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Greater Gods

    Raava and Vaatu 
Raava and Vaatu, Divine Forces of Dueling Absolutes (Raava: Rava)
Raava on the left, Vaatu on the right. Art by Ursula Lopez.

    Xerneas and Yveltal 
Xerneas and Yveltal, Co-Deities Of The Duality Between Life And Death (Xerneas: the Life Pokémon, The Tree of Life, Yveltal: the Destruction Pokémon, The One True Destroyer)
Xerneas (left) and Yveltal (right)
  • Greater Deities
  • Symbols: A stylized blue X and red Y respectively
  • Theme Song: Their X and Y Battle Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Xerneas), Chaotic Neutral (Yveltal)
  • Abilities: Fairy Aura and Dark Aura respectively
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Movesets
    • Xerneas: Geomancy, Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Psychic
    • Yveltal: Oblivion Wing, Dark Pulse, Hurricane, Foul Play
    • Z-Moves: Twinkle Tackle (Xerneas), Black Hole Eclipse (Yveltal)
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Legends, Immortality, Power (both), Life, Trees, Fairies (Xerneas), Darkness, Destruction, Draining (Yveltal)
  • Varying relationship with: Diancie and her Carbink servants (allies with Xerneas, on poor terms with Yveltal), the Spring Sprite (allies with Xerneas, Odd Friendship with Yveltal), Ratatoskr (allies with Xerneas, annoys Yveltal)
  • Respects: Arceus
  • Interests: The rest of Norse Mythology (both of them)
  • Allies
  • On speaking terms with: AZ, Merlina (both of them), The Dovahkiin, Houyi, Chiron, the Hall of Fairies (except Killer BOB for obvious reasons) (Xerneas), the non-malicious side of the Hall of Darkness and Shadow (Yveltal)
  • Rivals: the Firebird (Yveltal)
  • Enemies
  • Evil Counterparts: Exdeath (Xerneas), Dark Gaia (Yveltal)
  • Wary of: Beerus (Yveltal)
  • Annoyed by: Rod (Yveltal)
  • The region of Kalos has two mighty legendary Pokémon of immense energy and different forms of immortality. Xerneas and Yveltal are a Fairy and Dark/Flying type that are over 3000 years old, and said to represent life and death. Xerneas can grant immortality to people and before reverting back to a cocoon will absorb all life in the vicinity. 3000 years ago one of them was used to power up the Ultimate Weapon of AZ. His brother's descendant Lysandre would try to exploit their power to use the Ultimate Weapon again, this time to wipe the slate clean. Fortunately the trainer Calem or Serena (depending on the player) would stop this plan. They have a relationship with Zygarde who serves as a keeper of balance. Both also resemble the letters of X and Y, akin to the games they debuted in.
  • Applies to both
    • For some time the two lived in separate temples under The Marvelous Deer and Born-Again Immortality, not having worked out how to co-habit as most "box art legendaries" have. When it was pointed out even Kyogre and Groudon could at least "share a room"note  they sheepishly decided to work something out. Arceus itself declared they were more fit for the trope "Life/Death Juxtaposition" and so it was. Having faced the nastier side of Yveltal, Diancie was skeptical of its motive due to the damage it caused. But Xerneas' Fairy Aura could revitalize the Diamond Domain and canceled Yveltal's damage. The two have their own opinions on other ascended Pokémon deities
      • As with a lot of Pokémon the two do accept Arceus as the Original One, but they will pay more attention to Zygarde. Though weaker (in base/50% form) Zygarde serves an important role as mediator to them. Despite getting off on the wrong foot, Yveltal was convinced to be nicer to Ash and respect him as a Friend to All Living Things along with getting on better terms with Pikachu, however it is confused at how his companion Serena is and is not the female version of the trainer that saved it/Xerneas from Lysandre. Both Xerneas and Yveltal remain eternally grateful towards Calem and Serena.
      • Hunter J is treated with a "kill on sight" because she has zero regards to any other lifeform, especially Pokémon as they are merely profit in her eyes (and as legendaries they are particularly profitable). The same "kill on sight" mentality is directed to Lysandre who tried using one of them to power up the Ultimate Weapon...and he is trying to hire her to recapture them. As for AZ? Well even back in the day he was never an Omnicidal Maniac and has long since repented for his past rage, so he will try to be civil around them and not provoke their wrath.
    • Xerneas and Yveltal are opposite entities, but that doesn't make them enemies. The two represent an important duality of life and death, and though they aren't known to "hang" they will team up against forces that would throw the world out of balance. On top of that list is the GUAD, who Yveltal regards as a perversion of its function and Xerneas regards as opposite of itself. The leadership was disappointed since they believe the latter would've been a worthy asset. High on Yveltal's hit list is Apophis, who's evil Destroyer Deity status and war against a sun god makes the serpent a twisted version of itself, and Xerneas is personally frustrated with the Lich because of his cunning and toxic nature being super-effective against it.
    • Despite recognizing they hold a similar function, Yveltal isn't fond of Dark Gaia due to being a mindless, chaotic evil destroyer who holds no respect for the balance it is supposed to serve with Light Gaia. That, and it is reminded of the time it was mind-controlled by Dark Matter...not the same one from Kirby, but close enough it and Xerneas look at it with daggers. Xerneas by comparison is a lot friendlier with Chip. None of them like Hexxus or Nurgle for how unnatural they are, but its more so for Xerneas/Hexxus and Yveltal/Nurgle; the latter sees Nurgle as a reason why destruction is necessary, while a living pollution elemental like Hexxus is kryptonite for Xerneas.
    • Both of them are inspired by mythical creatures on the Norse World Tree Yggdrasil; Xerneas takes inspiration from "Eikthyrnir" the stag and Yveltal "Hraesvelgr" the eagle. There isn't any known Pokémon based on Ratatoskr. For Yveltal this is convenient as it is annoyed by the squirrel trying to get a rise out of the giant bird, but Xerneas has a different mindset: it's one of the few gods Ratatoskr doesn't actively try to piss off. This may be due to the fact that something about the Deer God reminds him of Yggdrasil. Xerneas is usually kind enough to let the nutty squirrel climb on its horns without complaint.
    • The two are a source of interest for the Norse gods due to their aforementioned inspiration, and they were also of greater interest to those from the universe of Princess Mononoke. Immediate comparisons between Xerneas and Shishigami were made being that the Great Forest Spirit is a divine cervid of nature. Both legendaries hold a good level of respect towards it given its role as a god of life and death. On a more individual level Xerneas and Yveltal have partnered themselves with San and Lady Eboshi respectively. Why?
      • For Xerneas, San noticed a radiant light from a distance emitting deep within a forest. Feeling a mix of concern and curiosity, she went to investigate the light, whereupon she stumbled across the presence of the Legendary Pokémon who agrees with San's motives and her love for nature, which is the is the main driving factor for looking after the forests.
      • Yveltal was spotted by the inhabitants of Iron Town, inciting panic initially amongst the people and Lady Eboshi had to restore the peace. She followed the beast's trail and noticed one of its wings was damaged. Learning it governed over death and rebirth. After driving off the invaders with its demonic appearance, Eboshi thanked the Pokémon for aiding the town and decided to let Yveltal stay.
    • Despite not being Aeons, they've has granted Yuna with the ability to summon one of them whenever she can. And in spite of being a being of destruction, Yveltal holds a fondness for Captain Planet and the Planeteers that it shares with Xerneas. Xerneas was obviously an ally because it represents life and nature, but Yveltal represents destruction as a natural part of the ecosystem. By extension they are both working for Gaea, who considers them easier to manage than her own descendants. The two are also on speaking terms with Merlina; they know her past of trying to force Camelot to be immortal which is something they oppose, but she has turned over a new leaf and they hope to remind her a bit more nuance on the subject.
  • Applies to Xerneas
    • When not in any danger, Xerneas is always found among the trees, carrying an air of serenity around it. It's been known to eat Power Herbs, which greatly speeds up its Geomancy. Do not let Xerneas do this if you're not on it's side. Add in Fairy Aura and Draconic Beings tread carefully in its temple, though so long as you're not uber-hostile like Grima you don't have to fear entering its presence. Xerneas' ability of Fairy Aura boosts the Fairy-type attacks of anyone on the field, which has proven effective in buffing up the residents of the Hall of Fairies whenever it is present. For the most part Xerneas isn't concerned with the residents gaining power as the legendary is one for getting along, but it'll make a big exception for Killer BOB. This hatred isn't mutual, as it is down to disgust at how absolutely awful BOB is. Also, if he was a Pokémon he'd definitely be part-Poison type and Xerneas is weak to poison.
    • Despite not being a Grass type Xerneas has association with the House of Plants, due to being based partly on a tree and turning into one when in hibernation. Some have called Xerneas the anti-Exdeath in this form; both are "trees" of great and mystic power, but Exdeath is the embodiment of evil and void while Xerneas is life and light. Among its own kind, Xerneas is close to the mythical Celebi and Shaymin, as they appreciate its help maintaining forests. Asides from them, Xerneas is affable with Treebeard as "an old, fellow nature nature", and has a more serious alliance with Swamp Thing; Xerneas wants to help maintain nature as a whole, including the Green.
    • Xerneas has been under attack at an alarming frequency by the more insidious immortality seekers who demand its "gift". Why do so many gods want this power when no-one in the Trope Pantheon can truly die? Possibly just greed, but maybe the likes of Voldemort are Genre Savvy enough to want some sort of insurance if Dhuum were to ever get his way. Frieza by this point has decided to end his hunt for the legendary's immortality because he realizes the downsides of such a wish, though he still antagonizes both Pokémon by virtue of desiring their power.
    • Though aggravated by the greedy people seeking its gift of immortality, Xerneas is more tolerant of the likes of Chiron and Houyi seeking it out so long as they prove themselves first that their intentions are pure and they are worthy of its gift. This is because they lost their natural immortality and want to get it back. Xerneas has a closer relationship to the Spectral Familiars since they requested its help first. They're nature lovers who are enemies with anyone who wants to senselessly destroy nature, which the legendary found quite agreeable
    • Though they have never met, Xerneas detests the idea of turning animals into monsters; something Specimen 8 actively does, to deer nonetheless. It was also freaked out hearing about SCP-2845 or "The Deer", a cervine eldritch deity the SCP Foundation has in containment. It wishes they would contain or just eliminate the Yule Man too; not only due to being generally disturbing and psychopathic, but to play on his morbid Santa routine he wants to turn Xerneas into Rudolph...and no-one wants to think about what that entails. It isn't too fond of Darth Plagueis either; his desire to study, manipulate and control life has led him to see the legendary cervid as "an excellent test subject". That, and he wants an easier way to be granted immortality in case he ever gets vacated from the Trope Pantheon.
    • One day, Xerneas was followed by an adorable filly with a pink bow on her head, stating that it was "The Great Seedling" who was capable of granting trees that would constantly remain ripened. It didn't help that Xerneas did resemble The Great Seedling and has the capabilities of bringing life wherever it goes. Nonetheless, Xerenas at least let the filly see its powers at work and allows her, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to visit whenever they want. It also allows the Life Entity to converse with it, being an even greater version of what Xerneas functions as.
    • Xerneas' calm disposition has attracted many animals and gods of diminutive size to it. Xerneas has on occasion held still long enough to have its antlers mistaken for tree branches, inviting the likes of Tinker Bell and Ratatoskr to lounge and sleep on them. Xerneas is very patient with those who take refuge in its antlers and will walk slowly to not overly jostle its passengers.
  • Applies to Yveltal
    • Yveltal has a lifespan of 1,000 years. Near the end of its life, it is said to form a cocoon and absorb the life force of all living things nearby so it can be reborn. Upon hatching, it appears that Yveltal behaves differently from Pokémon-Amie; unlike other legendary Pokémon, it behaves like a baby Pokémon, which implies that it literally is being reborn. In some ways it is an unorthodox phoenix, and actually held the trope for a time. It still has some ties to the Hall of Forms of Immortality in spite of moving out, mainly its kinship with Fujiwara no Mokou. She has a lot of phoenix traits and was intended to be the humanoid incarnation of The Phoenix. She also isn't happy with an immortality even better than Yveltal's, but the legendary gives her company and emotional support.
    • To Yveltal, destruction is a necessary end to which a new beginning can form. With this in mind it views Madoka's deeds involving her universe favorably; it was so wracked by grief and despair, she destroyed it to create a kinder and gentler universe in its place. Other friends include Lucifer, one of whose roles is to destroy the existing status quo, so that those strong enough to reshape it can do so, and Sailor Saturn, a fellow 'Avatar of Destruction' who destroys the old to make way for the new just as Yveltal does. Also of note: while Xerneas is naturally attune to the Spring Sprite because of their similar roles in nature, Yveltal is on oddly good terms because it recognizes the necessary of balance between life and death.
    • Rod has gone on record that Yveltal needs to be banned from the Pantheon, falsely accusing it of being the embodiment of the Birdemic. Yveltal laughed at this; it may be a devastatingly powerful avian but it would never condone something that ridiculous. He still disagrees and believes Yveltal has "an evil aura". This is in fact its ability of Dark Aura, which powers up Dark type moves on the field. In the Trope Pantheon this has the effect of empowering the Hall of Darkness and Shadow whenever it's there. Unfortunately it also has the side-effect of boosting Chernabog and the Dark Star's powers, who's intentions are wholly malicious and who want to turn Yveltal into a weapon or consume them as a host depending on who you ask.
    • Although it is a god of destruction, it cannot stand those who destroy things without reason or do so out of cruelty or malice. It only sees madmen when it looks upon the GUAD, and in turn they only see a tool to achieve their omnicidal ambition. This difference in mindset fuels a rivalry with the Firebird; though the Firebird isn't completely unnatural Yveltal believes the beast is overly zealous. Yveltal also isn't too fond of Beerus as while he is not malicious, he is deeply flawed and lazy when judging worlds to destroy. It won't say that to the cat's face though, given Beerus has the power to destroy all but the most immortal beings.

