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Here dwells the beings of legend and mythology, often spoken about and usually having some latent tie to the House of Religion and Faith. The environment is perpetually misty, giving the appearance of a Fluffy Cloud Heaven. However there are numerous badlands, intimidating mountain ranges and water rapids with tough rocks and peaks.

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Intermediate Gods

Chiron, God of Centaurs (Chieron, Archer of Black, The Great Teacher, Mr. Brunner)
When summoned as a Servant

    The Lernaean Hydra 
Lernaean Hydra, Deity of Hydras and the Hydra Problem (Lernie the Bone Hydra)

    Medusa (Fate/stay night
Medusa, Goddess of Gorgeous Gorgons (Rider, The Gorgon, Bewitching Black Serpent, Lancer, Ana, Medousiana, Goddess of the Shapeless Isle, Avenger, Monster of the Shapeless Isle, Saber, Golden Sword Gorgon)
As a Lancer
As a Saber
As a Avenger
Gorgon Monster
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her head with snake hairs, Bellerophon, her Pegasus
  • Theme Song: Instant Vortex by Yuu Asakawa
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good normally, Neutral Good as a Lancer and Chaotic Evil as The Gorgon
  • Portfolio: Sexy Gorgon, Dark Is Not Evil, Mystic Eyes of Petrification, Screwed Up Past And Present, Cool Pegasus, Tall Beauty which she's insecure about, Likes Shirou and Sakura because of their kindness, Dressed Like a Dominatrix, Lightning Bruiser, The Quiet One
  • Domains: Loyalty, War, Otherness, Blood, Snakes
  • Heralds: Stheno & Euryale (her sisters, whether she likes it or not) and her separate Servant incarnations (Lancer and Gorgon)
  • Followers: The She-Demon, Duzer, Azami, Celia
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Medea Kuzuki/Caster, Perseus
  • Enemies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Artoria Pendragon/Saber
  • Opposes: Kratos, B.B., Wiz & Boomstick
  • Opposed by: Simon Belmont (though he's really more just very annoyed with her), Percy Jackson, the Mane Six, Pegasus
  • Rocky Relationship: the other Medusa
  • Odd Friendship: Seaport Princess
  • Much like her mythological counterpart, the gorgon Medusa of the Nasuverse started out as an earth goddess along with her sisters Stheno and Euryale and they were conceived to be the Greek's ideal goddesses at the time. They were so beautiful that the jealous Athena transform them into monsters, forcing them to seclude themselves in the Shapeless Isle. There, Medusa was often mistreated by her sisters due to her being born differently than them which causes her to age normally unlike them who remain with child-like appearances, but Medusa didn't mind as she only cared about driving away humans. It's gotten to the point that she enjoyed doing so by drinking their blood rather than petrifying them which scares her sisters and made herself slowly monstrous-looking, eventually becoming the monstrous Gorgon who began seeing her sisters as a nuisance to her hunger. When they realize they have made her a monster, Stheno and Euryale sacrificed themselves as a form of atonement for their part in her downfall and acknowledging that the Medusa they knew was long gone. Alas, the Gorgon met her end in the hands of the hero Perseus when he used a mirror to deflect her petrifying eyes; a role so notable that the Throne of Heroes see worthy of ascension.
    • Later on, Medusa was summoned by Sakura Matou and her family for the Fifth Holy Grail War as a Rider Servant since she was very compatible to her by similar personalities and others' perceptions of them. As she has other things to do, Sakura gave the Book of False Attendant to her brother Shinji which allows him to participate in the Grail War. Her fate varies in each timeline; one has her dead by Saber's Excalibur beam, one has her swiftly killed by Caster & Kuzuki and one has her alive enough to help Shirou save Sakura. In all of them, Shinji proves to be a terrible Master and Rider hates him for that.
  • After the events against Avenger, Medusa was ascended to the Trope Pantheons during its early days under the title of Goddess of Gorgeous Gorgons due to being a sexy interpretation of the usually monstrous gorgons. She was a little embarrassed by taking it up seeing that she refuses to see herself as anything but beautiful, but she'll take what she can get as the real reason why she stayed was there to greet her.
  • That very reason is Sakura Matou, joined by Shirou Emiya when they both were there to greet her in and all three realized that Rider ascended at the same time as her. And of course Rider is ever grateful to Shirou for taking care of her as usual and together, the two vow to always defend Sakura whenever she needs their help and console her in times of duress; she still denies claims of giving Shirou erotic dreams about her and Sakura as she's very private about it with some thinking Rider herself likes Shirou romantically, something she also vehemently denies. And of course, Rider had to restrain herself when she and Saber locked each other's gazes as their previous encounters were very hostile; even in low-stakes situations, their arguments can become violent enough to restart Heaven's Feel though they can hold them off to defend the same people they both protect together.
    • Joining her as Heralds are Medusa's sisters Stheno and Euryale who still belittle her like before though a few noticed it has since died down; their relationship still warrant a lot of criticism from the sub-House of Siblings as they don't want poor Medusa belittled yet again and while Euryale is secretly listening underneath her facade, Stheno visibly ignores them as she feels humans like themnote  are prying into her "family business". Of course when Sakura found out about the abuse, her dark self resurfaced and tortured them to teach them a lesson to not lay a hand on her Servant in her presence despite Medusa's protests; Euryale surprisingly listened but she's afraid she'll walk into a landmine if she's not careful around Sakura while Stheno dreads another moment with Dark Sakura and ended up staying away from her to prevent that.
    • Rider and Rin are also pretty amicable as well, and the former's glad that the latter and Sakura had finally patched up their differences enough to become real sisters again. Lancer too, with common ground in having Masters that never treated them like actual people and more like lapdogs though they treat each other like acquaintances most of the time; at least he's not crazy enough to hit on her so that's a plus. And of course, she's not thrilled to see Caster & Souichirou Kuzuki since both parties are very hostile and they killed her in one timeline; the biggest beef is with Caster, since they both see too much of themselves in each other to the point that it's very irritating. They do call it off for a bit to condemn Saber for slacking off if their moods are good enough. For the most part, Rider's mostly neutral towards Taiga Fujimura but as she kept her memories from the Singularity when she was Ana, she still think Taiga should keep the jokes down.
    • It is to be expected for Rider to be wary of enemies returning, none more so than Gilgamesh, Saber Alter and Avenger. She and Gilgamesh obviously don't like each other and would rather hang out with his benevolent Caster self than go through his insufferability, distrusts Saber Alter even if she does protect Sakura every once in a while and can still tell she's still the same Saber deep down and is outright hostile at Avenger who while delighted that she has a vengeful form in Gorgon, is also actually concerned for her to the point that he talks her down from becoming Gorgon after her relentless wild hunt against him.
