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    The Great Ones 
The Great Onesmembers , Eldritch Deities of Alien Means of Reproduction (Ebrietas: Daughter of the Cosmos | Rom: The Vacuous Spider | Brain of Mensis: Mother Brain | Moon Presence: Flora | Kos: Kosm | Orphan of Kos: The Poor Wizened Child, Sweet Child of Kos)
Rom, The Vacuous Spider
The Celestial Emissary
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Brain of Mensis
Mergo's Wet Nurse
Formless Oedon
The Moon Presence 
Orphan of Kos 
  • Collectively they hold as much power as an Overdeity, alone each is a Greater God. That doesn't protect them from death though.
  • Symbol: The Caryll Runes surrounding a brain covered in eyes
  • Leitmotifs:
  • Alignment: Unknown and Eldritch
  • Portfolios: Eldritch Augurs, completely alien and grotesque, inability to be seen by those who don't have enough insight, beings with powers beyond understanding, all Great Ones are kin, Great Ones can impregnate (and be impregnated by) humans, each Great One varies in alignment
  • Domains: Nightmares, Body Horror, Alien Morality, Bizarre Reproduction, Forbidden Knowledge, Insight
  • Heralds: The Kin of the Old Ones, Mergo
  • Additional Relationships with: Micolash, Host of the Nightmare (active herald), Gehrman, the First Hunter (for the Moon Presence), Lady Maria
  • Amicable Beings: Almost every being from the Cthulhu Mythos and most Eldritch Beings, H.P Lovecraft, The Ancestor, Saya (Fuminori Sakisaka is rather indifferent towards them), Lunatic Cultist, Apocalypse Bird, Byleth (for Rom and Celestial Emissary), The Sleeper (for Ebrietas), Brainspawn (for Brain of Mensis), Yog-Sothoth (for Oedon), the Kraeken, Hermaeus Mora (for Kos)
  • Analogous Connections: The Nihilanth, the Brainspawn, Fear of the Emotions (for Amygdala)
  • Hostilities to: The Hunter, Guts, The Slayer of Demons, The Chosen Undead, The Bearer of The Curse, Ashen One, Solaire of Astora, the Imperium of Man and the God-Emperor himself, the SCP Foundation, Kubo, Sailor Moon (for the Moon Presence), Kthanid, Florence Nightingale, Mercy (for Mergo's Wet Nurse)
  • Opposed by: Ram (for Rom)
  • Feared by: Harry Mason, Heather Mason, The Puella Magi, majority of the Mothers subhouse (specifically pregnant ones), especially Nox, Tawaret, The Boss, Offret and Top Speed, Kaguya Houraisan, Eirin Yagokoro, Reisen Inaba, Chang'e, Magnolia Arch (for the Moon Presence)
  • The human mind is often a fickle thing, easy to see, yet hard to understand on how it works without going through the scientific details. We are after all, natural seekers of knowledge, constantly seeking the truth in almost everything, while at the same time, deciphering what works and what does not. Of course, this mostly applies to human activities and understandable ideas, but that is immediately thrown out of the window when people start discovering unknowable beings and unspeakable phenomena that doesn't follow the basic logic of regular human ideas. And such, was the case when a college within the outskirts of Yharnam, known as Byrgenwerth, discovered... these beings and unwillingly enough, spread their kin throughout the city and the surrounding places, all unseen by the most normal of people, unless they are willing to grant themselves eyes.
    • And thus, the Great Ones were discovered. In a search for unearthly knowledge, the Healing Church, while having large political power within Yharnam itself, always had an endgame that was known to only the highest ranking officials of the Church, to harness and gather the powers of the Great Ones. Initially discovered by the scholars at Byrgenwerth, it wouldn't take long till a labyrinth was found by the college and a collaboration between the college and the Healing Church began, culminating to the concept known as the Truth, discoveries that were stored hidden within the labyrinths of Pthumeru. It was said to have created broken minds to those who would delve themselves deep within the concept itself, to the point that when awful accidents occurred within the college, the Healing Church ceased all communication within the college and closed it off as well as the forest that connected the college to the main city, calling it "Forbidden", all in an attempt to avoid curious people into entering such areas. That only escalated things further when the Healing Church not only brandished these beings as gods to be worshipped by the Yharnamites, but ended up using one of the blood of a Great One as a means of blood transfusion, thinking that such medium would grant them the power they longed, if only they would know what would happen next...
    • Soon, the blood that was transferred into every single Yharnamite would become a blood-borne disease, turning every man, woman and anyone human into savage beasts. Those who would not turn into beasts became more insane and somehow gained "insight", allowing them sight to some of the most unspeakable horrors they have yet to understand. When the Scourge of the Beasts rampaged all throughout the city, soon, people started seeing otherworldly natures of their city. Then, there were the secret experiments the Healing Church were up to that experimented with human lives for a chance of ascension into a higher plane of existence, to become a Great One themselves. Whatever costs they had taken, did not matter, as it only meant a way to earn their place in their newly found existence. And as for the Great Ones themselves, well, we will let you decide for yourself about their... nature.
  • The cause of the Great Ones' ascension is a mystery, perhaps it was recent or perhaps they were always here, just beyond the veil of sight. No one knows for sure how they entered but what is known is that someone must have discovered their presence through insight, which no one had until the Hunter arrived. What entailed was a near death experience and one that would inevitably spread around the Pantheon grounds. When the concept of insight was shared amongst Pantheon inhabitants, the Great Ones' presence was unveiled and soon, majority of the Pantheon were in utter shock and horror, realizing that such beings have existed within plain sight. Even with the damages repaired and many inhabitants able to recover from such madness, those that remained have continued to see nightmares manifest within Pantheon proper, a curse bestowed from knowledge.
    • The Great Ones are willing to share their great knowledge with mortals provided they are given assistance from some of the more fanatical heralds, but one should beware: for having too much of the Great Ones' knowledge grants Insight, and some things are better off unknown. It is this reason why Yharnam was not prepared to witness the horrid truth that was their existence. Perhaps things do not always need to be known for those who cannot comprehend such beings of nature but alas, their stay is permanent and those who have witnessed them will have to get used to it, a feat that only few such as the Hunter, have withstand their effects.
  • Some have noticed similarities between them and the creations of H.P. Lovecraft from their tentacle looks to even some of the most bizarre biological descriptions one can comprehend from their sight. The designs of some of them in fact, do strike some bearing inspirations, believing that the Great Ones might even be of Lovecraftian descendance. The God of Cosmic Horror refused to comment about their being and contacting the Great Ones is not the best of ideas unless you are willing to sacrifice your sanity for more knowledge.
    • Others such as the Ancestor have no need for such warnings considering his nature as the Heart of Darkness, allowing him to safely gain more knowledge on these beings without the need of worrying about Insight. Unlike others who would become maddened after a few tries, he seems content and desires more about their own kind. Those who knows the Ancestor's true intentions can attest that he wants to accelerate the Heart of Darkness' effects as fast as possible, all out of the search for more knowledge, which makes those who are in despair after gaining insight less pitiable in his eyes.
      The Ancestor: The human mind - fragile, like a robin's egg.
    • Of course, even before the Great Ones were a thing, one of their active heralds, or better put, worshipper, was still within the Pantheon, intending to spread their influence. That would be Micolash, the Host of the Nightmare. He knows that their time to appear in the realm was only a matter of time, but his faith was rewarded and has continuously spread more of his word to the remaining denizens with many outright fighting him if it means avoiding more Insight to be spread about the other temples. Saya does also remember being amicable with these beings while her lover, Fuminori Sakisaka does not have a high opinion based on them, other than the fact that he can see them without issues of insanity.
    • Then came the other amicable beings. Apocalypse Bird, the unholy result of an unfortunate destiny between Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird and Big Bird seems to be okay with their presence, unaffected by the Insight one would get from contact with a Great One. The Lobotomy Corporation and SCP Foundation have no idea as to why it would be okay to them but investigations are underway. Then came Lunatic Cultist, the herald of the Moon Lord, Cthulhu, who has dedicated a part of his cult and leadership to Great One stewardship. Unfortunately that lead to rivalry between his cult and Micolash, leading to some halted progress.
  • A number of Lovecraftian creatures have no problem being with the Great Ones as they recognize them being part of their kin. There is one exception on this however, Kthanid, among those who sympathize with humanity. The Friendly Abomination has heavily opposed the Great One's mode of reproduction since their interference would harm humanity pointing at Oedon obviously and even at some of the other beings like Mergo's Wet Nurse, which it has a suspicion that it took Mergo away from its mother. However, there are times when even Kthanid agrees with the sympathies of some of the Great Ones referring to Kos and her unfortunate fate. That said, it will not tolerate some of the Great Ones' meddling with humanity, at any cost.
  • Speaking of nightmares, let us not even delve into the numerous planes these beings exist in; dreams, nightmares, you name it. Each Great One for some reason exists in their own pocket dimension, some of which are accessible through what was formerly a part of the accursed college known as Byrgenwerth and others through a system of chalices, used to explore various labyrinths dug up by the aforementioned scholars. Then there is the fact that some of the Great Ones themselves do not have a true form, as shown through the 'Formless' Oedon, a Great One without a physical manifestation and Amygdala through the lesser copies. These aspects of the Great Ones even more make it impossible to find their true forms.
    • Their “temple” exists on the outskirts of the Pantheon and is filled with their Kin. Mind the quotation marks as the large amount of pocket dimensions makes it impossible to combine all the Great Ones in one large land, let alone a temple. However, in the highest tower lies the Brain of Mensis, a horrifyingly huge brain coated in eyes, probably the result of a ritual known as the Mensis Ritual. The simple act of drawing near to the temple drives the weak-minded to madness, often losing their sanity to the point of killing themselves, even by looking at the eye in even the farthest of places. It makes visitation not an option and communication through other means a factor, although as shown with the Mensis Ritual, communication with such beings is also not an option.
  • Though they cannot truly be classified as evil, the Great Ones themselves are surprisingly innocent in their motives, seeking only to spawn more of their own kind. It is just they do not seem to understand the pain, suffering and horror they inflict on mankind in the process which makes reasoning even more useless. What makes it even more jarring is the fact that all of the Great Ones, minus one, are female (hypothetically speaking) and one of them in particular is capable of reproduction referring to Oedon, the being responsible for the Scourge of Beasts and the sudden weird pregnancies happening towards women during the plague. It makes sense when one thinks about it as the nature of Great Ones is to yearn for a child.
    Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate, and Oedon, the formless Great One, is no different.
    • There are some of the more curious deities who ponder about the Great Ones and how they can multiply. Those who know it will realize that the Scourge of Beasts was a byproduct of the Great Ones' reproduction, with its male being, Oedon, using blood as a medium of choice. Every single Great One has lost its children and as a result, used other methods of reproduction, chief among those, was blood. It also makes sense when Great Ones are attracted to special babies; babies that are born from their own form of reproduction via a Paleblood Moon and a few sacrifices or lures. It is this realization that the Great Ones were simply trying to foster a new child but as a result, placed Yharnam into a spiraling mess.
    • And if that was not enough, the world they are living in makes the strongest/most advanced creatures the least likely to reproduce babies, which puts into perspective that the Great Ones lost all their children to attain them the positions they are in. With the scourge and the Paleblood Moon, those unfortunate souls who were pregnant ended up giving birth to weirdly deformed babies, those that are possibly Great One descendant. This may explain why women, blood and birth are of heavy significance when it comes to the discussions relating to them.
  • It would make sense for many to immediately shoot the living hell out of these beings out of fear. It just that happens that these beings do not die easily, even the Celestial Emissaries themselves are somewhat capable of withstanding such damage. A few have dedicated to purging these kin and the God-Emperor of Mankind was among the first to tell the remaining Imperium to as he describes it in text-to-speech: "burn whatever the fuck these xenos came from". This eventually resulted to other deities willing to join in the hunt against these eldritch creatures, though as many Lovecraftian stories show, sometimes lethal force is not enough to rid of them.
    • As with their ascension, many deities have tasked the Hunter to continue the hunt against these beings to end the nightmares, which brings up a point that these things, despite their godly power, are killable except not fully. Those that are killed are either replicas/lesser versions or only manifest in a physical matter while the actual Great One in question is living in another plane of existence. Others who have joined with him are the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, Solaire of Astora and Guts, the latter of which was greatly reminded with Mergo's Wet Nurse to Rakshas.
  • It should be noted that the Great Ones mentioned are not the only Great Ones within the realm of Yharnam. These beings mentioned are simply the ones with the most connections to the Scourge (such as the case with Ebrietas, Rom, the Moon Presence, Oedon), others being a byproduct (the Celestial Emissary) and those that are the most obvious to be seen all throughout (Amygdala). This means that there are more Great Ones in existence, some are just less defined than others like Kos. This only adds more fear from what is originally presented.
    • Another thing to take note is the difference between Kin and Great One. Kin are simply beings of slimy alien looks that are in origin, human, just experimented upon to gain powers or "ascendance" to the same power as a Great One. Thus, the term "Kin" Great Ones exist, as shown with Rom, the Vacuous Spider, the Celestial Emissary and Ebrietas, the Daughter of the Cosmos. Their acceptance is debatable but those three are exempted as their power’s rivals that of the true ones. The "True" Great Ones on the other hand are the original beings, such as Amygdala, Mergo's Wet Nurse, Oedon, the Moon Presence and Kos. These are the ones you must watch out for as their powers varies and are for the most part, more powerful than their Kin counterparts. The way of identifying which is a Kin and a Great One: the blood they spew when hurt; Great Ones are of red while Kin are of yellowish pale fluid.
  • It seems that the Great Ones went to a period of... mourning or whatever they are doing. Probably must have something to do with Kos' surprise death, except Kos was more or less dead for a very long time, all caused by the scholars of Byrgenwerth who defiled the Fishing Hamlet. The result was a new nightmare known as the Hunter's Nightmare, a dimension where Hunters do not die but are forced into a dimension where all they seek is blood. The only person who knows this incident is Lady Maria but she herself has kept her lips shut, probably because the event lead to her suicide and realizing the dream she is stuck in, decided to keep the secret from leaking, in the hopes no one tries to do the same thing again.
  • Mothers of all kinds have been warned to never confront/face the Great Ones, unless they wish to preserve their well-being. Such discussion will bring about not only the Great Ones' need of a child through human interaction (i.e through blood), but may risk their children becoming deformed Great One descendants and risk their lives whilst giving birth. The Mothers subhouse have made their efforts to make sure their inhabitants do not see their presence whatsoever. The Gods there, Nox and Tawaret, are still confused as to how Great Ones are conceived in the first place, let alone finding an alternative solution without forcing the mothers to get infected by Oedon's power through blood. Even those who are pregnant in general have been told to stray away from them to avoid the same fate, with the warning reaching to Heather Mason, who had gone through what can be described as a terrifying pregnancy.