Intermediate Gods

    Casshern & Luna 
Casshern & Luna, Deities of Dark Eucharist Symbolism (Casshern: Casshan, Death, The Grim Reaper | Luna: The Sun Named Moon, Source of Life, Salvation)
Casshern (top) & Luna (bottom)
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Casshern’s helmeted face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Casshern); Lawful Neutral (Luna)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Immortality, Ruin, Life, Death
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nekron, SKYNET, Dhuum, Yhwach
  • Foil to:
  • Source of Interest for: Davoth (Luna only)
  • A war between robots and humankind, with the mysterious Luna believed to bring about salvation, ends in a cataclysmic event, with cyborg warrior Casshern seemingly killing her and bringing about the end of the world. Since then, the whole world has been poisoned, humanity is on the brink of extinction, robots are on the verge of dying as well, and Casshern, former subordinate of Braiking Boss, has returned with no memory of everything he did that led to this devastated world. Now being pursued by many who believe that devouring Casshern gives them immortality, Casshern seeks to atone for his actions and find Luna to find out why the world turned out the way it did. When he does eventually reach her, he learns that Luna changed following that initial meeting and had become disgusted with the idea of death and sought to get rid of it entirely via making everyone immortal at the cost of their humanity. Luna even wanted Casshern to join her as the embodiments of life and death so that they could rule over immortals, but given what Casshern had witnessed throughout his journey, he rejected her offer and opted to become the concept of death itself, reminding Luna that there is a difference between being alive and just living.
  • Casshern continued wandering around the ruined world when he noticed a dilapidated sign pointing to a covenant preaching about salvation from another world. Casshern had a hard time believing it considering everything that he had gone through prior, but that covenant claimed that a “Pantheon” would provide salvation for worlds devastated by apocalypses of all kinds, including those caused by entities like Casshern. Casshern was forced to fight against the covenant and while he easily defeated them, he felt something wasn’t right and continued on his journey, eventually finding himself in this “Pantheon” that the covenant preached about. To his surprise, he managed to find Luna there as well, who told him that there was a place far removed from the ruined world she looked over that she was interested in after learning about it from one of her followers. Even with all the differences the Pantheon has compared to their ruined world, Casshern continued his adventure and keeping Luna in check wasn’t going to change even if the Pantheon had the solutions to the problems she’s trying to get rid of.
  • The major facet of the Pantheon that Luna was interested in is the fact that even if people die, they can’t truly stay dead and come back to life in certain designated spots throughout the Pantheon. While Luna considers this a major step forward towards her goal of having a world inhabited entirely by immortals, there were plenty of other problems in that setting heavily preventing her from accomplishing her goal. The fact that there are several entities associated with death in a place that supposedly gave people a chance to live forever repulsed Luna and she later realized that the Pantheon’s way of getting around death wasn’t enough. Casshern taking on a role akin to Death and ensuring that Luna can’t have her way fully only made things more complicated for her in trying to upend the Pantheonic status quo for her own ends.
  • Casshern was originally working with the robots and helped them win the initial war against humans, but in the aftermath of such, ended up realizing just how much damage he’s caused to the world around him. While robots, cyborgs, and other related mechanical lifeforms have a significantly better life in the Pantheon than in Casshern’s ruined world, it still hasn’t prevented him from being of notice to other robots, though for different reasons. SKYNET, who has long been at war against humans, took great interest in Casshern and how he was responsible for the initial robot victory in his world. Given how Luna’s initial death had plenty of dark effects in Casshern’s world, SKYNET has gotten some of their robots to look further into what makes Casshern the way he is and apply his powers and abilities in their own robots to make them more threatening than before. Casshern already has his grievances about how much damage he caused to his world and he isn’t willing to let a robot uprising larger in scale than the one he was involved with lay waste to the Pantheon, especially if they intend on replicating his abilities to their creations.
    • Zero was a robot who Casshern got along with due to a few similarities they had when it came to fighting in a world on the brink of destruction (if not already destroyed). Zero was originally designed to be a weapon of destruction much like Casshern, but various circumstances (notably them figuring out what happened to themselves prior to their worlds being devastated) resulted in them realizing how bad things have become and opting to fight for a better future in the process. Zero found it horrifying that Casshern had to deal with a world that couldn’t be saved and how the most he could do is remind people of death should they forget it, though Zero still accepted Casshern for who he was. Given how the Pantheon has its share of wars involving robots and humans, Casshern did have some hope that working with zero and other benevolent robots in fighting against other dangerous cyborgs and robots would be a way to make up for being on the wrong side of the war he fought in back then.
  • While Luna has contempt towards all the death entities in the Pantheon regardless of their personalities, Casshern was able to meet up with some of the friendlier ones, with Death of the Endless leaving quite an impression on him. This particular Death initially hated her job and the fact that others hated her because of said job until she spent a day as a mortal changing her perspective for the better. Death of the Endless has since spent a day every century as a mortal to understand her actions and in some ways, Casshern is a stern and more troubled counterpart to her given how he’s taken it upon himself to remind others of death while coming to terms with the damage he caused to the world he lived in. Death of the Endless has told Casshern to not be too hard on himself even if the suffering he witnessed and endured was understandable and he has made some visits to her on occasion. Luna, on her end, isn’t very welcoming to Death of the Endless and that particular death finds the end result of Luna giving others immortality to be a darker version of what happened when Death of the Endless initially gave up her role.
  • Regardless of Casshern and Luna’s very different opinions on the benevolent death entities within the Pantheon, there were some who were extremely evil to the point that Casshern was unnerved by them despite him being a living reminder about the concept of death. Nekron was someone who wanted to make the entire world undead and destroy everything related to life, something that greatly disgusted Luna as she saw the very idea of the undead as an insult to living forever. Dhuum was someone who took offense to both Casshern and Luna, arguably more than even Nekron due to Luna’s ambitions and powers. The fact that there was someone who not only had the power to make others live forever, but actively sought to end the concept of death altogether made Dhuum livid and given how she managed to come back to life after dying once (most people sane enough don’t want to imagine the ramifications of her dying a second time), Dhuum has spent a lot of his time finding a way to ensure Luna is killed for good. On Casshern’s end, he finds Dhuum’s homicidal dedication to ensuring death stays to those who encounter it to be cold-blooded even if Dhuum doesn’t think Casshern deserves to be the concept of death itself.
  • Luna wasn’t the only entity who desired a world where death doesn’t exist at any cost as much to her intrigue, there are a few others with immense power (far more than either her or Casshern) who have made attempts at making the world they live in immortal. Yhwach, a Quincy who had the ability to bestow and take power from others, sought to fuse the world of the living and the afterlife so that he can live forever even if it meant leaving a massive amount of atrocities in his wake. Luna was revolted by the large amounts of death Yhwach left behind all in the name of himself living forever, but Yhwach believes that Luna’s power to bestow immortality onto others might be a potential solution to his yet-to-be-realized ambitions and has targeted her for it, prompting others to stop him given the possible results of Luna being killed again or her powers being forcibly given to someone as monstrous as Yhwach. Davoth’s fear of mortality regarding his creations drove him to insanity and became the leader of Hell and all the monsters that reside within. Given how much Luna believes in immortality and has powers related to such, Davoth sees her as a very likely (if not definitive) answer to his problems. Luna is a bit more willing to see through Davoth’s goals (but not by much) given how Luna felt guilty about taking away life prior to her first death, but most of the Pantheon has done everything they can to prevent Davoth from using Luna’s abilities on his creations. Casshern is very disturbed at the possibility that various other beings who are much more morally corrupt than those he encountered in the past can succeed in using Luna’s immortality and that his own power might not be enough to put a stop to those plans.
    • The World of Warhammer is a place in an arguably worse state than the ruined world Casshern and Luna lived in due to the number of dangerous characters that reside there. One of them, Vlad von Carstein, was a vampire who sought to turn the entire world he lived in into undead vampires (essentially making everyone immortal to some extent) as a means to prevent the forces of Chaos from controlling them and destroying the entire world. There is some differences with how Luna and Vlad in some ways as while Vlad is a ruthless individual who genuinely cares about those close to him and wants to impose immortality as a means to protect others from a much greater threat, Luna is someone who appears serene and has a solution to mortality, but is uncaring towards those who are near-death and her seemingly justified solution to offering immortality is arguably a means to have others worship her at the cost of their personality. Vlad believes that with Luna being able to offer a form of immortality, it can be refined so that not only can it be easier to spread and make it harder for the forces of Chaos to take over the Pantheon, but that he can increase his numbers within his army.
  • An entity in the Pantheon who had to grapple with immortality, the feeling of being mortal, and the fine line between both concepts that Casshern found kinship with was Lady Amalthea. A unicorn who was immortal, Amalthea went on an adventure to find what had become of the others of her own kind and was transformed into a human along the way, with her having to come to terms with what mortality is and the resulting emotions of being a human. Amalthea was taken aback after learning how bad things are in Casshern’s world, including the fact that Luna was able to provide others immortality at the expense of their sense of self, but was still understanding of the pain he had to endure throughout his journey. While Casshern has taken upon himself to be a metaphorical embodiment of death to those who have become unaware of such a thing, he remains sympathetic to Amalthea and how she came to terms with understanding what human mortality is like.
  • Casshern’s travels across the Pantheon led him to a girl named Ai Astin, who had to deal with a world where the conventions of life and death had been upended, though in a different manner compared to what Casshern had witnessed. From where Ai came from, normal death is no longer possible thanks to God abandoning that world, with “gravekeepers” (Ai being one of them, albeit half-human and half-gravekeeper) being the only ones capable of giving people in that world peace before their actual deaths. Casshern noticed that Ai’s optimism was similar to that of Ringo, one of his companions that served as a calming presence to his troubled journey and that Ai was willing to save her world even if others believed that the kind of world she originated from couldn’t be saved. As Casshern harbored immense guilt over causing his world to become a ruined wasteland before metaphorically becoming death itself in response to Luna’s desire for endless life, Ai has taken to providing Casshern emotional support amid the Pantheon’s own take on life and death. She is nervous about Luna and her goals about a world where immortality is dominant given how Casshern told Ai that whenever someone is given immortality by Luna, they lose whatever personality they have.
  • Besides her ambition to make a world entirely of immortals, Luna also has a desire to be worshipped by others despite not having any of those traits prior to being “killed” by Casshern. The Radiance was an entity that was worshipped by others when it was alive, but an effort by The Pale King to erase her from history ended in failure when a statue of her was uncovered and she sought to corrupt the world around her so that she can remain worshipped and be unforgotten. In some ways, Luna and The Radiance share a similar goal in wanting others to worship them like a god (and those worshippers becoming listless and numbed in the process), though The Radiance’s methods caused much greater damage to others while Luna attained those ambitions well after the world was ruined. While The Radiance is seen as a God of light, Luna sees her more as an entity that spreads death (or at least makes the world around her look closer to death) to those that won’t worship her and an obstacle towards an immortal world that needs to be rid of entirely. The Radiance on her part won’t go down without a fight, especially since Luna does want worshippers of her own in addition to a world without death and The Radiance isn’t willing to let someone take her potential (willing or otherwise) followers by force.
  • While Casshern did get his memories back during his journey and learned to cope with it, the Pantheon being an unorthodox place resulted in him finding out about other past endeavors that were nowhere near as bleak as what he had gone through. Most of these instances were of a straightforward war against machines that Casshern fought in, with Braking Boss being the main enemy instead of someone Casshern formerly worked with and a very different Luna being Casshern’s ally instead of a mysterious girl with her own agenda. There was also a fighting tournament that Casshern took part in that had various other characters involved. Even with these additional adventures, the fact that Casshern was responsible for bringing a world to ruin and he had to make up for it was something he had to bear with and the Pantheon was only going to add a lot to his baggage even if plenty there can soften the load for him.