    • But her vehement hatred is reserved for none other than the Matous who have abused Sakura for all her life, and Shinji was such a poor Master to the point that Rider began hating seaweed since it reminds her of him and his hair and shares no sympathy for them even when they often die like cowards. Shinji and Zouken likewise are displeased that Rider's here since Sakura and her dark side is torture enough and they can't move forward with their agenda without her hawking on them.
    • Medusa was finally happy to see the Master of Chaldea once again as he treated her as kind as Sakura and Shirou was and is ready to serve by his side once again. Of course, also joining as Heralds are the separate Servant incarnations of Medusa, one is a precocious looking Lancer (often called Ana) who represents her innocent past with her sisters and her longing feelings towards them and the other is her monstrous Avenger form in Gorgon who represents what Medusa became when her hunger for humans spirals out of control; as per the Pantheons' nature, she can assume their forms but chooses not do so and neither Medusas are usually in the same place at the same time unless their Master calls for it. Rider is also ready to fight the currently ascended Beasts once again, as they pose a threat to her world's history and especially Tiamat whose fight against she received memories of.
    • Has gotten along with the other Rider Servants Alexander The Great/Iskandar and Astolfo. Iskandar does let her use the name "Rider" since he himself prefers his own in order to expand his own conquest on the Pantheons, which Medusa allows as long he doesn't hurt her close ones. Astolfo got along with Medusa for being a fellow excellent rider, the fact that they used to have shitty Masters (Celenike and Shinji, respectively) and suffering because of it until the ownership changed and even Medusa agreed that if she was in Astolfo's shoes, she'd take a cue from Medea and kill that Master outright. When she noted that if he discarded his virtue as a Paladin of Charlemagne so that he wouldn't have to suffer for it, Astolfo surprisingly agreed... but also doesn't want to discard that honor of his because he'd rather live through it, an answer Medusa can't help but smile at.
    • Rider had been summoned into the Moon Cell in another timeline and she had faced opponents in Altera and Li Shuwen, recognizing them as formidable threats that needed to be stopped at the time (Altera especially). Now that they all have the same Master, they struggled to work together in sync without squabbling at best and fighting destructively at worst.
    • On the subject of the Moon Cell, Rider has met B.B. and two of the Sakura Five, Meltlilith and Passionlip and her first reaction to them is of confusion as they all share Sakura's face. After observing B.B.'s behaviour towards some hapless victims of her shenanigans, Rider concludes that she is not to be trusted further. She does prefer Meltlilith and Passionlip anyway, especially since they now serve the Master of Chaldea and the two likewise see her as reminiscent of their other member, Violet who had Servant data of her as part of her conception.
    • One person Rider did not expect to see again is Perseus, the hero who slayed her; they fought in combat for a while before culminating into a draw unlike before and they exchanged experiences in their respective Grail Wars, realizing they both changed a lot since their historical encounter. Still, they walked away as rivals with Rider considering him "a successful Shinji" while Perseus can tell she is more tempered than last time.
  • As she also have Mystic Eyes, Rider got curious of other wielders of a different pair of Mystic Eyes from her multiverse which led her to Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi. Rider and Ryougi recognized each other since working at Chaldea and Tohno had to stop himself from instinctively killing her, though that does not stop him from finding her to be nice. The Shikis do feel bad for her and have met her on separate occasions from time to time.
  • As there are two other Medusas in the Pantheons, the Rider Servant would always insist on being called "Rider" to prevent further confusion and to distance herself from becoming Gorgon again. While Rider dislikes the mythological Medusa because her action gives gorgons a bad rap, she does feel sorry for being abuse by the Gods. The two also share their animosity towards Athena for turning them into the way they are and Athena likewise is still sour at them for reasons specific to their situations.
    • She however despises Medusa Gorgon for her treatment of Crona who she later befriends later on. The evil Medusa herself feels that Rider is too nice and resents the shared name and she's even more pissed off that because of it, she now is on the receiving end (and more well-deserved) of whipping on the head by Simon Belmont (or occasionally Trevor). Crona themself was at first intimidated from Rider's aura, but later on found out she is much more reserved than perceived when they hanged out at the House of Knowledge.
    • This also got her under the radar of those who faced an incarnation of Medusa such as Kratos, the aforementioned Simon, Pit and Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard. Kratos couldn't care less of her yet Rider avoids him because he not only did rips off the head of his world's Medusa, but also his world's Euryale which makes him very lethal even if he's no longer vengeful, Simon at first constantly whipped her while thinking she is the Medusa Heads' progenitor but stopped when he found out she was not truly the Medusa he knows and apologizes and finally, Pit and Haruto confronts Rider to see if it really was the Medusas they knew; relieved that she isn't them, they have befriended her though she is a little irked that their Medusas basically twisted her name.
  • Rider would sometimes remark how her Riding skill is A+, which means that she can ride any type of vehicles effectively, even a granny's bike and may even be able to pilot a mech. This has gotten her in touch with Carol Tea, Yusei Fudo and Tsubasa Kazanari, three renowned bike riders themselves; they all are amazed at Rider's ability to drive anything after they got her to drive the vehicles they can think of, even a dump truck. As such, she's a honorary member of the Legend Riders though they understand that she is not much interested in racing professionally when she turned them down.
    • Humorously, some of the more perverted deities suggest that her Riding skill also applies to a certain activity very well. Though Rider doesn't like those comments, she shrugs and just refers those deities to either Queen Medb or Anne Bonny and Mary Read.
  • One of Medusa's newfound hobbies even before ascending is reading books as she loves the quietness of doing so which got her in contact with Shiena Kenmochi and Ami Mizuno; the three had it off pretty well after dispelling some dissonance of Rider's aura and often discuss books, their benefits and the content they provide. Another book-lover she ran into is Naoki Kashima when she was browsing another section of the Library; the two of them hit it off and became fast friends, and now they regularly meet to discuss literature and real life mythology. Uganda hasn't come up yet.
    • Relatedly, Rider was briefly attacked and nearly mugged by Flynn one time before he realized she wasn't the same Medusa he knew of old; Rider yet again is annoyed that she's basically the butt of mistaken identity at this point.
  • She enjoys swimming as well which prompts Aoi Asahina to meet Rider and aside from finding her stunningly gorgeous, she now always invite Rider for swimming; Rider does accepts on a few occasions but she mostly turn them down since whenever she goes to the pool, most people ogle at her for her beauty which she finds disconcerting. On the subject of water, Rider managed to struck a friendship with Seaport Princess of all beings possibly because they both are monstrous beauties who are otherwise soft-spoken and protective of their own little sister figures; Rider does note that she sounds like Passionlip but she knows the two are pretty much separate people at this point.
