond especially well with Hel, who has taken Lady Death's place within the rebooted Chaos Universe. However, she's rather annoyed that Lady Hel has also similarly seduced Ernie into doing her bidding, although she at least appreciates that Hel ultimately stopped Ernie from driving the whole world to fatal self harm and reel back from true oblivion. The only one among them that she outright dislikes is Ah Puch.
  • Her hatred of her universe's Lucifer unsurprisingly extends towards the various evil demon lords present within the Pantheon, such as Dis, the Satan who lost Paradise, the Satan who haunts the Belmonts, Satan the Divine Judge, The Beast, Fortinbras, The Godhand, Malebolgia, Mundus, Asmodeus, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal, Dul'Mephistos, and the Devil of Inkwell Isles. She also extends her animosity towards those who have pledged their allegiance to them or aspire to become like them, such as Azel.
  • Lady Death occasionally clashes with the forces of Jubileus and Queen Sheba, as they had both come to deem her to be a serious threat to them upon learning that she had destroyed both Heaven and Hell during the Judgment War, allowing the Reaper to finally collect the souls from both realms and sow them again in the Fields of Mystery. Lady Death considers both of them to be little better than the demons and angels of her own universe, remarking that, unlike them, she does not interfere with humans in order to collect their souls, instead wishing for them to pursue their own fate. When questioned on her domain's role as a superior afterlife and humanity's freedom, she simply replied:
    Heaven and Hell lie in ruins, as I vowed. Dominion over the Earth is mine. I have triumphed. I have learned that in some strange way, I have ever been the champion of life rather than death.
  • Although she hates injustice in all its forms, Lady Death is especially enraged by violence committed against women due to her own past trauma. As such, she has an especially strong hatred for Molag Bal and Griffith, whose respective atrocities put them very high on her enemies list.
  • Although she's generally prefers to not get involved in the Pantheon's constant conflicts, Lady Death nonetheless became fierce enemies with Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, as they had attempted to invade her temple and tried to subjugate both her and her army, which she found quite distateful. Her experience with fighting against the evil Chaos Lord Genocide also resulted in her opposing similar tyrannical figures such as Sauron, Darkseid, Thanos, Shao Kahn, and M. Bison. She's developed a particular dislike of Thanos because his obsession with Death and desire to please her reminds Lady Death of how she herself had manipulated Ernie into a similar devotion to her.
  • Her battles against the Chaos Lords Genocide and Armageddon have made her quite wary of Omnicidal Maniacs. Because of this, she's come to firmly oppose Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, regularly fighting against them as well as others such as the Anti-Monitor, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, and Chaos.
  • Lady Death wasn't particularly happy to learn that the Archangel Michael was in the Pantheon, as the two had been lovers in her universe back when she had reverted to being Hope. The two had briefly renewed their relationship shortly before the Rapture, but Lady Death broke it off when she discovered that Michael had been deliberately sent to seduce her in order gain her allegiance for Heaven. Although Michael's feelings for her were genuine, the betrayal resulted in the two becoming enemies, with Lady Death ultimately carving out Michael's heart when they faced each other in battle during the Judgement War. Although Michael survived the injury, his soul had died, rendering him incapable of feeling any emotions. However, when Lady Death discovered that the Michael in the Pantheon is an amalgamation of all possible versions of himself, she eased up on him somewhat, as he only occasionally manifests himself as the Michael from her universe. Similarly, despite her hatred of her universe's Lucifer, Lady Death was quite surprised at the fact that she managed to get along the Great Darkness, as that version of Lucifer has a considerably higher view of humanity and treats her with respect, particularly commending her for her strong sense of independence and unwillingness to follow anyone's will but her own.
  • To know Lady Death, is to know a woman cursed.

    Son Gohan 
Son Gohan, God of Immense Unlockable Potential (The Great Saiyaman, Ultimate Gohan, Mystic Gohan, The Gold Fighter, The Golden Warrior, "NNEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDD!!", Sun Wufan, Gohan Blanco)
  • Greater God currently (borderline Overdeity with Potential Unleashed, Super Saiyan 3 or Super Saiyan 4). Overdeity (as Gohan Beast). Was originally Lesser God as a child (Intermediate God as Super Saiyan Full Power and a Greater God as Super Saiyan 2)
  • Symbol: A bowl of cooked rice, or his Great Saiyaman helmet
  • Theme Songs: Gohan Angers, Gohan Fights Frieza, Gohan Powers Up, Day of Destiny -Spirit vs. Spirit- (original and TFS version) and Unleashed Potential*
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic Good leanings (plays Lawful Good as The Great Saiyaman, Chaotic Neutral as a Great Ape)
  • Portfolio: Adorkables, All Loving Heroes, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Half Human Hybrids, Beware the Nice Ones, Friend to All Living Things, Badass Adorables, Badass Bookworms, Brillant Laziness Dork Knights, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Honor Before Reason, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Lightning Bruisers, Martial Pacifists, My Kung-Fu Is Stronger Than Yours, Only Sane Men, Superpowerful Genetics, Surpassing Goku and Piccolo, Tareme Eyes/Tsurime Eyes, Training from Hell, Wild Hair
  • Domains: Strength, Protection, Good, War, Destruction
  • Followers: Monkie Kid
  • Herald: Son Pan (his daughter, shared with Videl)
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Hot Rod
  • Friendly Rivals with: Ichigo Kurosaki, Naruto Uzumaki, Black Star, HappinessCharge Pretty Cures
  • Respected Nemeses: Frieza, The Ginyu Force
  • Enemies: Cell, Fused Zamasu, Cooler, Broly, Majin Buu, Vanitas, Frost, Quinella
  • Annoyed by: AJ Styles, Ryuk
  • Due to having little to no social skills when Gohan went on a date, and an embarrassing secret was about to revealed about him, he thought the situation would be resolved by shouting because from previous experiences, shouting solved all his problems, however, on that occasion it didn’t.
  • Gohan has a good relationship with Asura, as Asura considers Gohan the son he never had due to how insanely strong he becomes when greatly enraged, just like Asura.
  • Gohan is slightly annoyed with Ichigo because Gohan believes the amount of times he had his ‘true’ power unlocked has been excessive and somewhat nonsensical. Gohan called Ichigo out on whether he is even human, considering that Ichigo has been an ordinary shinigami, bankai level shinigami, Vizard, Vasto lord shinigami, more powerful shinigami, fullbringer, even more powerful shinigami and a Quincy through constantly unlocking new ‘potential’ when it seems convenient for him. Ichigo's response?
    • However, some began petitioning for Ichigo to change his title to Heinz Hybrid god upon noticing the exact same thing. Ultimately that petition was won out. Gohan was proud to declare that he was right in the end, but after Ichigo left it alone and later admitted to having respect for both him and his father despite the above jab at both, Gohan sees his rivalry with Ichigo as a more or less amicable one.
  • Gohan and Himura are very close friends because they share a similar view on how killing and fighting for sport rather than self-defence is senseless and pointless.
  • Despite being taught by Piccolo from an early age to learn how to 'dodge', he was still too slow to react when Videl came flying towards him and landed a hurricanrana on him. However, considering what was in Gohan’s face when he was getting ‘attacked’, Piccolo let this instance of not dodging slide and was actually secretly proud of him for it.
  • In Gohan's spare time, he helps build nature conservatories for all sorts of animals and helps plants trees. He does this as a tribute to Android 16, who loved nature and peace so much he gave his life, knowing he wouldn't be able to be brought back to life, to protect the birds, trees and other animals he had grown to love despite being robot built with the sole purpose of murdering Goku. Android 17 often ends up guarding said conservatories as a park ranger.
  • Gohan and Naruto’s rivalry stems from the fact they poke fun at each other's names due to the fact said names are based on food.
  • Monkey D. Luffy holds no animosity towards Gohan’s execution of Bojack and his crew of intergalactic space pirates, claiming that they were monsters who were a shame to the name of Pirates. However, Luffy has suggested to Gohan that if he were to encounter pirates like Bojack in the future he should break them mentally and physically and then crush their dreams, knowing they’ll live the rest of their lives in failure and despair. It wasn’t long before Gohan realized he was talking to himself.
  • Is also friends with Chibiusa, though she would be noticeably warmer towards him as a child than as an adult. Some think she had a crush on him for a minute, though both have ultimately moved on to their own love interests.
  • Incredibly impressed with Gohan’s poses and showmanship, Captain Ginyu offered him a place as the sixth member of the Ginyu Force. Gohan declined.
  • Gohan chose Cassie Cage as his High Priestess thanks to the recommendation of her parents Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. He would be highly impressed when Cassie became The Hero of Time Skip X, beating Shinnok's corrupted form after awakening her Superpowerful Genetics and saving Earthrealm from its imminent destruction. The Cage Family successfully ascended her and the rest of the rookies as a result.
    • For a time, following complaints that he just wasn't as strong as he used to he, he was absent from the Pantheon, and left Cassie Cage to hold his position. By the time he had returned, he had gained the ability to go Super Saiyan 4. Later, he did himself one better by not only regaining the power of his Ultimate state, but then increasing it enough to be on par with Super Saiyan Blue (more on that below).
    • Has an odd bond with Autobot Hot Rod since both were cast into leadership positions unexpectedly, with Hot Rod becoming Rodimus Prime after the sudden death of Optimus, and Gohan becoming protector of Earth when his father chose not to return to life after sacrificing his life to kill Cell.
  • Befriended a kind-hearted Artificial Intelligence called Yui Kirigaya; Piccolo confesses a fondness for the little girl because her loving relationship with her adoptive parents reminds him of his own father-son-relationship with Gohan. For his part, Gohan is protective of her because she reminds him of Android 16.
    • Due to Yui having being declared an enemy of Administrator Quinella, who through her alliance with Zamasu has reverse-engineered herself into a "Super Saiyan Sterling", more than a match for a Super Saiyan Blue, both Gohan and Piccolo are training under Whis with Goku and Vegeta to protect their kind young A.I friend against the Underworld Tyrant's now apocalyptic might.
  • At some point 16 ascended to the Pantheon himself. Gohan enthusiastically greeted 16 and introduced the redheaded robot to his family. 16 is proud of how strong Gohan has become and often spends time with baby Pan. They still both agree not to speak on the "created to kill Goku" thing.
    • Fully approved when 16 became a guardian to Trunks and his timeline-protecting associates, and then later when 16 gained a memory update from the version of him rebuilt by Android 21 confirming that the "kill Goku" programming is gone.
  • Has a bone to pick with AJ Styles because AJ's heralds Anderson and Gallows keep on calling him a "NNEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDD!" much like Piccolo did when he was a child.
  • Following the events of Resurrection ‘F’, Gohan rededicated himself to training under Piccolo in order to be strong enough to protect his family again. His Ultimate state became resurrected with a new level of strength which put him up to being able to match Super Saiyan Blue Goku right on the heels of the Tournament of Power. This and his educated mind made him the Supporting Leader of the Universe 7 team, as he coordinated a strategy with all his teammates aside from Goku, Vegeta, or Frieza, who were all strong enough to trust their own instincts and still worked together when needed anyway. Frieza even ended up "enlisting" Gohan in his manipulation of Frost, getting the false hero to lower his guard so he could eliminate him with ease. Ultimately Gohan lasted up into the final ten of the tournament.
    • As a boon from this tournament, as well as a reminder of what he strives to protect so he can keep up his power, Gohan and Videl's daughter Pan was granted access to the Pantheon as a Herald for both of her parents.
    • He's also began sparring with Ichigo in order to keep up his strength. Unfortunately, this is often interrupted by Ryuk, another who bickered with Ichigo often about his true nature and powers and will not stop pestering him to claim victory. Fortunately, Ichigo has the power to fend him off with a good Getsuga Tensho, but that doesn't make the Death Note Shinigami any less of an eyesore.
  • Is friends with Simon the Digger, due to both having a lot of potential at a young age thanks to their will power, and overcame cosmic threats when they became adults. He is also friends with Kamina due to their love of theatrics and inspirational speeches.

