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Greater Gods

    Alma Wade 
Alma Wade, She Who Became A Monster From Her Past (Mother)
  • Greater Goddess, Overdeity on the Almaverse
  • Symbol: Her face and hair
  • Theme Song: Alma's Music Box
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A child that was heavily experimented on for years and got her revenge after being released from her prison, posesses psychic powers and uses it against everything, unable to control her emotions due to her lack of temper, can turn others crazy, can create creatures but cannot control them, died in an amniotic fluid-filled vault and still lived, shifts into three forms: maiden, crone and seductress
  • Domains: Death, Revenge, Destruction, Ghost Girls, Psychic Powers
  • Heralds: Paxton Fettel and his Replica Forces
  • Special Relations: The Point Man (her son)
  • Allies: Her sisters namely: Hisako and Yamamura Sadako and Samantha Maxis, Erma Williams also counts, the Fabrication Machine
  • Rivals: Kayako Saeki, Lucy, Alice (Bibliomania, could also count as her Foil)
  • Pitied by: The Houses of Despondency and Childhood and Adolescence
  • Source of Interest: The Ghostbusters (researching her abilities), Khorne, Atrocitus (recruitment to their respective factions), Frisk, Wander (attempts to pacify her), Dark Danny (attempted "replacement")
  • Under Surveillance of: The SCP Foundation
  • Enemies: The Survivor Crew, but most especially Edward Richtofen, Johan Liebert, Ghetsis, Clockwork, Danny Phantom
  • Feared by: Isaac Clarke, the House of Family and Relatives
  • In the wake of a national security threat by an unrestrained psychic by the name of Paxton Fettel, a First Encounter Assault Recon squad was sent to deal with the situation at first hand. The mission seemed easy but strange visions of a little girl in a red dress appeared as they went closer to their target and a F.E.A.R squad's death occurred without a trace. Soon, the target was not only on the psychic, but the history regarding the company known as Armacham Technology Corporation, Project Origin and the little girl that haunted the corporation would be revealed. This was the story of Alma Wade, the daughter of esteemed researcher Harlan Wade who experimented on her when she was three years old. Her father's discovery of her psychic powers, which manifested through negative emotions from surrounding people near her, gave way for him to introduce her to Armacham Technology Corporation and would undergo a series of psychic-related projects, each project denying her childhood and eventually her free life. It was not until the age of seven where she would be a part of Project Origin, a project to create psychic individuals from a forebearer of similar structure and would be the turning point of her life. In the project's lifespan, two offspring were created and both were taken by Armacham for further experimentation but one of which created the first Synchronicity Event, resulting in her life-support being pulled out and sealing her in a vault with amniotic fluid. Unfortunately for the members of Project Origin, death did not stop Alma from seeking revenge.
    • After years of ignorance, the new CEO of Armacham decided to reopen the Origin facility where the girl's dead spirit lingers. After two failed searches, the facility was sealed but Alma's powers were reawakened and communicated with psychic Paxton Fettel, creating a second Synchronicity Event. The chain of events to discover the girl's remains eventually resulted to her release and with it, her hatred against the world for robbing her life. The world would soon change into an apocalyptic landscape, and so did Alma's remaining sanity. In the end, there was only one thing the girl dedicated her life on, rage.
  • The Pantheon has its fair share of apocalyptic entities, each with their own destructive powers and agenda. Alma is no exception, coming out of the blue following the details of her pregnancy and her unknown fate between her children. Yet, even after her death, her presence remains to be strong thanks to devout cultists and the whole history of Project Origin. Such thoughts were enough that it brought Alma back from the dead, and the Pantheon's security were at wide alert of an apocalyptic child present without warning. Despite losing a few security teams, intervention from an unknown man stopped her rampage from continuing and was enough to detain her with help of the SCP Foundation, who labelled her within the range of Keter to Apollyon. News of her detainment reached to the new plane and people were frightened that the child that nearly destroyed the world arrived in the Pantheon, fearing that the same fate would reach their paradise.
  • Alma's history is perhaps a very dedicated one, as her past has been shown thanks to the Court of the Gods evaluating her ascension, which includes details that encapsulates the ordeal she had to face at the hands of Harlan Wade and Armacham Technology Corporation. Even going as far as the age of 3, her life was already being tampered by her father's ambition and it was not until her teenage years that he decided to cut her life off under fear of what he had done. Years past and Harlan's regret consumed him and decided to release her, only to meet his grisly fate of incineration. With her released, her form as a young girl slowly turned in an older, emaciated form, reflecting on her condition moments before her death and the world soon turned into chaos. Free from the shackles of the vault, her life would be directed to Michael Beckett, who she would soon take interest in while also showing portions of her unstable control of her emotions which includes her lack of control when it comes to love, eventually raping him after numerous forced attempts. With her link with Beckett finished, she would soon bear her next child but that would be the very last of her presence, as the pregnancy she had to endure resulted to her final death, stopping the chaos the world engulfed itself from her powers.
    • Her powers makes up half of what makes her dangerous. She is a a telepathic being, able to read other people's minds and often at times, mind control them through links. She can control the environment around her and can burn her surroundings, objects and people alike and to top it all off, has complete control of a metaphysical place known as the Almaverse, a plane of existence where Alma's powers are increased two-fold and is essentially a god of the plane. Her emotion is the second most dangerous part of her, as her lack of control of her temper, patience and other feelings are replaced with unrelenting rage to the point that it is what defines her. She will get whatever she wants, whether the people disagree or not.
  • The ascension of the poor child brought with it some unexpected side effects, as reports of red skies filling up the House of Despondency have been numerous, some fearing that despite being sealed, Alma's powers linger and continues to spread. The seal by the Foundation merely delayed her effects and called for an immediate solution. The same man that was dispatched at her ascension, revealed to be the Point Man, called in and entered her temple, where the red skies were slowly lessened and her psychic powers had become weaker. The people and surrounding populace were surprised and thanked him, however he did not report why his presence calmed the girl down, the files of Project Origin reveals that she bore two children, one of which was the Point Man, her eldest child.
  • With her lessened powers and less hostile behaviour, the child was granted access to wander the Pantheon with the condition of several SCP personnel watching over her in the case a scenario occurs between her and her intended target. The results of Project Origin, as well as her early death, has left her in a state where she will get her target of interest/attention, regardless of the latter's feelings towards her due to her unstable attitude, unable to discern of other people's emotions past herself. Security has been tight both from visiting her and vice-versa as some have concerns if Alma may end up burning someone out of hatred without notice. To make sure that her stay in the Pantheon does not elicit pure hatred, she was instructed to visit her first target, the House of Ghosts. Some of the deities she saw found some form of kindred "spirit" and found them to be sisters, which was the result of her meeting Hisako and Yamamura Sadako. Sadako especially sees Alma as a similar being to her due to a few creative liberties to Alma's physical state.
    • Despite her visit with Sadako and Hisako to be pleasant, security teams were in full alert when Alma found her first challenge, Kayako Saeki. The original bearer of the Ju-On curse considers Alma a threat, if not a copy and attempted to kill her, with the side effect of Alma incinerating the ghost with no issues and her temper being at an all time high. The teams alongside the two ghost girls calmed her down to avoid burning down the whole subhouse and was forced to dispatch the Point Man at the Foundation's request. Following the event, a few details between Alma and Kayako were observed such as the two's inability to control their emotions (or lack of awareness of their own forms), anger and nature as ghost girls. This may explain why Kayako grew a bit too jealous with Alma, but that would not be the last of Alma's tantrums on the jealous side.
    • Another two ghost girls would approach her after the news of her actions on the next day. These two girls have also understood her history and considered each other to be sisters. Both Samantha Maxis and Erma Williams were pleased to see another being just like them but the SCP Foundation noticed a few behavioral changes. Samantha seems to want to drag Alma with her, seeing that the ghost's history with Edward Richtofen, they believe she wants to side with her to kill off the doctor for good though that brought the unintended result of her attacking the remaining Survivor Crew, despite Samantha's pleas not to do so, Erma's case on the other hand wants to help relieve her of the misery she faced and has been in talks with the Point Man (alongside a few key deities) to help alleviate her situation. The situations may prove to help but may also risk the danger of her psychic powers increasing and putting the Pantheon at risk.
    • Her jealousy would reach to new heights when she was found wandering the House of Power and Abilities without supervision, there she found a being similar to her in the form of Lucy, who bears the same psychic powers and key similarities as women with dangerous powers and rage, however her other form Nyuu tried to console with her to no avail. The difference is that Alma has no control over her anger and this was demonstrated when the House was met with a huge psychic link, seeing that Alma and Lucy are fighting out of the former's jealousy. The other deities of the House retreated and the remaining extraction teams were underway but were unable to enter, as the girl created a dome to shield herself. She would be then seen back to her temple and the dome lifted, with the horrific conclusion that Alma wiped the floor against Lucy and only the remaining body parts of her were left. When the event occurred, an echo could be heard in some of the people's minds, with what seems to be Alma's voice in rage.
    • That all changed upon the child's appearance towards another girl met her, but a portion of her powers did not work against her while the opposite was able to inflict harm against Alma. It turns out that the girl, revealed to be Alice, was able to taste her soul. Seeing that her abilities could not harm her, she retreated back to the Almaverse after her first encounter and has avoided her since. Due to her immunity of certain weapons used against her following the first Biblioclastic War, some have attempted supplying her Replica Soldiers with said weapons to halt her advance, alongside throwing whatever created entity from the Almaverse to fight back but it only deterred her advance. When asked about Alma, Alice was curious not about the child, but the corporation that has surrounded her entire life, Armacham as their projects are worth knowing, which will include consuming all of it. She also believes Alma is her antithesis, whereas the child is constantly in rage and wants everything to burn, she believes in knowing whatever secret lies around the corner, even if it means consuming every living being imaginable.
  • When the girl first showed her appearance, a few Houses were either at shock, approval or terror. The House of Slaughter and Hatred and Rancor adores her thanks to her massive killcount, as well as her being powered by pure unrelenting rage, the House of Despondency and Childhood and Adolescence have pitied her especially by the torture and fate she had in her childhood life and the Family and Relatives House, especially the Fathers subhouse were told to avoid contact with her at all costs as her past with Harlan Wade has shown she has no remorse against abusive fathers of any kind and includes other "siblings" she has some form of jealousy with, hence the fate of her sister Alice Wade. The other houses have placed themselves with caution when facing her, including the very pragmatic House of Villainy that tried to take advantage of her rage, as she is very immune to damage and cannot be stopped by many conventional means, of which the most convenient way to hurt her is by her own emotional instability.
    • The House of Villainy was given a wake-up call when Johan Liebert was nearly hurt by the enraging child after his words angered her to a big degree. To retaliate against him, she made efforts killing off majority in the House he presided, though that meant nothing when the Pantheon's status quo rendered all victims back to life. Soon, she started hitting other places too, which is where Ghetsis found a deity he absolutely avoids as he has been the subject of many incinerations by her, possibly because he to her is a closest representation to Harlan Wade and that alone earns her scorn against him.
    • In addition, during what would seem to be a violent confrontation and ascension of the Binary Reaction Artificially Intelligent Neurocircuit, Alma would approach the entity, oddly enough not out of rage, but out of enjoyment of it. This is what compelled her to return the confiscated Talisman that the Pantheon removed out of it to stop the chaos, which sparked the B.R.A.I.N to react back and assault the Pantheon. In what can be described as a bloody containment with various higher parties, the combination of the machine's soul-sucking abilities (and unleashing of the Behemoths) and Alma's psychic control almost made the two impossible to stop, until the higher Gods decided enough was enough and separated the two. There seems to be either a hint that Alma sees it as a fellow child, or worse, a pet she can play with. Seeing the similar circumstances that lead to their predicament, many dread what else could the child interact with.
  • Speaking of her powers, this has made her a subject for many various deities, often having their own plots related to her. The Ghostbusters have dedicated researching tasks to identify how to stop her since she is a ghost, a very different psychic-powered ghost that is, meaning their technology renders no use. Her affiliation with the House of Hatred and Rancor as well as the House of Slaughter has made her a subject of recruitment for Khorne and Atrocitus with her killcount able to satisfy the Blood God's satiation for violence and her anger making her a special guest in the aforementioned houses and a potential candidate for the Red Lantern Corps. As mentioned with Erma and the Point Man, the other deities that are planning to help her are Frisk and Wander, seeing that their optimism may pacify her anger, though tests have been very limiting under the risk that she may snap and create more damages.
  • Her nature as a psychic ghost forced a few telepathic-related deities to avoid contact with her, often at times avoiding her presence by any means necessary. An event in which Alma tapped into the mind of Isaac Clarke forced a Synchronicity Event which locked him out of his room, seeing visions of his dead girlfriend Nicole Brennan haunt him in his vicinity. It also caused a sudden side-effect where the creatures that spawn from the Almaverse were Necromorphs from Isaac's memory, forcing a few to forcefully cut the sync between the two. His mind was shattered and was induced in a coma, eventually recovered but not before telling the personnel watching over the ghost to "get rid of the fucking child", calling the experience to be almost as bad as his experience with the first Marker.
    • A session between him and an another psychic, shown to be Professor Charles Xavier, has made it his mission to save Alma and alleviate her memories if need be. Attempts to contact her through a telepathic connection were 50/50, as he would have the opportunity to talk to her, but other times a flaming sensation can be felt in his mind, forcing him to cut the connection prematurely. The experiences has left him to a conclusion that the effort to save Alma's self-destructive tendencies would require a large presence, and if that does not work, he will have no choice but to lure her to Jean Grey, where the Phoenix Force could subdue her for good.
    • One noticeable attitude the personnel guarding her found out was that she has an irrational fear over one entity, one that may render being a "ward" to her abilities. The writings on the wall describe of a tall figure with no face, staring blankly at her and her only. The description fits the Slenderman and rightfully so as the entity cannot be killed by any means and has an affinity for preying to children, including her. However, her fear goes deeper than that, as the Point Man's encounter with the entity known as the Creep, Alma's thoughts of her father Harlan Wade given form, has her on edge. Some propose to use the Slenderman as a final attempt to stop her rampages and so far it succeeded, where it not for the fact that the SCP Foundation had to account the number of personnel sacrificed to get its attention.
  • As a very different type of ghost, some think that Alma's hatred extends to even other similar entities, some of the more powerful deities considering to draw their hatred of each other and focus on appeasing the girl. Out of most of the ghost-like universes, the Ghost Zone was one of the affected locations by Alma's initial ascension, which turned out to be the temple of Clockwork, who had to deal with some of the damages his temple sustained when the Almaverse opened. Danny Phantom was called to assist but his other version, Dark Danny is very interested with the child, likely wanting to serve her as an enforcer, or in his own words: a better Paxton Fettel. The last words angered her and ruined his first impression. Still, he returned and was granted a piece of her Replica forces, though as one would expect from a Psychopathic Manchild, Alma has no control over her minions or spawned entities from the Almaverse, meaning he has to do hard work to be granted such.
  • After countless attempts, Alma's anger has receded to considerable levels and has the Pantheon on borrowed time, as the combined attempts by the Point Man, Frisk, Wander, Xavier and Erma has made her reconsider her stance slightly and has done less rampages as a result. One session resulted in her sealing her temple and having a personal chat with the former before leaving. What the Point Man knows cannot be shared and remains confidential to him, as her requirements for permanent satisfaction in the Pantheon is the ascension of Paxton Fettel, her second son and Michael Beckett, her third son's "father". What others fear is what happens should Alma hear that her son Paxton killed Beckett, as the revelation could send her in a frenzied rage that may destroy the Pantheon or perhaps a part of it.
  • "Kill them. Kill them all."