  • Rider is very protective towards Sakura and would do everything in her power to assure her safety. In fact, even if certain deities are friends with Rider, if any of them would to ever harm Sakura she wouldn't even hesitate to kill them; it's because of this very protective nature, minus the killing part that she is really good friends with both Gardevoir and Gallade. This is also why she opposed Tagachi, because his betrayal of his master goes against everything she stood for and he's one of the enemies she and Saber share enough to fight together; Tagachi himself is also being wary of her as much as he is with Saber since Rider is potentially more dangerous in ruthlessness.
    • Sometimes Rider's protective nature gets the best of her. When Percy Jackson accidentally bumped into Sakura one day, Rider got angry enough to the point that she immediately transformed into her Gorgon form and it took Shirou, Sakura and Ritsuka to calm her down and send the spooked demigod on his way. Rider is saddened she let the worst of her consumed her yet again and hopes to mend the bridge with Percy soon, but as of right now he's still scared of seeing for fearing of the earlier incident's repeat.
  • Many were surprised that Rider is very sensitive about her height due to a difference during her birth that made her age normally unlike her sisters. This got her in touch with Karen Kohiruimaki (LLENN in the digital space) and Makoto Kino AKA Sailor Jupiter who also had to deal with their tall height issues for their whole life; Karen feels bad that Rider has gone through a lot worse than her and most of the time it's not even about her height so she resolves to bring her to quiet but fun places to cheer her up while Makoto gives Rider some pointers of handling her own height and being careful with it since she herself had to figure it out doing so during her own adventures.
  • As she is both gorgeous and snake-y, Rider does get along well with Alice the 16th very well, along with having terrible pasts. It also helps that they also have Artoria as a mutual contact but Alice is bummed that Rider and Artoria mostly don't get along so she hopes to mediate their scuffles if she can. Apophis is one snake deity Rider refuses to acknowledge, finding him evil due to wanting destruction to all and made Gorgon look like a saint in comparison.
    • Since she's also inhuman, Rider is not immune to Luka's scent which attracts monster girls to him romantically and unwillingly. After getting snapped out of seducing Luka by Alice, Rider profusely apologizes when she found out they're both married but Alice forgave her and let it slide since it's normal for this to happen but she will not be so kind if Rider does seduce him by choice, a warning that the Servant eagerly complied as she never planned on doing so anyway. SCP-166 also relates to Rider in unintentionally attracting a lot of males with their beauty much to their utter dismay and seeing how 166 usually can't defend herself, Rider vows to be there if she needs it.
    • On one outing, Sakura invited a friend to join her and Rider for some shopping; that friend is Boa Hancock who felt an aura within Rider, causing the two to have a tense atmosphere at first. As time goes on, Rider and Hancock did broke the ice and they were surprised they have a lot in common, like being beautiful gorgons and going through some kind of abuse which makes Rider see her as a more combat-capable and confident Sakura and at the end of the day, they are now fast friends; something Sakura herself is happy to see. They do know about the simulation of them fighting which really is just their outing but it's a hostile situation; as such, they both opposed Wiz and Boomstick for letting this happen and while they both are amused at it's existence, they were right that they are not really calling the shots anymore.
  • As she was seen sucking off Shirou's blood in his story's bad endings and it's due to her hunger on humans, Rider is often mistaken for a vampire though while she does drink blood, it mostly to regain some mana. This mistake did made her become friends with Seras Victoria who exchanged her experiences with Rider and they sympathized with each other since they both can't take back their old life but they have learned to live with their new ones. And then there's Michael Morningstar, a Jerkass pseudo-vampire whose obsession towards Gwen Tennyson reminds her grimly of Shinji in a way (also herself to an extent when it comes to Ayako) and is biding her time until she has a good enough reason to spill his guts; Mike meanwhile is intimidated by her death glares and knowing that she is a gorgon, is worried to death of looking straight into her eyes.
  • When the Mane Six heard that Rider could summon the actual Pegasus, who is her child, they wanted to meet him. Unfortunately for them, she could only summon him by drawing blood and when she slit her throat, the sight of the blood cause them to cringe and for Fluttershy to faint. The Mane Six since then became scared of Rider (Rainbow Dash and Applejack meanwhile are on edge) which once again further bums her out; though in her defense, she hadn't considered that the Six hadn't seen worse than the threats they usually faced.
    • Speaking of horses, Rider heard that there is another version of Pegasus besides her own residing in the same sub-House as her and he is very loyal to Hercules. They meet and Pegasus was also rather horrified when she summoned her world's Pegasus by the same method; his fears died a little when he was aware she usually means no harm to anyone else but her enemies.
  • Enemies of Sakura are also her enemies as well so Rider began antagonizing Ragyo Kiryuin, Skull Face, Kamen Rider Kaixa, Noob Saibot and Master Xehanort; Ragyo and Skull Face for being no better than Zouken and Shinji when it comes to abuse, Kusaka for disregarding the personhood of both her and Sakura, Xehanort for seeing potential in using Sakura in his schemes and Noob for threatening Sakura's life while brushing off her troubled past. All of them scoff at Rider but are preparing themselves in case she becomes Gorgon yet again to annihilate them. Rider is also protecting Sakura from King Allant XII and Manus as Allant wants Sakura to join him and Manus' temple might potentially turn her into something worse, something even more terrifying than Gorgon.
  • At one chance, however, she worked out a chibi form, aka "eco mode" in order to increase her mana economy, which caused Sakura and Shirou to Squee a lot. Then she shared that method to Saber. Cue the Fate/Stay Night deities (and later, the entire pantheon) being drowned in nosebleed. And then, Rider admits she did so just to get close to Ayako, a girl she's obsessed with which did got her some scrutiny for.
  • "You don't look so tasty..."
  • Also found in Physical Attractiveness.