Intermediate Gods

    Cameron Vale & Darryl Revok 
Cameron Vale & Darryl Revok, Gods of Unusual Widespread Power-Gaining Events
Revok (left) and Vale (right)
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A vial of ephemerol
  • Theme Music: Main Title & Public Scanning; Scanner Duel & End Title
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Cameron); Neutral Evil (Revok)
  • Portfolio: Psychic Powers
  • Domains: Psychics, Power
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Each other
  • Observed by: Professor X, Jean Grey (Vale only)
  • Tenuous Relations: Magneto (Revok only)
  • Scanners is the name used to refer to psychics with deadly power running around in society. Two of the most prominent ones are Cameron Vale, a homeless outcast who initially didn’t get a good handle on his powers, and Darryl Revok, who has his own alliance of scanners to try and make his goal of a Scanner-ruled society a reality. Vale is sent by Dr. Ruth to try and kill Revok, but Vale discovers plenty of startling revelations, including the extent of Revok’s plan, what ephemerol (a substance used to get Scanners’ powers under control) was originally used for and how far it was distributed to pregnant women, and Vale and Revok both being brothers (and being the most powerful of their kind by extension). After Vale turned down Revok’s offer of joining him, a Scanner duel took place and while Vale’s body was burned, he used his powers to take over Revok’s body, apparently ending everything between them.
  • A large factory was sighted in the Pantheon one day and many noticed that it was one that hasn’t been there before. Someone has walked around outside factory grounds a few times and when asked if he knew about that place, he mentioned that he knew what the factory was planning to do and that he was thinking back about what happened back then in it. At around that same time, there were reports of people in severe pain due to being hit by psychic powers and some wondered if that factory had anything to do with it. An investigation carried out by some reporters led to a connection between the man outside the factory, the psychic attacks, and the factory itself. It turned out that Darryl Revok was in charge of that factory, hoping to try again with his goal of a Scanner-led society and that the man outside was Cameron Vale, who made it clear that he wasn’t going to let Revok try and pull off such an attempt once again. No one is sure how they managed to get in the Pantheon given their final fates, but Revok finds the idea of a Pantheon intriguing and a good motivation to get more Scanners on his side. As for Vale, he just happened to learn about what Revok was going to do and followed him there.
  • While Vale has a much better idea of how his Scanner powers work in the Pantheon, he still doesn’t have a defined home to settle in and has wandered across the many areas of the Pantheon. It goes without saying that there’s a lot of unfamiliar areas for him to explore and while he is able to avoid “scanning” people for the most part, some of the weaker entities are still unfortunate enough to fall victim to it. Revok seems to spend some of his time in his factory, planning where to put out ephemerol for others to take in. Other times, Revok goes out and looks for other super-powered individuals that share his mindset.
  • Zonda has spent some time by themselves looking for anyone potentially interested in their cause. After learning about Revok and his goal of a society led by superhumans, Zonda wanted to meet with him and see if they can work together. Zonda then introduced Revok to The Seven, a group of powerful Adepts working alongside her and talked about what they were trying to accomplish. Revok noticed that they could be more powerful than any other Scanner he’s met in the past and explained his goals and what ephemerol is to Zonda and The Seven. The idea of a drug that can be distributed to increase the number of super-powered individuals was something that appealed to the group and they’ve kept in touch with Revok since then.
    • Copen was more than disgusted upon learning of not only another deity that’s trying make a superhuman society a reality, but one that’s working alongside Zonda and The Seven and could lead to Adepts that have some of the powers that a Scanner has. While Copen’s animosity towards Revok is obvious regardless of if he’s Copen or Luminous Avenger ix, his relation with Vale is more mixed. Being a superpowered individual meant that Vale is bound to be targeted by Copen at some point, but as Luminous Avenger ix, Copen doesn’t see Vale as much of a problem and has even tried talking to him a few times. Vale’s cold and distant attitude meant that the conversations aren’t going to last long, but the fact that Copen is going after a group that shares Revok’s goal and is working alongside them meant that Vale is willing to tag along if it means stopping Revok once more.
  • Those who are aware of Revok’s motivation have drawn a few similarities to that of Magneto, a superpowered individual whose overall goal is to have a society ruled by mutants. Magneto took it upon himself to learn more about Revok and happened to meet him when Revok was going around looking for potential recruits. While he does understand what Revok is going for, Magneto felt that Revok’s approach to recruiting others was a bit more brutal than what Magneto is going for and Revok believed that all the times that Magneto teamed up with Professor X were wasted opportunities to get X to work with Magneto. Given that both are working alongside Zonda and the Seven in terms of wanting a world ruled by super-powered individuals, Magneto has been keeping an eye on Revok, partially to provide a bit of support and partially to make sure Revok doesn’t get too out of hand.
    • As for Vale, Professor X eventually learned of the meetings that were taking place between Magneto and Revok and was hoping to meet up with Vale. Vale ended up finding Professor X and Jean Grey, whom Xavier took along with as a means to have the two talk to a fellow psychic. Xavier stated that while Vale has improved with his abilities compared to back then, he believes that it can be improved further. Vale’s stoic demeanor didn’t help the conversation all that much, especially since Professor X and Magneto have worked together a few times to combat a greater threat while Vale rejected Revok’s offer to join together. While subsequent meetings haven’t gone much better and while Vale isn’t interested in the advice given to him by both Xavier and Jean Grey, Xavier is hopeful that Vale will be able to truly use his powers for good.
  • Both Vale and Revok learned about the numerous other psychics that reside in the Pantheon and how different they are in strength compared to a Scanner. While there’s only a few psychics weaker than them, there’s a handful of such whose powers are comparable to that of a Scanner, with some possibly being stronger than that. Since Vale learned about how a fetus scanned Kim Obrist, another Scanner he was working with in stopping Revok, both he and Revok weren’t all that surprised to see young psychics roaming around. Ness and Lucas both have PSI power and are more than capable of taking on dangerous threats, something that Revok took notice of. He attempted to get them on his side through words, but both wanted nothing to do with him, especially after he sent some of his enforcers to take the PSI kids by force when said words failed.
    • Speaking of young powerful psychics, Mob learned about who Scanners are via reading an article about the initial sighting of Revok’s factory. It’s clear that Mob can be dangerous under certain circumstances, so Revok is taking his time on that individual. Mob met Vale by pure chance and all Vale saw was a seemingly normal boy at first glance. Given that Vale is someone who doesn’t want to stand out all that much, Mob was willing to make friends with a psychic and was willing to help him live a more normal life, regardless of Vale’s Scanner abilities. Vale was surprised to see someone as powerful as Mob want a normal life, something that Vale was unable to have due to his upbringing and focus in taking down Revok, but he doesn’t mind Mob all that much all things considered.
  • Aki Izayoi seems to have a problem with both Scanners for different reasons. Vale’s loner character didn’t go over well with Aki as while she started off aloof, she gradually warmed up to her allies after being reformed and Vale remained the same apathetic psychic focused on taking down someone even as he had Obrist who could have helped him open up. Revok was someone who Aki was furious with given his role as being a leader of a group of psychics who want to take over the world being too similar to that of Divine, who manipulated her into joining a cult of psychics when she was vulnerable.
  • Revok was never fond of Dr. Ruth, mainly for the latter’s role in making Revok who he is. Revok was hoping to find some deities who have had problems with their parents in the hopes of making them potential pawns for his plans. Barring the fact that he has a conspicuous scar on his forehead as a result of using a drill on himself when he was in a mental institution, he looked normal enough for some of the more naive deities to listen. Despite this, those attempts didn’t go anywhere and the closest he was to success was with Jin Kazama, who has had a very poor history with the Mishimas. Despite being unable to get Jin on his side, the Devil Gene that’s inside of Jin got Revok’s attention and many are worried what would happen if that ended up being mixed with ephemerol.
  • As the designation would imply, Scanners are able to “scan” other people’s thoughts, generally affecting them negatively. Those who are victims of Mind Rape are more than irritated to learn about a couple other deities that are capable of doing such. While Vale has generally tried his best to not do it all that much (saving it for when he’s being attacked), Revok is more than willing to inflict it on unsuspecting victims. The fact that Revok’s abilities resulted in someone’s head getting blown up has made plenty worried that this will happen to them after getting “scanned” for a prolonged period of time.
  • The House of Science was something that got Revok’s attention as he believed that place would have something that could help with his plans. Ephemerol happened to be a substance that the House was curious about after they got a package of them for research purposes. Revok himself has spent some time in that place using the notes about Ephemerol given to him by researchers to look over how to make the substance more potent and if it can be combined with other serums to create even deadlier Scanners. Given how Vale was able to hack into a research facility with his powers, he has done the same with the House of Science and has gotten information about Revok’s visits that way.

