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Everyone has a reason for going out somewhere, no matter how far their destination is. Whether it is to find someone, look for a new place to live, or just go out and see something new, there are different motivations for people to go places.

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Greater Gods

    Prethoryn Scourge 
Intercepted Transmission!
Prethoryn Scourge, Deified Swarm of Invading Refugees (The Prethoryn, the Scourge, the Survivors)
  • Greater Deities, collectively. Individually, members vary from Intermediate Gods to Quasideities.
  • Symbol: Their flag — a silhouette of a Prethoryn Broodling.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with Hungry tendencies
  • Portfolio: Invading Refugees, Organic Technology complete with Living Ships, Hive Mind, Horde of Alien Locusts, Threat from beyond the galaxy, Can infest worlds to their liking with their biomass, Last of Their Kind, "Prethoryn" means "Survivor" in their language, Overly Long Lifespans, Only want to save themselves from extinction, Heavily inspired by Tyranids, Hard-Coded Hostility, Some queens can be captured and tamed, putting them under captors' command
  • Domains: Aliens, Invasions, Organic Tech, Swarms, Survival
  • Allies: Nom Anor
  • Rivals: The Tyranids, Zerg Swarm
  • Enemies: The Unbidden, Imperium of Mankind, the Flood, Technocyte Infestation, the Alien Baltans, Ultras, Captain Planet, all of Nature Preservers, especially Mogo, the Vex, Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ur-Quan Kzer-Zanote 
  • Respects: The Tenno
  • Source of Interest to: The Grineer, Iroque
  • Long time ago, the Pantheon's tracking stations picked up some mysterious subspace echoes coming from intergalactic space. They were faint, but started growing stronger and stronger, worrying the many of the thought about the foreboding threat approaching. Months later, the signals approached the outer rim of the galaxy, with the smaller contacts detaching from the main body. They were monitored, and soon, the strong subspace signal enveloped the galaxy, its source being the aforementioned contacts, later revealed to be the vanguard of the mysterious invaders. Their "ships" were noted by the onlookers to be organic in nature, so many have assumed it was either the Tyranids breaking into the Pantheon or the Zerg Swarm reverting back to their evil ways, only to find out that neither party was responsible, as the invaders' Living Ships didn't match either of their designs. Their arrival also coincided with the message that was intercepted by the Pantheon's tracking stations, delivered to their own kin. A translation was provided by the fellow Hive Minds and psychic deities.
    • Once the vanguard had arrived, they immediately started attacking other civilizations and infesting various habitable worlds. The Pantheon's star fleets started repelling them and came close to defeating them, only for the main body to arrive, resulting in an invasion on a galactic scale. After many space battles, the threat was finally quarantined and confined to a single sector. Unfortunately, they are slowly rebuilding their lost numbers and are preparing themselves for another assault. Furthermore, several psychic communications were established, opening the doors for a two-way communication with the Prethoryn, as what they called themselves, and were able to find out that they didn't come here to stay; they were fleeing a bigger threat. Managing to stay in the Pantheon, ascended as the Deified Swarm of Invading Refugees, they intend to feast on the Pantheon and replenish their lost ranks and flee before something called "the Hunters" will get them.
    • The Prethoryn Scourge are the devouring alien swarm that travels from galaxy to galaxy in desperate need of sustenance. Their species used to thrive until the mysterious entities, known only as "the Hunters", drove them to near-extinction, leaving the Prethoryn as the only survivors. Their appearance foreshadowed by the subspace echoes, they invade galaxies to feed, mate, and rest, and then flee before the Hunters will catch up with them. They are extremely desperate, and the conquest is the only solution they know; as such, they refuse offers of peaceful coexistence and alliances. They speak in their own alien language, but psychics and fellow Hive Minds are capable of establishing a link with them, allowing a two-way communication, which, while useless when it comes to diplomacy, allows us to obtain the necessary insight on them.
  • As a Horde of Alien Locusts with Organic Technology, they have a lot in common with the Tyranids and the Zerg, especially with the former, as Tyranids are also implied to be fleeing from the greater threat. The Prethoryn see them both merely as competitors for food, and will not hesitate to attack or even feast on them as well. The Imperium of Mankind, having already dealt with one hive fleet of aliens with Organic Technology that wants to devour everything, got even more disgusted upon learning of the Prethoryn and will be glad to drive them to extinction.
    • The Flood and the Technocyte Infestation, two other organic menaces of the Pantheon, on the other hand, have proven themselves to be much more dangerous adversaries. When some Prethoryn ground forces have tried to consume them, it backfired, as the contact with them resulted in them infesting the Prethoryn armies, turning them into Parasite Zombies under both plagues' control. From that point on, the Prethoryn now tend not to consume them directly. Instead, they try to bombard them from afar with acid and spore missiles of their Living Ships to prevent the loss of their ranks.
  • Like said before, the Prethoryn are the Last of Their Kind due to being driven to near-extinction by the mysterious "Hunters". Nobody knows what these Hunters are, and some brought theories that the Hunters are actually the Unbidden. The Prethoryn have officially rejected this theory, claiming that these Energy Beings are nothing like the Hunters, both in terms of appearance and power level. However, the two "crisis factions" do tend to attack each other on sight, the Unbidden seeing the Prethoryn as food, and likewise, the Scourge sees them as a high-level threat, sensing some dangerous energy within them.
  • Despite the fact that they have no qualms about devouring the galaxy to prevent their own extinction, they hold a special contempt towards the Alien Baltans, other species of Invading Refugees, as they were personally responsible for the death of their own homeworld via nuclear weaponry testings. The Prethoryn's reasoning is that, unlike the Prethoryn who were hunted indiscriminately, the Alien Baltans brought the destruction of their own homeworld upon themselves due to their own recklessness.
  • The Prethoryn are known to infest habitable planets with their own biological matter to terraform them to their own liking. They are also known to conquer other space-faring civilizations' planets by sending their ground troops, and the moment the planet is considered conquered, they infest it as well. Infested planets are uninhabitable to all non-Prethoryn life and serve as a place where more Prethoryn breed and reproduce, growing more Star Broods. The only way to recover these worlds is a complete Orbital Bombardment that would reduce them to uninhabitable barren worlds that could later be terraformed back to life. This made the Prethoryn Scourge an enemy to all Nature Preservers, with Captain Planet personally declaring that he'll never allow the Earth and the Pantheon's worlds to meet their end at the hands of the Scourge. Mogo is particularly worried of what may happen if the Prethoryn infest him, as he may either die or even worse, become the part of the Scourge. He definitely doesn't want to learn what happens and will obliterate any Prethoryn on sight.
  • The fact that they are an all-organic race have intrigued Nom Anor, who also comes from the race that employs Organic Technology. Furthering the connection is that, much like the Prethoryn, Nom Anor also prioritizes his own survival at the expanse of others. Finding him to be a kindred spirit and believing that he alone is not really going to be a threat, they promised to spare him from their campaign of consuming the galaxy. Nom Anor immediately took the chance and the Scourge formed their first mutually beneficial alliance in the Pantheon, with Nom Anor providing them with necessary insight on their enemies and their weaknesses, and in return, the Prethoryn Scourge provides him with protection against other threats.
  • The Prethoryn Scourge are fiercely hostile to the Vex, who seek to terraform everything into machinery, which would prevent them from feasting on the perfectly healthy habitable planets, and possess the horrifying ability to warp the space-time itself. They see them as one of the few threats that reaches the Hunters in terms of power, and are determined to put an end to them as soon as possible. What they aren't aware of is an Awful Truth that the Vex have already dominated reality before the formation of the universe, and would've taken over again had Light and Darkness not declared war on each other, meaning that the Scourge's war on the Vex is a hopeless one on Prethoryn's side, as while Vex had consistently destroyed all other lifeforms and only recently ceased being the top lifeforms, the Prethoryn, while still a threat to the galaxy, are Endangered Species on their last legs.
  • Though they were able to capture and enslave a handful of Prethoryn Queens, the main consciousness of the Scourge remains a bit conflicted on the topic of Ur-Quan Kzer-Za. On the one hand, the Ur-Quan proposed an alliance against the Hunters, seeing them as a threat to their own prosperity and survival, and salvation under their Path of Now and Forever, which sounded like a very tempting offer on paper. But when the Prethoryn were considering to take the offer, doubts arose about the Ur-Quan being incapable of defeating the Hunters even at their strongest, and the fact that, as their Battle Thralls, they will be unable to leave the galaxy should the threat arrive and turn out to be stronger than they expected, which led to the Scourge declining their offer. That being said, their offer still had its effect: they now try to treat Ur-Quan as the lesser priority targets just in case the Prethoryn decides to change their mind. Their relationship with Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, however, is much more directly hostile, as Kohr-Ah would be glad to drive them to extinction, which the Prethoryn does not appreciate at all.
  • The Grineer are really interested in the idea of repurposing the injured Prethoryn Queens into their military, hoping to create a massive army of Prethoryn of their own. The Tenno were already on their case and went on to prevent them from capturing any injured Queen, also collaborating with the space-faring services such as USS Enterprise-A/B Senior Crew to ship off the wounded Queens to prevent them from falling into wrong hands. In facilities where the Queens are housed, they are nursed back to health as Tenno try to pacify the Prethoryn and hopefully redeem them by showing them empathy and kindness, much like how they managed to tame their own Warframes. So far they weren't really successful, but didn't completely fail either, as the Prethoryn remembered their kindness and avoided attacking Tenno ever since, giving them hope that one day, the Prethoryn may turn over the new leaf.
    • Speaking of redeeming the Prethoryn Scourge, Iroque had also expressed interest in trying to pacify them by exposing them to the Indigo Light, hoping to force them to feel compassion to those they attack, believing that they would cease their hostility and finally accept peace. Given that the Prethoryn do not appear to be lacking in empathy, she sees it as a Plan B in case they won't accept redemption on their own voalition. Until then, she's developing a way to expose the entire swarm to the Indigo Light, preparing to use it should the time arrive.