    The Saturdays 
The Saturdays members, Divine Family Experts of Cryptids (The Secret Saturdays, Zak: Kur, Solomon: Doc, Fiskerton: Fisk)
Clockwise from top: Zon, Fiskerton, Drew, Zak, Komodo, and Doc
Doyle Blackwell
  • Intermediate Deities as a group, Lesser Deities Individually, Zak can become a Greater God if he taps into the full powers of Kur
  • Symbol: The Saturday Logo
  • Theme: The Secret Saturdays Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All: Cryptids, Adventurer Archaeologist, Badass Family, Undying Loyalty, Experts on interacting with lesser known animals:
  • Domains: Cryptids, Science, Secrets, Adventures, Exploration
  • Herald: Wadi, Ulraj, Leonidas Van Rook, Tsul'Kalu, Dr. Paul Cheechoo, Dr. Miranda Grey, and Professor Talu Mizuki
  • Allies: Most of the benevolent deities in the House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Enemies: The Evil-Alighed members of the House of Otherness, The Lich, Father/Benedict Uno, Grandfather, Katz, The Great Fusili, King Ghidorah, Pokémon Hunter J, The Komodo Bros, Penelope Mouse, Ozai, Lady Tremaine, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Shou Tucker
  • Intrigued by: Every other Pokémon deity, Godzilla, Mothra, King Kong, Joe Young, The Elder Dragons
  • The Saturdays are a Badass Family of Cryptozoologists who travel around the world and protect the cryptids, while searching for and safeguarding secrets too dangerous for mankind from evil. Eleven years prior to their greatest adventure, Solomon and Drew Saturday would unearth the Kur Stone, an Artifact of Doom that serves as a map to the Tomb of Kur, an ancient Sumerian creature said to command a cryptid army to destroy mankind. It would later be stolen by their Arch-Enemy V.V. Argost, who hopes to gain control of Kur and use its power to Take Over the World. After a battle between Argost and the Secret Scientists broke the Kur Stone into three pieces, Doc and Drew would bear a son named Zak Saturday, discovering he has the power to influence Cryptids and believe he is destined to bring balance to the evil of Kur they unleashed by unearthing the Kur Stone.
    • After solving one mystery after another, and racing V.V. Argost to find and put an end to the threat of Kur, the Saturdays seemingly succeed in defeating Argost and bringing down a giant cryptid assumed to be Kur. But it is soon revealed that Zak is Kur. It turns out the Kur Stone held Kur's essence, and when it was unearthed, Kur would choose the unborn Zak as his vessel of reincarnation. Six months later, the Secret Scientists have turned on the Saturday family because they want Zak in cryogenic stasis to neutralize the threat he poses, the Nagas want to corrupt him so he can lead the cryptids into exterminating humanity, and Argost shows interest in his powers and offers Zak to teach him how to use them. Zak agrees to let Argost teach him what he knows, while having his uncle, Doyle, find out about Argost's past while he tries to prepare for the inevitable betrayal.
    • Argost eventually unveils his plan, summoning Zak's Evil Counterpart, Zak Monday, so he can drain him of the Anti-Kur spirit from him, acquiring it's power while killing the boy. After Zak battles and initially overpowers Argost in a war of the Cryptids, Argost would drain Zak's powers to add to his own, causing him to implode as a result of mixing matter and anti-matter together. Zak is saved and resuscitated by his family, rendering him a normal human boy.
    • Three years later, Zak is revealed to have regained his powers, albeit weakened, and teams up with Ben Tennyson to fight against Dr. Animo and the resurrected Argost. The Saturdays and Ben were able to succeed in defeating Argost and have remained good allies ever since.
  • Zak was once a God of Cryptids in the Pantheon before he was eventually forced to leave. However, the Court of the Gods reviewed his case and decided to allow Zak to come back and bear the title again, this time sharing it with his entire family. The Saturdays now spend their days in the Pantheon protecting the beasts in the Pantheon and studying them. They occasionally pay visits to the House of Japanese Spirits since many of the Yokai were considered Japanese Cryptids.
  • The Saturdays show interest in the various Elder Dragons in the Monster Hunter world. Despite the name, they're not entirely made up of dragons and is more-so an umbrella term for rare and powerful creatures that tend to be more like natural phenomena. While the Monster Hunters do hunt different kinds of monsters, it's done to keep the enviornment safe and to help coexist with nature, so the Saturday are willing to tolerate and work alongside them provided they don't go overboard.
  • Doc and Drew both had differing views on the supernatural. Doc didn't believe in magic and everything has a logical explanation though. He did eventually learn to accept magic, though out of desperation rather than any real faith, so he's at least respectful of the House of Magic and any Magical beings within the Pantheon.
  • Besides the cryptids present in the Pantheon, the Saturdays are curious about Pokémon as well, especially the most rare, including Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Zak has wondered if his powers also work on Pokémon as well, if only because some of them are similar to cryptids.
  • The Saturdays had experience in dealing with giant cryptids before, mainly one in Antartica they mistook for Kur, so they were just as fascinated by the Kaiju in the Pantheon as well. Zak ponders on whether or not his powers can work on the likes of King Kong, Godzilla, Joe Young, and Mothra, but he otherwise still treats them with compassion as any other living being.
  • The family, especially Zak, naturally have nothing but contempt for Hunter J, since she's a poacher who hunts Pokémon to sell on the black market. But unlike most Pok´mon Trainers, the Saturdays are capable combatants with or without animals, cryptids, or Pok´mon to fight with, so Hunter J takes them the most seriously as a threat.
  • The family got along quickly with the likes of Jackie Chan and consider his expertise in archaelogy and martial arts very reliable. Jackie in turn is willing to support the Saturdays whenever they're investigating ruins related to the Cryptids, though he still tends to keep a tight leash on Jade's activities.
  • Jack Sparrow is a complicated character to the Saturdays. Both Zak and Doyle like wacky misadventures and Loveable Rogue personality, but Doc and Drew don't like him due to the fact that he's a pirate and trouble-magnet. They only tolerate him when they need his help, but Doc and Drew make it very clear they're keeping an eye on Sparrow so he doesn't become a bad influence on Zak.
  • The Saturdays are welcomed in the House of Family and Relatives due to their great loyalty to each other, even after all their struggles to stay together. Doc and Professor Utonium became fast friends due to being Science Heroes and loving fathers to their children. Drew shows sympathy for Sophita due to being Forced into Evil for the sake of her child and Top Speed when she was murdered while pregnant, being very protective of her children and fearing for their safety. Minato and Kushina earned the parents' sympathy after learning how they died not long after their child was born, but are impressed by how they were still able to help Naruto from beyond the grave.
    • Understandably, Doc and Drew have no patience for abusive parents or family members. Both of them are absolutely disgusted by the likes of Ozai for scarring his son, Lady Tremaine for treating Cinderella like a slave, Relius Clover and Shou Tucker for experimenting on their family, and Ragyo Kiryuin for sexually abusing Satsuki. They see the act of mistreating children utterly unforgiveable and won't hesistate to beat them down for what they've done.
  • Exclusive to Zak:
    • Became quick friends with Nate Adams after learning about his Yo-Kai Watch and how it allows him befriend Yo-Kai, some of whom also bear a resemblance to cryptids. Nate shows some towards Zak's powers and their origins, but knows that Zak is a good person and would never willingly harm anyone. He actually even questions if Kur is evil at all, with Zak admitting he doesn't know the full story about the beast.
    • Zak got to reunite with Ben Tennyson in the Pantheon. The two got along very well after teaming up against their common foes in Animo and Argost, though Zak is not amused by the fact Ben flirted with his mother despite the age gap and the fact she's married.
