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Intermediate Gods

    Homer Simpson 
Homer Jay Simpson, God of Bumbling Dads (SIMP-son, eh?; Homie; Dad; Dad-dy, Mr. Sparkle, Bottomless Pete, Mr. Plow, Max Powers, The Beer Baron, Pie-Man, Homer Thompson, Mr. X)

Lesser Gods

    Bryan Mills 
Bryan Mills, God of Papa Wolves

    Randy Marsh 
Randy Marsh, God of Amazingly Embarrassing Dads
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Tegridy Farms Logo
  • Theme Song: Tegridy Farms
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, briefly elapsed into Neutral Evil in Season 23
  • Portfolio: Amazingly Embarrassing Parents, Manchildren, Breakout Characters, Author Avatars, Bumbling Dads, It's All About Me, Never Accepts Blame For His Actions, Large Hams, Becoming Gradually Dumber, Hypocrites, Takes Mundane Things Way Too Seriously, "Stan? Staaan?"
  • Domains: Parents, Idiocy, Embarrassment
  • Herald: Towlie (his business partner), Sharon Marsh (his wife), Shelley Marsh (his daughter), Marvin "Grampa" Marsh (his father).
  • Special relationship with: Stan Marsh (his son)
  • Allies: Homer Simpson, Bender, Liane Cartman, Chef, Barney Gumble, Jay and Silent Bob, Snoop Dog
  • Enemies: The Guinea Creatures, Walter White
  • Opposed by: Every single good Disney deity, the House of Law and Justice, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Christie and Bonnie Plunkett
  • Mixed Relations: The New Kid
  • Banned from: The House of Sports and Magic and Sorcery
  • While it's common for kids to see their parents as embarrassing, Stan's dad, Randy Marsh, takes this idea to a whole new level. Despite starting out as one of the few somewhat level-headed adults in South Park, Randy regularly gets himself involved in all sorts of zany schemes and situations: all of which embarrass Stan to no end. From getting into drunken fights with other dads at his son's little league games, to saying a racial slur on national television and getting testicular cancer on purpose just to legally buy marijuana, Randy's constant antics serve as a regular source of shame for Stan and his family. Seeing his long list of embarrassing misadventures, the gods deemed Randy to be a shoe-in for the title of Amazingly Embarrassing Parent.
  • Stan wouldn't be made aware of his father's ascension until one day when reports were floating around about a man high on drugs roundhouse kicking Officer Wiggum after he and other police officers attempted to arrest him for selling cocaine. Apparently, he was shouting "I thought this was America!" (despite it indeed not being America) as they forced him into a police car. Despite knowing immediately who this was, Stan went to the House of Crime and Transgressions just to be sure. Predictably, he was greeted by a now detained Randy, who nonchalantly greeted his son before immediately asking him to pay for bail. Stan just looked down and pinched the bridge of his nose before silently walking away.
  • It should be said that despite all of his faults, Randy, for the most part, isn't a bad parent and genuinely does care about his family above all. Granted, he is prone to prioritize his latest obsession over them, particularly Tegridy Farms.
  • He's currently fighting to legalize the sale of cocaine. As of now, the movement has made no progress, given the generally greater intelligence of the Pantheon's populace when compared to that of South Park's. This hasn't stopped him from constantly protesting outside of the House of Law and Justice.
  • The New Kid had conflicting feelings about Randy's ascension. While he is still grateful for helping him breaking out of the Grey Aliens' ship, he's also still a bit uncomfortable around him after he drunkenly attacked him and Coon and Friends.
  • Being his former high priest and fellow embarrassing parent, Randy managed to become good drinking buddies with Homer Simpson. The two are often seeing getting hammered at Moe's Tavern along with fellow beer enthusiast Bender. These get togethers always lead to the trio getting into some sort of shenanigans.
  • He's often seen wandering outside of his temple absolutely hammered and generally making a fool of himself. Despite this, he vehemently denies that he's an alcoholic, earning him the ire of recovering alcoholics Christie and Blonnie Pluckett.
