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Greater Gods

Boros, God of Surviving Ultimate Attacks (Lord Boros, Dominator of the Universe)
When his power is unleashed 
When activating "Meteoric Burst" 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The ornate Armor that keeps his power in check.
  • Theme Songs: Dark Energy, The Ruler
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Tanking pretty strong attacks, Aliens Are Bastards, Alien Invasion, Anime Hair, Blood Knight, Cyclops, Humanoid Alien, Can heal his wounds pretty fast, Lightning Bruiser, Came to Earth because of a Prophecy that told him he would find someone who could match him
  • Domains: Aliens, Planet Invasion, Power, Resilence
  • Heralds: The Dark Matter Thieves
  • Allies: Frieza, Cooler, Cell, The Ginyu Force, Mard Geer Tartaros, Ragyo Kiryuin, Ridley, Mother Brain, Gigan, The Yellow Devil, Black Doom, SpaceGodzilla, Trakeena
  • Rivals: Beerus, Sephiroth
  • Enemies: Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Genos, Tatsumaki, Superman, Commander Shepard, Lordgenome, Cloud Strife, XCOM, Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, Samus Aran, Isaac Clarke, Jim Raynor, Serious Sam, General Fletcher, The Emperor of Mankind and his followers.
  • Opposes: Excessively violent heroes.
  • Worthy Opponent: Saitama
  • Complicated Relationships: The House of Prophecy (Especially the Prophets)
  • Lord Boros was an Alien leader of a group of intergalactic invaders that dedicated themeselves to invade planets until one day, a Prophet foretold that Boros could find someone who could match him in strenght in planet Earth and he immediately departed there in hopes of finding said person. To put it short, he wasn't dissapointed in what he found.
    • To say that he managed to survive more than one punch from Saitama and even managed to give him some resemblance of a Fight is what surprised many people. This was one of the reasons why he was ascended not long after he was defeated.
  • The first thing he did after ascending is confronting the one person that managed to defeat him, Saitama. He declared in front of the Hero that he will train hard enough to go beyond his limit and then challenge him for the Rematch. While Saitama wasn't fazed at all, he secretly looks forward to the Alien's training results and see if he can keep his word. And there are many gods worried of what would happen if these two cross paths again.
  • After hearing about Boros, Frieza decided to confront him personally to see if he was as strong as he was rumored to be. It wasn't surprising that Boros was gleefully smiling after hearing that there was another being strong enough to oppose him and the resulting battle left neither emperor disappointed. To the surprise and eventual horror to everybody, both intergalactic lords became best buddies.
    • To top it off, Boros started to take sparring matches with Frieza on his spare time after hearing that the former attained a powerful form after a short amount of time. Worse, he plans to test his new found skills on Frieza's arch-nemeses, the Saiyans, after hearing of their immense combat potential. Looks like defeat wasn't so bitter after all for Boros...
  • Altough he has clarified that his Regenerating Power is what allowed him to Shrug off some of Saitama's powerful punches, many theorize he actually has the Sturdy ability.
  • Another person that caught his attention was the Swordman Sephiroth, especially because they both sound suspiciously similar and have Powerful forms that they only unleashed as a trump card. This also didn't sit well with Cloud and the latter has been careful of the Alien lord ever since.
  • He is planning to form another intergalactic group because sadly the last one were all killed. One of the first people that joined him was the Space Pirate Ridley, because the Dragon was impressed that there was another Creature as durable as he is. This pleases Boros greatly.
    • This alliance has brought the ire of many people who have fought aliens before and it is possible that a new organization may be formed to counter whatever Boros has in store.
  • He gets along surprisingly well with One-eyed deities like Mother Brain or Gigan, who are aliens that also invaded planets for their own cause. He also is in good terms with the Yellow devil even though he isn't an alien, as he reminds him of one of his top lieutenants who fought on Earth.
  • He hates heroes who show no mercy toward their enemies, as he found out that the surviving Crew that came to earth with him was executed by Knight Templar Hero by the name of Sweet Mask. People like Killia, Kenshiro or Shadow the Hedgehog are what makes him get instantly angry.
  • He isn't very fond of the Prophecy house, since although the Prophecy he was told was right at the end, he felt very disappointed that he couldn't give a challenge to Saitama. He has stated that Prophecies became a very touchy subject for him and he wouldn't mind getting rid of that house, which has left most of its members worried.
  • Also present in the House of Power.