    HappinessCharge Pretty Cures 
HappinessCharge Pretty CuresMembers, Quartet Goddesses of the Plot-Demanding New Powers (Megumi: Cure Lovely, Cure Roughly; Hime: Cure Princess, Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky; Yuko: Cure Honey, Yu-Yu; Iona: Cure Fortune, Miss Fortune)
The Happiness Charge Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Honey, Cure Lovely, Cure Princess, and Cure Fortune.

    Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk 
Jennifer Susan "Jen" Walters, Goddess of Superhuman Transfusions (Sensational She-Hulk, Shulkie, The Second Strongest One There Is, The Strong Arm of Justice, The Difficult Diva of Law)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Muscular Green Arm
  • Theme Song: Shapely Beauty*, She-Hulk, Attorney at Law; Mastermind (shared with Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (She's strayed away from Lawful recently, much to the consternation of the bar exam)
  • Portfolio: Amazonian Beauties, Action Girls, The Benefits of Gamma Radiation, Fistfights, Boisterous Bruiser, Nigh-Invulnerability, Conscientious Clothing, Leotards, Being Cursed with Awesome and Loving it, Broke the fourth wall a lot back in her early days
  • Domains: Law, Protection, Good, Strength
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Phoenix Wright, Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • Enemies: Cain Marko/Juggernaut
  • Admired by: Johnny Bravo, Zapp Brannigan
  • Opposes: Raditz
  • Once a mild-mannered lawyer, she was severely wounded by a crime boss. With no other blood type around, She got a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner with an unusual side effect. She is now able to transform to the voracious bombshell known as the Savage She-Hulk. She proved to be more versatile with her transformations, being able to change at will as well as keep control of her alter ego.
  • As much screening as she does, most of her clients are actually guilty, and since they usually get unruly, she often beats them up. She doesn't think in terms of winning or losing a case. Justice was served! Time to go by the House of Defense and fight evil!
  • Is lawyer buddies with Matt Murdock who share similar goals. That friendship ends when they compete for clients... and especially when they are on opposite sides of the law.
  • Claims to have broken the Fourth Wall before it was cool. When Deadpool expressed criticism, she responded by beating him with her own health bar. While she doesn't show it as often as before, She-Hulk isn't afraid to use that knowledge to her advantage.
    • Made friends with an ascended Red Ribbon creation called Android 21, who struggles to control not a creature of rage like Bruce's Hulk, but a devastatingly evil omnivore persona. They first met when 21 approached her to thank her for supposedly contributing to the Earthling Soul that helped discover the full extent of her true nature. Though she denied this, the two still get along rather well, with Jen even teasing 21 about people saying she would've been a good third wheel in one of the marriages of the Dragon Team (usually with either Goku or Krillin).
  • Gets along well with Power Girl. They share a number of portfolios. They also sigh when their fans try to justify them in a relationship.
  • Unlike most other female superheroes, She-Hulk boasts a sex life that rivals many of her male counterparts. She's also not above complimenting one's physique. Jen may be off-putting to some, but she was glad to see plenty of Amazon Chasers to bed. Not even warning them that her body could crush suitors to death deters those few.
    • With that said... do not mention that she slept with Juggernaut. There was no way she would date with someone who constantly tries to kill her cousin. Chuck Austen is the only person who thinks that they could ever be a thing.
    • Is also the target of a couple of Casanova Wannabes. Johnny Bravo was first on the scene asking for a trip to his house. She-Hulk agreed…if he could beat her in arm wrestling. The match lasted 10 seconds…and only because she let him last as long. The impact threw Johnny through a wall, breaking several bones in the process.
    • Zapp hoped that his departure from the House of Lust would deliver him better results in the bedroom. Not in Jennifer's case, especially when she found out how he treated Leela. She sent him packing shortly afterwards.
    • Caught the Saiyan Raditz hitting not on her, but on her friends Power Girl (through a compliment from afar) and Android 21 (by asking to be her assistant almost as soon as she ascended). Jen isn't sure why he's suddenly doing this, but she's preemptively sent the message telling him in clear terms not to even try with her.
  • Once had a Totally Radical phase in the 80's. She's not sure what to think of that era. It was fun at times and annoying at others.
  • Is one of the few heroes in the Pantheon who truly sympathize with Hank Pym's plight over his incident with Janet. She also has to deal with those who want her to return to her 'Savage' days and other bouts of Character Derailment.
  • Has a rather... colorful history with Hawkeye. In the old days, the two hardly ever got along leading to plenty of bickering. Things improved when Clint mellowed out a bit.
  • Is an honorary member of the Fantastic Four when she filled in for the Thing when the later took a break from superheroics.
  • Made a shocking appearance in the Fate of Two Worlds incident, where she had a blast seeing many new faces:
    • When Hsien-Ko lamented the state of her family, She-Hulk opened up about her own crazy state of affairs. The Chinese Vampire was surprised, but appreciated the effort to make her feel better.
    • When she first entered the scene, people were already calling her 'female Phoenix Wright'. She usually called an ambulance after that. But once the Crusading Lawyer made an appearance in the Pantheon, things took an interesting turn. Jennifer was insistent that he become her rival in the courtroom, an idea Phoenix Wright initially balked at. But when she started poaching clients, Mr. Wright decided to play along. Those hoping that these two fight will be disappointed; both lawyers knew it would be a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Is a fan of Mayor Haggar's methods of ruling his city. She even flirted with becoming an attorney for Metro City. It would be yet another city where she can kick your ass on the street and in the courtroom.
    • States that Chun-Li has more in common with her than she would think. Both have had to take things outside of the law to get things done. Though don't say that Chun-Li could beat her in a battle; Jennifer insists that the police officer is a bit below her weight class. The hasn't stopped Chun-Li from challenging her to fights.
  • The death of her cousin Bruce rocked her hard, becoming a grey version of herself much like Joe Fixit. Only this time, she is more vulnerable to fits of rage. The jury's still out whether people prefer this version of her.
  • Was delighted with the ascension of her best friend Patsy Walker, who she even employed as an investigator for a while and has been known to keep the wild, grey She-Hulk under control. They hang out for drinks and karaoke in their off-time.

    Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O 
Ryotaro Nogami, God of Gaining Powers by Possession (Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Yuuki Skull Form, Guardian of Time)
Ryotaro being possessed by the Taros. L - R: Ryutaros, Kintaros, Ryotaro, Momotaros, Urataros
Den-O Forms
Liner Form
Super Climax Form
  • Intermediate God when possessed by the Taros Imagin, Lesser God by himself in Plat Form (Greater God in Liner Form or Super Climax Form)
  • Symbol: The Den-O symbol and the Rider Pass, alternatively the DenKamen Sword
  • Theme Song: Climax Jump, If We Met In A Dream, Double Action Sword Form Rod Form Axe Form Gun Form Climax Form Wing Form, Real Action
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Classical Anti All-Loving Hero, Adorkable, Determinator, Cool Trains, Boy and His Taros, There Is No Kill Like Overkill, Transformation Sequences, Cosmic Play Thing, Time Travel, Sharing a Body
  • Domains: Travel, City, Transformation, Time, Luck (mostly of the bad kind), Spirits, Deserts
  • Followers: The Brave Express Team, Kai, Shin and Yoku of the Dagwon team, Dr. Mondo Tatsumi, "I Like Trains" Kid, Meilin Lee
  • Heralds: Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros, Sieg, Hana/Kohana, Naomi, Den-Liner's Owner, Yuto Sakurai/Kamen Rider Zeronos, Deneb, Kotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider New Den-O (his grandson), Teddy, and Airi Nogami (his older sister)
  • Allies: All ascended Toku Heroes, Smile Precures Kenshin Himura, Chiyoko Shiraishi, Belldandy, T-800 MK 2, Shinji Ikari, Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu, Nozomi Yumehara, The Doctor, Future Trunk, Doc Brown, Anna Kozuki/Kaboom, Koichi Kimura, Thomas The Tank Engine
  • Enemies: Lord Chaos, Enrico Pucci, Ultimecia, Brainiac, Monokuma, Ryoma Sengoku
  • Prior to the formation of the Toku Base, Ryotaro Nogami made his ascension into the main pantheon due to his battles as Kamen Rider Den-O, who uses the DenLiner time train via time traveling and battling the malignant Imagin monsters who tries to alter the flow of time.
  • When Ryotaro ascended, he also brought in his friends, the Taros: Momo, Kin, Ura, Ryu and sometimes Seig who all routinely possess him. Many of havoc has been cause because of this.
  • Ryotaro is noted as being one of the unluckiest people in the Pantheon . If something bad happens and he happens to be nearby, it will always happen to HIM. Known events include, but are not limited to, getting hit by sports equipment, slipping on banana peels and once getting chase by Tyranitar. This actually brought the attention of Belldandy who thought she could better his luck. She failed, and may, in fact, have made it worse.
    • He heard about the misfortunes of Shinji Ikari and wanted to befriend him. Others however are trying to not let this happen. Not out of cruelty, as they know Ryotaro only means well, but because some don't want to risk Ryotaro's bad luck rubbing off on Shinji.
  • Ryotaro is trying his best to prevent Claire Stanfield from getting his hands on the Den-Liner. Also found another group of train related Toku gods, the ToQgers to converse with.
  • Ryotaro is good friends with the Smile Pretty Cures, most likely due to their similar experience of fighting against fairy tale-themed villains (the Imagin and the Bad End Kingdom respectively).
  • Because of constant time shifts in his own world, Ryotaro was once into a little kid. However, when he ascended, he was change back to his older self.
  • Many have notice that Ryotaro kind of looks like Kenshin Himura if the samurai was more lively. Many find this a bit funny since Ryotaro is no stranger to feudal Japan, having traveled there multiple times, and compare to the Battousai, Ryotaro isn't that great of a fighter.
  • Ryotaro is a Singularity Point. That means he remains static when time is changed, and retain memories of the former time lines. It's unknown if he would be unaffected with other cosmic retcons.
    • This brought the attention of Brainiac, who is also immune to cosmic changes in the time line and the entire universe. It's unknown however what he wants from the Rider.
  • Once heard the dealings of Ultimcia and her attempt at time compressing. Since her actions reminded Ryotaro a bit like Kai's actions in his own world, he swore to stop her if she ever tries it again.
  • On a regular outing one day Ryotaro ran into Ryuko Matoi and was surprised to hear that Senketsu, her living uniform, sounded just like Momotaros, to the point that, between Senketsu's voice and the red streak in Ryuko's hair, he actually thought she was being possessed by him. Once the misunderstanding was cleared up, they got to talking and he ended up sympathizing for her during the time she was possessed by Junketsu, which reminded him of the time he was possessed by the Ghost Imagin.
  • Somehow ended up in the Doctor's TARDIS while he was out and ended up lost in time. The Denliner crew and The Doctor did find them, but not after a lengthy adventure.

    The Tenno 
The Tenno, The Gods and Goddesses who Were Experimented on to Make Technology Work (The Betrayers, Tenno Skoom [by Grinner], Fashion Victims)
  • Individually Intermediate Gods, as a whole Greater gods
  • Symbol: The Lotus Icon
  • Theme Song: This is what you are
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cyber Ninja, An army of one-man armies, Lightning Bruiser, Magical Cybernetic Space Ninja Samurai, Proud Warrior Race, Biomechaninically powered suits of armor, Samurai Motifs, Parrying Bullets, Master of All, Bling of War, Having a wide variety of elemental and void based powers, Being young teenagers exposed to the void to be used as weapons against the Sentients
  • Domains: Biotechnology, Combat, Powers, Protection, Kinship
  • Allies: Ordis, Genji and the rest of Overwatch, John-117, Captain America, The House of Nature, Raiden, BJ Blazkowitz, Jack Ryan, Subject Delta
  • Enemies: THE GRINEER, The Infested, The Corpus, The Flood, The Vex, Sir Crocodile, The Eliksni, Deathshead, Red Skull and all fascist deities.
  • "Friendly" Rivalry: The Guardians
  • Sympathizes with: Sousuke Sagara
  • Opposes: Amon, Sundowner
  • Occasional Employer: Jonathan Irons
  • When the Grineer stormed the Pantheon, they attempted to storm the House of Nature, using Cicero toxin to clear the plants and wildlife to make settlements. A large army sized group of Tenno operators followed the Grineer into the Pantheon where they assisted the House of Nature in the defense, cutting down several armies of the clones. The remaining Grineer fled so they can create more soldiers to fill back the ranks. The House of Nature were forever in gratitude, and the Tenno felt welcomed there, especially since many of their Warframes have nature themed powers.
  • The Tenno are a group of ancient warriors that were created to combat the Sentients that invaded the system. After the fall of the Orokin empire, the Tenno were put in stasis for several centuries. When they woke up, they found themselves in a war-ravaged Solar System with the Fascist Grineer and the Profit-Seeking Corpus fighting over the remains of civilization along with the Infested trying to kill everything. With guide from the mysterious Lotus, who communicates to each single Tenno, the set to free the System and protect the people living in the system.
  • Each Tenno controls a powerful suit of armor called the Warframe. There are many different types of warframes, each with different powers and different combat styles for each tactic.
  • The Tenno, in reality are young adolescents who were the sole survivors of the Zariman Ten-Zero incident, where a colony ship was trapped in the Void and eventually reemerged, with the kids receiving Void powers. After the Orokin experimented on the scared children, causing several deaths, an Orokin researcher named Margulis found that they could channel their newfound powers through dreams and became a surrogate mother for them. The Orokin murdered her, stole her works and used it to create the process of Transference, where the child could channel their consciousness and powers through a Warframe, a surrogate body using a device called the Somatic Link. The newly named Tenno were placed on Earth's moon where they were secure.
  • Shortly after ascension, one of the Warframes, Excalibur, happened across Genji. Seeing how alike Excalibur was with Genji, both being cybernetic ninjas with similar fighting styles, they managed to befriend each other. The Tenno also managed to ally with the rest of Overwatch.
  • Their official temple is a large space structure known as a Relay. The Tenno dont usually hang out at the Relay, preferring to stay in their personal Orbiter spacecraft which flies around the Pantheon, which they have all their belongings and serves as their mobile base. However, when they need to gather, the Relay is a good meeting place.
    • The Tenno can commonly be found honing their skills in the House of Combat, testing their equipment out or launching raids on the Grineer. Sometimes the Tenno like to heavily customize their frames and appear at fashion shows in the House of Costumes.
  • The Tenno find themselves frequently fighting the Flood, who are very similar to the Infested they fight and their history also remind them of the abusive Orokin. For that, the Tenno manages to ally with Master Chief John-117 to stop the Flood. The Tenno also oppose the Xel'naga Amon, who abused his creations like the Orokin did.
  • When The Guardians finally ascended into the Pantheon, The Tenno and the Guardians had a tense first meeting due to their games being dueling rivals and how they were so similar. Before events managed to oscillate, both sides shared some sort of truce and became allies. Despite their alliance and working together, it didn't stop them from trying to one up each other or boasting about themselves to each other.
  • When they came across the House of War, they met Sergeant Sosuke Sagara, who was also thrown into combat at a young age like them. The Tenno felt sympathetic towards him.
  • All Fascist gods in the pantheon like the Red Skull and Deathshead Strauss have been declared enemies of the Tenno for being predecessors to the Grineer. All Nazis have been declared enemies of the Tenno and thus the Tenno hunt down them all alongside the Grineer. They managed to come across Nazi hunter BJ Blazkowitz in one of their Grineer hunting missions and became allies. They also oppose Sundowner who bears similarities to the Corpus in their home setting, with the profiteering from war, and his usage of child soldiers.
  • Despite being on the side of good, they sometimes do mercenary work for the other pantheon factions, including even NGO Superpowers like Jonathon Irons' ATLAS Corpration, so they get paid with upgrades to their arsenal. Not that they support their goals or want to join them. They, however, refuse to work with their enemies the GUAE and the GUAD.
  • From the reveal in the Sacrifice, the Tenno formed a kinship with both Jack Ryan and Subject Delta, more pronounced with Excalibur Umbra. Umbra's nightmares of killing his son by the control of Ballas left him in constant mental anguish and driven to exact revenge on Ballas to no avail. Until the Operator reached out to help him overcome the pain and Restraining Bolt. Jack knows well on being conditioned to be without free will and Delta having his daughter taken away and used for another's ulterior motives. Both gladly support the Tenno in their continued efforts and help relate through the psychological struggles they go though.
  • They are also commonly found in the House of Genetic Engineering. If you have any sense of self-preservation, don't try and experiment on them. They will rip your ass in two if they're feeling merciful.