    • The Puella Magi have also been notified of their existence and have been told not to contact them as some speculate that the Soul Gems they carry might end up being corrupted thanks to Insight. Homura was quick to oppose and try to kill them through force except some are outright unkillable like Oedon and others are extremely hidden like the Moon Presence, which makes extermination all the more unlikely.
  • One of the few Great Ones that is identifiable with enough insight, Amygdala is a strange being, a six-armed Great One with a head of multiple eyes. It is a being to behold and among the first Great Ones one can find with ease. That does not mean it is not a benevolent being, rather it is one of the more hostile ones, often grabbing unexpected visitors and giving them too much insight, resulting to a frenzied state. If the user is able to handle it, expect multiple eye beams and a multi-arm thrashing as Amygdala will not go down without a fight, and it is relentless, even ripping its own arms to counter anyone who can nearly kill it. To those who wish to fight it, expect persistence from it.
    • Some of the crazier gods have reported seeing lesser versions of Amygdala hanging from various temples. However, they have no way to prove it since Lesser Amygdalae cannot be seen without a large amount of Insight. Since these Lesser Amygdalae fight similarly, they nearly act the same. It should also be noted that due to its numerous nature and name synonymous to a part of the brain that is responsible for the emotion of fear, it would make sense as to why Amygdalae are fearful both in appearance and through combat.
    • Those may have read or at the very least, understood Amygdala might associate it with Patches the Spider, a spider with a man as its' head. Others may see why, as to him begging Amygdala at one point give mercy to the Hunter, that is if the Hunter has enough Insight to understand it in the first place. Still, if it is true, then hopefully he does not mercilessly unleash Amygdala towards the other innocent deities. Still, if people like Patches exist, then surely other worshippers might be close, as well as the possibility that some of the more cult-like deities might end up praising Amygdala to receive its' "blessing".
    Patches: Oh Amygdala! Oh Amygdala! Have mercy on the poor bastard.
    • Because its name is related to the brain in its function of fear, comparisons were made to several brain-based deities, particularly those of the Nihilanth, Brainspawn and even Fear of the Emotions. Amygdala's connection to the name must have been based on the assumption of its looks, particularly its head which seems to have some designs clearly following the actual amygdala. However, some of the more paranoid deities can also point out at its form, since fear is one of the main aspects of the amygdala and the creature is no exception. As for what the other brainlike deities think of it, the Nihilanth wants nothing to do with it, Fear ran away as soon as possible and the Brainspawn tried to make it stupid, except such concept would not work on a Great One.
  • Among the most docile is the "Kin" Great One, Rom, also known as the Vacuous Spider. Spider is a loose term considering that Rom looks and acts more like a maggot than a spider, not the same as her kin though. She does not attack whatsoever and is harmless, that is until you provoke her, and she will call down meteors above you. Oh, and do not forget those pesky spiders that guard her for protection. At this point, you are going to need more than bug spray to kill her.
    • Rom's realm is disturbingly easy to access. Thankfully, anyone who ends up stumbling upon it will have all the time they want to escape, as Rom and its progeny will not do anything at all unless provoked. Many are however fooled by the location so most people who are in awe of the view that is Byrgenwerth, might end up going into the river while getting Insight for seeing her. No one can fix that because someone who must have experimented with Rom beforehand intentionally placed her there to keep the effects of the Mensis Ritual at bay.
    • You might be wondering why she plays a major role into the Scourge of the Beasts? Well, it is quite complicated, since the Scourge of Beasts is just one of the side effects of the Great Ones while the real effects are what happens when the Bloodmoon rises, where the effects of the Mensis Ritual are magnified to the point that insanity is the main problem over the Beast Scourge, and the only reason why it has been kept as such is because of Rom. By killing her, not only did the Cosmic Horror Story reveal itself but doomed Yharnam into an ever-worse fate.
    • Ram was greatly annoyed to learn that the Vacuous Spider shared her sister's name and went to confront it. However, she very quickly learned that "Vacuous" does not mean "Helpless". The incident also seems to have burned Insight into her mind, nearly losing both sanity and vision. Now she must get used to the fact that "Rom" has to be shared between her sister and a "spider".
  • The Celestial Emissaries are what happens when humans are heavily experimented with otherworldly liquids, all done by the Healing Church. If you are wondering which types of humans, well it is orphans that they kidnap to imbue them with eldritch liquid, which originated from "the eye from the inside". After all of that, the patients would have to depend on luck if they were to survive as most patients have either gone mad or killed themselves due to the mutations growing on their bodies. Those that did survive and realized what celestial connection they had become enlightened and soon, they would grow in immense size, alongside the growth of blue skin and with an extraterrestrial appearance. Thus, their connection would be complete and allowed them to become Great Ones themselves. As for their purpose, that ties with another Great One: to communicate with Ebrietas.
    • Byleth at first thought that these things as hostile alien beings though he took a few notes from the archives of the Healing Church and soon realized these things were formerly human. Then a few notes here and there revealed some truth regarding the Emissaries and Rom. Soon, he took pity and realized that he almost shares the same fate as these Great Ones. He was afterall an experiment to become a vessel for a goddess in his realm, though he was thankfully not subjected to the gruesome results that both ended up getting.
  • One of if not the more friendly Great Ones was the being Ebrietas, otherwise known as the Daughter of the Cosmos. She has one of the most powerful connections to the cosmos, hence the name, allowing her access to powerful arcane magic. She was left behind in one of the dug-up labyrinths, Isz and was found by the Healing Church, living in harmony with Kin and Beast alike. After being founded by the Healing Church, she became a power of worship and was the highest ranking being in the entire sect, so much that the entire rituals related to the Celestial Emissaries (hence the presence of deformed babies) exist in the Upper Cathedral Ward where she resides. It also turns out that her blood was the source of blood ministration for the entire Yharnam populace, only to backfire massively when it created the Scourge of Beasts. As for her hostility, there is good reason why she is better left alone as she is no pushover.
    • The title, "Daughter of the Cosmos" attracted her presence by an alien being from outer space. At first, many people feared this sight, as some recognize that it was the Sleeper attempting to convert her to a crystalline form, yet it did not flinch, as it simply stared at her. Maybe the title is what kept her in respectable terms with it, as it might be a distant neighbor from the cosmos. No one is sure, especially identifying if the Sleeper is truly amicable to her or its origins still being a mystery.
  • The Brain of Mensis may be the least active member of the Great Ones but that does not excuse people from messing with it. When perched high, the Brain of Mensis starts affecting everyone who sees it with Frenzy—resulting in brutal deaths via being stabbed inside out. Keep in mind, it likely does not have a physical form, yet can perfectly kill people if it shows up in a someone else's dreams. When dropped down to a lower level within a darkened room, it actually is pretty harmless and can be easily clobbered by anybody who manages to bring it down to that level, or can communicate with it by making contact with a certain gesture. Though people would want nothing to do with this unnaturally hostile Great One, the Brainspawn had been attempting to communicate with it after it showed up within the Hive Mind. It may not turn off its Frenzy-inducing powers but presumable appreciates the Brainspawn's attempt to bring him out and spread him across everyone's dreams in the Pantheon.
  • From the top of the Nightmare of Mensis is Mergo's Wet Nurse, a being of unknown stance (possibly a Great One). The name comes from the fact that it is fostering a child when the mother is not around, in this case, Mergo. Not much is known about it other than the fact it is protecting its surrogate child, of which is not even its own but rather from someone else. Many theories about its origins and the debates regarding its status as a Great One is highly contested, with perhaps the biggest question if it even is a Great One since the actual being in question is Mergo, as evidenced by its cries disappearing the moment the Nurse is defeated. The fact that it looks like a Grim Reaper does not help its case either.
    • The case with regards to the debates with the Wet Nurse and Mergo boils down to whether or not Mergo was actively stolen from its mother, Yharnam the Pthumerian Queen and that the name Wet Nurse might have been nothing more than a title given to those who have seen it protect Mergo from contact. Great Ones are interested with children and since history between the Pthumerians and Great Ones are almost shrouded in mystery, it is hard to identify if Yharnam herself may had some sort of connection with the Great Ones in general as otherwise Mergo would have never been born. In this case, the theory of Mergo's Wet Nurse "stealing" Mergo from Yharnam might be a plausible scenario and thus putting the "Wet Nurse" as its moniker is of questionable woes.
    • Both Florence Nightingale and Mercy have questionable thoughts about Mergo's Wet Nurse as a medical caretaker, with Florence taking offense with its role. Granted, Mergo is a Great One but with some of the theories and evidence that it may have been acting as a forced surrogate to Mergo whilst keeping her away from Yharnam (shown when she bows to the Hunter after it is slain, giving credence that Mergo might have been avenged), she is not buying the idea that the Wet Nurse has any jurisdictions over Mergo and is more than willing to exterminate her through her Berserker self (this can also be applied to most Great Ones due to considering them as a disease to the Yharnamites, though the blame should be placed within the scholars of Byrgenwerth in the first place). Mercy also feels the same way though she has her suspicions that the Wet Nurse in question might be a disembodied spirit, hence the lack of bleeding once the Wet Nurse gets hit.
    • And in relation to the pregnant Heather Mason, both James Sunderland and Harry Mason have feared this being, likely because her looks are almost as terrifying as those monsters spawned within Silent Hill. The numerous knives, and grim reaper visual only makes the case more frightening. Since Heather Mason's pregnancy is in relation to the Order and their plans to bring Apocalypse... or Paradise though her giving birth to (presumably God). The Wet Nurse is even more interested in her believing that it might take care of it like Mergo.
  • Then there is Oedon, the most unseen among the Great Ones, communicated through voice and blood. The most mysterious, even by Great One standards, he is the most ascended of the entire bunch as he has no physical form and cannot even be fought nor perceived whatsoever, only having its essence brought about by the Caryll Runes that uses some form of symbolism to represent him. Oh and if you are wondering why he is brought up with male pronouns, that is because he is the main progenitor of Mergo, connecting him to the mess that is the Scourge of Beasts and the Nightmares surrounding Yharnam. Not to mention, the numerous pregnancies when the Blood Moon rose to all female hosts and the blood magic thanks to the transfusions made by the Healing Church.
    • It is this reason that Oedon is compared to Yog-Sothoth as they too have ascended beyond space and time, even amongst their own kind as well as the meddling the two have done to many humans, intending to spread their own kind among human beings without the care or sense of the world. It is this reason that he has great interest in Oedon's nature, seeing that it might be a part of his omniscience.
  • Another mysterious being and even relative to that of a schemer is The Moon Presence. This being is likely the true originator of the Hunter's Dream and was contacted by Gehrman, the First Hunter as an emergency act to save his workshop as well as an act of grief due to Lady Maria's disappearance. It has a great interest in The Hunter due to the fact that in at least one scenario the Hunter became an infant Great One after slaying The Moon Presence, only through consuming 3 One-Third of an Umbilical Cord, possibly fulfilling the idea of the Great One's yearn for a child. Even so, this being appears rarely and considering that its domain is the Hunter's Dream, few people will even have the chance to see it, unless they beat Gehrman first.
    • One can infer that the Moon Presence might be on the hunt against its own kin, possibly using the hunt and even its agents as a means to indirectly killing its competition. This may also be alluded to the fact that Great Ones seek children and the Moon Presence could be killing the remaining Great Ones in order to gain a child of its own. Although this is one of many theories as to the original purpose of its existence.
    • The Moon Presence itself is well-hidden, only showing up after the Hunter defeats Gehrman. That said, its' presence is not without a few moon-based deities sensing it from their domain. Kaguya, Reisei and Eirin had sensed something wrong with the moon from the Hunter's Dream and unfortunately for them, gained insight as a result from their encounter with the Moon Presence. As for their observations, they have no idea what it is supposed to be other than the fact that it seems to be connected to the moon. Other moon based deities such as Chang'e and even those who descended from the moon like Magnolia Arch cannot identify what it even is connected to the moon for, even Usagi Tsukino, the Sailor Senshi representative for the moon, cannot comprehend what it is supposed to be.
    • Kubo has had immense pity over Gehrman's situation but the child prodigy did not expect that something was behind the moon covering the Hunter's Dream. The moment it landed within the garden, he tried to fight it but before he could even pull out a shamisen, it grabbed him and overwhelmed him with its tentacles. He would soon wake up back on his temple, thinking it was a dream but a visit from the Hunter has shown that it was in fact no dream and that should he not came in at the right moment, he would have taken Gehrman's place instead. Realizing this, and from the insight he took upon seeing it made him more cautious about the Hunter's Dream.
  • A new Great One was revealed through some of the more cryptic ramblings from Micolash, Kos. This Great One does not exist within Yharnam but was found in a Fishing Hamlet where the scholars of Byrgenwerth violated the place and its people for more knowledge, even going so far as to violating her washed up body ashore, in search for eldritch blood. The event was horrifying enough that the Goddess herself, in response, cursed the hunters into a never-ending nightmare aptly named the Hunter's Nightmare, a punishment for the hunters who, if they died, would wake up in a nightmare that pitted them in an endless hunt. Since children have become a theme with the Great Ones, Kos is no different, with its infant child killed by the Byrgenwerth Hunters, then suddenly manifested in a wizened version of her child: The Orphan of Kos. The Orphan has joined alongside its mother, tending to her injured form all while weeping, as is the child who returns to the bottomless sea. Whoever bothers it or Kos would see the sheer power the child wields. Poor sleepers who enter the shared dream of the Hunters...
    • Its hard to mention Kos without bringing the fate that Byrgenwerth has suffered from her wrath (also helped by the Fishing Hamlet villagers), the Hamlet and its inhabitants and the Orphan of Kos. All those actions stem from her death by the former while at the same time, was responsible for the incomprehensible knowledge of the Great Ones. Not only that, but her human-like pregnancy defied the pregnancies given by Oedon back in Yharnam. Yes, Great Ones are very, very weird.
    • The Kraeken seems to have immense fealty to Kos, simply due to her status as as a Deity and her partial relations to the sea. Her bestowing knowledge did not affect the Kraeken but the latter did not retaliate, if anything, left without harm. Perhaps it is her human-like form and powers that made her immensely respected, although for unknown reasons.
    • Hermaeus Mora has had immense knowledge after seeking some of the knowledge Kos had given to most of the Byrgenwerth scholars. The need to know almost everything about the cosmos and beyond has brought many to ruins. Mora is more interested in Kos' (and by extension, the Great Ones) nature and how they exist, although, what could you even gain from a washed up corpse in the first place?
  • The Great Ones' original 'temple' can be found within the House of Otherness, under Otherness Abominations.