  • Takes pride in the massive shits he's able to take, to the point that he insisted on having his most legendary one be kept in The Great Treasury. Of course, the gods denied Randy's request for obvious reasons. Being Randy, he refused to take no for an answer and attempted to break into the house with his massive shit on hand to put on display. Unfortunately for him, other deities anticipated as much and had him apprehended by the police before he got far.
  • Given his business in selling quality marijuana, Randy has gained the approval of stoners such as Jay and Silent Bob, as well as Snoop Dog, all of whom openly endorsed Tegridy Farms' weed on more than one occasion.
  • Since he expanded Tegridy Farms into the cocaine market, Randy found himself a foe in Walter White. On top of being business rivals, Walter is absolutely insulted that a destructive idiot like Randy made it big in the drug industry, insisting that he only got as far as he did because of dumb luck and how stupid the people that populate his world are. Randy, meanwhile, has no idea why someone in the drug dealing business is so stressed out. That said, he tries to keep his distance, because even Randy thinks Walter is pretty fucked up.
  • Because of his tendency to get into drunken fights with fans of rival teams, Randy is forbidden from attending any sports sporting events held in the House of Sports. On a similar note, he's banned from the House of Magic and Sorcery after he showed off his "cock magic" to its residents.
  • Spider-Man wants nothing to do with Randy after he accidentally flooded a Broadway theater whilst donning the Spider-Man costume.
  • Ever since he viciously murdered his version of Winnie the Pooh, Randy earned the scorn of every good Disney deity in the Pantheon. Hell, even a few of the Disney villains were disgusted by Randy. Despite Randy's insistence that the Chinese government was to blame, since he only did it to get in their good graces for the sake of Tegridy Farms, he's forbidden from stepping within a 10 mile radius of Pooh or any other resident of 100 Acre Woods.
  • Despite his faults and reckless idiocy, Randy does care about his family above all else and will readily beat the crap out of anyone that speaks ill of them. Given his tendency to take things like these way too seriously, Stan avoids mentions any conflicts that he may have in the Pantheon, lest Randy gets involved and needlessly escalates things.

    Professor Utonium 
Professor Utonium, God of Fatherly Scientists (Professor, Drake Utonium, Powerprof)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A flask of Chemical X
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Those Eyebrows, Truly Single Father, Literal Fatherly Scientist, Great Parents, Standard '50s Father, Reasonable Leaders, Dislikes Cats, Team Dad, Nice Guy That You Don't Mess With, Scientist In Many Fields
  • Domains: Fathers, Science, Chemicals, Superheroes
  • High Priest: Dr. Ochanomizu
  • Followers: Professor Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm, Dr. Noonien Yoong, Dr. Pietro Polendina
  • Allies: The Powerpuff Girls (his daughters), Nibbler, Mary Poppins, Carl and Ada Clover, Son Chichi, Yui, Astro Boy, Samurai Jack, Kotetsu T.Kaburagi, Krim Steinbelt
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Dr Thomas Light, Dexter
  • Good Counterpart to: Relius Clover
  • Opposes: All ascended cat and spider gods, the House of Crime
  • Opposed by: Homer Simpson
  • Professor Utonium is a brilliant scientist in the once crime-ridden city of Townsville. Hoping to bring some happiness and comfort into his life, he planned to create the perfect little girls using sugar, spice and everything else. An accidental dose of Chemical X resulted in the girls coming alive with superpowers, becoming the Powerpuff Girls. Though artificial creations, the Professor treats them like his biological daughters and loves them dearly. He and the Powerpuff Girls were glad to meet each other in the pantheon.
  • Back in the day, Mojo Jojo used to be a troublesome assistant chimp called Jojo. The two have a rather complicated relationship, and was the one who broke his vial of Chemical X which resulted in both the girls having powers and Mojo Jojo's super-intelligence. Because of this he's also the girls' "father", but it's only brought up to aggravate him.