Intermediate Gods

AZ, The Wandering God (King of Kalos)

Lesser Gods

    Celica A. Mercury 
Celica A. Mercury, The Goddess with No Sense of Direction (ChronoPhantasma, Antenna Girl, Imouto/Little Sister, Sister Celica)
  • Lesser Goddess, Minerva is Intermediate level
  • Symbol: Celica's Emblem
  • Theme Song: Crystal Forest, Reincarnation (shares this theme with Kokonoe & Nine)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Healing Hands, White Mage, Cute Witch, All-Loving Heroine, No Sense of Direction, Nice Girl, Morality Pet, Gentle Girl to Ragna’s Brooding, Hope Bringer, Life Energy, Older Than They Look, Chrono Phantasma
  • Domains: Love, Family, Healing, Purity, Death, Time
  • High Priest: Ryoga Hibiki (former holder)
  • Herald: Ex Machina: Minerva (her Robot Buddy)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies (more like dislikes):
  • Opposed by: Nu-13
  • Special Connection with: The Life Entity
  • Celica A. Mercury, second daughter of Shuichiro Ayatsuki, and younger sister of Konoe A. Mercury aka The Great Mage Nine and also the adoptive mother of Ragna, Jin, Saya/Noel. A young mage with an unrivaled talent for Healing Magic, completely pure of heart, kind to everyone and has the absolute worst sense of direction that anyone could ever have (guesses to why she's here). Unknown to most, Celica was present in the events that nearly destroyed her home world, three times even.
    • First was during the Dark War, where she and Ragna would discover the origins of the Black Beast, help lead to the creation of Ars Magus and the Nox Nyctores, defeat the Black Beast. She would later open a church at the sight of the Black Beast's grave, and later adopt a young Ragna, Jin and Saya nearly a century later. She would later tragically die at the hands of Terumi, the night he burnt down the church.
    • Second was during the events of Chrono Phantasma, she herself being the titular Chrono Phantasma (Those Who Should Not Exist). There Kokonoe (her niece) created a sort of "Time Clone", to help activate Kushinada's Lynchpin. Things didn't go exactly as planed, but they still managed to get what they needed. She even became a major contribution to Ragna's growth, both in strength and as a person.
    • Her final involvement as well as her final moments in life would take place during Central Fiction. Where she would try to persuade her then mad older sister Nine, into not giving up hope, that Ragna will find a way to save everyone. Later she would give up her remaining life to help power Rachel to teleport everyone to Kokonoe.
  • If anyone wants to know what happened to Ryoga Hibiki, he got lost looking to fight Ranma and ended up leaving Pantheon. Now he acts as Celica's High Priest. This happened when Ryoga (who was still lost) found Celica lost in Pantheon. She informed him about what happened when he was gone, but offered him the chance to become her High Priest, that way he can continue to stay (lost) in Pantheon. Ryoga agreed and the two went out to see the Court of the Gods to make it official. They only got to it when both Ragna and Ranma dragged them there.
  • Celica's ascension was orchestrated by her older sister, Nine. Missing the rest of her family, and still believing her death to be unfair. Upon her ascension, nearly everyone from her home world came to celebrated. Nine, Kokonoe, Ragna, Noel and even Jin were completely overjoyed to see her again. Other friends like Rachel, Valkenhayn and even Hakumen were noticeably happy as well. After celebrating Ragna met with Celica alone, he wanted to tell her that he's happy to see her. That he'll protect her and won't let anything happen to her. Celica replied that she knows that she can count on Ragna to be by her side.
    • It didn't take long for others to hear about Celica's arrival, everyone present in the Cross Tag Battle immediately recognized her. During said event, she became great friends with Heart Aino. Although she has mention that she was jealous on how she managed to go on a date with Ragna, when she didn't yet. Heart immediately came to support the two together, and says that she'll do anything she can to support them. Celica was also happy to meet both Aigis and Labrys, the two Robot Girls who became friends with Minerva. In turn they too were happy to meet Minerva's master, who they've heard nothing but great things about.
    • While there were many who were happy to know of Celica's ascension, there were also a number of people who weren't namely Yuuki Terumi and Hazama. Terumi still hated her for her status as a Hope Bringer, as well as being one of the only people who could calm down Ragna, Kokonoe and Nine, robing him of their hate. Hazama hates her for being a Man of Kryptonite to his Azure Grimoire. Surprisingly enough Nu-13 was less antagonistic about her arrival. Presumably it may have something to do with being a clone of Saya, Celica's foster child.
  • Always by Celica's side, is a humanoid automaton by the name of Ex Machina: Minerva, Minerva for short. She was created by Kokonoe with the explicit purpose of protecting Celica from harm. She's considered to be one of Kokonoe's greatest creations, being every bit as powerful as a Nox Nyctores, possessing an "Idea Engine" just like Ragna, Lambda and Tager.
  • When asked what was the last thing she remembered, she replied that she remembers everything that happened in her both her first and "second" life. Meaning she's aware about absolutely everything. But with that, Kokonoe opt to run a number of checks and scans to ensure everything was alright. To her surprise, not only was Celica in just as good condition as before, but she was actually in better condition than she was in life. This surprised many, because when most of the cast knew where, her powers had drastically decreased that the her being a copy. They soon discover that her powers, both the Power of Order and her Healing Magic, have shifted and adapted into Pantheon. Somehow Celica is now connected to "The Life Entity", increasing her already powerful healing capabilities. She went form healing broken limbs, to saving those at deaths door. Seither is now no longer the only thing she nullifies, but nearly all forms of corruption.
    • It should come to no surprise that Necron was NOT happy to hear about this. Already hating the Life Entity and his White Lanterns. Now they essentially have a genuine healer among them. Hoping to eliminat her before she could become a problem, Necron sent a Cavalry Of Undead to eliminate her. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for the army, they all dropped dead right in front of her. Her increased powers allow her to Revive Kills Zombie, just by being near them. The entire ordeal not only lead to a partnership between Celica and Kyle Rayner, but also humiliated Necron for his failure.
  • Besides her increased power in healing, it was revealed that Celica still held her status as a Chrono Phantasma. This concerned a number of Gods in the House of Time And Space, as she's completely immune to both temporal and dimensional manipulations and cannot be "Observed". Even the ones belonging to Overdeities that can effect the Multiverse. Fortunately some have noticed that it's specifically Celica and the area around her that remains unaffected, so they literally just have to work around her. And other "Observer" like Gods can still see her (because their not that same), but just can't "see" what kind of future she can bring.
  • Celica's affiliation for Healing Magic has lead her to become friends with multiple Healers in Pantheon. Asia Argento and Florence Nightingale were one of the first she met. Both Asia and Celica became friends almost instantly, see many similarities with one another. Nightingale, while just as nice, was very concerned with Celica's lack of direction, but thankful for Minerva keeping watch of her. She also befriended two Hidden Leaf Medical Ninjas, Sakura and Tsunade. She admires the two for their strength, and was rather jealous of Tsunade's figure.
    • Celica also became friends with Estellise. Many believed that it was because both had a form of Anti-Magic power, seither for Celica and aer for Estellise. In truth it was because the two were fellow Nice Girls and White Mages that want to help everyone they can.
  • While as there are a number of benefits to Celica's Healing Powers, it's also attracted a number of unwanted attention. Namely for how a number of Immortality Seekers like Albert and Alex Wesker, Darth Plagueis, and Lord Voldemort. Ragna, Nine, Kokonoe, Minerva and even Hakumen went through great lengths to keep them at b
  • Many Gods are well aware of Celica's feelings towards Ragna (except for Ragna of course). Any many are very supportive of it and others are not. This is due to some of them discovering that Celica is Ragna's foster mother. Although this is nothing new in BlazBlue.
  • Like all other BlazBlue Gods, Celica has a close friendship with other Guilty Gear Gods. Namely Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, and Dizzy, she mentions how similar they feel when compared to Ragna, Jin and Noel.
  • While it may have been only a matter of time before she met the Sons of Sparda (because Ragna and siblings already did), the meeting between them resembled the time she stopped both Ragna and Jin from fighting. Namely the two brothers were fighting and Celica literally kicked them by the curb. She then proceeded two demand the two to stop fighting, all while lecturing the twins like a mother would to a misbehaving kind. Strangely/hilariously enough, they did exactly as she said and even acted like children who just got caught in trouble. Other Devil May Cry Gods where present at the scene, enjoying every moment of it. It took a while for her to realize that she got the wrong brothers, but regardless they left on good terms.
  • It unknown when exactly Celica and Irisviel met each other, but that they've been friends for a while now. It isn't hard to see why the two getting along so well. The two are both White Mages, act as the nice girls to their brooding boys, are Good Parents to their children, and were both Too Good for This Sinful Earth.
    • Celica's meeting with Kiritsugu wasn't as warm thought, at least initially. It wasn't that the two didn't like each other, far from it. It was just that Celica reminded Kiritsugu way too much of Shirley. When he heard her voice and saw the uncanny resemblance, he thought Shirley was somehow brought into Pantheon. It didn't help how similar their personalities were. When Celica realized how uncomfortable she made him, she offered to leave to make him feel better. Kiritsugu apologized and said that it wasn't necessary, he was simply caught off guard and didn't know how to react. The situation became much more friendly, Kiritsugu has even been seen to be smiling more lately.
  • As Celica values family above all else, she regularly (or at least tries to) visits the House of PantheonMagic to see her older sister Nine, as well as her niece Kokonoe. This made her become well acquainted with the House and it's members, she admits that she feels most comfortable there. Saying that it's like a more magically divers version of Ishana's Mage's Guild.
  • Despite how much of an absentee parent her father was, Celica still very much loved him. Going as far as to immediately travel to the then destroyed Japan, the moment she heard that there were some survivors. Keep in mind, she was half way across the world when she heard this. Unfortunately their reunion was not a happy one. Shuichiro Ayatsuki had been revealed to gone complexity mad, while he did create a weapon that could (temporarily) stop the Black Beast, Celica would be required to sacrifice her soul to activate it. Worse it didn't seem as though he created Kushinada's Lynchpin to fix his mistake in his involvement in (accidentally) summoning the Black Beast, but to prove his "superiority" over Relius Clover. Before he died he went up to Celica and begged her to give up her life, so that way he could prove himself to have been smarter than Relius. Naturally the experience caused Celica to oppose any mad and evil scientist. Like Relius Clover, Professor Hojo, Albert Wesker (again) and Shou Tucker.
    • Speaking of Shou Tucker, it wasn't long before she would become friends (or targets) of other Fullmetal Alchemist Gods. Celica met the Elric brothers and their father when they saved her from being kidnapped by Father's Homunculi children. The Homunculi family and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist) had heard of how she possessed both a special Body and Soul. Father wanted to take her soul and empower his own. Dante wanted to steal her body and obtain a new perfect body that's fresh, young, and could last for over a century and stay young.
  • Once she got so lost she ended up in Roronoa Zoro's temple. He tried to help her get back to her temple however Zoro's sense of direction is as bad as hers. This caused them to end up in the forbidden part of the treasury bypassing all the security. In the end Nine and Sanji had to be called in to take Celica and Zoro back to their temples.
"Right, I can do this! Shall we, Minerva?"

