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Greater Gods

    Artoria (Altria) Pendragon Alter 
Artoria Pendragon Alter, Goddess of Suddenly Black Outfits (Saber Alter, Black Saber, Dark-tainted Tyrant, The Tyrant of Kings, Alteria Blackdragon, Lancer Alter, the Storm King, Rider, Tenacious Blaze, Santa Alter, Berserker, Mysterious Heroine X Alter, Darth Saber, Salter, Ice bitch queen)
Lancer Alter 
As Santa Alter 
In a bikini 
As Mysterious Heroine X Alter 

Intermediate Gods

    Black Shadow 
Black Shadow, God of Dark Villain Outfits (The Emperor of Brutality)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Black Bull (his F-Zero machine)
  • Theme Song: Theme of Black Shadow (F-Zero GX)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domains: Evil, Blackness, Shadows, Speed, Vehicles
  • Portfolio: Obvious Villain, Stereotypical Bad Guy Name, Black-Wearing Evildoer (Although the Black Looks More Like Purple), Infamously Cheating A.I.
  • Herald: Blood Falcon.
  • Allies: Several members of the Council of Shadows, Bowser, Ridley, Dark Link, Megatron, Master Xehanort.
  • Enemies: Captain Falcon, Viewtiful Joe, Batman, most of Batman's Rogues Gallery, Ryu, Ghost Rider, all good-aligned Kamen Riders, most Autobots, several gamer deities and mortals.
  • Rivals: Beelzemon, Darth Vader, The Green Biker Dude.
  • Respects: Norio Wakamoto.
  • It's not exactly clear how Black Shadow managed to ascend into the Pantheon, as he didn't appear to have been observed or under consideration for any seat. It's believed that the Council of Shadows may have pulled a few strings to allow it to happen, but the reasons behind that are still unknown. At the very least, he appears to know Ganondorf well.
    • He wants to kill Captain Falcon in front of several viewers, which is why he eagerly awaits for the next divine racing tournament in order to execute his evil plan.
  • Many deities recognize him as the guy who got Falcon Punched by Captain Falcon along with the whole galaxy. He claims that this event only happened in an alternate timeline, and that it wasn't even the Falcon Punch that ultimately defeated him, but no one seems to listen.
    • In any case, he respects this specific version of him, in particular his voice.
    • Due to both of them having the same name and voice, Black Shadow suspects that Ryu might be related to Ryu Suzaku, possibly even the same person.
  • Black Shadow didn't take much time to take over the racetracks of the Pantheon after ascending. He's a tough one to catch up, as his machine, the Black Bull, is known for being one of the fastest and strongest machines in F-Zero.
    • To make things worse, Black Shadow can be a scarily competent pilot, sometimes a bit too competent, with many suspecting that he might be cheating somehow (which wouldn't be surprising). Black Shadow credits his skill to the "Creators" of his universe, whatever those may be.
    • His skill has actually become infamous among mortals who attempt to challenge him, especially after leading one of them to a legendary rant.
    • He heard about Darth Vader's past as a pod-racing champion and thus challenged the Sith Lord to a race at the House of Travel in order to test the skill of one of the Pantheon's most famous deities. As they fiercely raced against each other, an "accident" that was definitely not intentional on Black Shadow's part caused both vehicles to crash, ending the race with no winner. Black Shadow admits that Vader is not a completely worthless racer and plans to crush him next time.
  • Black Shadow has shown interest in working with the Decepticons, believing that both him and Megatron can benefit from technology that the other possesses.
  • Sometimes confused with Batman due to looking a lot like him, which probably explains why he keeps getting attacked by The Joker and Co every now and then.
    • Batman himself has kept a close eye on Black Shadow, believing that the mysterious Black Shadow Group led by him might bring trouble to the Pantheon. The Dark Knight is already prepared for him though, having attached a Tracking Device to the Black Bull in order to monitor Black Shadow's movements and upgrading his Batmobile so that it may keep up with the Black Bull's power.
  • He is also sometimes confused with Satan, which is not strange at all as the Pantheon already has many Satans and Black Shadow wouldn't look out of place among them.
    • Not that Black Shadow doesn't have any ties with the literal underworld, as he is subservient to his universe's own version of Satan, Deathborn. This alone has put him on the sights of the Ghost Rider, one of the few able to keep up with him.
  • Suspected to have a connection with Master Xehanort due to his Heartless-like outfit and shared magical ability to create Evil Knockoffs of other heroes.
  • "WATASHI WA SHINEN. SHINENZUUU!" - Black Shadow about his undying self and dreams, circa 2003
    • "FARUCON PANCHI!" - Captain Falcon about the above sentence, circa 2003
  • Also has a seat in Villainous Appearances.