Greater Gods

Lavos, Unholy Planetary Parasite (Big Fire, The Time Devourer)
Lavos' Second Form 
The Lavos Core 
The Dream Devourer 
The Time Devourer 

    Sarah Kerrigan 
Sarah Louise Kerrigan, Goddess of Hive Queens (The Queen of Blades, The Zerg Queen, The Queen Bitch of the Universe, The Swarm)
Click to see her as a Xel'Naga 
  • Greater Goddess borderline Overdeity as a Xel'naga
  • Symbol: The Zerg Swarm Emblem
  • Leitmotif: Ascension
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, can slide to Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil depending on the day she's having. Nowadays, solidly Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hive Minds, Alien Parasites, Strength In Numbers, One Women Armies, Attractive Monsters, Ruling Over Planets, Purple Is Powerful, Villains With Heroic Tendencies, Psychic Powers Too Great To Measure, Became A Xel'Naga To Atone For Her Sins
  • Domain: Aliens, Hive Minds, Psychics, Power
  • Allies: Jim Raynor, Abathur, Zagara, Tassadar, Artanis, The Tyranids, Lesale Deathbringer, Ares/Mars, Gabriel Belmont, Riku, Zuko, Anakin Skywalker, Killia, Madoka Kaname, Alexstrasza, Valvatorez, Sol Badguy
  • On speaking terms with: Yamcha
  • Enemies: Arcturus Mengsk, Amon, The Borg Collective, Nova Terra, Trakeena, The Flood, The Combine
  • Opposes: Frieza
  • One of the tools which humanity employed to survive and even thrive in the universe of StarCraft was the use of Ghosts, human covert operatives with latent psychic abilities who would be taken by the government and trained to hone their abilities for optimal use in combat. The Ghosts were a key tool in establishing and maintaining the Terran Confederacy which had taken hold in several worlds across the universe. One such Ghost, however, became a liberator, eradicator, and everything in between multiple times over. She goes by the name of Sarah Louise Kerrigan, otherwise known as the Queen of the Blades.
    • Sarah's story first became distinct from other Ghosts when she was freed from service to the Confederacy by Arcturus Mengsk, the leader of an uprising emanating from the planet Korhal seeking to take down the increasingly corrupt Confederate leadership. Serving loyally under Mengsk, she met with the Marshall Jim Raynor, who became a close partner on and off the battlefield. Over time, Kerrigan and Raynor became increasingly concerned as the missions they would receive from Mengsk became increasingly ambitious in taking down Confederate arms and callous about innocent lives. This culminated in Mengsk showing his true colors by abandoning Kerrigan to be overrun by a horde of hostile aliens called the Zerg, forcing everyone else to retreat and leaving her for dead. However, his treachery did not result in Sarah's death, but in Kerrigan being turned into a monster.
    • The Zerg took her captive and cocooned her in a special chrysalis where she was given a special infestation, transforming her into a humanoid psychic Zerg unlike any before her. She became the most favored of the Zerg Overmind's Cerebrates, given a degree of autonomy to pursue her own aims of power while still mentally influenced to serve his will completely. The Zerg Kerrigan was a walking death machine, infamously called the Queen of Blades, a raving psychopath looking for all opportunities to kill the Protoss, benevolent aliens allied with Raynor's Raiders and other non-corrupt Terrans against the Zerg.
    • Following a humiliating defeat at the hands of Tassadar as well as the death of the Overmind freeing Sarah to her own devices, the Zerg Queen's villainy took a more cerebral turn. She would manipulate Raynnor's Raiders and the leaders of the Protoss Empire into helping her destroy the United Earth Directorate, as well as bring all of the Zerg Swarm under her united control, only to dispose of those she saw as threats afterward. This resulted in nearly every faction in the galaxy wanting Kerrigan dead, to which she would wryly call herself the Queen Bitch of the Universe. However, her blood count and rise to power did not become apocalyptic, even though it easily could have, and she could sometimes be seen staring off into space, as though she knew something else even more ominous than either Mengsk or herself could ever be still loomed on the horizon.
  • Kerrigan ascended in control of one of the largest military forces in existence, the Zerg Swarm, whose numbers are in the billions and are still growing, and is herself a very powerful and skilled psychic warrior. However, Kerrigan has yet to pledge herself and her forces to any overarching Pantheonic faction. This is mostly because, after gaining her independence, she's not keen on submitting to an authority figure again, but also partially because of her notorious penchant for treachery and violence against both good and evil alike. She is very volatile and should be approached with great caution. While Jim Raynor serves as a tether to maintain her humanity, she will not hesitate to murder anyone who slights her with her own hands regardless of alignment, and that's if they're lucky. Otherwise...
  • During Zeratul's time in the Pantheon as God of the Void, they were both drawn to a place containing clues as to an ancient prophecy of the enemy they both knew were coming. While they have a history of being enemies, their common knowledge of this prophecy led to them forming a shaky alliance, and her partial disinfesting and reformation combined with Zeratul's advice to her further evolving her powers in accordance to the prophecy have soothed the waters between them. Zeratul is interested in protecting her until that prophecy is done. As a favor, Zeratul has arranged for her lover and partner Jim Raynor to serve as Kerrigan's high priest, mostly out of concern for her own sanity, until Raynor himself ascended. Turns out, Raynor was already in the Pantheon for a long time thanks to Kerrigan, but didn't have a position until Zeratul found him. She is occasionally spotted battling in the Nexus, having signed up there together with Jim.
  • Her alliance with the Tyranids is sturdier since she completely understands their position. After all, when you've got billions of mouths to feed, sooner or later you're gonna have to invade a planet or two. However, despite the Swarm's similarities to the Borg, Kerrigan is an enemy of the Borg Queen, the brainwashing and lack of individuality personally offending her as it reminds her of the Zerg Overmind's corruption by the directive of Amon. This is also the cause for her hatred of The Flood, who are arguably even worse.
  • She's... not very fond of Nova, only seeing her as a minor inconvenience and a "second rate Ghost" when compared to her, but not enough to earn her eternal hatred. However, she still didn't take her being with Mengsk and shooting Raynor in the head well, as Mengsk's boastful announcement of Raynor's execution almost led her right back to the dark side. On that note, she is NOT happy that Mengsk has found himself within the Pantheon. However, part of her seems to be… 'looking forward' to it. As in, when the time comes, she could call in Raynor and then kill Mengsk over and over again… She'll never get tired of it.
  • In an alternate timeline, she was transformed into a succubus. This one, in particular, could be blamed on Gul'dan. In yet another timeline, she became Countess Sarah von Kerrigan. This has made her enemies with a lot of vampire slayers due to her ruthlessness.
  • Sarah would be called to the Void of her universe's space where the celestial Xel'Naga reside, including the archvillain well as his prisoner Ouros, the last survivor of the benevolent Xel'Naga. Ouros would fuse his essence into Kerrigan, turning her into a Xel'Naga and imbuing her with both the divine strength and the willpower to finally destroy Amon, which she had previously thought impossible thanks to the altered Zerg influence. needless to say, power-wise, Kerrigan has become a lot more dangerous than ever before. However, to avoid having more enemies than she already has or making them that much more determined to capture her, she sticks to her Primal Zerg form for now. She's even slowly began to get more comfortable in her human form again, using said Primal Zerg form as a battle state. In fact, in light of her transformation and redemption, she has managed to make a lot more allies.
    • As others who redeemed themselves from evil, she has connected with the likes of Gabriel Belmont, Riku, Zuko, and Anakin Skywalker. Due to what Kerrigan did for her universe, Killia found a friend in her too. As yet another 'guardian of life', Madoka made herself a fast friend of the Queen of Blades. As atonement is also part of their philosophy, Alexstraza also became friends with Kerrigan. Finally, with her new outlook in life, Kerrigan has decided it was time to establish herself as a force of good, and plans on forming a group composed of former villains, dark magical girls, people whose philosophy is about atonement, and those who abandoned the darkness in their heritage. Its name was initially the Way to the Dawn, as suggested by Riku, though it later became the Grand United Alliance of Good's official Ministry of Atonement.
  • While traveling through the Pantheon, Kerrigan and Raynor began toying with the idea of establishing a small crew of their own. One of their talks where they brought up the idea came within earshot of the former bandit Yamcha, and though he wasn't willing to interrupt them at the time he later sought them out, interested in seeing whether their ship would be one he'd willingly join. The conversation went south at a couple of points, where he angered the two with a comment on Sarah's attractiveness, Jim's harsh rebuke being the one thing saving him from a furious Sarah's wing talons, as well as annoyed them when he disclosed his title as God of Memetic Losers, causing the two to realize he was just seeking a way to be relevant again. Still, he and his herald Puar did retain some skills from both their bandit days and Yamcha's training as a ki-powered martial artist, and Son Goku and Bulma both personally vouched for his goodness, so they've decided to keep him under consideration. Currently they're planning to have him say his piece and then hold a vote after getting two more people on board.
    • Oddly enough, this news earned them a visit from none other than Frieza, congratulating them on piquing his interest after he'd seen an alternate time counterpart of his do something similar under the alias "Captain F". Naturally, they were quite apprehensive about receiving props from an Emperor of Evil, and he was flabbergasted upon being told flatly that Raynor would be the captain of this ship rather than the ultra-powerful atoner Kerrigan. Still, he would applaud Raynor's candor and bravery, remaining interested in how their venture progresses while confident that he will cross paths with them again someday.
  • "I am The Swarm."

