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The House of Loyalty and Servitude was formed first as a means of properly listing all those willing to service and be loyal to other members of the Pantheon. It is less of a traditional house and more a massive employment agency/villa for those that represent tropes of loyalty, subordinate positions and obedience. As such it gets more traffic than most other houses, due to gods across the Pantheon requesting their service. And on the flip side most members are often busy in other houses with those they serve.

The house doesn't have guardians, but a triumvirate who are meant to showcase pinnacles of service and loyalty. It originated from the House of Leadership's Subordinates sub-house, which come this house's arrival is now defunct. However the greater Leadership house still holds tremendous influence over this house, as you'd expect. The House of Profession also has a pronounced presence here.


Pretty much the opposite of the House of Betrayal, its hated rival. However even then there's some intermingling, with Starscream, one of its chief members, holding a role.

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The Quartet of Service

    Alfred Pennyworth 
Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth, Patron Saint of the Servant Wit
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Wayne Family insignia.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Witty Manservants, surrogate father, eternal loyalty to his master, team dad who will defend his charges by any means necessary, elderly badass valet, brutally honest in advising one's course of actions or decisions.
  • Domains: Servants, Loyalty, Wit, Resourcefulness.
  • High Priest: Reginald Jeeves
  • Followers: Geoffrey, Jarvis, Berta, Lawrence, The Fool, Watari.
  • Allies: Thomas and Martha Wayne, The Bat Family in the pantheon (Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, Black Bat, Robin II) Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Hayate Ayasaki, Dudley, Fiona Mayfield, Jeremiah Gottwald, Rainbow Dash, Archer, Applejack, Spike
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Sebastian Michaelis
  • Enemies: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane, The Penguin, The Riddler, The Mad Hatter, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Friendly Enemies with: Mister Freeze
  • After his many years of servitude to the Wayne Family and acting as both "Master Bruce" 's parental surrogate/moral anchor, Alfred was rewarded with an ascension to the Pantheon to be at his Master's side.
    • When told of this news, many claim Batman merely nodded once as he walked off to the Main Gates to welcome him. He forbade any ceremony pertaining to Alfred's arrival, even preventing Pinkie Pie from holding one of her customary new arriving deity parties. Those present were shocked at his lack of enthusiasm, but this later subsided as Shikamaru mentioned that Bruce already had a private reception set up with Dick, Tim and Barbara as the sole invitations. They all then respected the Dark Knight's wishes. Alfred is the one person Batman fully listens and trusts.
    • From that moment on, he is the first member of the Batfamily to officially welcome later members to the Pantheon (like Jason, Cassandra and Damian). He was intrigued at Terry's arrival as he became Batman long after Alfred had passed away, but treats him like any of his other charges.
  • The day his former masters, Thomas and Martha Wayne, came was one of the few times Alfred actually shed a tear. It was after the Waynes thanked him for being there for Bruce after their deaths and being a parental surrogate and moral anchor steering him from disaster. For once, the unflappable butler was at a loss for words.
  • Being the Patron Saint of all witty servants, it is never a good idea to troll Alfred. Every member of the Trollkaiger tried to get a rise of the valet, only to be met with a quick snappy retort that left all of them stunned and enraged. Even then, Alfred snarked them at losing their composure. The group would have gone for more physical torture only to be warned that harming him would bring down a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by the Batfamily and all their allies.
  • Alfred hardly spends his time in his Temple, as he prefers being close to Master Bruce as he did in the mortal plane. As Batman is far too busy with his constant plans and preparations to take care of the basic necessities, Alfred is the one who cleans his private quarters and journeys to the House of Food to gather ingredients to make his meals. This has made the life of Shikamaru and followers from the Temple of Preparations easier now that they're no longer used as Batman's gofers.
  • Does not want to take the title of the Saint of the Resourceful English Manservant as he respects its namesake, Reginald Jeeves, as an equal.
    • In fact, Alfred had a conversation with Jeeves to persuade him to ascend. Jeeves rejected it forthright simply due to the fact that he fears what would become of Bertie Wooster if he wasn't around. Alfred is looking into finding a way to ascend them both.
  • Is highly respected among the other manservant deities, such as Hayate and Valkenhayn, though Alfred is wary of Sebastian Michaelis, as he could tell his servitude to Ciel Phantomhive is one of a demonic nature and he frowns upon such a contract.