Intermediate Gods

Gowther, God of Feeling Safe by Not Feeling At All (Goat's Sin of Lust, Armor Giant, Armando, Lord Gowther, Alan, Gowther the Selflessness, Alan Walker)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Goat's Sin Tattoo
  • Theme Song: Nightmare Teller
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral with Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Wields a pair of energy bows called Herritt, which he can summon at will, and dual wield, Is a doll, and extremely effeminate appearance, and can easily be mistaken for a girl, Emotionless Boy, until he recovered his emotions, and became more cheerful, Long-Range Fighter, who wields his magic in the form of archery, Can read people's memories, Can trap opponents inside their mind, and induce nightmarish visions, Can create false memories, and temporarily make enemies into allies, Can also change his hair and skin color
  • Domain(s): Memory, Emotions, Dolls
  • Allies: Meliodas, Diane, Ban, King, Pinocchio, Astro Boy, Rei Ayanami, Astolfo, The Plain Doll, Shino Asada/Sinon, Link, Zelda, Chevalier d'Eon, Chihiro Fujisaki, Shirou Emiya, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Touko Aozaki, Lelouch vi Britannia, Iroque
  • Enemies: Ten Commandments, Oryx, The Grineer, all evil deities in the House of Mind Control
  • Conflicting Opinion: Izaya Orihara, Arael
  • Gowther is a doll who was created by a great Demon mage of the same name. He was originally designed to be an avatar for his creator to interact with the outside world and served as the Selflessness of the Demon Clan's Ten Commandments, the group of elite warriors that served directly under the Demon King. After freeing his creator from Demon Prison, Gowther was granted a will of his own and subsequently disappeared. Thousands of years later, Gowther reappeared in the dungeons of Liones Castle, where he was found by Princess Nadja Liones. Eventually, the two fell in love and, knowing that Nadja's weak heart would inevitably result in her death, they fulfilled her dream by spending her last moments of life in a moment of passion. When Nadja died in his arms, Gowther desperately tried to save her by implanting his artificial heart into her, but it did not work. When the guards found him, he was accused of forcing Nadja into vile sexual acts that ended with her death, sentencing him to death for the sin of lust. Gowther decided to discard his magical heart and used his power to erase his own memories in order to never have to feel that pain again. Later on, Gowther joined the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Upon his ascension, Gowther was happy to be reunited with his fellow Sins. However, he was also alarmed to discover that the Ten Commandments had ascended as well. His interactions with Estarossa are particularly awkward, since Gowther and his creator were responsible for turning Mael into Estarossa in the first place.
  • Gowther quickly struck up a friendship with Pinocchio and Astro Boy due to having a similar nature as a doll. He occasionally serves as something of a mediator whenever the three start discussing whether or not having human emotions is worth the pain that they can cause. Having previously gotten rid of his emotions in order to avoid feeling pain and sadness, Gowther was understanding of Astro Boy's position, but ultimately agreed with Pinocchio that it is indeed better to have them.
  • Gowther gets along quite well with Rei Ayanami, as he had similarly dealt with trying to understand emotions. He's very supportive of her efforts to figure out her suppressed emotions and is happy to provide her with advice on the matter.
  • After regaining his emotions, Gowther's more emotional and playful personality resulted in him quickly befriending Astolfo, who is not only similarly a Keet, but also shares Gowther's fondness for crossdressing. The two can often be seen hanging out together.
  • Gowther also became allies with the Plain Doll, having been pleasantly surprised to encounter someone else like him. Their similar origins caused them to become fast friends and the two occasionally spend time talking about whether or not it would be better for the Doll to develop a will of her own and be able to make her own choices, rather than being limited to the way humans had made her.
  • He's on good terms with Shino Asada/Sinon, who is also an archer. However, Gowther had difficulty understanding the concept of an MMORPG and initially believed that it was a children's game of pretend similar to what he used to play with Pelliot and his gang. However, Sinon has made efforts to explain it to him and, although he still struggles with comprehending the concept, Gowther has shown an interest in trying to play ALO someday, much to her enjoyment.
  • Gowther also became friends with Link and Zelda, the former being a master archer and the latter having famously wielded Light Arrows, which had been granted to her by the four Light Spirits, during her and Link's battle against Ganondorf. Gowther made note of the fact that Zelda being the mortal reincarnation of the goddess Hylia strongly reminds him of Elizabeth, who is also the mortal reincarnation of a Goddess.
  • Gowther is also good friends with Chevalier d'Eon, who was delighted to meet yet another androgynous individual in the pantheon. Gowther was somewhat curious about d'Eon's true gender, but ultimately decided that it didn't really matter, as he enjoyed being in their company regardless.
  • Gowther also quickly became allies with Chihiro Fujisaki and is rather protective of him, sympathising with Chihiro's decision to crossdress due to the constant bullying he received. Which contrasts with Gowther, who crossdresses for fun. Saddened, Gowther decided to support Chihiro, lending him a sympathetic ear and defending him from dangerous enemies.
  • He's on friendly terms with Shirou Emiya and Illyasviel von Einzbern, although they initially had trouble trusting him because one of their enemies-turned-friends is a former human who was turned into a doll with no emotions. Gowther was particularly interested in Shirou's ability to spontaniously replicate the weapons of various historical figures and potentially other people, which resembles Gowther's ability to summon the Twin Bow Herritt. Gowther was quite impressed by the fact that Shirou uses his own mana to create the weapons, but has also remarked that Shirou seems to needlessly limit himself to mostly using swords and has suggested that he should try to expand his use of weaponry.
  • He generally gets along with Touko Aozaki and is fascinated by her use of puppet bodies as a means of survival. It strongly reminds him of how his creator had originally used him as an avatar to interact with the outside world from Demon Prison.
  • Gowther is rather weary well-known manipulators such as Lelouch and Izaya, particularly the latter because he can manipulate people without having any brainwashing powers. Lelouch regards Gowther as a potential ally, since his abilities would not only be very useful but could also minimise harm due to being relatively more benign than using the geass. Upon learning more about Lelouch, Gowther remarked that he's not particularly averse to working with him, but only if he deems it necessary. On the other hand, Gowther disapproves of Izaya's desire to cause random mayhem purely for his own amusement. However, the fact that Izaya also has a love of humanity has given Gowther some hope that Izaya might have some redeemable qualities.
  • His ability to temporarily brainwash enemies into becoming allies drew the attention of Iroque, who was surprised to hear of a power similar to that of the Indigo Light. However, Gowther explained that permanently changing someone's personality would require him to perform a forbidden spell that required more magical power than he possessed. He also made it clear that he has no intention of ever permanently changing someone's personality due to feeling guilty over what he and his creator had previously done to Mael. Although disappointed by Gowther's inability and unwillingness to resort to brainwashing enemies for the greater good, she respects his wishes and the two remain on good terms.
  • Gowther quickly became enemies with Oryx, the Taken King, whose power to Take others is more than just Mind Control. Rather than just permanently changing the victim's mind, being Taken involves them having their very being twisted and shaped into a shadowy slave to the Taken Kind. And the worst of it is that those Taken under his rule are in pure ecstasy while serving him thanks to the sheer Mind Rape. Gowther frequently tries to undo the damage done to the Taken King's victims, but has thus far only had limited success.
  • He is also enemies with the Grineer and particularly their Twin Queens, whom he find abhorrent for their practice of immortality involving driving "the young and exotic" into the Despair Event Horizon through eating away at their psyche to make room for their own consciousness.
  • Gowther frequently visits the House of Mentalism, often trying to help those who had been victims of evil aligned deities in that house. He particularly dislikes the evil deities in the House of Mind Control due to how much they have hurt people as well as the fact that they remind him of how he had previously re-written Guila's memories, even to the point of making her forget about her little brother, in order to further his understanding love. However, he also sympathises with Arael, whose habit of mentally torturing people is due to its interest in understanding human psychology, a desire that had similarly motivated Gowther's actions when he was emotionless.
  • Out of all the Sins, Gowther's occasional change in behaviour is the most disliked, as he not only reverts back to being emotionless, but also becomes an incredibly mean spirited Deadpan Snarker who insults everyone with personal information that he gains by reading their thoughts seemingly for his own amusement. Ironically, Izaya is the only person that likes having Gowther around when he's acting like this.