    • Since Zak's power still resides within him, proof that he is still Kur, Zak fears he still will be destined to bring about mankind's ruin. The House of Prophecy doesn't deny this, but the ones Opposing Fate aren't willing to give up so soon, trying to find a way to avert Zak's destiny. Zak is touched and decides to look for a way to avoid this.
      • This allows Zak to get along with fellow Anti-Antichrists such as Rin Okumura (son of the infamous Satan), Ryoji Mochizuki (harbinger of death destined to bring about the Fall), Artix Von Krieger (the champion of darkness), Raspberyl (a delinquent who goes against what's expected of a demon), and Baby Beel (son of Hell's ruler who was send to destroy humanity). All of them sympathize with Zak and have extended an offer to join them if he wants, which Zak is all too willing to accept. Ryoji in particular also suffered an unavoidable fate of being the Harbinger of Mankind's fall, so he is the most sympathetic to Zak. Zak still encourages Ryoji to try changing his fate, which Ryoji doubts is possible, but still wants to make the effort to do so anyway, touched by Zak's determination.
    • Zak can be seen going to the House of Mentalities to meditate and learn to better control his powers as Kur. Zak has learned from experience how his emotions are tied to his powers when his belief that he's evil because he's Kur caused his powers to go out of control, not to mention how the Nagas forced him to use his powers against his will, so he's decided to strengthen his willpower and mental state to better control Kur's power.
    • Jade and Zak became good friends due to their love for adventure as well as having a Badass Family to aid them. Both also note how overprotective their uncle and mother respectively are, with Jade admitting how much she envies Zak in actually being allowed to participate more often in his family's expertise. They also like the other's companion (Tohru and Fiskerton) and became fast friends with them as well.
  • Exclusive to Drew:
    • Louise Banks got along instantly with Drew, who can speak 37 human languages. Louise knew the Heptapod's language, and agreed to teach Drew in the event her family needed to communicate with them. They have since been working studying other extraterrestrial languages in case they need to communicate with them during their missions.
    • Drew tends to visit the Houses of Magic and Knowledge to further her studies of the supernatural. She gets along with the likes Doctor Strange, Merlin, Albus Dumbledore, and Uncle Chan due to their knowledge of the mystic artes, and they even go so far as to show her some of the mystical artifacts held in the Pantheon's Treasury.
    • Shana also has a flaming sword just like Drew's, only the Nietono no Shana works differently from hers. Drew is fascinated by some of Shana's powers and her loyalty to her duty, while also eager to support her relationship with Yuji. At the same time, she note some of Shana's previous lack of social skills and decides to show her how to be more social, reminding Shana of Yuji's mother.
  • Exclusive to Doc:
    • Max Tennyson once worked alongside Doc on a cryptid-related matter, so the two got along quite well. They also approve of Ben and Zak's friendship with one another, hoping that the two's experience in their expertise can help each other grow as people.
    • Doc was quite impressed by Senku Ishigami's intellect and knowledge of science, even more so when he learned of how he managed to survive the world after civilization disappeared and is working to rebuild it. Senku in turn was impressed by his knowledge of cryptozoology and as well as his drive to protect his family, the world, and cryptids from danger. Doc is willing to provide his expertise to Senku to help him rebuild civilization, which the latter is grateful for.
  • Exclusive to Fiskerton:
    • Fiskerton is a Lemurian, those fated to protect the world from Kur's evil. Ironically however, when Zak is revealed to be Kur, Fisk still goes out of his way to protect him, literally becoming the "Kur Guardian". This allows him to become fast friends with Yuya and Yuzu, who have a similar relationship of being close friends despite being Anti-Anti-Christ and the person meant to stop him respectively. While Yuya and Yuzu managed to solve their dilemma somewhat, Fiskerton is still trying to protect Zak and ensure he doesn't succumb to Kur's power, with the two encouraging him to keep trying.
    • Quite the Picky Eater, since Zak had once tried to order for him, but overly complicated order ended up causing chaos in the restaurant when he Fiskerton ran in to order for himself. While some of the more patient chefs are willing to fulfill Fiskerton's orders in the House of Food, there are some chefs that aren't willing to cook for Fiskerton after this incident.
    • Gets along well with the likes of Shaggy and Scooby. Scooby, in one timeline, became a possible Antichrist where the animal is the first to succumb to the Curse of Nibiru, yet never once did and stayed true to his friends and even helped an end to the evil plauging Crystal Cove. Shaggy and Scooby admire Fisk for his loyalty to Zak, and also encourage him to stay by Zak's side no matter what happens.
  • Exclusive to Komodo:
    • Komodo is known to eat almost anything, from meat to fish to eggs. This tends to come in handy for some occasions, if it does gross out Zak. This allows Komodo to get along with the likes of Amythest, who is also known to eat different things, even if they're not actually human food. Amythest likes to shapeshift into Komodo every now and then, which Komodo off-guard the first time it was done.
    • Komodo once ruined one of the Komodo Brothers's scams by eating all of their merchandise. The Bros hate Komodo for this and formed a grudge ever since. Komodo in turn cares less for their scams and likes to steal more of their things for a good bite to eat.
  • Exclusive to Zon:
    • Aerodactyl got along with Zon as a fellow pteradon, and unlike with the Duah, Aerodactyl has no interest in being her mate nor a desire to eat her. The two usually hang out in the House of Beast to soar through the air, while Zak is more comfortable with Aerodactyl than he is with the Duah.
    • Fish in the Pantheon tend to fear Zon, since she tends to feed on fish. Most aquatic beings aren't willing to allow Zon to enter the House of Aquatic Life, so Zon tends to hunt elsewhere in the House of Beasts and Fauna.
  • Exclusive to Doyle:
    • Han Solo and Doyle became fast friends due to their dynamic of initially looking out for themself before eventually choosing to stay by the people they care for the most. Doyle actually shows sympathy for Han due to losing his son to the Dark Side, even more so when that very same son killed him, though he's not sure what to think about Kylo Ren after his ascension into the Pantheon.
    • Doyle quickly found some companions in the Cooper Gang, even finding a kindred spirit in Bentley after learning how he was stabbed in the back by his girlfriend. Doyle once dated Abbey Grey until he finds out how she became Van Rook's new apprentice for the sake of money, so he understands all too well how that feels. Just like how he promised Zak they would get back at Abbey, Doyle promises Bentley they can get back at Penelope for the betrayal when the time comes, which Bentley accepts.
    • Qrow Branwen and Doyle found themselves alike in so many ways that they unsurprisingly became fast friends. Both are seen as a Cool Uncle to Ruby Rose and Zak respectively, both have some bad habits frowned upon on their family members and friends, and even suffered a betrayal from someone they care about (Raven for Qrow, Abbey for Doyle). The two tend to hang out in their spare time, talking about their adventures, their pasts, and their families.