    Ling Yao 
Ling Yao, God of Illegals (12th Prince of Xing, Lin Yao, Young Master, Young Lord, Idiot Prince, Greedling)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate when bonded with Greed)
  • Symbol: The symbol of Xing
  • Theme Music: Xing Symphony ~Overture~, To Be King
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Illegal, King Incognito, All Xingese People Know Kung Fu, Friendship Through Conflict, Greed, Anti-Hero, Seeking a Source of Immortality, Allies With His Possessor, Eyes Always Shut, Obfuscating Stupidity, Badass Normal, Once Bonded With a Homunculus (Until Greed Sacrificed Himself), Benevolent Boss, A Father to His Men
  • Domains: Greed, Ambition, Leadership, Honor, Skill, Companionship, Royalty
  • Heralds: Lan Fan and Fu (his retainers)
  • Interested in: Xerneas
  • Allies: Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Greed (once hosted him), the rest of their friends, Zuko, Daenerys Targaryen, Scrooge McDuck, Ashi, Teddie, Edward Newgate, Jeanne d'Arc, Liu Bei, Marth, King Artoria Pendragon, Aang, Korra, Lin Beifong, Mako, generally those who are caring leaders or virtuous royals
  • Enemies: Führer King Bradley, Father, Dante, the other Homunculi of the Ouroboros, Darkseid, Frieza, Lord Voldemort, Zapp Brannigan, the Tyrannical Figures sub-house, Charles zi Britannia, Larfleeze, Azula, any leader who sees their men as disposable
  • Pities: Tommen Baratheon
  • Supported by: Sae Niijima
  • Ling Yao is one of the many children of the Xing Emperor, and part of the resulting deadly inter-house conflict over the succession of the throne, seeking to become the next emperor and help his clan. An illegal immigrant to Amestris, his attempt to find immortality led him to meet the Elric brothers, and become the host to the Homunculus Greed. While he acts goofy, he's far more cunning than he looks.
  • Though a good man at heart, Ling is greedy. He once embraced a trap Father had set to control him and allowed the then-absorbed Greed to be reborn in his body due to their shared avarice. It was meant to be a Grand Theft Me, but he managed to gain shared control of his body and it became a Symbiotic Possession, the two ending up as good friends. Upset at his death, the two were happy to see each other in the Pantheon.
  • On the other hand, there's King Bradley. Of all the Homunculi, Ling is most opposed to the Führer since their views on humanity and the responsibility and existence of true kings put them at odds from the moment they first met each other. Even when Ling became host to Greed, they weren't quite the same at all, since Ling willingly gave himself to Greed and accepted his possession, allowing himself to exist within it, while Bradley struggled with the souls of his Stone to the point he doesn't even know whether the one soul that survived his conversion is his original one or not.
  • Dante of the Deep Forest states that she recalled seeing someone who looked similar to Ling among the State Alchemists in the Ishval Civil War. This has him curious about one of his brothers having possibly taken the smuggling route across the desert into Amestris before him, at least in her timeline. Aside from that, they are not on good terms; he finds her sickening in her desire to wipe out countless lives just to extend her own, and hates that she considers her timeline's version of Bradley to be her masterpiece.
  • While he bonded with the living embodiment of greed, he has no respect for the keeper of the orange light of avarice, Larfleeze. The sole member of the Orange Lantern Corps, avarice has completely consumed Agent Orange into a Psychopathic Manchild easily distracted by want. Much like Greed, he believes that Ling Yao is a rival for the orange light and fights him over it. The Xingese prince thinks he's pathetic, though a bit pitiful since his power has practically enslaved him.
  • In the Pantheon, he's searching for a form of immortality that doesn't require sacrifice like the Philosopher's Stone. He is currently trying to convince Xerneas that he is worthy. Greed initially pointed out to him that in the Pantheon everyone is immortal, but Ling expressed that he wanted a tangible solution he could take back to Xing.
    • Voldemort takes umbrage with all of this due to feeling only he can have immortality and Ling is competition. The Xingese prince was horrified to learn about the horcruxes due to how they use murder, something nauseating and the mutilation of one's own soul to achieve immortality.
  • Ling Yao's philosophy when it comes to leadership is that one should be A Father to His Men. No-one should be treated as disposable, even if they treat themselves as such. As such, he has nothing but contempt towards the various tyrants in the Pantheon who do. Aside from Voldemort, those he holds particular hatred towards are Darkseid (who mixes this trope up with something worse and wants EVERYONE to suffer), Frieza (who casually offs his minions if they fail him, waits until they're all dead to fight and once killed them to show off his power), and Zapp Brannigan (who wipes out countless men in his thoughtless and idiotic military plans). He pities Azula for being both a victim and perpetrator of this crime, but he will go through her if he must to stop King Bradley or Frieza; actually, she's the one who hates him for being too much like her brother Zuko's soft side.
  • On the other side of the coin, those that truly care about their subordinates are people he respects. As such, he gets along with Edward Newgate, Jeanne d'Arc and Liu Bei. Likewise, they respect his consideration and compassion for his subordinates and are glad to see he became the next Xing Emperor after his father died.
  • Ling seems to respect Scrooge McDuck as they are both very greedy and have Anti-Hero traits, but they ultimately have a good heart, plus Scrooge made his riches legitimately. He seems to get along with Teddie as his desire to have friends reminds him fondly of Greed's true desire for friendship. Finding out the two of them are friends as well was icing on the cake.
  • Has issues with his father like Edward Elric. Unlike Elric, his father is not a good man like Hohenheim would turn out to be, seeking out immortality with no qualms about things like sacrificing people for a Philosopher's Stone. Ling Yao sees a lot of his father in another emperor in the Pantheon — Charles zi Britannia. They're both uncaring, have dozens of partners and children and have had conflict fester between their offspring. And he thinks Charles is even worse for apparently encouraging it, not to mention his ultimate plot bearing some similarity to that of the Homunculi.
  • Feels pretty bad for Tommen Baratheon, due to how he was raised making him a complete pawn in the game the nobility has played, one who was never able to become more than a Puppet King. He wants to give the kid advice on how to break out of it and do good for the realm. He also feels bad for Ashi due to how her evil father controlled her, and respects her for helping Samurai Jack get a hold of himself and generally being a good person.
  • Gets along with the aforementioned Zuko and Daenerys Targaryen. Both of them have pretty rotten royal fathers, a lot worse than his own in fact, both have dealt with the vicious game of royalty, yet both ended up stronger and ended up as good people. He gets along with Marth and Artoria as well, due to being kind-hearted royalty.
  • Should some villainous or corrupt attorney put him on trial regarding his status, Ling has a waiting arm of defense in former prosecutor Sae Niijima. Yes, he was illegally smuggled into Amestris, but rather than just seek his own selfish ends at the expense of others, he wound up helping a loyal group of friends save the world from a supernatural conspiracy, and as a young emperor he would enter negotiations to bolster proper travel and trade relations between Amestris and Xing, ultimately helping the country he snuck into, thus earning Sae's full approval.
  • Met with Aang, Korra, and Lin Beifong after hearing about them through Zuko and Greed. Gets along finely with both Avatars, who are much more easygoing than Edward but not as much as Alphonse, plus they seem to understand alkahestry and the Dragon's Pulse more easily than most due to their experiences. As for Chief Beifong, Ling finds Greed's connection with a lady that just about shares his given name to be hilarious, but ultimately respects Lin for her tenacity and fierce protectiveness towards her charges. She in turn sees him as a smarter, more responsible example for the Earth Kingdom's Prince Wu. Much of the same is true regarding Mako, one of the Chief's detectives.