  • As he is shown to hold complete and total loyalty towards his superior, this has also earned him respect from both Jeremiah Gottwald and Rainbow Dash, both who also hold Loyalty as their main creed.
    • Applejack also respects him as he is not one to shy away and tell him when he pursues a course of action that would be very dangerous. Anyone who can make Batman of all people stop and listen to his honest remarks and advice is OK in her book.
  • He mostly tries to stay away from the front lines in the ongoing conflict between the GUAG and GUAE, but he serves on the Support Staff and Medical Division, providing aid to Master Bruce, his allies and anyone in need.

    Colonel Mael Radec 
Colonel Mael Radec, God of Right-Hand Enforcers (The Vicious Leader of The Helghast Forces, The Hound of Visari)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Helghast Triad (Alternatively, his helmet with the eyes glowing a bright orange.)
  • Theme Song: Helghan Forever, but when he gets serious, Autarch's Sanctum Battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Being a Terrible Boss and still being A Father to His Men, Looking like Vader, Loving Battle, Colonel Badass, Hero Killer, Genius Bruiser, Committing Suicide to Keep Honor.
  • Domains: Death, War, Combat, Evil, Tyranny, Power.
  • Followers: Tartarus
  • Superior: Scolar Visari
  • Allies: The Helghast Empire, The higher members of the GUAE but special mention goes to Melkor, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Lord Brevon, Lex Luthor, M. Bison, Raul Menendez, Selvaria Bles, William "Deathshead" Strasse, Megatron, Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Senator Armstrong, Kane, Darth Vader, Soundwave, Scanty and Kneesocks, Wild Dog
  • Rivals: Sir Daniel Fortesque, Colonel Roy Mustang, Commander Shepard, Mr. "Jane" Doe/The Soldier, Uther the Lightbringer, Saber, Isaac Clarke, The Grineer
  • Enemies: The Killzone Squad, Polygon Man, The GUAG Combat Division, Martin Walker, Alex Mason, Captain America, Cole McGrath, Sackboy, Nathan Drake, Kratos, Starscream, Parasoul, Harpuia
  • Fears: Gordon Freeman
  • Colonel Mael Radec is a fearsome Helghast Commander known for being ruthless, a brilliant Tactician and for being one of the main obstacles that prevented ISA from advancing into Pyrrhus. He was, for a reason, the personal bodyguard of Autarch Scolar Visari and because of that he was awarded an ascension after he shot himself to prevent the ISA from capturing him and thus given the position of the Divine Enforcer.
  • Radec for a while was the sole Helghast presence in the pantheon and was relegated to working as a mercenary until the Helghast Army joined as a whole, and so did the nation of Helghan and its glorious leader, Scolar Visari. Radec never admitted it but he was overjoyed to see his men and superior become deities in their own right.
  • Radec received an offer to join GUAE once he ascended, Melkor met the Colonel and told what happened to Helghan following his and Visari's death. Enraged, he was convinced by Melkor to work for GUAE in the meantime while the latter managed to get the trust of the Helghast so once they saw Radec on his side, they would undoubtably join his side.
    • However, while having appreciated the ascension of the Helghan troops, Radec wasn't entirely sold on the GUAE given that he had a hard time following anyone that wasn't Autarch Visari. So, Melkor, having witnessed Visari's charisma, decided to arrange his ascension and sway him to his side. He succeeded, and the moment Visari showed as one of GUAE's heads, Radec and the Helghast followed suit. They will serve him without question.
  • While he is ok with working for the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Radec has one rule he made upon ascension in the Pantheon: Never, even under circumstances, will he ever team up with Starscream ever. According to him, Starscream is one of the examples of "a failed supervillain" and he is disgusted at what the Decepticon has done to his own comrades. He loathes him to even the point that he considers him a personal enemy of his.
  • His loyalty lies first to the Helghast Empire and it's unlikely he will ever turn on his comrades. This was proven when Nyarlathotep and Chakravatin attempted to test Radec by sending him into combat against unknown foes, who were later revealed to be members of Radec's personal guard. This infuriated the Hound of Visari to no end, and as a counter measure prepared the 501st and the Helghast Army in battling the ones that almost tricked him and their respective armies. Darth Vader has agreed to loan resources to Radec's endeavour, especially after both armies became close allies and Vader also noticed similarities between him and Radec with the added irony that both Visari and Palpatine were also allies.
