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The latest bar in the Pantheon, filled with every alcoholic substance conceivable and all the individuals who'd be associated with such. Be it to celebrate, drink away troubles, or just to socialize, it rivals the House of Celebration as a place to enjoy ones self, though the houses often connect.

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Greater Gods

Dionysus, God of Wine (Bacchus, Liber Paternote , Eleutheriosnote , Iaccus, Zagreus?, Mr. D, Dio, Dionysus Thyrsos)
Depictions of Dionysus, clockwise from top left: Fantasia (as Bacchus), Hades, Hercules, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Devil Summoner Soul Hackers, DC Comics, Smite (also as Bacchus) and Kamigami no Asobi. Center: a statue of Dionysus
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His wine jug and a wreath of grapes
  • Theme Song: Hymn To Bacchus
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, erring to good around his friends
  • Portfolio: God Of Wine, Hedonism And Madness, Deathless and Debauched, Has More Backstories Of Any Olympian, May Or May Not Have Been Zagreus In A Past Life, generally a Nice Guy and Ethical Slut If A Dangerous One (not above the occasional dog-kicking either), Deity of Human Origin (Well, Half-Human), Interspecies Friendship And Romance, Happily Married to Ariadne, sometimes a Horned Humanoid, Drunken Master
  • Domains: Wine, Drunkeness, Rebirth, Madness, Liberation, Humanity, Cults
  • Herald: His beloved wife Ariadne
  • Not to be confused with: Zagreus (his cousin)
  • Special relationship with: Zeus (his father)
  • Unclear relationship with: Hades, Demeter and Persephone (his uncle, aunt and half-sister...sort of)
  • Allies
  • Aloof Ally to: Lucifer (Shin Megami Tensei), Emperor Calus, the GUAG Lol Ranger
  • On good terms with: Ereshkigal, Tyrion Lannister, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • On speaking terms with: Diana/Wonder Woman, Lonnie Machin/Anarky, the Hall of Rebellion and Revolution
  • Rivals: Thor (in fighting), Zhang Fei, Andre The Giant, Steve Austin, Homer Simpson, Bender, The Demoman, Cayden Cailean (in drinking), Kaido (in both)
  • Enemies
  • Opposes: Tywin Lannister
  • Opposed by: The Hall of Tyrannical Figures, Anna Nishikinomiya
  • On poor terms with: Eros/Cupid, King Midas, Emperor Augustus
  • Avoided by: Tony Stark, recovering alcoholics
  • Pities: SCP-1440, Izanami-no-Mikoto
  • Respected by: Anton Ego
  • Wary of: Sekhment, Hannibal Lecter, Slaanesh
  • Ah, Dionysus. The youngest Olympian conceived by Zeus and the mortal woman Semele, Hera would trick Semele into getting Zeus to reveal his true godly form, turning her to ash. The fetus lived, and Zeus stitched him into his thigh so he'd finish developing. The demigod would be raised away from Mt Olympus, possibly by Zeus' mom Rhea. During his time among mortals he'd grow to like them, and as a god he and his Roman form Bacchus were popular among outsider and marginalized groups as he represented liberation from societal norms. Dionysus is best known as a god of wine, and alcohol in general. However he's also a god of madness, and liberation in its many forms.
  • While the Greek pantheon is prone to Multiple-Choice Past because of different writers across centuries, even by their standards Dionysus' origins are varied. Visually he's normally seen as a Pretty Boy who toured the world, but there are tales of a scarier Dionysus with horns and a beard. "Hellenic Dionysus" takes precedent in his pantheonic appearances, which is why despite Zeus' attempts to placate the two Dionysus has nothing but hatred for Hera for causing his mother's death and later driving him mad. As for his other backstories?
    • An older legend retained by the Orphic mysteries says he was born from either Zeus and Demeter, or Zeus and Persephone. Under orders by Hera he would be torn apart by the Titans, but his heart was saved and reborn either through Zeus' thigh or Semele swallowing the heart to regrow a divine baby. This death and rebirth theme may reference how wine is formed by grapes crushed and fermented into something new. Though Persephone was interested by Dionysus possibly being her reincarnated son, it really doesn't make Zeus look good for obivous reasons. Zeus defended himself by saying the Orphic cults would conflate him with Hades, so Dionysus may have been a reincarnation of their son. Similar questionable parentage applies to another child of Persephone called Melinoe.
    • Zeus pointed to Dionysus' forgotten and scarier chthonic aspects and alternate backstory, suggesting Zagreus they may have been his past incarnation. According to some legends, Zagreus was a son of Persephone and Hades/Zeus who was torn apart by the Titans. The tragedian Aeschylus went further and theorizes Zagreus may be Hades. In search for the truth, Dionysus admitted he'd be spreading lies in the mortal world to confuse the two of them together. He just didn't anticipate it becoming popular. The Trope Pantheon Zagreus is a different person and a good friend of Zagreus.
    • Most know the Roman version of Dionysus is Bacchus, which he initially went by when he ascended under Booze-Based Buff. Zeus wanted him to change it back since it was getting confusing keeping track of his kids... more confusing, that is. Dionysus is also conflated with Liber, a more Roman-specific god of viticulture. The Eleusinian Mysteries further complicated things by conflating him with Iacchus, a minor deity who's the son or husband of Demeter. At this point nobody blamed Zeus for his attempt to streamline Dionysus, by changing his trope from Booze-Based Buff to the more universal "God of Wine".
    • Among his family, he's especially close to his Maiden Aunt Hestia and his currently unascended grandmother Rhea; herself seen as a Hard-Drinking Party Girl due to being connected to a Phrygian goddess called Cybele. The latter helped raise him (maybe) from Hera's wrath thanks to Hermes. The former is thought to have given up her seat in Mt Olympus for him. Dionysus is also pretty chill with Hercules, who's similar to him in being a demigod that was eventually elevated into full-fledged divinity and have dealt with curses of madness from their Wicked Stepmother. As for the rest of his family, Dionysus tends to do his own thing and doesn't have favorites. He really doesn't know why Friedrich Nietzsche thought he and Apollo are rivals. Far as Apollo understands it, they might have a Red Oni, Blue Oni thing going on
  • Compared to his fellow gods he and Diana barely interact. She thought they did, but it was revealed "Dio" Dionysus was a fake. After meeting the real Dionysus she requested he give answers to her conflicting backstories, but he drunkenly laughed "HAH! Diana, I can't keep my own backstory straight! Are you my half-sister, my grand-neice or what? Even dad can't keep it straight". As he's too busy Walking the Earth or schmoozing and boozing he rarely helps out, but he does wish her well. Right now, he's more interested in getting to know other pantheons.
    • He was initially terrified of Sekhment upon seeing how much of an omnicidal Blood Knight she could be, however learned she could be calmed by copious amount of alcohol disguised as lust. Her father Ra quickly caught on to Dionysus' skills and has requested he make both fancy Greek wine so his fellow deities don't have to import, and dark red wine to bamboozle his daughter. Dionysus is still wary of Sekhment, but he was pleasantly surprised to learn of her other personality Hathor. She's similar in her role to the wine god, and the two love to party, booze and schmooze together. Their dads tried beat their own kids at their game, but left passed out in their own vomit.