    Hulk Hogan 
Terry Gene "Hulk" Hogan, God of Attack Invulnerabilities (The Hulkster, The Immortal One, HOAK HOGAN, "Hollywood" Hulk Hulgan, Rip)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Anything red and yellow (including Iron Man on one occasion that they both wish could remain forgotten)
  • Theme Song: "Real American"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good as a face, Neutral Evil as a heel.
  • Portfolio: Professional Wrestling, American Superheroes, Hulking Up, Throwing Back Everything Thrown At Him.
  • Domains: Strength, Good, Competition, Scalykind (specifically, 24-inch pythons).
  • Former Boss: Vince McMahon.
  • Allies: John Cena, Bret Hart, Alex Luis Armstrong, Joel, Beowulf
  • Rivals: Ric Flair, The Iron Sheik, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Randy Orton, André the Giant (friendly).
  • Was unable to become the God of Wrestling, but still manged to put up a memorable fight with Ric Flair.
  • Is usually seen training together with one of his greatest supporters, Alex Louis Armstrong.
  • Has four "demandments" that every of his followers obey: "Train hard, say your prayers, eat your vitamins and be true to yourselves".
  • Once worked in TNA Wrestling as Chairwoman Dixie Carter's business partner. His daughter Brooke also worked here as the Knockouts Consultant, but she got fired because of the budget cut on their roster. Has shown contempt for Dixie's Face–Heel Turn by insulting A. J. Styles.
    • Speaking of said daughter, he wasn't really happy to see Randy Orton ascended, seeing as what happened the last the they met.
    • Both Hogan and Flair talked about A. J. Styles' future and how will be inducted to the Pantheon.
  • In honor of his dear friend, Hulk asked the Court of the Gods to bring André the Giant into the Pantheon. After learning of André's plights with his gigantism, and using at least twenty boxes of tissues to dry their eyes, they brought him in. André's ascension also brought a rematch between the two wrestlers, with Gods chanting André's name to welcome him.
  • Had a bit of an weird start with members of S.E.E.S. and The Investigation Team due of him resembling a type of Shadows called Gigas.
  • Makes a surprising comeback to WWE, and then hosted WrestleMania XXX with success.
    • His plan is returning to fight in the ring, albeit not full-time. His desired opponent would be Sting.

Karna, God of Fantastic Nukes and Armor of Invincibility (Lancer of Red, Launcher, The Hero of Benediction, Son of the Sun God, Sunbro)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His armor, Kavacha & Kundala; alternately, Vasavi Shakti
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (though he has a strong case of Undying Loyalty to whomever he serves)
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Armor of Invincibility, Blade on a Stick, Born Unlucky, Getting No Respect For His Accomplishments, Fantastic Nuke, God-Killing Weaponry That Can Only Be Used Once, Incendiary Exponent, Invincible Hero/Invincible Villain, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Living Lie Detector, Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold, Multi Weapon Master, Person of Mass Destruction, Playing with Fire, The Power of the Sun, Punch-Clock Villain, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Sun, Combat, Weaponry
  • Herald: Jinako Carigiri
  • Allies: Achilles, Atalanta, Ganesha, Superman, Amaterasu, Symmetra
  • Worthy Opponent: Gilgamesh
  • Enemies: EMIYA/Archer, Jack the Ripper
  • Esteemed Colleagues: Solaire of Astora
  • After ascension Karna became one of the most feared gods in the Pantheon with his reputation of his combat skill, destructive weaponry, invincibility, and God-killing spear. He now has a few gods gunning after him, planning to eliminate these factors so he won't be a threat in the future. Quite a nice guy though, even if he can come off as a bit of a dick.
  • Despite being a Good aligned god (and being a contender for the nicest god in the whole pantheon) he has a real habit of working with Evil aligned deities with extreme, unquestioning loyalty.
  • Archer and Gilgamesh have personally met and worked with Karna before, and each of them has some renown for actually defeating him (albeit when Karna was in a weakened state). Despite this (as well as the fact that they saved his previous Master), Karna doesn't get along too well with either of them; Archer's bitterness over his life as a Counter Guardian prevents him from seeing eye-to-eye with Karna and his Undying Loyalty towards his evil masters, while Gilgamesh isn't too pleased that someone has the potential to defeat him at full power, although both does think of each other as a Worthy Opponent.
  • As far as the rumor say, Karna is said to reverse the misfortunes of the likes of Cu Chulainn, from 'Being Lancer is suffering' into 'Being Lancer is wonderful'. But even Karna had to protest on that one: True, he really got what he wanted and had great powerful things in his disposal, but most of the time, his Masters tended to be either very underhanded or dishonorable. He could tank it himself, since that's what he is, but if given to others? He wouldn't recommend it, out of pity.
  • Dracula doesn't like him, due to Karna utterly humiliating the vampire during an alternate Holy Grail War, even if he wasn't using his vampire abilities. Karna's response is simply I Did What I Had to Do.
  • With the curse over his techniques finally lapsing, Karna now has the ability to cast his Astras without worrying about them failing at a critical moment. After some time getting back the hang of using them, he can now cast them by sight alone, the stronger ones taking the form of Eye Beams.
    Weapons and arts are but an opening act. True heroes kill with their eyes.
  • Found some common ground with Superman and Amaterasu as they are honorable and righteous people with solar powers. The Man of Steel and the Goddess of the Sun had pitied Karna for being on the wrong side and now hope his new life in the Pantheon will treat him better than the past one did. Though Karna did inquire at one point if Amaterasu has been using alter egos called "Tamamo-no-Mae", since that's within his knowledge so far. He got no answer.
  • Several other deities has promised him good karma once he finished his run. Karna simply said 'Just keep it, I do not deserve it.', which caused other Gods, especially Ganesha, think that he deserved even more later for his humility and life without demands. He even wondered if it can make him eligible to enter the Battleground of the Gods one day due to his ancestry...
  • While he's not too close with them, he's quite glad with the ascension of fellow Red Servants, Achilles and Atalanta, noting that they passed on in the same time and were quite known as Team AKA. He's still awaiting the time Chaldea would summon Achilles as well...
    • Speaking of Chaldea, many was surprised when Karna introduced a rather... weird high-five.
    Hey, yo, Chadeluxe.
  • He got into contact with Satya Vaswani/Symmetra and tends to share stories of serving shady masters. Karna already encouraged her to endure, unlike him, she still has a chance to get out of her situation. And before anyone else asked, no, he wouldn't want to drop Vasavi Shakti to the Vishkar Corporation even for karma. Think of how many innocent people would be caught in the blast when doing so.
  • Just how powerful is his Vasavi Shakti anyway? Aside from its destructive power, it's so powerful that it also distorts the surrounding's looks to an ever-changing style before the inevitable happens.
  • Once ran into an odd worshipper of the sun named Solaire of Astora. After a brief skirmish where the knight dodge-rolled his Brahmastra eye beams, parried a Vasavi Shakti strike, and countered the Brahmastra Kundala with a Sunlight Spear, Solaire has gained Karna's respect, to the point where they greet each other with the "Praise the Sun" gesture. For this, the son of Surya the Sun God was given honorary membership of the Warriors of Sunlight.
  • Can also be found in Explosives.