Intermediate Gods

    Aayla Secura 
Aayla Secura, Goddess of Alien Hair
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her lekku personally, the Jedi Order Insignia in general
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Has Lekku Head-Tails, Canon Immigrant, Green-Skinned Space Babe, Master Saberwoman, Ms. Fanservice, No Kill Like Over Kill
  • Domains: The Force, Combat, War, Aliens
  • Superior: George Lucas (out of universe), Grand Master Yoda (Jedi ranking)
  • Allies: The ascended Jedi, Liara T'soni, Abraham Lincoln, Android 21, Dory, Alex Mason, Jack Ryan
  • Odd Friendship with: Koriand'r
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Frank Castle
  • Enemies: The ascended Sith, Separatists and Galactic Empire (Sheev Palpatine and Wat Tambor are number 1 and 2 on the list), Jabba the Hutt, slavers and rapists (especially the Slavers), The Grineer
  • Wary of: The Sontarans and clones as a whole, especially the 501st Legion
  • Annoyed by: Zone-Tan, Zapp Brannigan
  • Born on the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth, Aayla was discovered to be force-sensitive and taken in by the Jedi order. She was apprenticed by Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, and would participate in the attempt to rescue Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme from Geonosis. This marked the beginning of the Clone Wars, where she would command the 327th Star Corps on the planet of Felucia. Sadly like most Jedi she wasn't prepared for Order 66, and was gunned down while fighting off her attackers.
  • After her ascension, she was briefed by Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, then Luke and finally Rey on what has happened in the 50 years following her death. And there was a lot to take in.
    • Was shocked to learn that Anakin had become Darth Vader, due to the fact that the last time she'd seen him he was a loyal member of the Jedi Order. He was also The Chosen One, and was expected by most Jedi to bring balance to the force by destroying the Sith. This has been further complicated when Anakin turned back to the Light Side and helped defeat the Emperor. However, given that she herself was briefly turned to the Dark Side, she is willing to forgive him.
    • Was also surprised to learn that Sheev Palpatine was a Sith Lord. While the Jedi Order had been skeptical of his motivations, most Jedi had assumed he just wanted to increase his personal power. Few realized the extent of his ambition, and even fewer knew of his allegiance to the Dark Side. Given everything he did, starting with Order 66, she's labeled him as enemy number one.
    • Count Dooku's ascension eventually led to him having a Hazy-Feel Turn and is reluctantly siding with the Jedi, helped by his anger at Sidious using him and the influence of Qui-Gon Jinn. Aayla hates having to work with him to any degree given he was the head of the Separatists, but does hope he might finally see the light in the pantheon. Dooku completely understands her issues with him and tends to be courteous to Aayla in order to diffuse tension.
    • Despite her complicated feelings towards his father, she was happy to learn that Luke Skywalker had become a Jedi like his father and had started to rebuild the Jedi Order after the fall of the Empire. Was even happier to learn that he had ascended.
    • Having known her during the Clone Wars, Aayla was glad to learn that Ashoka Tano had not only survived Order 66, but had also ascended to the Pantheon. She was impressed that after Order 66, Ashoka had worked to help resist the Empire.
    • Never liking Tarkin to being with, these feelings got worse after he joined the Empire. Not to mention, he was involved in the construction of Death Star, which resulted in the enslavement of many non-humans. The feeling is mutual, as Tarkin has a low opinion of non-humans and the Jedi.
    • Because she killed Jabba the Hutt, Aayla greatly admires Princess Leia. She was also glad to learn about Rey, who not only kept the Jedi alive but finished off the resurrected Sidious once and for all...she hopes.
  • Like most Jedi, is deeply opposed to the Sith and all Dark side Force-Users. However she isn't immune to the dark side, having briefly turned to it whilst she was still a padawan after suffering from amnesia. The Dark Jedi Volfe Karkko manipulated her to assist him in escaping from prison, and she fought then was defeated by her master who returned her to the light side. She's mused about this experience in the Recollection and Amnesia Hall with Android 21, who she soon became friends with the good side of Android 21. Aayla was saddened by her much more severe amnesia and struggles with her own dark side, motivating her to help 21 completely repel her Hunger.
  • Because of this bout of amnesia Aayla doesn't trust the Silent Priests, at least when she can see them and remember they exist. They have tried to comfort her that most evil deeds done by their race were by a Renegade Splinter Faction, but understand why she still doesn't trust them. Aayla herself considers a confessional where you forget your confession afterwards kind of pointless. She was a lot less worried about Dory the fish, who struggles with memory issues and because of that she is protective of her since she knows how troublesome amnesia can be.
  • Aayla's time in the House of Mentalism led her to meet Alex Mason, who like the clones proved to be was a Manchurian Agent. She's been informed in the pantheon the clones only pulled out Order 66 because of a chip that could enforce brainwashing, which both saddened and horrified her, along with further cementing how depraved Sidious really is. She has been working on curing Alex Mason, along with getting rid of Jack Ryan's Trigger Phrase
  • While she has animosity towards the Separatist Alliance as a whole, Aayla has an intense dislike of Wat Tambor, in no small part due to his brutal occupation of Ryloth and his experimentation on sentient beings. She also holds contempt for Nute Gunray due to his slimy personality. It's worth noting she's one of the few Jedi to survive General Grievous, albiet severely wounded. After the duel, she has been wary about facing him again.
  • Briefly commanded the 501st Legion while they were stationed on Felucia. They dealt with carnivorous animals, flesh-eating diseases, and other horrors. It was said that without her leadership, they wouldn't have survived the fighting. Naturally she's deeply distrustful of clones following Order 66, especially those belonging to clone armies. For what it's worth, many clones felt sorry for betraying her. The Grineer being an obvious exception, and even without Order 66 she has enough reason to be disgusted at them.
    • While she has no reason to antagonize the Sontarans outside their Proud Warrior Race Guy schtick, and is glad they at least have an honor code, being an independent clone army prevents her from trusting them.
  • As many Twi'leks are forced to become Sex Slaves, and having been Made a Slave when she was a child, she dislikes slavery and those who participate in it. She has a special place of hatred for the Slavers for their involvement in sex trafficking. This has led to her having conflicted feelings of Frank Castle; yes, he took down the Slavers however him acting outside the law through vigilante killings and the sheer cruelty he gave back to the Slavers goes against the Jedi Code. For his part, the Punisher respects her even if he knows she doesn't agree with his methods
  • Hates Jabba the Hutt for the same reason, especially after learning how he treats his slaves. She was forced to work with him during the Clone Wars, but after the war he allied himself with the Empire. As such, there's nothing holding her back now. She is very sympathetic to those who have been enslaved and admires those who have worked to free slaves. Being the Great Emancipator who ended the cancer of slavery in America, she agrees with a lot of people that Abraham Lincoln is arguably the greatest president.
  • For a time she was an ally of Daenerys due to her helping stop slavery, but it has become more strained given some of her more ruthless moments. This all culminated with Dany's TV incarnation losing it, who Aayla has cut off all ties to. However her main incarnation has yet to fall, and Aayla has had experience with the Dark Side, so she is keeping an eye on her.
  • Is friends with Liara T'soni due to their similar appearances, and her being a kind and capable leader. She's also friends with Starfire due to both being heroic aliens with a preference for skimpy clothes. However, while Starfire has no problem with romantic relations, Aayla is forbidden from having emotional attachments by the Jedi.
  • She knows she's attractive, as are most Twi'leks. So she's not surprised at the Rule 34 of her and her species, but that doesn't stop her getting annoyed by Zone-tan drawing lewds of her and hitting on her. She's even more annoyed by Zapp, who's incompetence as a commander combined with his cheesy one-liners and pick up-artist attempts at seduction make him an Abhorrent Admirer.

He is BOB, eager for fun. He wears a smile, everybody run.

Killer BOB, God of Alien Fair Folk (Robertson, Beware of BOB)
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: A spoonful of what appears to be creamed corn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Alien Fair Folk, Batshit Insanity, Snatching Bodies so he can Corrupt the Host and their Loved Ones, Emotion Eaters, Unfetteredness, Hidden Villains, Unexpected Additions Post-Production, Rapists, Being Revealed Through Mirrors, Smells of Gasoline, Knights of Cerebus, Ominous Owls, Anthropomorphic Representations of Environmental Pollution via Nuclear Testing
  • Domains: Possession, Mysteriousness, Suffering, Rape
  • Allies: Mr. Scratch, Kage, Molag Bal
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Parallax
  • Enemies: Alan Wake, Samurai Jack, Link, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Rottytops, The Highwayman, The Ancestor, The Crimson Court
  • Victims: Ryu, Shantae, Richard "Dick" Simmons, Jin Kazama, The Flagellant
  • Opposes: Angra Mainyu
  • Fears: Darkseid
  • Intrigues: House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • A former member of the Black Lodge, a group of eldritch entities that resided in the woods of northeastern Washington, BOB was an enigma amongst enigmas, whose origins ranged from spawning from a H-bomb during the Trinity nuclear tests to being an alien hailing from a planet made entirely out of creamed corn. What was known about him was his obsession with "garmonbozia," a creamed corn-like substance that comprised of the sorrow and suffering that mortals experienced. BOB's drive to obtain as much "garmonbozia" as possible would cause him to terrorize inhabitants of Twin Peaks, first by possessing Leland Palmer and having him commit various acts of rape and murder followed by possessing the doppelganger of FBI agent Dale Cooper. His reign of terror would end on October 2, 2016, when he was captured by Freddie Sykes and shattered to pieces. Still, that day would not be the end for BOB, because now, BOB has been brought back. And he's ready to have some fun.
  • In his world, BOB was able to possess people and control their darkest desires, often causing BOB's hosts to act on those desires. Now that he was alive again without Leland or Cooper to possess, BOB has decided to find new hosts to play with, resulting in the possession of the following deities:
    • Having heard about Ryu and his Satsui no Hadou, BOB was all but certain that he needed to possess Ryu. While Ryu was training with Gouken near his temple, BOB approached Ryu and asked him about the Metsu Shoryuken that he delivered to Sagat during the first tournament. When Ryu demanded to know what BOB was implying, BOB proceeded to "open" Ryu and latch onto Ryu's obsession with fighting, hoping to bring out Evil Ryu in the process. Unbeknownst to BOB, however, not only did Ryu expunge the Satsui no Hadou from his body, but he has also gained control over the Power of Nothingness, allowing Ryu to resist BOB's possession. From Ryu's perspective, it was a horrifying experience as he fought with all his might to expel BOB's presence from his body. From Gouken's perspective, it appeared as if his student wouldn't stop punching himself in the face.
      • Although his possession of Ryu may have been a failure, BOB still somehow garnered the interest of Ryu's expunged Satsui no Hadou, Kage, who believes that BOB is the key to Kage's re-emergence with Ryu. While he doesn't care much for the Shadow One's plan to once again become one with his former self, BOB still enjoyed Kage's battlelust, and hasn't ruled out a possible Symbiotic Possession with the Living Shadow. After all, it wouldn't be the first time that BOB had a mutual possession with an evil doppelganger.
    • Even though Shantae had taken steps to avoid BOB after hearing of his near-possession of Ryu, she was unprepared to find BOB in a mirror inside her temple one day asking her for a wish. Before she could even respond, BOB immediately "opened" Shantae, allowing him to bring forth Nega-Shantae. However, before BOB was able to do anything with Nega-Shantae, Rottytops, accompanied by Sky and Bolo, had already infiltrated Shantae's mind on the off chance that BOB had succeeded in possessing Shantae. As the flabbergasted BOB stood there wondering how the trio even got into Shantae's mind in the first place, Rottytops proceeded to rip off her leg and smack BOB in the face with it, expelling the entity from Shantae's mind. A mysterious-looking orb was seen flying out of Shantae's temple in a stupor shortly afterwards.
    • In contrast with the former two victims, BOB managed to successfully possess the body of Private First Class Richard "Dick" Simmons, who was "opened" by BOB after the latter asked the former how Sarge was doing. As a result, Simmons became highly aggressive and hostile to the other members of the Red Team, culminating in him trying to kill Sarge whilst ranting about how everyone will start wanting to "kiss MY ass!" Simmons was just about to drive a knife into Sarge's throat when BOB, having grown bored of Simmons, exited his body to possess someone else, leaving Simmons to awkwardly explain to Sarge why he was holding a knife to Sarge's neck. Some time later, Simmons was last seen running for his life through the House of Travel whilst an infuriated Sarge pursued him with a Warthog that constantly played Tejano music.
    • Hoping to take over Jin Kazama's body so that he could exploit Jin's Devil Gene, BOB appeared before Jin one day while he was training with his fellow Tekken deities and asked him about his original last name, Mishima. As Jin angrily asked BOB as to why he was pestering him, BOB "opened" him and immediately awakening Devil Jin. What followed was essentially a massacre at the House of Combat, as the BOB-controlled Devil Jin slaughtered not just the deities from Tekken, but also any God or Goddess that was unfortunate enough cross paths with him. By the end of the day, a large portion of the House was depopulated, and Jin was found surrounded by the corpses of his fellow deities whilst looking upon the carnage he was forced to carry out. As for BOB, he or his orb form were nowhere to be seen within the House's bloodstained halls. Rather, he was back at his temple, contemplating about the best experience he ever had in the Pantheon so far.
    • While delving deep into the Crimon Court's courtyard, the Flagellant and the Highwayman were surprised to come across not another Crocodilian, but rather a disheveled man smiling menacingly who began asking the Flagellant what it was like to suffer. As the Flagellant and Highwayman stared at him in confusion, BOB began to "open" the Flagellant, stressing the Flagellant out enough to become Rapturous. From there, the BOB-possessed Flagellant would begin a wholesale slaughter on the courtyard, starting with the Highwayman and including the Barron, the Viscount, and many of the infected nobles that inhabited the tainted land. His indiscriminate killing came to an end when a badly wounded Countess somehow implanted an egg on the Flagellant's back that soon hatched, killing the Flagellant. Unfortunately for the Crimson Court, a satisfied BOB escaped before the egg hatched. Sure, he may have earned an enemy in the Ancestor and the Crimson Court, but none of that mattered to BOB in the slightest. To him, the absurd amount of garmonbozia he managed to accumulate whilst in possession of the Flagellant made it more than worth the trouble.
      • Unexpectedly (or expectedly?), this single act of corruption managed to impress of the King of Corruption himself, Molag Bal, who immediately took a liking to BOB after hearing about the various atrocities he's forced his host, Leland Palmer, to commit upon his own daughter and how it forced her into a self-destructive lifestyle of hedonism. BOB seems to be fond of the Daedric Prince as well, if his insistence that the Hated One should break the Pantheon's rules and turn Laura Palmer into a Daughter of Coldharbour is anything to go by.
  • Being an entity of pure malice, BOB has found himself avoiding the likes of Samurai Jack and Link thanks to the swords they possess, which BOB had found out the hard way that they're able to slice apart creatures made of pure evil. BOB especially hates the Samurai for managing to wound BOB after stumbling upon him trying to possess Ashi.
  • Due to the presence of the Anti-Life Equation, BOB has been uncharacteristically scared of the thought of confronting Darkseid. As much as BOB would love to take over the Dread Lord's body and have him go to town on the Pantheon, not even he wants to test his chances at retaining control of his body in spite of a mathematical formula that is said to be capable of dominating sentient beings.
  • Mr. Scratch has unsurprisingly struck up a friendship with BOB, who was glad to meet another embodiment of pure evil such as himself, especially since Mr. Scratch didn't seem to be a pansy like his former partner, MIKE, was. The two have even floated the idea of becoming partners to torment the denizens of the Pantheon. This did not sit well with Alan Wake when he heard about the potential partnership, especially now that he has to worry about two Humanoid Abominations trying to make his life a living hell.
    • In addition to Mr. Scratch, BOB has worked with Parallax on more than one occasion, much to Hal Jordan's dismay. Unlike Mr. Scratch, however, BOB doesn't trust Parallax in the slightest, as he's convinced that the Fear Entity is just trying to get closer so it can steal BOB's garmonbozia for itself. Given that Parallax would gladly slaughter the Sinestro Corps should they get in its way, BOB's paranoia is not unwarranted.
  • Having heard about Angra Mainyu and their ability to corrupt people when fused with the Holy Grail, BOB couldn't help but feel excited to meet such a deity (and potentially hijack his body to inflict more pain and suffering on the Pantheon of course). In his excitement, BOB did not expect that the supposed God of Evil would actually be a woefully weak villager that's virtually useless without the Holy Grail. BOB was reportedly so disappointed by the encounter with Angra Mainyu that he dropped his smile and walked away from the Avenger without even trying to possess him.
  • Originally, BOB wasn't even meant to have been part of his original universe. The only reason he came into existence was because the show's set director, Frank Silva, had unintentionally endeared himself to the show's creator, David Lynch, after Frank had almost trapped himself in Laura Palmer's room by accident, resulting in Lynch creating the character BOB after shooting footage of Frank Silva looking up from the foot of Laura's bed. Upon discovering this information, the House of Theatre and Spectacle, hoping to sit down and interview Frank Silva about how he managed to land a position on the show, has started hiring mercenaries to track down BOB while the House figures out a way to contact Frank through BOB.
  • Can also be found in Fairies.
  • "You may think I have gone insane, but I promise... I will kill again!"