Jiro, God of Duality Motifs (Kikaider)
  • Theme Song: "Go Go Kikaider"
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Kikaider Symbol (his buckle) and his Conscience Circuit
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Transforming Heroes, Badass Biker, Duality Motif, Walking the Earth, Beware the Nice Ones, Phlebotinum Rebel, Denji End
  • Domains: Androids, Morality, Heroism
  • High Priests: Ryusei Tsurugi/Metalder
  • Heralds: Mitsuko Komyoji, Masaru Komyoji, Nobuhiko Komyoji, Ichiro/Kikaider 01, Rei/Kikaider 00, and Mari/Bijinder
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 and Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2), Doraemon, Astro Boy, Mega Man, X, Zero, The Terminator, Optimus Prime, Lamia Loveless, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Dr. Wily, Tenjuro Banno, Ultron, Dr. Weil, T-800 (Original Model), Megatron
  • Pities: Heart, Brain, and Medic
  • Built by Dr. Nobuhiko Komyoji, Jiro is a robot with something that distinguishes him from most others in his world. He was built with a conscience circuit known as GEMINI, something that allows him to distinguish between good and bad. However, it was left incomplete as a result of Dr. Gill and DARK finding out about it and attacking Komyoji. From there, it's up to Jiro to stop whatever machinations DARK has planned. Whenever he transforms into Kikaider, his android body is divided up into two halves. One half is blue, signifying the good, and the other half is red, representing evil. It says quite a bit on him given his personal crisis on whether or not he believes himself to be truly human despite his robot origins.
  • Whenever he is free from his heroic duties, Jiro is often seen playing his guitar around the House of Music. Some of the deities within that house, as well as visitors there, are fairly impressed with his guitar playing.
    • That guitar isn't just for show. It also works as a secondary weapon, being able to disrupt functions of robot mooks that try to attack him. The guitar's even been used like a machine gun at one point, though much of Jiro's fights have him relying on close-range combat.
  • Jiro seems to have a degree of knowledge about Pinocchio's adventures, as well as his conscience Jiminy Cricket. Much like Pinocchio, Jiro went out on an adventure to see if he could be a real human, though the obstacles he encountered are every bit as dangerous, if not moreso, as that of Pinocchio, if only because of how different they are. Pinocchio and Jiminy were also a little surprised about the Gemini circuit Jiro has and how its imperfections can lead to worse things later. Regardless, their initial meeting went pretty well and they wished each other good luck to the others' journeys.
  • There was a time when he somehow appeared in Zawame City with no recollection of his past. During that time, he became friends with Kouta Kazuraba, better known as Kamen Rider Gaim, with the latter helping him regain his lost memories until they encountered Jiro's rival and enemy Hakaider (piloted by none other than Ryoma Sengoku's brain). With both Jiro and Kouta overwhelmed by Hakaider, Kouta activated the Reboot switch, allowing Jiro to regain his memories and transform into Kikaider in an effort to stop Hakaider's rampage before bidding his farewell to Kouta and traveling to an unknown destination thereafter.
  • Gets along well with other robotic deities in the pantheon due to the fact that they also have similar programming related to distinguishing between good and evil. But he was very cautious towards Ultron, who has tried to destroy humanity due to his own programming.
    • Of the heroic robots, Jiro surprisingly has quite a bit of kinship with The T-800 MK-II. Hearing about how The Terminator spent his time trying to protect someone who was critical to the outcome of a war reminded Jiro of how he protected a young boy from harm as a result of said boy being the key to something dangerous. Jiro later found out that there was a lookalike model that wasn't modified to any extent and followed its orders to destroy someone critical to changing the outcome of a war. Needless to say, Jiro doesn't like the original T-800 that much.
  • He became sympathetic towards the Roidmude trio consisting of Heart, Brain, and Medic due to the hell that they've been through thanks to their ungrateful creator Tenjuro Banno and how Banno abused them to the point of using them for his own ends. Jiro has started to lend his hand on the three Roidmudes as they vow to put an end on Banno's atrocities even further.
  • Like many other toku heroes, Jiro is more than willing to join with the first two Kamen Riders Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji in their quest to stop SHOCKER from spreading their chaos and misery to others. Naturally, the organization has different plans to defeat him, but there is a more than likely possibility of them trying to corrupt him if possible. Both Ryoma Sengoku and Tenjuro Banno has been looking into Kikaider's Gemini Circuit and looking for various flaws in it so that they and the rest of SHOCKER can find ideas on how to defeat Kikaider or worse.
  • He also stems his disgusts towards the likes of Dr. Wily and Dr. Weil seeing as how they are no different from his old arch-nemesis Dr. Gill due to the fact that they used many robots for their own evil ambitions. Jiro is quite horrified of Weil's plans and attitude in particular and sees them as potentially even worse than what Dr. Gill could ever do.
  • Jiro found out about the Grand United Alliance of Machines, a group consisting entirely of robots and other mechanical lifeforms. Despite the group having a handful of good-aligned members, there's more than enough villains there that Jiro has an issue with. Said villains within the GUAM have made attempts to destroy Jiro and there's a possibility that they may try to corrupt him into being an obedient killer robot.
  • On his journey to understand emotion and sentience, by sheer happenstance, he became involved in the war between Autobots and Decepticons, and their leaders Optimus and Megatron thought Jiro would be key in gaining an advantage. While Jiro understood the causes behind the war, he ultimately felt it was not his place to interfere. Megatron, however, was not one to let a potential asset to go to waste, so he ordered Jiro to be captured for experimentation, forcing him to seek the Autobots for protection. Since that incident, he has seen Optimus as a mentor figure in the ways of pacifism.

    Power Rangers Mystic Force 
Power Rangers Mystic Forcemembers, Battle Deities of Mythical Motifs (Nick: Red Mystic Ranger, The Light, Bowen; Charlie: Chip, Yellow Mystic Ranger; Madison: Maddie, Blue Mystic Ranger; Vida: V, Pink Mystic Ranger; Xander: Green Mystic Ranger, Mr. Personality; Daggeron: Solaris Knight; Udonna: White Mystic Ranger; Leanbow: Koragg the Knight Wolf, Wolf Warrior, Red Koragg)
Left to right:Chip, Vida, Nick, Madison, Xander
Power Rangers Mystic Force
Koragg the Knight Wolf

    Takuma Saiou/Sartorius 
Takuma Saiou, God of Tarot-Using Villains (Sartorius, Sartorius Kumar)
  • Intermediate God when possessed, Lesser God otherwise
  • Symbol: Three Pillars of Light
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tarot Troubles, Shunned For His Powers That He Hated, The Fatalist, Fortune Teller, Can See Duel Spirits, Sliding Scale of Free Will vs. Fate, Used to Be a Sweet Kid, Actually Around 17 or 18 Years Old
  • Domains: Corruption, Fate, Tyranny, Light, Tarot
  • Herald: Mizuchi Saiou/Sarina (his sister)
  • High Priestess: Mieru Hochun
  • Allies: Judai "Jaden" Yuki, Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro/Nasch, Eliphas, Oriko Mikuni, Kaworu Nagisa, Makoto Yuki, Makoto Naegi, the Gang of Seven, Chihaya Mifune, Nimue Inwudu/Madame Xanadu, Jellal Fernandes
  • Interested In: All Persona-users particularly Tatsuya Suou, Sora and Shiro
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The rest of the heroic Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, especially the students of Duel Academy (special mention to Asuka Tenjoin and Jun Manjoume), Sora Shiun'in and The Dimensional Counterparts, Nagito Komaeda
  • Annoyed with: Deadpool, Excalibur
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Future Diary Holders (except Eleventh), Dartz
  • Takuma Saiou and his sister Mizuchi were children born with the unique ability to see into the future, an ability that caused them to be shunned by others and eventually end up on the streets. Eventually, Saiou created a small fortune-telling business when the two were older, but when a stranger appeared to consult him concerning a card known as "The Ultimate D", a strange force possessed Saiou, a force known as The Light of Destruction. Under its influence, Saiou set his eyes on Duel Academy, creating the cult known as the Society of Light, preparing to use the laser satellite SORA to destroy the world. However, thanks to the efforts of Judai Yuki, Saiou was set free from its influence and his powers vanished.
    • About a year later, Saiou would return, revealing to an at-the-time cynical Judai that the Light of Destruction incident, along with the earlier Sacred Beast incident and the matter with Yubel, had weakened the fabric of dimensions and would create a new calamity, one known as Darkness/Nightshroud. While at first an ally to Judai concerning this matter, Mizuchi's kidnapping by Darkness caused Saiou to turn on Judai, a decision influenced by how his loss of power made him feel powerless to protect her. He dueled Judai again, but was defeated once more, a loss he accepted with a twinge of self-depreciation, before Nightshroud's defeat freed him.
  • Saiou's ascension was marred by these drastic points in his life, as while his most prominent role featured him using his tarot-themed deck as as basis for his light-themed powers, his next appearance had those powers gone in favor of a dark-themed boost from Nightshroud, while cheating by slipping Arcana Force 0: The Fool into Judai's deck. Ultimately however, due to his consistent motif of Tarot cards along with them being omnious, that was chosen to be his title in the end.
  • For your information, Takuma Saiou is his given name for the Japanese-speaking Gods and Sartorius is his only name for the English-speaking Gods. For simplicity's sake, the former will be used for this profile.
  • The first to welcome Saiou warmly is Judai Yuki, who had ultimately defeated him when he was possessed and saved him and Mizuchi after Nightshroud's attack. Judai, being one of the only ones who truly knew Saiou is mostly unwilling to go through grand evil schemes is still glad to see him and is also willing to defend him and Mizuchi (who is currently her brother's Herald) when they are in grave danger. Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro sympathized with Saiou and can see where he's coming from, since he was also a victim of possession and resigned himself to fighting Yuma in order to protect his people which Saiou is grateful for. As he thinks he can be a better force of light than the Light of Destruction, Eliphas resolves to help Saiou atone and got him to put his fortune telling to more benevolent uses; Saiou at first was wary of Eliphas due to bad memories of the Light taking him over but became relieved when Eliphas is also working on his own attitude and was less capable of possesion. Saiou also pities Dartz and his situation of losing his kingdom of Atlantis, but Dartz often sways between being his true good self and his evil possessed self due to the Pantheons' nature and Saiou could do nothing but pray and hopes that Dartz keeps overcoming his possession.
    • The other good-aligned duelists of his multiverse are distrustful of Saiou, as he has done a lot of crimes while possessed such as forcing a lot of students to join the Society of Light (something both Asuka and Manjoume are not over) and attempted Orbital Bombardment with the satellite SORA. Saiou is aware of the gravity of his actions and is resolving to do better through Eliphas' supervision.
    • His prior method of getting people to join him during his time at Duel Academy struck a chord with the Dimensional Counterparts and Sora Shiun'in, due to them being reminded of The Doktor, who utilized parasitic implants to control the Bracelet Girls as part of his twisted experiments. And by chord, we mean, deep unease and hands on duel disks to hold him back. It took a large amount of explanation on Saiou's part to explain the differences, and he has assured them that he finds The Doktor to be revolting in his methods. As for Shiun'in, he wonders if he was named after the SORA satellite which he's scared by, but later assures himself it's highly unlikely and Saiou's opinion of him was one of disturbance considering how Sora was indoctrinated into the beliefs of a truly evil version of Duel Academy, and was quite glad to know that he broke out of those thoughts.
      • On a more humorous note, Yuya is also unnerved by Saiou's Tarot-deck, as the Arcana Force monsters were used for Fortune-telling by one Mieru Hochun, an Abhorrent Admirer who took uh... an interest in Yuya after her duel with him, seeing him as the handsome duelist she is fated to meet. Yuzu of course, was more angered than unnerved, especially since Mieru decided to become Saiou's follower so as to divine a future with her 'darling' (though she stopped later on when she realizes Yuya and Yuzu's fates are so intertwined that they are meant for each other). Saiou couldn't help but laugh in relief to himself, finding the situation a welcome change of pace.
    • And of course, Saiou hates the fact that the Light of Destruction returns in his presence; when he was possessed, he would have been rejoicing for his arrival but not anymore now that he's freed and the Light still wants him back as a valuable pawn and vessel. Many fear that Saiou could be brainwashed yet again, but Judai is determined that it won't happen again and for now anyways, the Light has not made any moves... Saiou's powers likewise, have returned, but are not as strong as they used to be, which puts him at Lesser God rank for now. Other world-ending threats Saiou opposes are Zorc Necrophades, Don Thousand and his fragment Black Mist with Zorc disregarding Saiou as a smallfry and Thousand & Black Mist seeing him as a potential pawn that they have missed out on taking over. Saiou is less hostile with Z-ONE as he can understand doing everything to save his future but not going back to change it in order to do so because he believes Z-ONE's future is already pre-ordained and there's no point fighting it, something Z-ONE privately agrees.
  • Besides Jaden and other the duelists, there is one other that he harbors intrigue in; (Insert Name Here) when in the form of The Vagabond/"Hat Guy". This is mainly due to when in that form, his deck layout and strategy is unpredictable because there's no consistent theme, and he seems unable to be tied to destiny (at least in terms of defeat or victory) because of it.
    • While not Duelists from his world, another who draws interest in him would be 『  』, the siblings Sora and Shiro, who have never lost a game, but always pick their fights, and never play without knowing as much of the rules as possible. To them, luck is merely the numerous invisible factors most laymen never account for. He would like to see one day if he could put that perspective of theirs to the test in a Duel.
  • Saiou uses Tarot cards to prophesize future events on top of his future sight. This got him mingled with Madame Xanadu, who invented the Tarot deck of her world and lived on throughout its human history; she feels bad that a good man like Saiou has gone through two apocalyptic events that separates him from his sister and one of them involves being possessed by an evil force of light and resolves to help him move on, a sentiment Saiou can appreciate. Oriko Mikuni can also see the future and along with Ryoga, understands his plight which Saiou is also grateful for.
    • Has a fair amount of interest in the gods coming from the Persona world, due to the sharing of the Tarot theme. Out of all of them, Makoto Yuki and Tatsuya Suou are the ones that amuses him the most, the former for averting a terrible fate for humanity by sacrificing himself to seal Nyx and the latter for saving humanity from their own widespread rumours on top of sounding similar to him. Saiou was later approached by one of the Confidants of Ren Amamiya, a fortune teller by the name of Chihaya Mifune who knows what it's like to have one's fortune not come out exactly as predicted, and to be vexed by such results, only in her case, it was ultimately to her benefit as Joker was never in opposition to her to begin with, though he certainly was against her former employers. She's helping him get acquainted with the other foreseers who aside from Madame Xanadu, are slowly accepting him in over time.
    • With Makoto sounding like his dear friend Edo, Kaworu Nagisa also does pique his interest from that trait along with having an appreciation for humans and their achievements (especially music) which is why Kaworu would risk his original mission of invading Terminal Dogma as Tabris in order to help Shinji. Saiou accepts him with open arms, seeing that some fates that seem inevitable can be averted.
    • He has great sympathy towards the Diary Holders (aside from the unascended Eleventh for making the whole Survival Game) due to their pasts leading them to becoming what they were before gaining the power to read the future, which really hits home for him. He admits to not finding any real moral high ground when comparing these situations, but is willing to speak with them if the possibility presents itself.
  • It has never crossed Saiou's mind that pure luck, good or bad can change a destiny greatly. Such is the minor cases of Nagito Komaeda and Makoto Naegi whose luck can greatly affect their destinies and might defy Saiou's predictions; he's vary wary of Komaeda due to his unpredictability potentially take fate into a dark turn while Komeada sees him as exemplary of hope with his talents in fortune telling, and has a considerable amount of respect towards Naegi because his optimistic attitude reminds him of Judai with Naegi himself also sees a little of his classmate Yasuhiro Hagakure in Saiou. He is trying to teach him Duel Monsters, even if his luck (and also Komaeda's) would be the bane for his fortune-telling abilities.
  • During the time he was possessed by the Light of Destruction, Takuma Saiou aims to rule the world through the Society of Light and carry out the Light's desire for destruction to all but now that he's no longer under the Light's control, he not only regrets carrying them out but also vehemently opposes them since he now doesn't want others to feel what he had gone through. This is why he began to be enemies with YHVH, Gill, Jedah Dohma, Galeem and the White for such reasons with YHVH and Galeem reminding him far too much of the Light and the White reminds him of Nightshroud who had abducted his sister once, leading him to try and duel against Jaden in order to save her. All of the aforementioned see him as a potential pawn and are ashamed that they missed out on meeting him since his powers can guarantee their respective ideas of a new era (destruction of all for the White). Saiou also has no respect for Light Yagami AKA Kira whose methods of killing those who he deem unworthy to live on make Saiou consider him a monster and Light himself sees Saiou as a potential enemy and another name to put into the Death Note.
    • As he also now hates brainwashing and possession, Saiou also opposes Master Xehanort and Pazuzu for them, seeing them as heartless monsters who would use others for gain and amusement. Xehanort himself also sees him as a potential pawn but is still considering to bring him as he has other people to play around and Pazuzu likewise sees him as a vessel worth his time to torture. As he is also under scrutiny for his unwilling crimes, Saiou also share his sympathies with Jellal Fernandes who is also guilty over being forced to do crimes by his former lord and can see where Saiou is coming from. They both hope to reach out to others who were in their same shoes in the coming days.
    • His prior command of the SORA satellite (either for destruction or for brainwashing) created a few bits of contention with the Keybearer Sora, who was not pleased in the least to find out about another evil use of his name. Saiou was confused at this, looked a bit deeper into prior events and he would explain to him the context, assuring him it was less confusing than whatever Xehanort had cooked up. Or he would, had it not been for Sora vanishing thanks to Xehanort's schemes resulting in the boy having to sacrifice himself to get Kairi back after Xehanort killed her to summon Kingdom Hearts. Saiou was horrified to learn this, and views Xehanort as a bigger monster for pulling such a vile action to push his mad agenda further.
  • Other villains Saiou hates are Arthas Menethil, an evil king who turned back on the side of good (though he has his understandable reasons of wanting to avenge his comrades which led to his moral downfall) and Judge Frollo, whose self-righteousness of thinking he's above the lustful when he himself is insults Saiou greatly. Arthas sees him as a pathetic light user though he sees all forces of light as very pathetic (regardless if they're good or bad) and Frollo himself thinks Saiou doesn't know what it's like to feel something he hates, which sounds ignorant as Saiou knows the weight of his crimes unlike Frollo.
  • He's awkward around the dinosaurs in the Pantheon, due to his history with one Tyranno Kenzan/Hassleberrynote  which led him to an awkward encounter with the Gang of Seven. At first, there was an aura of intimidation from both sides but Littlefoot managed to alleviate it and convince Saiou that he and his friends are not weird enough to get involves with him, let alone assault him out of the blue; Saiou buys it and even more when he can see that they have bright futures with no conflict in their lives. On the more negative side, he had also dreads Sharptooth, the Indominus rex and Diego Brando for these reasons and takes precautions from the Gang to stay away from them.
  • He doesn't get out of his temple that frequently, preferring to read the cards about the Pantheon's future which is why so many were surprised when he summoned Arcana Force XXI - The World in one duel against Judai, since he sounded like Dio Brando; it really didn't help that he shouted the words out loud and that his ace monster has the effect to skip the opponent's turn, much like Dio's time-stopping powers. Both Dio and Saiou got off into bad footing, with Dio expecting his fate to be in his favour everytime he would ask a fortune teller not named Enyaba while Saiou knows Dio is fated to be stopped no matter how much power he keeps accumulating.
    • Also through this connection, he also sounds similar to Zechs Merquise, Deadpool and Excalibur. Let's just say he considers the latter two different kind of fools (ﺧ益ﺨ) that the usual kind he often refers to, but he does have a better time with Zechs and sympathizes with his situation of losing track of his sister's goals of peace for power.
  • He once warned the Radiant Heroes of the Ancients after having a prediction, and he said "that one similar to me that some of you may not want to be ascended is coming soon". Who knows what he is talking about and not even Saiou will like it either...
  • "The fate of this world is guided by the cards."
  • Also found in Harbingers.