    The Groke 
The Groke, Goddess of Tragic Cryokinetics (Mörkö, Mårran)
Moominvalley 2019 Model
90s Anime Version 
Book Version 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A trail of ice
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portoflio: Tragic Ice Character, Walking Wasteland, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Ice, Sadness, Friendship
  • High Priestess: The Snow Maiden
  • Followers: Mizzter Blizzard, Maureen Conners/Permafrost
  • Allies: Elsa, Anna, most deities in the Hall of Ice and Cold, Shoto Todoroki, Victor Fries, Pippi Longstocking, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Yomiel (Ghost Trick), Casper, Frankenstein's Monster, Laetitia
  • Enemies: The Hårga, The Night King
  • Scares: Much of the House of Childhood and Adolescence and other child deities
  • In Moominvalley, winters are long and harsh. The Moomins are very averse to cold and so hibernate in their homes during such a time. It is then that a strange, looming figure comes down from the Lonely Mountains and wanders the land; she is known as the Groke. She is feared by everyone in Moominvalley, not without reason as everything she touches freezes and if she stands in one spot for a long time, the earth beneath her dies and can never grow anything again. Despite this, the Groke is a somewhat pitiable, lonely creature. As much as she wishes for warmth and light, she can never have them due to the nature of her powers and the fear she inspires. With that said, Moomintroll was in fact brave enough to befriend her, revealing that the secret to controlling her powers lies in others' acceptance and friendship.
  • During a particular winter in the Pantheon, the Groke was reported to be wandering around and spreading her ice as she went. She was drawn to wherever there was light, which often meant approaching inhabited temples, whose inhabitants would quickly put out their lamps or hearths in fright at the sight of the dark, shapeless creature. She then always seemed to sadly shuffle away. These reports were very interesting to Elsa, the Ice Queen, as well as her sister Anna. Feeling empathy for the lonely cryokinetic, the sisters warmly reached out to her and befriended her with some effort. The Groke is not generally interested in others, but here it helped that Elsa produced ice like her. And as it turns out, the Groke isn't much of a talker, but she is a singer and so she appreciated Elsa and Anna's company on several levels. Some time later, the two petitioned for the Groke to be given a spot in the Pantheon. It was agreed to let her reign over Tragic Ice Character.
  • Her placement in the Hall of Ice and Cold puts her naturally at home and in close contact with other ice-wielders like herself, which most venture to say she seems happy about. It fulfills her craving for companionship, though she still ventures out sometimes to try to feel warmth, her other big craving. Either way, she seems particularly fond of the Guardian of Fun, Jack frost, who has a way with making the usually surly Groke join in games and merrymaking. She's also often seen playing with the other Jack Frost and Cryogonal.
    • Sometime in her outings, she chanced to spot Shoto Todoroki practicing at wielding his ice and fire. It fascinated the Groke to see an ice-wielder who also had easy access to fire, so she approached Shoto a little too eagerly. Seeing what appeared to be a mass of darkness rushing towards him reasonably freaked Shoto out and so he started attacking, but stopped when the creature started huddling herself and quivering in fear. Once he understood, Shoto earnestly apologized to the Groke and wondered what he could do to make it up to her. It was pretty simple: just show her his flames, which he did. After that incident, Shoto learned more about the Groke from the other cryokinetics and followed suit in befriending her. The Groke is always eager for his visits since he brings fire with him. Shoto finds this rather endearing, not to mention it makes him feel better that a power he used to despise functions to make someone happy.
    • It's probably a good thing that it was mostly deities on the better side of the morality spectrum that first welcomed and showed interest in the Groke, as she is not exactly known for having a strong moral or ethical compass, being largely driven by her desires. Not that she is evil, but she can be very uncaring. But in any case, she is willing to listen to Elsa and Jack frost when they tell her when to use her power. They also plead with her not to listen to what certain ice-wielders like Kaldr or the Night King might have to say to her. With that settled, in a battle situation, the Groke will almost certainly side with benevolent ice-wielders. There is a semi-exception in Victor Fries, who shows legitimate interest in the Groke unlike Kaldr or the Night King and also has the grace to keep her out of his issues and battles.
  • From many a child's perspective, the Groke is the most terrifying being ever conceived. This includes the child deities in the Pantheon, leading to Jack Frost attempting to use his clout with them to try to cast the Groke in a better light. A select few children were exceptions right from the beginning though. First off, there's the ever-fearless Pippi Longstocking, who thinks nothing of walking right up to the Groke either to play with her or make conversation (the fact that the Groke never answers doesn't faze her much). Secondly, there's the Kasukabe sisters, who're no strangers to fantastic events or strange beings and decided to leave a lit lamp at night on the porch of their temple to see if the Groke. When the Groke came, the sisters screamed... and then proceeded to laugh and run around her, much to the Groke's bewilderment. At least she could enjoy the lit lamp without someone taking it away from her, which was enough to make her like the two young sisters.
  • As a grotesque creature who greatly suffered from loneliness, she has made a few friends consisting of other preternatural beings shunned for their strangeness. For instance, there's Casper, a nice ghost more interested in making friends with people than haunting them, as well as Frankenstein's Monster, whose status as the only one of his kind drove him to try to find companionship, with little success and tragic consequences. Both these characters and the Groke feel drawn towards each other in their shared loneliness, instinctually understanding each other (even if, barring Casper, they're not the greatest conversationalists).
    • On a similar note, there is Yomiel, stuck between life and death after being struck by a meteorite fragment. As his fiancee took her life in an attempt to join him, this made him wholy isolated from the world. Loneliness turned into resentment and a thirst for revenge on whoever was responsible for his predicament, which dissipated after a talk with one of the people he targetted, leading him to join his current friends. Yomiel's experiences make him capable of understanding the Groke's feelings and he's glad that she managed to make friends both in her world and in the Pantheon so that she has little chance of walking down a path of destruction.
  • As the Groke is quite a bleak creature, the prankster doll Abnormality known as Laetitia, who likewise doesn't take well to being alone, felt compelled to try to cheer her up with her pranks, which are infamously deadly to most living things despite her good intentions. However, when she pulled one on the Groke, not only did she survive as if nothing happened, but she seemed very amused by it all. Laetitia was over the moon that her pranks were finally well-received by someone.
  • The pagan commune known as the Hårga reacted pretty badly to the Groke upon sighting her for the first time. It is perhaps expected that they, who worship the sun, would demonize a creepy, shadowy creature that leaves a trail of ice wherever she steps. The Groke at first was simply curious about their village and the Hårga's appearance, only to feel hurt and confused when members of the Hårga screamed something at her and threw stones, so she tries to stay away from their location as much as possible. It's probably for the best, given they might try to do far worse things to her, possibly involving fire.

    Junko Enoshima and Monokuma 
Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Destroyers of Hope (Junko: The Mastermind, Super High School Level Gyaru/Ultimate Fashionista, True Super High School Level Despair/True Ultimate Despair, Super High School Level Analytical Prowess/Ultimate Analyst, Ryōko Otonashi, Super High School Level Forgetful Girl, Super Duper High School Airhead | Monokuma: The Headmaster, Super High School Level/Ultimate Despair Headmaster Monobear, BW Bear, Totes Sinister Bear-in-Command)
Junko Enoshima holding Monokuma
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Monokuma himself
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Chaos, Domination, Madness, Evil, Death, Despair, Anarchy, Terrorism, Nihilism.
  • Followers: The Phantoms, The Over Lord Inves, Space Shogunate Jark Matter
  • Heralds: Mukuro Ikusaba, The Monokuma units, the Monokuma Kubs, the rest of Ultimate Despair and Team Danganronpa
  • Allies: Tsumugi Shirogane (her biggest fangirl), the Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia, Enter, and Yuuki Terumi), Despair of the Endless, the Incubators, Johan Liebert, Larxene, Kirei Kotomine, Gleeman Vox, Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King, all ascended Toku villains (especially Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Redyue (an ascended follower), Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars, Tenjuro Banno, Evolto, and SHOCKER), Ghatanothoa
  • Confliciting Opinions: Dr Eggman
  • Former Ally: Monaca Towa
  • Rivals: Nui Harime, Nurgle (one-sided on his part)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Eliza and Neil Reagan, Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus
  • Enemies: Every single other deity from the Danganronpa series, especially Makoto Naegi and Monomi/Usami, the entire members of GUAG Toku Division, especially Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim and Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm, Doraemon, Yu Narukami, Madoka Kaname, Haruka, Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito, Asuna Yuuki, Shino Asada/Sinon, Steven Universe, Jotaro Kujo, Team TRY Fighters, HappinessCharge Pretty Cures, Princess Pretty Cures, Akane Tsunemori, Guts, Haru Glory, Elie, Satellizer el Bridget, Chiffon Fairchild, Rana Linchen, Elizabeth Mably, Flynn, Gracia, Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, Naughty Bear, Rei Shingetsu/Vector, The King Of All Cosmos, Roboking, Sonic the Hedgehog, Undyne, Alphys, Gerald Robotnik, Maria Robotnik, Shadow the Hedgehog, every Hope Bringer in general
  • Annoyed by/Fears: Wander, Light Yagami, Rem, That other Junko alongside any deity with emotion controlling abilities or karmic powers
  • Opposed by: Sakazuki, Badgirl
  • Hope's Peak Academy, a specialized high school in the center of a large city, founded by an enigmatic entrepreneur for the sake of cultivating personal talent to create hope, sanctioned by some form of Japanese government, and led by a nebulous steering committee after its founder's passing. Already a place that sounds more ominous than it should, its danger became apparent when a strange symmetrically-colored autonomous robot bear took over the school, laid claim to being its headmaster, and subjected sixteen students of the 78th class batch to take part in a deadly game: the High School Life of Mutual Killing, or in short, the Killing School Life.
    • The students were forced to either live in the school forever, or create the perfect murder and get away with it in order to be the only one set free. Because the students weren't very keen on becoming murderers, Monokuma would also devise special incentives which wound up encouraging some of them to kill classmates. However, this soon became ineffective as Kyoko Kirigiri and Makoto Naegi got closer and closer to the truth about all of the school's events leading up to that point in the game. During the do-over of a class trial surrounding the murder of Junko Enoshima, Monokuma and his mastermind decided to gradually reveal during the final class trial.
    • The murdered student was NOT Junko Enoshima, but rather her sister. The real Junko was Monokuma's creator as well as the mastermind of the entire game, who'd "ended" the world outside Hope's Peak by inducing a horrible event known as "The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident In The History Of Mankind", resulting in the Academy being treated as a last refuge instead of a school, then wiped the memories of the other students in order to start the killing game as an attempt to destroy the final vestiges of hope in the world. When Junko engineered a final vote wherein all the students had to choose hope (leaving the school and braving the outside world) or despair (staying in forever in exchange for Makoto's death), Makoto's appeals to hope over despair successfully won over the remaining survivors. Junko subjected herself to the "ultimate punishment" she'd intended for Makoto while delighting in feeling her own despair over the failure of her plan.
  • Despite said failure, Monokuma and his mastermind are considered to be the finest of Terumi's students even after their ascension. Not only does Enoshima love despair, even her own, what they did with "The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History" actually made Terumi shed proud tears. As a matter of fact, their house is the exact place where Terumi used to reside before he moved to the House of Hatred. After simultaneous events culminated in both Terumi's downfall to his world's Centralfiction, as well as the full detailed scope of The Tragedy finally being revealed in all its horrible glory, Enoshima decides to do her best to surpass Terumi in despair-inducing and depravity.
  • Monokuma currently runs a "school" in the Pantheon's Academy, where he indulges getting any inductees there to kill each other. Enoshima, masterminding this, wants to prove that even the best of the Pantheon Academy can have its dark side to be extremely dark. The Academy is pretty aware of their evil so they try their best to avoid it. When that doesn't happen... Monokuma resorts to kidnapping and brainwashing.
  • She absolutely hates Flynn for taking down The White, an incarnation of humanity's despair, and for acting as a Hope Bringer Messianic Archetype for humanity in the face of Gods prior to his ascension. Despite his vast powers, she's still keeping an eye on defeating him, lest he messes with her plans on a cosmic and heavenly scale.
  • Although capable of getting killed, Junko enjoys the hell out of despairing herself, so it threw a dilemma to those who want to bring her down... they have to first dispel their love for their own despair.
    • One such way? Simply writing down in a Death Note "A death that Junko Enoshima can't enjoy no matter what," like what Rem instructed Light Yagami to do upon hearing of their vile acts. Due to it being too catastrophic with its collateral damages, they were offered various ways of forgetting such a destructive act, but ultimately declined, passing off as saying "I'll feel this joyous despair soon enough," but secretly using it as a reminder to them to stay clear of those with Death Notes and are willing to use them like that.
  • With his teddy bear form and voice, Monokuma earned the enmity of Yu Narukami (as it's an insult to his dear friend Teddie) and Doraemon.
  • One day, Junko was in the vicinity of Perfectio when the latter unleashed his despair wave. Enoshima ran to him and begged for more once the... well, the afterglow had worn off. Perfectio considered her weird and just told her to be around when he unleashes the wave.
  • Due to being considered Terumi's apprentice, Monokuma and Enoshima consider Nui Harime, Bernkastel's apprentice, their rival. Nui, however, mocks Enoshima for not being an actual member of Trollkaiger. Enoshima, on her part, gets off on this, given that she adores even her own despair hence why she's a member through Terumi. However, Nui didn't know, that this was all Enoshima's plan to make her seem superior to her and very much looks forward to how much more despair she will bring in the conclusion. If all goes well, Junko may take Nui's place in Trollkaiger.
    • On the subject of a more one-sided rivalry, there's Nurgle. While the Chaos God of Despair likes that Junko desires to spread despair, he disagrees with her methods of spreading that despair via killing people; he loves all life, after all. Junko, meanwhile, is very interested in "Papa Nurgle" and his multitudinous sicknesses; it's not uncommon for her to end up with at least one of his diseases, which of course is rarely (if ever) a pretty sight, but she doesn't care; she enjoys feeling her own despair just as much as she enjoys causing despair in others. So bring on the diseases — the more ravaging and devastating, the better.
  • Has become aware that their biggest annoyance, Naegi, has been reunited with his sister. Their response was to laugh, and remark that they should get in contact with THEIR little sister as well... and that they'd hope she'd bring her little friends too.
    • She's here, and she did. Until they found out that Monaca backed out of the conflict between hope and despair after she gave up on continuing her legacy as the successor, which Junko and Monokuma were disappointed with her actions and they sees her as a threat since then.
  • Used to be present in the House of Personality as the Gods of Despair Fetishes before one day, a woman named Haruka decided to pay them back for them even thinking that she could help them. She did it by showing that not only did the Pantheon not need three people for Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, but that since they spend too much time dominating, their Too Kinky to Torture is not present enough. The fact that she was able to get revenge on them in such a devious way actually pisses them off.
  • At one point, Monokuma was having a summer party with Kyubey while discussing how horrible they are to every good-aligned deities, until it was interrupted by Kamen Rider 1, Guts and Jotaro Kujo, as the three men were prepared to beat both Monokuma and Kyubey as a payback for their cruel actions.
  • Monokuma and Junko developed an intense hatred Kouta Kazuraba due to being a Hope Bringer just like Naegi.
    • Also both Monokuma and Junko were not amused of all the Kamen Rider protagonists (and to a greater extent, every ascended member of the Toku Base) as both sees them as a greater threat to their plans. Because of this, Ryoma Sengoku proposed a suggestion on both Monokuma and Junko to have an alliance with SHOCKER so they can get back at them, which both of them agrees.
      • At one point, The Gokaigers (who were already foiling several attempts at their "high-school killing games") have recruited Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace into their efforts to stop them, annoying the two even more. They are currently trying to get Sakazuki to let them help eliminate the two. Unfortunately, people like them are the same people Akainu WANTS to get rid of.
  • By far, their worst enemy ever has to be Monomi/Usami, not only for somehow managing to come back from the dead to kill AI Junko, but also the fact she brought along with multiple timelines where the students all survive and Usami even beats down Monokuma when he tries to take control. They are one of the few things here that, if they manage to kill them, will ensure them to die in agony and not their usual despair-loving way.
  • Junko has started noticing that a fuzzy orange spoon-like alien was trying to befriend their fellow Monokuma units. While plenty of them brushed him off, a couple of them WERE chatting with him, if only just later to drive him to despair. Upon Junko showing him some pictures of what she did to her world, while Wander DID tear up at it, he interrupted their evil gloating of making him cry to say that just because he's sad, doesn't mean he's giving up hope, and that he still believes in Junko to be a good person. Now peeved at him, she ejected him from her temple and tried to block out his declaration of befriending them.
    • Slowly as Junko gathered more info about him, she discovered that he's someone with hope could potentially surpass Naegi, and that he has been befriending people for literally THOUSANDS of years, performing many a Heel–Face Turn with intergalactic tyrants who destroyed MULTIPLE PLANETS and even emotionless robots. She also found out that while he failed to befriend both Lord Dominator and Hater, their superiors hinted that should he get one more season... of his life, Dominator and Hater may eventually get redeemed. Add in his infinite optimism, and he becomes someone that even Junko Enoshima fears, and they are doing EVERYTHING they can to make sure that Wander never gets that far with them.
  • They tried to recruit Naughty Bear for their despair-inducing games, hearing of how he is able to make even robots and zombies Driven to Suicide. It ended with a ton of damage to their temple and a Monokuma manufacturing machine getting destroyed. They are still trying to get him to join their side, however.
  • Hang on, wasn't Junko supposed to be one of the Pantheon's more well-kept secrets? Well, she was once. However, after a run in trying to cause that other Junko despair by showing her a recreation of how her son died, she was threatened with becoming the purest essence of despair, but also with removing her masochistic tendencies, leaving her as a crippled person who only knows despair. This actually outright scared her, and in turn for her life, her existence was ratted out to the entire Pantheon, as it's been quite a while since she was supposed to be kept a secret. Because of this, she began taking much more careful precautions towards deities that can manipulate emotions.
    • It's unknown if those who wield karma can also circumvent her masochism, but she's staying away from such users just in case.
  • One day, An normal albeit eccentric amnesiac girl without a title or temple to call her own named "Ryōko Otonashi" turned up in the Pantheon to many's confusion. After she visited his temple, Makoto immediately identified the girl as Junko Enoshima to the shock of those who knew of the Ultimate Despair. Kyoko was also able to deduce that the memory loss was likely due to physical trauma. Ryoko attempted to befriend those who Junko had wronged much to their hesitance.
    • Junko soon returned to normal the day after and any who attempted to appeal to "Ryoko" were simply dismissed by Enoshima who found it "utterly hopeless" that people even cared for 'that girl' in the first place...
  • Once received a assignment by Melkor to kidnap Maria, as her ascension meant Gerald Robotnik refused to work for him and moved to the GUAG. Taking Tsumugi and faking a attack and having her sneakily take Maria after Shadow was dealing with the attack, she publicly broadcasted that she would be brainwashing her for despair and planned on showing it to the world. This lead to a VERY unamused Shadow and Sonic storming her temple and leaving it in pieces thanks to a Chaos Blast...
  • With Monaca backing out of the fight between Hope and Despair, Junko has been entertaining the idea of getting her older sister, Mukuro, ascended into the Pantheon. Many dread the potential reunion of the Despair Sisters and the dangerous ramifications it could entail. Though Enoshima herself's more excited about the numerous ways she's thought of killing her sister to give herself even greater despair.
  • Once the House of Despondency was announced, Junko made an effort to make sure she became a guardian representative as a means to further promote her brand of despair as well as making sure she can invite fellow villains and allies to the spot. It didn't work and it gave her despair. No points on guessing what she did to herself upon hearing about it. Sometime after coming back, she managed to become a member... at the cost of becoming the most hated and unpopular deity in the entire House. Not only is she ignored personally and militantly monitored by many of the residents in the House of Despondency, but there's also measures taken to ensure that whatever heinous actions she pulls out are retaliated hard. Not that Junko minds too much, in the long run, the feeling of getting hated and despised is still a pretty good feeling, though it could be better.
  • Sometimes when Junko is nowhere to be found, Monokuma engages in activities of his own independently and even occasionally talks to Tsumugi in private. When a anonymous deity caught Monokuma in the act and questioned what he was doing. He had this to say:
    Monokuma: "Puhuhu... Isn't it obvious? Like I've said before, I'm not a teddy bear. I am Monokuma."
  • When she first set eyes on Despair of the Endless, Junko collapsed on her knees and was overcome with ecstasy. In her eyes, Despair is beautiful beyond words, the Anthropomorphic Personification of despair itself and the symbol of how despair is an eternal concept. Just being in Despair's presence makes Junko feel a hint of the anguish and hopelessness in all existence - something she considers bliss. Despair herself is somewhat puzzled by Junko's ecstasy over despair but prefers not to think too much about it.
  • Is also a (more celebrated and well-regarded) representative of the Halls of Cruelty and Sadism.