  • Concerning other generals and commanders, he is close to Selvaria Bles given that she share the same devotion towards his men and leader, even to a point Radec would never get attached to. He also praised her combat prowess and tactical knowledge, and while Selvaria returns the sentiment in a way, the manner in which sometimes Radec executes his own men for the smallest of infractions rubs her the wrong way. She also works occassionally with the Helghast as well.
  • Naturally, Radec was not happy that the ISA finally got some representative in the form the Killzone Squad but he was also glad that one of the ascendants was Jan Templar, who he personally killed back when the ISA was invading Helghan. However, Rico Velasques was one of the several ISA soldiers that he wanted to personally kill after learning that they were responsible for murdering Visari shortly after Radec was wounded and killed himself. And Visari himself gave the order to execute the ISA members, an order that Radec would gladly oblige if it gave him the chance to avenge his and his superior's death.
  • Radec is an oddity among commanders considering that he exhibits tendencies of a Bad Boss and also being A Father to His Men. Many of the best Helghast soldiers were trained by him, people he would gladly praise and fight alognside with but also has executed his own soldiers for uniform violations, not to mention cowardice and treachery.
  • Participated in Polygon Man's tournament where he met people from several other worlds and he has a grudge towards a few that wronged him such as Nathan Drake and Sackboy. He also had several run-ins with Sir Daniel Fortesque, the skeleton's antics didn't amuse the Helghast Colonel and learning that he was actually a failure of a commander made him more mad at Sir Dan. However, he understimated Fortesque's prowess and has lost most of his fights but next time he will take care of him and even the score.
    • Speaking of the Polygon Man, Radec has been interested in harnessing his power in order to use it for the benefit of Helghan and destroy the enemies of the Helghast once and for all. In one timeline he was succesful but that hasn't come to fruition in the pantheon...yet.
  • Sage Harpuia is not fond of Radec's ruthlessness and likewise the Hound of Visari finds him to be unworthy of his title as "Sage. He is also dissapointed on Parasoul given their similar motifs and her soldiers being somewhat similar to the Helghast, except Parasoul is more peaceful in her approach. He expressed a desire to face her in combat and induct her army into the Helghast if she were to be defeated but Parasoul is not amused by said proposals.
  • Several good aligned soldiers tend to go after Radec given his ties to GUAE and also resembling many of the foes they tend to face. Radec hardly considers them a challenge except for one, Gordon Freeman. He caused considerable damage to the Combine and he fears he could do the same on the Helghast and given the option, Radec would rather prevent that. Not helped by the fact that Freeman tends to be overseen by the mysterious G-Man.
  • Despite appearances, Radec believes in a fair battle and wishes that he and his opponents face each other as soldiers on the battlefield. He also cannot tolerate cheaters, period.
    • His characteristic has gotten him a lot of Worthy Opponents, from Paladins such as Uther and Saber, to military deities like Commander Shepard and The Soldier. Even Isaac Clarke appreciates Radec's fair play and even if he is a man with twisted morals, many have come to respect him as a tactician (Executing his own men not withstanding). He sees Colonel Roy Mustang as the best opponent he has fought in years and when the time comes, he would want to face him in duel to the death.
  • He was once approached by Wild Dog, who once upon a time challenged the Helghast for his title as The Dragon given that Wild Dog has served several terrorist over the years. Radec bested him and then Wild Dog had to find a different position but there was no hard feelings between the two and Wild Dog even ended up offering his services towards the Helghan Empire.
  • One would think that him and the Helghast would be the perfect allies for the Grineer but as it turns out, they never liked them in the first place. The Twin Queens once wanted to hire him after hearing of his achievements commanding the Helghast but Radec simply never even bother to humour them with a response. Since then, the two Queen held a grudge against the Helghast Colonel and have wanted for the longest time to get back at him one way or another.
  • "The essence of combat: kill or be killed."

    T-800 Model 101, Mark 2/The Terminator 
Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Version 2.4 Infiltration-Combat Unit, Mechanical Deity of Heroic Caretakers (The Terminator, Uncle Bob, T-800 Model 101 Mark 2, Pops, Carl)

    Tyrion Lannister 
Tyrion Lannister, God of Honest Advisors (The Imp, Dwarf, Half-Man, My Lion - by Shae, Former Hand To The King, Former Master Of Coin, Kinslayer)

Ambiguous Ranks

    The 501st Legion 
The 501st Legion, Legion of the Gods and Gods of Mooks (501st Battalion, Vader's Fist, Five Hundred And First)
Vader leading a squad of 501st stormtroopers aboard the Tantive IV
Captain Rex and Torrent Company 
SCAR Squad 
  • Demigod Squadron, more elite troops like death troopers and ARC troopers are Lesser Deities but are the exception rather than the norm
  • Symbol: This crest.