Intermediate Gods

    Cain Marko/Juggernaut 
Cain Marko, The Nigh Unstoppable (The Juggernaut, The Baddest Motherfucker in the World)
  • Intermediate God (would become a Greater God if he ever learned how to properly use and tap into the full power of the Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak)
  • Symbol: His studded dome helmet
  • Theme Music: His Children of the Atom theme, You Can't Stop This Motherfucker
  • Alignment: Nominally ranges from True Neutral to Chaotic Neutral, though his powers are derived from a God of Evil
  • Portfolio: Being Unstoppable Once He Runs, Inability To Decide Between Hero or Villain, Mighty Glacier.
  • Domain: Strength, War, Mentalism, Destruction
  • Herald: Black Tom Cassidy
  • Allies: Lu Bu, Magneto,
  • Rivals: Hulk, Thor, Azrael, Augus
  • Enemies: The X-Men (Most of the time), Spider-Man, Zangief, Potemkin, Iron Tager, Kamina, Psychics
  • Fan of: Alison Blaire/Dazzler.
  • Annoyed By: Deadpool
  • The older stepbrother and antithesis of Professor Charles Xavier and the avatar of Cyttorak, Cain Marko found his way to the Pantheon when Cytorak discovered the place. Cain was delighted to see many powerful opponents he could fight, relishing every moment of it. During his tour around the pantheon, he discovered that there were psychics other than this stepbrother.
  • As he's nearly unstoppable, Lesser and demi-deities tread carefully around him. While they can't defeat him in a direct fight, he can be outsmarted. Even those equalling his strength would find some trouble with him.
  • Azrael takes an interest in him when the Mad Dog spotted him during one of his rampages. Cain relished in the idea of fighting his bloodlusted foe.
  • Hates Kamina for stealing and then mangling his memetic phrase. Marko has tried various times to steamroll him for it, but he always get beaten up by various powerful gods.
  • During his tour in the Pantheon, Cain had an encounter with Augus and challenged him to a duel. After a long and tiresome battle, the two fought to a standstill, having enojoyed their match with each other and look forward to their battle.
  • There is specifically one entity he fears returning: Onslaught, the fusion of his stepbrother and Magneto. This fear stems from the time Onslaught beat him to an inch of his life. This is one of the few moments he will join forces with the heroes.
  • Deadpool is a fan of his, to his annoyance. Even more given that his appearance in Wade's movie had Juggernaut defeated by anal electrocution, which also helped Cain hate Colossus even more.
  • Don't you know who he is? He's The Juggernaut, bitch!

    Leon Magnus 
Leon Magnus, God of Physically Vulnerable Aggressors (Lion Magnus, Judas, Emilio Gilchrist)

    The Marauders 
"You were never one of us. You were nothing but a usurper, a false idol. My eyes have been opened. Let me help you to see, Slayer."