    Kamille Bidan 
Kamille Bidan, God of Downer Endings (Lieutenant Kamille Bidan/Kamille dai-iformerly , Doctor Kamille)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The AEUG Logo and his Zeta Gundam
  • Theme Songs: "Zeta - Toki wo Koete", "Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete", "Metamorphoze"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Character Development, Ace Custom, Piloting the Zeta Gundam, having a Gender-Blender Name with pointing out being his usual Berserk Button, Chick Magnet, Hot-Blooded Good Jerks, Generation Xerox, Hurting Heroes, Newtype Powers
  • Domains: Robots, Tragedy, Pilots, War
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds: Fa Yuiry (his main Love Interest and girlfriend), Emma Sheen, Four Murasame, Judau Ashta and Roux Louka (his successors)
  • High Priest: Shin Kazamatsuri/Kamen Rider Shin
  • Signature Mechas: MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (his main mecha and creation, shared with Judau and Roux) and RX-178 Gundam MK-II (shared with Emma)
  • Allies:
  • Respected by: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Jimmy Hopkins
  • Rival: Jerid Messa
  • Enemies: The GUAE Mecha Cohort, Haman Karn, Bask Om, Gendo Ikari, Tenjuro Banno, Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Complicated Relationship: Char Aznable
  • Kamille made his ascension into the pantheon after the end of the Gryps Conflict where he, along with the AEUG, had managed to defeat Paptimus Scirocco and the Titans faction before his mind was wrecked by his fallen Arch-Enemy as a payback for his demise, as well as most of his close allies like Emma Sheen were killed in that said conflict which brings his other nemesis Haman Karn as the sole victor of the war before she successfully restores Zeon from its former glory.
  • Kamille is happy to work as a pilot once more, and reunited with Amuro Ray and Bright Noa. Kamille, now becoming a free agent working in the Londo Bell. On the other hand, Kamille is not pleased that Bask Om is present in the pantheon proper since he and the Titans were responsible for ruining his life in the first place, the same goes to Haman as she was waiting for him to ascend so that they can settle the score once and for all.
    • Char tried to be a mentor to Kamille Bidan but failed miserably. Kamille did actually view him as a brother figure despite not taking any of his advice, and their relationship has been strained ever since learning of his role in the Second Neo Zeon War.
  • There are rumours about an alternate universe where he has a happier ending, the Gods, however dispel the rumour by showing everyone the 50 episodes of Zeta Gundam.
    • Aside from that, there are some speculations that he becomes better after his long recovery during the first Neo-Zeon War, in fact, he never lose his touch as a Gundam pilot.
  • Many Gods are impressed that a kid was able to punch a guy bigger than him, successfully kick his ass, get arrested, kick the officer's ass, and steals 3 Gundam Mk. II's from the Titan's base all during the same day.
    • Due to this, Kamille gained the respect from Bully Hunters like Kaito Kumon and Jimmy Hopkins since they regarded him as a strong person for his act of being able to stand against the tyranny of the Titans.
  • People often mistake him for Luke Skywalker because of a soundtrack that got released making him look like him, Kamille points out his hair is blue.
  • Has formed a friendship with the Gunpla Fighter Yuuma Kousaka after he was impressed with his piloting skills during Gunpla Battles and was also amused of his latest signature Gunpla the "Lightning Zeta Gundam" which reminded him alot of his own signature Mobile Suit. No wonder that he might get interested in this non-violent sport just for fun.
  • Spends his free time in the House of Technology editing his Zeta Gundam, to avoid thinking about his tragic love life.
  • He became close friends with Kotaro Minami while he also sympathizes with him after knowing his story of how his life became a living hell during his earlier days as Kamen Rider Black while he was also happy that his life becomes better since he became Black RX. Same thing with Ange since her life became miserable when she lose all her respects from her kingdom after she was exposed as a Norma until she had gotten better after her and her comrade's war against Embryo has ended. It should noted that both Kamille and Ange have similar personalities and users of their respective transformable mechas.
  • He also became supportive towards Shinji Ikari and Go Shijima since they shared the pain of having their fathers being a bunch of complete bastards. Like being said, he also became enemies with Gendo Ikari and Tenjuro Banno due to their horrible treatment towards their respective children.
  • Knight Gundam was overjoyed that someone else that he recognized had arrived at the Pantheon, but quickly remembered that he would not remember their adventures together. The two are still friends, seeing as how Knight helped him to presumably marry Fa Yuiry in his world.
  • Due to him being one of the icons in the 80's, Kamille became associates with Kung Fury, the two would support each other as they fight together against their respective enemies.
  • He has put both the Reagan siblings on his hit list because at one point, they're making fun of his name before they kick their asses for crossing the line.
  • Remember, whenever they try to mock his Gender-Blender Name, this will be his response to them: "KAMILLE'S A MAN'S NAME AND I'M A MAN".