  • His first name is unknown, so people usually refer to him by the Professor. According to one source his first name is Drake.
  • He is essentially the Good Counterpart to Relius Clover. The two are expert scientists and fathers, however while the Professor treats his creations as family, Relius sees his own family as tools for experimentation. He's expressed a disgust towards the truly single parent Father for his treatment of the Homunculi, and considers the fact they're aspects of himself a sign of immense self-loathing. In general, he isn't a fan of cruel parents or evil scientists. Being in the same house, he's put his focus on Dr Wily. The most positive thing he can say about the man is that he's got some odd fondness for his creations Bass and Zero, but it doesn't justify his actions or the psychopathic Omega.
  • There isn't a Mrs Utonium, something of which he often feels lonely about. He once dated Sedusa, who used him to stop the Powerpuff Girls' heroism. This experience has led him to go against gold diggers and horrible girlfriends like Lady Tremaine and Raynare.
  • The Professor is a very passionate and loving father, and is determined to raise his daughters the best he can. However, he can get rather overprotective of them, such as setting up elaborate situations to teach them morals. And the less said about his Dynamo mech, the better. Often spends time conversing with Son Chichi. Like Utonium, she can get a tad obsessive about protecting her incredibly powerful children and trying to raise them. Both are deeply respected by and deeply care for their kids, though. Has been trying to protect artificial kids out of his fatherly instincts, such as Yui and Astro Boy. He does sometimes cause trouble for Astro Boy however, though this is just because he's worried he might try to date one of his girls.
  • Looks an awful lot like Samurai Jack. He believes that the former is an ancestor of his, and has offered his assistance with the girls to stop Aku. Is a big fan of silent movies, pancakes and golf. He tries to avoid not getting too obsessed over golf anymore, as it led the Powerpuff Girls to steal a perfect set of clubs to help out. He's tried to be a superhero or fighter in his own right, but often needs his kids to save him.
  • Is a brilliant inventor, having developed technology such as time travel, body switching machines and containment fields. However, his greatest inventions were accidental or the result of some mistake, which has given him some angst. The girls have managed to make him feel better by pointing out numerous great inventions like penicillin were accidental in origin. He's making more progress working with fellow kind-hearted scientists and inventors. He has a Friendly Rivalry with both Dr Light and Dexter. With Dr Light, they're very similar in attitudes to their creations and kind fathers, but still wish to prove to one another who's the best. With Dexter, he's the other famous Cartoon Network scientist.
  • His experiences with Dick Hardly lead him to dislike people like Felix, and has warned Gharnef to back off after trying to steal his Chemical X. These experiences also lead him to try and protect Kotetsu T Kaburagi so he won't be exploited. Naturally, he's no fan of unscrupled scientists and inventors like Ryoma Sengoku.
  • Does not like cats. He was mind-controlled by one, and as such cannot trust them or let any near him. It's this distaste that broke his relationship to Ms Keane. At the very least, it led to him getting along with Nibbler who agrees most cats are shifty, devious creatures. He's terrified of spiders in any form, which leads him to steer clear of the House of Insects(and insists that since they're arachnids, they shouldn't be in that house). He's not sure whom to be more frightened of; Arachne, mother of spiders or Ungoliant, the abominable arachnid. The Powerpuff Girls are doing their best to hide the fact that the Overdeity Chakravartin has his Golden Spider Form.
  • In spite of his arachnophobia, even he thinks Billy's fear of spiders and treatment of his friendly spider son goes too far. Generally he doesn't like the boy due to his extreme stupidity. He's also accepting of Peter Parker due to being merely spider-themed rather than an actual spider.