    Twilight Sparkle 
Twilight Sparkle, Goddess of Those Who Train Even With Their Great Talent (Twi, Twily, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, Masked Matter-Horn, Twilight Flopple, Twilight Psycho, The Magical Prodigy from My Little Pony)
Twilight in the Human World
Princess Twilight in the future at show's end
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess if she has Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadance's magic in her)
  • Symbol: Her cutie mark; a purple and white star.
  • Theme song: You know the one...
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: adorable awesomeness through reading, learning any Magic with enough study, consumate organizational skills, Nerd Action Heroine, those abused a lot yet also heavily favored in other regards, Never relenting, incredible skill at a tender age, Loony Friends Improve Your Personality, Humility, Telekinesis, Teleportation, occasionally forgets not to freak out over the small things and of her power in magic to solve certain crises, difficult relationship with responsibility, The Finicky One, heavy case of Responsibility OCD
  • Domains: Magic, Order, Books, Friendship
  • Heralds: Owlowiscious (her owl), Luster Dawn (her protégé in the future)
  • High Priestess: Lysithea von Ordelia
  • Followers: Bronies, Sae Edogawa, Sonea, Horace Altman, Maya Tendo, Joichiro Yukihara
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, Tirek, Acnologia, The Dazzlings, Napoleon, Sauron, Rajang, Regime Superman, Madara Uchiha, Mannfred von Carstein, Yuuki Terumi, Megatron
  • In the early days of the Pantheon, when the Mane Six were ascended to the Pantheon, Twilight Sparkle represented Mind over Matter for her prowess in telekinesis, and Obsessed Are The List Makers for her checklist-making and occasional redundancy in them.
    • However, as the years went on, she eventually lost the title for Mind over Matter, and she's become less obsessed with checklist-making. Not wanting to say goodbye to all the friends she's since made in the Pantheon, she looked deep in herself for something about her that's worth making her stay, and found it in the trope Talented, but Trained. Her special talent is magic, and she spends a lot of time researching and practicing new spells to further hone her art, making her the perfect fit.
  • She had ascended together with Spike (who would eventually become a Pantheon deity himself), and keeps writing letters about friendship to Princess Celestia. She had been very offended to learn her revered teacher was not part of the Tropes Pantheon and sought a way to deify her. And eventually she did, alongside her sister Luna to represent Winged Unicorn and Princesses Rule (before they later abdicated the latter to make way for Princess Bubblegum).
  • As the Spirit of Magic, Twilight Sparkle possesses the power to call upon the rest of the Mane Cast to make use of the Elements of Harmony on anything that stands in their way. As all six have been deified, this uses much less energy than it used to.
  • Spends a lot of time in the Pantheon's immense library learning new spells or about the various universes. Her already great power is growing exponentially, and many members of the Pantheon make sure to give Twilight a wide berth, though others snicker all that power is just as likely to blow up in her face whenever she casts a spell.
  • Telekinesis is still her signature ability, and the one least likely to go horribly awry. Already capable of amazing feats pre-Goddesshood, and with the inherent increase of power that comes with being part of the Pantheon, nobody is really sure where Twilight's limit even is.
  • When she is neither in the library nor hanging out with friends, she tries to help with whatever she can, wherever she can. Her organizational skills come in handy and so does her magic, though other Gods do often get tired of Twilight's triple-checking of checklists. Most keep quiet about it though - everyone knows that checklists are Serious Business to Twilight Sparkle, though this has eventually lessened over time.
    • Once attempted to read Pages Of Harmony. Suffice to say she didn't even finish the second chapter.
    • With the Treasury now categorized, she's taken an interest in the various books stored inside (as well as the other items), though for safety reasons she's barred from reading most of them.
    • Even if she's more of an academic, she also appreciates classic literature, and has eventually read what Earth had to offer at the House of Knowledge.
  • Twilight got acquainted with Phoenix Wright because he remembers her having summoned him to Equestria to help defend Rainbow Dash for a crime she didn't commit, even though she herself doesn't recall that. While she ain't that versed in law (yet), she appreciates his work ethic and dedication to see that justice truly prevails.
  • As advocates of The Power of Friendship, she and the rest of the Mane Cast have lifetime passes to visit the House of Friendship and Camaraderie (except Fluttershy, who's already a resident there), and they've also become friends with Gentaro and the rest of the Kamen Rider Club for promoting similar messages. Similar sentiments are shared for Sora and his friends.
    • Of course, as supporters of the ideals of friendship, camaraderie, and love, Twilight is against those who are in opposition against those themes, such as High Councilor Kal-El, Madara Uchiha, and Mannfred von Carstein.
  • The first time Flandre Scarlet saw her, she commented: "Hey look, it's pony Patchouli!" and demanded that Twilight "play", much to the dismay of the unicorn, who knew full well who she was dealing with, having earlier read "Perfect Memento in Strict Sense". The general consensus is that for someone fighting Flandre Scarlet, Twilight did pretty well, erratically warping around the younger Scarlet and countering magic bolts with magic bolts, though a well-placed Laevattein blow did eventually leave her with burns and a scorched mane.
    • Naturally, curious as to who this Patchouli is, and seeing her once alongside the rest of the Scarlet Mansion deities as they stopped the fight (with a rainstorm) and led Flandre away, she eventually took the time to seek her out. She found the youkai in her temple, and was amazed at the size and scope of her library, nearly suffering a nerdgasm over it. Once she met Patchouli herself, and after promising to keep any reading of the Magician's books to within her premises (in exchange for helping repel Marisa Kirisame from stealing books if she's ever in the area), yet another friendship was forged.
    • That said, as a spellcaster, Twilight's curiosity eventually led her to seeking out Marisa too, though it started out in a misunderstanding as they underwent danmaku. While not as well-versed in super-quick dodging at the time, using barriers half the time, Twilight held her own before the Ordinary Magician used her Master Spark. Not quite confident in withstanding that, the pony teleported behind Marisa and lifted her upwards so that the mini-Hakkero wasn't doing too much collateral damage, then promptly disarmed her.
      • After clearing things up, even when she failed to dissuade Marisa from stealing from Patchouli's library, they managed to part on amicable terms, even as Marisa swears to learn all the spells Twilight's learned and put her own spin into them. Given that the pony is still learning more and more (even if this knowledge will be stuck only in the Pantheon), this also means the Ordinary Magician will eventually become stronger in turn.
      • In one obscure tome, she found a spell that caught her attention by both its effects and its very name: Twilight Spark. She hasn't had the chance to find it in any grimoire. Many Gods are frightened this means she'll go to the last caster to successfully use the spell — the mad, vengeful ghost Mima. But given she has encountered Marisa, who is rumored to have some sort of personal connection to Mima (as teacher and/or mother, no one is sure), it's figured that she's already a few steps closer to learning how it works, and that her trail might eventually end there.
      • Twilight would eventually learn of another bookworm’s ascension from Gensokyo, that being Kosuzu Motoori, the girl who runs the bookshop known as Suzunaan. They’d quickly find friends in each other, and by extension repair a slowly-widening rift between Twilight herself & Patchouli, who had grown distant due to the librarian’s own shut-in nature. The trio would often spend time together at any of their respective temples, reading books and learning all about the Pantheon and what it has to offer. However, one time, when she & Kosuzu were returning to the latter’s temple, they found it in ruins, & Seija Kijin in a dead heap among the rubble, which was caused by none other by Yuuki Terumi. Needless to say, Twilight & the rest of Gensokyo did not take that well.
  • As fellow loners who disregarded friendship until circumstances made them reconsider their views and gain some actual friends, Twilight gets along really well with Blaze and Neku.
  • As a bookworm, she's naturally drawn to reading whatever tomes she can find.
    • Tried to read Twilight once. It was one of the rare books she has failed to finish, and the fact that she shares her name with it (plus one of Edward's defining characteristics) makes her mane go up in flames sometimes.
  • Shortly after her ascension into an alicorn, a human with similar colors to those of Twilight was seen hanging around the Pantheon and doing all sorts of weird things as if they don't knew how to use their body or act as human. Stocking Anarchy (somewhat a Twilight lookalike herself) has denied that she is related in any way to these events, and the description of the strange person seems to confirm her story.
    • As it turns out, thanks to the strange nature of the Pantheon, a spell to turn herself into the human form she assumed made itself known in her head, and she had tried it out. Her clumsy nature is attributed to the spell temporarily rendering her addled as she got used to the form. She eventually got acclimated to using the form better thanks to the human friends she's made in the Pantheon, but tends not to use it since she's unable to access her latent magic as a human except for turning back into an alicorn.
    • Speaking of her alicorn phase, some have commented that she's developed an impressive, if messy, appetite and attribute it to her body needing more nutrition to cast magic.
  • Since she got her wings, Twilight has been crashing a lot while learning to fly, even with the guidance of her friend Rainbow Dash. Some gods joke that rather than flying, Rainbow is giving her lessons on crashing. Of course, as the months passed, Twilight eventually mastered it enough.
  • Impressed many Dragon Ball Z gods (and Asura) with her ultimate showdown with Lord Tirek and were even more impressed when she and her friends unlocked "Rainbow Power" to utterly curb-stomp him. She also impressed the House of Villains when she forgave Discord for betraying them and thus fully cementing his status on the side of good. Melkor wasn't happy at all to see Twilight become super-powerful.
  • Heard about Acnologia's attempts to hunt down Spike. Needless to say, she didn't take it well.
  • Was very happy to learn of Sunset Shimmer's ascension to the Pantheon, and often hangs out with her alongside the rest of the Mane Six, and even occasionally with just her alone. It's just them doing friendship-related things, but some gods see it in an entirely different light.
    • Eventually, the inclusion of Canterlot High as a dominion led to the ascension of the rest of the Equestria Girls, whom Twilight was happy to see them, and was properly introduced to the other world's counterpart as well.
  • Unless you want a beam blasted in your face or be on the receiving end of a verbal smackdown, DO NOT mention the "Cattle Rustlers" incident around her or her fans respectively.
  • There are five things that can set her off easily: making fun of Princess Celestia, messing with her books/desk, saying the phrase "just a test", destroying a library, and sabotage.
  • Has caught the attention of Bloody Marie due to sounding like her on different occasions. In a surprise move, Twilight took this opportunity to try and get closer to the Skullgirl, and surprised quite a few people when she actually succeeded. Apparently, she reminds Marie a lot of herself before she became the Skullgirl...
  • Sash Lilac has found kinship with Twilight, as they both have strange and unique friends, and react violently when any of them are threatened.
  • Gets along very well with fellow magically-powerful "Champion of Friendship" Nanoha Takamachi; the two often swap stories about past adventures and notes on new ideas. Furthermore, Twilight is teaching Nanoha magic-based telekinesis, while Nanoha has already taught Twilight the Accel Shooter spell and is on the way to performing Divine Buster and Starlight Breaker the same way the White Devil does. In the meantime, because she's yet to find out how to absorb ambient magic, she's instead managed to devise her own spin.
    • When Twilight shared the story of how she befriended Starlight Glimmer, Nanoha wryly noted that, despite their Wizard Duel, Twilight ultimately talked her down instead of blowing her up.
  • Has an an irrational fear of quesadillas and their "Cheesiness" subtly avoids them.
  • Ever since the Storm King's attack on Canterlot, Twilight has found herself drawn to Scar (the Ishvalan), since his personality reminds her of Tempest Shadow. Additionally, she's found her redeeming of the broken-horned unicorn akin to Luke Skywalker's redemption of Darth Vader from Palaptine's control.
  • Wizard and Boomstick released a simulation of a battle between her and Raven/Rachel Roth. Needless to say, while she agrees that Raven would definitely beat her, she does have a few gripes on their simulation. Despite their rule that neither combatant holds back in a battle, her simulation never fired energy blasts (despite showcasing them in their analysis of her) like she had in her fight against Tirek; it feels like something she'd definitely do if she and Raven ever came to blows, which they thankfully don't have much reason to.
  • By series end, besides becoming ruler of Equestria, and being large like Celestia herself, she no longer suffers any panic attacks from anxiety. As for the form she assumes, that appearance is available to her as a temporary form.
  • Many deities forget that Twilight singlehandedly reformed the Court of the Gods by being the one to summon The Judge to replace Johnson of the Big Five as Chief Justice of the Court. While she isn't majoring in law anytime soon, she's well-versed enough in the subject to serve on the defense if asked nicely, and she's appeared enough to be on speaking terms with The Judge. She believes that justice and fairness should be carried out even against the evilest of the evil, no questions asked which makes many of the House of Law and Justice respect her to an extent.
  • As someone who has traveled across much of Equestria, Twilight has gotten more than her fair share of lessons learned & aesops acknowledged. This would come up when she learned of a deity who challenged Marisa Kirisame in a battle in the sky- the Ashen Witch, Elaina, who had vowed to practice her own magic more after the fact in order to be ready for their rematch. Twilight was eager to meet the witch, and both were soon enamored by stories of their respective travels, which allowed them to form a friendship. As a bonus, their first meeting happened to be in the Pantheon branch of Suzunaan, allowing the alicorn to introduce Kosuzu to Elaina, as well.
  • "I’m the Princess of Friendship now, and lots of ponies are going to be looking to me to solve their problems. But it was foolish of me to think that I should have all the answers. What I do have are good friends who will always be there to help me find them."