Klonoa, God of Bittersweet Endings (Klo-oa, Dream Traveler, Cabbit)
Door to Phantomile design 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His 'Wind Ring' (moon inscribed within ring optional). Alternatively, his hat and/or ears.
  • Theme Song: Stepping Wind (Wahoo Stomp) and Sign of Hero
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Dream Traveler, Destined to save dreams from destruction but forced to leave them after, Indeterminate species but has the traits of rabbits, cats, and dogs, Ear Wings, Fluent in Phantomilian, Constantly changes clothes but has a distinct style, Adorable but mentally scarred, Adorkable, Kid Hero, Badass Adorable, Blow You Away (and can summon thunder in one universe), Unable to swim and quick to drown, Owns and rides a hoverboard, Wahoo!
  • Domains: Bittersweetness, Forced Goodbyes, Dreams, Wind, Cuteness
  • Heralds: Huepow, Lolo, Popka, and Guntz
  • High Priest: Maximillian
  • Allies: King of Sorrow, Reiji and Xiamou, Every Hero deity involved in Namco × Capcom (especially Felicia and Morrigan), Kirby, Bandana Dee, Ysera, Haruto Tsukishiro, NiGHTS, Dream of the Endless, Ned Needlemeyer, Princess Luna, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Cream the Rabbit, Miles "Tails" Prower, Presea Combatir, Unico, Niko, Avatar Aang, Sora
  • Arch-Enemy: Joka
  • Enemies: Saya, Nightmare, Every villain deity involved in Namco × Capcom, Freddy Kruger, Wizeman, Barbatos, Pitch Black, Dimentio, Marx, Dr. Eggman
  • Rivals: Nack the Weasel, Babylon Rogues
  • Pities: Madotsuki, Bedman
  • Wary of: Beerus, Hypno
  • Once believing himself to be a native inhabitant of Phantomile, specifically a denizen of Breezegale, Klonoa is in truth the "Dream Traveler"; a hero who is destined to travel to different dream worlds and save them from destruction, with Phantomile being just one such trip. Which Klonoa has no problem with, being a naturally kind-hearted kid who never refuses anyone in need. However, the big catch with being the Dream Traveler is that Klonoa cannot stay in a dream world after it had been saved, needing to leave for his home dimension or be forced out of the dream if he stays too long, as had happened with Phantomile. Which sucks to say the least for Klonoa as he's quick to form close friendships with the inhabitants of those dream worlds, and he (sometimes) depends on some of these inhabitants to power his weapon, the Wind Ring, so he has to make friends with those in the dream worlds to accomplish his task. Though as sad as it is to say goodbye to friends, with minimal chance of seeing them again, Klonoa maintains an upbeat attitude and continues to selflessly do his duty of restoring balance to dreams.
    • In an alternate version of his universe, dubbed the "Heroes universe", Klonoa is a normal boy of Breezegale who dreamt of obtaining a "Hero Medal", a mystical and highly coveted item of his world. Said world being a singular planet that unifies the dream worlds of Klonoa's "Prime universe", with the locations and inhabitants of Phantomile coexisting alongside those of Lunatea and more. After a chance encounter with the bounty hunter, Guntz, Klonoa of the Heroes universe would achieve his dream of getting his own Hero Medal and would then save the world from an eternal nightmare alongside Guntz and a bomb expert pangolin named Pango. The Heroes version of Klonoa has a much less troubled and lonely life compared to the Prime version but was much less heroic until some serious reflecting.
  • Klonoa first entered the Pantheon the same way he entered all other dream worlds, having been sent there as the Dream Traveler to protect it from destruction. After accomplishing what he had been sent to do, however, Klonoa found that he was not forced out after sticking around for a long time. At first, Klonoa was confused but then realized he finally had a waking world to stay in and less eternal goodbyes to make. People would need his help again and again, people could follow him now that he was a god, and people could keep crossing paths with him in his duties. At last, Klonoa had found a proper home. His ascension was finalized when he was given the trope Bittersweet Ending due to the endings of his main adventures being among the most heartwarming yet tearjerking of their kind.
  • During his ascension process, Klonoa found the King of Sorrow at the Court of the Gods, which was a big surprise for the Dream Traveler as he last saw King of Sorrow dying in his arms back in Lunatea yet here he was alive and well in the Pantheon. King explained that he had manifested within the House of Despondency shortly after the aforementioned death in Lunatea and was taken to the Court of the Gods to determine his fate in the Pantheon. Because Klonoa and King of Sorrow were familiar with each other, it was decided by the Court that King of Sorrow would act as the Herald for the newly ascended Klonoa, which the two boys heartily agreed to. Even though King started off as an enemy to Klonoa, having attempted to consume Lunatea with sorrow and attacking Klonoa to atone for that world's sins, Klonoa knew that King of Sorrow was acting from trauma-induced insanity and was more than willing to accept the Hyuponian as a friend after all that had been sorted.
    • Over time, though, Klonoa began to miss his friends from his past adventures: Huepow, Lolo, Popka, and Guntz, and desired to be with them again. When the option to make them all heralds was offered, Klonoa immediately took that opportunity to bring those four into the Pantheon. Many Tears of Joy were shed as Klonoa, Huepow, Lolo, and Popka embraced each other in reunion, while Guntz just gave the Dream Traveler a friendly pat on the shoulders. And Klonoa convinced the Court of the Gods to ascend King as a deity so he wouldn't feel like a left-out fifth wheel herald but rather a fellow deity ally, with the Hyuponian also able to make his own friends in the form of other deities and his own heralds.
      • However, with regards to Huepow, there's a serious Elephant in the Living Room between him and Klonoa over Huepow giving Klonoa Fake Memories of having always lived in Phantomile, as opposed to being an outsider to the dream world who was sent to save it. Klonoa and Huepow both know they have to talk about it but for the time being want to enjoy each other's company again after being apart for so long. Klonoa at least has no hard feelings about it as he knows how regretful and apologetic Huepow is about that whole thing. Though that doesn't stop many deities, including King of Sorrow, as well as Lolo, Popka, and Guntz from criticizing Huepow for doing that to Klonoa, pointing out how unnecessary it was and how it ultimately made Klonoa's departure from Phantomile ten times more heartbreaking than it could've been.
  • Immediately upon ascending, Klonoa was merged with his incarnation from the Heroes universe, retaining that counterpart's memories and experience, and gaining his abilities and equipment. Though still having a preference for fighting with his Wind Ring, Klonoa took a liking to the sword and hammer weapons and can not only be seen training in using them but will utilize them in serious fights if his Wind Ring cannot be used to its full effect. Klonoa also greatly appreciates the new special move in "Thunder Hurricane" since it lets him damage multiple enemies in a spinning attack while stunning others with lightning bolts. Klonoa also gained a great respect for pangolins and bombers, provided those bombs are used for good purposes, and wishes in hindsight that he chose Pango as a herald alongside Huepow, Lolo, Popka, and Guntz. Though Guntz, who also gained the memories of his Heroes incarnation, assured his cabbit friend that Pango would've wanted to stay in his village with his son anyway.
  • Klonoa's role in the Pantheon (when not up to his usual duties) revolves around consoling those who are experiencing separation from friends and loved ones, as he's experienced more than enough cases himself. Though, nobody ever asks if he could use some support. Overall, he's surprisingly upbeat about his past and his fate, and can often be found talking with other deities in the House of Despondency in attempts to cheer them up.
  • As the Dream Traveler, Klonoa is naturally drawn to the House of Dreams and Nightmares and spends most of his time there; which got to the point that he's considered an unofficial member of the house. And since Klonoa's role as the Dream Traveler is to save imperiled dreams from destruction, he quickly gained the favor of Ysera and other "dream guardians": NiGHTS, Princess Luna, and Haruto. Klonoa loves to hang out with each of them and share experiences with protecting dreams. And while the worst aspect of being the Dream Traveler is circumvented by being in the Pantheon, Ysera, Princess Luna, and Haruto are looking for ways to remove the "forced departure" of the Dream Traveler role, allowing Klonoa to remain in dream worlds as much as he likes, if not travel to them voluntarily as opposed to the current involuntary way. Klonoa is nothing short of thankful to the three for their efforts.
    • Of the "dream guardians", Klonoa gets along best with NiGHTS since he's the most devoted to protecting dream worlds, just like himself, yet NiGHTS has such a fun and flighty personality (moments of rudeness notwithstanding). Klonoa also admires NiGHTS for being a Nightmaren, directly created by Wizeman the Wicked to expand Nightmare, but decided to rebel against his master and be the savior of Nightopia instead, which made Klonoa start to consider that not all nightmares or nightmare creatures are bad. The Dream Traveler couldn't help but remark that, with that origin in mind, NiGHTS is almost a good version of Joka, both being clown-based nightmare creatures but NiGHTS had the good sense to rebel and protect dreams, while Joka remained devoted to his nightmare master and helped him to bring about the permanent end to a dream world. Klonoa is also intrigued by NiGHTS' ability to dualize dreaming people, which the Dream Traveler compared to his Wind Ring and its dependence on others to fuel it. NiGHTS, in turn, is fascinated by Klonoa's Wind Ring and praises Klonoa for his heart and determination to help dream worlds and those within despite never getting to see those worlds and their people again. To allow the Dream Traveler a dream world he can visit time and time again, NiGHTS invited Klonoa to Nightopia where the two can have fun.
    • Soon after getting acquainted with the good dream deities, Klonoa would have an encounter with Dream of the Endless, who revealed himself to be the one who had summoned the Dream Traveler to the Pantheon in the first place and allowed for him to be ascended. As the personification of dreams, the Sandman had an awareness of the many dream worlds in Klonoa's universe and took notice of the traveling protector of those dreams. Grateful for Klonoa's accomplishments and efforts in saving dreams from destruction, Morpheus decided to summon the Dream Traveler to the Pantheon during a particularly disastrous event in the Dreamscape and then contributed to Klonoa's ascension as a reward afterward. Klonoa was nothing short of flattered upon learning of this and immediately befriended Dream, even if he found the Sandman to be intimidating.
      • Klonoa could not help but ask Dream if he was also the one who made him the Dream Traveler in the first place, but Morpheus answered that he did not and does not know who or what made Klonoa the Dream Traveler; Dream even ponders that being the Dream Traveler is an inherent aspect of Klonoa, just as being the personification of dreams is to himself. Nonetheless, the Sandman took pity on Klonoa for the forced goodbyes his role enforces, relating a bit with being isolated due to one's function, and told the Dream Traveler to just focus on the work and cherish the memories of his friends, which the cabbit took to heart.
    • Of course, it didn't take long for Klonoa to meet the "nightmare" members of the house and the Dream Traveler toom an instant dislike for them. With the exception of the Perfect Trumpet Thingy, who is harmless all things considered, the likes of Vaermina, Nightmare, Wizeman, and Freddy Krueger make Ghadius look tame (which is saying a lot) and Klonoa is quick to join the rest of the dream protecting deities should those fiends start spreading nightmares. Nightmare in particular had become a pseudo-Arch-Enemy for Klonoa as he's not only the most like Ghadius in nature and personality but the Emporer of Darkness took on Ghadius as a High Priest and ascended Joka into the Pantheon, which the Cabbit cannot forgive. As for the Perfect Trumpet Thingy, Klonoa still doesn't think highly of the thing and its tendency to spook people in their sleep for not being "perfect", always making an effort to tell the trumpet off whenever it does.
  • Indeed, Klonoa was beyond furious on learning about Joka's ascension, having hoped that the Pantheon would be untouched by the clown fiend. Though Joka is more often a bumbling fool and is always second-fiddle to a bigger threat, the Dream Traveler harbors the most hatred for Joka for killing his grandpa to obtain the Moon Pendant; even after coming to terms that he and grandpa aren't actually related, Klonoa is still enraged over the callous murder of an innocent life who regarded him as family despite true circumstances. Klonoa also knows from that moment that Joka is not to be underestimated, and has become further worried by the trouble Joka can accomplish on learning that he took on Garlen and Janga as heralds, both being dangerous villains who can easily cause mass harm alongside the clown fiend. Klonoa always makes an effort to confront Joka with whatever the harlequin is up to, be it assisting a villain in their evil scheme or trying to win in a tournament, and become extra determined to defeat Joka. And whenever Janga is involved as well, Klonoa can count on Guntz to help him out, since Janga killed Guntz's father and has it out for the cat's blood.
    • It goes without saying that Klonoa has a heavy dislike for other monstrous clowns in the Pantheon, with Dimentio standing out to the Dream Traveler for being most like Joka but being much more competent and sinister, with his ultimate goal being possibly the most despicable of all. That Dimentio is close allies with Joka only makes Klonoa extra determined to defeat Dimentio.
  • Klonoa and Guntz (specifically their Heroes incarnations) were one of the heroes Reiji and Xiamou encountered during their first recorded adventure, and naturally the two were pleased to see the young hero and bounty hunter again. It took Klonoa and Guntz a while to recognize Reiji and Xiamou, having not seen them in so long, but once they did Klonoa excitedly greeted the Shinra agents while Guntz simply shook their hands. Soon after, Klonoa and Guntz got reacquainted with the other heroes they encountered in that adventure with Reiji and Xiamou; Klonoa rekindling his friendship with Felicia in particular, who was overjoyed to see her fluffy, long-eared friend again. Morrigan was also pleased to see Klonoa again, finding him too cute to resist. Guntz, however, remembered how obsessed all the girl heroes were with hugging the two of them and quickly fled from the gathering, swearing like crazy as the girls gave chase to hug him. Klonoa, however, was content with the hugging (provided he could still breathe).
  • Klonoa met with Kirby one day while browsing the House of Food for a burger stand and the two adorable dream heroes became immediate friends. As they ate their favored foods, Klonoa and Kirby conversed on their past adventures, and the two were astonished by how much their respective worlds have in common with each other; the resemblance between basic Moos and the Waddle Dees being just the tip of the iceberg. The two also noticed how similar their default methods of attacking are, requiring them to "grab" and then "toss" enemies. Though Kirby is able to do way more with his ability to absorb the power of any enemy he swallows, which Klonoa found cool but also really creepy. Though Huepow, Lolo, and Popka were quick to tell Klonoa that he shouldn't be one to judge with the amount of Moos he tossed to their deaths.
    • Klonoa was soon introduced to Bandana Waddle Dee by Kirby and was immediately reminded of "Heart Moo", who a version of himself played volleyball with in one universe. The supposed "King of all Moos", Heart Moo is a standard Moo who wears a green bandana with a yellow heart symbol to distinguish himself from the rest of the Moos, just like Bandana Dee, and is also the friendliest of the Moos; rejecting the prize money and trophy in favor of keeping the volleyball as a friend should he win the tournament. The bandana'd Waddle Dee was amused by this revelation and hopes to meet Heart Moo one of these days, and took up an interest in volleyball in the meantime. Klonoa can often be seen playing some volleyball with Bandana Dee.
  • Klonoa initially didn't know what to think about fellow dreamwalkers, Madotsuki and Bedman, as their origins are as mysterious as his own, and their violent tendencies didn't help him in determining if they were friends or foes. But the Dream Traveler eventually learned about Madotsuki and Bedman's respective pasts and came to pity them; Madotsuki for living a lonely life and unable to accept reality, preferring to live in her dreams. And Bedman being stuck in a coma alongside his sister due to their bodies being unable to handle their great intelligence, with Bedman becoming a hitman in the hopes of finding a way to save himself and his sister. While Klonoa understands Bedman's plight, he frowns upon Bedman killing people in their dreams, though he's aware that Bedman doesn't like his killing either and hopes to use the power of his dream dimension to resurrect his victims. In any case, Klonoa avoids conflict with Bedman and has attempted to help both him and Madotsuki with their problems. However, the Dream Traveler found himself powerless to be of any aid since their troubles happened in the waking world of their respective universes, Klonoa unable to influence anything outside of their dreams. It doesn't help that Madotsuki actively avoids Klonoa whenever she encounters him in her dreams, preventing him from learning more and trying to be of emotional support to her.
  • Presea Combatir was shocked to see the mascot of Altamira's theme park within the Pantheon, whom she owns a costume of, and was delighted to meet Klonoa in person. Klonoa was suprised to learn that he's a mascot in another world and amazed at how realistic Presea's costume looks, and became fast friends with the girl. Klonoa felt sympathy for Presea on learning of how she was reduced to an Empty Shell due to experimentation and does his best to help her feel good emotions again. Likewise, Presea makes an effort to hang out with Klonoa for some more friendly fun that he could use, in light of his bittersweet fate.
  • Klonoa took an interest in Ned Needlemeyer when he learned about the boy's chronic nightmares, and became one of few deities who visits Ned's temple expressly to brave those nightmares. As to be expected, Ned's nightmares are no match for the Dream Traveler, Klonoa defeating them with ease, and very soon the cabbit became good friends with Ned. Klonoa often tries to help the boy with his anxieties that cause his nightmares, and Ned in turn seeks out opportunities to have fun with Klonoa, having become aware of the Dream Traveler's heartbreaking ordeal and wanting to be another friend he can play with.
  • Pac-Man recognized Klonoa as another character from his flagship company and was pleased to hear of his ascension, especially being aware that the Dream Traveler is one of the more overlooked members of the company. Klonoa in turn recognized Pac-Man as the character on his hat, which amused Pac-man to no end, and got along with the Yellow Fella. The two can often be seen eating together in the House of Food, Klonoa partaking in a hamburger (without tomatoes) while Pac-Man helps himself to... Everything he feels like eating.
  • Klonoa became acquainted with Sonic the Hedgehog after being mistaken to be from the hedgehog's universe by numerous deities. On meeting Sonic and his friends, Klonoa could see the resemblance between them and himself, especially in his appearance from Lunatea and onward, and decided to befriend the hedgehog and his allies. Sonic himself took a quick liking to Klonoa, being a fellow young hero of the wind who selflessly saves worlds from destruction (and also can't swim to save his life), and tries to comfort the Dream Traveler over his forced departure of those worlds.
    • Of Sonic's friends, Klonoa gets along best with Miles "Tails" Prower since they are both heroic boys who've suffered trauma (Tails having been the victim of bullying before meeting Sonic) but maintain a cheerful attitude. Certainly helps that Tails has the closest resemblance to Klonoa among Sonic's friends, the two loving to joke that they are long-lost relatives. Klonoa is also fascinated by Tails' namesakes, and doubly so that the fox is able to fly by twirling them super fast, while Tails is curious about Klonoa's Wind Ring.
      • Klonoa also loves hanging out with Cream the Rabbit, who has the heart of a hero and adventurer despite her pacifism and he likes to accompany her on her many wanderings through the Pantheon. Klonoa and Cream also bond on their ability to float in the air with their ears, though the cabbit is a tad envious that Cream is able to float for much longer and for much greater height and distance than he himself. Lolo also enjoys hanging out with Cream due to having mannerisms similar to herself, while Huepow is shocked by how similar-looking Cheese is to himself.
    • After meeting Sonic and his friends, it was only a matter of time Klonoa would meet their enemies. And to the Dream Traveler's great displeasure, he would be encountered by Dr. Eggman, who reminds Klonoa a lot of Garlen; a recurring enemy of his who is also a round, comical Mad Scientist specializing in robotics and constantly makes schemes for world domination. Though Eggman is a much bigger threat than Garlen could ever hope to be and his long list of crimes alone disgusts Klonoa to no end. The doctor himself considers Klonoa to be a potential annoyance and begun studying the cabbit to make countermeasures for him.
      • Klonoa and Guntz would also soon come across Nack the Weasel, also known under the name of Fang the Sniper, and Klonoa was absolutely baffled at the similarities Nack and Guntz shared: both being canid hunters famed for wielding guns and even own distinct hoverbikes that they named; "Red Clan" and "Marvelous Queen" respectively. Naturally, Guntz and Nack developed an incredible hatred for one another, calling each other ripoffs, and immediately got into a gun duel, forcing Klonoa and other nearby deities to take cover as the two shot at each other. Of course, since Guntz's guns actually fire bullets whilst Nack was shooting corks, the fanged sniper had to resort to dirty tactics to keep up with the Golden Killer, but Guntz proved the superior of the two in the end. Nack swore vengeance and fled on his Marvelous Queen while Guntz smiled with satisfaction at besting his copycat. Though that joy was short-lived as the Pantheon's law enforcement showed up right after and sentenced Guntz to fix and clean the area he and Nack shot up, with Klonoa being to serve that sentence as well since Guntz is his herald and thus his responsibility. That experience didn't endear Nack to Klonoa, and on learning more about the treasure hunter came to regard him as a rival: viewing him as Guntz without any honor or redeeming qualities.
      • Deities have also noted similarities between Guntz and Shadow the Hedgehog, both being the dark-furred, edgy and mean foils to blue-clad and friendly heroes. And on meeting Shadow, Klonoa and Guntz could see what those deities meant. Fortunately, there are enough differences between the two that Guntz and Shadow don't view each other as fakers and have become allies due to their shared sense of solitude and justice. Though Shadow really wishes Guntz would speak with a cleaner mouth, as the swearing combined with his firearms and hoverbike reminds Shadow too much of how he behaved in his own game. Klonoa himself is on good terms with Shadow, recognizing him as a fellow hero, even if he feels Shadow could lighten up and be more friendly.
    • Klonoa would also soon meet the Babylon Rogues, rivals to Sonic's own team, who heard about Klonoa owning a hoverboard and challenged him to a race. The Dream Traveler put up a valiant effort to beat the trio of birds and did manage to get ahead of Storm and Wave in the final stretch, but Jet was just too fast for Klonoa to beat. Being a good sport, of course, Klonoa complimented Jet for his skill and vowed to improve his boarding to win next time, which the hawk stated he'll be looking forward to. Since then, Klonoa has been practicing his hoverboard skills and meeting with Tails for some upgrades to increase its speed.
  • Klonoa became befriended by Sora when the Keybearer heard about another hero who travel to many worlds and saves them from destruction. Both being one of the most loving and friendly heroes who are also young yet really tough boys, and wield iconic weapons that are among the most unusual (a ring and a key), Klonoa and Sora naturally get along great and consider each other kindred spirits to an extent. Sora was also amazed at how Klonoa is able to enter people's dreams, at least until the Dream Traveler told him about how he has no choice in where he goes or how long he can stay. Sora immediately felt sorry for Klonoa, knowing how much he'd be bummed out if he was unable to freely travel worlds and revisit old friends, and even though the Dream Traveler assured Sora that the Pantheon allows him to be with his closest friends again, the Keybearer comforted Klonoa by telling him that so long he keeps the memories of his friends in his heart, they'll always be with him.
  • Klonoa also became good friends with Avatar Aang, being yet another All-Loving Hero who is a young boy attuned with the wind and was born with the divine task of maintaining his world's balance. Aang could relate all too well with Klonoa on the burden of being a "chosen hero", as the revelation of being the Avatar caused Aang to be left out of games from the other airbending kids and then nearly separated from his beloved mentor, among so many other things. Though the airbender admitted that that's nothing compared to the burden of being the Dream Traveler, not wanting to even imagine having to leave behind his friends for an indeterminate amount of time. Of course, Klonoa thinks that the burdens of their respective roles are equal and is simply happy that Aang is in a good position now. Aang appreciated Klonoa's thoughts and praised the Dream Traveler for his heart and strength, and then offered to assist Klonoa in any situation. In the meantime, Klonoa and Aang like to get together to practice their wind abilities.
  • When Klonoa first saw Beerus, he thought that the god was Emporer Jillius, ruler of the Empire of Dreams whom he had helped before, and greeted the purple cat before realizing Beerus was someone entirely different, and a great deal bigger than any emporer. Though Klonoa's first encounter with Beerus turned out amicable, the feline deity having been in a good mood on being met by the Dream Traveler, Klonoa became very suspicious of the Destruction God for his job description alone. The Dream Traveler's wariness of Beerus only increased when he learned from other deities about how ill-tempered, petty, and jerkish Beerus can be, destroying whole planets just because a few inhabitants annoyed him. But realizing that he and his allies wouldn't stand a chance fighting Beerus, Klonoa makes an effort to stay on the deity's good side and try to get him to be a nicer person.
    • On a similar note, Klonoa does not trust Hypno at all due to the Pokemon's resemblance to Bagoo, Emporer Jillius' treacherous advisor, and Hypno's penchant for kidnapping children only cemented the Dream Traveler's distrust. Only things keeping Klonoa from deeming Hypno as an outright enemy is that the Pokemon is actually harmless, all things considered, and is not only allies with NiGHTS and Ysera but enemies with much worse deities.
  • Klonoa can often be found within the House of Sports on his free time, partaking in as much as the place has to offer. The Dream Traveler found himself being particularly fond of baseball, having no less than three different outfits, the last one reserved for the Christmas season. And of course, Klonoa never misses a chance to go snowboarding with his hoverboard, singing "Stepping Wind" all the way to the ends of each snowboarding course.
  • "Rupurudu!"