    • Dionysus and Thor once got into a bar brawl over what's the better alcoholic drink: mead, or grape wine. His trickery and powers of intoxication went against Thor's strength and summoning the thunder, and Thor ultimately came out on top. Zeus told his son there was no shame in losing against Thor, as he's perhaps Zeus' biggest rival. Dionysus would later go to visit some underworld deities. He seems to get along with Ereshkigal as she's somewhat understanding of the quest he made to rescue his mom from the underworld, and the old stories of his chthonic aspects and rebirth. While he couldn't reach out to Izanami, he does feel bad for her state and Death by Childbirth as it reminds him of the fate of his mother Semele. Dionysus was later found dancing naked and drunk on sake to Amaterasu's amusement
  • A loud rumble was heard as Pinkie Pie and the rest of the welcoming committee witnessed a deluge of wine flooding the entire entry area and the greeters were swept away. Very bad drunken singing followed as the Greek god of wine and revelry arrived, to the utter rage of killjoys like Dolores Umbridge and the Trunchball, and the roaring of celebration by the Hall of Alcohol. When he arrived Kratos wanted to know where he was during his entanglement with the Olympians. Dionysus simply replied he was off touring in Southeast Asia and China to sample their local delights. He informed Kratos he has no intention to fight and because of his own past he feels bad for what happened to his family, but he'd prefer they keep far away from one another for obvious reasons. And as dysfunctional as his family can be, he still likes them.
  • Dionysus isn't allowed to pilot anything in the House of Travel because the breathalyzer got blood-alcohol results that no human on record has survived. He's not allowed near Tony Stark either, due to being a recovering alcoholic. However he's used to simply Walking the Earth, so he took losing his license with stride. He's considered the god of the Hall of Alcohol, fermenting whatever grapes he's not snacking on. Shuckle became his partner because the Pokemon is pretty good at fermenting berries, and when Zeus forces him to be sober he at least as a nice non-alcoholic Berry Juice. To nobody's surprised several gods regularly challenge him to a drinking contest, who inevitably lose. However, the one god he considers an equal is Dr. Fei-Hung, as he once visited the Drunken Master in an earthly guise and found he could keep up with him in the drinking category. Bacchus places his friendship with the Tenth Tiger as with his master, Solinus.
  • Wine officionados can visit as much as they want, however he doesn't care for any wine snobbery: he's lived for millennia and been all around the world, so he can't pick a favorite and feels fighting over the best wine is pointless. Despite pretty much being the opposite to him in personality, Anton Ego appreciates him for his godly role in wine. Hannibal Lecter is another fan of Dionysus even if he falls more into the "snob" side of the Slobs Versus Snobs debate. While classy, he's still a Serial Killer and cannibal, so the wine god would rather not get involved. It's generally advised not to get in a drinking contest with Dionysus either...but this hasn't stopped some from trying and giving him a fair challenge. The Demoman is impressive enough that his body has adapted to fermenting alcohol from his own bone marrow and becoming dependent on it. Kaido was also interested in fighting Dionysus, and much to his disappointment he can't even kill himself with sake. And then there's Bender, who's powered by booze and starts acting drunk when he doesn't drink. Dionysus narrowly defeated him in a drinking contest, but only because Bender had drunk so much the liquor burst out of his chassis.
  • He is a very welcome deity at the House of Love and Affection as one sip of his legendary, self-brewed Wine is able to disinhibit even the most steadfast of heart and soul. He's respected by the more sober deities due to his strong marriage and dedication to his wife Ariadne. Yes he still sleeps around, but she doesn't have a problem with it and the one time he considered loving another he swiftly reconsidered it. Helping his reputation is he lacks his father's bad habits: the only exception was because he was maddened by lust by one of Eros' arrows. He's not proud of it and was distraught over it causing a suicide. Dionysus also isn't proud of not being careful enough giving King Midas a boon, though he made up for that for telling him how to cure the Midas Touch he gave him. Said king would rather not hang out with Dionysus after all that.
  • A proud Momma's Boy, and if you insult her your ass is grass. Dionysus outright went to the Underworld in order to rescue his mother Semele and bring her to Mt. Olympus. Naturally he is repulsed by Ragyo Kiryuin, who he feels is the worst mother to ever exist. He doesn't think much of a bad father like Tywin either, though he'll begrudgingly admit his family serves great wine and it's not like his own dad is much better....especially in Orphic myths. Dionysus and Tyrion are on much better terms, but mainly as drinking buddies since the wine god couldn't care at al about politics. Sometimes he'll, say, give advice to the likes of Emperor Claus, but he's mainly in with him on the hedonism and enjoyment of life.
  • He already had some experience with what is between and beyond life and death; his many origin stories involve death and rebirth on some capacity. Unfortunately as he is a dying and rising god, he is one of the very few literal deities that is valid for Nekron to turn into a Black Lantern should he get an emotional tether. His defiance of the alleged permanence of death is why he's on Dhuum's hitlist as well. His uncle Hades regards the former as insane and the latter as childish, and advised his nephew on a) how to avoid them and b) how to avoid being tricked by his imposter.
  • Dionysus couldn't care for Lucifer's social darwinist practices, however he is a supporter of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos in the fact they support humanity and liberation from restrictions. One of the major appeals the Greek god has is allowing his followers personal freedom and revelry away from societal norms, though usually in a "huge party" type. He loves hanging out with Pinkie Pie and The Ghost of Christmas Present, however sometimes his liberating chaos is too much for them. He's either a strong supporter of the LOL Ranger group or being too thoughtless for their standards, but at least he's not outright cruel like the GUAE Trollkaiger. Naturally he's scorned by authortarians and tyrants for what he represents, to which Dionysus snidely replied "what are you, the "No Fun Allowed" club?". The authoritarian Augustus is more sensible as Bacchus was a sacred deity for him, but he's not a fan of hedonism and the wine god promotes that. Anna Nishikinomiya doesn't like Dionysus either for his lewdness and defiance of political correctness. He feels she's not making a good argument for being PC.
  • Harass him and he'll drive you mad. Don't try to deny his divinity. He and the Emperor of Mankind are on pretty bad terms due to his militant atheism, and his beliefs that Dionysus' Mad God personality is a bit too close to the forces of Chaos. While they are enemies, the Emperor does begrudgingly admit Dionysus is a god who actually values humanity and doesn't act in smug superiority even when he reacts poorly to his divinity being denied. Dionysus still thinks the Emperor is a massive killjoy, of course. He's at least not as bad about it as YHVH, who the drunken deity has called "His Almighty No Fun Allowed". On YHVH's end, He only sees Dionysus as a nuisance to His aquisition of power.
  • For the love of Zeus, don't kill people at a party. Sure Dionysus' parties might get a bit rowdy but to give someone their clear trust only to violate Sacred Hospitality like Walder Frey did pisses him off as much as his father. On the other side of things, don't count of Dionysus for your political movements. He likes the style of Anarky and the Hall of Rebellion and Revolution due to their principles and often being in the outsider group, but he's not focused enough to get too invested. Finally, he still has limits on what he sees as fun; Wyald's "enjoyment and excitement" sounded fun on paper, but in practice it was pure psychopathy. And don't even get him started on Junko Enoshima's despair fetish. It's such a paradox and so wrong to Dionysus he briefly sobered up just to comprehend it.
  • He doesn't like the hedonistic Nobuyuki Sugou for being a lecherous creepy Slimeball. Yes, he is also a case of The Hedonist, and enough of one that he used to be the pantheon representative of the trope for a time. However he's such a pathetic, creepy and odious hedonist that it makes Dionysus embarassed to be a libertine. His dislike of Sugou is fueled by his personality similar to Priapus, who's "claims to fame" are "being so endowed its' unwieldly" and attempted to assault Hestia. He and every other Olympian kicked his ass for that. Sugou vainly yelled "hypocrite" since Priapus may have been Dionysus' son (or Hermes', or Zeus') only for the wine god to point out he thinks Priapus is a pervert, before leaving Sugou black-out drunk and kicking him in the dick for good measure.
  • A god of madness, mainly of "liberating and debauched revelry" kind of the Mad Hatter. He's decisively not of the "use madness an excuse to be a nihilistic sociopath" kind that the Joker and Kefka preach. Being a Greek god all Joker venom gave him was a temporary clown face. Dionysus is not a fan of the Demogorgon either. The madness-bringer immediately called Dionysus out as a hypocrite since he punishes mortals who displease him with insanity, only for Dionysus to point out "yes, but I'm not out to also destroy everything out of some solipstic entitlement". At the very least, Dionysus will admit the Demogorgon cares for his mistress.