The Marauders, Unholy Warriors Immune to Basic Attacks
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The Marauder's Axe and Shotgun
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with shades of Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Wields an axe and a shotgun, Barrier Warrior, Can summon an astral wolf, Boss in Mook's Clothing, Counter-Attack, Evil Sounds Deep, Demonic Night Sentinels, Flash Step, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Lightning Bruiser, Sword and Gun combo
  • Domains: Demons, Loyalty, Death, War, Combat
  • Allies: Cacodemons, Cyberdemon and Tyrants, Archviles, Dis, Malebolgia, Aidan
  • Rivals: Arthas Menethil
  • Enemies: The Doom Slayer, Master Chief, The Guardians, The Tenno, Meridia, Spawn, Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Ash Williams, Mash Kyrielight
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shang Tsung
  • The Night Sentinels have had it rough ever since they were betrayed and almost wiped out by the demons but some of them remained loyal after learning of the Khan Makyr's true allegiance and converted into the demonic Marauders, hellish elite warriors that know no peer. Wielding a shield, an axe and a shotgun, these warriors are a force to be reckoned with and unprepared warriors have fell in combat facing a single Marauder, because they are able to counter almost any firearm with their shields and speed, which is why they were later summoned for the title of Kung Fu-Proof Mook.
  • Ever since choosing to become demons, the Marauders have lost the respect they once had for the Doom Slayer, who they once saw as a peer but later chose to brand him as a "false idol" according to a Marauder that faced (and subsequently fell against) the Slayer. Of course the Doom Slayer will not hesitate to put them down even if they call him an usurper, once you choose to become a demon there is no going back from being torn apart by the Slayer.
  • The Marauders are infamous about groups pertaining to brotherhoods and similar organizations given how they willingly turned to their dark side following the discovery that the Khan Makyr consorted with demons. The biggest opponents beside the slayer they have encountered were undoubtably the Guardians and the Tenno, who they find quite formidable but the aforementioned groups find the Marauders to be just blind fanatics blind following someone who is not worth the trouble.
  • Similar to their fellow demons, they immediately pledged their allegiance to Dis, who they believe to be the closest figure that resembles the Dark Lord. Marauders also tend to ally themselves with Malebolgia, the Lord of Hell being an effective schemer that convinced the fallen sentinels to work for him in exchange of getting them in contact with the Khan Makyr. Their similarities with one of his former hellspawns, Al Simmons, became more noticeable when the man himself confronted and slaughtered a few of these soldiers personally, showing an uncharacteristic display of pity towards the Marauders for being good soldiers that only decided to follow their leader, even if that one was someone as twisted as the Khan Makyr and thinks killing them is a quick way to put them out of their misery.
  • In a way they share some of the same reasonings to becoming a demon with the Daedric Prince Meridia, who once belong to a race of divine beings not unlike the Makyrs the Night Sentinels served. The Marauders simply scoff at how she still kept her divine looks even after being casted out and should embrace the path she took. Being the Knight Templar that she is and the general disdain she has for those that consort with darkness, it was a matter of time before she too would become an enemy of the Forces of Hell but even if killing a couple of the Marauders is not difficult for her, when she decided to take the fight to their homeworld she was almost overwhelmed by the sheer suffering and anguish hell emanated as well as the seemingly unending number of demons coming her way. After escaping, she understood why the Slayer is so dedicated to slaying demons (mirroring her crusade against the undead) and developed some sort of pity for the people that the Marauders once were.
  • Similar to their views on the Slayer, the Marauders think Master Chief is another "fallen idol" considering his actions and how others are foolish to believe he is a hero. The Chief simply feels sorry for the people they once where but wouldn't hesitate to take them down and even if he had his difference with the Doom Slayer in the past, he has come to understand why he does what he does after the Chief's encounter with the Marauders.
  • Their shield are notoriously very strong and can even deflect weapons that are normally considered to be very powerful like the BFG. They are even able to summon an astral wolf if their shield are damaged enough, which is one of the many reason people find them frustrating to fight. Notably, Shield Knight has made herself a notable enemy of the Marauders because of their role as enforcers of hell, with their backstory of being Fallen Heroes hitting too close for comfort given how she used to be a vessel for the Enchantress. Similarly, her partner Shovel Knight has come to blows with a few of the Marauders that tried to assault Shield Knight's temple and has since held a personal grudge against them.
  • The Marauders found themselves relating a lot to Aidan the Dark Wanderer, formerly the Hero of Tristam who defeated Diablo but became corrupted after encrusting Diablo's soulstone in his head. While his turn to the dark side was unwilling, the Marauders still respect Aidan for his commanding presence and his ties to Diablo could lead to a potential alliance with the Prime Evil.
  • Similarly to the above, Marauders found themselves having a lot in common with Arthas Menethil, the former paladin becoming a Death Knight and later the Lich King mirrors the Night Sentinels turn to demonic enforcers. Although in this case, the fact that the Scourge was controlled and created by demons soured Arthas on trying to ally himself with the Marauders, knowing they are just sycophants to the Khan Makyr and just keep their relation as a minor rivalry in order to scalate another conflict between him and demons.
  • Ash Williams once challenged a few of them to a duel to see if they were a strong as everyone said they were. Given that both he and the demons packed double-barreled shotguns made the fight even more interesting but Ash surprisingly was able to overcome them with help of his trusty chainsaw. Apparently he got some pointers from the Slayer himself on how to deal with the Marauders, explaining how he was able to outlast them easily.
  • The Marauders found their match in Mash when both sides discovered the other's skill in defense. Mash does sympathize with their circumstances, but still knows how dangerous and will not hesitate to help her allies put them down. Knowing just how tough their shield is, Mash has them attack her first so her allies will take advantage the opening they make.
  • Shang Tsung saw an oportunity to propose an alliance with the Marauders, seeking protection from the Forces of Hell given that he has become one of the most despised and targetted of his universe and with good reason. But mostly, what draws Shang Tsung to the demons is their Argent energy, created from the suffering of the damned and whose energy could empower him even more. The Marauders are aware of the Sorcerer's reputation and so have allowed to work alongside them, but they keep a very close eye on him.