    Portgas D. Ace 
Portgas D. Ace, God of Impulse-Influenced Tragedies (Fire-Fist Ace, Gol D. Ace, Portgaz D. Trace)

Lesser Gods

    Admiral Razorbeard 
Admiral Razorbeard, Unholy Herald of the Downer Beginning

    Ood Sigma 
Ood Sigma, Divine Representative of Naturally Pacifistic and Tragic Races

    Rick Grimes 
Rick Grimes, God of Sorrow-Grown Beards (Rick, Sheriff, Officer Friendly)
Television Rick Grimes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The badge of his police officer uniform
  • Leitmotif: Lead Me Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Anti-Hero, I Did What I Had to Do, He Who Fights Monsters, Papa Wolf, Beware the Nice Ones, Pay Evil unto Evil, The Gunslinger
  • Domains: Love, Protection, Survival
  • Heralds: Carl Grimes (his son), Daryl Dixon (his "brother").
  • Allies: Lee Everett and Clementine, Edward Newgate/Whitebeard, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, The Survivor Crew, Jill Valentine, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, Bryan Mills, Saeko Busujima, The Green Flu survivors, Joel and Ellie, Ikoma and Mumei
  • Enemies: Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, William Birkin, Alexia Ashford, Quan Chi, Walter White, Edward Richtofen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Negan.
  • Being a survivor became first nature to Rick Grimes. So when he had been ascended into the pantheon he quickly drew out his Colt Python prepared to kill the first walker he saw. He didn't trust anyone he didn't know so during his first days in the pantheon. It turned out he was the only person from his group to ascend in the pantheon. The reason being was through Lee and Clementine who felt he was long overdue being free out of the hell Rick had been through.
  • Many deities notice his certain visits to the other houses. When people ask about his actions he simply gives this reply. "I'm doin' stuff and thiiiiinnnnnnnngs."
  • It took Edward Newgate from the Pantheon of Fathers to calm Rick down, and explain there was no danger from walkers in this place. Unlike Lee, however, he didn't have Carl around, which made him very agitated. Edward knew his fatherly love outweighed his role as a god. He promised Rick he would be reunited with his son one day in the pantheon. In a way, the former cop saw a bit of herself in the veteran pirate.
  • He was able to come across Lee and Clementine, the both of them knowing some of the horrors Rick had gone through. Since they had been through the dangers of walkers they got along very well with each other. Like Rick, Lee is very protective of the young and Clementine hoped he would get to meet Rick's son.
    • Like Clementine before him, Rick worried about his infection spreading to the entire Pantheon, since like her he didn't ascend upon death. Thankfully, he has been told that was not the case.
  • Despite Saeko Busujima coming from a different culture, Rick respected her abilities with her sword the Murata-tou. She also reminds him of Michonne another swordsman whom he misses along with Carl. Saeko would love to meet her and see her blade in action.
  • While Rick was trying to relax and come to grips with his new life here some of the best men in fighting bioterrorism came to visit Rick. Chris, Leon, and Claire met Rick first and wanted him to know they were sympathetic to his pain and suffering. They also suggested he speak with others like them who wanted to put an end to virus that would create the zombies or as Rick knew them The Walkers.
    • Taking their advice he visited the House of Health and Diseases where he met Jake and Sherry. They both also were happy to find someone who could survive the undead. Sherry, in particular, was very happy to learn about how much he cared for his son. She was grateful he would be there for him unlike her father who seemed to care more about his work than her.
    • It's through speaking with the various survivor of Umbrella's schemes he's come to despise the kind of people who knowingly make viruses to infect the world. He's made it his personal mission to kill any of these people he comes across for their actions. This includes necromancers who take advantage of the dead for their own gain.
  • Many consider Walter White and Rick Grimes to have a few similar traits to them. They both also came from shows made on a similar network. Rick is quick to point out he needed to survive in a different world. Walter chose to act through criminal means, and if he was still a cop he would want him arrested by his own hands if he got the chance.
  • He gets along with most of The Survival Crew, except for Edward, who he's come to hate.
  • One day Rick came across a note left on the ground. He didn't know who it was from, but the note said the following message. The Pantheon is gonna need Rick Grimes.
  • After the Savior War, the mere sight of the grinning man known as Negan was enough to make Rick point his trademark gun in his face. They were still at odds with each other despite all that's happened before their ascension.
  • Ever since a certain video, Rick was sent over to the House of Health and Diseases to get his ears treated; deafness can be very deadly in the world with a Zombie Apocalypse. Lee Everett and Clementine have been advised to take the same treatment.