  • Gets along with Harley Quinn. It's partly sympathy due to his distaste towards the Joker, but also partly because while many of his male family members are misogynistic to varied degrees he gets along remarkably well with women. And Harley Quinn's kind of liberated madness is right up his alley. Pamela Isley was initially a bit wary of what he might be doing, however he said that he was interested in her powers over plants and as a gesture of good will summoned a bunch of ivy and grapevine; they were sacred plants to him, after all. He mentioned he once dealt with pirates who kidnapped him through a mass outgrowth of plants. However he doesn't have anything against the Hall of Piracy itself, which was helped by their "self-appointed patron god" the Flying Spaghetti Monster being really fun to be with and makes good beer on the occasion when wine is getting a bit too samey.

Intermediate Gods

    Chen Stormstout 
Chen Stormstout, God Of Drunk Fighters (Legendary Brewmaster, Wandering Brewmaster, Storm, Earth and Fire, Merrymaker Chen, The Priority Panda)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A giant barrel full of Booze and a Staff.
  • Theme Song: His titular theme
  • Alingment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Highly mobile despite his size, Likes to Drink and Eat a lot, Big Fun, Boisterous Bruiser, Can Breath Fire from his mouth, A very good cook, Guile Hero, Honor Before Reason, Size Strength, Wandering Azeroth in search for the greates boozes, All Monks Know Kung-Fu, The Cool Uncle to his niece Li Li, Can split into Three different Forms, Barrel Thrower
  • Domains: Pandas, Brews, Drinks, Monks, Barrels
  • High Priest: Mangix the Brewmaster
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kharazim the Monk (On a friendly note), Donkey Kong
  • Enemies: Garrosh Hellscream, Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Lord Shen, Bashmaster
  • Opposes: Leoric
  • Hailing from the far lands of Pandaria, Chen Stormstout is a Brewmaster Monk who Travels the world of Azeroth in hopes to learn about the different brews present. He was originally going to be given the position as the God of Pandas but he declined and left the position to Po while at the same time deciding to train the Young Panda Warrior. However, after Po stated that he could easily take the position for Drunken Combat, Chen changed his mind.
    • However, when he arrived he discovered that his position was already held by Rock Lee. Nonetheless, Lee agreed to give the position to Chen if he was able to put up a fight. To the Latter surprise, Chen did a spectacular performance and as he promised, the position of Drunken Master was awarded to the Pandaren Monk.
  • Now that he is able to spend more time on the Pantheon, he decided to start focusing more on Po's training. Chen is having high hopes for the Young Warrior and when the time is right, he will gladly take him under his wing and bring him to Azeroth.
  • He was happy to learn that his old buddies Rexxar and Vol'jin also had an spot here and invited them to hang out like old times. However, there was a nasty surprise for him when he found that Garrosh Hellscream has also found his way here and he still hasn't forgived him for his crime against Pandaria.
  • Thanks to his pupil Po, he was introduced to Litchi Faye-Ling, but specially, her little panda Lao Jiu, Po's little apprentice. Chen was surprised that such little thing can be carried as a hairpin but nonetheless agreed to train him alongside Po.
    • He also became close friends with Litchi, after finding out they had a lot of things in Common, like their combat styles, their love for drinks and Litchi's love for Pandas. Chen usually prepares her special Brews just for her. However, when he heard about her backstory, how many in the Pantheon was accusing her for trying to save a friend, and the implications that she's drinking to ease her pain, even Chen thought that such kind of drink session was too insensitive and mean-spirited and at times, tries to console her that he's on the same boat, he'd do anything to see those close to him safe and protected (especially his niece Li Li, but just to be on the same boat, he put Rexxar and Vol'jin in the equation).
    • And for some reason, once he got out of the session, Chen usually found himself dressed up rather... 'cutely' by her. He just laughed that off.
  • Naturally, he tends to hang around Moe's Tavern, and he even befriended most of the usual visitors of said place. What makes Chen stand out is that he always comes prepared with Booze of his own, which other Gods always want to try it out, much to his amusement. He often helps Moe manage the place from time to time.
    • On separate occasions, Chen makes visits to another bar known as the Quindecim, primarily to help Decim with the drinks and they sometimes exchange drinks in their free time. The fact that the two of them are also great cooks helps quite a bit.
  • He is really close with the Nephalems after battling alongside them several times. He especially gets on really well with Sonya and even they invented a brand new tag team move called "Washing Machine". While they didn't specify what the move is about, they clarified that involves craters and barrels, for some reason.
    • He also hold a really fierce rivalry with fellow monk Kharazim. While the latter has jokingly remarked that Chen isn't a true monk, they both have immense respect for each other.
  • Chen usually has many story to tell to anybody interested thanks to his countless travels around the World. However, he will charge you $9.95 per minute, that's why nobody bothers to hear him.
  • Chen is no slouch when it comes to magical abilities. He is even capable of splitting into three different Pandas with special abilities called Storm, Earth and Fire. He however tends to not use this ability too much, because he is tired of the unwanted attention they brings because they are cute.
    • However, Earth always wonder why were they named like these:
    • Aditionally, he is also able to transform himself into a big rolling barrell, which has brought him trouble sometimes with Donkey Kong, since everytime he transforms, the Gorilla grabs him and throws him somewhere else. They are however on pretty good terms.
  • He really doesn't like Leoric. One could say because of the Skeleton king evil attitudes, but in reality there was one time that Leoric say really mean things to him prompting him to cry and start drinking from the barrel. Leoric then started wacking him with his maze but grew bored after seeing Chen tank them like it was nothing. Some people think that it was Chen's plan all along to show who's the boss in terms of being a tanky fighter.
  • Because of their wandering nature and having travelled around their respective worlds, Chen became good friends with both Kino and AZ. They ocasionally share the stories they experienced in their journeys.
  • Sometimes, he brings his niece Li Li to roam around the Pantheon, a fact that Li Li finds very fun and interesting, because the Pantheon is so big and has a lot of different places. Chen ocasionally chats with Iroh because of their similar roles as uncles and their complicated relationship with their respective siblings.
    • However, Chen has been getting criticized of being too carefree sometimes with his niece, to the point that he even allows her to fight in the Nexus. Chen doesn't pay attention to these comments, as he knows that Li Li is very capable of taking care of herself without his interference.
  • Turns out that when festivities arrives on his homeland, Chen usually changes his usual style and becomes Merrymaker Chen, Bringing alcohol and drinks to any person who just wants to have a really nice time.
  • "I bring pandamonium!"
  • Also has a spot in the House of Combat.

Lesser Gods

    Cana Alberona 
Cana Alberona, Goddess of Hard Drinking Party Girls

    Drinky Crow 
Drinky Crow, God of Wanting Alcohol Pronto
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself with "X" eyes
  • Theme Music: The Drinky Crow Show
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Alcoholic, "X" Eyes when Really Drunk, Often Depressed
  • Domains: Crows, Alcohol, Weirdness
  • Herald: Uncle Gabby
  • Drinking Buddies with: Captain Haddock, Cayden Cailean, The Demoman, Conker the Squirrel
  • Enemies: King K. Rool, The Spy, Earthworm Jim
  • Part-Time Lackey for: Psy-Crow
  • Strange Relations with: Decim, Popeye, Betty Boop
  • On Poor Terms with: Mordecai & Rigby, Murkrow Flock
  • As the name suggests, Drinky Crow is a crow that loves to drink alcohol. More specifically, he is a crow that drinks a lot of alcohol to get away from whatever crazy problem he has at the moment. If that doesn't work, then there's suicide via gun-to-the-head...which is more of a tempory solution than anything alongside the alcohol. He gets into a lot of strange adventures alongside his buddy, the woman-obsessed monkey Uncle Gabby. He and Gabby are sometimes at sea with a captain and his daughter fighting against an army of French crocodiles in addition to dealing with whatever weirdness Drinky has to put up with in and out of seafaring duties.