  • Given he had the chemical knowledge to create the perfect little girls, one would imagine that he is a decent cook. And they're be right...unless it's about chili, which he cannot cook for his life. During the pantheon's chili cook off, Homer Simpson was on the scene to judge the participants. When he tried the Professors', Homer had to drink way more beer than before and passed out drunk, but not before declaring it "the worst chili of all time". He's sworn to get back at the Professor for the awful taste. He did manage to make a better chili next time with Chemical X, however the resultant methane it gained a life of its own and became homicidal. It took the Kid to save the day from an exceedingly ignoble end.
  • Tries to insist to the Powerpuff Girls he likes liver and onions, so as to get them to eat it. In truth he hates the stuff and wants to come off as more adult.
  • You can find Professor Utonium working in the House of Science.


    Henry VIII 
Henry the Eighth, Godly Head of the Heir Club for Men (Henry Tudor, Henry the Ate, Protector of the Faith)
An official portrait of the King
Henry as portrayed in The Tudors
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The House of Tudor symbol, combining a white and red rose
  • Theme Song: Many, but he's fond of the one from Tudors
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though considers himself Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Historical Domain Character, The King's Issue, Serial Spouse, Love Ruins the Realm, Bloody Marriages, Well Done Daughter Guy, Spare to the Throne, Big Kings With Big Appetites, Formerly Fit, From Romantic and Passionate To Dour and Ruthless, Glory Seeker, Fiery Redhead, "Do as I say, not as I do"
  • Domains: Kingship, England, The Church, Marriages and Divorces, Lust and Passion, Food
  • Special relationship with: Queen Elizabeth the First of England (his daughter)
  • Allies: Robert Baratheon, Asia Argento, King Dedede, King Arthur
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: William Shakespeare, Pacman
  • On good terms with: The House of Food
  • Enemies: Cersei Lannister, Smaug, Edmund E Blackadder, Nurgle, Typhus, Melisandre, Diaochan, The Queen of Hearts, Irene Adler, James Moriarty
  • Envies: Anyone with happy marriages or many male children
  • Opposes: Ebeneezer Scrooge, The Matsuno Sextuplets
  • Opposed by: Alexander Anderson
  • Additional relationship with: Amy Pond (ex-wifenote ), The Doctor (former son-in-law)
  • Henry is the younger son of his namesake Henry the Seventh, whom won the War of the Roses. Though second in place to his brother Arthur, the death of said brother would propel him into history as King Henry the Eighth. Unlike his miser father he was frugal, warm, romantic and sporty. However an infatuation with his mistress compounded by "the king's issue" of needing a prince would turn English politics and religion upside down, transforming him into one of the most notorious and dramatic kings the British Isles ever had.
  • Has always been vexed to produce an heir. Despite conceiving eleven children through three wives and a mistress, only four ever lived to grow up; two daughters, one an illegitimate son and one legitimate son. It is no exaggeration to say he reshaped English history to get the son he wanted, and to say the least he was infuriated upon learning Edward would die as at fifteen after his death. Learning about the success of his daughter Elizabeth has led him conflicted to say the least, commenting "it seems God intends to humble me, by making my greatest heir the daughter of that treacherous Anne."
    • His illegitimate son Henry Fitzroy may be a vampire, but he considers this nonsense.
  • He dislikes the Matsuno Sextuplets, as their parents managed to produce six sons.
  • Remarkably similar to Robert Baratheon; they both were strong and handsome yet became fat, have unhappy marriages/relationships, love to eat and have a cynic disposition. The two are good friends, and both like to complain about Cersei Lannister. The Tudor king is disdainful towards her due as her incestuous adultery reminds him of Anne Boleyn, whom he still insists was a cheating witch. He hates Melisandre even more due to being a witch and a pyromaniac fundamentalist, combining the worst perceived aspects of Boleyn and his daughter Mary.
    • He does share antagonism for Irene Adler with Cersei though, as he assumes she's Anne Boleyn. Also thinks James Moriarty is further proof of her scheming nature.
  • Often seen hanging out in the Houses of Leadership and Royalty, as one might expect. Being a fat, hungry king he's gotten along rather well with King Dedede. Learning that King Arthur was in the pantheon pleased him greatly, and he immediately went up to him to essentially fanboy over Arthur. Still hasn't gotten over how the other Arthur is a woman, though.