    Melisandre of Asshai 
Lady Melisandre of Asshai, Goddess of Women Wearing Crimson (Melony - her true name, Mel, The Red Woman, The Red Priestess, Lady Red, The King's Red Shadow, The Red Witch)


Lesser Gods

    Agent K and Agent J 
Agent K and Agent J, Divine Agents of The Men in Black (K: Kevin Brown; J: James Darrel Edwards III)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A pocket neuralyzer
  • Theme Song: "Men In Black"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral as a whole (K is Lawful Good on occasion, and J has shades of Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Illusion, Inquisition, Knowledge, Protection
  • Heralds: the rest of the organization by extension
  • Allies: Griffin (one of the aliens under their custody), The SCP Foundation, Captain Kirk, Rosalina, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Michael Jackson, XCOM, General Fletcher, Professor Paradox, The Elite Beat Agents
  • Enemies: Boris the Animal, Giygas, Lavos, Frieza, Boros, Black Doom, Lord Brevon, ADVENT, The Combine, Facehuggers, Dr. Wallace Breen, Thanos, Ragyo Kiryuin, the Harvesters, the Headcrabs, SCP-1548, The Mars Attacks!Martians
  • Opposed by: Danny Fenton
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dessler
  • The Men in Black is an organization that is dedicated to eliminating malicious aliens (and wiping the memories of those who witnessed such aliens after the aliens have been fought), as well as keeping an eye on the less villainous aliens. Two of the most prominent members of the organization are Agents K and J. Although other members of the organization are involved, these two tend to be the ones that are the most recognizable. They have bases established in the House of Defense and the sub-Houses of Colored Outfits and Plain Neutral.
  • Applies to the organization as a whole:
    • While protecting the planet, they have frequently worked together with Captain Kirk and Rosalina, two of the guardians of the House of Time and Space, keeping an eye out for any invaders.
    • There are rumors that Michael Jackson is a confidant of theirs had attempted several times to be signed up as an Agent M. Any conclusive evidence of this has since been neuralyzed and neither the organization nor the King of Pop are giving answers.
    • So far, only two of the aliens from their realm have appeared in the Pantheon; Boris the Animal, and Griffin. The MIB are keeping a close eye if anyone else shows up, specially considering the damage "Edgar" and Serleena could cause.
    • With aliens of such world-ending capacity like Giygas and Lavos in the Pantheon, the Men in Black have quickly deemed them as two of their biggest threats. Of course, those two are not the only aliens that's being targeted.
      • Frieza is also on their blacklist. A slew of other dangerous aliens such as Boros, Black Doom, and Lord Brevon have made the agents more prepared to counter any damage the aliens cause. Really high on the list are the Harvesters, who are not only deadly, but harbor a grudge against J for some reason.
      • They are also very wary of the G-Man, a very different kind of Man in Black…
      • A close eye is also being kept on both Ragyo Kiryuin and Wallace Breen, who have been largely allying themselves with various aliens to cause trouble for humans (even if Breen's reasons to ally with the aliens were meant to be well-intentioned).
    • One of the more unusual aliens the organization encountered was Dessler, who was originally evil at first, but then changed himself for the better. Even though he and the MIB are (sort of) on the same side for now, the organization is still keeping an eye on Dessler.
    • For some unexplainable reason, they (or more accurately, the organization in general) are convinced that Lady Gaga is an alien. No one has even tried to comment on why they think that is the case and Lady Gaga herself has no idea what to make of it.
    • They have a pretty strong partnership with the X-COM soldiers when it comes to dealing with the aliens. Of course, both organizations are kept separate from each other and no major plans of a merger between the two is going to happen anytime soon, but they keep touch quite often.
      • A partnership was also established with the SCP Foundation, who are all about maintaining a masquerade just like them.
    • Danny Fenton is not a fan of the organization, given his experience in dealing with a similar group known as the Guys in White.
    • Rumors have been spreading around that the organization is much more ruthless than it seems to be, along with K being a more unscrupulous person. Any attempts to talk to them about that only elicit confused reactions from the duo (and the other agents of the organization).
      • In addition, some think the organization might have also had a hand in monitoring various paranormal creatures that aren't limited to aliens. For now, the focus is placed largely on monitoring aliens and keeping them in check.
    • Some deities have been trying to use their neuralizers if said deity has witnessed something so bad they wished to forget it and the Brain Bleach in the Treasury is being used by someone else. Most of this happens if the deity encounters the agents by chance. The agents have no comment on this particular matter.
    • As expies of them, the Elite Beat Agents actualy got into their good graces, especially hearing that they managed to rally the humans together to help fight off aliens by The Power of Rock. It's also something of note that the EBA also have an Agent J.
  • Applies to only K and J:
    • Their initial encounter with Futaba Sakura was hostile on her end due to her terrible history with them. J tried to get to cool down by explaining her reason to them.
      • After hearing that the Men in Black in her world basically straight up lied to her that her mother committed suicide and blamed her for it, J assures that the MIB he's in would never do such a thing... but K didn't immediately support the statement, leading J to be suspicious and to confront him. The elder agent then finally stated that what Futaba's will-readers did was unnecessarily cruel and that he was sorry she had to go through so much pain. By the end of the day, they parted on awkward terms.
  • Exclusive to K:
    • As a fellow protector and one of The Comically Serious, K has gotten along with Cable, who also reminds him of his younger self.
    • K (and the rest of the organization sans J) thought Elvis Presley was an alien who just returned to his home planet rather than die. He was thus disappointed that the Pantheon's Elvis seems more human than he thinks, though he enjoys his music anyways. Elvis himself meanwhile is rather baffled that the Men In Black (sans J) would think he's an alien.
  • Exclusive to J:
    • There was a point in time where J had to travel back in time after the past was messed up by a revenge-driven alien in order to restore the present. Because of that, J is on good terms with other heroic time-travelers. Unsurprisingly, J has been keeping an eye on those who use time travel for evil purposes.
      • And now said alien has ascended, though by this point, he's just another target on their list.
    • Is keeping a sharp eye on Deadshot when he can, given since he can also look just like him.
  • Would you please look at this red light? *flash* Troper, there is no entry here. The text you saw was a hallucination caused by swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped in a thermal pocket reflecting the light from Venus onto your computer screen.