  • Drinky and Gabby got incredibly wasted during a drinking session and staggered around aimlessly. They found themselves on a ship and ended up taking it on a joyride. The ship went around wildly until stumbling into a storm, sending it flying and the two tumbling around in it. Once the storm had cleared, the two woke up and found that the ship was not only on land, but that it ended up squashing the bodies of some unlucky passerby. Drinky really didn't know what was going on until someone told him that he's far from his home and that he and Gabby stumbled into the Pantheon. Drinky still had no idea what to make of all this and proceeded to drink some more alcohol before shooting himself in the head with a gun. A few minutes later, Drinky ended up getting a spot in the Pantheon, Gabby stuck around as his herald, and Drinky was even more confused despite being told in detail what the Pantheon is.
  • The Hall of Alcohol is considered something of a haven for him due to the extremely high amounts of drinks present. Not only are there people who take up a drink, but there's more than a few visitors willing to drop by for free time. Drinky managed to get along with a fair amount of drinkers, though some of them were initially put off with how not only does he keep shooting himself in the head, but the fact that he's still relatively alive after any botched suicide attempt after a bit of time.
    • Of the various drinkers, Drinky ended up having a good amount of conversations with Captain Haddock, mainly because Haddock has had plenty of experience in handling the sea much like Drinky. Haddock was surprised that all the adventures that the crow goes through as a result of drinking are far more insane than what Haddock would normally go through. Despite this, he's willing to give Drinky a bit of advice on how to survive the seas better.
    • Conker didn't think that there'd be another alcoholic animal around, but was willing to take what he can get. Upon listening to the various stories of Drinky's adventures, Conker had a feeling that what the crow gets caught up with somehow ended up being even more insane than what the squirrel had put up with. Conker is also a bit jealous about how Drinky has a mostly easier time escaping problems than he can, though Drinky is perfectly willing to talk to Conker whenever they meet.
    • Upon hearing Cayden Cailen's story about being an actual god after drinking too much, Drinky decided to tell a story about a volcano that lets anyone (and anything) become a divine being when they're thrown there. Cayden in particular found it bizarre that a gun and alcohol bottle could become divine beings that things made even less sense after hearing that the deified Drinky ended up punishing regular Drinky after the latter tried to ask him to stop acting crazy.
    • The Demoman is another drinker whom Drinky is willing to talk to. It's because Drinky often has to go fight in a series of battles much like The Demoman has to, though their individual battles are very different from each other. The crow was surprised to learn that The Demoman's personality depending on whether he's sober or not are completely different from each other and others were just as surprised to learn that Drinky still had bouts of insanity during the one time he tried to swear off alcohol.
  • Despite attempting to commit suicide on a near-regular basis, he almost always turns out fine a while later. Even with the fact that death isn't permanent in the Pantheon, Drinky sometimes doesn't end up in the House of Life and Death after trying to come up with some ridiculous way to take his own life. On the instances that he does end up at that house after a suicide attempt, he usually ends up at Decim's bar trying to piece together what happened. Drinky sometimes overstays his visits there due to a combination of drinks and shock over how his death happened, though Decim has already gotten used to the kinds of people who end up in his bar because of circumstances.
  • Mordecai & Rigby ended up meeting Drinky while the duo were driving around in their golf cart. Mordecai asked Drinky what had happened and the crow responded that he had gone on some strange adventures. Mordecai & Rigby at first thought that Drinky could be someone worth hanging around with until the crow started going into more detail about what happens in them. Once the golf cart arrived back at Drinky's temple, Mordecai told Drinky that it's true that he and Rigby get into some crazy stuff including risky life-and-death scenarios as a result of forgoing responsibility, but he and Rigby would never do the kinds of things Drinky would do whenever chaos strikes. Rigby then told Drinky before leaving that he and Mordecai prefer not to get involved in anything fatal involving Drinky.
  • Crocodiles have been a common enemy for Drinky to fight against back then and learning that there were some crocodiles in the Pantheon meant that Drinky would be in for fights against some of them. Of these crocodiles, King K. Rool ended up being a frequent foe for Drinky as the latter believed that K. Rool was going to make attacks on his life like those French crocodiles. While he wasn't wrong about K. Rool being vicious, it was clear that the Kremling Kommander wasn't French in any way and that he can put up a better fight against Drinky (whose combat capabilities aren't that bad under certain circumstances) unlike the French crocodiles.
  • In addition to the crocodiles, one of his previous foes was a female French spy that Gabby became enamored with. Drinky found out that there was a French spy somewhere and a short time later, he came across a French spy...known as The Spy. This treacherous Frenchman found it crazy that there was a drunken crow who had a vendetta against him because of another French spy from back then. While The Spy can't turn into a battleship that can become haunted somehow (and The Spy had a hard time trying to envision what Drinky was talking about anyways), The Spy can disguise himself as a bunch of other people, something that irks the crow quite a bit, especially if he finds out that the "person" was The Spy all along.
  • When Drinky stumbled upon some Murkrows, he thought that he was finally able to find some other crows to hang out with. The reception he got from them wasn't pleasant to put it mildly and they ended up taking his alcohol bottles from him and to their junk pile of stolen items. Drinky followed them to the pile and starting yelling at them, prompting the flock to start attacking. Drinky then got violent and starting beating up a couple of Murkrows before getting chased out by the Alpha Murkrow. It ended badly for everyone involved, with Drinky in particular suffering from some holes in his body for a few hours after the fight, a few Murkrows getting a few slash marks, and one other Murkrow somehow getting sick after a drinking an alcohol bottle following the fight. Both parties still end up getting into petty fights with each other, though only empty alcohol bottles get stolen during these confrontations nowadays.
    • Psy-Crow, who was the unofficial leader of the Murkrow flock, later found out about what happened between them and Drinky and wanted things to get resolved, especially since Psy-Crow was hoping that he'd get along with Drinky as crows. Psy-Crow eventually caught up to the alcoholic crow and made an attempt to apologize over what happened with the Murkrows. Drinky had a hard time believing that a crow wearing a space-suit would handle that flock, but Psy-Crow decided to have an extended chat with Drinky and hope they find some common ground. Drinky told Psy-Crow that he drinks and points guns to his head to try and get away from problems, and the bounty hunter crow was a bit surprised hearing something like that. Psy-Crow made an offer to Drinky saying that he could work part-time for him after hearing that Drinky wasn't too bad in combat. Drinky accepted the offer, though Psy-Crow often has to break up any fights that happen between Drinky and the Murkrows whenever he's around. Earthworm Jim was upset that there were more crows around, especially since this one ended up being a part-time lackey for his arch-enemy on top of other traits Jim would be put off by. Drinky doesn't care too much about the earthworm and is only attacking him due to Psy-Crow's orders.
  • By complete accident as a result of drinking too much, Drinky ended up on the high-seas alongside Popeye. The sailor briefly wondered if this weird-looking crow had any experience in seafaring, to which Drinky replied "yes" despite looking like he could get seasick at any moment. Popeye found the numerous alcohol bottles lying around him to be rather troubling, but then realized that there were multiple enemies headed his way. Popeye took his spinach to lay the beatdown whilst Drinky found a sword and used it to slash off their adversaries. Popeye conceded that Drinky was pretty capable despite initial appearances, though he felt that Drinky could do with something a bit more substantial to take before fighting. Drinky admitted that drinking seems to be the only way he can get through things, to which Popeye suggested that Drinky not act overly wasted whenever they're together.