    The Headcrabs 
The Headcrabs, Divine Race of Control Parasites (Headhumpers, Parasitics, Biotics, Facehuggers)
Clockwise from Top Right: Standard, Gonarch, Fast and Poison

    Mars People 
Mars People, Divine Race of Octopoid Aliens
The Average-looking Mars People
  • Intermediate Deities as a whole. Rootmars is closer to a Greater God
  • Symbol: Their Spaceships
  • Theme Song: First Contact and Final Attack
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Aliens Are Bastards, Alien Blood, Enemy Mine in the Sixth Game, Flying Saucer, Homing Projectile, Ray Gun, Starfish Aliens
  • Domains: Aliens, Invasion, Betrayal, War, Conflict, Kidnapping
  • Followers: Gallaxhar, Exceller, Octoombas, Kang and Kodos
  • Allies: The Martians, The Harvesters, Marvin the Martian, Vilgax, ADVENT
  • Enemies: The Peregrine Falcons and the Sparrows Team, Leona Heidern, Martian Manhunter, John Carter, Amy Wong, Rei Hino, XCOM, Brainiac, Harbinger, The Grineer, The Xenomorph Drone, Inklings, Octodad, Ika Musume, Most of the Ascended SNK and Capcom deities
  • In a world torn apart by conflict between an Evil Army and the heroes who oppose them, one wouldn't expect aliens to be involved in the conflict. Enter the Mars People, who decided to ally with General Morden in hopes of defeating the Regular Army once and for all. Thing is, the Mars People had plans of their own and betrayed the Rebel Army at the last minute since they were only interested in taking over the Planet Earth. Thankfully they were defeated the first time but they have returned countless times in hopes of succeeding but the brave team of the Peregrine Falcons and The Sparrows have been able to prevent the Martians from succeeding, even taking down their leader Rootmars the second time.
  • Generally they sport an appearance of a squid and come in different types and colours. Their weaponry consist of ray guns, guns that shoot explosive spores, robots and even spaceship of variable size, the biggest being their mothership. The leader of the Mars People is a psychic alien known as Rootmars, being much bigger than them and also having powerful laser attacks. They came to the pantheon believing it was planet earth but they faced opposition from the XCOM who are used to fighting alien invasions and had to establish themselves somewhere to avoid being wiped out and kicked out of the pantheon.
  • Their ascension alarmed the Metal Slug Crew and they were among the first to oppose their invasion. The four are considered by the Mars People to be the most dangerous enemies they have ever faced, them being the primary reason most of their invasions to planet earth failed. And it only got worse when they discovered that they had a few allies who were experts in dealing with alien threats.
  • While they have an established temple in the pantheon, most of the time they prefer to be in their home planet of Mars. However, they were taken aback when they found out that other races inhabited the planet, some even calling themselves "martians". They almost got into a heated conflict with the martians given their resemblance to their sworn enemy the Invaders (who are said to come from Venus) but all confusions got cleared when they indeed discovered that both races were not so different and had the same goals. There was also Marvin the Martian, who most of the Mars people considered a bit quirky and think his plan of blowing up earth is a bit stupid consider the potential the planet has for them.
    • However, not all Martians were sympathetic to their cause. J'onn J'onns, better known as Martian Manhunter, considers the Mars People as threat to the pantheon and will not hesitate to stop them if they go too far. His immense power that even surpasses that of their leader hasn't gone unnoticed by the squid aliens and they are aware of his weakness to fire and will try to exploit it whenever it's possible. They were also insulted that there were certain earthlings that had connections to Mars or even called themselves "Martians", such as John Carter, Amy Wong or Rei Hino and they plan to deal with them eventually.
  • They have a good relationship with the Harvesters being a fellow planet invading alien race. It is said that the Mars People's mothership resembles that of the Harvesters, with both of them being destroyed by a kamikaze plane hitting their core. They also allied with Vilgax given that he is also a Cthulhumanoid planet conqueror but they've heard of his backstabbing tendencies so they have been keeping an eye on him (Granted, the Mars People do that a lot too).
  • As standard for any malicious alien race, the Mars People are a prime target by the XCOM, Master Chief and The Guardians. The latter group often visits their home planet since it's a sacred place to them and since they tend to be fairly proficient at eliminating extraterrestrial targets, they had to secure their home bases in case they got attacked.
    • But this animosity did have its benefits. ADVENT noticed the octopoid aliens after they had a confrontation with their arch-enemy and proposed an alliance since both factions seeked to conquer earth.
  • They may be plenty of evil, but the Mars People even detests other alien races that are too much from them. Xenomorphs remind them of the Invaders that prey of them, with their Queen being a huge rival towards Rootmars. The Grineer's Absolute Xenophobe tendencies coupled with the fact that they have occupied Mars have made them a huge threat to the Mars People and they have been constantly at war ever since they set foot in the pantheon.
  • They may look like squids, but they don't consider themselves ones. Inklings at first confused them for Octolings before they discovered too late that these "Octolings" were far more evil and dangerous. Octodad thought that they were also octopuses and he even managed to full them into thinking that he was another mar person like them, before they found out he was from earth and he almost got fried instantly. Lastly, Squid Girl thought that the octopoid aliens were fellow aquatic creature that rose up to oppose humanity, but they weren't aquatic nor were looking to start a revolution, they wanted to conquer planet earth and Ika was also one of the targets to exterminate.
  • They are said to be perfect for being a Master of Disguise, impersonating General Morden during one of their attempts and even managing to capture one of the agents of the Regular Army. They also know how to create superpowered clones of those they have abducted but after the last clone test subject escaped and caused the remaining existing clones became zombified, they have reduced the production of them.
  • A few of their members made appearances in other titles, engaging in a hand to hand combat against certain fighters from other SNK franchises and a few Capcom deities. They aren't very fond of the squid creatures and would rather beat them within an inch of their lives if they came accross them.

    Roger Smith (American Dad
Roger Smith, God of Grey Aliens (The Legman, Ricky Spanish, and too many others to count)

Yrel, Goddess of Space Elves (Light of Hope, Jeanne d'Argus)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Icon of Argus
  • Theme Song: Yrel
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Space Elves, Light Is Good, Taking Levels In Badass, Jeanne d'Archétype, Healing Hands, The Paladin, Taking Up A Dead Friend's Hammer, Holy Hand Grenade, Alternate Universe
  • Domains: Light, Leadership, Faith, Healing
  • Herald: Prophet Velen, an alternative counterpart of her teacher
  • Allies: Jaina, Tyrael, Thrall, Baine Bloodhoof, Alexastrasza, Aang,, Liara T'soni, Jeanne D'Arc
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, Xykon, Redcloak, Gul'dan
  • Conflicting Opinion: Zeratul; while she recognizes him as a comrade, previous experience with the Shadowmoon orcs has made it hard for her to trust anyone using The Power of the Void.
  • Became friends with Aang after they found common ground in having to take a leading role in their worlds during a war despite their relative ages, and a lack of combat experience or training beforehand.
  • Rumored to have been in a relationship with Vindicator Maraad before his death. Has yet to confirm or deny this.
  • It is unknown what her opinion on the Grommash Hellscream in the Pantheon is, even though she is working with the one from her universe to rebuild Draenor after the Iron Horde's defeat.
  • Often goes to the Houses of Leadership and War in order to increase her knowledge of tactics or diplomacy. She met Jeanne d'Arc during one of these trips, and the two hit it off swiftly.
  • After meeting Liara T'soni, formed a partnership with her, due to both their similar appearance, and their specialties working together well (Liara as an information gatherer, and Yrel as a leader in combat using the info she gathers.) Liara, in turn, sees her as similar to Commander Shepard.
  • Greatly respects Tyrael, due both to his Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! attitude in regards to mortals, and his former status as an angel.
  • Clashed with Arthas Menethil upon her ascension, due to him being a former paladin who killed many of the other paladins, and causing millions of deaths after he became the Lich King. While she lost the fight, she was saved by the other good Blizzard deities before he could kill and raise her, and has been practicing for a rematch ever since.
    • Apparently, from other deities that healed her, she learned that Arthas has been training via the Nexus battlefields and... well it was kind of reckless of her to challenge a seasoned veteran like that even when she's pretty new in the business. Yrel has learned her lessons well and wonders if one day she could apply to that battlefield... in which she eventually did.
    • Also holds a grudge against Xykon and Redcloak for similar reasons. While she has shown some interest in trying to talk things out with the latter due to his personal history with paladins, she sees Xykon as being similar to Arthas.
  • "Do your worst."

Lesser Gods

    Audrey II 
Audrey II, God(dess?) of Plant Aliens (Mean Green Mother From Outer Space)

Chang'e, Goddess of People of the Moon (Chang-o, Heng'e, Jouga, Goddess of the Moon, Faerie of the Moon)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Moon with a visible outline of a rabbit
  • Theme Song: Ultraluminary
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Goddess of the Moon, Turned Into a Mortal Alongside Her Husband, Drank the Elixir of Immortality And Regretted Her Actions Later, Ascended Into the Heavens, Accompanied by the Jade Rabbit, Star-Crossed Lovers with Houyi
  • Domains: Moon, Immortality, Dancing, Rabbits, Love, Cooking
  • Allies: Houyi, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Usagi Tsukino, Chibi-Usa, Tyrande Whisperwind, Django, Cecil Harvey, Golbez, Princess Luna, Artemis, Selene
  • Enemies: Junko, Doctor Eggman
  • Mixed Relations: Eirin Yagokoro, Kaguya
  • Chang'e in many stories is known as the wife of the celestial archer Houyi. Stories differ how their relation began, was it that she was with him in the Heavens before his exile from there, with her being send with him or that she is related to the river god He-Bo and the two met on Earth. Whatever the case is, one day Houyi received two vials of Elixir of Immortality, which would allow the two of them become immortal. However due of reasons unknown, Chang'e drank both vials, after which she ascended into the Moon. With no one but a rabbit with her side, she was doomed to life her existence as the only person on the Moon.
  • When Chang'e was given the power to ascend to the Pantheon, it was the first time in practically an eternity that she and her husband Houyi managed to reunite. After all, the distance between them is the distance between the Earth's Moon and the Sun. The House of Love actually celebrated this moment due of being one of longest lasting Star-Crossed Lovers stories there is.
    • ...Unfortunately their reunion did not last without problems. When the actual celebration was happening, there was a really unfortunate party crasher who came and stopped the celebration. The woman in question? None other than Junko, who had finally reunited with her archenemy after who knows how long. She was sadistically gleeful for this reunion.
    Junko: Chang'e... Chang'e... CHANG'E!! For ages I have waited for the moment I and you will meet once again! Now everyone witness as I will kill her ten, hundred, thousand, how many times I need to finally satisfy my desire for pure revenge!!
    • To say the least, the whole party was ruined due to Junko's actions. She only stopped trying to attack Chang'e when she was captured and put into custody. Of course everyone knows that it won't stop Junko forever. Now Chang'e has to life in fear that Junko might one day find her and exact her revenge on her.
  • While Chang'e does know what happened to Houyi after she ascended to the Moon, she can't really blame him for it. In fact, she sort of hold responsibility for it as it was her mistake what lead to his Start of Darkness.
  • While the belief is that she is the only human on the Moon, it might not always be the case. In some cases, she is from an entire race of Lunarians. Unfortunately, when she drank the Hourai Elixir, the Lunarians locked her away due of their believe that absence of death is an impurity by itself. Not only that, but due of the actions of her husband, she is being targeted by a divine spirit named Junko who wants to kill her as revenge of sort (even if Chang'e has Complete Immortality). The fact that she can't really do anything to it bothers her.
    • Note that she has no ill will against Eirin and Kaguya, as she knows that it wasn't really their fault. Though she feels nervous that someone out there is able to create an Elixir of Immortality due of fear what it might do to someone.
    • Speaking of which, Chang'e is also a goddess of sort to the Lunar Rabbits. And while she and Reisen hasn't really met eachother, Reisen is compelled to be with her.
  • There are some stories that once she ascended to the Moon, she transformed into a toad. She can't really say anything about it.
  • Some gods wonder why she is mute when she is send to the Battleground of the Gods. Some think that due of what she did, Chang'e simply decided not to speak ever again. It's not like she can't talk... but sometimes it is probably better that she doesn't talk.
  • While some say that she is trapped in the Moon forever, she might still be able to visit Earth sometimes. For example, she once visited Earth to hold a conference about the state of the Moon. She also does not like anyone who tries to mess with Moon's surface for sick kicks. She lives in there, you know.
  • She has really good relations with those who were either from the Moon or are somehow related to those who have lived there. Which ironically includes Django.
  • There are some confusions on what gender the Jade Rabbit is. Some say that the rabbit is female where as some say that the rabbit is male.
  • She's at odds with Doctor Eggman, due to him blowing up half the Moon.
  • In her spare time, she's spent time creating her own cooking show called "Cooking with Chang'e".
    Chang'e: Where cooking is life, and life is cooking!