  • He's (in)famous for divorcing England from the Catholic Church and setting up his own Church of England, all to definitively annul his marriage with Catherine of Aragon and no longer be subject to the Holy See. Alexander Anderson is still not over it and remains pissed at his actions. He would tear down monasteries and strip them for resources, filling his coffers despite disliking his father's own miserly behavior. Made himself more unpopular by hiring the Sherrif of Nottingham for this task.
  • Has tried to loot the many valuables belonging to Smaug in order to fund his religious endeavors, but this hasn't gone anywhere as Smaug keeps killing his men
  • He has always had a big appetite, setting up lavish feasts-feasts he often helps plan out for the House of Food, of which they are greatful. He's even got into some friendly eating contests with Pac-Man. However he was able to balance it out with physical activity. Eventually numerous injuries and comfort eating, combined with horrible leg ulcers would cause him to let himself go. At his death, he was so fat he needed help to be moved around. To fit these maladies, he has gone to the House of Health and Diseases, paying Asia Argento a pretty penny to help with him. Naturally he's worried about Typhus and Nurgle.
  • He's rather friendly towards Rhaegar Targaryen, as they both ended up fundamentally changing the kingdom due to their love for another woman; Lyanna Stark and Anne Boleyn respectively. Rhaegar would rather not be associated with Henry, and is quick to point out that they're not that alike; he kept on loving Lyanna, while Henry would later grow tired and execute Anne.
  • At one point he accidentally married Amy Pond of all people, though this was quickly rectified and historical records ignore this. So do they forget that the Doctor in his tenth incarnation married his daughter. He's not sure what to think about either of them, but is at least glad that the Doctor is fond of the nation he rules.
  • Heard of his daughter's fondness for William Shakespeare, and requested a visit to the Globe Theater of his temple. Henry ended up enjoying his works, and is a recurring visitor. William is fine with this, but doesn't like to hang out with him that much.
  • Rather dissatisfied with Marge Simpson's retelling of his life, and comparison towards Homer. He executed two of his six wives, but he's not as much of a bluebeard as she states.
  • Once confused Superman with his old friend Charles Brandon, simply because they looked alike.

    Red Forman 
Reginald Albert "Red" Forman, God of Veteran Fathers


    Joe Bucket 
Joseph Bucket, God of Doting Grandparents (Grandpa Joe)
His appearance in the 1971 film.
Click here  for him in the 2005 film
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The spare change he gave to Charlie to buy a Wonka bar
  • Theme Song: I've Got A Golden Ticket (shared with his grandson, Charlie)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guy, Doting Grandparent, Gives Up His Cash To Help His Grandson, Less Of A Role In The Sequel, Older Sidekick, Mr. Exposition
  • Domains: Grandparents, Friendship, Hope, Age, Destitution (formerly)
  • Heralds: The other adult members of the Bucket family
  • Superior: Roald Dahl
  • Allies: Charlie Bucket (his grandson), Willy Wonka, The Heroic Protectors Of Family, Aemon Targaryen, Rika Furude, Scrooge McDuck, Ochacho Uraraka, Oliver Twist, Joseph Joestar, Arnold Shortman
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: The Adoring Fan, Chester A Bum
  • On good terms with: Princess Bubblegum, Colonel Sanders, Uncle Iroh, Spike (MLP), Tim Drake
  • On speaking terms with: Abraham Simpson
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Alessi, Mr Burns, Conal Cochran, Princess Morbucks, the Reagan twins, Grandfather
  • Opposes: The Dursleys
  • Avoids: Gyro Man, Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller
  • Joseph "Joe" Bucket is the paternal grandfather of Charlie Bucket, living in an impoverished Multigenerational Household. Bedridden and dispassionate, learned of Willy Wonka's golden ticket plan gave him hope and he would give his grandson what little money he had to buy a chocolate bar in the hopes of getting it. Ultimately Charlie managed to find a golden ticket, and Grandpa Joe was invited to join him in the tour. Eventually Charlie proved himself worthy of being Wonka's heir, to the benefit of the family as a whole.