  • A quick trip throughout parts of the Pantheon resulted in him encountering Betty Boop. At first, Drinky thought that Betty was related to The Captain's Daughter from his own world, being a good-looking girl with a monochromatic appearance. Betty was initially shocked when asked if she does some weirdly violent activities, though later understood that he simply confused her for that girl back then. While the two don't really dislike each other, conversations between them don't happen often, with Betty feeling that Drinky's bad habits of drinking and suicide are obtrusive to the conversations that they hold if they do happen to meet each other again.
  • One of his adventures had him falling in love with a mermaid when he was underwater momentarily. Some time later after learning from his robot clone that the mermaid was still around, Drinky tried to hook up with the mermaid, but was rejected harshly. After learning that the Pantheon had some mermaids such as Ariel present, he did consider checking them out hoping that one of them would be a replacement to the mermaid from back then. He eventually decided against it since he had a feeling that things between him and any mermaid wouldn't go that much differently compared to back then.

    Soda Popinski 
Soda Popinski, Herald of Drunk Russians and God of Ambiguously Alcoholic Drinks (Vodka Drunkenski)


    Barney Gumble 
Bernard Arnold Gumble, The Alcoholic God (The Plow King)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An empty can of Duff Beer
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dumb, Slobbish Best Friend, The Alcoholic, Butt-Monkey, Aces Ruined By Intoxication, Not Just A Drunkard, Constant Belching, Military Brat, Trash of the Titans, Failing Recovering Alcoholic, Surprisingly Intelligent, Singing Voice Dissonance, Stupidity Born Of Intoxication, Naked People Are Funny
  • Domains: Sitcoms, Drunks, Booze, Idiots
  • Followers: Bartholomew, Bruin, Jack Hackett
  • Heralds: Sam and Larry (his fellow barflies).
  • Allies: Homer Simpson, Moe Syzlack, Al Bundy, Captain Haddock, Tyrion Lannister, Dr Zoidberg, Bender
  • Worships: Bacchus
  • Spear Counterpart to: Cana Alberona
  • On good terms with: The Simpsons family
  • Enemies: Mr Burns, Soda Popinski
  • Bernard Arnold Gumble is the son of Flying Hellfish member Arnie Gumble, and a close friend to Homer Simpson. Though at first an intelligent lad, all would change where Homer would offer him beer to calm his mind at an S.A.T course. Unfortunately it changed him, becoming a major alcoholic. With a bar tab of 14 billion dollars and a propensity for drinking things like varnish out of desperation, he serves as the main alcoholic of the Trope Pantheon.
  • Was initially considered for Alcohol-Induced Idiocy, however Captain Haddock got that position. He doesn't mind much, because they got along due to suffering from alcohol. He also gets along with Al Bundy due to being failures in life.
  • He has tried to go sober one more than on occasion, such as when he humiliated himself. He's tried coffee, but unfortunately has a habit of falling off the wagon. Was nominated to go into space once, and would have had he not got wasted off celebratory non-alcoholic champagne. As his main customer, Moe Syzlack is usually there to wrangle him back to Moe's Tavern. He made a really good short movie on his alcoholism, which continues to win awards at the House of Theatre and Spectacle.
  • Him and Mr Burns don't like each other. When Mr Burns got rich off oil, the fumes ended up closing down Moe's Tavern. The feeling is mutual due to the time he was stupid enough to tab the billionaire, ending in him on a landfill. In his opinion it was Worth It.
  • Gets along with fellow alcoholic Tyrion Lannister. He's constantly amazed by how he can erudite he is despite how sloshed he usually is, and seeks to learn from him. Tyrion admits that it took a lot of effort, as "it's not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it was easy". They also bond over being an object of shame for their family.
  • Has comforted Dumbo over his scary drinking episode and Butt-Monkey state. He knows what it's like to have a hallucinatory beast, though with him it demands he keep drinking.
  • Despite his drunkenness, he has talents. He became a member of The Be Sharps when it turned out he had a beautiful singing voice, which he's been able to make money from in the House of Music. He had a successful career mowing snow as the Plow King, but this ended with winter. The House of Ice and Cold has decided to hire him in order to help with their snow problems, and unlike last time he's working equally with Homer Simpson instead of a Mr Plow/Plow King rivalry.
  • Once ended up in a drinking contest with Bender. Instead of dying from alcohol poisoning, he somehow managed to drink Bender under the tablenote . Bender was really impressed by this, and the two stay in contact. Zoidberg got along with Barney due to their unlucky lives.
  • Got in some stupid feud with Soda Popinski over alcohol, most likely getting mad at mistaking his soda for alcohol. Their feud continues when they battled over who was the greatest English prime minister. Barney gets violent if you don't answer "Lord Palmerston."
  • He was named after Fred Flintstone's best friend Barney Rubble, even sharing his birth date of April 20 and initially having blond hair. Also has an uncanny resemblance to Springfield bully Nelson Muntz, leading some to believe he's related to him. Granted Nelson's father Eddie is know, but given he also looks like Barney they might still be related.
  • Also present in the house of Extrovert Flaws.

    Captain Haddock 
Captain Archibald Haddock, God of Alcohol-Induced Idiocy (The Old Drunkard, Addock, Capslock, Kapok, Bangkok, Bartok, Fatstock, Drydock, Hopscotch, Stopcock, Hammock, Paddock, Hassock, Havoc, Maggot, Bootblack, Balzac, Bedsock, Padlock, Hatbox, Stockpot, Harrock, Hemlock, Hoddack, Haddad, Capock Hatpin)
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  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat and a bottle of Loch Lomond
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Amusing Injuries, The Berserker, Boisterous Bruiser, Breakout Character, The Drunken Sailor, Flowery Insults, Good is Not Nice, Hair-Trigger Temper, Hurricane of Euphemisms, Older Sidekick, Punch-Clock Hero, Seadog Beard
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Sailing, Alcohol
  • Avatar: Andy Serkis (through motion capture)
  • Herald: Professor Cuthbert Calculus
  • Allies: Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Cayden Cailean, Popeye
  • Rivals: Hercule Poirot, Jack Sparrow, Steve Austin
  • Opposed by: CM Punk, Mayor Richard Wilkins
  • Complicated relationship: James Bond
  • To be honest, he never thought he would ascend. The Pantheon was just begging to put him into crazy messes. He was hoping to stick with being Tintin's herald, or maybe a minor sailing position at best. That all changed when he first arrived at the Pantheon... completely drunk. His drunken adventure led him throughout the House of Food, making a complete mess of it. When he sobered up, he profusely apologized. But instead of angry faces, there was a thunderous applause. He was promptly given his own temple for that amusing stunt. So much for making a quiet impression.
    • It should be noted that he hasn't gotten drunk nearly as often, even trying to curb his drinking problem. Of course, he can only last so long. And when he does get drunk, it's almost always a memorable experience, both for him and for anyone in his way.
  • He is also known for his... colorful swearing. Many gods wonder of some of the words he spouts out even exists. Many are well known for having a dirty mouth. Haddock can name virtually any insult in a dictionary... and use them in a single rant.
  • Shares a drink with Lucky Luke once in awhile. He at least appreciates that the cowboy doesn't go too hard on him regarding his alcoholism. Asterix also counts as an ally, though one not to be tested. Haddock avoids taking a drink whenever the Gaul is around, or else he would get a pounding for disturbing the peace.
  • He may not be the most reliable sidekick, but Haddock will always be at his side. So it was no surprise that when Poirot criticised Tintin, Haddock held on to that grudge, even when Poirot apologized. Poirot himself is not a fan of the sailor's boorish nature.
  • Waking up from one of his many intoxicated adventures, he was surprised to be face-to-face with one of his favorite gods. Cayden invited him to a bar, eager to hear of his adventures. Afterwards, the God of Blackouts advised him to go easy on the adventures. Haddock's luck can only go so far before he gets killed.
  • Gets called by Indiana Jones whenever the archeologist needs sea transport. With that said, he isn't thrilled with working together. Any item that Haddock finds gets confiscated by Indy and his insistence in putting artifacts in a museum.