    Madeline (Celeste
Madeline, Goddess of Mountain Climbing Journeys and the Air Dash (Celeste)
  • One can find a PICO-8 computer in her temple that has a freeware version of her game, which can be played here.
  • After seeing a recording of Madeline escaping the Mirror Temple in Celeste Mountain with a crystal-imprisoned Theo in tow, someone noticed strange sounds that were akin to speech recorded backwards. This is what they found after reversing recorded footage, and they discovered two things: 1) Madeline had been suffering from depression prior to her trip to the mountain, and 2) she really is older than she looks.
    • How old is she actually, despite looking like a kid? Enough to own and drive a car, have a job, and even drink.
  • Usually, her hair is red, but it turns blue after performing a single dash, after which she can't do so again until it turns red again once she makes contact with the ground (or a spring [even if it's on a wall], or some other non-wall surface) but it does flash white before that, and if she dashes at that moment, she gets a quick jump and her hair turns red again for another dash. After fusing with Badeline at Celeste Mountain, her hair turns pink, where she gets an extra air dash, after which her hair turns red until she lands again. She actually has a lot of advanced movement techniques that she can pull off, enabling her to overcome most any platforming obstacle, no matter how obscenely difficult they are (so long as they're not Unwinnable, of course).
  • Got along well with Spider-Man (a fellow wall-climber among other things) as well as Mario and Link (whose adventures involve climbing to high places, like mountains, castles or skyscrapers). As a result, though, she's also gotten into the bad side of Bowser and Ganondorf.
  • Heard that there was another Madeline and admires her pluckiness, as well as having been able to endure suffering appendicitis and having it treated.
  • Made friends with Scott Pilgrim where they shared their stories of having their own dark sides (Badeline and Nega-Scott respectively) that they needed to accept to become better people.
  • Badeline's nature has led people to compare her to Personas, and thus drew the attention of the Investigation Team. She became good friends with them after hearing that her acceptance of Badeline is just like how most of the Team got their Personas.
    • For the record, Badeline is not Madeline's Persona, and can come out whenever she wants to.
  • Was pleasantly surprised to hear of another redheaded Canadian woman who had mastered the Air Dash. Was even more surprised when she heard Meilin Lee managed the feat without even being from a game.
  • On occasion, while she's usually a redhead (or bluenette), Madeline sometimes sports pink hair, which then only turns to red once again after one air dash before ground contact or when Badeline's summoned to defend her, However, for reasons, she can't summon Badeline when her hair's blue from expending her air dashes (though she can summon while mid-air after one air dash, after which her hair then turns blue), and needs to land first.
  • Has an additional temple in the sub-house of Abilities.

Sicily, Goddess of Mailing Oneself (The Demon Angel)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: One of her tome weapons
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Brother Worship, Hair Antennae (like Laharl), Long Lost Sibling, Supreme Chef, Friendless Background, being a "Demon Angel"
  • Domains: Delivery, Mail, Angels, Siblings
  • Allies: Laharl, Etna, Flonne, Lamington, Big Boss, Fluttershy, Prinnies, Patricia Martin, Estelle, Colette Brunel
  • Opposed by: Any demon who dislikes Laharl
  • When she discovered that her brother Laharl and his friends were in the Pantheon, Sicily hopped into a box and had herself mailed to the Pantheon (so she wouldn't get lost). When Laharl found out, he remarked that it was still a stupid idea just like the other time she tried it. Regardless, he accepted her and saw to it that she had a position in the Pantheon.
  • Not only has she mailed herself, but Sicily has been known to throw opponents inside of a box, fly them to the tundra, and smash them with an ice hammer. With these repeated acts of mailing living individuals, Sicily was given dominion over this trope in the House of Travel.
  • Big Boss was impressed with Sicily's application of cardboard boxes when flying enemies away, citing it as a synthesis of hiding in a box and using the Fulton Recovery System. The two of them seem to be working on something that could be big in the world of cardboard boxes.
  • Some gods who are only vaguely familiar with Laharl are confused on how he could have an angel for a sister (a relationship which does not sit well with Ghirahim especially). Lamington had to step in and clear things up: Laharl's mom was pregnant when she sacrificed her life, and requested that Sicily become an angel in her stead. Most gods understood clear enough.
  • Is very fond of Rise Kujikawa, as she reminds Sicily of an idol she was a fan of back down in the Netherworld. She also looks up to Yu Narukami, though is fairly certain Laharl could still take him.
  • Her Evility and affinities combined are able to reduce fire, water, and wind damage dealt to her by 100% with other elements reduced by 75%. This apparently also includes "Almighty" damage''. The House of Nature and many in the House of Magic are making sure to avoid fighting her. She herself does not go out of her way to sow conflict, lest someone decide she's enough of a threat to break out either the exotic and far more dangerous Pierce skills, which can punch past her barriers, or worse, the Reaper, who carries a selection of spells designed specifically to break elemental defenses.
    • Rumors of the Sisterhood scouting her out as a candidate in the "Magus Killers" due to her being nearly impervious to most forms of direct damage magic have caused even more dread amongst the house of magic.
  • She regularly visits and takes care of Prinnies, whom she finds absolutely adorable. This is a sentiment that Fluttershy also shares and the two have become fast friends.
    • Valvatorez, however, tells the both of them not to spoil them as despite their cuddly appearance, they are still sinners and need to be properly disciplined so that their sins can be redeemed.