Rajang, God of Lightning Bruisers (Child of Destruction, Gold Lion, Super Saiyan, Beast of Thunder)
Furious Rajang 
  • Intermediate God bordering on Greater status; Greater God (as Furious Rajang, Hard Core Red Aura Rajang, or Apex Frenzy Rajang)
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild icon, World version
  • Theme Song(s): Golden Mane (World rendition)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Literal Lightning Bruiser, Dance Battler, Chucking pieces of rock, Good Old Fisticuffs, Killer Gorilla-Goat-Lion-Minotaurs, Power Dyes Your Hair with golden hues, Punched Across the Room, Rolling Attack, Shockwave Stomp, Sphere of Destruction, Status Buff, Wave Motion Lightning, Raiju, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Primates, Lightning, Brute Strength, Power, Rage
  • Heralds: The rest of the Primate-like Fanged Beasts
  • Odd Friendship with: Son Goku, Sun Wukong, Big Bull
  • Rivals: Deviljho, Zinogre, Lagiacrus, Donkey Kong, King Kong
  • Enemies: Rathalos and Rathian, Unicorns such as Lady Amalthea, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and the rest of the Mane Cast, The Powerpuff Girls
  • Interests: Mojo Jojo
  • Spectated by: Howard and Kreese
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The Monster Hunters, Deities that can use Ice
  • Size: 849.73cm-1631.2cm
  • Once holding the whopping collective titles of Super Mode, Battle Aura, and Kamehame Hadoken, Goku also held the title of Lightning Bruiser but as time went on in the Pantheon it along with Battle Aura soon faded away and became limited to just two tropes. Debates went on as to who should take Lightning Bruiser for hours on end in the House of Combat. Around that time there were reports of a giant primate harassing both gods and followers around the different Houses, many of whom tend to be equine in nature. Some members in the House of Hunters were tasked with tracking down such a vexing creature and have laid many traps around the House of Combat predicting it will strike there next and ambush it. Indeed it would come but it would instead get the drop on them, rip apart the traps with its bare hands, and soon launch some to another sub-house over while others got crushed by giant pieces of rock it unearthed with its bare hands. One was even smashed repeatedly over the ground like a metronome. Seeing the power of such a beast firsthand made it a hot topic among the list of potential inheritors. Sure enough, the Court of Gods would soon come to select the beast, known as the Rajang, to fill such a role.
  • This Fanged Beast earned its infamy within the Monster Hunters, and it's certainly well deserved. As you can guess from its Pantheonic title it hits hard, it moves and hits fast, and can take what it dishes out. Both in its normal and enraged state signified by its hair turned a vibrant golden yellow, in a manner very reminiscent of a Saiyan. You'd do well to also avoid the lightning beams it spits out in addition to its physical attacks such as a flurry of fisticuffs. To really give an idea of how unbelievably strong Rajang is this Fanged Beast is one of the monsters classified as a threat akin to Elder Dragons. Said Elder Dragons are classified mainly for being "...type[s] of phenomenon: disasters, cataclysms, living, breathing forces of nature."
    • Rumors exist of individual Rajang who's normal state of being is its own signature golden rage, appropriately titled Furious Rajang. Not only is it as strong as normal one when it Turns Red, but it also has its own Super Mode where its golden hairs stand on end, in a manner very reminiscent of a Saiyan going further beyond, making it even stronger than before. Thankfully these variants are not common, but you'd do well to steel yourself when actually fighting them.
  • Said to hunt Kirins, electric Elder Dragons that resemble unicorns, for specifically the horns on their heads. It can be inferred here that said horns helps grant Rajang its signature Thunder abilities. And if reports like those done in the New World are of any indication it is easily able to overpower the smaller legendary monster with little trouble. Few if at all Kirins roam the Pantheon so the Rajang took to attacking anyone it viewed as potential substitutes. The first documented attack post-ascension was on Lady Amalthea alongside Princesses Celestia and Luna, though it quickly realized that the horned steeds were, instead of simple prey animals, magnificently powerful and capable in a fight, and the trio's combined strength was enough to drive it away after a great battle. The latter two immediately warned Princess Cadance, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity along with the rest of their friends of such a creature roaming the Pantheon's grounds.
  • Howard and Kreese don't particularly spectate over animals and beasts, DeathWatch primarily having human(oid) combatants, but they decided to make an exception for Rajang. Both for being impressed at its sheer power and the fact that Kreese got his ass whiped across the ground when he was on the wrong end of its anger and thought the monster was all talk. It was so bad that by the time the proper authorities found him he was declared legally dead. Again.
    Howard: "Never have nature documentaries been this awesome!"
    Kreese: "In-fuckin'-deed."
  • It has seen its fair share of battles from other monsters back home. Those from Zinogre, Lagiacrus, and Deviljho often are the most common to occur and are as brutal as you would imagine. There are some fights against Rathalos and Rathian, though neither can match Rajang's strength. Sometimes Rajang has been reported to do battle with the much bigger Nergigante, or more specifically its Ruiner variant. It even manages to perform a picture-perfect Shoryuken on it while Ruiner Nergigante swipes the Fanged Beast aside.
  • Strong as this giant minotaur-gorilla is, it is not invincible. Though being on the receiving end of its attacks is brutal, as far as monsters of its strength class go it does lean toward being a Glass Cannon, even if one could not see it that way at first. In addition, there is also its weakness towards the ice element so be sure to have people with those in their disposal tagging along. Not a crippling weakness, but a weakness nonetheless.
  • Though a violent and territorial monster it, believe it or not, has formed some off its own allies. The first came in the form of Lightning Bruiser's former holder, Son Goku, and the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. This is because Rajang takes a lot from Goku and by proxy takes from Sun Wukong who has many, many of his own expies.
    • Big Bull, ever so boisterous and full of testosterone and ham, also got along with Rajang. They locked horns once, and though Rajang came out on top, Big Bull held his ground expertly. Still undeterred by his loss, Big Bull views the monster in high regard and gets plenty excited when it encounters it again. On Rajang's end it soon learned not to mind Big Bull. Though he sometimes gets involved in its fights he never impedes on the Gold Lion's progress.
  • Though Rajang is nicer when it comes to the Monkey King, make no mistake he does not reserve the same amicable attitude towards his fellow primates. Both Donkey Kong and King Kong have crossed fists with the monster should they ever cross paths by chance and even then it is usually Rajang initiating the fights. Mojo Jojo tried countless times to convince the Fanged Beast to fight for him and against the Powerpuff Girls, but it doesn't budge. Not that it does stop Rajang from fighting them, as Mojo Jojo found out about Rajang when it was making a ruckus and they were sent in to helpnote , but it fights whoever it wants on its own terms.