    William Hand/Black Hand 
The Blackest Night falls from the skies,

The darkness grows, as all light dies,

We crave your hearts and your demise,

By my Black Hand—the dead shall rise!

William Hand, God of Death Activated Superpowers (Black Hand, Wilbur Palm, Black Glove, Avatar of the Black, Herald of Nekron)
  • Intermediate God (Lesser God if living)
  • Symbol: A Black Lantern ring
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil(believes himself to be True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Animate Dead, Straw Nihilism, Loving the Dead, Killing all Life, Becoming far deadlier in death than life, Zombie Apocalypse, Going from a C-List villain to Herald of the Apocalypse, Lack of Empathy, [The Black Hand Of His Family
  • Domains: Death, Nihilism, the Undead, Darkness, Creepiness
  • Master: Nekron
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction (particularly Deathstorm, Nagash the Undying and The White)
  • Dating: Tsukiko
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dhuum
  • Odd Friendship with: Dr. Drakken, Jack Spicer, The Team Rocket trio
  • Enemies: Everyone else that lives, especially Hal Jordan, Iroque, Angela Ziegler/Mercy, particularly those who cheat death (particularly Jean Grey, Grenth, Murky and Kenny McCorminck), Guthix, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Opposes: The House of Ghosts, Death of the Endless
  • Opposed by: The Houses of the Undead and Family
  • Fears: AM, Medusa and other petrifiers
  • Black Hand is The Antichrist to Nekron, who's death shall usher in the Blackest Night and the end of all life. He was born William Hand, belonging to a prominent funerary family. He would don his name out of being the Black Sheep of the family, and try to eliminate the light. Over time he'd realize his destiny as Nekron's avatar, and commit suicide to become the first Black Lantern. Now, Black Hand seeks to have the dead rise all across the pantheon and feast on the gods' hearts.
  • First and foremost, Black Hand is an enemy towards the Lantern Corps. Since he was a teenager, William has been trying to put out the green light of Hal Jordan. Over time he has learned of the other aspects of the emotional spectrum, further dedicating himself to getting rid of light. He has a particularly hatred towards the Indigo Tribe for brainwashing him into the Indigo Tribe, having taken a flying leap to not be affected by the light of compassion.
  • It's highly advised to not kill him because it just makes him worse. On the flip side, Black Hand generally avoids getting involved with his house, afraid their members will revive and thus weaken him. With that in mind, He is terrified of AM, who not only can bring him back to life but make being dead again impossible.
  • Is rather sympathetic to the White. He considers them right to think reality would be better off dead. However he argues the White aren't motivated enough, claiming they should also kill for the equality that comes with death, and its inevitability. The White don't really think much about him. To them, Black Hand is just another Brainwashed and Crazy victim by the hands of Nekron, albeit one who shares their goal.
  • It was the arrival of Black Hand to the pantheon which finally gave Nekron the tether he needed. As the Anti-Monitor escaped the Black Lantern Central Power battery, Nekron can't start a second Blackest Night. He was, however, able to ignite the formation of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Black Hand was further pleased to see a fellow Black Lantern, Deathstorm, enter the pantheon.
  • Though he feels more comfortable with the fully dead, Black Hand is happy to hang out with the undead(or as he regards them, the "honorary deceased"). Approves particularly of Nagash's desire to make the world undead. The actual House of Undead, sans Nagash, doesn't want him around because they're easy pickings for Black Lantern ring hijacking.
  • While caring nothing for the living, he is empathetic to the dead. To him, death is equal. Most undead deities avoid him because of how attached he can be to corpses. Tsukiko, on the other hand, spends a lot of time with him. Nobody wants to know what they're doing together, but in SFW terms it's an Unholy Matrimony. The two are dating.
  • As the avatar of the Black, it is almost impossible to take him out. Even direct exposure to both Green Lantern and other lantern constructs, which would normally incinerate a Black Lantern, cannot destroy him. Resurrecting him still isn't that safe an option, since his rebuilt right hand has necromantic properties. The best bet is to Mind Rape or brainwash him into submission; while the GUAG is wary of these practices, it's a Necessary Evil to deal with the threat Black Hand's tethers to Nekron poses and more humane on him than the alternative.
  • The House of Family detests him for killing his family and then himself as part of a ritual to become the first Black Lantern. The Avatar of the Black has stated this was an act of familial affection; to him, everyone is better off in the equality of death. He considers reanimating them after breaking out of the Indigo Tribe's control to be proof of his love for them, but they just regard Black Hand as obscene.
  • Though considered fearsome now, this wasn't always the case. For much of his villain career, Black Hand was regarded as a joke of a supervillain who's only skills were the ability to throw back Lantern energy, and based his crimes on cliched sayings. He's actually glad that Hal as Spectre burned his hand off, as it was the day he'd begin to get out of his rut.
  • Despite his black heart, He has a fondness for Dr. Drakken, Jack Spicer and Team Rocket. Given he was a joke villain, he can get where they're coming from. It's a very awkward and Odd Friendship, and they consider him the Omnicidal Maniac The Friend Nobody Likes, but it is one of the only things about the living he values.
  • Despises those who were revived(especially those with the power to do so), seeing it as an affront to death. Despite this, he has no problems with Nekron allowing revivals. He was the one who suggested that Dhuum should join the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, however Dhuum has made it perfectly clear he's going to deliver a final death to him and the rest of the GUAD once death is no longer cheap.
  • Is outraged at Death of the Endless for, in his eyes, being bad at her job for permitting any resurrection whatsoever(though Nekron is permitted it if it serves the Black's higher purpose). She pointed out that people don't "cheat" death, as they will eventually die. The Lord of the Unliving had to pull William away before he could piss Death off, before telling her not to get involved. She isn't going to bother arguing for the claim, given she can always punish him with immortality when absolutely necessary.
    Nekron: "William Hand descends from the darkness before your light. I alone have the right to claim him."
  • Finds the constant death cheating of Jean Grey, Grenth, Murky and Kenny McCormick to be extremely frustrating. Kenny has the most to worry about from Black Hand, whom can reanimate the corpses of his previous bodies.
  • Is regarded as the physical manifestation of death. This claim is disputed by most everyone, considering Nekron embodies the lifeless void rather than death. It'd be more accurate to consider Black Hand as the embodiment of life's absence or Nekron's skewed perception of death. The first Black Lantern insists otherwise.
  • Often butts heads with the House of Life and Death, hoping to subvert its purposes for the Black and his master Nekron. He really hates Angela Ziegler for her mass resurrections, which is a major problem for his Black Lantern armies.
  • Calls out King Kai, believing that he is "cheating" by helping the dead get stronger and encouraging resurrections. King Kai is quick to point out that he doesn't have a problem when Nekron does it.
  • Black Hand once ended up at the Source Wall, managing to release many imprisoned. However it ended up corrupting him and slowly turning him to stone. Black Hand doesn't want this, and as such is scared of petrification. Seeing Medusa made him panic, yelling "I can't go back!!!"
  • Is on Guthix's shit list for trying to reanimate his daughter.