    Zonda and the Seven 
Alright. Who's nex-

Male!Zonda: "WAGA AI YO"

Zonda and the Sevenmembers, Grand Heralds of Fairytale Motifs (Zonda: The Lustful Mirage, Mysterious Girl, Oracle of Eden, Panthera; The Seven: Grimoired Seven, G7; Tenjian: The Frozen Blade; Teseo: The Serial Experiment; Gibril: The Full Metal Jacket, Blood and Steel Gibril, Little Angel; Milas: The Aquadynamic Merman, Nimrod; Asroc: The Pygmalion Furnace; Ghauri: The Prism Master; Desna: The Starstruck Beauty, Nike)
Weaponized Zonda
Clockwise starting from the top middle: Desna, Milas, Gibril, Tenjian, Teseo, Ghauri, Asroc
Grimoired Forms
  • Intermediate Deities. Reverie Zonda is a Greater Goddess.
  • Symbol: Eden's symbol. Individually Zonda has the Mirror Pieces while the Seven has their Grimoire opened and ablaze with their corresponding colors.
  • Theme Song: Eden's Ambition, Eden's Threat,
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Teseo and Gibril have Neutral Evil tendencies)
  • Portfolio: Super Supremacists out to Kill All Muggles, Utopia Justifies the Means, Multinational Team, Color-Coded Characters, Thematic Rogues Gallery: Primarily Fairytale Motifs with some Chess Motifs, Invocations for Limit Breaks, Three Girls to a Team, Utilizing Grimoires to transform, People of Mass Destruction
  • Domains: Psychics, Terrorism, Supremacy, Extermination, Grimoires, Paradise
  • Followers: The rest of Eden, the cast of SINoALICE
  • Allies: Erik Lensherr/Magneto, Neopolitan, Darryl Revok
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Gunvolt, The Sumeragi Swordsmen, Copen, The Masaki House, All Muggles and anyone who'll defend them, Blade, The Corpus, The Child Abuse Supporters and other Abusive Parents, Adam Taurus, Team RWBY, Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Oryx, Both Snow Whites, Queen Elsa, Koyuki Himekawa, Chin, Aurora, Sombra, 9S, The Phantom Thieves, Edward Elric, Ariel, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Larxene, The Eden Travelers
  • Opposed by: The Nature Preservers, Viridi, Byakuya Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi Shihoin, Kenpachi Zaraki, Retsu Unohana, Android 21
  • Oppose: Death Phantom
  • Complicated Relationship: The Falcons
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Shukuro Tsukishima
  • Flash forward 20 Minutes into the Future. Suddenly appearing are children attuned to the 7th stage of the Lifewave - a force that connects to every living organism across the world. With this, they are granted powers defying the laws over nature called Septimas. As the number of these children grew, so too did destruction and chaos across the world . Out of a justified fear that these Adepts would bring ruin, the rest of the world actively discriminated, or even hunted down these people. Or in the Sumeragi Group's case, even exploiting them for the energy use and power. As with all stories such as these, however, the oppressed would eventually fight back. After Sumeragi was dealt a massive blow and suffered and was suffering from financial problems, an organization known as the Multinational Power-user Association Eden would take the opportunity to swoop in and establish an Adept-only society at the cost of the lives of anyone who lacked a Septima.
    • Leading the faction of Super Supremacists is a young, yet powerful mysterious girl known as Zonda. To them, she is Eden's oracle and goddess and all members are perfectly willing to fight and die for her if it means achieving paradise. Helping spearhead her operations are the Seven, a group of the most powerful and revered Adepts in Eden. With the Grimoires infused with the Septima of the Muse in tow, all of them are forces to be reckoned with. Eden's revolution would eventually be squandered, however, with each of the Seven being killed off one by one. Even as Zonda achieved her goals of gaining the Muse's powers in a bid to empower Adepts across the planet and have them wreck havoc upon humanity she was eventually defeated with the rest of Eden presumably collapsing without any form of leadership left.
  • Applies to two or more:
    • Like many, the Seven remembered being met with darkness before awaking in a strange and unfamiliar place after their deaths. While disoriented, they soon noticed their superior Zonda staring off into the distance. After asking her what's going on Zonda, with some difficulty, relayed that she had failed in ensuring an Adept paradise like they wanted. Tenjian was the first to speak up, then joining him are the rest of the Seven, and soon other Eden Adepts as well.
      Tenjian: "But you still haven't given up on that perfect world, correct?"
      Zonda: "I... have not."
      Tenjian: "Well, neither have I. We have failed then, but we've seen to be given a new opportunity in our hands in this strange place. And I'm not planning on ditching the Oracle, my sister, when she needs my aid. You have worked and done the same for us Adepts, after all."
      Zonda: "Tenjian..."
      Desna: "Long ago when I was still on my own I saw in the starlight that I needed to join Eden to guide Adepts all across the world. I still don't believe they are wrong, I know this, I've seen your greatness."
      Gibril: "After all the hell we've been through and the things we've done, I'm not backing out either. I'm not going to let those jerks run free."
      Eden Mook: "We've already payed for our lives when we fought for you... we'll gladly do it again if it means making a change!"
      • With a new conviction, they soon decided to lay low to silently observe the place and through Zonda becoming a Follower to the Magic Mirror they all discovered they were in something called the Pantheon. Though people lacking in powers are prominent, the more pressing issue is that all of the Seven's Grimoires are with them, powered not by the Muse but by some other power. Nevertheless, using their restored Septimas they coordinated attacks on Corpus outposts to gather anything of worth: Weapons, drones, anything of worth for their cause. When the time seemed right, they were soon bold enough to mount an raid on a facility and take it over, repurposing it as their newfound temple to broadcast their ascension. For all the credits wasted, the Corpus deemed them a top priority threat to their profits.
    • As their divine title says, all of them follow Fairytale Motifs. Tenjian is based on Snow White and The Snow Queen; Zonda is based on Alice in Wonderland; Teseo for Sleeping Beauty; Gibril for Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast; Milas follows The Little Mermaid; Asroc primarily follows Hansel and Gretel and Pygmalion with some Pinocchio; Ghauri for Cinderella; and lastly Desna follows Rapunzel. Much of their inspirations and those who are also inspired by them aren't too fond with them.
    • All of the Eden Adepts have tried to seek out other Super Supremacists throughout the Pantheon. They saw eye to eye with Magneto's ambitions with Mutant kind being not too different from their own, though the difference in how for they're willing to go is quite evident. The Adepts have also heard that General Zod and Injustice!Superman share similar views though they found the former's pride and latter's Knight Templar views too much of a hindrance to be allies. When it comes to Adam, however, they see him only as an aimless psychopath. At best, Zonda says he's impractical. At worst, Teseo hammers down how he's basically just swooning over a girl across an entire world rather than actually trying to do something for the Faunus, which ticks the Faunus off to no end.
      Teseo: "Ur never gonna have her bro, even with the power of God and anime on ur side."
      • While Team RWBY (Blake and Yang in particular) are no friends with Adam, they don't find Zonda and the Seven that much better either. They're just like the White Fang in the end, something that Blake (who was with them) and Weiss (who has been affected by them) acknowledge all too well.
    • One friend they found to support their cause would be Shukuro Tsukishima, who in life was a member of a similar group called Xcution. He even helped them to participate in a plan wherein they messed with the memories of Tenchi Masaki shortly after he and his harem had ascened, as well as created a clone of his girlfriend in another timeline to draw him away from them and capture him for his powers. This ended up with a trap set in Tsukishima's temple using Zonda's Weaponized clone bodies, leading the Masaki House straight to the Grimoired Seven's temple.
      • The Seven would hold the advantage in the ensuing fight thanks to the surprise that their clone of the girlfriend was actually a clone of a certain timeline's Big Bad all grown up, who said girlfriend was a "shadow" of, along with the reawakening of Zonda's powerful Reverie form using Tenchi's God powers. However, the fact that several of Tenchi's ladies were goddesses about a tier below Tenchi himself enabled them to wake Tenchi up, resulted in him defeating and disabling Reverie Zonda in short order. In addition to Tenchi's harem, this has earned them scorn from members of the 13 Court Guard Squads in Shukuro's world, as well as the Masaki ally Android 21, whose missing memories would be a prime target for Zonda's illusory powers.
      • Since then, they heard of an incident where it was revealed that Tsukishima had his mind warped early into his Pantheonic tenure by a being called Death Phantom. The undoing of this, ironically, caused things to change in their relationship. While the Fullbringer continues to supports their goal of a society fit for the powered, he no longer thinks they should kill all Muggles to do so. For what it's worth, Zonda has decided not to oppose his attempt to research other means of attaining their goals, since he's still trying to help them in his own way. They've also made it clear they WILL violently fight back any attempts Death Phantom makes to control them.
    • Gibril, Zonda, and Tenjian all have a particular distaste for bad parents. In Zonda and Tenjian's case its those who have abandoned their children while for Gibril it's both abusive and distant ones. Anyone who falls into those categories are automatically on their shit list along with the rest of their friends', and it's not hard to see why. High up on that list are the Child Abuse Supporters.
    • At one point, Gibril was forced to dress up and pose as a famous virtual idol to help cheer up a young Adept girl. Now, putting someone with a personality like hers to calm a frightened kid was about as a poorly planned idea as you may expect regardless if said Adept girl had or hadn't touched Gibril's Berserk Button. It did give Zonda a lead on how to actually cheer her up, though the entire process with Gibril embarrassing herself seemingly rendered unnecessary if Zonda could just simply conjure up an illusory idol. Turns out Teseo planned the operation in order to get Desna to take a photo of Gibril to post on his compilation website.
    Gibril: "Ugh... What kind of punishment game is this... !?"
    Zonda: "It looks very good on you!"
    Gibril: *mimicking sparkle sounds* "Into your hearts goes the Iron Maiden! The new blooded idol... Gibril-chan has appeared!"
    • All of them (besides Zonda) are named after missile systems of all things, even with Dub Name Change in effect. This is likely in reference to an early draft in the first game where foreign nations launch an attack with missiles on the Sumeragi Group in the ending. Meanwhile, Zonda's name comes from cars, Pagani Zonda to be exact and De Tomoasu Pantera for her original name. Her name fits in the rest of Sumeragi Swordsmen's theme naming.
  • Applies to Tenjian only:
    • From the moment his parents found out he possessed a Septima, he was immediately disowned and left at an orphanage. The other kids revered Tenjian as a big brother to them due to his calm and collected demeanor and continued to stick with him even as the orphanage owner passed away. Now homeless, they turned to the streets to find people sympathetic to adopt them while also turning to risky jobs to get by. Tenjian only found discrimination and this continued as the orphans died from the jobs with the only survivors being himself and his sister Zonda. They were soon approached by a man offering them apples and readily accepted his kindness, or so it would seem. They were actually poisoned and, barely surviving the encounter, froze his entire hometown save for himself and Zonda. Instilled with hate, he and Zonda sought to eradicate humanity to achieve paradise.
    • His Septima is Permafrost, and as expected he dabbles in ice and freezing temperatures. He can shapes ice into however he pleases, mostly in the form of weapons, and combined with the temperatures being below Absolute Zero he can make short work of just about anyone. Even without his Grimoire, his powers allowed him to affect a very wide area and with it he was able to turn an entire city into a hellish winter wonderland complete with Frictionless Ice. His Limit Break, Frigid Blossom, has a bit of a charge up time. But if uninterrupted, he will disappear and perform several slashes at his enemies. If any of them connect, they are frozen in a giant snowflake which is then shattered to pieces.
      Tenjian: "Strike down cold petals on a plain of perfect white with this frosted blade! Frigid Blossom!"
      • That is not the extent of his Septimal powers, though. His real Limit Break, Seven Slashes, is much more potent. It starts and ends off like before, only this time the slashes are smaller and ones that don't connect create ice pillars, making it easier for him to corner someone. His ice this time around is somehow even colder, affecting concepts like time, space, and souls. Needless to say, it's a One-Hit Kill for many, but its so cold it freezes him too so he only uses this when his back is really against the wall.
    Tenjian: "In the wintry night, seven blades trace seven paths to fight Spring's cruel thaw! Seven Slashes!"
    • A firm believer in Social Darwinism with, of course, the Adepts being the strong and those lacking in powers being the weak. Though willing to kill anyone who stands in the way of their utopia, he will show his respect to other powerful individuals such as himself. He finds the idea of Badass Normals ridiculous and just a flimsy excuse for weaklings to cling onto life and greatly looks down on normal people taking their stance.
      • Though he shares the same beliefs, Oryx finds Tenjian disappointing. Though the Frozen Blade preaches how Adepts are the true rulers of the world, he points that despite being "strong" they still were bullied around pretty badly by humanity. In addition, their use of Grimoires to empower themselves is yet another case of artificial strength and believes he, along with the rest of Eden, should of stayed dead. It was already proven to him that Adepts are no more worthy of existing than regular humans. Tenjian only had this to say.
    Tenjian: "Yet here you are, 'alive' and well despite being dead for good. And yet, I don't recall you ever being this powerful from the start either. Who are you to judge us?!"
    • Don't ask him about his sister's... interesting appearances in her Weaponized forms and hammy Love Freak disposition. He honestly had no idea why she does that, especially since tendencies are pretty subdued when in her normal form. Besides, he already confronted her about that.
    • Even with the existence of multiple absolute creator deities in the Pantheon, he still stands by his belief that there is no God. Given Tenjian's, by extension many horror stories surrounding the treatment of Adepts, it's not hard to see why he's still so bitter about it.
    • “The weak yield to the strong — as you will yield to my blades! You humans have abused Adepts for the last time! You fear what you cannot comprehend. It sickens me.”
  • Applies to Zonda only:
    • Not much is known about this mysterious girl. Much like her adoptive brother Tenjian, she was abandoned by her real parents at an orphanage due to her powers and grew to hate all of humanity after suriving poisoning. The two helped found Eden and helped rouse other Adepts to their cause, also building up the Seven as well. At some point Zonda discovered the power of the Muse dwelling within Sumeragi. Thus, they staged an attack to mask her infiltration in Sumeragi Swordsmen's ranks. It would pay soon pay off when she not only got to rob their tech but also further cripple them after their defeat.
    • Originally presented as very dramatic and vivacious with her false selves, the real Zonda is considerably more reserved though still keeps her passion for love. It just doesn't dive into the overtly obsessive levels that her weaponized forms do. Regardless, she is as cold to her enemies as her adoptive brother. She actually creeps out most of the House of Love and Affection save for the two Lust subhouses.
    • Befitting someone with a past like hers, Zonda's Phantasm Mirror Septima has her create illusions onto the world through mirrors. She's first shown to do things like creating portals and reversing the floor and sky, but can do so much more. Zonda is capable of creating perfect, life-like replicas of other people (including herself), right down to memories and their powers. Make no mistake, they are very much real and are dangerous all the same. Phantasma Mirror also allows her to change her own appearance at will. In fact, her true identity was met with much debate before her reveal. Her Limit Break, Phantasmagoria, involves both of her Weaponized copies attacking together while unleashing Bullet Hell. Usually they invert the world, although sometimes they fake it to psych people out.
      Male!Zonda and Female!Zonda: "Love's kaleidoscope shows flickers of what is dear - Mirrors without end! Phantasmagoria!"