Lesser Gods

    Chipp Zanuff 
Chipp Zanuff, God of Fast Fighters With Low Defense (The President)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His blade cutting through a drug pill
  • Theme Music: "Suck A Sage", Flash Hider, Play the Hero
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Extreme Speed At Cost of Power and Defense, Highly Visible American Ninja, "HOLY ZEN!", Japanophilism, Ki Manipulation, Ex-criminal/drug addict, Blade Below the Shoulder, Triple Jump, Aspiring President-wannabe.
  • Domains: Combat, Ninjutsu, War.
  • Allies: Bang Shishigami, Galford D. Weiler, Barry Allen, Terry Bogard, Anji Mito, Johnny Cage, Genji Shimada.
  • Opposes: Steven Armstrong.
  • Former High Priest of Bang. After much training, Chipp took over the House, considering that to be part of his training if he wanted to be a president. It doesn't matter if his tier standing was kind of low due to low attack power... that's what it meant to be a Fragile Speedster. He and Bang still spar with each other at times.
  • He had to compete with Nakoruru to earn this place, considering Chipp is a ninja and Nakoruru is faster than ninjas. Chipp's more speed-based combat style eventually won him his spot in this Pantheon, for several reasons — including his hard to predict teleports.
  • Many a God and Goddess have taken to telling him to stop yelling "FIND ME!" if he's about to hide himself.
  • Reportedly, he sneezed when he was referenced by Litchi about how Ragna's defense score is kind of low. Nobody was around him at that time, thankfully.
  • Even after his deification, he continued to pester Anji over teaching him more about Japanese. Chipp trusts him more, at least, even with the latter's standing in the GUAE.
  • Issued a challenge against Steven Armstrong, as Chipp believes that he's able to teach him a thing or two if one wants to run for presidency for good, also claiming that his ninja training will overcome any nanomachines.
  • He recognizes his fellow American Gaijin Ninja Galford as his classmate when the latter rose to the Pantheon. They plan on a class reunion together with their previous master, Bang Shishigami.
  • Has realized that there are some guys who wants to oppose his presidency and dragging him to become something like his past, a drug-dealer. He DOES have a backup for that from a new friend who had his experience of taking down Yakuza/drug-dealer activities, Genji Shimada

    Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen 
Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, Goddess of High-Speed Projectile Dodging (Illu, Diamond Ace, Eila the Evasive)

    J. Geil 
J. Geil, God of Human Shields (Jay Geil, Centerfold)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Hanged Man Tarot Card
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Stand: Hanged Man
  • Portfolio: Using bystanders as shields, Evil, bald, and ugly, Cowardly, Loves to gloat, Loves to hear screams, Backstabbing his victims, Has two right hands, Sadistic, Psychotic Serial Killer, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Shields, Depravity, Murder, Backstabs
  • Allies: Dio Brando, Jagi, Griffith, Gregor Clegane, Wyald
  • Enemies: Jean-Pierre Polnareff, Noriaki Kakyoin, Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Kenshiro, Toki, Raoh, Guts, Nosferatu Zodd, Oberyn Martell, Dexter Morgan, Yu Narukami, Mario
  • Opposes: Gaara and his partner, Tyranitar
  • Mother: Enya Geil
  • J. Geil, the man with two right hands, an enforcer of Dio Brando, and the murderer and rapist of Polnareff's sister, Sherry, ascended into the pantheon after his death at the hands of Polnareff.
  • Looks like an absolutely disgusting YHVH. YHVH himself was less than amused at this comment.
  • His Stand, Hanged Man, moves by bouncing off anything that reflects light, such as a puddle, a sword, a mirror, or anything that makes a reflection, which allows him to use innocent bystanders as meat shields, and to deliver deadly back stabs.
  • Since he is without Hol Horse, his trusty partner in crime, he decided to tag team with Jagi. Surprisingly, it's a fairly effective tag team. Polnareff was less than amused that two of his biggest enemies decided to team up against him.
  • Got unanimously banned from the House of Personal Appearance, so they could prevent any abuse of his Stand.
  • Is at odds with Kenshiro, due to the fact that J. Geil perfectly represents the mohawked thugs he has killed, along with the fact that Jotaro takes a good amount of cues from him. Raoh is also at odds with him, due to the fact that Raoh doesn't tolerate scumbags like him, since Raoh had someone like J. Geil serve under him, and all he got was his head slapped off his neck.
  • Dexter Morgan isn't too keen on him either, since Dexter represents the opposite of what J. Geil is, and Dexter would be more than happy to kill J. Geil.
    • Oberyn Martell does not like him at all, due to the fact that his sister was raped and murdered.
    • Nosferatu Zodd doesn't look lightly upon him either, due to the fact that it reminds him of the more depraved members of the God Hand.
    • In fact, it's safe to say hardly anyone in the pantheon likes him due to his hideous appearance AND overall depravity.
  • The best way to disrupt his Stand is to kick sand into the person's eyes. Kind of funny considering that there is a Pokemon move that uses sand to lower accuracy.
    • For this reason, he opposes Gaara and Tyranitar, since Gaara controls sand easily, while Tyranitar summons a raging sandstorm the moment it gets sent out.
  • Somehow, his mother mourned him after his death and regards him as a pure person. How someone can mourn a scumbag like him and call him pure raises a lot of questions. Aside from the fact that they're already villains who serve and/or worship Dio.
  • Has been used as a pincushion by Lucifer's forces.