    Yuno Grinberryall 

Yuno Grinberryall, God of Being Gifted (Asta's Hot Rival Friend, Breezy Pretty Boy, First-Place Rookie, Meal-Saving Prince, Vice Captain of the Golden Dawn)
Click here to see him in Spirit Dive
Click here to see him in full Spirit Dive
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His four-leaf clover grimoire, the magic stone on his necklace
  • Theme Song: Like a Comet or Spirit Pledge
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Wind Magic, The Comically Serious, Doorstop Baby, Spirit Dive, No Social Skills, Penny Among Diamonds, The Rival, Sore Loser, The Stoic, Used to Be a Sweet Kid, Wind Is Green
  • Domains: Giftedness, Competition, Faith, Rivalry, Wind, Stars
  • Herald: Bell
  • High Priestess: Yasuri Nanami
  • Allies: Asta, Noelle Silva, Secre Swallowtail, Serpico, Tinker Bell, Sasuke Uchiha, Shoto Todoroki, Wendy Marvell, Riku, Hiei, Aang, King, Yotsuba Koiwai, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Corrin, Mavis Vermillion
  • Enemies: Ulquiorra Cifer, Griffith, Kimimaro, Wamuu, Shinobu Sensui, Zaheer
  • A young man who was born with very strong magic. With his best friend and rival Asta, Yuno was abandoned as a baby and raised in an orphanage. He has a calm, cool personality as well as a sharp tongue. Despite his incredible abilities, he still admires Asta and works hard toward becoming the next Wizard King. His magical potential is recognized when he receives a legendary four-leaf clover grimoire bestowed only on chosen mages. His gifts allow him to join the highest-ranked squad, the Golden Dawn, in hopes of achieving his dream. A calm, unyielding individual, he has a competitive spirit and can be quite the snarker.
  • In Yuno's world, one's innate magical potential is determined at birth. Despite being born an orphaned peasant, since childhood Yuno has shown an incredible gift with magic, with many around him noticing his prodigal Wind Magic. When his time came to receive a grimoire at the age of 15, he was chosen by a four-leaf clover grimoire, the highest level grimoire of them all. Through a combination of training and his own natural talent, Yuno learned advanced techniques such as Mana Zone, controlling the mana in his surroundings to increase his spells' power, and his signature Spirit Dive, combining Mana Zone and Mana Skin to assimilate the power of the wind spirit in his body. For Yuno's extraordinary talent, he was bestowed the title God of Being Gifted.
    • Yuno was a little annoyed to learn that Asta had ascended before him. Despite this, he was proud of his lifelong best friend and rival for his achievement. Although Yuno won't admit it, he was glad to learn that he has Asta's company in the Pantheon due to his asocial, quiet nature. Asta is likewise happy to have Yuno alongside all the new friends he has made in the Pantheon. Having more time to see each other more without having to attend to their duties as Magic Knights in separate squads, the duo are often seen together, sometimes hanging out with Noelle as well.
  • He trains diligently even in the Pantheon in hopes of becoming the Wizard King, not wanting to let Asta beat him. As such, he is often seen in the House of Wind & Air, honing his magic among fellow wind users. The wind users are very impressed by Yuno's prodigious abilities, seeing him shape wind into a multitude of weapons using his Wind Creation Magic and control powerful winds when assimilating with the great spirit of wind. Yuno has offered to teach them some of his techniques. It took them much more effort to try to come close to Yuno's technique, in no part thanks to the mage's immense innate talent. He enjoys relaxing in the House as well with its location in the skies, his favorite thing.
  • He was surprised and unnerved to learn that he shares the same name as the Goddess of Yanderes. The normally aloof Yuno doesn't care for romance whatsoever and is too focused on his dream. As a result, he actually gets very annoyed whenever anyone mistakes him for her. The psychotic Yuno Gasai, on the other hand, doesn't want to be associated with the much more composed, cool-headed Yuno. Out of the possibly of awkwardness and Yuno's own introversion, he's been avoiding the House of Insanity in hopes of never meeting her. However, mistaking him for Gasai is one of the few things that can annoy the normally stoic Yuno.
  • Has formed a friendly rivalry with Serpico, a fellow composed Pretty Boy with power of the sylphs and Razor Wind. The two sparred with each other using their swords, with Yuno overpowering him thanks to the power of his Wind Magic but Serpico far outdoing him in swordsmanship. Since then, the two have been looking forward to their next rematch. Yuno's spar with Serpico has taught him that he needs more than just magical skill but also martial prowess to be the best mage that he can be. Serpico, although not admitting it thanks to his own pride, was impressed by the wind mage's swordsmanship and sees him as a possible Worthy Opponent in the future. It's for this reason that Yuno has been practicing his melee skills using his Spirit of Zephyr sword, and now his spearmanship with his newly acquired Spirit of Boreas halberd.
  • Since his brutal loss to Zenon, Yuno has had a distaste for bone using villains. This is why he's a foe of Kimimaro, who used his deadly kekkei genkai Shikotsumyaku to serve Orochimaru. Yuno detests him even moreso due to his cold mercilessness that is very similar to his Arch-Enemy Zenon. Kimimaro has taken an interest in Yuno for his prodigious skill at a relatively young age, reminded of his own past potential. Because of this, Kimimaro has tried to convince Yuno to gain more power through Orochimaru. Yuno, however, strongly declined and would much rather become stronger through his own merit. It was for the best anyways, lest Yuno desire to become an experiment or host for the infamous ninja.
  • Yuno was reminded of his trusted Fairy Companion Bell, the Wind Spirit Sylph, when he met Tinker Bell. He was already used to her energetic, sassy nature upon meeting her. The fairy found Yuno to be handsome and has been trying to catch the young mage's attention since. Peter Pan, completely oblivious to Tinker Bell's own crush on him, finds it amusing and has been encouraging the two to build a relationship. Yuno, deadpan and indifferent as ever, doesn't care one bit and would rather focus on his training. As time passed, Tinker Bell sadly remised that she might have a better chance with Peter Pan or any other good-looking young guy than the celibate Yuno.
  • He has shown an interest in Avatar Aang, as in his world normal mages can only use one element unless you're experimented on, a hybrid, or a supreme devil host. Yuno greatly admires Aang for being an airbending master who mastered the art at the young age of 12, while Yuno, although considered a Child Prodigy as well, is still trying to fully master his Wind Magic. Aang has been teaching Yuno to be more carefree, in line with the teachings of airbending, as well as the martial art forms of his bending art. He was a natural at using Aang's staff to the Avatar's joy. Yuno, on the other hand, has been teaching the Avatar how to finely shape wind like the magic of his world, showing Aang how to form powerful wind weaponry and move through the air without a glider. Aang is happy to see a more carefree, lively side of Yuno when flying through the skies and feeling the spirit of competition when the two try to best each other in their wind powers.
  • Yuno has formed a sibling-like relationship with the endearing Yotsuba Koiwai, who is also blessed with the luck of a Four-Leaf Clover. Growing up in a church with younger foster siblings, Yuno has taken a liking to the cheerful, young girl, whose energy amuses him. Yotsuba adores Yuno and is glad to have an older brother figure in the Pantheon. In his free time, Yuno plays with her using his magic. Yotsuba has fun being carried through the sky and riding an eagle made of wind through Yuno's finely-trained Wind Magic. Around Yotsuba, Yuno shows a rare, genuine smile rarely seen around others. When she chooses to play with someone else, Yuno shows an even rarer childish, mopiness that Yotsuba makes fun of him for to his mild embarassment, pointing out he's not all that mature.
  • He has become something of an apprentice to an older, more mature Sasuke Uchiha. Yuno reminds Sasuke of himself in his youth, being a cold, gifted young man who initially outclassed their more hyperactive, underdog rival and best friend. Having been redeemed by Naruto and seen the error of his ways, Sasuke has advised Yuno to value his friendship with Asta. Yuno has taken this all in stride and assured Sasuke he would never betray Asta. It's for this reason that Yuno is grateful that his relationship with his best friend Asta is a Friendly Rivalry based on mutual respect and brotherhood, avoiding the harm and pain that Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry caused each other which they had to overcome together.
  • Because he was abandoned at a church as a baby, Yuno finds it easy to bond with fellow orphans in the Pantheon such as Tetsuya Tsurugi, having been treated badly as a peasant orphan in the classist Clover Kingdom. However, he finds it difficult to relate to anyone suffering from Orphan's Ordeal, as he grew up with a loving foster family with Father Orsi and his best friend Asta. But since finding out about his heritage, Yuno has been talking to Corrin about how to handle this revelation and its effect on his identity. Corrin, having undergone immense turmoil from having to choose between his adoptive family and original family, had a lot of wisdom to impart on Yuno regarding his situation. Grateful for Corrin's advice, Yuno is able to better handle this life-changing information while also affirming himself as "Yuno of the Clover Kingdom".