  • Theme Music: "Grand Army of the Republic Suite,” “Jedi Temple March", "The Imperial March"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral for all intents and purposes in the Pantheon and Lawful Evil under the Empire and the GUAE, but each member (especially the more individualistic Clones) has his or her own alignment
  • Portfolio: Armor Somehow Doesn't Protect Against Blaster Bolts, Elite Mooks, Worst Shots Ever, Iconic Design, Footsoldiers Of The Empire, Specifically Lord Vader, Easily Replaceable
  • Domains: Conformity, Elite, Footsoldiers, Obedience, Order, Slaughter, War
  • Followers: They're Mooks, way too many to list.
  • Heralds: The rest of the Grand Army of the Republic and Stormtrooper Corps
  • Commanding Officer(s): Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano, the entire House of Defense
  • Notable Members: CT-7567 "Rex", CC-1119 "Appo", CT-1409 "Echo", CT-5555 "Fives", CT-5597 "Jesse", CT-6116 "Kix", Sergeant Kreel (commander of SCAR squad), Denal, Dogma, Kimmund (commander of the First Legion)
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Alliesnote : Any and all denizens of the Pantheon with the authority to lead them, especially military officers and members of all Grand United Alliances. Prominent ones include...
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Emperor Palpatine (since their commander pulled a Heel–Face Turn), Boba Fett (their genetic donor's son), Rogue One
  • Enemies: Count Dooku, General Grievous, Nute Gunray, Wat Tambor (the Separatists), anyone who directly opposes them personally and all enemies of Vader
  • Commonality Connection with: Fellow mooks in the Pantheon, such as SHOCKER Combatmen, HYDRA footsoldiers, the Crimson Raiders, the Helghan Empire, the Black Ops, Sauron's orcs, et cetera
  • Oppose: The two individuals responsible for their collective instances of demise, Castellan Creed (Thrawn's high priest) and Anavel Gato
  • Uneasy Relationship: The 501st Joint Fighter Wing, including Mio Sakamoto (one of their trainers)
  • Complicated Relationship: The Tactician
  • From the Republic to the Empire, from the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War, this is the definitive model of mook the entire omniverse of fiction has seen. The 501st Legion was known far and wide for its military and tactical capabilities, especially their creativity on the battlefield, rendering them some of the most loyal and capable soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. After Order 66 was enacted and the Great Jedi Purge carried out (with the help of those very same troopers), all that was wiped clean as the aging clones were replaced by fresh new human recruits to serve as Imperial stormtroopers. What was once a stellar unit serving under General Anakin Skywalker, Commander Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex had degraded into the still exemplary yet lacklustre personal unit of Darth Vader, chief enforcer of Emperor Palpatine.
  • After seeing the House of Defense resembling a pigsty for the 37th time in a month, Captain America sought a restructuring of the House, with the goal of creating a unified infantry corps to police and enforce discipline throughout the Pantheon. However, the many dossiers and troop reports in the Defense archives were so out-of-date that it was impossible to draft any sort of re-organization plan. He switched gears and decided to find an already unified force to serve. Darth Vader (a GUAE spy at the time), seeing a chance to advance his master's agenda, offered his squadron. Captain America, glad that he could finally sleep again, agreed. And so it was the 501st Legion, Vader's Fist, the vaunted personal unit of Darth Vader himself, was ascended into the Pantheon.
    • Emperor Palpatine requested that Vader ascend the entire Imperial Stormtrooper Corps as well as its First Order successors into the Pantheon. Vader knew that would be unrealistic as that would mean ascending a party numbering in the millions, the very idea of which the Court would find unacceptable even if they were ascending under the trope Mooks. Hence, he defied his master's orders, a quiet show of insubordination that would eventually lead to him splitting ties with Sidious and later the GUAE entirely. Palpatine was displeased that Vader hadn't at least tried to appeal to the Court for leniency, but he wisely acknowledged that doing so would show weakness, probable cause for him to be ousted as Commander of the GUAE Conquest Force and went:
    Palpatine: So be it, Lord Vader. But see to it that your men are stationed in every area of our godly abode, enforcing everything that transpires in our wake. Do not make me regret having them ascended under such a humiliating title.