    Holly Golightly 
Holly Golightly, Goddess of Little Black Dresses (Holiday Golightly, Lulumae Barnes, Connie Gustafson)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her little Black Dress and dark glasses
  • Theme Song: Moon River
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bi the Way (though it doesn’t show in the film), Blithe Spirit, Book Dumb, Hard-Drinking Party Girl, Hooker with a Heart of Gold, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Naïve Everygirl, Oblivious to Love
  • Domains: Love, Money, Fashions
  • High Priestess: Sabrina Fairchild
  • Allies: Betty Boop, Buffy Summers, Carmelita Fox, Kim Possible
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil, Lust
  • Pities: Jay Gatsby, Norma Desmond
  • Pitied by: The House of Felines
  • Complicated Relationship with: Inspector Clouseau
  • Holly Golightly is a young café society girl in the Upper East Side of New York. A child bride who escaped her impoverished Texas roots at the age of fourteen, Holly makes a living as a companion to various wealthy and important men, who lavish her with money and expensive presents.
  • Has once resided in the Pantheon before as the Goddess of Pure Iconic Perfection before someone pointed out that it wasn’t a real title. However, the Court has found out that her Little Black Dress is part of her iconic appearance.
  • Was surprised to see others inspired by her fashion sense, with varying degrees of approval. Apparently, she uses her dark glasses and her clothing to conceal her identity. Still, she appears to be on good terms with those who have wore a black dress including Betty Boop, Carmelita Fox, and Buffy Summers (even though she initially considered wearing one as "Hi, I'm an enormous slut!" before she wore one herself).
    • However, she might not want to go near Lust despite her also wearing a black dress.
  • Is sometimes compared to Jay Gatsby given their charismatic nature and both of them driven to dreams ideals that ultimately didn’t go well for them. Holly has taken pity towards the man upon hearing his fate. She also takes pity towards Norma Desmond as she felt that the former star is who she could have ended up like if she wasn’t careful.
  • She might be one of a few good(ish) cigarette holder-users in existence (although ironically, it was supposed to be an affectation that Holly assumes to cover her insecurity). Several other deities mistake her for a villainess because of it. She doesn’t take it kindly and has butted heads with Cruella de Vil over it.
  • Her relationship with Inspector Clouseau is a bit complicated. While the two are on cordial terms in account of having the same director, Holly thinks that he’s quite silly and easy to fool and would keep a distance from him at certain locations knowing he’s clumsy and would get her beautiful dress dirty.
  • Has been given odd looks upon encountering Fred Flintstone. For some reason, whenever she hears his voice, she couldn’t help but think of her friend Sally Tomato.
  • She once had a cat who’s simply named Cat, whom she doesn’t claim as her own because “we don't belong to each other: he's an independent, and so am I” and has felt guilty for briefly abandoning him in the streets when it was pouring. The House of Felines has taken pity on her upon hearing that.
  • George Costanza, upon encountering her, couldn’t help but be reminded of the time he read the book as part of the book club he joined. Apparently, he mixed up plot points about the book and the movie and was humiliated by it.
  • Whatever you do, don't play this for her. Holly is not amused at being indirectly responsible for such a bland love song.

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