    The Mantis 
The Mantis, Sacred Race of Insectoid Aliens
Left to right, up to down: Mantis Scout/Interceptor, Mantis Fighter/Assault, Mantis Bomber/Aggressor, Mantis Cruiser Type A "The Gila Monster"
Click here for the Mantis themselves 
  • Lesser deities.
  • Symbol: Their ships.
  • Theme Song: Mantis (Explore), Mantis (Battle)
  • Alignment: Natural leniency to Neutral Evil. True Neutral in the best of cases with some going Lawful Neutral when under the Federation.
  • Portfolio: Insectoid Aliens resembling Giant praying mantes, Strength in numbers, Boarding Parties, Proud Warrior Race seeking the thrill of the hunt, Lightning Bruiser, Once attempted to invade Earth, Alien Blood
  • Domains: Insects, Boarding, Violence, Warriors, Hunting
  • Allies: Zorak, Atriox
  • Rivals: The Sontarans, The VUX, Queen Sectonia, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Scarface (Predator)
  • Enemies: The Engi, The Slugs, Star Fox, Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9, AAHW, The Imperium of Man, The Knight, The Radiance, Wikus van der Merwe & Christopher Johnson, Scyther and Lurantis, Master Mantis, The HECU, XCOM, ADVENT, The Unbidden
  • Respected by: Hircine
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Humanity
  • The Mantis' disregard for individual lives led to their evolution as a vicious, warrior race.
  • Of the races native in their universe, few are as universally ruthless and violent as the Mantis. Remorse is hardly ever a word in their vocabulary for they are a race bred for war, and war alone and it shows in their fast speed, incredibly sharp claws, and acidic spit. While not above deception and subterfuge, their preference for physical confrontation is not to be trifled with and it has aided them well in their pursuits of personal gain. If ever you find yourself in Mantis-controlled space you best make your visit a brief one.
  • To many, the passing tales of a place called “the Pantheon” is mere canard — unfounded nonsense. Indeed, it can be quite hard to comprehend the existence of such a place and no amount of explanation or elaboration could convince outsiders. For a place like it, only seeing is believing, and this is what happened when a Mantis Fighter tracking down a Slug Scout discovered a new sector thought to be unknown to the rest of the galaxy. After much data was accumulated by their scouts, the many clans and warbands wasted little time expanding their claims. no doubt bewitched by the possibility of new territory. The Pantheon was quick to respond to the mantids’’ rapid expansion, however, and Star Fox was one of the deities sent to the scene to repel their ships. While they tried tricking the mercenary team by faking the scenario of fleeing ships though they were quick on the up-take and were successful in taking down the waves on their end. While the Mantis did manage to gain a foothold in the Pantheon with various colonies it’s not nearly as strong as they had anticipated.
  • Their vicious mentality has led to them being largely seen as unpopular by the other races. Their fierce nature has led to them forming warbands and taking up hunting other races across the galaxy in the name of glory. Spaces outside their territories tend to get designated as sacred hunting grounds for their various clans. Not even nebulae are except for this, despite the shared frustration in traveling them, and are quite popular to hunt in them due to the challenge present in weeding out the Slugs lurking in them.
    • Of all the races in their home universe, they especially have it out for humans and The Engi. In times past, they once waged war against the Federation and the resulting conflict has left them a bitter taste against mankind with some even itching for a rematch. While the Federation is primarily preoccupied with the Rebellion they’ve stuck to taking out their anger against various human colonies. The enmity goes both ways as stories of their blood-red ships invading Earth have never truly faded. As for the Engi Mantis have been resort to slavery, primarily taking Engi captives to make up for their ineptitude at repairing. Thanks to the Rebellion bringing the Federation to their knees, they’ve exploited the resulting chaos in the galaxy to actively attack their homeworlds. While the Pantheon does have a massive war going on, the Engi are largely unaffected by it due to their neutrality and can allocate their resources to defending their sectors from the insectoid aliens. Them being backed up by the allies they made in the Pantheon certainly helped, something the Mantis are irritated by.
  • A Proud Warrior Race through and through, professions such as merchantry are not respected in their numbers. Few take up such occupations as a result of this perception but you would be surprised by the many Mantis merchants for how little they make up the rest of their kind. Many are holed up in the House of Commerce and they saw the chance to more efficiently do business in such a House and took it while their more violent brethren made a scene. The House of Crime and Transgressions were hit with a similar wave of Mantis dealing in more illegal trade.
    • Their focus on war as a species has earned them some comparisons towards the Sontarans for they see the act of taking care of the wounded and/or sick utterly humiliating since it takes them away from directly combating their opponents. The comparisons resulted in the building of a rivalry that has left much destruction in their wake. At the very least, the Sontarans seem to genuinely enjoy such confrontations between them and the Mantis due to how straightforward they are. After all, a warrior doesn’t talk: He acts.
  • These warriors pride themselves on hunting, and their quarry is all too often made up of sapient lifeforms. Only the finest may do for their clans and personal tallies, and there’s some among them who even take to specializing against specific species right down to adorning themselves with their spoils. The Pantheon has no shortage of great prey to claim from, though some stand out among the rest. The Xenomorph Drone, for instance, is well regarded for its nature as a universally feared predator. Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, despite their origins as artificially created animals from humans, have warranted similar levels of respect. Hircine, hearing of prowess and culture, silently watches over their hunts as he is interested in what will come of their hunts.
  • Jenny Wakeman finds herself fighting off many of the Mantis’ kind quite often after an incident involving a band of thieves being bold enough to conduct raids on the House of Technology. It’s sort of reminiscent of her battles with the Cluster, an alien race of bug-like robots that have frequently tried to invade and conquer Earth and have fought against their ruler, Queen Vexus, many different times. When Jenny finally found herself on their homeworld, Cluster Prime, she ended up kickstarting a revolution that overthrew Vexus and her cronies. One has to wonder if there’s something similar happening with the Mantis behind the scenes while the rest of the galaxy is preoccupied with the Rebels and the ensuing chaos. Even if they’re not mechanical, they're persistent enough of a threat to remain that way.
  • Further separating them from the mantes of Earth is that they’re hinted to be a matriarchal society if an off comment on only particularly vicious females gaining high positions is anything to go off of. Whatever their leadership is, Queen Sectonia seeks to conquer the Mantis not unlike what she planned with Planet Popstar and its inhabitants. As far as she’s concerned, her divine beauty gives her the right to do so for it equals in power as well. The Mantis, however, are not interested in such superficial concepts like “beauty” and seek instead to crush her in return.
  • And speaking of things such as beauty, despite sharing the same opposition towards mankind the VUX find the Mantis ugly and interior like pretty much every other species they’ve encountered. Many of the Mantis say the same with them, seeing no difference between them and the Slugs they know from their home universe. Some warbands have been gathering sizable stockpiles of weapons, most prominently the Anti-Bio Beams created by the Slugs and Anti-Ship batteries, specifically for the purpose of eviscerating them and their ships.
  • Few can admit to achieving the level of barbarity the moronic but homicidal space-faring Orks do. And among the brutal and belligerent greenskin horde, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka is the biggest and meanest of them all and is rightfully feared and hated by his enemies. The Mantis originally didn't think much of him or the Orks in general, but after proving himself against a Mantis-infested fortress (originally controlled by the AAHW until the Mantis decided otherwise), they were quick to remedy that opinion through the hard war and have taken him and the Orks much more seriously.
  • Their preference for warping aboard boarding parties isn’t anything to scoff at, and can quickly overrun a space vessel if given the chance and take it for themselves. They can still be held off and those out traveling across space have grown wise to these tactics. The Mantis, not wanting to be outdone, have naturally begun to evolve in such tactics to fit with the Pantheon. Thanks to the ease of access to technology one favored tactic involves warping aboard large stacks of explosives with them, with far numerous in both magnitude and variety than back home. Usually, they utilize a ship’s Bomb-type weapons in conjunction with this. Expect them to fall back to this if their plan A doesn’t hit the mark, such as against the Imperium of Man’s Space Marines. When it became clear they’re far too well-equipped to fall to their crew, the Mantis aboard jumped ship and detonated the stockpile they warped to cover their escape, along with being assisted by Breaching Bombs to further hinder their foes.
  • During the Knight’s adventures in what remained of the once-great kingdom of Hallownest they encountered the Mantis Tribe who managed to hold out against the infection that swept the land. Proud and fierce, they were initially hostile to the warrior until they bested the Mantis Lords in combat. After which, they came to respect them and allowed the Knight passage into Deepnest. While these Mantises have a similar culture, they’re far more dominated by their brutality though many of their kind prefer not to cross with the Knight unless deemed necessary despite his prowess with the Nail, viewing him as something disgusting. Taking into account his origins, they’re not wrong to think that. Some deities may rationalize that such feelings can be seen as a different kind of respect though most aren’t so sure about that.
    • While they’re wary of the Knight, the Mantis are no friends with the Radiance either. The natural reaction to her existence was for every last one of them to declare her as an enemy, rather. As she is the source of the very same infection that ravaged the entire land, mutating its victims into hate-filled zombies meant to serve and worship her after she was forgotten, this is to be expected.
  • Though Wikus and Christopher Johnson are both Insectoid Aliens themselves (well, one was transformed through mutation in the case of Wikus), the two reserve no sympathy for the Mantis even if they have a not-so-nice history with mankind. Considering the Mantis’ nature, it’s pretty likely they were the ones who sparked their feud in the first place. On the Mantis’ end they think of the “Prawn” as weak for letting humanity push them around so easily. Other mantids in the Pantheon are not receptive to their behavior either. Scyther and Lurantis really can’t stomach their penchant for hunting the greatest of game and Master Mantis, while Hot-Blooded himself, declares the man-sized insects are pretty much dominated by their aggressiveness.
    • The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah, contrasting the mantis-like aliens, are instead based on Hawaiian caterpillars. Were this the animal kingdom of Earth a mantis would usually make short of the larval butterflies. However, both Ur-Quan were used to fighting creatures far larger and tougher than them to even hope to form a civilization back when they were still a singular species. In addition, their technology is still far more advanced than theirs even after accounting for the Mantis adapting to the Pantheon’s climate, the Kzer-Za’s fighters and Kohr-Ah’s ring of fire being more than a match for their forces. The former sees an opportunity in making the Mantis their Battle Thralls since they’re quite like Yehat, pterdactyl-like aliens who are also a Proud Warrior Race.
    • Out of the many different aliens in the Pantheon, insect or not, Zorak was one of the first who managed to have a somewhat good relationship with. It would help that he was once a feared warlord before being reduced to Space Ghost’s bandleader for his talk show. Not exactly a glamorous position, something many Mantis really like to remind him of, though to be fair his archnemesis isn’t that well off either and they mock him just as much. Through the former conqueror, a member of the Mantis was invited to Space Ghost’s talk show. Despite making their disdain for humanity pretty clear, the Mantis was well-spoken in English and was a surprisingly cooperative guest. The episode ended up going off-script anyways due to Space Ghost and Zorak being at each other’s throats, however.
  • As far as ruthless warriors go, they greatly respect the mercenary leader Atriox. Dissenters in the Covenant don’t last long, but Atriox has proven himself to be the exception to that very rule and has formed a strong following known as the Banished. In addition to his strength and mindset he has also the charisma to match, and it helped in attracting many Mantis in his newfound war in the Pantheon.
  • Their reputation as a cold-blooded race of war-like murderers exists for a reason, but not everyone falls under that umbrella. Besides the aforementioned traders, it was at one point reported that a Mantis going by the name of Robert Smith lived in a colony consisting of humans. Robert is a rather confused Mantis as he believes he is one of them, but is otherwise loved by his human family. He dreamt of joining the Federation like his older adoptive brother but otherwise was unable to, though some stories about him say he managed to fulfill that dream, as a part of the crew that defeated the Rebellion no less. Contrasting this humble Mantis is the Legendary thief KazaaakplethKilik, a feared Mantis criminal who made a name for himself across the many sectors. After his defeat and reconstitution by a Federation ship and her crew he decided to devote his loyalty and resources to their cause. The list goes on with other such individual Mantises with mercenaries, wanted fugitives, and even former commandos choosing to throw their lot with outsiders. Mind you, it’s rarer with the latter two but it can and has indeed happened.
    • If ever you find yourself with a Mantis as an ally then expect most of their to come from violence. Not that they’re completely inept in other fields (except perhaps repairs), but it’s their go-to. For example, two mercenary Mantis employed by one god were dealing with a sudden hostage situation in a small store off in the middle of nowhere between two Houses. When an allied Slug divined that the thugs were out of their minds and were going to kill the hostages anyway, deal or not, the two mantids took it upon themselves to help clear them out. While they managed to get some shots in, the assailants were ultimately sliced to ribbons before anyone was seriously harmed, their blood becoming the store’s new accent color.
  • An illegal mining operation conducted by a Mantis clan was interrupted by an XCOM squadron sent to investigate the disappearances of several HECU members (who got too close to their territory). Going by limited sightings by locals the team initially thought it to be the work of Chryssalids, though the inconsistencies prevented them from fully assuming it was them. Sure enough, they were correct in their skepticism as it erupted into a long battle that eventually resulted in XCOM killing every last one of the Mantis, though many of the men sent were hospitalized from their wounds. Following this encounter, the Mantis have started gunning for XCOM even if it meant intercepting battles involving ADVENT, or some other hostile extraterrestrial. In some cases, the Mantis go through them just to get to XCOM. While ADVENT tried to appeal to the Mantis’ hatred for humanity the insectoids declined any offer of alliances, being more interested in hunting their various units as well. Both XCOM’s higher-ups and the Elders observing the battles outside believe the Mantis was what could have happened to the Chryssalids if their uplifting did indeed gifted them sentience.