    Dr. Zalost 
Dr. Zalost, God of Sad and Haunting Scores
Zalost after his change of heart 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The letter "Z" framed in gold
  • Theme Song: The Tower of Dr. Zalost
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Neutral Evil; True Neutral leaning towards Neutral Good after his change of heart
  • Portfolio: Tragic Villain, Initially Green-Skinned, Evil Sounds Deep, Gloomy and Depressed which makes him want to make everyone feel as he does, Lean and Mean, Mad Scientist, Meaningful Name, Sore Loser, Becomes a better person after eating Muriel's Happy Plums
  • Domains: Science, Sadness, Tragedy, Villainy, Happiness, Music
  • Herald: Rat, his assistant.
  • Allies: Courage, Muriel Bagge, Eustace Bagge, Sadness, The Doki Doki Literature Club, Simon Henriksson, Eeyore, Hikari, Rapunzel, Pinky and the Brain, Blue Diamond
  • Rivals: Dr. Evil
  • Enemies: Dementors, Ratigan, Nerose Satanael, Dr. Screwball Jones
  • Depression is often a condition that can plague basically anyone in the world and such fate fell upon the tragic figure of Dr. Zalost. A brilliant scientist who one day came to Nowhere and demanded huge amounts of money to fund his unhappy cannonballs project. He attacked the town after being negated his money and being mocked, causing everyone to be as unhappy and as miserable as he was, but even if he got what he wanted he was still not happy. That's when he came accross Courage and the Bagges, who Zalost decided to target after realizing there were people that he missed. After hitting Muriel, Courage embarked in a quest to save her and in doing so brought down Zalost's Tower and the Doctor was not happy with that. However, after eating Muriel's Happy Plums, Zalost became a more cheerier person and realized the errors of his way. That's why much later he ended up atoning for what he did and later awarded godhood thanks to a recommendation by his new friend Courage.
  • The reason for his arrival? The forebonding and sad music that encompasses his present, hinting at Zalost truly sad existance. His title isn't really representative of what he became after losing his tower to Courage and would rather not be near a place as dreary as the side of the House of Emotion he was put in and so prefers to stay in the House of Music instead.
  • As stated before, Zalost is a reformed person and a good friend of Courage, often visiting him and Muriel to have himself a doze of those happy plums. He also brought along Rat, who was turned into a baby after eating a happy plum and Zalost has tried his best to raise him right after mistreating him a lot, often giving Rat lots and lost of hugs.
  • Zalost means sorrow in slavic languages and the good doctor has tried his best to combat his constant sadness and depression even if he was misguided in his attempts. He also ended up making friends with several people who too suffered with depression one way or another although they wouldn't go as far as to harm others because of that like Zalost did. He is often seen with unlikely people you would find someone of his archetype, like that one time he joined the Doki Doki Literature Club because he thought doing poetry would be fun and he find a lot of common ground with Sayori and believe it or not, relating a lot to Monika for their shared roles as Tragic Villains who regret their actions.
    • Related a lot to Simon Henriksson in the sense of how they wanted to take their rage upon others because of their depression. Simon was initially hesitant to approach Zalost not because of his appearance but because he has had his share of bad experiences with Mad Scientists but after noticing that Zalost was too a struggling person just like him, he decided to give him a chance.
    • Hikari was another one who overcame her own depression thanks to help from other parties and as a future cinema director she though making a documentary on Dr. Zalost tale would be a good starting point. She approached him with the idea and he instantly fell in love with it, but he is not too happy to relieve those sad memories but if he at least gets to do something fun and make more friends then he is up to it.
  • Dr. Evil was a bit jealous that Zalost was succesful in his attempts of ransoming money out of the Nowhere Mayor unlike Evil's plan to get 1 billion dollars. He is also a bit dissapointed that he stop being evil and is dedicated to finding ways to be a heroic figure but he is not overly antagonistic towards him and more of a rival.
  • Given that Courage accidentally found a way to turn his Unhappy Bombs into Happy Bombs, Dr. Zalost has been studying Muriel's happy plums in order to find a way to make incredibly sad people like he used to be feel fine again. His first test subject was Eeyore, notorious for how gloomy he is and shoot a ball to see if he felt better. It worked for the most part, as Eeyore felt a little more upbeat than usual but later returned to his usual self. Zalost is hopeful he could repicate the result that undid his attack in Nowhere.
    • However, he received some backlash by some deities for trying to force people into being happy, something he couldn't quite understand why would people dislike what he is doing. He later learned that some people trying to force happiness into people regardless of their feelings like Nerose Satanael and Dr. Screwball Jones. In a Heel Realization, Zalost discovered that he maybe shouldn't try to push his attempts at making Happy Bombs but he still believes it could help some people feel better.
  • He still lives in his tower but has taken a great effort to make it less ominous. It's officially labelled as his temple and he can take his tower whenever he wants to, making it a few of temples that can move from their established location, but for the sake of being simple he is officially listed in a single place to avoid any confusion. Rapunzel got a few nasty memories after a chance encounter with the tower but thought Dr. Zalost himself was a nice individual overall and even became friends with him.
  • Often seen visiting the House of Rabbits and Rodents since that's where usually he takes Rat to make friends. Rat has grown up a little ever since he was shrunk down to a baby and he is not as grumpy as before (although he is bound to let an annoyed grunt out whenever Zalost makes a bad joke). Outside of that house the duo tend to be seen with both Pinky and the Brain, mostly because the latter respects Zalost inventions and wouldn't mind using those for World Domination but knows that Dr. Zalost wouldn't allow him to use them.
    • However, neither Zalost nor Rat are big fans of Ratigan, who tried to coerce Rat to join him in his criminal activities, with Rat just groaning at his insistance and not bothering to respond to his proposal. Ratigan since then wants to get back at them but knows that the Doctor is more dangerous than he looks.
  • If there is one thing he would rather avoid is succumbing to his sadness again and that's why he both fears and hates the Dementors for feeding on emotions, not helping that the creatures took an interest on Zalost Unhappy Bombs. He was also initially a bit wary of Sadness, the Anthropomorphic Personification of said emotion, but seeing as she was just an emotion from another person who too suffered with similar complicated feelings he felt more comfortable becoming her friend (She is a bit horrified at the prospect of Unhappy Bombs but she doesn't hold it against the doctor).
  • Loves hugs and can be often seen hugging Rat whenever he has nothing better to do. He will often go looking for cozy people to share hugs with and he even is trying to open a program where sad people will get free hugs in order to feel better.
  • Can also be found at Musical Compositions.