Lesser Gods

    Matilda Wormwood 
Matilda Wormwood, Goddess of Psychic Powers Borne From Smarts
Matilda as depicted in the film (top) and the book (bottom)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A library card
  • Theme Song: The film's theme song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: smarts and telekinetic powers awoken from her Berserk Button being pressed, Adorably Precocious Child, Child Prodigy, Kid Hero, Brainy Brunette, two kinds of Bookworm (Cute and Badass), Good with Numbers, Lady And A Scholar, Abusive Parents, Sadist Teacher Hunter, Wise Beyond Their Years, Guile Heroine, Plucky Girl
  • Domain(s): Intelligence, Psychics, Bully Hunter
  • High Priest: Jobe
  • Herald: Jennifer Honey (her Happily Adopted mother)
  • Allies: Mafalda, Calvin, Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, the Powerpuff Girls, Twilight Sparkle, Jimmy Hopkins, Haruka Kotoura, Sara Crewe, James Henry Trotter, Willy Wonka, Madeline, Marge Gunderson
  • Enemies: Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Ever since she was young, Matilda had a desire of knowledge. She learned much about life by going to the library, going through nearly every book there. All while having to deal with a family who didn't care at all for her. Eventually, she managed to earn a happy ending. She may have lost her powers after burning them out from ousting Trunchbull from her school, or likely because she's now using her brain to the fullest, which disables her from using those powers. But whatever the reason, upon ascension, she found that she has access to these powers once more.
  • Her story has since found itself both on the big screen and even in Broadway with success. She can attest to how malleable her story is for others to use.
  • Naturally, Trunchbull was pissed when she found out that Matilda has made it to the Pantheon, but with all the weirdness in the Pantheon, as well as the revelation that Matilda is telekinetic, she restrains herself for her own sake. That and she fears that Matilda could oust her from her teaching job in the Pantheon.
    • She was even more pissed when she found out that one of her followers ran into trouble with Matilda. Miss Minchin saw much of her bills swirl around her before ending up in a fire. She wept for the tragedy while Sara Crewe hugged Matilda for the deed. The brainy girl has become her new best friend in the Pantheon.
  • As stated from above, she hates bullies more than anything. That put her in good company with Jimmy Hopkins. Few bullies can handle the two of them together.
  • Is she ever a child prodigy. She spoke in full sentences when she was one and a half, taught herself to read adult novels when she was four, and by the time she's in first grade, has already memorized the 12-times table, can multiply 13 x 379 in her head in about 3 seconds, figure out how much money her father earned in a day selling low-quality cars, can write limerick poetry, and single-handedly devised a plan to get rid of Agatha Truchbull using nothing more than her powers and a piece of chalk.
  • Many deities are thankful that Matilda is able to keep herself optimistic despite all her hardships. If not, she could've been a potential Intermediate God-level danger like Andrew Detmer, Carrie White, or even Lucy.
  • If you don't want her to torment you with her telekinetic powers, don't accuse her of anything unless you have undeniable proof that she did it, hurt children in her presence, or take away her books. And it takes a lot to make her angry.
  • Twilight Sparkle, overjoyed to see another brilliant mind, decided to take Matilda under her wing, both to tutor her in her telekinetic powers, and to just chat between smart individuals. One side-benefit to this is that Matilda's telekinetic powers have improved greatly.
  • Calvin dared Matilda to try and figure out the nature of Calvin. She came close to succeeding. She only conceded defeat because she didn't want the kid to leave the Pantheon as a result. She felt that Calvin has a rough life what caused him to act as he has. As the result of losing the bet, Calvin now has an ace to deal with his babysitter.
  • Matilda may well have graduated from the temple of Neville Longbottom. Taking on an Olympic athlete may not seem much compared to what Neville got put through, but the wizard recognizes her greatness, congratulating her on her ascension.
    • Is also good buddies with Harry Potter due to handling awful guardians. She allowed the wizard to study her powers to figure out how they worked. It also helps that they both despise Ms. Umbridge.
  • There are other telekinetics in the Pantheon… but some with more tragic origins. Haruka Kotoura got EMP powers when she was young... bringing her nothing but misery. It was only the friendship and eventual love of a boy that snapped her out of it. Matilda has taken note of the plight of powers and strives to help out others to deal with their powers.
  • There seemed to be far more friendly adults in the Pantheon. Marge for example welcomed her with a hot cup of cocoa. Matilda was initially suspicious that she might try to get her parents arrested, but Marge was adamant to let those incident slide. After all, it's not in her jurisdiction.
  • Matilda didn't think that her own avatar could be just as devastating to her enemies as she can be with her powers. But Mara Wilson proved to be quite the companion. She was especially glad to see one of her favorite roles have a seat in the Pantheon, reminding her of her own sense of justice for those who wronged her. They proceeded to do just that, trolling everyone from Mr. Burns to Ms. Trunchbull herself.
  • Her parents may not have been too abusive, but she is not a fan of any parent that does just that to their children. This guarantees that Ghetsis Harmonia will be one of her most hated foes in the Pantheon.
  • There seems to be a growing number of deities who were created by Roald Dahl. Among them, she enjoyed Trotter's company the most. They are both kids who learned to stand up for themselves. She has a mixed opinion of Willy Wonka. His intellectual achievements are impressive, but is unsure what to think of the fate of those who do not listen to his instructions.

    The Wisps 
The Wisps, Deified Living Batteries
  • Lesser Deities in general
  • Symbol: A mix of colors from the various Wisps
  • Theme Song: The Planet Wisp Acts for the Wisps as a whole
  • Alignment: Neutral Good or Chaotic Good (normal Wisps), Chaotic Neutral (Nega-Wisps)
  • Portfolio: Friendly Starfish Aliens, having Elemental Powers Fusing With Sonic, Sentient Power Sources, All Your Powers Combined
  • Domains: Aliens, Hyper-Go-On Energy, Transformations, Friendliness
  • High Priest: Charjabug
  • Allies: Sonic, Tails and their friends, The Doctor, E.T, The Blorg Community, Kirby, Lilo and Stitch, Pokémon in general, Cael Cynder, Nibbler, Philip J Fry, Samus Aran, Mario
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Black Doom, Infinite, evil aliens, Dr. Wily, Dr. Weil, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokémon Hunter J, Miles Quaritch, The Tyranids, Wat Tambor, The Grineer
  • Avoids: The Hall of Mind Control, Roger the Alien
  • The Wisps are a friendly type of alien found on Planet Wisp. Colorful creatures, they are capable of giving people various powers depending on the Wisp. Composed of Hyper-Go-On energy, they are an attractive source of power. Dr. Eggman captured their homeworld in hopes of using their power for a mind control ray, so he may finally rule the world. Fortunately, Sonic and Tails stopped his plans. While most returned to Planet Wisp, some wisps remain on Earth to help out Sonic and friends.
  • The complete antithesis to the Black Arms. While they are dark, malevolent invaders, the Wisps are colorful and friendly. They don't care for evil aliens, and would rather be playful and cute. The Doctor thinks they're adorable, as do many non-evil beings in the House of Extraterrestrials. Though they can come in some rather strange varieties. Fry got along with them, reflecting how good he is to animals and interest in aliens.
  • Got along with E.T, as he is a friendly alien like themselves. The Men in Black and SCP Foundation have stated that while they are alien, they aren't of any concern and don't need to be contained or removed. The Blorg Community believes that they could be good friends and want to spread the happiness of the Wisps to other alien races, hoping everyone can get along.
  • Some have compared them to Pokémon, as they're playful creatures that come in a variety of forms, and have a variety of powers. Most of these fall under Elemental Powers, furthering the similarity. Lilo and Stitch draw more of a comparison to Jumba's various experiments, being alien beings with various powers, though only the Nega-Wisps ever act that naughty. They like the Wisps a lot. Mario seems to like them as well, as they remind him of Lumas.
  • Capable of merging with people so for a time they can use their powers. One of the most well-known examples is the Cyan Wisps' Reflecting Laser powers. Their appearance in the pantheon was a boon to some members of the Grand United Alliance of Good as they can be equipped. Kirby was most used to this and their playful personalities meshed well. Samus Aran found them great help in her adventures.
  • The Venom Symbiote of all beings compared himself to the Wisps, as he is a symbiotic alien entity who can bond and empower other lifeforms. Though unlike the Wisps, this has a much more mixed result. With the vastly different tones in the two races, the Wisps were simply confused by this comparison.
  • One of the Wisps attempted to bond with Roger the Alien. Roger's own bitchiness and intoxication of God knows what had a severely negative result, and that Wisp ejected itself, promptly vomited, and continued to act like a surly Jerkass. Roger isn't allowed close to them again. The Tyranids have been kept much farther away from the Wisps as they will surely assimilate their power and it'll be a disaster for everyone.
  • Dr. Wily wants to take the Wisps in order to control their power and enhance his Robot Masters, and model better models after them. Dr. Weil's interest is far more dangerous, as after losing the Dark Elf believes that their power and potential for mind control if the power is utilized. He is searching for the Mother Elf to turn into his slave to make Omega more dangerous than ever.
  • Hunter J has been kidnapping some of the Wisps to sell them to the highest bidder. Ghetsis recognizes the similarity to Pokémon, and wants to use that for his domination schemes. Wat Tambor wants to weaponize their power in the Separatist agenda. And Miles Quaritch believes the power they obtain might hope his financiers and humanity in breaking out of the current resource deficit.
  • Knowing they are targeted for the power, Cael Cynder and Nibbler have come to the Wisps' protection. They can relate. The Wisps also avoid the House of Mind Control, in fear the more nefarious members will extract their Hyper-Go-On energy and enhance their mind control with it.
  • In order to counter the Corpus' projects involving their interest in Pokémon as a whole, the Grineer wants to utilize the Wisps for their own benefit and own benefit alone. And they're willing to bulldoze anyone else trying to get their hands on the Wisps. Primarily, their ideal outcome would be to significantly decrease the speed at which they degrade though they aren't saying no to significantly enhancing the main bulk of their forces. The Grineer most interested in researching the Wisps is Tyl Regor.
    Tyl Regor: "Don't worry, the experiments won't hurt and not even a little bit. Cross my heart: It's going to hurt a looot."