  • Applies to all of them:
    • While most of them are former clone troopers and/or stormtrooper recruits (possibly including First Order stormtroopers in Imperial-era armor), a small percentage started off as cosplayers with really, really good costumes. Of course, these are members of the original fan group called the 501st Legion that lent its name to the esteemed group. If said fan club members want to be part of the real 501st Legion, they have to have at least 5 years of prior military experience. Lord Vader doesn't want ordinary schmucks in the 501st.
    • They are stationed in most areas of the Pantheon, serving as its premier peacekeeping force, performing regular patrolling, defusing riots, and performing the majority of arrests in small cases. At least one 501st garrison is stationed in each House of the Pantheon, with the largest one serving the House of Military and Warfare. Until recently they served as the main infantry of the GUAE reporting to Vader, but when Vader resigned his commission in the GUAE after his status as a GUAG agent was exposed, he took most of the 501st with him. Their primary temple in the House of Military and Warfare only acts as a supplementary training centre; most of their operations are centred in the House of Defense.
    • Note that these non-partisan duties extend to routine military action and response, specific duties such as dealing with Eldritch Abominations are best left to those with that specialty, such as the SCP Foundation and Men In Black. They aren't always successful with stronger deities, however. Their armor makes them essentially Immune to Bullets, but who in the Pantheon uses a gun? Well, a lot, but mostly those guns have either proven superior to their armor or other abilities (including shooting at terrain that can kill them just as easily) they have offset that.
    • Due to their massive numbers, they can also be assigned specifically to deities in the Pantheon. The Detroit Squad of Maestro Company of the 501st's 17th Military Police Battalion for example is a special unit assigned to Officer Alex Murphy aka Robocop, who are famous for their intervention in high-profile gang shootouts and weapons smuggling. Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu Force leads Indigo Company of the 87th Battalion of the 501st, a group made up of specially altered and trained clones capable of harnessing ki for attacks, with an average power level of 80,000. Captain CT-2187 "Taichou" leads this company and it has become one of the best new units made in the 501st since its ascension.
    • While the troopers ascended form the 501st Legion, it is important to note that in the Pantheon, this is a misnomer. A clone legion in the Grand Army of the Republic consists of 9216 troops and a stormtrooper legion in the Stormtrooper Corps consists of 12,800 stormtroopers, a far cry from the millions stationed in the Pantheon. No proper estimates of the legion's current size can be found, but it is speculated to roughly equate to the number of troops in four Systems Armies (1,179,648 troopers). This is likely to be because the ascended members also include once deceased troopers.
    • Some people wonder if their armor is even effective in the first place and why they even bother with such things. As it happens, there is a good reason. They're light, imposing, effective (at least when it comes to glancing shots, and doubles as an environmental and space suit), and cheap (especially since the Emperor spent a lot of credits on the Death Star(s)).
    • As for accuracy, let's just say they're given too little credit and that has affected their performance.
    • As the Pantheon's resident non-aligned military force (for the most part), the 501st is one of the few deified groups who can outright have allies of all alignments without anybody taking action for that reason. The rare one that does receives strict punishment. Lord Brevon is rumoured to have been on the receiving end of this after his invasion of the Main House, as are those responsible for the three times their members were completely exterminated. The GUAE often uses their role as a way to access important Pantheon places and objects, though checks and balances are in place to prevent massive security breaches. When Vader left the GUAE for good, he took most of the 501st with him, leaving a single regiment of 2648 troopers behind.
    • While they officially defer to Vader, they also take orders from anyone of sufficient authority, good or evil. This extends to all members of the Main House and House of Defense. The most elite squads occasionally receive missions from the Progenitors, a rare and highly sought-after posting. Before that, they reported to the Holy Trinity of Dream of the Endless, Haruhi Suzumiya and Eru Ilúvatar.
    • People were worried about the needless deaths that could happen from Vader's outbursts of anger and assertions of failure (i.e. force-choking them to death). Vader doesn't really engage in such slaughter anymore, but is still prone to snapping if the 501st repeatedly goes below his high standards. They are the elite after all, so they should not fail too often if they have prepared sufficiently.