Lesser Gods

    Baine Bloodhoof 
Baine Bloodhoof, God of Minotaurs
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Bloodhoof Clan Crest stuck on his totem
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Generation Xerox, Wise Beyond Their Years, Our Minotaurs Are Different, Big Weapons, Gentle Giant
  • Domains: Bulls, Philosophy, War
  • Predecessor: Cairne Bloodhoof
  • Followers: Mino Magnaxe, Alistar
  • Allies: Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Cyborg, Tavros Nitram, Kaguya Nanbu, Elite Tauren Chieftain
  • Enemy: Garrosh Hellscream, Deathwing, Lord Tirek
  • The son of Cairne Bloodhoof, he won his father's throne after retaking the city of Thunderbluff from the Grimtotem tribe.
  • Fervently opposes Thrall's "successor" Garrosh Hellscream for his ruthless tactics and bloodlust, eventually going as far as helping the Alliance in bringing him down. This is also one of the reasons he ascended.
  • Believes in achieving a peaceful solution to most conflicts but will not hesitate to defend his people.
  • The reason why it took him so long to retake his father's throne was due to a nasty rumor claiming that, when a child, he was captured by Centaurs and needed to be rescued. Baine does not deny them but says that the experience helped shape him into the leader he is today.
    • Him being more pacifistic than most Horde leaders did not help his case. But Baine is more than happy to show these insulters that pacifism does not equal weakness.
  • Whenever Cyborg is near and exclaims "MOO-YAH!", Baine rolls his eyes. Not that it ruins their friendship, especially when fighting evil. Baine believes that the spiritual strength of his race and Cyborg's technology when combined can be a deadly force.
  • He finally succeeded in his longtime quest to take down Garrosh, helped by Thrall and Vol'jin. Like the rest of the Horde, he gave his full support of Vol'jin becoming the new Warchief. With this, he saw the spirit of Cairne smiling at him proudly before vanishing forever, with Baine taking the passing of his father from the Pantheon with Manly Tears. Now, the throne of Minotaurs is fully his and Baine has sworn to use it for good.
    • However, he is aware that he probably might have to skip going over the battlefield amongst Blizzard deities. He's already sent one of his followers there and if there needs to be another Tauren, he's foreseen that his father would materialize in spirit and join the nostalgic fight.
    • And furthermore, on the news of Garrosh's return, Baine has prepared to the possibilities that they will fight once again.
  • Though his people are not very hostile, they are very hesitant with centaurs since the race were aggressively evil and has driven the Tauren out of their ancestral homes. While he tried to get along with good centaurs like Centorea, Chiron and Ventari, he will not show mercy to evil centaurs like Tirek.
  • A lot have made bets that Kaguya Nanbu was going to be courted by Baine because she could've been a very sexy Tauren in disguise (Well, there WAS a certain Master of Disguise Tauren…). Kaguya debunked that when she personally paid a visit to his house, perfectly have a 'tea ceremony' and becoming friends with Baine while the latter acknowledged her of 'Definitely humanoid, not Tauren.'

    The Chupacabra 
The Chupacabra (Chupacabras, El Chupacabra, "Goat Sucker", "The Moca Vampire")
Artistic Rendition of the Chupacabra.
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Bite marks on a goat
  • Alignment: Unknown. Thought to be Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Urban Legends, Our Cryptids Are More Mysterious, Targets and eats animal livestock, Vampiric Creatures combined With Modern UFO Mythology, Inconsistent Spelling
  • Domains: Myths, Creatures, Folklore, Hunting, Mystery
  • Investigated by: The Men In Black, The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: Jabba the Hutt, the House of Extraterrestrials, Scarface (Predator)
  • Allies: Dag, Wile E Coyote, Remilia Scarlet
  • On good terms with: The House of Vampires
  • Enemies: The Farmer, Otis, Miltank, Okkoto-nushi, Babe (really any livestock deity, herder or farmer), John Marston, The Hunter (Bloodborne), the Monster Hunters, Deadpool, The Fantastic Four, Dib Membrane, Brock Samson, The Courier
  • Commonality Connection with: Sableye
  • A cryptid and mythical creature from Latin American folklore, the Chupacabras is said to be a creature of rare or possibly alien origin who attacks and mutilates cattle and later drinking their blood. Its first sighting having been made in Puerto Rico, the legend of the Chupacabra spread throughout the rest of Latin America and even the world, with countless sightings and dead animals wherever it went. Now it roams the darkest halls of the pantheon, having found the perfect opportunity to continue to stalk and feed on animals.
  • It first entered the picture after sneaking into the Farmer's residence and mutilating some of his cattle. The Farmer found out about it and quickly alerted the authorities, who quickly acted and after an intense search, they were able to locate the creature and capture it.
  • The creature's true nature is under investigation by both the Men in Black and the SCP Foundation, as it has traits of cryptids and alien beings. As far as they can deduce, it's more of a fantastic animal than a serious threat. For now, their conclusion is that it's best to leave the Chupacabra be, increase security at any farm and leave out some spare sheep and cows so it can have a meal without bothering people. They consider it low on the cryptid tier list.
  • Initially the SCP Foundation believed that it was related to SCP-2636, or Potrix caprarum sapiens, thought to be the last of its kind. However the Chupacabra in the pantheon doesn't show that specimen's level of intelligence, and they have come to the conclusion that the different interpretations of the creature are different species in the genus of Chupacabra in general.
  • Due to the creature's habit of targeting animal livestock, bovine, porcine and sheep deities stay away from it. The various farmers in the pantheon want the thing out of their sight, so monster hunters have been hired to get rid of it. Scarface took up the job because he heard the Chupacabra was a troublesome creature and wants to try and hunt it for the challenge.
  • Usually hunts alone, and its animalistic nature prevents it from having many allies. Dag took a liking to the creature, as did Wile E Coyote, and wants the creature's help whenever they hunt. It's believed that the Chupacabra sensed some sort of kinship with them, since wild coyotes have a habit of taking livestock and bothering farmers because of that.
  • The House of Vampires consider the Chupacabra to be a Team Pet. Even Count Orlock likes to see it as the sub-house's pet, and they feed it a freshly killed goat like some sort of cat. Sometimes the scent(or stench according to most) of the House of Blood and Gore attracts the Chupacabra, where it drinks the blood present. It prefers livestock rather than a purely liquid diet, though. Remilia also keeps it as a pet. She thought it was a tupai, but even after discovering the truth still thinks it's cute. Bizarro thought he had a pet chupacabra that he called Collin, but it turned out to be a Green Lantern. He wants to make the Chupacabra in the pantheon his pet.