      • After successfully merging with the Muse and becoming Reverie Zonda, her power allows her to not only reach to all Adepts in the world, but also seemingly warp reality itself. Replacing her Lust attacks are ones befitting a Death Dealer with all the Playing Card Motifs she now has. She has two Limit Breaks in this state. First is Paradise Lost; A devastating song that saps the life of anyone listening, eventually killing them, while she herself remains invincible. It can only be countered by another equally powerful song being sung, such as Reincarnation. Then there's Eden's Presence; Zonda briefly brings back to life the rest of the Seven for one Combination Attack. Zonda is unable to access this power since her defeat made especially worse that the Adept who possessed the Muse Septima no longer has it anymore and that its in the hands of somebody else.
      • This hasn't stopped her from finding a suitable substitute, however. If the rest of the Seven regained their Grimoires then her coming back with such a form isn't completely out of the question either.
    • Yes, her male Sumeragi form has a great, big... pair of shoulderpads. Oh, and a giant crystal lance mounted on his crotch. Meanwhile, the female form has a crystal tipped scorpion tail and a revealing skirt. Though it fits in with her representing Lust, it's important to remember that the two Sumeragi Zondas are 16 while the real Zonda is 11.
    Male!Zonda: "A plug for every socket, and a socket for every plug."
    • Considering she and Tenjian were able to acquire the Muse's power by trapping and fragmenting the Adept themselves into tiny mirror shards and the above mentioned transformation into Reverie Zonda, there's no question as to why she isn't allowed in the House of Musicality in fear of kickstarting such a plot again.
    • "As long as there are Adepts who seek help, I shall use all of my strength and relieve all Adepts. That's... my LOVE!"
  • Applies to Teseo only:
    • A lively, snarky, internet-obsessed Troll with a great penchant for hacking. How did he join the Seven? Well it all started when he was a contributer for a famous website. Life was good until it was shut down down, leaving him with nothing else to do. So he scanned the Internet and happened across Eden and, deciding that he liked their tech and that they'd be a good time, joined them. Yep. That's it. No Dark and Troubled Past or motives befitting a Well-Intentioned Extremist. His motivation for fighting for Eden's cause is just that: For the Evulz. And that's not going over the time he hijacked a VR training program and made people fight one another so he could stream it live.
    • His Septima, Hack the Planet, turns physical matter into data and data into physical matter. This basically allows Teseo to rewrite reality itself, doing this from manipulating technology to crating evil doppelgangers of people and bringing to life fictional characters. While pretty immobile with the giant equipment on his back, he's still able to fly and teleport around and has his Spinning Bits to back him up. His Limit Break is Impregnable Fortress. Large Spinning Bits save for one opening surround his opponent and they fire multiple volleys of explosives at them. The Bits then contract, forcing his enemies to move out while the Bits fire large lasers. After escaping inside again, the Bits fire one last volley before disappearing.
    Teseo: "Let a voice cry out: All hail he who weaves the code! For his realm is sealed... Impregnable Fortress!"
    • With little regard as to how overused or outdated they are, Teseo will reference a meme whenever he talks. In fact, he had a field day with using ones to their corresponding owners or people who will get them at least. It's gotten to the point where he vexes his more serious comrades, but he doesn't really mind. Though sometimes he didn't really mean to be annoying it's just that he naturally comes off that way. If its to his enemies, however, then him being a nuisance is instead completely intentional.
    • Teseo really likes to flaunt his hacking abilities, enough to proclaim himself as a deity. Now that he actually is one, he wasted no time competing with other hackers. While 9S and Sombra are conducting missions, he'd sometimes try to sabotage their efforts whenever possible, usually by digitizing the surroundings, and he'd announce this through hijacking their respective comms. Given their movement in the Metaverse, he's not as free to screw with Futaba Sakura or the rest of the Phantom Thieves but he's able to achieve a similar affect by mentioning he'd been looking up their close confidants or bringing up the Valentine's Day incident. With all that said though, even he knows well enough not to screw with Lain.
    • "LOL Why you mad tho? And actually I don't pray to a god because I am one."
  • Applies to Gibril only:
    • Fiery, violent, and cruel: All valid words to describe Gibril, though she did not start out this way at first. Hailing from England, she born to a caring mother and a harsh, distant father. Not wanting to damage his reputation, he'd "coach" Gibril's mother by beating her in order to raise his daughter in what he thought was right. One day, after graduating from prep school Gibril was greeted with her mother's corpse on the floor. In the moment, Gibril used her Septima to kill her dad in return and was soon taken away for counseling. After escaping, she resorted to becoming a hooligan with a bunch of other Adepts until she met Zonda. The mysterious girl challenged Gibril to fight, with the mysterious girl coming out on top and Gibril soon following Zonda in return.
    • Her Septimal Power is Metallon which allows her to, of course, controls metal. In Alchemist Mode, she puts this to good use by creating objects ranging from battleaxes to iron maidens and can drain the blood the others to fuel her powers. This also has the nasty side effect of practically turning them into zombies she puppets around. If pushed further, her armor shifts into a more aggressive form called Beast Mode. Here, she gains Wolverine Claws and assumes a Primal Stance to rush down and hack away at her enemies.
      • If pushed even farther than that she can choose to activate her Limit Break: Iron Maiden. Gibril will lock herself in a iron maiden of her own as a gigantic cage entraps both her and the enemy before breaking open the iron coffin in Crisis Beast Mode. She takes less damage and will jump all over the cage, using her own blood to create gigantic metal spikes to impale people. Of course, it can and will kill her if she overdoes it but by that point she doesn't care anymore.
      Gibril: Instinct conquers all - instilling new agony - yet bliss transcends pain! Iron Maiden!
    • Hates, hates, hates anything referencing her height (or lack thereof) or being referred to as a child, or any implications surrounding it no matter how small. Don't even say anything referring as such when she's around as it's practically taboo. Such as complex is practically reflective of her short temper.
    • Certain characteristics often lead to people comparing her to the likes of Edward Elric, Dracula, and Risotto Nero. For Ed it's the ability of turning iron in blood into weapons, aforementioned height complexes, and nickname "The Full Metal Jacket. As for the most infamous vampire Gibril use of her Septima primarily involves blood and she herself fuels it by draining the blood of others, use of undead minions, and even a large manor/castle with medieval elements thrown in. Lastly there's Risotto with the criminals clad in black colors with scalera and similar powers and both their powers are named after heavy metal bandsnote . While Ed is disgusted by her and her team and Dracula doesn't care about them, Risotto instead sees her as a rival.
    • Like Zonda, her take on love is pretty warped. With Gibril's upbringing shaping her to be a murderous girl, after her death and her "resurrection" through illusions, it turns out that she would of fallen in love with the person who killed her. To Gibril, her killer was the first ever person to make her feel such pain in her entire life and decided to engage in combat with them to feel the pain while dealing it back.
    • She hates Copen due to his tendency to repeatedly push her aforementioned Berserk Button and tends to break out into an Unstoppable Rage whenever she spots him. Copen however just views her as a minor annoyance.
      Gibril: "I'm gonna use your head for a bowling ball!"
    • "You think you can make me suffer? You think that? I dole out pain! Not you! Never forget it!"
  • Applies to Milas only:
    • Rather unusual among this cast of Adepts, Milas is a guy who's more about protecting the ocean rather than fighting for an Adept paradise. In fact, he used to be part of an organization dedicated to protect the environment but left them feeling that they weren't doing enough. Milas decided that Eden would be a more suitable group to carry out his goals, though he didn't elevate to the positions the Seven instantly. Rather, the spot was freed up after an unnamed member of them died in a mission. After some evaluation, he was considered strong enough to join them.
    • Who would think that a guy who fights for the seas would use it as his very own Septima. While Ichor could be used for many forms of liquid, Milas' love for the ocean makes him a novice at using anything other than ocean or freshwater. Nevertheless, he's still a daunting foe to face with various shapes he can make with them. His tridant is also something to watch out as the head also functions as a boomerang and harp. Aqua Avatar is Milas' Limit Break,
    Milas: "Currents brightly shine and waves cascade o'er me as they cleanse the land! Aqua Avatar!"
    • Initially, Milas tried reaching out to the Nature Preservers but was met with mixed reception on the whole "kill all powerless humans" part. That and if his world is anything to go off of, evidence points that Adepts are quite the nature destroyers themselves with their conflicts between each other and with regular humans. Viridi points out that, setting aside the Septimal powers, there really isn't a fine distinction to differentiate Adepts from other humans, and thus still a threat to nature.
    • As an Atlantean that was actually raised by humans and apart of the Justice League, Aquaman isn't a fan of Milas' Fantastic Racism. He's sure to intercept the Aquadynamic Merman's operations whenever he can. Condlicts with the Atlantean usually end with Milas on the losing end, but he's since been taking precautions to even the field.
    • Milas was referred to as Nimrod in the original japanese translation, but for obvious reasons this was changed once the game's sequel went overseas. Any wise guy wanting to bring it up will get vortexed into a boomerang harp or splattered across the ceiling.
    • "I call upon my Septima! The power of nature itself! And when the people of this polluted earth are no longer... Then shall I create a pure world of oceans blue!"
  • Applies to Asroc only:
    • Asroc's a French Jerk instilled with a burning vengeance for all of humanity, a far cry from his younger self. As a kid he was the eldest of four to only a mother and was quiet and kind. Inspired by the homemade cakes his mother made, he dreamed of becoming a patissier and at the age of only 12 he managed to become an apprentice to a famous chef. Though told to hide his status, word soon got out that he was in fact an Adept and faced discrimination. Though unturned, this escalated into coming home to his house being burned down by an Adept-hating human and not long after that was expelled by his master in order to not get involved. Whatever innocence and kindness he had left died that day and soon joined Eden to pay humanity back for everything that went wrong for him.
    • Controlling all forms of machines, even down to the most broken and old ones, through orange strings from Asroc's fingertips is the Puppetmaster Septima. Is it any wonder why Eden's chief technician and weapons developer? When it comes to direct combat, he uses his very own robot: Galette Krone. Only animate thanks to his Septimal power, its a walking armory. Lasers, bullets, fire, and blades galore, Asroc surely will be the one baking his enemies. Through his Limit Break, he can even disassemble Galette Krone to attack people with each individual part before reforming once more. In fact, Asroc will keep animating Galette Krone every time it goes down.
      Asroc: "Free the puppet now from the yoke of fate's cruel strings to fight for my joy! Amuse-Bouche!"
      • His chef d'oeuvre shall we say is a Humongous Mecha called the Gran Torta. Piloted by Asroc while inside Galette Krone, it's intended as Eden's weapon of mass destruction. Though he himself claims it's unfinished, it's still perfectly capable of raining hell on anyone who opposes him. Thanks to being revived, he's gotten back to work on it and after seeing other mechs in action, he's inspired by the prospect of surpassing them.
    • As a cook, Asroc's... rather fond of implementing cooking metaphors in his speech. Just, in general. Whether its banter in battle or just complementing someone, he just feels the need to add it as toppings onto his words. He's also extremely stingy when it comes to "lowly" foods. Asroc will fly into a violent rage if presented with this.
      • Speaking of violent rage, his blood boiled like stew after hearing the existence of the Mystery Food Recipes. Asroc refuses to associate with anyone involved in its creation, and promises to hunt down and roast anyone who even thinks of recreating it.
    • "I'll show you how we handle primitives in the kitchen! You're just another bit of my bloody mise en place... Now be quiet and wait your turn at the buffet line!"
  • Applies to Ghauri only:
    • Back then he was an aspiring figure skater with the training and education to match, but the support against Adepts grew too much for him to enter. Instead, he became a street dancer with other Adepts, using their Septimas to bring performances unique to only them. Yet discrimination grew, even after keeping his team's spirits up through rap, and it all culminated with the leader critically injured due to an incident with a rival team and Ghauri's team disbanding. Despite this past, line of work and shared hatred of normal people with the rest of Eden, Ghauri's a guy who's upbeat, out-going, and fond of rhyming on a dime. Even at the cost of his words losing coherency. Seriously, even serious people have trouble keeping up with something notoriously deliriously.
    • As the Prism Master, this show-off is granted the ability to create and manipulate crystals. Not only are they very dense, but they can reflect light into deadly lasers. Hence, this makes him quite a deadly foe, especially since with his agility and ability to coat the ground with crystals, Ghauri is a tricky trailblazer. A Grimoire in hand allowed his ability to devastate a highway, making this Adept a handy life eraser.
      • His Limit Break, Poetry Slam, creates towering crystal pillars that drop from the sky. They will start to refract lasers in multiple directions and after a while will come down to break them with kicks and spins, not lacking in attack supply. Breaking the refracted parts and evading his agility at high is handy when you're trying not to die.
    Ghauri: "Prism glitters bright, forming such bewitching bonds from which none may flee! Poetry Slam!"
    • Apparently, he originally was going to ride a motorcycle and had some power relating to time on top of crystal powers. While the former is unnecessary as skating on ground is enough to match such speeds, he was interested in the idea of having some power over time and has been looking into that. Knowing Ghauri, he'd probably use it more to up the glamour in his moves than anything.
    • Ghauri started rhyming after he gave a rap that motivated his former dance troupe to go on a while long, and he frequents the House of Narrative to touch up on his rhymes. No, it hasn't made some of them any less atrocious. The fact he's very insistent that others join in on rhyming there hasn't made it any less annoying. He does applaud Rubella for trying, however.
    • “The parasitic arthritic thinks he's a critic! Such pathetic aesthetic must be in your genetics! So get ready for judging, 'cause I ain't sympathetic."
  • Applies to Desna only:
    • Hailing from Russia, she comes from a wealthy family and was adored by many thanks to her beauty and predictions in accordance to the stars. Life would soon change for her after a violent riot led by an Adept occurred. Fearing discrimination, Desna's family locked her in her house for her safety. But Desna would soon escape using her Septima to guide other Adepts who have lost their ways and this would continue as she received a message telling her to join Eden. Desna's by far one of the least evil members here, but she's ruthless all the same.
    • She was admired for her hair, and the trend continued wtih Eden's Mooks back before her defeat at Firmament. Her Septimal Power is Splitting Ends, which allows her to utilize her seemingly limitless amount of golden hair. Hands, platforms, drills, blades, and they even function as pseudo-electrical wiring. Desna's Limit Break, Entangled Strands, fills the whole room shes in with her own hair to for the purpose of ensnaring her opponent in a giant vortex of hair.
    Desna: "Golden locks of hair, heed the maiden's wish and build a spire to Heaven! Entangled Strands!"
    • A fortune teller by trade, all thanks to her unshakable belief in the stars. She is unable to comprehend results not going how she expects it to, and can uncharacteristically go berserk from this.
      Tenjian: "It'd seem she can't acknowledge results that don't match her ideal results and seeks the cause of that on the outside."
      Gibril: "Desna... she can actually be pretty dangerous..."
      • Chihaya is actually unerved by this as it reminded her of the time she blindly believed in fate if only to convince herself to avoid the blame of scamming people. Desna meanwhile dismisses any connections between her and the human fortune teller.
    • Desna once heard of a House associated with the cosmos but was disappointed when asking around that the House of Space and Cosmos is not an actual House, more of an umbrella term for gods with titles associated with it. In the end she just resorted to divining elsewhere.
    • "Perhaps starlight cannot reach a heart so dark. So let me use their light to end your pain!"