  • Isn't just a kind and doting grandfather to Charlie Bucket, but a dedicated friend. The idea of the Child Abuse Supporters sickens him to his core, while the Heroic Protectors of Family are a group he wholeheartedly approves of. Grandpa Joe is notably friendly with Arnold Shortman due to being raised by his grandfather, and being a generally nice person as a whole. It's thought that Grandpa Joe wants to see his grandfather ascend to the pantheon.
  • Among the oldest non-immortal or something close deities in the pantheon, being 96 and a half. Aemon is still older in him being a centenarian, which is even more impressive given the medieval setting he comes from. Being a hard worker and a kind soul, Grandpa Joe respects Maester Aemon. Absolutely does not respect the (probably) 104 year old Mr Burns for being a cruel, greedy rich man and is someone he hopes his grandson never grows up to be like.
  • His contempt for Mr Burns led him to meet Abraham Simpson, who's contempt for Mr. Burns goes back to the Flying Hellfish days. Sometimes they like swapping stories, however Grandpa Joe thinks Abe can be a jerk and his parenting skills are lacking. To Grandpa Simpson's credit he cares deep down and does get along better with his grandchildren. Given his prior condition before Charlie got the golden ticket.
  • Grandpa Simpson pointed out that, while a good person he can be somewhat of a dick (though mainly in adaptation). Infamously his theft of fizzy lifting drink almost got him and Charlie mulched by the ceiling fan before they burped it out. Learning what would've happened if they didn't through the House of Time And Space has made Grandpa Joe afraid of those who use propellers and fans in a deadly manner.
  • Having been formerly poor, he is sympathetic towards Oliver Twist. He is also fond of Uravity, who's poor but among rich folk and has a good heart. He is somewhat sympathetic towards Chester A Bum given his situation, however Chester isn't all there in the head and can sometimes get on Grandpa Joe's nerves. He'll at least give him his CHANGE! when asked.
  • On the opposite end of things, he doesn't have anything good to say about the Reagans or Princess Morbucks for being spoiled, elitists pricks. Or Conal Cochran given his products. Grandpa Joe considers the Dursleys rather annoying for being unpleasant guardians with an anal-retentive obsession with normalcy.
  • Because of his advanced age, he was the only elderly member of the family who didn't get screwed over by the Fountain of Youth when his compatriots overdosed on the Wonka-Vites. While this could mean he would have a lot less to worry about from Alessi, Grandpa Joe stays the hell away from him due to being an uber-creepy Psycho for Hire for Dio Brando. And he doesn't want him anywhere near Charlie Bucket.
  • His opposition towards Alessi got him the attention of Joseph Joestar, another grandfather in the pantheon. Grandpa Joe felt he was quite a storyteller, but he was amazed by the bizarre adventures Joseph had and he soon came around to the guy's playful nature. He wishes he had half the passion Joseph had when he was in his late sixties. Alessi bemoaned this; given the last time he used Sethan on an old man, he doesn't want two invigorated men beating his ass.
  • Gets along with seniors Colonel Sanders and Uncle Iroh to some extent. More of a general respect, especially with the former who's dedicated to hard work. He seems friendly with Spike and Tim Drake due to their role as heroic sidekicks, much like he is a deeply caring sidekick to his grandson. Grandpa Joe also holds an interest in Princess Bubblegum due to her leading role over the Candy Kingdom, as he wonders if she's like Willy Wonka and what it could do for Charlie.
  • Absolutely hates Grandfather for being everything a grandfather SHOULD NOT be, or a father for that matter. Plus Joe finds tapioca disgusting. Of course being an ordinary old man, Grandfather only ever has to be concerned with Joe when in his decommisioned state.