    Tomoya, Nagisa, and Ushio 
Tomoya Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa, and Ushio Okazaki, Divine Family of Tearjerking Games (Tomoya: Kid, Garbage Doll || Nagisa: Nagisa Okazaki || Ushio: Girl from the Illusionary World)
Nagisa, Ushio, and Tomoya
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A blue, pink, and yellow Dango respectively
  • Theme Song: Dango Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Chastity Couple, Opposites Attract, Official Couple (Tomoya and Nagisa), Struggling and Succeeding to Obtain Happiness
  • Domains: Lovenote , Emotionsnote 
  • Heralds: Naoyuki Okazaki and Shino Okazaki (Tomoya's father and grandmother), Sanae and Akio Furukawa (Nagisa's parents)
  • Allies: Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi, Kotomi Ichinose, Tomoyo Sakagami, Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, Baby Bink, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, All benevolent deities in the House of Health and Diseases
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, Yuuki Terumi, Junko Enoshima, Joker, all evil deities in the Houes of Health and Diseases
  • Fears: Nurse Mildred Ratched
  • Complicated Relationship with: Johnny Lawrence
  • Clannad was notoriously known to cause many to cry at such emotional and tragic scenes. Tomoya, Nagisa, and Ushio were all chosen to represent their world because many of these heartaching events centered around them, as well as their earned happy ending. When Nagisa died in childbirth, Tomoya fell into a five year depression, which led to Nagisa's parents raising Usio. When Tomoya does take in Ushio, their relationship is initially estranged before the two reconciled, especially after Tomoya realizes he's doing the exact same thing his father did to him. Just when it looks like things are getting better, Ushio suddenly contacts the same illness as her mother and dies, leaving Tomoya grieving once again and apparently dying as well. However, meeting his daughter in Illusory Dream world, Tomoya discovers all the light orbs he collected from helping his friends and family achieve happiness by completing their goals allows him to turn back time and avert Nagisa's death, allowing the two of them and Ushio to finally earn their happy ending.
  • While normally this wouldn't be done, Tomoya, Nagisa, and Ushio come from the route in which the former two ended as the Official Couple and conceived the latter despite their world being a harem series in which Tomoya chooses which girl to date. This was done because the two getting together has Nagisa dying in childbirth, Tomoya abandoning his daughter, reconcile with his daughter, and watch his daughter die as well.
  • The parents often get harmless ribbing from others because they are seen as the most chaste couple in the Pantheon with jokes about their "lewd" hand holding.
  • Otonashi became quick friends with Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa, and due to his desire to help, finds himself often getting involved in some of their activities and understanding the pain of losing someone close. The couple feel sympathy towards Otanashi and Kanade after hearing what they went through and hope they'll be reunite in their next life. Kanade is also willing to help the couple whenever they need it.
  • The family show sympathy for Kousei and Kaori after seeing their similar struggles. Unlike them however, Kaori remains dead and Kousei is left heartbroken, so the couple didn't get a happy ending at all. They're at least relieved Kousei and Kaori reunited in the Pantheon and have a chance to start over.
  • Many deities were driven to tears about Nagisa's tragic death, but there were two gods however that found it funny and enjoyable. Yuuki Terumi laughs at how Nagisa died and how her family was doomed to a miserable demise afterwards, and even more, he likes to emulate Tomoya's voice just to hammer it down further. This proves REALLY fatal as Nagisa was too sweet-hearted that her sickness would kick about and put her in near death state that only quick treatment to the House of Health and Diseases would save her through extreme healing and mental therapy. Junko enjoyed the despair Tomoya felt at seeing his wife and daughter die in front of him, showing disgust over Tomoya was able undo these personal tragedies, though she won't hesistate to rub his initial failure as a father in his face just to reopen old wounds. Ever since then, the whole flock of Nagisa and Tomoya's friends always do their best to make sure Terumi stay the hell away from the couple and prevent them from using their methods again. Ushio is also protective of her parents and refuses to let these bad people harm them.
  • Johnny Lawrence, while a Jerk Jock, had paternal issues stemming from his stepfather. His adult life was horrible like Tomoya's, due to his mother dying before Johnny's own son was born, causing Johnny to neglect him and straining their relationship. While Johnny is trying to seek redemption, his method of teaching kids karate becomes a corrupting factor towards them, leading them to become more aggressive and strung up. Tomoya and Nagisa do sympathize with Johnny, but remain wary of his methods. The two do dislike John Kreese for how he encourages his students to become more unruly and aggressive, as well as being a horrible parental figure to Johnny.
  • As a neglected child, Tomoya Ozaki saw a lot of himself in Maise, seeing as he was on the giving and receiving end of neglect; he was barely noticed by his father Naoyuki and Tomoya himself would not pay attention towards his own daughter, Ushio, for five years. The catalyst for both of these occasions was to do with the deaths of Naoyuki and Tomoya's wives, which emotionally broke them and shattered their motivation. Knowing that Maisie would retain feeling rattled without company, Tomoya is willing to look after and play with her like he would have liked to with Ushio. With permission from Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Wix of course. He's also having Ushio hang out with her as a friend, which ended up working pretty since the two bonded over being victims of neglect.
  • Nagisa and Ushio tend to visit the House of Health and Disease due to how they both died from their illness. They quickly befriended friendly healers such as Asia Argento, SCP-2295, Tony Tony Chopper, and Baymax, as well as people with illnesses, disorders, or disabilities, such as Yukki Konno, Yune, Enju Aihara, Barbara Gordon, Wally, Frank Zhang, Nunnally Lamperouge, and Hisao Nakai. They tend to avoid people who intentionally spread disease such as Thrax or Typhus. They especially fear the likes of Nurse Mildred Ratched after seeing just how badly she treats her patients.
    • Tomoya also makes visits to the House to see if it's possible to get his right shoulder healed, making it possible to play basketball again. While there is no confirmation so far, Tomoya still visits the House of Sports to play some baseball, getting along with Babe Ruth and Michael Jordon (the latter whom sympathizes with Tomoya due to his Career-Ending Injury).
  • Exclusive to Tomoya:
    • Throughout his fairly normal life, Tomoya had lots of antics at high school, got a job, moved out, got married, and had a kid. But at the same time, Tomoya has also led a pretty soul-crushing life at the same time, his dad was abusive and often neglected Tomoya, his girlfriend couldn't graduate from high school with Tomoya and his friends because she got very sick, his wife died right after giving birth, his kid died not long after Tomoya reconciled with her. For a long time, the poor guy just couldn't catch a break.
    • Tomoya was originally the sole God of Tearjerking Games, before he eventually decided to share his title with Nagisa and Ushio when they were allowed to move in with him. Because of this, Tomoya sympathizes with other deities who had gone through a rough life just like he did, especially if they lost someone they cared for dearly or made the same mistakes he did.
    • Not long after his ascension, Tomoya became good friends with Itsuki Inubozaki as not long after becoming a hero, she became unable to become a singer because she lost her voice, much like how Tomoya was unable to become a basketball player when his father dislocated his shoulder.
      • He also quickly developed a friendship with Kamen Rider Knuckle as he was forced to give up on his dream of being a dancer because he hurt his leg.
    • If he's not in his temple, Tomoya will often be together with Nagisa, or hanging out with one of his other friends who also went to Hikarizaka high school.
    • Tomoyo found an unlikely friendship in Akeno Himejima as both hated their fathers for a long time, before finally reconciling with them.
  • Exclusive to Nagisa:
    • Upon her ascension, Nagisa reformed the drama club in the house of theater and was joined by many other deities. However none of them get too close to Nagisa as the other deities know that Nagisa is already married and even if she wasn't they wouldn't want to see her immediately die after giving birth.
      • Nagisa was originally Goddess of Club Reformation in the House of School Activities before it was decided by the Court of the Gods for her to share a House with her husband and daughter. Despite this, she is still remembered for her former title, and she still gets along with Rei Miyamoto since they both had to repeat a school year due to circumstances beyond their control.
    • Nagisa gets along well with other deities who restarted clubs that were on the verge of being disbanded such as Yui Ichii, Yuzuko Nonohara and Yukari Hinata and Houkago Teatime.
    • When Nagisa saw how much Rena loves trying to trying to take whatever she deems cute home, Nagisa was immediately reminded of how much Fuko loves trying to take her daughter Ushio home.
    • Many deities are familiar with Nagisa's stories from when she was mortal because of how infamously heart wrenching her adult life was. Just talking about it has an almost supernatural effect to bring any deity talking about Nagisa's past to tears.
    • Giving Nagisa alcohol is a bad idea due to her behaviour becoming reminiscent of a crazy person but it's admittedly amusing to see at the same time due to her craziness being the "funny haha" crazy as opposed to the "funny weird" crazy. This most likely led to her quick friendship with Rock Lee since he also has low alcohol tolerance, though his antics are seen as less amusing, especially when he's in the heat of battle.
    • It's not uncommon to hear Nagisa singing Dango Daikazoku to herself due to it being her favourite song. Some deities enjoy singing along with her because they think it's cute while others find it annoying because she does it all the time.
  • Exclusive to Ushio:
    • Unlike her parents, Ushio is a newcomer into the Pantheon and didn't have a title or House, having just ascended. Regardless, Ushio is still remembered for her personal story of her estranged relationship with her father before reconciling with him, then dying from the same illness that claimed her mother's life. The Court of the Gods were impressed by how, even in death, she managed to help her father save themselves and Nagisa from their original fate, allowing them to start over as happy family again.
    • Being a child, Ushio tends to talk with other kids her age. Some of the most notable include:
      • Nanako Dojima became best friends with Ushio, since they both have a tomboy streak (Nanako likes grasshoppers, Ushio likes toys for boys and baseball). They usually hang out the most in the House of Family, talking about their interests as well as their initially estranged relationships with their fathers.
      • Ushio finds a lot of children willing to be her friend in the House of Children. Harry shows Ushio his dinosaurs and takes her on his adventures, leaving Ushio awed by all the dinosaurs she sees. Mary Adler impresses Ushio with her intellect, finds comfort when Linus presents her a Security Blanket of her own, shows surprise with how mature Momo is, and tends to share stories with Satsuki, Mei, and Yotsuba.
      • Greatly sympathizes with Anne-Marie for wanting the love of a parent, and is ouright horrified when she learned how dogs had used her for the sake of profit. Ushio is at least glad Charlie grew to care for Anne-Marie and allow her to find a family.
      • Becomes quick friends with Cream the Rabbit, who showed her the Chao Garden near her temple. Cream offers Ushio a chance to play with her and the Chao under her care, with Ushio agreeing.
      • Yui and Ushio became good friends due to their bonds with their parents, as well as how they help their parents in their time of need. Yui was saddened that Ushio grew up not knowing her mother personally and having a strained relationship with her father, but is glad she got to earn a happy ending with them. Ushio in turn is happy how Yui found her family in Kirito and Asuna.


    George and Lennie 
George Milton and Lennie Small, Gods of Tragic Dreams
L - R: Lennie and George.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A small farm with a rabbit sitting in front.
  • Theme: "George and Lennie"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Guy, Little Guy, Heterosexual Life-Partners, forced to travel in search of work, Plan on owning a farm with rabbits but never comes to fruition,
  • Domains: Goals, Agriculture, Tragedy
  • Allies: The Farmer, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, Jimmy Hopkins, Dumbo, Charlie Chaplin
  • Enemies: The Killer Rabbit, The Lepus, Eustace Bagge, Gary Smith, Trollkaiger
  • Annoyed by: The Three Stooges
  • Opposed by: The entire House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Complicated relationship: the ascended Looney Tunes
  • During The Great Depression, migrant worker George Milton and his physically strong, yet mentally-impaired friend Lennie Small arrived in California to work on a farm so that they could earn enough money to set up a rabbit farm. Despite their best efforts to achieve their relatively humble dream, things don't go according to plan, to put it lightly. Both had been going from place to place due to Lennie's dim-wittedness and uncontrollable strength costing them their jobs Things quickly escalated even more-so when Lennie accidentally murdered the wife of the hot-tempered Curley, which lead to him being wanted by Curley himself. It all culminated in George having to shoot Lennie in the head so that the latter didn't have to suffer anymore, rendering the duo's efforts and dream for naught despite their friendship.
  • A train arrived in the Pantheon one day, with George stepping out and finding himself in an unusual place. It was clear that he was looking for a place to go to after what had happened back then, though some claimed to George directly that he can see Lennie again much to Milton's disbelief given that he pulled the trigger on Lennie. George was taken to a place in the Pantheon that is described as where those have died can come back to life. George had never been used to hearing anything about the supernatural, but he would understand what kind of place the Pantheon is after seeing Lennie show up in front of him, and even then it took time for George to process everything that was happening. Lennie then asked George about the rabbit farm and the latter then knew what he was trying to do before tragedy had struck. It was entirely possible for a second chance to have a peaceful life in the Pantheon and to get a rabbit farm set up, though not much has changed in terms of George taking care of Lennie.
  • While the duo were looking to see if there were other farmers interested in helping them out, a young boy referred to simply as The Farmer showed up at their place. George was surprised to see a kid like that would be able to tend to a farm successfully and do so for long periods of time. The Farmer was sympathetic to George and Lennie's plight and offered them plenty of help in having their farm set up. In turn, George and Lennie would check in on how The Farmer is doing on their end and make sure problems don't come up.
  • Eustace Bagge didn't take it well after learning that more farmers were around supposedly threatening his job and has presented himself as an obstacle for George and Lennie. All of Eustace's attempts at obstructing the pair have ended in failure, though George does get really annoyed at him. Not helping Eustace's case is him lacking the skills of a farmer (and various other things) needed to take himself seriously in front of George and Lennie. George has even compared Eustace to Curley as far as his condescending attitude is concerned, with Eustace having a greedy disposition on top of that.
  • Their efforts to have their rabbit farm established in the Pantheon would come with some obstacles and help separate from what they first attempted. It was a given that they would find a multitude of rabbits, but what they (George more-so) didn't expect from those bunnies was them having minds of their own. While looking for rabbits for their farm, Lennie ended up coming across a white bunny that some people nearby were acting scared towards, with George having concerns about it. Lennie hugged that bunny, not fully being aware of what it was trying to do to him. Lennie had a few injuries, but the Killer Rabbit was worse off and was limping away. George and Lennie were told about the Killer Rabbit, alongside a whole group of deadly rabbits known as the Lepus and were advised to have caution in making sure these particular rabbits don't end up in their potential farm.
  • The pair have had a tough time getting along with the Pantheon's ascended Looney Tunes. The reason? Most of them have met or worked with individuals similar to Lennie, with Sylvester having to put with being called "George" by his partner Bennie,note  whilst Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and later Marvin the Martian encountered an abominable snowman named Hugo, who also loved to hug and squeeze bunny rabbits and name them George. For their part, the Tunes hold no ill will towards the real George and Lennie, and have offered to help them in whatever way they can... which lead to George telling Lennie to "hang out" with them, knowing their Toon morphology would be able to handle his strength.
    • On that note, the vast majority of the lagomorphs, rodents, and just about every other animal in the Pantheon, keeps a healthy distance from Lennie, due to his tendency to accidentally kill everything he hugs due to his immense strength. They know Lennie means well, due to his love for rabbits, but they aren't taking any chances.
  • The dynamic between George and Lennie has been noted by other like-minded deities. As such, the pair have formed a friendship with the Ed and Eddy, partially because of their shared similarities. Both pairs are comprised of a big and ridiculously strong oaf with an obsessive love for a specific animal (chickens for Ed and rabbits for Lennie) and a short Jerk with a Heart of Gold (well, sometimes) who makes get rich quick schemes. Just in their case, they're all ultimately balanced out by the addition of Edd (Double D), who acts as the weak and meek brains in the roster. They also found companionship with the Bone cousins, with Fone Bone happily helping out the duo while Phoney Bone trying to get Lennie aid in his money-making plans. It didn't end well for the bone.
  • Despite all five coming from the Great Depression, George finds the Three Stooges to be absolute morons, even more so than Lennie and only because Lennie actually knows more than he lets on. However, that doesn't mean he's opposed to the knuckleheads. Lennie gets along well with the Stooges, and Moe has admitted to have gone on multiple adventures with Larry and Curly all for the sake of finding a job. For that, all five can be seen trying to help pay for the rabbit farm... as long as the Stooges don't screw things up.
    • The pair also get along with Charlie Chaplin, who's sympathetic to their cause and often tries to cheer them up whenever things don't work out.
  • The reason George became friends with Lennie is an interesting one. Turns out George had been picking on Lennie back in their school days, but later stopped after realizing the latter didn't notice he was being bullied in the first place. As such, both have no interest in the Pantheon's resident bullies. Chief among them was Gary Smith, whose sociopathic behaviour rubbed George the wrong way and immediately made him quick friends with one Jimmy Hopkins. Jimmy keeps an eye out for anyone willing to pick on Lennie behind his back, ready to kick their ass in the process.
    • This disdain for bullies was what lead George and Lennie to befriend Dumbo, as they sympathized with the flying elephant's own predicament of being bullied and picked on by his peers in the circus. They help out at Dumbo's circus from time to time, even getting free tickets to the performances, but there was one condition. Lennie must be kept from handling the small animals, especially Dumbo's own mouse friend, Timothy. That said, Lennie is allowed to hang out with the elephants, who are more than capable of dealing with his strength.
  • It should be noted that while Lennie is a Gentle Giant and not one who usually fights back, he can and will end a fight rather quickly if pushed far enough. It was how Curley's hand got crushed into a pulp in the first place. One day, the Trollkaiger decided to take some time to harass Lennie, mostly for the heck of it. When George told his large friend to fight back... well... they all ended up in the House of Health and Diseases for about two weeks afterwards.
  • "Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don’t belong no place. . . . With us it ain’t like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. We don’t have to sit in no bar room blowin’ in our jack jus’ because we got no place else to go. If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. But not us."