    USS Enterprise-A/B Senior Crew 
USS Enterprise -A/B Senior CrewMembers , Patron Saints of Intergalactic Treks (Kirk: Captain Kirk, Jim, Jimmy-boy, Ike Clanton, Baroner, Kirok, Emperor Tiberius, James R. Kirk, Jane Tiberia Kirk; Spock: Ambassador Spock, Spock Prime, The Great Spock, Frank McLowery, Pollux the Wizard; McCoy: Dr. McCoy, Bones, Plum, Tom McLowery, McLaury, Lea McCoy; Sulu: Walter, Itaka, Tiny, George, Hikari Sulu; Uhura: Samara, Penda, Queen Neve, Nnamdi Uhuro; Scott: Captain Scotty, Mt'gm'ry, Billy Clanton, Marjorie Scott; Chekov: William “Billy” Claiborne, Aleksei Mikhailovich Chekov, MisterCleanUp, Pavlovna Chekov)
Prime Timeline (top), Kelvin Timeline (bottom)
Older Prime Timeline 


Hazel, God of Searching for a New Home (Hazel-rah, Walnut)
His appearance in the 1978 film.
His appearance in the 1999-2001 TV series.
His appearance in the 2018 mini-series.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The silhouette of a rabbit against the full moon
  • Theme Song: "Bright Eyes" and "Climbing the Down"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Travelling to find a new home, species preyed on by everything, clever bunnies, protective of his baby brother Fiver, first leader of Watership Down, gets a permanent limp but remains leader, joining folk hero El-ahrairah's Owsla at death
  • Domains: Rabbits, Travel, Adventure, Heroism, Leadership, Xenofiction
  • Heralds: The other rabbits who made the journey note , Kehaar
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tiger, Littlefoot, the sub-House of Rabbits and Rodents in general, Fluttershy, SCP-524
  • Enemies: Woundwort, Killer Rabbit, Elmer Fudd
  • Fears: Everything
  • Respects: Firestar (mutual)
  • Here's a story about adorable bunnies. Or not. Acting on omens from his younger brother Fiver, Hazel gathered a few willing rabbits and together they left their birth warren of Sandleford to escape its impending destruction. Armed with Hazel's cool head and natural leadership, Fiver's future sight, Bigwig's strength, and Blackberry's genius, among others, the group of rabbits went on a journey fraught with peril to find a new home. Through a combination of smarts and luck, all of them managed to survive the journey and they found their new warren in the hill called Watership Down.
    • Granted, finding Watership Down wasn't the end of it. After realizing they were lacking does, the rabbits found an unusual warren called Efrafa, from which they thought they could ask for some does. Efrafa turned out to be a totalitarian state ruled with an iron paw by Woundwort, and no rabbits could leave there, not even our heroes. So instead, they convinced some of the rabbits to make an escape. This led to a war with Efrafa, which Watership Down won, and the latter convinced the former to change their rigid ways to ones more natural for rabbits.
    • At the end of his life, Hazel's accomplishments earned him a visit from El-ahrairah himself, asking if he would like to join his Owsla. Reckoning that his time was come, Hazel went with the legendary hero peacefully. El-ahrairah then told him he had a special duty in mind for him, which was for him to live in the Pantheon so rabbits like themselves would be represented. In honor of the dangerous journey Hazel and co. had to undertake, the Chief Rabbit was awarded with The Migration.
  • Hazel was allowed to bring with him the rabbits who followed him out of Sandleford (excluding Canon Foreigner Violet), and also the seagull Kehaar because everyone thinks he's hilarious, but no more than that. The Main House refuses to risk a repeat of the rabbits' creation myth on the Pantheon's premises.
  • Hazel and co. shock a lot of deities who expect them to be cute, fluffy bunnies that they can pet, when they're really wild, grim animals who'll fight with tooth and claw to defend themselves if they must. Hazel thinks human stereotypes of rabbits are positively ridiculous.
  • Their temple is a warren specially dug out for them and styled after their home. It's a sight one would expect in the House of Beast rather than in the House of Travel.
  • Hazel is considered to be an unusual choice for a leader, since among rabbits it's the strongest one who gets to lead, and Hazel is not a particularly talented fighter nor muscular enough. Bigwig would be a more orthodox choice for a leader, but he bows down to Hazel's charisma and ability to think outside the box, as a lot of the success in the rabbits' adventures can be credited to these qualities.
  • Because of the whole "all the world will be your enemy" thing, Hazel and his rabbits are pretty timid around the other deities, especially with a lot of them wielding phenomenal powers that are incomprehensible to the lapine thought process. Generally, when someone tries approaching them, well-meaning or not, they will scurry to hide.
    • They are more confident with deities their size or smaller than them. That's how they easily became friends with Fievel, who has had a similar experience journeying from his birth home to find a better living. Although the rabbits find Fievel's pelt (clothes) peculiar. They also don't mind herbivores, as they made friends with Littlefoot and his crew for much the same reason as Fievel. Fievel and Littlefoot have additionally taught Hazel and co. to trust their friends Tiger and Chomper despite being predators.
  • Although at first frightened of his strange human-like stance and sheer size, after hearing Bugs Bunny's tales, Hazel and co. think that the Rascally Rabbit god is very similar to their mythical hero El-ahrairah, especially with how he uses his cunning to humiliate those that would normally prey on a rabbit like him. They have actually speculated that Bugs, who has some strange powers, may very well be El-ahrairah. This theory is rather amusing to Bugs.
    • Elmer Fudd sometimes tries to hunt them, especially when he's feeling frustrated that he can't catch Bugs. On those occasions, Bugs intervenes with his usual antics to protect the warren. This assured the rabbits that Bugs is on their side despite his strange appearance for a rabbit, and they're grateful to him.
  • One time, Angel Bunny tried to join the warren. This was because of him being more bratty than usual to Fluttershy that week and her getting so mad that she said he'd never make it out there in the wild without her, so he set out to prove himself by joining the Watership Down rabbits. From the get-go, Bigwig was doubtful that a domesticated and spoiled rabbit like Angel could handle himself, but Hazel argued that Strawberry and the Hutch rabbits got on pretty well, so they could at least give him a chance. Between having nothing to eat but grass and getting worked to the bone by Bigwig, it's safe to say that Angel Bunny learned his lesson. So he went back to the domesticated life with Fluttershy and started respecting her more. For about two weeks before his personality relapsed. He has consistent respect for the rabbits for their tough lifestyle, though.
    • A good thing to come out of this is that Angel Bunny managed to convince the rabbits that Fluttershy was a friend to all animals and they had nothing to fear from her, so she's one of the few deities they allow to approach them without running away, especially since she brings them flayrah (food rabbits consider exceptional, like lettuce or carrots).
  • Hazel is greatly respected by most rabbits in the Pantheon, not only for his heroic deeds, but also because his tale might be considered the ultimate story about rabbits in their purest, most natural state. Mice also like him for protecting one of their number. Other relationships with assorted rabbits:
    • Hazel and co. find SCP-524 to be very peculiar with his extremely varied diet. Since Walter seems to do well with eating rocks and other things that aren't alive, and Fiver doesn't seem to sense evil in him, Hazel thinks he's harmless enough and allows him to be a regular visitor in his warren. How he'd react to his autocannibalism is still up in the air, as there's always enough stuff around the warren that Walter hasn't felt the need to do that.
    • While his bloodlust isn't as surprising to Hazel as it is to most other deities, since rabbits like Hazel are used to fighting bloody battles for territory, he cannot abide the Killer Rabbit's sheer carnage. Hazel considers him to be far worse than Woundwort.
  • Firestar respects them a lot on account of their similar lifestyles and how they went on journeys to find new homes, as well as the fact that Hazel is a great leader. Hazel returns the sentiment, but the fact that Firestar is a wild cat with a history of preying on rabbits (although they're far from being his primary prey, but Hazel had a pretty bad encounter with a cat once) stops their relationship from going any further. Although since Hazel and co. live in open spaces while Firestar prefers the forest, they do not normally cross paths anyway.
    • Bigwig cringed in sympathy when he learned Firestar had wires snagged around his neck twice and one of those took one of his lives; Bigwig almost died the same way once.