  • Popeye hoped to convince Haddock to eat some spinach. Haddock agreed... but only if he tried some of his whisky. Little did he know that Haddock was already drunk before eating the spinach. The results were a level of destruction not seen in the House of Food. It was for the sake of the Pantheon that Haddock never mixes spinach with alcohol ever again.
  • Ever since he appeared in a motion capture animated film, Haddock is fond of Andy Serkis, who portrayed him there, and likes to send him a bottle every once in a while. Given Daniel Craig portrayed the villain there, Haddock has problems trusting James Bond (who also likes to drink, but is seemingly less hindered by drunkenness).
  • Is not a fan of pirates as they have hounded his sailing. Their patron is admittedly more amiable (and is more than happy to share a mug of rum to boot), alleviating his concerns for now.
  • Even when he has limited his drinking, he still has his detractors. CM Punk enjoys taunting the sailor. It helps that Haddock's blood boils easily. This is no joking matter though; Punk has publicly despised Haddock for popularizing drinking as a fun experience. Punk hopes to expose him as the loser he thinks he is.
  • Another wrestler paid a visit. Steve Austin offered him a can of beer to drink. Haddock wasn't a fan of American beer but decided to give it a sip anyways, sadly setting him up perfectly for the Stone Cold Stunner. Once he woke up in the hospital, he cursed up a storm before swearing to get revenge. With that said, their animosity died down to more of a rivalry... especially when teaming up against Punk.
  • Is becoming hounded by propaganda under Mayor Richard Wilkins, calling him a horrible role model for readers. Tintin warned Haddock against a direct confrontation, as it will probably make things worst. Ignoring him may well be the best strategy against him.
  • Has a tendency to laugh at any ridiculous ideas or proposals when drinking. Many a conspiracy theorist walked out dejected afterwards.
  • Also present in the House of Characterization.

    Kogoro Mouri 
Kogoro Mouri, God of Alcoholic Parents (Mustache Old Man, Dad, Uncle Kogoro, Uncle, Uncle Mouri, Detective Mouri, That Detective, The Great Detective, Great Detective Mouri, Mouri-kun, Mouri-san, Mouri-han, Mouri-sensei, Poirot Mouri, Poiro-san, Kemuri no Kogorou, Middle-aged Man of the Detective Agency, Sleeping Kogoro, The Sleeping Sleuth, Detective Moron, Smoking Kogoro, Shinigami, Richard Moore)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Mouri Detective Agency or one of his gold business cards
  • Theme Song: "Kogoro Mouri's Theme"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Heralds: Eri Kisaki (his estranged wife), Yoko Okino (close friend and object of infatuation)
  • Followers: Since there are both dramatic and comedic sides to being an Alcoholic Parent, two different sects were formed. Kogoro much prefers the company of the second.
  • Portfolio: Drinks So Regularly That His Daughter Runs The House, Master of Judo, Brilliant, but Lazy, A Tunnel-Visioned Detective with Issues Everywhere Else, Conan Uses Him As A Front, Famed in Story, Fanboy of Yoko Okino, Addicted to Gambling on Horse-Racing, Lovable Sex Maniac, Indulges in Vices Like Drinking And Horse Racing, Very Protective of Ran and Conan, Private Detective, Skilled, but Naive
  • Domains: Investigations, Alcoholism, Sleeping, False Heroism, Murder
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Hercule Poirot
  • Enemies: All criminals and evildoers in the Pantheon, including Benny, Mr. Negative and James Moriarty
  • Annoys: Any pretty female deity within sight. Those who Kogoro has lewded over include Bulma, Cana Alberona, Chifuyu Orimura, Edna Krabappel, Sanae Katagiri, Lacus Clyne
  • Annoyed by: Kaito Kid
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sherlock Holmes
  • Kogoro Mouri joined his daughter Ran as her herald when she ascended, thinking it was some special award for winning a karate tournament. He was understandably suspicious about the whole thing but one look at the House of Love and Affection and the pretty ladies there and he was sold. The duo moved into Conan's renovated temple in the House of Investigative Work, a building identical to the Mouri Detective Agency, Café Poirot and all. The Mouri Detective Agency was back in business!
    • He fought long and hard for a title, which eventually came down to a game of mahjong between him, Lucille Bluth and Teppei Hōjōnote . Kogoro narrowly beat Teppei (a bar fight ensued after he left) and celebrated all the way over to the Ascensions Office to claim his prize. However, he never got it until long after Chief Justice Johnson had been fired and the ensuing inquiry eventually cleared him for ascension. It was a costly victory since it meant having to fork over all his cash winnings from the game but still, he got a title and that's all that matters to him.
  • Kogoro was a homicide detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department but resigned after an incident where he gave his wife, Eri Kisaki, a bullet graze on the leg to save her from a hostage situation. He settled down as a private detective but his incompetence and a tendency to jump to conclusions based on insufficient evidence drove him to alcoholism and gambling. Many officers in his old team, including Inspector Juzo Megure looked down on him and tended to avoid him whenever possible. Eri eventually left the house (but didn't divorce him) in response to this downward spiral and left their daughter Ran in charge. It was only when Conan Edogawa (Ran's friend Shinichi Kudo in a child's body) started using him as a mouthpiece did Kogoro's career finally look up. As of today he is famous as the legendary Sleeping Kogoro, a persona that supposedly pops up whenever he passes out from stress and expertly solves the many crimes the Mouri Detective Agency investigates.
    • He and Eri are guaranteed to start yelling at each other when in the same room but it is pretty obvious they want to move back in with each other. It's telling that Kogoro's first act after becoming a god was not to splurge at the nearest izakaya but to immediately make Eri his herald. Eri has not even once stepped into the Pantheon since she as a respected attorney is very busy. Idol Singer Yoko Okino is a close friend of his and Kogoro even considers her a second herald, but so far Yoko is just as caught up with her acting and singing career as Eri is.
    • Doesn't think much of Conan other than being an annoying brat. Kogoro only keeps the kid because his 'mother' paid him an outrageous sum of cash and he never says no to good money. At best he's developed some fatherly care for Conan but that would go out the window if he ever discovered his true identity. Kogoro has always been jealous of Shinichi's superior detective skills and has advised Ran to stay away from him for fear of them becoming like him and Eri.
    • Ran is basically his de facto mother since his incessant drinking and gambling pretty much leave him no room to actually be a father, forcing Ran to take care of him and run the house in his stead. Before he became a god himself Ran was struggling to represent the three of them whenever something needed to be signed (the forms for ascending Haibara, for instance). Make no mistake though, Kogoro is fiercely protective of his daughter and will do anything to keep her from getting hurt, one of the few things he and Shinichi agree on.
    • Doesn't have much to say on Ai Haibara and just thinks of her as Conan's smart friendnote . However, they do bond over their love of idols, Yoko Okino for Kogoro and Ryusuke Higo for Ai. They were both up in arms over the two supposedly dating and have privately agreed to go to war so to speak, if anything of the sort happens again.
    • Was surprised to find Tooru Amuro in the Pantheon, clueless that he is actually PSB agent Rei Furuya moonlighting as Bourbon in the Black Organization. Regardless, Kogoro eagerly took up Amuro's offer of apprenticeship once again since as said before, he never says no to good money. He can get annoyed at Amuro's obvious sucking up at times but will inevitably 'tutor' him as promised. Amuro isn't too hot on Kogoro's incompetence either but plays dumb to stay close to Conan and company. The Black Organization has chosen to re-assign Bourbon from that particular mission so he's appearing less and less lately.