    Nega Scott 
Unlocked Nega Scott! New Title: God of Fights Won By Not Fighting (The World,「Za Warudo」)
Alternate costume unlocked! Live-action version! 
  • Negative Awesome (i.e. Lesser) God
  • New Symbol Unlocked!: The grey heart on his shirt
  • Theme Song: The Dark One
  • Alignment progression: Chaotic Evil at first glance (and normally in the game), Neutral Good naturally.
  • Portfolio multiplier: Scott's enemy without, Slasher Smile, Smug Smiler, Split-Personality Merge, Face Death with Dignity, Dark Is Not Evil save for the game
  • Domain stats: Darkness +2, Evil Alternatives +2, The Past +1
  • Herald gained: Nega Knives
  • High Priest earned: The Dark Knight
  • Party Leader: Scott Pilgrim
  • Fellow Allies: Ramona Flowers, all of Scott's and Ramona's allies, Madeline, The Investigation Team, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, Igor, Ichigo Kurosaki, Ryu (Street Fighter)
  • DANGER! Gideon Graves, Kage and Dio Brando are approaching!
  • Respect given and received from: Plague Knight
  • When the best strategy isn't to fight; Nega Scott is a embodiment of all of Scott's past and flaws he had throughout the series. What started with Scott trying to just defeat him and move on, he realized that Nega Scott couldn't be defeated like this, and to truly prove himself worthy of Ramona's love, he would have to accept him, and thus, admit to his faults. In the end, he did, and Nega Scott was successfully merged with him, and thus, was able to properly grow and learn.
  • Thanks to how much of a pain Scott is in his plans at recapturing Ramona, or for that matter, any other girl that he thinks would look nice in his frozen girl collection, Graves had toyed with multiple ideas on getting rid of Scott. There was one GUAE-GUAG battle with him and some allies against Scott and a few members of SEES that occurred. Graves had the upper hand, and an Evoker ended up sliding close to where Scott had fallen. Hearing of how they worked note , Scott decided to take a chance and aimed it at his head. Gideon laughed at this and asked if Scott was that desperate to die, but when his adversary pulled the trigger, what happened next was unexpected to all parties.
    • Nega Scott emerged, landed next to his counterpart, and got ready to throw down. His arrival managed to turn the tide and force Gideon to flee. To the surprise of SEES, Nega Scott didn't disappear. As Scott returned the borrowed Evoker, he realized he could ascend Nega Scott for Sheathe Your Sword, since it was only through non-violence that Scott could placate his other self. One visit to the Court of the Gods later, it became official.
  • While Scott thinks Nega Scott really isn't his Persona technically, he also really can't prove them wrong, and SEES (plus the Investigation Team) has tasked the House of Knowledge to figure out if he really is a persona. For now, he just calls him his Persona for simplicity's sake. While Nega Scott was at first needed for Scott to learn of his flaws, due to how Scott grew and realized his mistakes, Nega Scott is no longer needed to stay in Scott 24/7 and can live a life of his own within the Pantheon.
  • There is ONE timeline where he is as evil as he looks, but however, due to the nature of all the endings as well as the fact that in Scott's ending, he loses Ramona but dates Knives, Envy and Kim, everyone considers this timeline to be non-canon, and rather as what could have happened if Scott truly rejected him.
  • Due to the title of Scott's series as well as a certain pose Nega Scott loves to do, Dio Brando has labeled Nega Scott as a enemy, and decided to try and flex his superiority to him and Scott, trying to psyche Scott out by claiming to be a former lover of Ramona. To everyone's surprise, not only was Nega Scott able to detect Dio's stand, but the two were able to triumph over him in the end. Dio claims this was because he was too careless and was caught off guard by Nega Scott's power, and has since swore revenge for the incident, even placing a bounty on his head.
  • Due to their role in being Good All Along despite looking otherwise, Nega Scott became fast friends with Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, understanding her role and intentions rather well. That said, she does admit to finding him as a face she really doesn't want to wake up to in the middle of night, which he can understand.
  • When in battle, some people report seeing a nega version of Knives pop up to help from time to time. As such, many people wonder just how many nega versions there are, and of who. As of right now, Nega Scott's lips are sealed.
  • It's not often he finds people that befriended their nega side, and as such, was impressed with Madeline and Badeline for getting along despite being literal opposites of each other. Of course, some people took this as a cue to ship the two dark versions together, with Badeline responding with yelling and hiding in Madeline, while Nega Scott's normally dark face gets a bit of color thanks to red cheeks.
    • He also gained a alliance with Ichigo after finding out that he also had to deal with his own negas self, namely his Inner Hollow aka Zanpakuto, even if they don't follow the same beats. Ichigo for his part was just glad that this wasn't the version of Nega Scott who decided to try to take over the world and actually befriended Scott.
  • When traversing with Scott to the house of Combat to practice fighting moves they learned with Igor, their attention was drawn to Ryu fighting against Kage, whom looked just like Ryu in a dark hue, reminding the two of themselves. When they heard from onlookers that Kage was just as evil as he looked with plans to re-enter Ryu's body for more power, they sprang into action after Kage knocked Ryu out, managing to fight him off long enough for him to get knocked out as well, managing to drag Ryu back into his temple. He has come to appreciate the two and respects their fighting prowess, even expressing interest in fighting against the two of them at once when he feels better.