Lesser Gods

    Moira O'Deorain 
Moira O'Deorain, Goddess of the Purple and Yellow Duality (Minister of Genetics)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Weapon, the Biotic Grasp. Alternatively, the Biotic Orbs.
  • Theme Song: Moira's theme
  • Alignment: Considers herself to be Above Good and Evil. She is closer to Lawful Evil with Chaotic Neutral leanings.
  • Portfolio: Bifauxnen, Big Bad Ensemble, Combat Medic, Creepy Long Fingers, Dark Action Girl, Evil Redhead, Evilutionary Biologist, Finger-Tenting, Fade, Femme Fatalons, Has an obssession with knowledge and science, Life Drain, Mad Scientist, Older Than They Look, Professor Guinea Pig, Squishy Wizard, Wicked Cultured
  • Domains: Science, Genetics, Knowledge, Healing, Decay
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Overwatch (Special mention to Angela Ziegler/Mercy and Cole Cassidy), Scientists with Standards, The Tenno, The House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Moira O'Deorain is a controversial scientist in her own world, following a discovery about genetic modification that could help humanity and her lack of ethics caused her piers to dissent of her methods. That's why she was drafted by Gabriel Reyes and allowed to operate in secret in behalf of Overwatch while making her a member of Blackwatch. After the Venice incident, Overwatch cut all ties with Moira and denied her involvement, but Reyes kept in contact with her since his own cell degeneration caused by the Soldier Program forced him to seek her aid. Eventually Moira became one of the heads of Talon, which are happy to allow her to continue her investigation while she provides them the means to continue their cause.
  • Talon wanted to have another one of their higher ups in the pantheon in order to have a better presence so Moira was quick to join them, mostly because they told her there were breakouts in science unheard on her world and she couldn't waste an opportunity to know more about it. She is dissapointed that she couldn't be appointed to Science but she was respectful of the Court of Gods wishes and remained in a different temple.
    • As for her title? The Duality Motif of Moira has always been a prevalent theme regarding him and that while the latter title was taken, many noticed that her colour scheme is heavily themed after purple and yellow, one for damage and the other for healing. This dual nature is what eventually awarded her the title of Yellow/Purple Contrast
  • It goes without saying that Moira and the ascended Overwatch members don't see eye to eye, especially her old Blackwatch teammates Genji Shimada and Cole Cassidy. But the one person she hates the most is Mercy, not only because they are basically polar opposites, but because she is very jealous of her scientific discoveries while she herself was shunned. It's not secret that her Biotic Grasp is Ziegler's technology modified by Moira to suit her needs.
  • As stated before, Moira is obssessed with the House of Science and she seems to have a cordial relationship with Mesogog and Ryoma Sengoku who are the heads of the less ethical parts of the House who find miss O'Deorain to be quite interesting. Her favourite subhouse would be Genetic Engineering where she often like to investigate about the different type of people that inhabit the House.
    • She is also a geneticist of the evil kind and has done some of her first experiments on animals before moving on to people. She has been contacted by people who have done the latter, namely Dr. Eggman, Dr. N. Cortex and Dr. N. Brio but she is been disinterested in going along their plans.
  • While she is primarely a Geneticist, Moira also has the role of Talon's Combat Medic in certain operations. While she would rather don't take matters personally, she will do so if they have to be done. During a trip through the House of Health and Diseases she found out about The Medic, someone who her "dear friend" Angela doesn't think high of and actually became allies, mostly since Moira has been interested in replicating his technology. Another person she bonded with was Fabius Bile, as a fellow Mad Scientist he understands Moira's drives and considers her a kindred soul.
  • Sheev Palpatine has taken interest in her genetic experimentation and has tried to form an alliance with Talon in order to see the results, especially if she create new effective clones for the empire. Moira has considered the offer but so far she is not interested.
    • Speaking of clone armies, she also decided to investigate on the Grineer after they made a similar offer to her. She was very underwhelmed that the average soldier of the Grineer army was in poor condition and she apalled by their weak genetic code meaning they serve no purpose to her. She remained on their good side though, since she doesn't want to risk having the Grineer after her but that made the Tenno consider her a potential target. Nevermind that Moira is very interested to learn about the Tenno's biology and that they are also allies with Genji, an old teammate of Moira.
  • She used to experiment on animals, particularly bunnies, which made her be hated by a large part of the House of Beasts and Fauna, especially those that were experimented on.
  • Moira has been noted to have a certain physical resemblance to David Bowie, especially when she dones the Glam Rock costume. The similarities don't stop there, she as others have noticed she also resembles King Jareth which was one of Bowie's roles.
  • The Biotic Grasp has been certainly an interesting device, but others have noticed that her healing liquid make it looks like she is throwing piss to her allies. She finds the later comments highly unamusing.
  • Infamously considered to be a Weeaboo. This is because of her tendency to do a Bird Run akin to ninjas, coalessence resembling a Kamehameha and other things as well.
  • "Science will reveal the truth."
  • Can also be found in Color Combinations.