  • There are theories that Kogoro has figured out Conan is actually solving the crimes for him and that he's faking the sleeping (after developing a resistance to Conan's darts) and rolls with it since it gives him the fame. This is pretty unlikely since that would mean Kogoro knows Conan is smarter than he appears and with the number of times this has happened, he would definitely be suspicious of the boy's true identity regardless of efforts to head him off. Nevertheless, the mandate protecting Conan's identity from deities who don't know and shouldn't know still stands: officers must treat the Sleeping Kogoro act as real, deities who know the secret shouldn't tell Kogoro or Ran lest they get expelled from the Pantheon and all info on the Black Organization is barred to him. Some shifty deities have put the question to him indirectly, but Kogoro just shrugs off claims of Conan's supposed intelligence as nonsense.
    • If he did find out, it would be pure calamity. Kogoro with his ego wouldn't take kindly to being used as a front and if the truth were to get out it could destroy him career-wise. After all, statistics confirm that only 4 cases were solved by him without Conan's help in comparison to Sleeping Kogoro's 400+. He'd probably retire from detective work altogether out of shame and that would itself disintegrate the relationship between Ran and Shinichi. All the more reason the secret should remain a secret.
  • If there was one deity besides those in his world that Kogoro spends most of his time with, it's Mr. Satan. As a fellow Fake Ultimate Hero, Mr. Satan took to Kogoro immediately. Both are fawned over by the press and enjoy every minute of it despite the achievements being made by someone else. Both are capable and skilled at what they do (Satan at martial arts, Kogoro at investigation) but happen to be surrounded by people better than them. The only difference is that Mr. Satan knows Goku is behind all the times Earth was saved while Kogoro remains oblivious to Conan's true identity. Satan wisely dodges the subject whenever it comes up, and it often doesn't. They love sparring in Satan's dojo since Kogoro himself is a master of judo. While not a complete alcoholic like Kogoro, Mr. Satan seems to have a high tolerance and often samples dozens of beer brands with the great detective.
  • Kogoro encountered Batman in person as he was heading back from a nice dinner in one of Don Vito Corleone's famous Sicillian restaurants in the House of Crime and Transgressions and to be expected was terrified by the Dark Knight until he noticed the beat-up pile of Demons behind him. It turns out Batman had been following Kogoro for a while to size up his detective skills and noticed the Demons sent by Mr. Negative to kidnap him for an unknown reason. Kogoro really didn't want to know why because at that point he was tired, aching and more than a little tipsy from the Amaro Averna he just had and just gave Batman one of his gold business cards.
    • Said Demon attack was ordered by Benny, who was working with Mr. Negative to fake a Black Organization kidnapping to force Conan out of hiding. Kogoro now hates Benny for this, but otherwise the whole purpose of the kidnapping was blocked from his knowledge.
  • Has visited every on-the-street pub in the Pantheon at some pointnote . He started visiting VA-11 Hall-A in the sub-house of Game Mechanics after learning that bartender Jill Stingray was sexually frustrated and looking for love. Kogoro had no intention of doing anything of the sort and just felt sorry for the poor girl so he came by every now and again to have a fun conversation over drinks, a habit he abandoned after learning what was in the drinks (artificial chemicals). He's quite glad to hear that at some point she married her boss, something he wishes Takagi and Sato will do soon.
  • Has a very close kinship with Captain Archibald Haddock and loves to visit Marlinspike Hall (his temple) whenever he can because sitting in a humungous mansion is way more comfortable than lying in a heap in his run-down office. Kogoro is quite upset at Professor Calculus for forcing the Captain off the drink with his special pill. Sure, the Professor was just trying to help, but he ought to have considered the Captain's choice in the matter and on top of that, his deafness conveniently made him look like even more of a highly-strung genius blind to the troubles of his friend. Kogoro's time with Haddock mostly alternates between boisterous conversation of their adventures, finding non-alcoholic alternatives for Haddock's beloved Loch Lomond and long debates about the Sleeping Kogoro. Haddock of course knows perfectly why that's the case but enjoys talking conspiracy theories with Kogoro because he just likes talking to the man. While Kogoro is trying to make Professor Agasa (Haibara's herald) find an antidote for the Captain, he's equally torn over Haddock's poor liver condition and wonders if he is doing the right thing by making his friend a drunkard again.
    • Has some tinges of annoyance towards Tintin but knows this is just petty jealousy than anything concrete. If anything Kogoro wants in on the action that Tintin and the gang face against gangs, fascist governments and ancient civilizations all the time.
  • As a famous detective, Kogoro naturally has working relationships with many others. Nearly all of them know he's a complete idiot at actually investigating stuff but in nearly any other situation find him pleasing company.
    • Rust Cohle and Marty Hart are among the top of that list, especially the former. Kogoro was a tad disturbed at his severe depression and nihilism before Character Development as well as his chronic alcoholism. He is more than happy to help him and Marty with their somewhat tumultuous partnership and to keep Rust from slipping back down into alcoholism since unlike him, Rust's body can't handle the pressure.
    • Can't bring himself to like Sherlock Holmes despite his respect for the man, probably because all the infernal teen sleuths he comes across admires him in some way or another. Holmes makes no secret of his disdain for Kogoro's mediocrity but channels this into helpful advice and a good drink (coffee, since Holmes doesn't indulge). Holmes has always had a way with words and skirts dangerously close to name-dropping Conan when chastising Kogoro. On his end, Kogoro can't decide if the great detective of Baker Street actually likes him or not, misreading his passive-aggressive approach.
    • Doesn't have such problems with Hercule Poirot and it's easy to see why. Poirot addresses the 'emotional' side of crimes - looking into the psychology of the murderer and the nature of the victim in comparison to Conan and Sherlock who are more forensic and clue-based. For all his incompetence Kogoro is better than Conan at being empathetic towards the Well-Intentioned Extremist and Poirot knows it. Since Conan is basically a protege of his, he tries to get Kogoro off the drink whenever they're in the same room together because Kogoro's increased influence could push the Kid Detective in the right direction. Poirot seems to have laughed off Kogoro's little in-joke towards him.
  • Kogoro is a perverted man but thankfully not on the same level as Master Roshi or god forbid Nobuyuki Sugou. If someone trusted him to take their daughter home, he will definitely do it, no questions asked and without incident. On the other hand he is easily infatuated with pretty women and is more likely to take the case if the one hiring him happens to be one. It's rare but he's been convinced into taking cases when the payout is pictures of cute girls in swimwear (nothing more, nothing less). If anything, Kogoro is sometimes a bit too trustworthy with women and more than once has been seduced into thinking a female culprit is innocent. All the more reason for Conan to step in then...
  • If you want a succinct summary of what Kogoro thinks of the Pantheon, he thinks it's all one big, ridiculous dream. However, it's a dream full of famous people, pretty ladies and plenty of paying jobs. So long as this fantasy stays a lucrative venture and Ran and Conan are with him (oh, and if crime persists), he'll milk his position for all its worth.
  • Also has a spot in the Other Relatives sub-house.
"Finding the truth is what detectives live for."

    Rock Lee 
Rock Lee, God of Extremely Low Alcohol Tolerance (Bushy Brows/Gejimayu, Konoha's The Beautiful Green Wild Beast/The Handsome Devil of the leaf)
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    Moe Szyslak 
Moammar Szyslak, God of Bartending (Moe)

Tapper, God of the Bar Slide
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A full drinking glass
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Bartender, Nice Guy, Endless Game
  • Domains: Bartenders, Orders
  • Regular Customers: Barney Gumble, Captain Haddock, Drinky Crow, Soda Popinski, Ryu, The Eight Travelers, Conker The Squirrel
  • Allies: Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix Jr., Moe Szyslak, Harth Stonebrew, Decim, King (KOF)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Gang
  • Tapper is a really busy man, dedicated to serving drinks to his numerous customers across various bars that he goes to. In order to satisfy his customers, he must fill up a drink, slide it to said customer, and get the glass back from them. If he makes a mistake, like having a glass hit the floor or if a customer reaches the end of the bar, then Tapper will end up sliding his way to the door. It sounds simple enough, but as time goes on, Tapper will have a lot of work on his hands in order to keep up the pace.