Slaking, God of Necessary Drawbacks (The Lazy Pokémon, Teddy, Kekking)
  • Lesser God, borderline Greater God without the Truant ability
  • Symbol: Its fist
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Truant
  • Moveset: Giga Impact, Facade, Hammer Arm, Fire Punch
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz
  • Portfolio: Necessary Drawbacks, Loophole Abuse, Normal-type, Blessed with Suck, Having excellent stats but being too lazy to use them to their fullest potential, Being hard to use but awesome when it works out, Lightning Bruisers
  • Domains: Strength, Sloth(the animal and attitude), Limitations
  • Heralds: Archen and Archeops
  • Allies: Chuggaaconroy, Ash Ketchum, Garfield, Hayate Yagami, Any Pokémon that can use Skill Swap or any other functioning way of removing its ability, such as Alakazam, Gengar, Reuniclus and Audino, King Kong, Caeser, Jeffery Lebowski, Snorlax, Regigigas
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Giovanni and Team Rocket, Frieza, Koba, Mojo Jojo
  • Slaking is a Pokemon that is both gorilla and sloth. Called the Lazy Pokemon, Slaking is rightfully considered the most slothful Pokemon in existence. Though not as narcoleptic or fat as Snorlax, they spend most of the time patiently waiting for food. But this laziness keeps in check their power. Slaking is the strongest non-legendary Pokemon, having the same base stats as Kyogre and Groudon. He'd be totally overpowered if it wasn't for said ability
  • The Truant ability means that he can only fight once every two turns, and if he can find a way to cancel that ability he's a force to be reckoned with. Audino tried another strategy to remove his ability with Simple Beam. It didn't work, so she went back to using Skill Swap. If he can't remove his ability, he can now make full use of Giga Impact, since he has to wait a turn anyway.
  • Slaking used to partnered with Chuggaaconroy. After winning the championship, they departed. It took him a while to figure out why his Hyper Beam wasn't as effective any more after Normal-types were no longer all physical attacks and they had to rehaul his entire moveset. With the introduction of Sinnoh came Regigigas, who despite being a legendary suffers from a similar gimping ability. Slaking decided to cheer it up and tell him there's no need to rush or be ashamed.
  • Has chosen to partner himself with Homer Simpson, due to being large, lazy and strong. However it is forbidden for him to give Slaking any Duff Beer; no-one wants a drunk Pokemon with his stats.
  • A very relaxed Pokemon, Snorlax rarely leaves his temple. Unlike Snorlax he is far from slow, having a base speed of 100. Back when he was a Vigoroth he was a lot more active and excitable, having the Vital Spirit ability that prevented him going to sleep. Sometimes muses on this teenager phases. He gets along with Garfield due to their laziness. He also gets along with Jeffery Lebowski due to their relaxed personality.
  • Unlike most gods, Slaking is daring enough to visit the House of Toxicity. This is not due to any immunity, but his move of Facade which doubles in power when under a status infliction. Given his already formidable attack stat, this is a terrifying attack if poisoned there. Most avoid using toxins there for that reason.
  • He has a certain kinship with King Kong and Caeser for being fellow primates, and respects the former's desire to be left alone. This kinship isn't shared by Koba or Mojo Jojo, as he feels they give simians a bad name. Or Frieza because of his hatred towards all primates and general depravity. Not a fan of Ghetsis Harmonia either, but then again what Pokemon is?. Or Giovanni and Team Rocket.
  • Would rather not enter the House of Combat. Partly it's due to his weakness to Fighting types, and partly it's being too lazy to give some of the more combat-loving gods there a good fight. Instead he seems to like sleeping in the House of Food due to the easy meals.


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