    • In the case of Ahsoka Tano, especially since they now know that Vader pre-Mustafar was her master and former commander Anakin, they follow her orders the same way they do Anakin, though it's clear that this working relationship is more out of professionalism than a clear sense of camaraderie.
    • Trained under some of the best military officers and combat experts in the Pantheon. However, none have stayed long due to personal commitments, Batman being a prominent example. Their current commanders besides Vader and Ahsoka are Grand Admiral Thrawn, who leads the remnants that continue serving the Grand United Alliance of Evil and Taskmaster, their main combat instructor. Thrawn's pride in them, especially the First Legion (see below), coupled with the Taskmaster's photographic memory and skills in dealing with metahuman entities have made the once mediocre force into an army fully capable of dealing with the many threats in the Pantheon without being humiliated.
    • They've had their share of difficult commanding officers, but at the top of all of them is the Tactician. If they happen to be in the battle area, the Tactician would either just ignore them, use them as meatshields for his/her own troops, or put them under the same "umbrella of protection" (i.e. don't let any one of them die). If they're under his/her command, s/he is hard pressed to keep every single one of them alive.
    • Nearly wiped out three times:
    • Not to be confused with that other 501st. When the second-in-command of the 501st Joint Fighter Wings, Mio Sakamoto, ascended, she was made into the personal trainer of the 501st Legion alongside Taskmaster. They commend that where she is rather strict in training, she is surprisingly nice to them all things considered.
  • Applies to specific units/individuals:
    • You'd be hard-pressed to find an actual individual among the 501st. Since the majority of them are from the age of the Empire, they've been indoctrinated with the values of conformity and compliance, which extends to their blank, white armor and overall lack of identity. Do not call them 'bucketheads' though, they will snap.
    • However, there are some special little snowflakes that stand out from the crowd, the clones that stayed on from the era of the Clone Wars. None of the clones listed under individual members aside from Appo, the trooper who led the raid on the Jedi Temple have been identified as of yet. Appo is reportedly trying to encourage individualism in his personal squadron to repent for the atrocities he committed slaughtering thousands of Jedi, in direct defiance of the Emperor's orders.
    • Despite Darth Vader's redemption and Heel–Face Turn, Captain Rex has not yet renewed relations with his former commander and as such is not regarded as a member of the 501st in the Pantheon. However, most Clone Wars-era 501st members look back on him fondly, and proudly defer to him whenever they have to work with the Rebellion. Despite the best efforts of the Imperial-era troopers, a memorial has been erected in the 501st's temple honouring Rex as well as clones who fell in the line of duty.
    • Being a legion for operating under Vader in any and all environments in the Pantheon, the 501st obviously has its share of Elite Mooks. These include shoretroopers, snowtroopers, jumptroopers, magma troopers, riot troopers, sandtroopers, scout troopers and swamptroopers. The most elite of them all are death troopers, unquestionably loyal soldiers donning black armor who serve as security detail for high-ranking Imperial officers in the Pantheon, ascended or non-ascended. The most prominent units serve ascended officers Director Krennic and Thrawn. In addition to these routine duties, the death troopers also serve as the first line of defense for any Imperial resources in the Pantheon.
    • Another cream of the crop unit is the First Legion, the unit that personally escorts Darth Vader and any officers serving aboard his flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor. As such, they have well-toned temperaments and behaviour to remain under the radar and escape punishments from Vader. Any troopers here that fail to meet expectations are either demoted and returned to the general 501st and/or executed (especially if treason is suspected). Commanding officer Kimmund already has his hands full with smoothing relationships between the Legion and his superiors and now he's in a Forever War? Pretty clear why the First Legion had three previous commanders in quick succession. They are rarely distinguishable from other stormtroopers, with their only noticeable trait being that their primary vessel is a repurposed Separatist freighter.
    • Finally, we have Task Force 99, or SCAR Squad, a special ops team specializing in missions requiring unorthodox skills. Each member of the squad specializes in specific tactics, making them good pair-ups with other counterparts in the Pantheon, such as the Suicide Squad and Rogue One. Sergeant Kreel, one of the best examples of Badass Normal within the legion, is perfectly capable of battling with a lightsaber.
  • Serve as the bulk of the forces in the House of Defense.
I am a stormtrooper. My skin is my armor. My face is my helmet. My name is my number. I am fulfilled, for I am an agent of the Emperor.

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