  • Having traveled across the world serving customers drinks, Tapper decided to take a bus that would lead him to a place where more customers would await him. He initially didnít realize that the bus would lead him to the Pantheon and that not only would he have a lot more drinks to give to customers, but that the Pantheon is a huge place with many different bars for him to go to. Even after learning about all this, he wasnít too bothered by it and was looking forward to expanding his work on a far larger scale and meeting people heís never met before.
  • While he does travel across the Pantheon to various bars, he has his own bar that also functions as his temple. Numerous deities tend to visit it whenever they need to wind down, with video game characters in particular calling it a favorite spot to go to in their downtime (and Tapper himself seems to know a good number of them such as Ryu). Wreck-It Ralph (and to a lesser extent, Fix-It Felix) visit the place from time to time and talk to Tapper about anything unusual that is happening on their end.
  • Moe Szyslak has asked Tapper to help out with Moeís Tavern whenever possible, a job that Tapper was willing to accept. Moe sometimes visits Tapperís bar whenever the former has had a rough day and talk over the struggles and prank calls heís had to endure. After seeing how well Tapper can manage crowds, Moe has offered to let Tapper tag along with him in a tour of various other bars that are run by deities. Tapper was surprised to meet another fighting game character and one that can run a bar in King, alongside other eccentric characters such as Harth Stonebrew, a good-hearted man who allows for card games, and Decim, a stoic individual who manages where souls go via quick games in addition to running a bar. Tapper became good friends with all of them and the possibility of a larger bar managed by them has been discussed.
    • Of those who have a bar to handle, The Gang ended up seeing Tapper as another rival to get rid of. As with nearly everything the group attempts, their efforts to sabotage Tapper went nowhere, especially after learning that Tapper has a part-time job at Moeís Tavern. On his end, Tapper thinks The Gang is just a bunch of weirdos that need to find something to do that would benefit them and not at the expense at others, though he isnít all that phased at their attempts at competition.
  • Some of his frequent customers tend to be the alcoholics of the Pantheon, many of whom are just frustrated with what they have to deal with and want to go to a place where they can wind down. Among them include Barney Gumble (who knew of this place via conversation from Moe), Captain Haddock, and Drinky Crow. Tapper is willing to let them stay for a while, though he had to tell Drinky not to bring a gun to the bar during his visits; itís a bit of a pain to get someone to clean up his own remains or creepy enough to have to see him talk after shooting himself. For that matter, Tapper isnít all that keen on having bar fights occur at his place, especially since heíll be at risk of sliding out of the bar during the chaos.
  • Besides the traditional bars from around the world, Tapper has visited saloons, sports bars, bars for rockers to hang out at, and even some bars at outer space during his travels. Given that the Pantheon has these types of bars, he considers them to be somewhat familiar ground for him to serve drinks to patrons. The bars at the Houses of Music and Sports are noted to be very lively according to him and he has gotten to know a number of people there during his visits.
  • A handful of his customers have left behind a bit of cash, with him picking it up and having some sexy dancers appear to slow down the patrons from getting to the other side of the bar. Primrose Azelhart of The Eight Travelers, as well as Shantae, ended up going to the bar at some point and even served as dancers there to give patrons something to look at while waiting for drinks. Primrose even told the rest of her companions about Tapperís place and theyíve made a number of stops there whenever they arenít on a grand adventure.
  • Thereís a lost-and-found at the back of his bar, mainly where items belonging to deities are kept until they are properly returned or someone takes them out for personal amusement. There are a few other lost-and-found places in the Pantheon, though the one at Tapperís place seems to be where a lot of interesting items left by prominent deities end up. Itís been noted that a few items end up staying at that specific lost-and-found for a while, with a few items ultimately not even ending up returning to their proper owners.

Withnail, God of Sense-Impairing Hangovers
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A glass of sherry
  • Theme song: "Withnail and I"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Drinking copious amounts of alcohol, can't cook to save his life, Cloudcuckoolander, Ambiguously Gay, Drama Queen, takes care of his problems by getting sloshed, overacts even if not onstage, Toxic Friend Influence, Drives Like Crazy, Small Name, Big Ego, Know-Nothing Know-It-All
  • Herald: Marwood
  • Allies: Barney Gumble, Moe Szyslak, Homer Simpson Jeff Lebowski, Barney Stinson, Yog-Sothoth, Garfield, Rick Sanchez, Bender, Captain Jack Sparrow, Tavish Finnegan DeGroot/Demoman
  • Admires: William Shakespeare
  • Odd Relationship With: The Doctor
  • Enemies: Vastra, The Dursleys, Wolverine, Professor X, anyone who is in support of getting rid of or banning any alcoholic beverages
  • Withnail's ascension to the Pantheon was rather chaotic, as he was inebriated as usual during the time of his ascension. After failing a breathalyzer test three times, he attempted to cheat his way out of a urine test, but was caught and put on the waiting list for an indefinite period of time. When he was finally let into the Pantheon, he went to get slammed in the house of Alcohol, and woke up hungover the next morning. He got drunk again hours afterwards, and from there on the cycle continued.
  • His temple is the flat that he and Marwood shared when they were mortals. It is one of the most avoided temples within the Pantheon, because it is a complete and utter mess, with the worst part of it easily being the kitchen. Withnail doesn't seem to mind, although the fact that he brought his herald, Marwood, with him to the Pantheon has resulted in them getting involved in a load of shenanigans. They can usually be found avoiding the house of Nature, considering that their last attempt at taking a holiday in the countryside was...disastrous, to say the least.
  • Has become fast friends with Barney Stinson, Barney Gumble, and the Dude, and spends his time drinking with them. Though Withnail takes their choices of drinks a lot more seriously than they do, especially if they're offering him a drink. Moe Szyslak also enjoys his presence, with Withnail easily becoming a regular customer of his.
  • When he encountered the Dursleys, he was initially happy because he mistook Vernon Durley for his uncle, Montague "Monty" Withnail. However, he soon realized that Vernon, and by extension the rest of the Dursleys, were the polar opposite of the affable and (mostly) enjoyable Uncle Monty. The Dursleys were likewise annoyed immensely by Withnail, who disrupted their desires for a "normal" lifestyle within the Pantheon.
  • He and a number of Doctor Who deities have an odd relationship, to say the least. In at least two alternate futures, the Doctor has incarnations who resembled him greatly, in both physical appearance and personality. It should also be noted that the Doctor's eighth incarnation has a striking resemblance to Marwood. And that's not even getting into how the Great Intelligence, AKA Yog-Sothoth, has a form that resembles Withnail himself. So yeah, he and some Whoniverse deities have a very odd relationship indeed.
  • Upon encountering William Shakespeare, he immediately went into fanboy mode, due to his high respect for Shakespeare and his works. Shakespeare was flattered by this, and he was rather impressed by delivery of the "What Piece of Work is a Man" monologue from Hamlet. However, Withnail's lifestyle choices and work ethic are what primarily hold back Shakespeare from casting Withnail in a run of Hamlet for the Pantheon, something which Withnail is rather sore about.
  • Wolverine and Professor X became rather startled when he ascended to the Pantheon, given that a man who bore a resemblance to him in one continuity of theirs ended up sending the mutant population to near extinction. While Professor X tries to remain cordial with him, Withnail has gotten on Wolverine's nerves one time too many, and the two continue to quarrel, with Withnail ignoring the warnings of other deities who have crossed Wolverine.
  • Has gotten along greatly with Tavish Finnegan Degroot AKA The Demoman, due to their similar personalities, and have already spent one too many nights getting hungover. He has also been known to catch a drink with Homer Simpson from time to time, although Withnail firmly believes that Duff beer is terrible, despite never trying it.