    Karl Oskar and Kristina 
Karl Oskar and Kristina Nilsson, Divine Couple of Immigrants (Karl Oskar: Charles O. Nelson)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The tree Karl Oskar used to claim their piece of land
  • Theme Song: (Kristina only) "Du måste finnas" (English version)
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: A saga of Swedish immigrants in America spanning many years and characters, loving couple despite barely knowing each other beforehand, lost two of their children, Determined Homesteader
  • Domains: Migration, Love, Poverty, Hardship, Determination, Diligence
  • Heralds: Robert, Arvid, Danjel, Inga Lena, Ulrika, Elin, Jonas Petter
  • High Priestess: Eilis Lacey
  • Allies: Fievel Mousekewitz, Marge Gunderson, Jill McBain, Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria, Tony and Maria, Roman Bellic
  • Enemies: Herbert Garrison
  • On good terms with: Hazel
  • In mid-19th century rural Sweden, Karl Oskar and Kristina lived in poverty, trying to make do with the farm Karl Oskar inherited from his father. Karl Oskar got the idea to move to the USA to look for a better living, but Kristina, not wanting to be away from her homeland and afraid for their children's safety, resisted. She changed her mind when their poor conditions led to the loss of their eldest daughter. So Karl Oskar, Kristina and their surviving children went, along with others such as Karl Oskar's intellectual brother Robert and his friend Arvid, Kristina's priest uncle Danjel and religious ex-prostitute Ulrika, among others, all trying to find a place in America they could live in that they couldn't find in Sweden. Even after reaching the promised land, the immigrants had to struggle for many years through wilderness, harsh weather and wars before finally making a good living. But results would show, even if they came at a high price.
  • Unfortunately Kristina was part of that high price as a miscarriage took her life before she could see the fruits of her and Karl Oskar's labor. Karl Oskar lived about thirty more years and never got over the loss of Kristina, but at least their descendants would have opportunities they wouldn't have in Sweden. With their tale being a very detailed account of what immigrants had to deal with, and pitying the spouses for their tragic separation, the Pantheon decided Karl Oskar and Kristina were just perfect for representing An Immigrant's Tale and had them ascended. Fortunately for them, unlike their journey to America, settling in the Pantheon didn't take any time at all.
  • Their title originally belonged to Fievel Mousekewitz, but the young Russian mouse didn't have a problem when asked to take on another one to allow the ascension of a nice couple of farmers with a similar history to him. Karl Oskar and Kristina, after getting over the strangeness that a mouse could talk and have feelings like them instead of just being vermin, are quite taken with Fievel and are protective of him after hearing how he was lost from his family when he first arrived to America, giving Karl Oskar and Kristina flashbacks of how they almost lost one of their children while traveling. Since Fievel sometimes misses his temple in the House of Travel, he may be found spending time in their farm.
  • Their temple is their farm as it was by the time Karl Oskar died. When Kristina died, they still lived in a fairly shabby cabin, so Kristina is proud that Karl Oskar's efforts resulted in a large and comfortable home and a farm that could easily sustain their large family. Kristina loves tending to their Astrachan apple tree since it reminds her of home, due to its seeds being a memento from Sweden (also, the last thing she tasted before she died was an Astrachan). When they sell their produce at the Pantheon's fairs, the heirloom apples are always a highlight.
  • Their temple happened to get placed right next to the rabbit warren led by Hazel, perhaps not coincidentally as the tropes they hold are closely related. At first it made both sets of deities uneasy, as Karl Oskar feared Hazel would eat the vegetables from the farm, while Hazel feared Karl Oskar and Kristina in general, since they're human. However, friendly deities explained to both rabbit and human couple about each other's stories, and were surprised that their journeys to find new homes in foreign lands were practically identical (not to mention the similarities between some of their Heralds, such as Karl Oskar's younger brother Robert to Fiver, the cantankerous Ulrika to Bigwig, or storytellers Jonas Petter and Dandelion), which made them sympathetic to each other. As a result, Hazel has promised not to steal anything from the Nilssons' farm, and Karl Oskar promised not to hunt Hazel or anyone else from his warren, and Kristina sets aside some lettuce leaves for the warren once a month.
  • Like so many immigrants that came from Scandinavia, it was in Minnesota that Karl Oskar and Kristina settled. This put them on good terms with Marge Gunderson, a Minnesotan policewoman who embodies everything nice about the local people. Some deities have come up with the theory that Marge is descended from the Nilssons. Whatever the case may be, Marge likes to visit them sometimes to get better acquainted with her roots, and as a policewoman she'll protect them from evildoers. Karl Oskar and Kristina, for their part, are proud that Marge is an upstanding citizen and competent law enforcer, though Kristina had to chide Marge when she heard about how she faced two violent criminals while being heavily pregnant.
  • While Karl Oskar was perfectly content to leave Sweden behind and never regretted immigrating, Kristina was always plagued by homesickness and never managed to adapt to the USA. It was a source of comfort to Kristina (and also Karl Oskar, to an extent) to learn that there were several born-and-bred Swedish people living in the Pantheon. The first ones they met were Karin and Maria, at a fair, due to Dukemon becoming fascinated with the couple's home-made bread. Karl Oskar isn't that enthused about them since they are "ladies of consequence", but Kristina is glad they're around as they remind her of home. Karin has her own fascination with Kristina since she looks like Maria, but is a much better person; as a result, Karin is protective of her, but doesn't show it much for fear of seeming condescending.
  • They obviously get along pretty well with other immigrants and settlers who lived in the times of the wild west. For an example of the former there's Maria, a Puerto Rican who comes from the West End of New York, and her boyfriend Tony by association. Unlike Maria, Karl Oskar and Kristina didn't deal with much, if any, discrimination in their time, due to the sparse population, but they sympathize with the plights of those who came later. They're also friends with Jill McBain, who had a hand in settling the west by helping to build a train station in an out of the way town. In a past time, Karl Oskar and Kristina might've minded she was a prostitute, but their experiences with Ulrika have taught them to see past that.
    • Although Karl Oskar disapproves of his gambling addiction, he identifies with how Roman Bellic far prefers his new home to the one he was born in. The two mutually respect each other for working at an honest trade despite starting from nothing, though Karl Oskar takes Roman's history of debt and involvement with the mafia as a cautionary tale and hopes he has learned from it.
    • Unfortunately, the fact that they were not born in America and instead moved there puts them in President Garrison list of people who need to be "fucked to death", a declaration that is really quite appaling to Karl Oskar and Kristina. Entreatments to Garrison that if it wasn't for immigrants like them, the USA probably wouldn't exist like it is today, haven't really had any effect.

Odysseus, God of Quests To Return Home (Ulysses, Odysseus the Cunning, City-Destroyer, "Nobody", Rider, Stereó/Gymnó/Dilitiriódes/Palió/Timoriméno/Daimonikó Fídi)
Odysseus the Cunning
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Trojan Horse (his creation)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good leaning more toward Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Guile Hero, Skillful Archery, Cunning And Brutality, Acclaimed Intelligence, Manipulation, Homesickness, Disguised Royalty, Returning Home (and taking a long time to do it)
  • Domains: Journeys, Royalty, Trickery, Heroism
  • Allies: Penelope (his wife), Hercules, Achilles, Zeus (His Great-Great-Grandfather), Athena, Oliver Queen, Clint Barton, Archer, Dorothy Gale, Thor, Aragorn, Solid Snake
  • Rivals: Loki
  • Enemies: Kratos, Raul Menendez, The Yellow Devil, Poseidon,
  • Respects: Link
  • Opposed by: Scylla and Charybdis, Hades, Cassandra
  • Conflicting Opinion: Leonidas
  • The moment this House was brought into being, this temple stood as a testament to the one destined to reign over it. It took quite some time (ten years, in fact) but Odysseus finally arrived...only to immediately announce his desire to return home to Ithaca once again. So he began to wander through the Pantheon in search of a means to returning home...
    • His return to home was cut short, however, when heard the news that his wife Penelope has ascended into the Pantheon.
  • Odysseus is on good terms with his fellow Greek heroes, some of whom he fought alongside during The Trojan War.
    • He and Achilles are good friends even though their respective ideals are a bit different. Achilles' armor was even granted to Odysseus after he died during the war.
    • Hercules is rather fond of him, as he reminds him of himself (they actually share some similarities as far as Heracles is concerned)
    • He and Leonidas don't really get along well due to their huge difference of ideals, even though Odysseus himself is no slouch on the battlefield. This entirely because Leonidas has no love for strategy or cunning, which Odysseus is most well-known for.
    • He is highly cautious of Kratos but otherwise seeks no conflict with him. The Ghost of Sparda dislikes him due to his favorable association with Athena. For the matter, being the great-great-grandson of Zeus also doesn't help his case.
  • Scylla and Charybdis are openly hostile to him due to him evading them not once but TWICE in his quest to return home. He, however, doesn't have anything truly against them aside from the fact that they killed some of his crew the first time he encountered them. They will immediately attack him on sight.
  • Hades doesn't necessarily hate him, but the Lord of the Dead is still sore about that one time he managed to go into the Underworld to chat up Achilles, Heracles, and Tiresias. This was prior to the first two's ascensions, of course.
  • He met with Ollie and Clint at some point and proceeded to have a short exhibition with them. Needless to say, they were quite impressed and honored to see his skills in action. He, in turn, congratulated them on their improvement of such a classic weapon.
    • Similarly, he ran into the boldly named Archer and decided to test his skill. Odysseus was shocked to find out that those weren't even real arrows, but SWORDS. Furthermore, Odysseus was happy to see that someone in the modern era not only possessed but could also successfully use Ajax the Greater's shield.
    • Because of this, eventually he made his way to the Throne of Heroes and became a Rider. Well, that and because he has one secret: His Trojan Horse is basically a Humongous Mecha. He is, however, increasingly wary against seemingly innocuous women that has a knife, because the baptism by the Throne of Heroes granted him a powerful suit which somehow has an exposed boob window and he has a gut feeling that such woman and knife will be his end...
  • Cassandra distrusts and dislikes him due not only to his participation in the above mentioned war, but also because it was his ploy that resulted in its ultimate destruction. Knowing this, he stays far far away from the House of Prophecy. The fact that he uses The Trojan Horse as his symbol exasperates and infuriates her to no end, but he DID come up with it after all.
  • When he heard that Calypso was in the Pantheon, he vowed to stay as far from the House of Magic as possible. However, Zeus informed him that it wasn't the goddess that held him captive for years. However, as soon as he approached the wish corrupter he got a bad feeling. Calypso offered to grant him any wish he desired if he competed in his tournament and won, to which Odysseus declined but thanked him anyway. Their current relationship, if any, is unknown.
  • He has, however, found a rival in Loki Laufeyson. Although no match for the Trickster God, Odysseus still proves to be a worthy adversary in the spinning of lies and disguising themselves. After all, it takes a true trickster to conceal your identity from not only your own family but your own subjects as well. Without magic, divine or otherwise.
    • This makes him an ally to Thor, who is delighted by his guile and combat prowess. This is despite Odysseus being descended from Zeus.
  • He despises Raul Menendez for giving him a bad name. Much like how the suitors abused his hospitality while he was gone. He has sworn to do horrible things to Raul should they ever come face to face.
  • He now has a soft spot for Dorothy after hearing of how much she went through in order to return home. He sees her as a kindred spirit and now a good friend.
  • The deities from Westeros (Daenerys Targaryen, Lord Varys, Oberyn Martell, Petyr Baelish, Gregor Clegane, Lord Tywin Lannister) have often mistaken him for Eddard Stark due to them looking similar. It should be noted that although this is his default appearance, he can easily take on his other interpretations (the latter of which, interestingly enough, makes him extremely proficient with daggers).
    • For the same reason, Aragorn saw great resemblance between him and his friend, Boromir. After clearing up the confusion, the two became good friends and have pledged an allegiance of honor (which was Odysseus' idea, of course).
  • While most believe that he and Link would get along by virtue of having enemies whose eye(s) they targeted to weaken them, Odysseus actually rather believes that the hero is a tad bit excessive with it. Odysseus himself only did the deed once, after all, and that was only after the giant ate some of his men after violating the law of hospitality. They ARE on good terms by virtue of being similarly clever, but that's about it.
  • Is one of the few deities without fire or electric powers to scare the Yellow Devil.