  • Due to its UFO associations, the House of Extraterrestrials were interested in the Chupacabra and have let it wander around so they may study its behavior. Jabba the Hutt finds it an amusing creature and wants to make it a second Salacious Crumb. Some have compared it to Sableye, due to the inspiration for the Pokemon(the Hopkins Goblin) being a mysterious alien goblin, combining fair folk and extraterrestrial traits.
  • The Winchesters consider hunting after chupacabras a waste of their time. Deadpool does not, and he once fought a bunch of chupacabras who stole a goat named Bella. The Fantastic Four also dealt with the Chupacabra, and Brock Samson killed one that tried to attack . Billy had one latch onto his nose, but being Billy treated it as a pet. After hearing word of its arrival, the Courier wanted to hunt the thing after he mistook a Super Mutant. It was like what they'd envisioned, minus it carrying an automatic weapon, disappointingly.
  • Not fond of John Marston. During a zombie outbreak in the southern border of Nuevo Paraiso, Mexico, Marston tracked it down and killed it, stating that at the time it resembled a Hyena more than how usually it is shown in the Pantheon. Mystery Inc. encountered someone who posed as the cryptid, which the chupacabra wasn't impressed by as that "chupacabra" resembled a sasquatch and was inexplicably part of Aztec mythology.

    The Dazzlings 
Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze, Godly Triumvirate of Sirens (The Dazzlings, The Sirens)
Left to right: Sonata Dusk, Adagio Dazzle, and Aria Blaze
Their Siren forms
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their red necklaces
  • Theme Song: Under Our Spell
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Sirens, Hatred, Music
  • Followers: Sirene, Silka, Tahm Kench, Queen of the Black Puddle
  • Allies: Courtney Gears, Clockwerk and Neyla, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Lucifer
  • Rivals: Yuna
  • Enemies: All of the good Equestrian deities, The Equestria Girls, but none as much as Sunset Shimmer, Lightning Farron, The Dog, Hatsune Miku, the Mermaid Princesses, Squigly
  • It was a pleasant day in the Pantheon for many of the gods… until Lightning burst into the Main House with the Dazzlings in tow. Apparently, the Dazzlings had somehow slipped into the Pantheon and hypnotized the gods there into a trance-like state of hatred. After snapping the gods out of their hypnotized state, Lightning captured the trio and dragged them to the Main House to get them thrown out. This ended up backfiring when Melkor approved of their actions and offered them a place in the Pantheon as the Godly Triumvirate of Sirens.
    • Adagio later admitted that they actually did not need to hypnotize most of the gods and could have easily sustained themselves by feeding off the eternal hatred of some. When asked why they didn't do just that, she replied "the best meals are the ones you work for."
  • The Dazzlings spend much of their time in the House of Hatred, as they see the place as one big all-you-can-eat buffet.
  • The Dazzlings have found a kindred spirit in Courtney Gears, and have dubbed her the unofficial 'fourth Dazzling'.
    • In a similar vein to Courtney, the Dazzlings' actions have frustrated Yuna to the point of sparking a rivalry since she stages concerts to foster solidarity between people.
  • Hatsune Miku doesn't like them at all, due to evil usage of music, but she especially hates Aria, due to their similar hairstyles. The feeling is rather mutual. Both versions of Rarity think that it looks better on Miku.
    • Another enemy of theirs from the same House is Lucia Nanami, who is on the opposite end when it comes to "song effects" and moral use of it. Puzzlingly, instead of succumbing to hatred, Lucia is simply inflicted mental pain when the Dazzlings sing in her range. However, the same seems to apply the other way around, with Lucia's singing undoing the Dazzlings in addition to hurting them.
      • And then it got worse when Lucia was moved to another House... and ascended all of her heralds to join her. Now the opposition has been octupled.
    • They also have a rival bordering on enemy with Squigly, who carries a similar grudge. They, particularly Adagio, are more interested in exactly how an undead could hope to match their abilities. One fight/sing-off later, and even Aria had to agree she wasn't half-bad…for a walking corpse. They barely avoided getting burned by Leviathan's revenge attack as they made their escape.
  • The Dazzlings regularly taunt Sunset Shimmer, High Priestess of the Formerly Hated God, for being a mere High Priestess while they get to be goddesses. Luckily, said god, the Duck Hunt Dog, is always there to chase them off, usually followed by his annoying laugh as they run away from a barrage of cans, frisbees, and bullets.
    • They were not at all pleased to see Sunset Shimmer herself ascend properly. To make it worse, her ascension was followed by the Dog laughing at them for the entire day.
  • In a way, the Dazzlings have made their own jobs even harder on themselves. While the Pantheon collectively has even more magic than Equestria did, this magic also gives the gods a level of resistance or outright immunity to their siren song.
  • Lucifer approached the Dazzlings with an offer to join the GUAC; in exchange for being able to feed off of the strife that naturally follows in the wake of the conflict he spreads, they would act as his 'Performers', using their songs to drain the morale of his enemies. The Dazzlings took him up on his offer, joining the Morningstar Battalion and showing their worth in the next real battle against the GUAL. To say their presence on the battlefield was a resounding success is a severe understatement.

Pegasus, the Divine Winged Horse
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His wings
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Horse, Pegasus named "Pegasus", Silent Snarker, The Trickster, Giant Flyer
  • Domains: Flying, Horse
  • Followers: Pegasus ponies, Blackjack
  • Allies: Hercules, Zeus, Phil, Aladdin, Zeus, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Sora, Percy Jackson, Derpy Hooves, Caeda, Sumia, Cordelia, Hinoka, Palla, Catria, and Est, Perseus, Krypto, Heracles
  • Rivals: Gilda
  • Enemies: Hades, Jafar, Medusa
  • Wary of: Princess Cadance
  • Distrust: Kratos
  • This pegasus was created by the King of Olympus, Zeus, as a birthday present to his son, Hercules. Many years later, he became one of his companions, as well as his steed.
  • It is believed that the pegasus was born from the decapitated gorgon, Medusa, after she was slain by the hero Perseus. The steed, it is said, was likely born from Poseidon raping Medusa, making him his "son". (Pegasus was very uncomfortable by this idea.) This steed is ridden by the legendary hero, Bellerophon, who had slain the monster Chimera. As for Medusa, "Pegasus" was very frightened of the gorgon and she wasn't the gorgon that his friend, Hercules, befriended.
    • He also found Rider, whose true name is Medusa, and was rather horrified when she summoned another pegasus by slitting her own throat and drawing the blood that formed the steed.
    • Perseus managed to ride one of the pegasi, though there were some inconsistency with this assumption. First, he heard that the race were driven to extinction by Calibos. Second, the one pegasus he rode was bigger, meaner, and black. And finally, he thought that there was one only and thought that it was birth from the body of Medusa after her head was cut off. Both of them gave up thinking about it, especially now that Perseus has his own Bellerophon reign.