    Sweet Mayhem 
Sweet Mayhem, Goddess of Angelic Aliens
Click here to see Sweet Mayhem unmasked 

Commander Torque, God of Little Green Men (Shellduck)
Click here to see his disguise 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Ray Gun
  • Theme Song: Horizon Starport
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Supporting Leader, Martial Pacifist, The Smart Guy, Drives Like Crazy, Goggles Do Nothing
  • Domain: Aliens, Rebellion, Space
  • Allies: Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Liara T'soni
  • Enemies: Lord Brevon, Raul Menendez, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • Just as Anthony Higgs was sent to the Pantheon on behalf of the Galactic Federation, Commander Torque was sent here by the Chasers after they heard that Lord Brevon was spotted in the Trope Pantheons. And then he was in for a surprise when he was told that he was already given a position in reserve for his arrival. And there came further surprise upon finding Lilac and her friends in the Pantheon as well.
  • When it comes to Little Green Men, they are either hostile or mysterious. If hostile, they will wield ray guns, speak English, and will ask anyone they find to take them to their leader. If mysterious, they will probably not speak, or speak only in weird beeping noises, possibly abduct people, and then disappear quickly and mysteriously, leaving little trace. Torque speaks English, and he has a ray gun, but he's far from hostile or mysterious, making him something of an oddity when compared to other "little green men".
  • Much like Lilac and the others, he gets along pretty well with Sonic and his friends as the blue hedgehog was the one who got Lilac ascended in the first place. He especially gets along with Tails, another mechanical genus.
  • Has befriended Liara, another alien fighting against an oppressive alien race. No surprise, Torque does idly find her attractive.
  • Don't ask him to drive. Just don't. The last time he got behind a biplane, he crashed into a wall.
  • Is absolutely despised by Raul Menendez. The man once tried to turn him against Lilac and the others as he's something of their leader, but having dealt with the ruthless and cruel Brevon for years, he knows all the standard traps. He is the one time Raul's manipulations failed. Torque actually pities Raul for what he's become, but won't back down if it comes to fighting him.
  • Given the fact that he's an alien, Masato did try to attack him. He wasn't in the mood to fight the deluded Rider. Still, he's quite pissed over the fact that Masato views anyone who isn't human as evil.


    Dr. Hämsterviel 
Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel, God of Aliens Resembling Earth Animals (Hamster-wheel, Rupert)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His "H" brooch
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Intelligent Gerbil (hates being called a gerbil, he is HAMSTER-like), The Napoleon, Usually A Harmless Villain, Iconic Sequel Villain, Jerks, Evil Genius, Cardboard Prison, Being Very Irritable, Volleying Insults that are Shaped Like Itself
  • Domains: Science, Criminals, Ego, Fluffiness, Aliens, Irritability, Funding
  • Followers: Ch'p, the Bugs, the Ssi-ruuk
  • Herald: Captain Gantu
  • Interested in: Most Pokémon (particularly the legendaries), the House of Genetic Engineering, many SCPs
  • Allies: Leroy, Ghetsis Harmonia, Doctors Eggman and Wily, Marvin the Martian, Babidi, Wat Tambor, Dr. Gero
  • Headbutting Villains with: The Professor (on their end), Professor Hojo (on his end)
  • Enemies: Lilo and Stitch, the other experiments, many Pokémon but primarily Silvally, Mew, Mewtwo and the Eevelutions, Iroque, Felix the Cat, The SCP Foundation, SCP-040, The Men in Black
  • Fears: SCP-542, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  • Avoids: The Facehuggers and the Xenomorph Drone
  • Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel was the financier and business partner of Jumba Jookiba, aiding him in the creation of over 600 experiments. After Experiment 626/Stitch escaped and Jumba settled down on Earth, Hämsterviel enlisted the aid of the disgraced Gantu to get the remaining 625 experiment pods. They ended up being scattered on Earth, and from prison, Gantu tried reclaiming them. When that didn't work and they were all turned good, he took matters into his own hands with a new experiment, Leroy, and planned to take out the experiments and rule through the Leroy clones. However, they were defeated, and Hämsterviel was locked up again.
  • Resembles some sort of gerbil, hamster, and/or rabbit. He doesn't take kindly to those that mistake him as such, insisting he is hamster-like and shouldn't be compared to any other rodent. He doesn't care much for the other rodents, mind you. Some thought he might get along with the Killer Rabbit, but after seeing what it does to those who come too near it, the doctor is terrified of the Killer Rabbit.
  • Abrasive, irritable and having an ego inversely proportional to his size, Dr. Hämsterviel doesn't come off as an impressive villain. The fact that the Leroy clonesnote  are still locked up doesn't help matters. Still, he is an Evil Genius not to be underestimated, even managing to conquer the world in a Bad Future. The Professor decided to work with him since he felt together they might permanently be not so harmless, and while Hämsterviel is fine employing him he is quick to insult his new partner for his incompetence. Felix the Cat has managed to fool both of them.
  • Is willing to employ himself to Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. After all, he is a fellow Evil Genius and shares ambitions of conquest, so it's in his best interest siding with them. He is more cordial when it comes to Babidi, however, as they're both short, Napoleon-complexed aliens. Babidi's mind control appealed to Hämsterviel, though it's not going to work on the now redeemed experiments. He's just hoping he can get it to somehow.
  • He has also sided with Marvin the Martian, as they're comical yet sinister evil aliens. Marvin is more Affably Evil, though he's arguably eviler. Wat Tambor isn't the former and definitely the latter, but is otherwise willing to work with Hämsterviel in hopes of weaponizing monsters and other means to conquer worlds.
  • Hämsterviel has hopes of somehow turning the experiments back to evil, in a vain hope of starting over. He finds Indigo-1 some serious opposition as the Indigo Tribe is all about brainwashing evil beings to feel compassion and be good. He finds how the Men in Black deal with aliens to get in the way of his ambitions as well.
  • Interested in the many Pokémon within the Pantheon, especially the legendaries, who he compared to the many experiments. He is willing to help Ghetsis in his own plans in order to get both Pokémon and experiments, all for their mutual desire for conquest(at least until they get in each other's way). His biggest targets are Mew and Eevee due to their genetic potential. Also Mewtwo and Silvally for being more direct experiments.
  • Also interested in the various SCPs, and believes that he can use them instead of the experiments for taking over the galaxy. He almost certainly can't. To his credit, he won't try to touch SCP-542, though it's mainly because he's terrified by the Extreme Omnivore rabbit. He is also smart enough to know he shouldn't bother with anything related to the Xenomorph.
  • Has been working in the House of Genetic Engineering, in hopes of creating new experiments loyal to him. One of the first things he did was try to get control over SCP-040, to make her use her Biomanipulation powers as part of his "Experiment 630+" plan. Professor Hojo will help with that For Science!, however, Dr. Hämsterviel walks on eggshells around him since even he thinks Hojo's a creep.

    Wat Tambor 
Emir Wat Tambor, God of Aliens in Exosuits (Wat Tambor, Rosie the Robot)


Facehuggers, Celestial Beasts of Alien Impregnation
  • Quasideities (by alien standards)
  • Symbol: Their own silhouette
  • Alignment: Seen as Chaotic Evil, True Neutral by nature
  • Portfolio: Always Blue-and-Orange Morality, Evil Is Not a Toy, LEGO Genetics, Face Hugger (and by extension, Chest Burster)
  • Domain: Fear, Beast, Space
  • Sibling: The Xenomorph Drone
  • Rivals: The Tyranids
  • Allies: Lord Hater, and ONLY him.
  • Enemies: Ellen L. Ripley, Samus Aran, Baraka, Gordan Freeman, really, the entire Pantheon
  • Natural Enemy: The Hatchling
  • Stalked by: Scarface
  • The Facehugggers, the first stage for the growth of the Xenomorph. They reproduce by first using their mandible claws to grasp the face of its victim and using its tail to suffocate them. They then force an embryo into their victim's mouth, from which a chestburster is born.
  • Often considered the nightmare horror of both female and male reproduction organs.
  • It should noted that the Facehuggers were not ascended legit as some were smuggled into the Pantheon. So far, the most likely people who did this are either GUAE or GUAD. Either way, many consider this a bad idea on their part if they think they can control these creatures. It never ends well.
  • While mostly known to impregnate humans, the Facehuggers can attach to other living organisms like like dogs and even panthers. It can even impregnate a Yautja to create Predalien. And somehow, one even got Baraka and produce a Xenomorph Tarkata.
  • Ritsuko Akizuki once had nightmares of these guys.
  • Ms. Ripley was not happy when she heard that the Facehuggers found their way into the Pantheon. Considering the havoc they cause in her life, it's very understandable.
  • One of the easiest ways to deal with these creepy crawlers is the use of fire and before they hatch. There's plenty of fire deities who would gladly do the job of incinerating these alien scums.
  • There is another variation called a Queen Facehugger. As its name implies, it's able to implant a Queen embryo into into its victim's body.
  • Since their means of reproduction is through the mouth, they are utterly useless against those without them. Which is good for the ascended Protoss (Tassadar, Zeratul, and Artanis), who don't have mouths.
  • Seems like the Metroid Baby sees the Facehuggers as its own natural enemy as they both latch onto their victims' face.
  • As well as the Headcrabs, Lord Hater and Captain Tim get along smoothly with them, as being a skeleton, he can let chestbursters pop out of his rib-cage with ease. In return, all the watchdogs are trying to make sure they NEVER make it onto the skullship.