    Rosco P. Coltrane 
Rosco Purvis Coltrane, God of Car Chases
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Speed Limit Sign that can be switched from "50" to "35" just as you drive past.
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid
  • Portfolio: Corrupt Cops, Henchmen, Sheriffs, Pursuit, Used to be a Good Policeman Until He Changed to the Side of Evil, Miscommunication, Hollywood Police Driving Academy, Car Chases, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains, Catch Phrases, Following Suspects Into Situations That are Uncalled For, "Kew-kew-kew-kew!".
  • Domains: Law, Trickery, Speed.
  • Allies: Willie E. Coyote, Dick Dastardly, Snidely Whiplash, Team Rocket, Jack Spicer.
  • Bodyguard to: The Reagans.
  • Opposed by: Many Good deities in the House of Justice.
  • Subjects in his Hit List: The Stig, Yukari Tanizaki, Speed Racer, Dominic Toretto, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Every GTA Protagonist in the Pantheon.
  • Herald: Boss Hogg.
  • Ascended due to his affinity to pursue senseless to the Duke boys back in the Mortal Realm.
    • His insatiable demand for replacement patrol cars is believed to have kept the Chrysler Corporation afloat singlehandedly between the first gas crisis and the 1979 bailout. It is also believed that any attempt by him to chase down Yukari Tanizaki will lead to the total collapse of the highway systems of both Japan and the former Confederacy. Turns out that he's still pursing her, in spite of that Rosco never listens to the phrase "You can't outrun a radio".
    • He noticed that there are more drivers in the Pantheon: Dominic Toretto, Speed Racer, The Stig, and of course, Shinnosuke Tomari, aka: Kamen Rider Drive. His duty is basically pursing them for the lulz.
  • The Reagans hired him as a bodyguard. He's currently checking an eye on them. However, the siblings have more important things to do.
  • Is currently checking in case the Duke boys are finally setting their place so he finally purses them once and for all. It's even one of his catchphrases: "Hot Puuuur-Suit!".
  • It's revealed that Rosco used to be a former honest lawman. However, embracing forbidden practices changed him for the worst.
  • Hates every GTA protagonist in the Pantheon, due to them being capable of escaping from his outrageous pursuits.
  • He's not pleased of the very fact that Mario and his friends (and foes alike) are Go-Karting. Rosco is desesperately trying to capture them, but he always fails.
    • He's also trying to stop some of the faster Deities like Sonic the Hedgehog, The Flash, Captain Falcon (in his Blue Falcon), Speedy Gonzales, Ghost Rider, to name a few.

    Satan Jacob 
Satan Jacob, God Of Otherworldly Beings Who Embrace Their New Lifestyle (Sadao Maou, Satan, the Prince of Lies, Devil King)