  • Like Hercules, he was deceived by both Hades and Jafar into fighting Aladdin and his friends. Thankfully, they learned of their plans and stopped them, and he befriended the Magic Carpet.
  • He found many small pegasus ponies and some alicorns in the Pantheon. He is constantly being challenged by Rainbow Dash to see which one of the two is the fastest pegasus in the Pantheon.
    • He is a bit wary of Princess Cadance, though, because he was once tricked by Pain and Panic when they disguised themselves as a pink pegasus and lured him into a trap.
  • He heard there was a pegasus that aided Kratos in his journey to the Island of Creation, but it was killed during the journey. "Pegasus" doesn't want to let the God of War ride him and make him go through dangerous voyages that would get himself killed.
  • He enjoys the company of Princess Caeda and other pegasus riders. He heard how there were other pegasi in their home continent, where they were bred and raised to fight. They could be found in the parts of the continent ranging from the Kingdom of Macedon to the Kingdom of Hoshido.
  • He became a good friend of Percy Jackson, especially since he could appease him as the son of Poseidon, god of horses in the Greek pantheon. He also found out that Percy also befriended another pegasus named Blackjack, but since the latter is not in the Pantheon, he allows Percy to ride him when needed.
  • Gilda doesn't like him and would sometimes give "Pegasus" a hard time. He knows that Hercules met a gryphon before, but he never truly met that gryphon himself.
  • When Sora returned to the Colosseum — and when Hades sent the Hydra to destroy the Colosseum and kill Hercules — he aided Sora in order to reach the creature and destroy it.
  • He thought that Heracles was his friend, Hercules, but it was the god-king of the horses instead. Still, the two horses get along just fine.
  • He is often compared to Krypto the Superdog, in being the animal sidekick to their heroic owners. In fact, the comparison of the two could be very noticable, much like with Hercules and Superman.

    The Wendigo 
The Wendigo, Spirit of Cannibalism (Hannah Washington)
  • Lesser Divine Being, borderline Intermediate
  • Symbol: The black butterfly tattoo in its right arm
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, borderline Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Demonic Possession, No Party Like a Donner Party, Horror Hunger, Only Killed By Fire, Immune to Bullets, Lightning Bruiser, Monstrous Humanoid, It Can Think, Lean and Mean, Living Motion Detector, Was Once a Man, Meganekko, Shrinking Violet, Angsty Surviving Twin, Tragic Monster, Super-Strength, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Monster, Cannibalism, Cold, Spirit
  • Allies: Almost none, it is too dangerous to even have allies, except maybe Arthas Menethil (though he has other plans for the creature), and Spooky (as a specimen for her house), Ithaqua
  • Enemies: Zuko, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Sasuke Uchiha, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Azula, Aang, Alexstrasza, Ragnaros the Firelord, Korra, Nefarian, Deathwing, Tiamat, Smaug, The Pyro, Rin Okumura, Vulkan, Adeptus Sororitas/The Sisters of Battle, Gul'dan, Adell, Laharl (Primary threats), Jame Howlett/The Wolverine, Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, some twin deities
  • Pitied by: Queen Elsa, some twin deities
  • Much of the information comes from Pocahontas, as her tribe, the Powhatan, are part of the Algonquian people who tell the tales of the dreaded Wendigos. Wendigos are creatures of famine and cannibalism, which comes in the winter where food are scarce. Those who are possessed by the spirit will go on a cannibalistic craving and will devour anything in its sight. They'll slowly be transformed before becoming the very monster they are now possessed by. She warned that almost anything cannot kill it and the spirit will never rest and will possess another, but tells that the only way to kill it is by fire.
  • It founded its way into the Pantheon and was on an onslaught to feed its abominable cravings. It took the effort of many hunters and those of fire, to taunt it until they can place it into a cage. They knew that they cannot kill it because the spirit will just find and possess another and there will another problem, thus imprisoning it is the best solution. The SCP Foundation was in charge of keeping it in its custody, even consider doing research on the monsters. The monster was waiting for the chance to feed itself when it escapes and the biggest threat will be the first to die. The God Emperor was even forced to step in, knowing that the Sisters of Battle will want to burn the "unclean".
  • Those that are anticipating its escape, be warned. This creature's hard-as-ice skin is nearly invulnerable to bullets, thus burning it off is your only solution. Nobody knows if using a rocket will also do the trick, but considering how fast it is, it is not recommended. The Wendigo appears to know that fire is bad so it is likely that those wielding flamethrowers or of fire wielders are likely her first targets.
  • According to Twilight Sparkle, there exist a Windigo, blizzard spirits that feed on hatred and strife. She herself doesn't know where they came from, whether it was natural or is actually closer to its mythological roots. She doesn't want to think about the latter.
  • Some gods tried to use the monster as a justification against cannibalism to all of the cannibalistic deities.
  • With assistance of several shamans, including Thrall and Nightwolf, they believe that the human possessed is a girl named Hannah Washington, who supposedly died in the wilderness but manage to survive for a month before eating the corpse of her sister, Beth and was transformed into a Wendigo. They were horrified when they realize that she could be possessed by the Makkapitew, one of the most deadliest Wendigo, so dangerous that killing it was necessary. Considering how this Wendigo appears stronger than the other Wendigos, this fear may be justified.
    • Some actually speculated that the monster that was once Hannah still lives within the husk and believe that they may be able to restore her humanity and body.
  • Though the creature is unaligned with anybody since she'll just attack and eat them, Arthas shows much interest in her since he want to use her as a weapon against his enemies. He doesn't seem to be worried of it rebelling against him since he could just kill it and enslave the spirit.
    • In addition, Spooky wants to take her in as one of her specimens for her haunted house. Unfortunately, the SCP Foundation are putting heavy surveillance on the Wendigo, so Spooky has to hold on to that plan until she could take the imprisoned monster.
  • Though it isn't a primary target, it took caution when fighting against the Wolverine and the Hulk, as they have faced the creatures before, some of these turned Wendigos included Paul Cartier.
  • Some analyzed that the Wendigo fought similarly to Genestealers, a special breed of Tyranids. Very fast, very strong, and can murderize unprepared groups incredibly quick. In addition, they have razor sharp claws that can penetrate armor and decapitate, like the Stranger who has excessive knowledge of Wendigos. However, they can easily be killed by proper preparation and cooperation, as well as flame-based weapons can make them their bitch.
  • Upon hearing of this creature, Elsa is not only horrified but also pities it because she could not think of a sister eating a corpse of her own sister. It isn't she that feels pity for it, some twin deities also have a similar opinion, while other call her a monster when she lost her humanity.
  • Cthulhu believed that she and the other Wendigos are the children of Ithaqua, one of the Great Old Ones.