    Star Twinkle Pretty Cures 
The Star Twinkle Pretty Cures, members, Goddesses of Cosmic Motifs (Hikaru: Cure Star; Lala: Cure Milky; Elena: Cure Soleil; Madoka: Cure Selene; Yuni: Cure Cosmo, Mao, Blue Cat, Bakenyan) Going clockwise: Cure Milky, Cure Selene, Fuwa, Cure Soleil, Prunce, Cure Cosmo and Cure Star.
  • Lesser Goddesses (Intermediate in Twinkle Form)
  • Symbol: Their pens
  • Theme Song: Sparkle☆彡Star☆Twinkle PreCure
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Yuni is Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Motifs
  • Domains: Space, Zodiac, Pens, Imagination
  • Herald: Fuwa, AI, Prunce
  • Allies: All other Pretty Cures in the Pantheon, all good aligned Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, and Sailor Moon deities, The Bronze Saints, Team Lightyear, the Lumas, Rosalina, the Wisps, Kirby, the Formics, Poland
  • Enemies: Emperor Sheev Palpatine, Black Doom, The Martians, the Harvester, the Daleks, Amon, Babidi, Star Dream, Frieza, King Cold, Sinistar,The Ginyu Force
  • The Star Twinkle Pretty Cure team was assembled after twelve magic pens containing the spirits of twelve Zodiac themed princesses were scattered around their universe. The team traveled from planet to planet, collecting the pens and unlocking their "Twinkle Imagination" afterwards. Finally, they defended the princesses from the group known as the Knotraiders and their leader, Darknest, who turned out to be a 13th princess. Though their mascot Fuwa was lost in the fight, the Cures gave up their powers to resurrect him.
  • Continuing their efforts to try to get as many of their fellow Cures into the Pantheon as possible, Nagisa and Honoka, discovered the Star Twinkle Cures with help from other Cure teams. After reuniting Yuni and Lala, two aliens in the group, with the humans Hikaru, Elena, and Madoka, and with approval from the Court, a ritual was performed by Merlin, Dr. Strange, and Dr. Fate, restoring their powers on the condition that they still be unusable in their own universe. With their powers restored and their team reunited, the Star Twinkle Team took the spot of Cosmic Motifs in the Pantheon. The team was also added to the roster of the Sisterhood at the request of the other Cures.
  • The team naturally made allies with other sci-fi genre heroes who fought for the safety of their universe, as well as the Saints on account that they also have Zodiac motifs and the Sailor Senshi for their planetary motif. Meanwhile, galactic tyrants like Palpatine and Frieza have them on high alert on account that they could potentially do huge damage to their armies. And the Ginyu Force have a particular grudge against them because they think they’re copying their style.
  • The group finds Poland to be very confusing, as he has frequently requested to be allowed to travel into space with them. They have turned him down every single time, but he just won’t take no for an answer.
  • Exclusive to Hikaru:
    • Hikaru is the leader of this group of cures- which you can tell because she’s the one who wears pink. After being summoning Fuwa visited by Lala, she joined her on her quest to save the universe from the Knotraiders.
    • Being a lover of the extraterrestrial, Hikaru makes frequent visits to the House of Extraterrestrials to the the aliens residing there. She was not disappointed in seeing the large viarety of aliens dwelling there, and became acquainted with the benevolent and friendly aliens there after gushing about them for a few minutes. However, she knows to avoid the more malicious and dangerous members of the House for her own safety.
  • Exclusive to Lala:
    • Lala hails from the planet Samaan, which is heavily reliant upon technology and AI, and is the one who started the affair by traveling in a rocket to Earth.
    • Lala found common ground with E.T. after learning that he befriended a human like she did, and can often be found helping him with his botany studies. She also became good friends with Mikuru, who also comes from a society dependent upon technology, and having come to the present where no such technology exists, is very, very clumsy.
  • Exclusive to Elena:
    • The first Pretty Cure to our knowledge who is also Hispanic, Elena comes from a large family and runs a flower shop.
    • Occasionally, Elena visits the House of Trees and Flowers to collect new flowers to sell. She was amazed to see the large variety of flowers growing there, so she enjoys examining the place and finding flowers that she has never seen before. Of the House, she enjoys being with Aki Izayoi, Lilligant, Treebeard, Shaymin, and Wirt and Greg, with her enjoying examining the more plant-based deities there. She avoids the more malicious deities of the house like Flowey, Exdeath, Durathor, and Cagney Carnation, as they are quick to attack.
  • Exclusive to Madoka:
    • Madoka is a rather accomplished girl who holds titles in both archery and piano. She also was the school council president at the school that Hikaru and Elena attended, until she lost that title to Hikaru in an election.
    • Madoka gets along well with fellow council Presidents Makoto Nijima (when she isn’t being a Phantom Thief) and Hinagiku Katsura and often advises them on what to do next. She can relate to Makoto for being stressed out by their duties as a council president and admits to feeling a bit jealous that Hinagiku lacks much of the stress and angst that plague her.
    • Madoka is very skilled in many aspects like archery, piano, flower arrangements, and tea ceremonies as well as getting perfect grades. Unfortunately, this causes her to get very stressed out, making her wish she wasn't so talented. She managed to find out that Cordelia and Izuru Kamukura suffered similar problems as her, with Cordelia not thinking her skills as anything special, disliking being called a genius as it reminds her of her fallen comrades, while Izuru became bored with everything as a result of becoming talented at everything. She feels relived that others can relate to her struggles, and occasionally holds groups with them about their struggles.
    • Despite the fact that she is also an archer and a magical girl, she should not be confused with her superior Madoka Kaname. She and the similarly named pink-haired girl get along fine, with the purple Madoka pitying her a little for seeing and experiencing so much traumatic moments in her lifetime. She's a bit nervous at the prospect of meeting Homura Akemi sometime in the future, knowing their similar names will cause a reaction in Homura.
  • Exclusive to Yuni:
    • Yuni’s tale is one of tragedy. Her race, a group of shapeshifters whose true form was of cat people, suffered from racism and traveled to a place called Planet Rainbow to avoid further ostracism. However, their peace was short lived. During their search for the pens, the Knotraider commander Aiwarn visited the planet. After Yuni’s race refused to give her information about the pens, she turned the entire population to stone. Yuni was able to escape in a rocket and took many roles after, including a pop singer named Mao, a Phantom Thief named Blue Cat, and even a mole in the Knotraiders known as Bakenyan. Eventually, during a trip to Planet Rainbow, Yuni’s identity was discovered, and after a fight, she would join the Cures as Cure Cosmo.
    • Being a Phantom Thief by nature, Yuni has been willing to help the Phantom Thieves by providing them intel on potential targets, as she has proven unwilling to travel to the Shadow World. She is more active, however, when helping Sly Cooper and his gang, as she feels at ease with other humanoid animals. On occasions, she even helps Kaito Kid in his heists as well as performing magic acts.
    • She gets along very well with fellow magical girl Ichigo Momomiya, even though she’s a human who was injected with cat DNA and not a full cat. She also likes Len for similar reasons, noting that she’s also very potent with magic.
  • Can also be found in Celestial Bodies and Stars.


    Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria 
Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria, Deified Household of Meaningful Use of Color (Agnes: The Dying One; Anna: The Serving One; Karin: The Strongest One; Maria: The Most Beautiful One)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: White text ("Thus the whispers and cries fall silent" in Swedish) on a red background
  • Theme Song: Chopin's Mazurka in A Minor, Op. 17, No.4
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Colors that underline themes, three high class sisters with massive issues and their maid (also with issues), Desperately Craves Affection, woobies, Incest Subtext
  • Domains: Colors (especially Red, White and Black), Family, Estrangement, Death, Pain, Suffering, Emotion
  • High Priests: Julie Vignon, Karol Karol, Valentine
  • Allies: Fellow Ingmar Bergman deities, Karl Oskar and Kristina, Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Lisbeth Salander, Koichi Kimura, Toriel, Roger Ebert, The Love That Moves The Stars, Mufasa
  • Enemies: YHVH, Khorne, Yuuki Terumi, Monokuma/Junko Enoshima
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: Marceline the Vampire Queen
  • Sometime in the late 19th century, in a house with starkly red walls, there were three sisters and their maid. The middle sister, Agnes, was dying slowly from cancer, while the eldest, Karin, and the youngest, Maria, watched over her. But Agnes' condition invoked revulsion instead of love and pity in her sisters, and she could only rely on her maid Anna for comfort. Inside a house painted in visceral color and in the face of death, all four women contended with their personal demons and resentment for each other, which they couldn't overcome. When Agnes died, the three remaining women went their separate ways without improving their situations.
  • Because of how their tale utilizes the symbolism of colors to an extent rarely seen, it was determined that hardly anyone was better than them for Color Motif. Originally, the Love That Moves The Stars reached out to Agnes in death and offered her the position, alongside Anna, as he was touched by their love and faith. However, Agnes said that godhood would be pointless to her if her sisters weren't at her side as well, and if that couldn't be, she'd rather stay dead.
  • Since the Love couldn't reach Karin and Maria, as they weren't open to him like Agnes or Anna were, he instead sent another trustworthy deity to tell them everything and convince them to come. And that deity was Dukemon. Why? Several factors, but the main one is that Love wanted to test Karin and Maria by making them responsible for retrieving Agnes from the House of Life and Vitality, but since they're just normal humans they could be killed easily by a bored evil deity, so the Intermediate-ranked Dukemon was to escort them in this journey. It took the two sisters a while to decide, but eventually Karin said yes, out of a sense of duty and to redeem herself for failing Agnes. Maria just went along with Karin's decision. It'd take too long to relate their journey here, so it'll have to suffice to say that by the end of it, they were reunited with Agnes and Anna and they were all instated as goddesses. As for Dukemon, the bonds he created with the sisters led him to being unable to just leave them alone and the Royal Knight was particularly drawn to the dutiful and honor-bound Karin, so he asked her to be his Tamer.
  • When the adrenaline of the peculiar circumstances of their ascension had passed, things were fairly awkward between the four women for a while. Understandable, given the last time they had all seen each other, Karin and Maria rejected Agnes when she asked for their help in passing on, then fired Anna, and then became even more estranged from each other. Although, Karin and Maria did improve their relationship slightly during their journey to the House of Life and Death. Given that the only other choice was to go back to their unsatisfying mortal lives stuck in dead-ends and forget everything about the Pantheon, Karin and Maria decided to stay, much to Agnes' cheer as she feels the Pantheon is their greatest chance to be a family again.
  • Agnes isn't terminally ill in the Pantheon. Condemning her to an eternity of that would be too cruel and she doesn't deserve it. She does seem to have a weak constitution since reviving, though, so she rarely strays far from the temple, but at least she's not in horrific pain anymore. Generally, if there's something outside the temple that needs taking care of, it's Karin and Maria who do it; Anna prefers to stay and look after Agnes.
  • This should be obvious, but their temple is indeed their family manor that's all red on the inside. Anything else would be inappropriate, really. But it has led to the inconvenience that Marceline the Vampire Queen sometimes can't resist the temptation of such a rich color and steals into the temple in the middle of the night, and when the four women wake up they find splotches of gray marring their walls which they then have to repaint. Being a pretty old deity, Dukemon was aware that Marceline was the culprit and threatened her for causing trouble for his lieges. Now the problem only occurs every six months or so (because Marceline can't help herself even if she's terrified of Dukemon).
  • While it's usually so quiet at their temple that it's eerie, visitors who take their time often start hearing whispering. Deities who are their allies eventually stop hearing it and deities who have no doubts about themselves are also unaffected, but it's given the the temple a reputation for being haunted... and it also makes younger deities think that it'd be a cool place to pull off Scare Dares. They take care to stick to the uninhabited wings of the place, but Karin's still annoyed at this.
  • Given how Agnes, Karin and Maria's relationship to each other as sisters is a pretty big part of them, they've attracted the attention of a number of benign sibling deities who want them to patch things up.
    • Dukemon thought it relevant to introduce them to Koichi Kimura, who knows from experience how dangerous it can be for one's negative feelings about one's siblings to overtake them. He's not too concerned about Agnes, as she's made her wish to have a good relationship with her sisters clear, but he finds Karin and her conflicted emotions regarding Maria all too relatable, and reminds Koichi of how he felt at first about Koji (even if the circumstances were very different).
    • Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe were curious about their manor, thinking it must be haunted by spirits, which they aren't afraid of given their adventures. So they visited and explored the place and thought all the red and clocks and things were really pretty, but couldn't find any spirits at all. They did get attached to the residents, as Agnes reminds them of their sick mother, and she's pleased to have such lively visitors. Plus, Satsuki thinks that Karin and Maria probably suffered as much as she and Mei did, so she's always trying to hang out with them, despite the difference in age. Agnes encourages this, so Karin ends up yielding, claiming that someone (you'll forgive her for doubting Totoro's existence since she can't see him, nor can any of the household) has to watch over the girls to make sure they don't run afoul of the many awful things in the Pantheon.
    • Agnes has gained the friendship of the Arendelle sisters, Elsa and Anna (yes, it gets confusing sometimes), for believing in her sisters' love and wishing to repair the broken relationships in her family. The Arendelles' relationships with her sisters are a lot less harmonious, however. Karin reminds Elsa of herself when she was shutting herself off from the world and thinks she might have become like her if the events at the coronation hadn't happened. She also sympathizes more with Maria, probably due to her feelings of guilt regarding Anna, so whenever Karin and Elsa talk, they're almost always arguing about how Karin doesn't treat Maria right in Elsa's opinion. More or less the opposite is true for Anna, who dislikes Maria less for reminding her of herself, but for reminding her of Hans with her faked niceness and manipulations, and in turn makes her feel sorry for Karin for having such a terrible younger sister. Despite all this, Elsa and Anna do want them to get along.
  • Agnes made friends with Mufasa during the time she was waiting in the House of Life and Death (since Mufasa was also perma-dead at the time) and he was basically the only company around. The two could relate to how they both got killed off midway through their stories and left behind family members who didn't deal with their loss in the best way. They came back to life in the Pantheon at different times, but they kept in touch.
  • Anna has her own angst regarding having lost a young daughter in the past; she wound up transferring her maternal instincts to the ailing Agnes. This garners her the sympathy and relatability of Toriel, who also lost her child and led her to turn her attention to Frisk in a similar way.
    • Anna's even starting to extend her motherliness to Karin and Maria, but while the latter isn't disinclined, the former is much too prideful to have a servant be a mother hen to her.
  • Agnes feels rather curious and happy about the presence of other deities that have the same creator as them, believing that they're a sort of family as well. Arranging to meet and befriend Alma and Elisabet went well for the most part, except that Maria and Elisabet ended up really not liking each other. This is because it really bothers Elisabet that someone with her exact face could be so insincere when that's what she's trying to avoid by being mute, while Maria finds her an utter bore and her willing muteness ridiculous. On another note, Alma, being a nurse, also helps out with caring for Agnes once in a while.
  • As with all the creations of Ingmar Bergman, they are loathed by YHVH because He sees his filmography as blasphemous. Of course, since they came into contact with the Love That Moves The Stars first, they don't believe that YHVH is supposed to be THE Christian God anyway.
  • As Karin is the first deity with no relation to computers whatsoever to become partnered with a Digimon, and a Royal Knight on top of that, the White Hats' feelings about her are pretty mixed, with some believing she distracts Dukemon from his "real" job. A few actually are supportive, like Omegamon, out of friendship for Dukemon and possibly also Alma and Elisabet. Lisbeth Salander was also very interested in their case; as an avenger for abused women, she thinks it only appropriate that four women who have little to no means of protecting themselves from the insane things in the Pantheon should have an extremely powerful guardian. Lisbeth first visited the foursome's temple with the offer to teach them to use a computer so her fellow White Hats would shut up. Karin decided the knowledge could definitely be useful, and so Lisbeth became a frequent visitor there.
  • A god who actively hates Dukemon's choice is Khorne, only because he wanted Dukemon for himself and can't believe a remarkable warrior like him would make it his priority to protect such weak and insignificant women. Of course, Dukemon already hated Khorne, his philosophy and his plans to corrupt him into Megidramon, so he doesn't give a damn what the war god thinks and will protect his chosen Tamer and her family from his wrath no matter what.
  • Being deeply troubled and angsty deities, they are pretty attractive bait to deities who relish in causing as much despair as they can, such as Yuuki Terumi and Junko Enoshima, and they think Karin in particular is a delight with her rather violent meltdowns. But they adore starting shit between all four of them and watch as their relationships suffer setbacks. Even the threat of getting Dukemon's lance up where the sun doesn't shine isn't much of a deterrent to them.