    The High School Girls of the Civilian Antarctica Expedition Team 
Mari Tamaki, Shirase Kobuchizawa, Miyake Hinata, and Yuzuki Shiraishi, Quadrumvirate Goddesses of The Importance Of The Journey (Mari: Kimari)
L - R: Yuzuki, Shirase, Kimari, and Hinata
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Antarctic Challenge Logo
  • Theme Song: The Girls Are Alright
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: True Companions, Four-Temperament Ensemble, Determinators, Used to have no friends (except for Kimari), Cried when they found out Shirase’s mother is dead, Has their own episodes that focuses more on their story
  • Domains: Antartica, Friendship; Naivety (Kimari), Determination, Penguins, Acceptance (Shirase), Dropouts, Runners (Hinata), Actresses, Loneliness (Yuzuki)
  • Herald: The Antarctic Challenge Expedition Team
  • Allies: Mumble, The Madagascar Penguins, Hubie and Rocko, Sgt. Bryne, Penta Penguin, Polar Bear Cafe, Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Elsa, Jack Frost (SMT), Mei, Anna, Olaf, Skaði, Naruto Uzumaki
  • Friendly Rival: Sonic the Hedgehog (Hinata)
  • Enemies: Etna (especially for Shirase)
  • Fears: H.P. Lovecraft, The Thing
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Prinnies
  • These high-school girls met by chance due to one thing: Antartica. At first, these four girls wanted to go to Antartica for different reasons, but they eventually became True Companions throughout their journey and learned to enjoy Antarctica in their own way, realizing that going on a journey with your friends is important. Their friendship is what eventually led them to make a promise to have their own expedition in Antarctica.
  • Mumble is staying in his temple dancing alone all by himself... that is until he saw four strange human girls wearing similar winter coats out of nowhere. Upon seeing a penguin, Shirase squees in delight, proceeding to hug him into pieces until Hinata stopped her from making it worse. Then the girls wonder if they are in Antarctica, which prompted Mumble to explain to the girls about the Pantheon (who were shock that he could talk). After some time passed, Mumble took a liking to them and recommended them to the Court of Gods for ascension. They eventually agreed and their journey in the Pantheon commenced.
  • The first thing they did (or Shirase rather as the girls follow her around) is meeting penguins in the Pantheon. They met the Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private when they saw them during their spying shenanigans, who were immediately cautious of them at first (specifically for Shirase’s behavior when it comes to them). They felt bad that they are ostracized by their fellow penguins in Antarctica because they want to save Private in his egg stage, though they say that’s in the past. Given their lack of human interaction, they decided to teach them how to interact with other humans and the penguins have slowly grown to like them.
    • Shirase screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw Sgt. Bryne fly using his telescope. This caused her to run to Sgt. Bryne at top speed just to catch him. Sgt. Bryne is caught off guard with Shirase’s extreme obsession of penguins before the girls explained to him about her obsession with penguins. Shirase (who calmed down after a while) became much more fascinated with Sgt. Bryne after learning he’s a soldier and asked him if there are other penguins that are like him in his world. The discovery of Sgt. Bryne’s flight prompted Shirase to learn about other penguin species in other worlds and wanting to write a book about them. Other than that, Sgt. Bryne started to warm up to them especially after Shirase started to cool down her attitude around him.
    • In their visit to Antarctica, they met a pair of penguins named Hubie and Rocko. Hubie immediately warmed up to them and is excited at the prospect of meeting humans who love penguins. Rocko took a while to get along with them (specifically because of Shirase’s obsession with animals), but he eventually warmed up to them and when he showcased his ability to fly, Shirase almost fainted at the sight of it.
    • They met Penta Penguin after Shirase went to his temple because of his surname. Like the other penguins, they became friends with him.
    • The girls visited the Polar Bear Cafe during their break time and met Penguin. They instantly got along with him (specifically Yuzuki as they are both the Deadpan Snarker and the only sane members of their respective groups), and through that, they also became friends with Sasako, Polar Bear, and Panda. Since then, the girls became regular customers of their cafe, sharing conversations with the group about their shenanigans.
    • Seeing how The Prinnies were abused, Shirase proceeded to go on a rant about how their owners are treating them... that is until they learned the Prinnies are sinners who are forced to do their duties to cleanse their sins. While this revelation cause the girls to lose their respect for them, they could agree that the abuse The Prinnies go through is pitiable and that their owners should have taken better care of them.
  • Feeling bored and wanting to have some fun in the Pantheon, they met Jack Frost who was playing with some children. After hearing their suggestions for games, Jack Frost decided to invite Elsa (who wanted to invite Anna and Olaf) and played a snowball-based baseball game in one of the winter grounds. This eventually got them to switch to other games and developing a bond with the quartet, with the girls being amazed by the powers that both Jack Frost and Elsa have displayed in front of them.
    • Through Jack Frost, they were introduced to an another version of Jack Frost, who is a much more mischievous version of him. Nevertheless, they also became friends with him and play games with him much more often.
  • Being the only survivor of an Antarctic snow storm and having been in cryotasis for nine years, Mei could understand their reasons for going to Antarctica and will gladly become their guide if they decide when their next journey will happen. The girls are fascinated with Mei's technology and her pet-robot, Snowball, with Kimari begging if she could use her technology more than Mei could count.
  • Kimari decided to buy a book about one of Lovecraft's stories, At the Mountains of Madness, thinking that it would be an ordinary horror story to scare Shirase and Yuzuki with. After the end of her story-telling, the two girls were scared, then the girls proceeded to burn the book, and became much more afraid of him when they learned what his stories consist of and don’t want to bash him out of fear that they might be included.
  • Being the goddess of winter and skiing, the girls visited Skaði as they hope that they could help her with her powers if they ever went to Antarctica expeditions, not wanting to receive any casulaties. Skaði has accepted their request, who immediately took a liking to the group for their kind personalities and heartwarming friendship. She decided to teach them skiing if they ever felt like using it to have fun in their expeditions, which they have greatly enjoyed and excelled at.
  • Given that three of them had no friends before meeting each other and Shirase had to prove herself that her dream of going to Antarctica can become true, they met someone who had to go through the same fate, although what he’s been through is much worse, named Naruto Uzumaki. To say that they are proud of him becoming Hokage and how he has matured through his journey is an understatement. Naruto returns the sentiment since they had to do the same even if there is less severity about it.
  • Having been warned about The Thing, how it was discovered in Antarctica, and its capabilities, Shirase has prepared the girls to bring a couple of fire-related items to make sure that they won’t be absorbed by the creature. Though they still fear the creature, it has lessened since discovering its weakness towards fire and have prepared themselves to attack him during their encounters. Meanwhile, The Thing is angry that it has to face another set of people that’s using fire against him.
  • Exclusive to Kimari:
    • An ordinary high-school girl who is highly dependent on her childhood friend, Megumi, Kimari was desperate to find something meaningful to do after realizing she didn’t do anything significant in her life. This is what got her to join Shirase’s journey to go to Antarctica; she believed that going somewhere impossible would achieve what she wanted in life.
    • Kimari's favorite food is omurice. When she ate at the canteen, she saw Ayumi and Yuu eating the special Otosaka omurice recipe. Excited to see the omurice, she asked the siblings if she could eat it, which Ayumi gladly acquiesced to by giving her a piece of it and Kimari squeeled at how delicious it was. Ever since then, Kimari has visited Ayumi and Yuu a lot to eat their special recipe.
    • She instantly got along with Yui Hirasawa as they are both energetic, airheaded girls with a cloudcuckoolander attitude and being the irresponsible older sister to their much more responsible younger sister. Yui constantly asked her about her travels in Antarctica and wanting to go there to have some fun before Kimari told her about the dangers there.
“Yeah…this is what it is. Like anything could happen. Like I can make anything happen.”
  • Exclusive to Shirase:
    • The daughter of Takako Kobuchizawa, one of the members of the Antarctic Challenge Expedition Team. After finding out her mother was missing, she started working several jobs every day to save enough money to go to Antarctica, which she announced to the entire school. Her declaration caused her to get bullied and have no friends because of how impossible it is, but this didn’t convince Shirase to drop out from her dream. In fact, it made her much more determined.
    • During the expedition, she realized her mother was Dead All Along after she opened her computer and saw that none of her thousands of emails had been read. Despite the heartbreaking truth, she has accepted it and moved on thanks to her experiences and having friends that she knew could help her, cutting her hair to her mother's length to symbolize it.
    • During her quality time with her penguin friends, she met Chuu, who is also a penguin lover like her. Of course, the two instantly get along and have proceeded to help each other get every penguin merchandise they could get, quizzing each other with facts about penguins, and watching documentaries about them (with Shirase crying in the background).
    • As they both had to travel around the world to find their missing parents, she instantly got along with Gon. She loves him thanks to his kindhearted, if not innocent attitude and is disheartened by how his Nen has disappeared because of revenge, though Gon told her that he isn’t worried about it and that he shouldn't have lost his temper like that. The two often talk about their adventures together and their memories with their respective parents.
    • If there's one thing you should know about Shirase, it's that she is prepared for everything and she means it, losing her cool when something unexpected happens or her friends aren't participating, unless they are in danger. This is why she became friends with S.A.T.8, having a similar tendency. They also bonded over their uncontrolled behavior towards their favorite animals and taking multiple jobs.
“Just let people say what they want. Wanting to show them up fires me up even more.”
  • Exclusive to Hinata:
    • A convenience store worker, Hinata is a high-school dropout because she fears being in crowded places and hates depending on other people. Despite being a dropout, she is an avid runner and very smart and wise, having achieved an A in a high-school entrance exam and a mock exam, which made her able to apply to college. She wanted to join in the Antarctica expedition because she wanted to do something exciting before she started going to college.
    • Her dropout story reveals there is much more to it than that. The star member of the track team of her school, she was asked to be their star player during their tournaments. However, because the third-year students were angry that they wouldn't get to shine in their last year, they started spreading bad rumors about her that forced her to dropout from school, forcing her to become independent and wise.
    • While having a running exercise, she met Ryuji Sakamoto and the two decided to challenge each other to see who's fastest. Despite their personality differences, the two became friends because they share similar fates regarding how their relationships with their track team went and how their experiences forced them to become independent. They have established their relationship as friendly rivals whenever they challenge each other but their experiences caused them to become true friends, with Hinata promising to help Ryuji whenever he has problems.
    • Being a fast runner who used to be on the track team, she established a friendly rivalry with Sonic, who she thinks is a cool hero for defending the world against evil. Sonic sympathizes with her regarding her dropout backstory, but she told him that she is okay right now because of her friends. The two have also challenged each other to races, even if Sonic always wins.
    • Her wisdom made her into something of an advisor to her friends through the use of quotes that she constantly made up. She bonded with Jill over this aspect and having an education that they use to their advantage. Jill is somewhat envious that Hinata is able to go to Antarctica before she going to college as she didn't do anything exciting in her life. She also feels bad about Hinata forcing herself to dropout because of rumors and through that, she will never reconcile with her former teammates, as she was able to reconcile with her ex-girlfriend's sister, though she admits that Hinata's traitorous teammates deserve the treatment they got from Shirase as they refused to acknowledge what they did to her like it never happened when they messaged her during her time in Antarctica.
“When you hit the point of no return, that’s the moment it truly becomes a journey. If you can still turn back, it’s not really a journey.”
  • Exclusive to Yuzuki:
    • Having been an actress since she was five, Yuzuki was desperate to have friends because she didn't go to school often. Originally, she didn’t want to go to Antarctica and was forced to do it because of her job as a celebrity. But when she met Kimari and the others, she was finally convinced to join because they are the first friends she ever had and told her mother she would join only if they joined too.
    • During an autograph-signing for her followers, she met one of the Pantheon’s ascended idol singers, Rise Kujikawa. They have bonded over their loneliness and desperation to have friends because of their jobs and having no friends at school, finding happiness in their jobs because their friends have convinced them to. The two have become great friends and collaborate to make new singles for their fans.
“Proper relationships and groups…you’re basically establishing who you are”

    Peter Warne and Ellie Andrews 
Peter Warne and Ellen “Ellie” Andrews, God and Goddess of Road Trip Romances
Peter (left) and Ellie (right)

    Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout 
Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout, Patron Saints of Global Journeys (Fogg: Phineas Fogg, Willy Fogg, Passepartout: Rigodon, Lau Xing)
Front: Fogg, Back: Passepartout
  • While the 2004 adaptation has left a sour opinion in Phileas' mouth (his adaptation is a bumbling fellow, for one, and the story's villain was really vile), Jean managed to hit it off well with his adaptation's portrayer Jackie Chan.