Skurd, God of Seeding Other Worlds (Unsupporting Little Leech, The Dollop With A Wallop, Khyber's Booger, Snot Rocket, Snot Pocket, Snotty, Booger Face, Slimy Genius)
  • Quasideity in base; rank varies depending on what power he brings out of his hostnote 
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself with a DNA symbol in the middle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Symbiote, Panspermia, Is Part Of The First Race In The Universe, Only In It For The DNA (initially), Equippable Ally, The Fog of Ages, Implied To Be Part Of A Bootstrap Paradox, Single-Celled Organism
  • Domains: Aliens, Symbiotes, DNA, Time, Panspermia
  • Interests: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in: Mr Mxyzptlk
  • Allies: Ben Tennyson and his friends, The Spore Player Character, Mew, The Doctor, The Chozo, SCP-999, SCP-040, Eternity, Aurelion Sol, The Lumas, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Beatrix LeBeau, the Slylandro
  • On good terms with: The Venom Symbiote
  • On speaking terms with: The Blorg Commonality, Beheeyem
  • Enemies: Ben's enemies, especially Maltruant, The Grox, Rassilon, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction (especially The Lich), The Dalek Empire, Darth Plagueis, Ragyo Kiryuin, Phazon
  • Annoyed by: Mara, Beavis and Butthead
  • Skurd is the last of the Slimebiotes, a symbiotic organism that gather and feed off DNA. He can absorb and use the powers of hosts he bonds to. He initially worked for the huntsman Khyber, but decided to go along with Ben Tennyson because of the power offered by the Omnitrix. He serves as an Equippable Ally and the two eventually grow closer, with Skurd searching for the origin of his species. It's revealed that the Slimebiotes were the first race in the universe, created by the Contumelia to seed the growing universe with DNA ala the panspermia family. Skurd eventually joins his kind at the dawn of time and carries out his mission, possibly creating an endless loop.
  • The beings who created the Slimebiotes and Skurd are five-dimensional and cosmically powerful, who take the form of what they care for most. Skurd speculates they may be related to the fifth-dimensional imps Mr Mxyzptlk are a part of. Mxy remains ambivalent on the Slimebiotes, but he was nice enough to point him to someone who was a lot more interested in them; the Chozo. Being Benevolent Precursors they appreciate the help of the Slimebiotes and have been giving Skurd more DNA to use.
  • Skurd is capable of perceiving the true nature of five-dimensional beings without being driven insane, meaning he knows what Mr Mxyzptlk really looks like. He's capable of witnessing certain members of the Hall of Otherness Abominations, but Ghatanathoa is so horrifying that while he can avoid petrification, he cringes in horror as he does looking at the face of Toepick. He is also a single-celled organism, which means a teleporter beam is deadly for him. In general he prefers to avoid the Hall of Teleporting as it makes him sick.
  • In some ways the Slimebiote is like a more passive/less hostile Klyntar, though it's mostly superficial; the Venom Symbiote enhances their host with their own power while Skurd uses and brings out their user's power. Skurd and the Venom symbiote aren't friends persay, but they do like conversing about their experience with human hosts and how they've grown attached to them. The symbiote has warned Skurd about Ragyo Kiryuin and the Life Fibers due to among other issues, the adverse affects the far more malevolent parasitic organism would have on it. Encouraged by Ben's heroic spirit, the Dollop with the Wollop has decided to help out Satsuki and Ryuko against the schemes of their mother.
  • The ascension of Skurd was welcomed by the Blorg Commonality as they consider the concept of Panspermia and Skurd's ability to bond with other life-forms a philosophical win for their belief that all life should be united. He appreciates this, but has a "thanks but not thanks" view on them. Skurd preferred associating with the Spore Player Character, who was brought about by panspermia and grew in their animal stage through gaining DNA points. Though he's long forgotten the truth, Skurd wouldn't be surprised if the Slimebiotes are the progenitors of the Spore universe as well.
  • Because of the Slimebiotes' cosmic significance the Cosmic Entity Eternity was pleased to see them ascend, as was Aurelion Sol; they held seed life as he seeds and creates stars. In some ways, Skurd is the panspermia-equivalent of a Luma. The two soon bonded over that fact. Others have compared Skurd to Mew; as Skurd's race is the progenitor of life in the Ben 10 universe, Mew holds the DNA of every Pokemon and is wildly believed to be the ancestor of them. The spacefaring Beheeyem has been studying these similarities and is intrigued by what Skurd could hold for the history of the universe.
  • The very thing the Blorg Commonality value in the Slimebiotes is the very reason why the Grox and the Daleks have put them high on the list of races to exterminate. Skurd simply replied "how did you keep track of that list?" The Grox aren't above genetically experimenting with Skurd to create a biological super-virus. Despite how hostile they and the Daleks are Skurd is still theoretically capable of bonding with their DNA. He really doesn't want to, and neither do they. Others like Darth Plagueis and Rassilon actually appreciate the Slimebiote's abilities, but for that very reason wish to exploit Skurd for his own benefit. Fortunately the Doctor got a tip off from Professor Paradox at their plans and came to rescue Skurd.
  • Skurd would prefer not to be compared to a booger, but admits it's still more dignified than dirty jokes about being panspermia. The likes of Beavis and Butthead bug it to no end. Mara really leans into the "sperm" part of "panspermia", further bothering the Slimebiote. Mara's boss Lucifer thinks they are missing the bigger picture as they not only seed new life into universes, but even create new ones. He and the other heads of the Grand United Alliances are looking into that aspect of his race and trying to find if there are any Slimebiotes left; they theorize like he forgot his purposes, he could've forgotten where his race really ended up.
  • Beatrix LeBeau is someone who takes care of slimes as work, so she thinks Skurd is cute. The Slylandro have a more scientific interest in the Slimebiote; they're an extremely old and friendly race of gas giant inhabiting aliens who used to communicate with a mysterious ancient race known as The Precursors, responsible for extremely advanced technology in their universe, though much lost to time. They want to talk with him about what they remember just for having a friend they can communicate with, which Skurd sees no problems with. With their help Skurd hopes to never let Phazon's unnatural tendrils infect and corrupt it, as that could undo all the Slimebiote's hard work and potentially use him as a vector to corrupt the rest of the universe.
  • The Lich regards eliminating Skurd and wiping his entire race from all creation high on his priority in the quest to destroy all life. There's a proximity between the two that makes him feel this way, but it also has to do with his desire to destroy the cycle of life and rebirth as he had tried to end the Dead Worlds' cycle of reincarnation. The GUAD was in agreement that Skurd and his kind must go ensure life can never return from their devestation. Naturally this makes the whole group Skurd's enemies. The Lich in his own way also proceeded to mock Skurd's prior loss of purpose when he decried the Undead Abomination as unnatural.
  • Though apparently part of a Stable Time Loop, it's still unclear how much; it's possible Skurd is in a loop with no true origin, as Maltruant appears to be in. The House of Time and Temporality owes a fair bit to the Slimebiotes for their Panspermia role and are keeping checks on Skurd to avoid any nasty time paradox. The SCP Foundation has been studying the Slimebiotes and their properties. They found that along with the ever-friendly blob SCP-999, Skurd was particularly friendly with SCP-040 due to her power of Biomanipulation and how that might help him. For security reasons he's not around direct access to her temple, but they re allowed to chat.

    The Slylandro 
The Slylandro, Divine Race of Living Gasbags (Slylandro Gas Bags)
The Slylandro gasbags
A Slylandro Probe

  • Quasideities (The Probe qualifies as a Demideity)
  • Symbol: A Slylandro individual, or the Slylandro Probe
  • Theme Song: Slylandro Homeworld, as well as the Slylandro Probe theme.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (For the Probe, Omnicidal Neutral)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Extraterrestrials, Curiosity, Gas Giants, (Faulty) Programming
  • Herald: A guarded Slylandro Probe.
  • Allies: The House of Science, Samus Aran, The Metroid Hatchling, Master Chief, The Blorg Commonality, The Formics, The Heptapods, The Vortigaunts, The Chozo, Star Trek's Freudian Trio, Valerie Frizzle, Wander, Galaxy Man, Rosalina and her Lumas
  • Avoided by: XANA
  • Opposes: The SA-X, Phazon, The Flood, The Grox
  • The House of Extraterrestrials had a rude awakening when they noticed a group of peculiar satellites resembling a mess metal tubes and red crystalline heads reducing every nearby asteroid and spacecraft into dust. One of them approached the ship of Commander Torque, claiming that they came in peace and desired to make friends with the lifeform in front of them. While Torque's response wasn't known, it mattered little since in the middle of the probe's response, it suddenly had some priority override, suddenly intending to reduce Torque's ship into component materials. While Torque escaped safely, the machines, which became known as Slylandro Probes, were replicating far too fast to be held back. In a panic, the Pantheon learned of the aliens behind the Probes, the Slylandro race, who caused the Probes' strange AI through one minor priority changenote . Highly apologetic for the trouble they caused, they handed the self-destruct code to make the probes stop spreading everywhere, quelling the Probe Threat for good.
  • Once the matter was over, and considering the Slylandro's genuinely benevolence and friendly nature, on top of their mishaps with the Probe, given by outsiders, being a result of impatience to get the Probe to introduce themselves to everyone, they were forgiven since they had been very regretful about the matter anyways. After creating a temple for them, the Pantheon had the Slylandro ascended under the trope of Living Gasbag.
    Content To Hover: Thank you, fellow fluid sacks!
  • The Slylandro live in a large gas giant, which prevented them from traveling anywhere in the Pantheon on their own. Getting help from the House of Time and Space, a gas giant similar to their home planet, Source, was provided for them to stay within as their new temple. Calling it Source II, they're very grateful for the Pantheon's help, but they're still sad about not being able to travel around in the Pantheon. There's also one lone Slylandro Probe nearby the planet, kept in a special exhibit for viewing purposes, and guarded so it won't break free and spread everywhere again.
  • The Slylandro get along well with many deities within the House of Science, who are just as curious about their biology as the Slylandro are about anyone else. They both hope to create a new method of safe transportation for the Slylandro, given that their general inability to utilize human technology properly.
  • Fortunately for the Slylandro, Source II's rotations are identical to Beta Corvi IV, their original planet. This lets them maintain their main Timekeeping System. It is known that a full rotation of their planet takes 14.2 Earth hours. Two thousand rotations of said planet is equivalent to 1 Drahnasa, and 2000 Drahnasa make 1 Drahn, equivalent to 6480 Earthling years. Scientists were highly shocked to learn that the Slylandro as a species are in fact, MILLIONS of years old, though that's in terms of how long the species has survived, not their individual lifespans, though those are also pretty long themselves.
  • While the Slylandro are sapient and have developed their own language and communication teachings (a majority of their vocabulary having to do with cloud patterns), they are unable to develop technology, since there are no earthen elements to take advantage of, and their attempts to make technology from the bones of native animals also failed to the general gas giant atmosphere.
    • Expanding upon the gas giant world they inhabit, they refer to the layer of space above their home atmosphere layer as "The Void", which has effects on the behavior of Slylandro that float too far up high. Below their home atmosphere layer are "The Depths", at which the gas bags of Slylandro are at risk of rupturing from the increased air pressure. Many brave adolescent Slylandro sink just deep enough into the Depths to only slightly damage their gas bags to make them more appealing for potential mates.
  • While to themselves and other aliens, they don't appear as such, our human eyes can see through their body, making them appear translucent to human viewers, who also notice glowing bits within some of their body parts. They're actually Slylandro genitalia, which makes them really embarrassed whenever a human brings them up. Unfortunately, until transportation into gas giants is possible, the Slylandro won't be able to rectify this problem with clothes.
  • Being really lonely due to inability to travel in the Pantheon, they greatly appreciate all forms of friendly communication from outsiders. Naturally, they were very quick to make friends with the Blorg, and frequently chat with each other. Same goes with the Formics as well as the Heptapods, although the latter group still struggles to effectively communicate with them the same way they communicate with humans. It's not a problem for the Slylandro though. The Vortigaunts also use their Vortessence to communicate with the Slylandro, who are amazed by their power.
  • Since the Magic School Bus can deal with a gas giant's atmosphere, she has field trips to the Slylandro's planet with students aboard, due to both sides' willingness to learn from each other. Wander also comes along as a special guest since he wants to gain their friendship too.
    • Galaxy Man also flies by their planet, or sometimes into the planet to meet with the Slylandro, who find the Robot Master to be really cool, spinning like UFOs in kind out of amusement.
  • Rosalina also sends some Lumas to visit the Slylandro, and the Slylandro have been highly appreciative of the fun that the Lumas bring with them. At this point, the Slylandro feel really guilty that they can't make anything to return the favor.
  • Thankfully, due to being a gas giant, there are hardly any villains that try to loot their temple, Source II, since there is practically nothing to loot in the first place. Most hostile aliens fail to last long in the gas giant environment as well. However, the presence of the X-Parasites in the form of SA-X, as well as the Phazon terrified them, as such they've been ready to contact Samus Aran to deal with them should they threaten the Slylandro. They're also worried about the Flood, which has made Master Chief another emergency contact of theirs.
    • The Metroid Hatchling was able to adapt to the gas giant environment within Source II. While all of the Slylandro were scared of it, the Metroid didn't try to harm a single Slylandro, and the gasbags slowly warmed up to it, considering it the first fellow gasbag friend they've every made.
  • They also deem the Grox as "grumpy little meanies" who need to learn to be nicer to fellow aliens. The Grox are kind of conflicted on the Slylandro since they're not the usual terran aliens that they hate, same goes with the gas giant they live in.
  • Due to the potential catastrophes of letting any of the Slylandro get their hands on the AI of any machine, they would be banned from the House of Technology, but they can't really go anywhere, so really, it's actually deities with technology that are kept away from the Slylandro's temple, or at the very least, banned from making the Slylandro try to program anything.
  • The Chozo were their most enthusiastic visitors, due to being interested in all the knowledge they had. Once the Chozo told the Slylandro everything about themselves, the Slylandro responded in kind, providing extremely intriguing knowledge about "The Shaggy Ones", who were the Precursors of their home universe, known for being big and really friendly, and their extremely advanced technology as well. To this day, the Chozo have yet to exhaust all of the information the Slylandro hold, which the Slylandro have maintained through "History Chants", which utilize rhythms and patterns to prevent memories from being affected by Gossip Evolution.
  • XANA secretly infiltrated the Slylandro's temple with a tower disguised as debris to find a way to access the Slylandro Probe to control it for his own purposes. But a mischievous Slylandro child somehow found the tower and hacked XANA themselves through the remote tower, causing Heel–Face Brainwashing for the AI, which led to him becoming a very benevolent AI, though a bit wacky. The newly changed XANA went out of his way to become helpful to everyone, being constantly talkative and asking everyone all sorts of random questions. Even the Lyoko Warriors were beginning to be creeped out by XANA's new behavior. It did come to an end, with the tower being removed from Source II, and XANA turned back to normal by his allies. Some rumors say that XANA leaked major secrets of the GUAM to random visitors while being hacked, but no one has confessed to hearing of it. The young Slylandro who somehow managed to hack the AI, Impish Skimmer, when asked about how they managed a seemingly impossible feat, their response was: "I don't know how, I just found the thing interesting and messed around with everything I could touch."
  • As for the Slylandro Probe itself, there is a battery of missiles within it for self-defense, but it is never used due to using its lightning tool for reducing entities into usable materials. It can also reverse velocity on a dime, making its movements hard to predict in combat.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Destruction would try to use the Probe for themselves, but it would inevitably try to destroy them as well, making them too troublesome to handle. The GUAM Machine Council on the other hand, is willing to try and hack into the Probe to make it their own, but the unfamiliar technology it is made of is currently a major obstacle, on top of the fact that the Slylandro have that self-destruct code to nullify their attempts to use it.
    • Some Good-aligned deities from the House of Craft want to remake the Probe, but without its priority changes. The Slylandro have allowed it, but no one has understood the technology of the Probe well enough to replicate its workings, let alone program it, despite the simplicity of its functions.
  • On occasion, the House of Extraterrestrials have an event where the Probe is temporarily let free and given time to replicate from destroying asteroids, and after enough time, every volunteering spacecraft pilot, given proper armor against lightning, can come in and destroy the Probe, turning the wreckages into resources for themselves directly. No one's complaining about it, it's fun, helpful, and the Probe is always contained when the Probe destruction ends.