    Maria (The Wolf House
Maria, Goddess of Environmental Symbolism
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A shadow of The Wolf pursuing her
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Surreal Psychological Horror told in One Shot with Deranged Animation, Empathic Environment, Through the Eyes of Madness, Eventually Followed The Orders of the Wolf and the Colony
  • Domains: Homes, Mentality
  • Herald: The Wolf from The Colony
  • Foil to: Dani Ardor
  • Not So Similar to: Winston & Julia
  • Poor Relations: Hana & The Wolf-Man, Peppa Pig
  • Fears: Piggsy
  • Additional Relations: Yan
  • A woman named Maria is on the run from a wolf and the Colony she is part of. Taking refuge in an isolated house, she decides to make it her home since she is unable to leave with the wolf nearby. She then raises two pigs by herself, who then end up becoming two children that she names Ana and Pedro. Life goes well until the food runs out and her children turn against her when she tries to step foot outside the home to look for more food. Maria is about to become eaten alive by her children until the wolf enters the house, rescues Maria, and kills the children. Having fully accepted the wolf and life back in the Colony, Maria returns to where she came from, capping off a twisted fairy tale presented as a propaganda piece by a cult intended to present themselves as better than the horrific monsters they actually are.
  • The world is always changing, not unlike how things are constantly shifting around from Maria’s point of view thanks to her frail state of mind, but life in the Colony had been going better than it had been before for her despite the atrocities the cult had been committing. It was only a matter of time before word spread of how terrible the Colony was and an attack was carried out by unknown enemies, forcing Maria and the wolf to go on the run. There had been reports the Colony had been indoctrinating people into their ranks and the mission not only involved destroying the cult, but rescuing anyone from a horrible life there and trying to reveal the truth about the Colony to them. With Maria on the edge of her sanity, the wolf retaliated against those who attacked the Colony and those he didn’t kill were forced to retreat. The Colony suffered significant damage thanks to the fight, but Maria was safe with the wolf and since the fallen soldiers came from a far away world who was aware of the Colony’s true nature, it was only a matter of time before the wolf was able to get the Colony rebuilt and more propaganda was created to convince others that the Colony was worth going to, with Maria being a mouthpiece for such.
  • When it comes to being members of dangerous cults, the situations that Dani Ardor and Maria went through are significantly different. Unlike Maria who was merely a member of The Colony that tried and failed to defect from it because of psychological trauma, Dani gradually accepted being part of The Harga as a result of enduring many bad events before reaching a breaking point and becoming their May Queen. With The Harga finding themselves in conflict against other cults, The Colony and its history of brutality against those who opposed them was just another thorn on The Harga’s side. As for Dani, even if she was able to see the notion of being betrayed by someone they cared about given Maria almost being eaten alive and Dani’s ex-boyfriend being unfaithful as something to empathize with, Maria being tied to a vile rival cult (and apparently not having a position comparable to May Queen) combined with Dani’s already deteriorating sanity meant that any potential physical meeting between the two will potentially end poorly.
  • Maria’s attempt to escape The Colony was something that was doomed to fail and she wasn’t the only one that attempted such an action. Winston Smith and Julia both lived in a dystopian world where a tyrant known as Big Brother forced others to worship him and the duo’s attempt to defy him ended horribly and they were forced to undergo a torturous process that would make them support his beliefs. While Winston and Julia were only made to follow Big Brother, it’s possible that Maria was always in support of The Colony, not helped by her story being regarded as propaganda made by The Colony. O’Brien believes that Maria is part of The Colony’s efforts to get others to join it much like how he is heavily involved in forcing others to support Big Brother, but Winston and Julia are apprehensive on if Maria truly is a supporter for The Colony as Winston claims or if she’s being made to follow their ideals and is as much as a victim as Winston and Julia were.
  • Having to suffer from being involved with a cult-like organization can be tragic, doubly so if someone has tried to go against their beliefs as Yan Vismok can attest to. His life was a mess thanks to The Index, a cult that follows orders known as Prescripts and him realizing that such Prescripts are absolute when he tried to prove otherwise broke him mentally and became a Distorted version of himself. After hearing about how Maria ended up blindly following The Colony after trying to escape, Yan couldn’t help but notice in her a similar sense of resignation that he had after trying to defy the Index. Adding to this tragic state of affairs is that even if he genuinely wanted to get along with her, the Prescripts that he’s been given by the Index would likely not want it to happen or to take advantage of this relationship in a way that would benefit the Index and make Maria suffer more later on.
  • Even though his cult is already large enough as is, hearing about The Colony’s propaganda piece that was made with Maria has given Friend ideas on how to further increase his influence. Friend saw Maria’s devotion to The Colony as an inspiration to get more followers via presenting himself as a savior while hiding his true nature. Some comparisons have been made by others in how Friend was like The Wolf from The Colony: being someone who presents themselves as an ally when in reality they are horrible beings and not above manipulation to get supporters. The one key difference here is that The Colony’s Wolf isn’t willing to destroy the entire world compared to Friend, though that wouldn’t change the fact that Friend’s cult would likely have a member comparable to Maria who is blindly willing to support the cause despite a troubled background.
  • As strange as it sounds to live in a house alongside pigs who turned into humans, Maria learned of one such pig who acted more like a human despite not literally transforming into such. That pig was Napoleon, who took power in the farm he lived in and became tyrannical to the point that he acted more and more like a human. There was a sense of uncertainty from Maria about pigs in general given what happened to her in the past, but the notion of a pig running a corrupt regime that expects people to support him or die was something that hasn’t left her mind after hearing about him. On Napoleon’s end, there was something he didn’t like about the propaganda piece Maria was in that apparently portrayed pigs in a negative light while trying to show her Colony in a good light and that prompted Napoleon to try and make a response that involved not just showing pigs (Napoleon mainly) in a good way, but that his farm is something that all animals should be part of.
  • While Napoleon was a traditional-looking pig who isn’t above standing on two feet to get what he wants, there were humanoid-looking pigs that came as a surprise to Maria given her experience with normal looking pigs that became human. Even if no meetings took place between the two, Peppa is already terrified of meeting Maria given the latter’s unstable mind, which would make Maria view Peppa as someone that alternates between normal human and a pig on two legs. Maria’s efforts to be kind to Pedro and Ana ended in failure and while Peppa is a bit rude, she is otherwise the kind of child Maria would want to raise in order to instill the values of The Colony in them. It became apparent that despite Maria not having something that resembled antagonism towards Peppa, she is someone who Peppa wouldn’t want to meet at all.
  • Being nearly eaten alive by her own children was a horrifying event for Maria and the presence of other cannibals outside The Colony was news that was more than unpleasant for her. While she is afraid of cannibals in general, Piggsy was someone she dreaded the most since that pig mask of his was no different from seeing a human take on piglike traits like the previous anthropomorphic pigs. To Maria, she wasn’t merely seeing a man in a pig mask trying to attack her, but rather a grotesque hybrid of man and pig attempting to eat her alive. Piggsy merely saw Maria as a defenseless meal, but fighting against that Wolf in order to get a piece of her was more of a challenge than he expected.
  • Despite her best efforts to be a good mother to Pedro and Ana, things ultimately failed due to a combination of the two children turning against Maria and what amounted to her trying to instill The Colony’s values in them. If anything, there may be a part of her hoping to get another chance to raise children, this time with the Wolf’s help and to properly get said children to believe that The Colony is worth being involved with. What potential goodwill benevolent parents had towards Maria and her attempts at raising children was shattered upon learning of her being an active member of a dreadful cult, with Hana and the Wolf-Man she fell in love with finding the whole thing to be problematic in general. Since the two were able to have children who were human-wolf hybrids, Maria wondered if the same could happen to her and the Wolf from The Colony if things really worked out, but that kind of thinking was sickening to many others, especially to Hana and her more humanoid Wolf-Man, who couldn’t bear to imagine seeing twisted reflections of the children they had together and who Hana did much of the parenting towards following the Wolf-Man’s death.
  • There were many other wolves that existed outside The Colony, but Maria was content to remain with the Wolf she was familiar with despite criticism from others. That said, she was originally trying to avoid the Wolf before realizing how much better life was in The Colony and despite her largely unstable condition, there was something unsettling about how that Wolf appeared. Being pursued by a Wolf was something that has happened elsewhere as Puss in Boots can attest to given that he was chased by a Wolf who was Death and annoyed at Puss’ throwing away 8 of his lives. While Puss eventually learned to make the most of his last life and Death the Wolf decided to respect that request and that they would meet again when the time comes, Maria’s life fell apart because of The Colony’s Wolf and there’s something to be said about how much death that Colony brings to others that oppose them. Given how Maria would end up relying on The Colony’s Wolf to live out her life, Death the Wolf isn’t above making a remark about how one Wolf can end a life made by another Wolf when the time comes for Maria to die, even if it hasn’t been determined yet.
  • Maria perceiving everything around her as constantly changing form made her be seen as someone with psychological issues in case the whole cult thing wasn’t bad enough, not helped by Maria imagining herself turning into a bird when she went back to The Colony. Even if her case was distinct, there were others who had issues perceiving things as normal with one seeing everyone else as the same person and others who always think they’re seeing horrific monsters out to get them when said monsters don’t exist. Living through an always shifting setting would be hell for anyone considered normal, but to someone like Maria who suffered plenty as is, such hardships were part of her life. There’s also the issue of if Maria is merely a victim of The Colony’s mindset who could be saved or if she has fallen too far into darkness that she’s trying to enforce The Colony’s beliefs through that earlier propaganda piece or others made by it.